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November 21 2017, 4PM

Let the reader understand- Filed under: Modern Culture [Modern Culture]
The Faculty of Theology of the University of Geneva (cf. invites applications for a position as Senior Lecturer in New Testament and Early Christianity. The application (exclusively online) is open till December 10, 2017. ... [Modern Culture]


But if you would rather vote for a child molester than a Democrat, or a Republican, or an Independent… I feel so sorry for you.  Hell is going to be super unpleasant for you.  From now on before I vote for anyone i’m going to ask them if the... [Modern Culture]


If you said ‘Jim West’, then if you’re really thankful for me, you’ll buy the commentary.   But if you lied,  you love Satan, and you won’t. #trueFact. [Modern Culture]


The SOTS Secretary writes I have learned today (via Paul Joyce) of the death on Saturday 18th November of the Revd Richard Coggins, who was President of our Society in 1993.  His daughter, Sarah Fielding, indicates that it was a peaceful passing.  If I ... [Modern Culture]