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April 23 2017, 9AM

I recently got an e-mail notification that Robert Beekes’* (2010)  Etymological Dictionary of Greek has received quite a dramatic price drop on its prepublication page (link). Going from over $500 downs down to a much more comfortable ... [Books] [Greek] [Historical linguistics] [Lexicography] [Linguistics] [Logos Bible Software] [Typology] [Beekes] [Brill] [Brill Etymological Dictionaries] [diachronic linguistics] [Diachrony] [Etymological Dictionary of Greek] [etymology] [Historical linguistics]


In times of distress, as well as of joy, I turn to books. Since about November there have been more of the former than the latter, so I’m cheered that today is World Book Day. The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization has de... [Books] [Current Events] [Holidays] [literature] [Posts] [Social Consciousness] [literacy] [Scientific and Cultural Organization] [United Nations] [United Nations Educational] [World Book Day]