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December 12 2017, 3PM

Here are all my notes on Romans.____________________________________I. Introduction1. Romans 1:1-15II.1 Who is Justified?II.1.1 Humanity's Problem2. Romans 1:16-173. Romans 1:18-324. Romans 2:1-3:20II.1.2 God's Solution5. Romans 3... [Concentrated Romans] [explanatory notes] [Romans]

12 PM

The last in the series.Romans 7:1-8:39A. The function of the Jewish Law (7:1-25)7:1-25. Romans 6 has addressed the question of sin. If we are not deemed right with God initially on the basis of our own righteousness, "Should we continue in sin that grace ... [Concentrated Romans] [Romans] [Romans 7]