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May 27 2017, 3AM

I’ve been watching The Young Pope, an intriguing TV series on HBO about, well, a young Pope. He’s a suave and dashing figure, entirely unlikeable, serious parental issues, hovering somewhere between closet atheist and bonafide saint. When I fi... [Uncategorized]

May 26, 10PM

Virginia Wesleyan has a lot of positive features: 1) a thriving Christian worship and Bible study and fellowship program lead by Asbury grad and my cousin Rev. Greg West; 2) it has a notable and healthy ethnic diversity of students; 3) it’s teams ar... [Uncategorized]
Good start for a Saturday morning! Must read of the week: In March 2016, Harding High football coach Sam Greiner moved quarterback Braheam Murphy into his home when Murphy was functionally homeless and helped the young man turn his life — and his ac... [Uncategorized]