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October 17 2017, 3AM

A few years ago Tim Stafford published a book, the adam quest, where he interviewed eleven scientists who have wrestled with the mystery of human origins. After a brief introduction into his reasons for Tim jumps into the interviews, allowing the scientis... [Uncategorized]


October 16, 10PM

Q. When we talk about God’s Word exegeting us, even while we are exegeting it, what would Barth, or evangelicals really mean by this? Merely that the Bible can change our thinking? Or the Bible can shape us morally and ethically in terms of our behavior... [Uncategorized]
Wisdom in the Old Testament is seen by many as an Island Unto Itself. That is, Wisdom is not connected to covenant, to law, or to prophecy. It is secular, it is universal, it is non-redemptive, it is observational and experiential and open to anyone who p... [Uncategorized]


TRINITY THEOLOGICAL COLLEGE, PERTH LECTURER/SENIOR LECTURER IN THEOLOGY Trinity Theological College, Perth, invites applications and expressions of interest for the position of full-time Lecturer/Senior Lecturer in Theology and related areas (to begin Jul... [Uncategorized]