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Misinformation & Censorship

A good deal of misinformation about the Codices has been circulated mistakenly by the press and purposefully by some of its supporters where critical information has been surpressed.

Misattributed Quotes

During the initial media blitz, the Press was not very careful checking their quotes for accuracy. The following are clarifications given by scholars who were quoted as giving strong support for the Codices' authenticity:


A Facebook page was quietly set up in support of the Jordan Codices. After a small exchange between several individuals critical of their authenticity and the administrator of the group, any comments that were ambiguously against the authenticity of the Codices were deleted and their owners banned from participation.

Manipulated Reports

One of the metallurical reports posted to the Facebook group was found to have been altered by the administrator to remove unfavorable comments made by the researcher, Dr. Peter Northover, who indicated that the corrosion was young. When asked to clarify the report, the Dr. Northover explained that the codices were not constructed in the past few years or possibly decades, but that he could not completely rule out a date within 100 years. Additionally, the owner of the copyrights to the report, Robert Feather who commissioned them, did not give permission to the Facebook group's administrator to post them.

Inflated Credentials

Again, during the initial media blitz the Press was not very careful checking the credentials of some of the individuals involved.

More information will be posted here soon.

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