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The Jordan Lead Codices Information Page

In early March 2011 the media reported upon an amazing discovery: Twenty to seventy codices, cast in lead, that potentially held untold secrets about early Christianity. However, from the very beginning something about the discovery appeared odd. Over the course of seven months, an informal group of Bibliobloggers (scholars and students who blog about Biblical Studies) took the time to form a private email list to investigate and discuss the objects and the people behind them. This page serves as a place to share their collective insights.

The current consensus is that the Jordan Codices released to date are not authentic.

Examples pertaining to the composition and content of the codices.
The Players
Information about the individuals associated with the Codices.
Interactive multimedia that shows why scholars believe them to be fakes.
Misinformation & Censorship
Manipulated reports, purged comments and mistakes.
Members of the discussion group.
Blog Archives
The actual articles written by Bibliobloggers that this feature draws upon.