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September 25 2017, 3AM

I note that my forthcoming collection of selected essays in the LNTS series is now available for pre-order and at a reduced price:   Texts and Artefacts:  Selected Essays on Textual Criticism and Early Christian Manuscripts (London:  Bloomsbury T&... [Uncategorized] [Christian Apocrypha] [Gospel of Thomas] [Manuscripts] [NT Textual Criticism] [Second Century]
In a previous posting I complained that some scholars point to the use of biblical texts in early figures such as Justin Martyr as evidence that these biblical texts were circulating in a very “loose” way, with “wild” variations in... [Uncategorized] [gospels] [Justin martyr] [NT Textual Criticism]
Eldon Epp (my revered former teacher, and a senior figure in NT textual criticism) has a recent (and very large) article presenting the argument that there was a dual stream of textual transmission of the book of Acts in the earliest centuries:   “Tex... [Uncategorized] [Acts] [NT Textual Criticism] [Textual Criticism]