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November 21 2017, 1PM

Ridley College aspires to be a leader in Christian thought and for a medium sized college – by Aussie standards – it produces a huge output of publications. Consider these:   Lindsay Wilson, Job (THOTC; Grand Rapids, MI: Eerdmans, 2017).... [Uncategorized]


This story from Leslie is about our book Sharing God’s Love, which Kris and I hope grandparents and parents purchase for their little ones for Christmas. I am a mom to four boys ranging in age from three years to eight years.  A normal day with th... [Uncategorized]


In the opening chapter of Four Views on Creation, Evolution, and Intelligent Design Ken Ham describes and defends Young Earth Creation, the primary argument is that this is the most faithful interpretation of Scripture. None of the other three contributor... [Uncategorized]


In this series with the Bulletin, we ask scholars of religion to share with our readers what’s in their religion syllabus, from a new class or a class they’ve taught for years, reflecting on what has worked, what has been modified, and how it has prov... [Uncategorized] [AAR] [Joshua Patterson] [Wabash] [What's in Your Religion Syllabus]