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January 23 2018, 7AM

From Desiring God: When a student with the pastoral call arrives at the level of seminary preparation, something is different from what was happening in college education and high school education (at least, usually it is). Not only has he moved beyond th... [Uncategorized]


While I was sleeping I woke up to discover that N.T. Wright has offered a brief yet penetrating critique of David Bentley Hart’s NT Translation and Hart has, in turn, responded with a riposte of wit and indignation. In all honesty, I think Wright... [Uncategorized]
Although religious people including evangelical protestants like science, they are not so sure about about scientists. The next chapter in the new book by Elaine Howard Ecklund and Christopher P. Scheitle, Religion vs. Science: What Religious People Reall... [Uncategorized]

January 22, 11PM

The woman with the lute has just received a love letter, while playing her instrument. Her maid hands it to her, but she has not opened it yet. One of the things about Vermeer paintings is that you feel like you are intruding or an voyeur, glancing in at ... [Uncategorized]
In the Kuyperian tradition Scripture is a non-negotiable. It is central. It is sufficient. Theology stands or falls with the truthfulness of Scripture. This is taste of chp 3 in Craig Bartholomew, Contours of the Kuyperian Tradition. In too much of conte... [Uncategorized]


My new book, The Lord’s Prayer, is now available. We made a little video about it. Check it out. [Uncategorized]