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September 19 2017, 3AM

When did the Roman empire end? Well, at one level, the western empire ended in 476 AD when the Germanic general Odacer deposed Romulus Augustulus and had himself made king of Italy. But on another level, the eastern Roman empire continued right up until... [Uncategorized]
The final chapter of the new book Adam and the Genome by Dennis Venema and Scot McKnight looks carefully at the the way at Paul uses Adam in Romans 5 and 1 Corinthians 15. As this is really the core issue for many Christians, we will spread the discussion... [Uncategorized]

September 18, 10PM

One of the more amazing, and lesser known, spots in all of Ireland is the little seaside village of Foynes. It’s not on the major tour routes and stops like Blarney Castle or Galway or Dublin. But it certainly deserves a visit, because the first Tra... [Uncategorized]
Seriously, her book on Paul — Paul Among the People — was a gem, she has become well known among classicists for her translations, and now she has a splendid new, beautifully written (her prose is always splendid) book called The Face of Wa... [Uncategorized]


Jonathan Pennington has written an interesting and insightful study called The Sermon on the Mount and Human Flourishing (Baker, 2017). He argues that “the Sermon is Christianity’s answer to the greatest metaphysical question that humanity ha... [Uncategorized]