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October 16 2017, 6PM

It is a museum of biblical proportions – and it is stirring controversies to match. Opening next month in Washington, the Museum of the Bible cost half a billion dollars to build, spans 430,000 sq ft over eight floors and claims to be the most hi-tech... [Modern Culture]


Yes, Alicia is serious.  And, she’s from Texas… Filed under: Modern Culture [Modern Culture]


Gallup on Trump job performance by age: 18-34 approve 22%, disapprove 73%; 35-54 approve 35%, disapprove 59%; 55+ approve 46% disapprove 50% The younger the more disapproving. Say farewell to the House and the Senate if these kids get up off their paren... [Modern Culture]


Because it really is a joke.  Facebook sells everything you post.Filed under: Modern Culture [Modern Culture]