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May 27 2017, 8AM

The fastest (and only) path to fame for a biblical scholar is atheism or agnosticism.  The same is true for theologians.  Beware the famous ones- there’s heresy under the veneer.Filed under: Modern Culture [Modern Culture]


Why devote your time, energy, resources, and skills to the effort it actually takes to learn how to understand the Bible when you can take a shortcut and pretend to be an expertly trained scholar with just one course….  Pop your brain in DTS’... [Modern Culture]

May 26, 2PM

I’d love for some college freshman, sophomore, junior, or senior or grad school kid to try this.  I’d LOVE it. Local college student Bryan Valdes, who just finished his first year in the Biblical Studies program at Pacific Grace University, r... [mockery] [Modern Culture]

12 PM

And for your weekend viewing pleasure. Biblical Studies Online On May 5, 2017, Wycliffe College (Toronto) hosted a colloquium on Hosea. Mark S. Gignilliat, With Hosea at Penuel: The Interface of Ontology and Tropology Raymond Van Leeuwen, Knowing Crea... [Modern Culture]