Inclusion Criteria Draft (July 2011)

This is the current draft of inclusion criteria for The Complete Biblioblog List.

A ‘Biblioblog’ must meet these three core criteria:

1) Relevance – It must be primarily about Biblical Studies, a sub-field, or a very closely related field. A blog about Biblical archaeology would fulfill this criteria, a blog about archaeology that touches upon Biblical finds every once and a while is not.

2) Academics – Where blogs tend to be a bit less formal than other media to begin with, a combination of citing sources, utilization of academic methods and adherence to ‘mainstream’ academic theories as the basis of argument tend to fulfill this criteria. Blogs primarily about personal theology, homilies or apologetics do not qualify for this criteria (but may qualify as a Related Blog below).

3) Civility – It must — barring traditional sarcasm or banter — keep proper decorum, free of disrespect for other bloggers. Direct personal attacks against other bloggers will result in disqualification.

Additional criteria include:

a) Credentials, Experience & Endorsement – The author holds appropriate credentials, has relevant experience, or is endorsed by those who do in the field they write about.

b) Publication – The author is published (books, journal articles, etc.) in the field they blog about, excluding vanity publishing from services like Lulu or CreateSpace.

c) Press Coverage / Direct Involvement – If the author is the center of a current issue in Biblioblogging, this may act as criteria for temporary inclusion in the archiving efforts on the Reference Library, but does not in and of itself qualify them for the Top 10 or Top 50.

A ‘Related Blog’ may follow a directly related field (including but not limited to theology, philosophy, religious studies, etc.) or a field that Biblical Studies may rely upon (including but not limited to archaeology, epigraphy, ancient languages and cultures, etc.). Furthermore, like all other blogs listed, it must meet the criterion of Civility.

Adherence to these criteria does not guarantee inclusion on the list and the Staff of the Biblioblog Top 50 reserve the right to exercise final editorial decisions.

Additionally, this set of criteria may periodically undergo revision to better suit the Biblioblogging community as it grows.

(If you would like to contribute to the development of these criteria, join in on the covnersation here.)