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March 20 2018, 2AM

In 1923, American sculptor Daniel Chester French (1850-1931) created the marble sculpture, “The Sons of God Saw the Daughters of Men That They Were Fair”. The sculpture depicts an unusual episode found in the Bible, narrated in Genesis 6.1-4:... [Fallen angels] [Genesis 6.1-4] [Nephilim] [Sculpture] [abraham lincoln] [Corcoran Gallery of Art] [Daniel Chester French] [Drawn to Yellowstone] [Four Continents] [Frank Jay Haynes] [geyser] [Lincoln Memorial] [Old Faithful] [pareidolia] [Peter H. Hassrick] [The Sons of God Saw the Daughters of Men That They Were Fair] [Yellowstone]

March 3, 4AM

Dr Gili Kugler (the University of Sydney) has recently written an article in which she discusses the different biblical traditions about Caleb’s involvement in the spy mission to Hebron and the eventual conquest of Hebron. Gili Kugler, “Who Co... [Anakim] [Biblical Giants] [Deuteronomy 1] [Joshua 14-15] [Judges 1] [Numbers 13-14] [Caleb] [Edom] [Gili Kugler] [Joshua] [Kenizzites] [Who Conquered Hebron?]

February 23, 5PM

In an article published this month in Biblical Archaeology Review, Eilat Mazar claims that she may have discovered “a seal impression of Isaiah the prophet, adviser to King Hezekiah”. The discovery was made from wet-sifted material originally ... [Ancient Jewish texts] [Avigad & Sass] [doe] [dove] [Eilat Mazar] [icon] [Isaiah bulla] [Isaiah [son of] Nabai] [Oreb [son of] Nabai] [pigeon]

February 17, 2PM

Professor Joan Taylor has written a book about what Jesus looks like. In What Did Jesus Look Like? (T&T Clark, February 2018), Joan Taylor imagines what Jesus would have looked like “as an average man”, reconstructed from the most up-to-d... [Ancient Jewish texts] [Books on Reception History] [comedy] [average] [Bret] [Flight of the Conchords] [jesus] [What Did Jesus Look Like?]

February 16, 3AM

Within the last 12 months, PhD graduates of the University of Otago have published not one – but TWO – publications on the same, relatively short passage from Paul’s first letter to the Corinthian church. 1 Corinthians 11.2-16 sets out a... [Books on Reception History] [1 Corinthians 11:2–16] [Dunedin] [Gillian Townsley] [Lucy Peppiatt] [Queens Gardens] [Queer Readings] [The Straight Mind in Corinth] [University of Otago] [Unveiling Paul's Women]

February 10, 3AM

On traditional-historical principles, every mention of “Son of Man” as future redeemer in the Gospel of Mark is most probably secondary and inauthentic. The historical Jesus never uttered the phrase in this eschatological sense. The first grou... [Ancient Jewish texts] [ὁ υἱος τοῦ ἀνθρώπου] [bad Jesus art] [bar enosh] [jesus] [Kingdom of God] [Menschensohn] [Philipp Vielhauer] [Son of Man] [Trad-historical criticism]

January 29, 3AM

The News has been full of reports that Poland is criminalizing any mention of Poles being involved in the Nazi Holocaust during World War II. According to Ha’aretz, “Polish Parliament’s Lower House Votes to Criminalize Mention of Polish ... [politics] [Article 55A] [Barack Obama] [Benjamin Netanyahu] [complicity] [Druk nr 806] [Ha'aretz] [historically unsupportable] [Holocaust] [Instytucie Pamięci Narodowej] [International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance] [israel] [Poland] [Polish death camps] [Stockholm Declaration] [Times of Israel] [Yad Vashem]

January 10, 6PM

Jerome Gellman, in The Routledge Companion to Theism (2012) says yes, Theism is the result of tea-drinking … but not for Jews: That’s as sound an argument as you will find anywhere in the Talmud. Yet I can verify that this is indeed OED̵... [Food and drink] [acute theism] [chronic theism] [excessive tea-drinking] [frown upon] [homonymity] [Jerome Gellman] [morbid condition] [OED] [Oxford Dictionary of Philosophy] [Oxford English Dictionary] [Routledge Companion to Theism] [science] [Simon Blackburn] [subacute theism] [tea-drinking] [theism] [theological matters]

January 1, 8PM

John J. Collins indicates the size of a cubit – the conventional unit of measurement for Giants John J. Collins writes: It should be clear that the Torah is one of several sources on which the author [of the Book of the Watchers] drew, although in t... [1 Enoch] [Ancient Jewish texts] [Books on Giants] [Genesis 6.1-4] [authoritative] [authority] [Book of Watchers] [John J. Collins]

December 29 2017, 12 AM

A recent article examines how “monster theory”, first developed within psychoanalysis and anthropology, has been applied to the study of the Hebrew Bible: Brandon R. Grafius, “Text and Terror: Monster Theory and the Hebrew Bible“, ... [Ancient Jewish texts] [Biblical Giants] [Biblical Giants' relatives] [Books on Giants] [Brandon R. Grafius] [monster theory]

December 26, 8PM

There has been quite a bit of conversation about my post on the contradictions between the birth stories of Jesus in the Gospels of Matthew and Luke. In addition to various Facebook discussions, there was an earlier post by James McGrath, taking much the ... [Ancient Jewish texts]

December 23, 4PM

At this time of year, it’s common to see pictures of the Christmas story or to hear someone retell the story: Jesus in a manger, wise men visiting with gifts, angels and shepherds, etc. But all of these depictions are based on two quite different ac... [Ancient Jewish texts] [Bethlehem] [Christmas] [contradictions] [jesus] [Luke] [Matthew]

December 18, 3AM

I recently offered an explanation of the weird resurrection scene in the Gospel of Peter, in which Jesus expands gigantically from earth to heaven, and his cross ‘walks’ out of his tomb and talks to God (“Whence the Giant Jesus and his T... [Ancient Jewish texts] [Biblical Giants] [conjectural emendation] [Gospel of Peter] [Mark Goodacre] [Paul Foster]

December 17, 11AM

After Christina Petterson had reviewed his book, On the Historicity of Jesus (2014), Richard Carrier concluded that Petterson’s review was “highly evangelical” and that Petterson herself was “fawningly Christian”. As I was ... [Ancient Jewish texts] [Conspiracy theorists]

December 16, 11PM

In 2015, Christina Petterson wrote a fairly scathing review of Richard Carrier’s attempt to prove that Jesus was a mythical figure. The review of On the Historicity of Jesus: Why We Might Have Reason for Doubt appears in Relegere vol. 5, no. 2 (201... [Ancient Jewish texts] [Conspiracy theorists] [Bayes' Theorem] [Christina Petterson] [On the Historicity of Jesus] [Richard Carrier]

December 14, 11PM

Professor Yvonne Sherwood with one of her PhD students In 2014, the University of Sheffield closed what was arguably the most innovative and exciting Department of Biblical Studies in the United Kingdom. Sheffield Biblical Studies offered cutting-edge bib... [Academic things] [Biblical Interpretation] [chutzpah] [imperial gesture] [Invention of the Biblical Scholar] [More Sheffield than Sheffield] [New Sheffield] [supersessionism] [The Bathfield] [University of Kent] [Ward Blanton] [Yvonne Sherwood]


Theologian Michael Bird (Ridley College) appeared on Australian national television last night, talking about Jesus’ erections. Here’s the rush transcript of Michael Bird discussing the rigidity of Our Lord’s penis with ABC interviewer,... [Ancient Jewish texts] [Television] [choked the chicken] [Did Jesus ever have an erection?] [erections] [heresy] [Jesus' erection] [Michael Bird] [neo-phallo-Ebionitism] [nocturnal emission] [orgasm] [Perfect Penis of Eden] [prelapsarian Adam] [St. Augustine] [stiffness of the penis] [tumescence] [wank]

December 7, 4PM

There is a curious exchange going on at the moment between New Testament scholar Larry Hurtado and Jesus mythicist and historian Richard Carrier. “Jesus Mythicism”, for those of you who are unfamiliar with the term, is the position that there ... [Ancient Jewish texts] [myth] [Daniel Gullotta] [Hume's Apprentice] [Jesus mythicism] [Larry Hurtado] [mythicism] [Neil Godfrey] [Nicholas Covington] [On the Historicity of Jesus] [Richard Carrier] [Vridar] [Why We Might Have Reason for Doubt]

October 16, 6PM

Goliath is a comedy about a cat and one man’s search for his cat. After a Divorce the man gets the cat, he needs to find his cat. See the trailer for Goliath here: [film] [Goliath] [Are there cats in the Bible?] [cat] [Zellner Bros]

September 28, 7PM

Sunny Griffin (text) and Donna Lee Hill (illustrations), David and The Very Scary Giant. Ashland, OH: Landoll, 1994. Some children’s books are quite oblique when it comes to explaining what happens to Goliath at the end of the story of David and Gol... [1 Samuel 17] [Children's lit] [Goliath]

September 26, 12 AM

My favourite David and Goliath children’s books are the ones aimed at very young readers. To be clear, they are my favourite. I wouldn’t let them near actual children. Take this one, a short board book, in the series “The Toddlers Bible ... [1 Samuel 17] [Children's lit] [Goliath]

September 5, 2PM

Have you seen the #1 book on Amazon’s list of new releases in religious studies education? Thomas Jay Oord, ed., Theologians and Philosophers Using Social Media: Advice, Tips, and Testimonials (SacraSage Press, September 2, 2017) It includes a sect... [Books on Giants] [activism] [Christian Education] [Facebook] [MOOCs] [online education] [pedagogy] [philosophy] [religion] [Religious Education] [sage theological advice] [social media] [Technology] [Theologians and Philosophers Using Social Media] [theology]

August 30, 3AM

“But I suffer not a woman to teach, nor to usurp authority over the man, but to be in silence. For Adam was first formed, then Eve. And Adam was not deceived, but the woman being deceived was in the transgression. Notwithstanding she shall be sav... [Academic things] [articles] [christendom] [Christian View of Sex Sessions] [coitus] [end times] [menstruation] [missionary position] [Nashville Statement] [penises] [salvation by childbirth] [Tennessee Ordinance of Sex Sessions] [Tolerance] [True Christians]

August 11, 6PM

Bart Ehrman, Professor of New Testament at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, has commenced a podcast: The Bart Ehrman Podcast. But his words are spoken by another, his prophet on earth, John P. Mueller. It involves a weekly podcast in whi... [Academic things] [Ancient Jewish texts] [biblical exegesis] [Bart Ehrman] [his true prophet on earth] [podcast]

August 10, 11AM

In ASOR’s publication, The Ancient Near East Today (August 2017, vol. 5, no. 8), John J. Collins provides a very informative summary of his new book: The Invention of Judaism: Torah and Jewish Identity from Deuteronomy to Paul. Taubman Lectures in J... [Ancient Jewish texts] [american schools of oriental research] [ASOR] [Ioudaios] [Jewish identity] [Jews] [John J. Collins] [Judaism] [The Ancient Near East Today] [The Invention of Judaism] [Torah]

July 31, 5AM

Laura Quick has just published a useful discussion of the issues surrounding interpretation of King Og’s ערשׂ, in Deuteronomy 3.11, which she interprets as a literal sleeping bed rather than as a coffin or sarcophagus: “Laying Og to Rest: ... [Deuteronomy 3] [King Og] [bed] [Byblos 13] [KTU 1.108] [Laura Quick] [Laying Og to Rest] [sarcophagus]

July 30, 2AM

Whatever happened to this giant skull, pictured on display at Harvard Medical School, in ca. 1929? Was it suppressed as part of a worldwide cover-up of Nephilim bones by nefarious atheist scientists? No. The picture is of anatomist Harris Peyton Mosher (... [Cryptozoology] [giant skull] [Harris Peyton Mosher] [Harvard Medical School] [Laryngoscope] [Massachusetts General Hospital] [nefarious atheist scientists] [otolaryngology] [Robert A. Jahrsdoerfer]

July 29, 9PM

The most interesting thing to come out of the Refo500 celebrations is a cantata produced to celebrate the beginning of the Swiss Reformation – an event which has become known as the “Affair of the Sausages”. Back in 1522, the Catholic Ch... [music] [cantata] [Christoph Froschauer] [Edward Rushton] [Geist und Wurst] [sausage fest] [Spirit and Sausage] [Ulrich Knellwolf] [Ulrich Zwingli] [Zürich]

July 21, 12 AM

Exciting news for fans of Enoch and the giants. A volume from John C. Reeves and Annette Yoshiko Reed is planned for 1 March 2018 which will provide the first part of a comprehensive compendium of literature from antiquity to the Middle Ages which referen... [1 Enoch] [Ancient Jewish texts] [Books on Giants] [Books on Reception History] [Annette Yoshiko Reed] [Enoch] [Enoch from Antiquity to the Middle Ages] [John C. Reeves] [Sources From Judaism Christianity and Islam]

July 15, 1AM

A new study provides a useful survey of ancient and early modern discoveries of large bones which were misinterpreted as the remains of giants. (They usually, in fact, belonged to mammoths and whales.) Marco Romano and Marco Avanzini, “The skeletons... [Archaeology] [Biblical Giants] [Biblical Giants' relatives] [Cryptozoology] [Historical Biology] [Marco Avanzini] [Marco Romano] [misinterpretation of Quaternary vertebrates as remains of the mythological giants] [The skeletons of Cyclops and Lestrigons]

July 11, 12 PM

At the beginning of his weekly cabinet meeting, on 9 July 2017, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu read from Genesis 23.16, 19-20. This passage narrates the story of Abraham’s purchase of a tomb for the burial of his wife, near the city of He... [Anakim] [Ancient Jewish texts] [Biblical Giants] [Numbers 13-14] [Abraham] [Al-Khalil] [Benjamin Netanyahu] [Genesis 23] [Hebron] [Ibrahim] [Ibrahimi mosque] [Nemo dat quod non habet] [Numbers 13] [Tomb of the Patriarchs] [UNESCO] [world heritage site]

June 20, 4PM

The Methuselah of Biblioblogging, Jim Davila, draws attention to an article in Archaeology (19 June 2017) on the domestic cat’s origins in “Turkey, Lebanon, Syria, Iraq, Israel, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, and Egypt”. Noting that “Israel... [Biblical Giants' relatives] [Demons] [Are there cats in the Bible?] [cats] [feminism] [Isaiah 34:14] [Jim Davila] [Lilith] [Magick] [neopaganism] [Supernatural] [The Methuselah of Biblioblogging]

June 8, 10PM

There’s a meme going around, which I just spotted on @christilling‘s Twitter feed: The answer to the question, of course, is: Jesus is as tall as a Giant. [Biblical Giants] [Chris Tilling (Tory)] [how tall is Jesus?] [I'm gonna go to bed early today] [me at 3am] [meme]

May 31, 7PM

 Now available online (subscription only): Deane Galbraith. “Whence the Giant Jesus and his Talking Cross? The Resurrection in Gospel of Peter 10.39–42 as Prophetic Fulfilment of LXX Psalm 18.” New Testament Studies 63, no 3 (July 2017)... [Ancient Jewish texts] [Gospel of Peter] [Giant Jesus] [LXX Psalm 18] [messianic prophecy] [New Testament studies] [NTS] [resurrection] [talking cross]

May 24, 3AM

Apparently there are Canaanite Reconstructionists! Yes, among the small number of neopagans in Israel, there are some Israelis who are trying to ‘revive’ Ugaritic and Canaanite religion. They honour or worship Asherah, Anat, or Ba’al ... [Biblical Giants' relatives] [Anat] [Asherah] [Ba'al] [Canaanite Reconstructionism] [Canaanite Reconstructionism Among Contemporary Israeli Pagans] [Cosmopolitanism Nationalism and Modern Paganism] [Midianite] [Shai Feraro] [The Invention of God] [Thomas Römer] [Yahweh]

May 23, 2AM

May 8, 10PM

  There is a new ‘documentary’ out about the biblical giants: True Legends – Episode 3 – Holocaust of Giants (GenSix Productions, May 2017). According to the ‘documentary’, a worldwide conspiracy exists to hide the bo... [Biblical Giants] [film] [Genesis 6.1-4] [Episode 3] [GenSix Productions] [Holocaust of Giants] [Steve Quayle] [Thomas Horn] [Timothy Alberino] [Tom Horn] [True Legends]

May 5, 9AM

Missionary-evangelist Robert Breaker has the best whiteboard on Giants in the Bible.   [Biblical Giants] [Giants in The Bible] [Robert Breaker] [whiteboard]

April 24, 12 PM

David Clines: male, like Yahweh I have just seen the future. On 18 July 2017, David Clines will deliver a paper at the SOTS Summer Meeting which provides a succinct but comprehensive take-down of the view that God is sometimes, in the Hebrew Bible, descri... [Ancient Jewish texts] [Alleged Female Language about the Deity in the Hebrew Bible] [David Clines] [feminism] [Phyllis Trible] [SOTS Summer Meeting]

April 22, 11AM

In a piece entitled “Fall of the Watchers”, artist Eric Ondina has managed to capture an aspect of the myth of sex between Watcher angels and human women that usually gets glossed over in renditions of the story. Eric Ondina, “Fall of th... [1 Enoch] [Fallen angels] [Genesis 6.1-4] [Nephilim] [painting] [Eric Ondina] [Fall of the Watchers] [foetal dystocia] [jewellery] [watchers]

April 21, 2PM

I spotted an interesting observation about Rephaim from JoAnn Scurlock, in “Mortal and Immortal Souls, Ghosts and the (Restless) Dead in Ancient Mesopotamia”, Religion Compass 10, no. 4 (2016): 77–82 (79). She is discussing how Ancient Meso... [Rephaim] [5R 44] [Akkadian] [Ashurbanipal] [Babylonian] [eøemmu] [ghosts] [JoAnn Scurlock] [kimtu rapaåtu] [Mesopotamian] [Mortal and Immortal Souls] [rapi] [Religion Compass] [the dead] [VR 44]

October 19 2016, 7PM

  Just today, InterVarsity Press claimed: For 70 years, IVP has been committed to fostering dialogue and a robust exchange of ideas – Jeff Crosby, InterVarsity Press This is great news, although admittedly surprising to me – because I&... [Academic things] [IVP SBL InterVarsity Press ban]

October 17, 8PM

“I got 99 problems but ‘religion’ ain’t one” – Jay Z Smith [Academic things] [Jay Z] [Jay Z Smith] [Jonathan Z Smith]

September 19, 4AM

King Og of Bashan has written down his life experiences, and they appear on! I have lived a long life, and it is difficult to remember all that I have experienced. I am forever indebted to the Jewish people for being so diligent in their note-t... [Ancient Jewish texts] [Biblical Giants] [Deuteronomy 3] [King Og] [Numbers 21] [Chabad] [Og's memoirs] [Shaul Wolf]

September 15, 12 PM

Prima facie, one might suppose that since we are dealing with a contemporary personality, in contrast to studying an individual from the distant past, the scholar should be able to separate the wheat of historical fact from the chaff of pious embellish... [Ancient Jewish texts] [Christ of faith] [Jesus of History] [Menaḥem Mendel Schneerson] [Menaḥem Mendel Schneerson of History] [Rebbe of Faith]

September 14, 9PM

In “Autopsie de la Bible” (31 August 2016), French journal Témoignage chrétien interviews Professor Thomas Römer, chair of The Hebrew Bible and its Contexts at the Collège de France. It’s a good read. And at the end, there is a s... [Ancient Jewish texts] [abba] [Autopsie de la Bible] [Bible] [Biblical Studies] [Collège de France] [inaugural lecture] [leçon inaugurale] [Mamma Mia] [old testament] [Pentateuch] [Témoignage chrétien] [Thomas Römer]

September 1, 5AM

August 23, 5PM

Chairman Boer, or as he is called in China, 长着很多结节的膝盖, is widely renowned as the leading Calvinist-Marxist Biblical Scholar of our time. [Academic things] [cargo pants] [Roland Boer]

August 17, 6PM

August 15, 3PM

I was just having a read through of Chris Keith’s comments on Richard Hays’s methodology in Echoes of Scripture in the Gospels (Baylor UP, 2016). Please have a read, as he makes some good points. Yet I’ve got a particular criticism to a... [Ancient Jewish texts] [allusion] [Drawing Our Fish in the Sand] [ears to hear] [echoes] [Echoes of Scripture in the Gospels] [Full-Knowing Reader] [Intertextuality] [Joseph Pucci] [Richard Hays]

August 14, 12 PM

Just last month, the Kepler mission discovered an Earth-like planet orbiting Proxima Centauri, in that parent star’s habitable zone. It’s only 4.25 light years away, which makes it a pretty close neighbour of Earth. The Kepler mission has also... [Biblical Giants] [science] [alien Jesuses] [aliens] [incarnation] [Jerome Eckstein] [jesus] [Journal for the Scientific Study of Religion] [Kepler Mission] [Proxima Centauri] [Soteriology] [The Fall and Rise of Man] [UFOs]

July 2, 10PM

I heartily recommend this book to any individual with even a passing interest in contemporary British politics. It makes me reconsider everything. Everything. – Margaret Thatcher [Academic things] [Books on Reception History] [Harnessing Chaos] [James Crossley] [Margaret Thatcher]

June 11, 3PM

June 6, 11PM

Big news for gigantobibliophiles! This volume has just been published: Matthew Goff, Loren T. Stuckenbruck, and Enrico Morano, eds, Ancient Tales of Giants from Qumran and Turfan: Contexts, Traditions, and Influences (WUNT 360; Tübingen: Mohr Siebeck... [Ancient Jewish texts] [Biblical Giants] [Book of Giants] [Books on Giants] [Ancient Tales of Giants from Qumran and Turfan] [Enrico Morano] [Loren T. Stuckenbruck] [Matthew Goff]

May 25, 1AM

April 23, 1PM

DON VERDEAN: Okay, right now we’re standing in the very creek bed where David collected his five stones. That means the Philistine army would have camped over here and the Israelites would have camped over there… Military protocol of the ... [1 Samuel 17] [Ancient Jewish texts] [Biblical Giants] [film] [Goliath] [media] [Boaz] [carol] [Don Verdean] [skull of Goliath]

April 11, 4PM

An important article by Shira Faigenbaum-Golovin et al has been published t0day in ‘Early Edition’ form, in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States. The article demonstrates that literacy was widespread in Jud... [Ancient Jewish texts] [Algorithmic handwriting analysis] [Arad] [compilation of biblical texts] [Faigenbaum-Golovin] [Judah] [Military] [ostraca] [PNAS] [pottery shards] [Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences] [Tel Arad] [William Dever] [Yohanan Aharoni]

April 9, 8PM

I’m interested in the question of whether it is possible to specify a demarcation of the humanities from pseudo-humanities, and the related question: if so, how? One valuable outcome of settling these questions is that it would counter all the wack... [Academic things] [demarcation problem] [humanities] [Martin Mahner] [pseudoscience] [theology]

April 4, 8PM

In “Revising the Hebrew Dictionary (DCH). 2. The Goliath Family” (October 2015), David J.A. Clines has some interesting things to say about a first-century inscription from Jericho. The Goliath Family Tomb, Jericho Clines refers to an excavati... [1 Samuel 17] [Ancient Jewish texts] [Biblical Giants] [Goliath] [Goliath Family in Jericho] [ΓΟΛΙΆΘ] [Rachel Hachlili] [גלית]


King Og of Bashan depicted against ordinary Israelite It has been long rumoured that a work by King Og, the last of the Rephaim/Giants, was hidden in the Secret Vatican Library in the Department of Ancient Documents and Surviving Occult Findings.  In t... [Biblical Giants] [King Og] [Confederation of Giants] [Samaritan Book of Joshua] [Secret Vatican Library] [The Lost Book of King Og]

March 27, 2AM

In his blog for The Times of Israel of March 25, 2016, journalist Simcha Jacobovici claims to have made a significant “discovery”. Jacobovici claims to have upset the current scholarly consensus that the community responsible for the Dead Se... [Ancient Jewish texts] [Television] [4Q541] [4QApocryphon of Levi] [Émile Puech] [Crucifixion] [Dead Sea Scrolls] [Florentino García Martínez] [George Brooke] [He's seeing things that simply aren't there] [jesus] [nail] [palaeography] [Sensationalism] [simcha jacobovici] [Times of Israel] [וצצא] [ותליא]

March 22, 2AM

A press release from the Society of Biblical Literature has revealed that the 2016 conference bag will double as a bullet-proof vest. “Safety for our members is our primary concern at the 2016 SBL/AAR conference,” stated the March 22 SBL pre... [Academic things] [AAR] [bullet-proof vest] [San Antonio] [SBL] [SBL conference bags] [Society of Biblical Literature] [Texas]

March 14, 4PM

Freewheelin’ travelling bard N.T. Wright has taken his heartfelt folk-singing to the masses. One of his most-loved tunes – judging by his many renditions – is Bob Dylan’s “When the Ship Comes In”. We believe it is si... [Goliath] [music] [n.t. wright] [When the Ship Comes In]

February 29, 3PM

In earlier posts, I have discussed why I think that Luke was dependent on Matthew (agreeing with the Farrer Hypothesis), but that Luke also relied on Matthew’s non-Markan sources, “Q” (in disagreement with the Farrer Hypothesis). In br... [Ancient Jewish texts] [alternating primitiveness] [alternating primitivity] [Farrer hypothesis] [Q]

February 17, 3PM

There is a popular internet meme involving fake photographs allegedly portraying skeletons of giant humans. You’ve probably seen a few of these photographs before, for example, the one on the left below (beside the original photograph on the right... [Archaeology] [Biblical Giants] [Cryptozoology] ["Who Believes in the Giant Skeleton Myth?] [and Martin Voracek] [fake] [giant skeletons] [hoax] [Individual Difference Correlates] [Ingo W. Nader] [Jakob Pietschnig] [Martin Voracek] [SAGE Open] [Stefan Stieger] [Ulrich S. Tran] [Viren Swami]

January 30, 3AM

Proponents both of the majority two-document hypothesis (2DH) and of the main alternative, the Farrer Hypothesis (FH), have usually approached the debate by arguing that the existence of Q depends on whether Luke and Matthew were independent. Proponents ... [Ancient Jewish texts] [2DH] [a crank] [Austin Farrer] [Burnett Hillman Streeter] [Dispensing with Q] [Farrer Hypothesi] [FH] [Francis Watson] [Gospel Writing] [L/M] [L/M with Q] [Q] [The Four Gospels: A Study of Origins] [two-document hypothesis]

January 28, 4AM

In 1955, Austin Farrer suggested in a relatively short article that scholars dispense with Q, the hypothetical sayings source behind the double tradition in Matthew and Luke. His alternative theory was that Luke had known Matthew, which Luke used in addit... [Ancient Jewish texts] [Austin Farrer] [E.P. Sanders] [Ed Sanders] [Farrer hypothesis] [FH] [Francis Watson] [Gospel Writing] [John Kloppenborg] [Margaret Davies] [Mark Goodacre] [Mark without Q] [Mark-without-Q hypothesis] [M≈QH] [MwQH] [Q] [Quelle] [Sayings Collection] [SC] [Studying the Synoptic Gospels] [synoptic problem] [The Case Against Q] [World Without Q]

January 22, 11PM

I just watched the first episode of the new television series Shadowhunters and it’s quite watchable – even exciting. Some good casting, also, has the potential to make this adaptation of Cassandra Clare’s Mortal Instruments novel ser... [Ancient Jewish texts] [Biblical Giants] [Genesis 6.1-4] [Nephilim] [Angel Raziel] [Cassandra Clare] [Jonathan Shadowhunter] [shadowhunters]

January 21, 4AM

In a couple or so works, Mark Goodacre has argued that the first third of Q has a narrative sequence. His assessment brings into question, therefore, those who would categorize Q as a “sayings source” or “Sayings Gospel”. In The Sy... [Ancient Jewish texts] [Mark Goodacre] [narrative sequence] [Q] [The Synoptic Problem]

January 15, 2AM

January 12, 12 PM

Since my last post on Jonathan Ben-Dov’s theory that Mesopotamian texts and images influenced the composition of the Watcher myth, Jim Davila noted Ben-Dov’s Haaretz article on the same topic, “Turning to the angels to save Jewish myth... [Biblical Giants] [Biblical Giants' relatives] [ancient Near East] [Boston College] [Brian Doak] [Brisa] [From Nebuchadnezzar to the Fallen Angels] [iconography] [Iconography and Myth] [inscriptions] [Jonathan Ben-Dov] [Last of the Rephaim] [Lebanon] [reliefs] [Rocío Da Riva]

January 7, 11PM

Jonathan Ben-Dov (University of Haifa) has developed a very interesting theory about the origin of the early Jewish tradition of the Fallen Angels and Giants. He presented it at Boston College on November 20, 2013, in a paper entitled “Iconography and M... [Biblical Giants] [Biblical Giants' relatives] [Fallen angels] [Jubilees] [ancient Near East] [Boston College] [Brian Doak] [Brisa] [From Nebuchadnezzar to the Fallen Angels] [iconography] [Iconography and Myth] [inscriptions] [Jonathan Ben-Dov] [Last of the Rephaim] [Lebanon] [reliefs] [Rocío Da Riva]

December 29 2015, 2PM

“Virtually certain”: “Personally I think it is highly likely that the tradition of Jesus referring to himself as the ‘son of man’ does indeed go back to Jesus himself…. The probability in this case is so high that it ca... [Ancient Jewish texts] [Biblical Giants' relatives] [assured results of modern scholarship] [James D.G. Dunn] [Menschensohn] [Philipp Vielhauer] [Son of Man]

December 26, 12 AM

December 22, 10PM

Łukasz Niesiołowski-Spanò – Not a Philistine Harrassowitz has just published an English version of Łukasz Niesiołowski-Spanò’s book on the Philistines and other Sea Peoples: Goliath’s Legacy: Philistines and Hebrews in Biblical Ti... [Books on Giants] [Dziedzictwo Goliata] [Goliath's Legacy] [Lukasz Niesiolowski-Spano] [Philistines] [Philistines and Hebrews in Biblical Times] [Sea Peoples]

December 19, 5PM

Similarly, I think Philip Davies describes the NT as that little “appendix to the Hebrew Bible”. (Of course, as Derrida taught us, we must resist the traditional logic of the supplement with its pernicious logocentrism. That goes without sayin... [Ancient Jewish texts] [New Testament] [Old Testament fan fiction]


It’s often said that there are no cats in the Bible – referring to the animal which became the domestic house cat (Felis catus or Felis silvestris catus). But is that true? There’s a good case to be made that the biblical Lilith was a ca... [Biblical Giants' relatives] [Demons] [Are there cats in the Bible?] [black cat] [cats] [demon] [ejaculation] [El Broosha] [Federico Barocci] [Felis catus] [Felis silvestris catus] [goat] [hyena] [incubus] [Isaiah 34.14] [kills infant children] [La Madonna del Gatto] [Lilith] [Madonna of the Cat] [nativity scene] [wildcat] [לִילִית]

December 12, 12 PM

Don Verdeen movie poster, with Sam Rockwell as Don Verdeen, holding the skull of Goliath he “uncovered”. New at the Box Office (December 11, 2015) is Don Verdean, a film satirizing the world of biblical archaeology. It’s a hard job tryin... [Archaeology] [film] [Goliath] [Biblical Archaeology] [Can American Christians take a joke?] [Christianity Today] [Don Verdean] [Eilat Mazar] [Goliath's skull] [Sam Rockwell] [The Atlantic] [Yosef Garfinkel]

December 10, 2AM

“It was the witching hour, when the boogeyman comes out…” The talents of three of the world’s greatest storytellers – Roald Dahl, Walt Disney and Steven Spielberg – finally unite to bring Dahl’s beloved classic “The BFG” to... [Biblical Giants' relatives] [film] [BFG] [Big Friendly Giant] [Roald Dahl] [Steven Spielberg]

December 8, 2PM

Johann Gottfried Herder The extract below derives from the dialogue between Alciphron and Euthyphron in Johann Gottfried Herder’s The Spirit of Hebrew Poetry (1782-83). In the extract, the two dialogue partners discuss the brief and allusive bibl... [Biblical Giants] [Genesis 6.1-4] [Nephilim] [Alciphron] [Euthyphron] [Johann Gottfried Herder] [Spirit of Hebrew Poetry] [wickedly abused]

December 7, 3AM

Julius Thompson is developing an anime film on the Grigori. The name “Grigori” is the Slavic for the Watcher angels who first appear in the book of 1 Enoch (ca. 300 BCE) and later in the biblical book of Daniel (ca. 163 BCE). Thompson has an e... [Anunnaki] [Biblical Giants] [Biblical Giants' relatives] [Cryptozoology] [film] [Genesis 6.1-4] [Gilgamesh] [Greek Giants] [Grigori] [Grigori anime] [Julius Thompson] [watchers]

December 4, 9PM

World-leading gigantologist Dr Brian Doak World-leading gigantologist Dr Brian Doak (George Fox University) has just written an article for Bible & Interpretation entitled, “The Embarassing and Alluring Biblical Giant“. In the article, he ... [Biblical Giants] [Interwebs] [Bible & Interpretation] [Brian Doak] [Embarassing and Alluring Biblical Giant] [Malcolm Gladwell] [sexy giants]

November 30, 6PM

“Size,” Julian Huxley once remarked, “has a fascination of its own.” – Stephen Jay Gould’s opening sentence in his article on the Irish Elk, “The Origin and Function of ‘Bizarre’ Structures: Antler Siz... [Biblical Giants' relatives] [science] [Irish Elk] [Julian Huxley] [Megaloceros giganteus] [Stephen Jay Gould]

November 27, 6PM

Slaying Humbaba – by Leonard Greco Philip Jenkins has written two useful posts on the Book of Giants, the ancient Jewish work which is found in different versions at Qumran and in Manichaeism. In his first post, Philip provides a brief introduction ... [1 Enoch] [Ancient Jewish texts] [Ancient Mesopotamian] [art] [Biblical Giants] [Book of Giants] [literature] [painting] [Eva Mroczek] [Gilgamesh] [Hegemony of the Biblical] [Humbaba] [Jim Davila] [Mani] [Manichaeism] [Philip Jenkins] [rewritten Bible]

November 23, 3PM

Matthew Chrulew, author of The Angælian Conspiracy Matthew Chrulew’s short novel The Angælian Conspiracy (Twelfth Planet Press, 2010) reads as though it may have been written as a collaboration between Erich von Däniken (Chariots of the Gods?)... [Biblical Giants] [Books on Giants] [Conspiracy theorists] [Cryptozoology] [Fantasy and Sci-fi] [Genesis 6.1-4] [literature] [Nephilim] [novels] [Angælian Conspiracy] [Azazel] [Chariots of the Gods?] [Erich von Däniken] [Garth Ennis] [Life of Adam and Eve] [Lucifer] [Matthew Chrulew] [Preacher] [Questions of Bartholomew] [Satan] [Zecharia Sitchin]

August 4, 2PM

In 2003, the bishop-scholar N. T. Wright wrote a lengthy tome on Paul of Tarsus called Paul and the Faithfulness of God. NT Wright with first draft of his Paul and the Faithfulness of God (photo C. Tilling) Just last month, Derek Vreeland provided the fi... [1 Samuel 17] [n.t. wright] [PFG]

July 6, 12 AM

I’ve done material about evolution before. And in Australia and Britain it barely raises an eyebrow. It’s just worth a chuckle. But in America it’s quite contentious to do material about evolution, you know. It gets a gasp. It’s th... [comedy] [music] [church] [evolution] [faggots] [fisting] [jesus] [Tim Minchin]

July 5, 12 AM

In the Acknowledgments section of his recent book, Language and Literacy in Roman Judaea: A Study of the Bar Kokhba Documents (Yale Press, May 2015), Michael Wise thanks those who have gone before him in this area of scholarly research. Yet Michael Wise... [Anakim] [Numbers 13-14] [Language and Literacy in Roman Judaea] [Michael O. Wise] [Michael Wise]

June 30, 2PM

In my Sodomite Challenge, I argued that there is not just one double entendre in Genesis 19:5 but two. One of these double entendres is widely ‘known’. The men of Sodom employ the sexually charged verb ידע (‘to know’, ‘... [angels] [Biblical Giants' relatives] [double entendre] [Genesis 19] [Gomorrah] [Hospitality] [inhospitality] [J. Harold Ellens] [Judges 19] [M. Warner] [sex in the Bible] [Sodom] [Sodomite Challenge] [sodomy] [באו אליך הלילה]

June 27, 9PM

Recently there was a (sometimes heated) discussion about the translation of Genesis 19:5, on a new Facebook group, the Annual Meeting Hotel Lobby: An Unofficial SBL/AAR Member Group. Genesis 19:5 occurs in the middle of the unusual story about tw... [angels] [Biblical Giants' relatives] [double entendre] [Genesis 19] [Lot] [rape] [Sodom] [באו אליך הלילה] [ידע]


Shrug your shoulders at the people who have done you wrong Walking about the crowded street The ones you love ten thousand feet Below [music] [Django Django] [Giant]

June 17, 12 PM

Fred Clark (The Slacktivist) The Slacktivist (Fred Clark) continues to examine Goliath. In his latest post, Fred examines the various versions of the David and Goliath story – not only its various modern film versions, children’s books, Sund... [1 Samuel 17] [2 Samuel 21 and 23] [Children's lit] [Goliath] [Fred Clark] [Slacktivist]

June 15, 2AM

Miles Sloman (David) Makenna Guyler (Michal) Slacktivist Fred Clark wonders what happened to the $50M David and Goliath film written and directed by Timothy A. Chey and released into US theatres in April 2015. The answer, in short: it bombed. The Slacktiv... [2 Samuel 21 and 23] [film] [Goliath] [biblically correct] [biblically not correct] [David] [David and Goliath] [Elhanan] [Fred Clark] [Makenna Guyler] [Michal] [Miles Sloman] [Timothy A. Chey]

June 14, 1AM

June 13, 11PM

Is there more than a passing resemblance between the theme song to Monty Python’s Life of Brian, “Brian” (1979) and Dory Previn’s “Did Jesus have a baby sister?” The songs are also quite different in most respects. Ye... [film] [music] [Brian Song] [Did Jesus have a baby sister?] [Dory Previn] [Life of Brian] [Monty Python]

May 31, 12 AM

Jennifer Bird has written a very readable book which introduces the academic study of the Bible. It is called Permission Granted: Take the Bible into Your Own Hands (Westminster John Knox, 2015). The book is aimed at people who might never have encounter... [1 Chronicles 20] [1 Samuel 17] [2 Samuel 21 and 23] [Books on Giants] [Goliath] [David and Goliath] [Elhanan] [Jennifer Bird] [Jonathan] [Permission Granted] [Take the Bible into Your Own Hands] [who killed Goliath?]

May 25, 7PM

Jeremiah (not Tim Bulkeley) Tim Bulkeley wrote a post today asking when the passages in Jeremiah 11:18–12.6, 15:10–21, 17:14–18, 18:18–23, and 20:7–18 were first referred to as “confessions”. When were these passages, and not a wide... [Ancient Jewish texts] [Jeremiah]

12 AM

Malcolm Gladwell delivered a TED Talk in 2013 on the subject of the biblical narrative of David versus Goliath (1 Samuel 17): “The unheard story of David and Goliath”. This is also the subject of a chapter in his 2013 book, Underdogs, Misfi... [1 Samuel 17] [2 Samuel 21 and 23] [Goliath] [acromegaly] [David and Goliath] [Malcolm Gladwell] [TED talk] [The unheard story of David and Goliath] [Underdogs Misfits and the Art of Battling Giants]

May 20, 5PM

In her recent publication, The Nowhere Bible: Utopia, Dystopia, Science Fiction (DeGruyter, March 2015), Frauke Uhlenbruch treats the Nephilim of Numbers 13:32-33 as cyborgs. Employing Donna Haraway’s definition of “cyborg”, Uhlenbruch ... [Ancient Jewish texts] [Biblical Giants] [Genesis 6.1-4] [Nephilim] [Numbers 13-14] [sons of God] [boundary-crossing] [cyborg] [DeGruyter] [Donna Harraway] [dystopia] [Frauke Uhlenbruch] [Nowhere Bible] [Nowhere Bible: Utopia] [science fiction]

May 18, 1PM

The Vice Chancellor of the University of Sheffield Sir Keith Burnett is to take part in a SIIBS panel discussion with Bishop of Sheffield Steven Croft. [Biblical Giants] [Anybody can talk about religious stuff and besides I'm an Oxford man] [Keith Burnett] [Steven Croft]

May 5, 11PM

April 24, 4AM

Archie T. Wright has an article up on Bible & Interpretation for April 2015 entitled “The Origin of Evil Spirits in Early Jewish Literature“. Archie T. Wright In the article, Archie Wright explains the link made between giants and evil sp... [1 Enoch] [Biblical Giants' relatives] [Demons] [Genesis 6.1-4] [Archie T. Wright] [Bible and Interpretation] [Origin of Evil Spirits]

April 21, 2PM

There has been a news story doing the rounds about a pasta label that uses a depiction of Jewish heroine Judith: The objection is that “the image, as Middle Earth Organics would know if anyone had done ANY research whatsoever, is Judith Beheading H... [art] [painting] [Caravaggio] [cheese] [Holofernes] [Judith] [Judith Beheading Holofernes] [Middle Earth Organics] [pasta sauce] [Tomato and Porcini Mushroom Sauce]

April 19, 1AM

The CERN Large Hadron Collider (LHC) is the world’s largest, most powerful, and (at $10 Billion) most expensive particle accelerator. Or is it? Mike from around the world suggests otherwise. In an interview with Paul Begley, Mike from around the world c... [Biblical Giants] [Conspiracy theorists] [Nephilim] [science] [CERN] [dark matter] [Large Hadron Collider] [Mike from around the world] [particle accelerator] [Paul Begley] [scientist guys don't really want to go there]

12 AM

I’ve previously thought that Eegah (1962) was the worst ever movie made about a giant. But in 2013, along came… Axe Giant: The Wrath of Paul Bunyan. If the trailer is anything to go by, this would provide Eegah with some stiff competition. Al... [film] [Axe Giant] [Eegah!] [Paul Bunyon]

March 17, 9AM

On March 15, 2015, Jeremiah Bailey (PhD candidate, Duke University) presented a stimulating paper at the Southwestern Regional Meeting of the Society of Biblical Literature (the Southwest Commission on Religious Studies, or SCRS): “Untouched by an... [angels] [Biblical Giants' relatives] [absurdly large sexual organs] [Bitenosh] [Giant angelic penises] [Jeremiah Bailey] [Noah] [Noah's wife] [Pieter W. van der Horst] [SCRS] [Southwest Commission on Religious Studies] [the ones with the horse dicks]


J.D. Rucker runs a website called Judeo Christian Church, on which he publishes various sermon-style talks on various topics related to the Bible and Christianity. His talk published on March 16, 2015 discusses the meaning of Genesis 6:1-4, the strange e... [Ancient Jewish texts] [Biblical Giants] [Biblical Giants' relatives] [Genesis 6.1-4] [Heroes / Gibborim] [internet] [Nephilim] [sons of God] [and also after that] [and also afterward] [Curse of Ham] [J.D. Rucker] [Judeo Christian Church] [Nephilim DNA]

March 10, 2PM

The Indiana Jones show on Voice America, hosted by Dr Joseph Schuldenrein, examines various issues in archaeology. The March 11, 2015 show features an interview with Dr Aren Maeir, director of the Tell es-Safi/”Gath” archaeological dig. Gol... [Archaeology] [Biblical Giants] [Goliath] [Aren Maeir] [biblical history] [Confluence Archaeology] [Gath] [Indiana Jones] [Indy Team] [Philistine] [Schuldenrein] [Tell es-Safi] [Voice of America]

February 28, 1AM

“This is a classic David versus Goliath story. I mean you’ve got your gigantic law firm stomping all over the little guy.” – James Morgan McGill (Saul Goodman), Season 1, Episode 4 (“Hero”), Better Call Saul [Biblical Giants] [Goliath] [Better Call Saul] [James McGill] [Saul Goodman]

February 22, 1PM

David J.A. Clines: One of the the גברים אשר מעולם? David Clines has made available a paper he wrote in 1972 on the unusual story found in Genesis 6:1-4 about “the sons of god(s)” who had sex with “the daughters of men”... [Biblical Giants] [Genesis 6.1-4] [Nephilim] [antediluvian rulers] [David Clines] [David J.A. Clines] [sons of Gods] [בני האלהים] [גברים אשר מעולם]

February 21, 11PM

New Orleans hip hop artist Mary Gold defines, or used to define, her “spirituality” in terms of being a Nephilim. I’m a spiritual person, I don’t really believe in a structured religion. I don’t know. I’ve had so many ... [art] [Biblical Giants] [music] [Nephilim] [Curren$y] [I used to think that I was a Nephilim] [Jet Life] [Mary Gold] [New Orleans]

February 15, 3PM

Professor Aren Maeir (Bar Ilan University and director of the Tell es-Safi/Gath Archaeological Project) delivered a lecture on the Philistines called “Searching for Goliath” on January 18, 2015. He lectured from a lab at Tell es-Safi, via Skyp... [Archaeology] [Biblical Giants] [Goliath] [Aren Maeir] [Bar Ilan University] [Gath] [Grand Valley State University] [Philistines] [Tel es-Safi] [Tell es-Safi]

February 11, 2PM

Since the beginning of modern biblical studies, there have been various theories about how the Pentateuch came to be composed from earlier sources or layers of tradition. The method for reconstructing these earlier sources or layers is known as literary c... [1 Samuel 17] [Ancient Jewish texts] [Biblical Giants] [Goliath] [D] [David and Goliath] [David and Goliath Saga] [Deuteronomist] [documentary hypothesis] [e] [Elohist] [Emanuel Tov] [historical criticism] [J] [Jahwist] [literary criticism] [LXX] [MT] [Noah's Ark] [P] [Pentateuch] [Priestly writer] [Redactor] [sources] [Supplementary Hypothesis]

February 9, 1AM

February 8, 4AM

In two articles, one co-authored with Esther Eschel, Aren Maeir suggests that he may have found a further example of the term or proper name רפא (rapa’) on a ninth-century BCE jar found  at  Tell es-Safi/(“Gath”). That means that... [2 Samuel 21] [23] [Archaeology] [Rephaim] [Aren Maeir] [Esther Eschel] [Four Short Alphabetic Inscriptions from Iron Age IIA Tell es-Safi/Gath] [Gath] [I Will Bring a Scroll Recounting What Befell Me] [jar] [Manfred Görg] [Rapa'] [See] [Tell es-Safi] [The Rephaim in Iron Age Philistia] [Vom Leben umfangen] [רפא]

October 8, 5PM

This project surveyed the uses and influences of biblical giants – Og, Goliath, the Anakim, Nephilim, Rephaim, etc – in historical and contemporary reception. The David and Goliath metaphor continues to be used to describe situations in which ... [Biblical Giants] [giants]

October 5, 6PM

Is Bashar Al-Assad taller than Goliath? No. The President of Syria is 6’2½” (189cm), which is about half a foot (13cm) shorter than Goliath. Note: In the various manuscripts of 1 Samuel 17, Goliath’s height ranges from 4½ cubits (6&... [1 Samuel 17] [Goliath] [politics] [War, Violence & Business] [Bashar al-Assad] [compared to Goliath] [height] [How Tall is Bashar Al-Assad?] [president] [Syria] [tall]


Is Chewbacca (played by Peter Mayhew) taller than Goliath? Yes. Peter Mayhew, the man inside Chewbacca, is 7’3″ (221cm), which is 7 inches (18cm) taller than Goliath. Note: In the various manuscripts of 1 Samuel 17, Goliath’s height ra... [1 Samuel 17] [film] [Goliath] [Chewbacca] [height] [How tall is Peter Mayhew? How tall is Chewbacca? comparison to Goliath] [Peter Mayhew] [tall]


Is Miranda Hart taller than Goliath? No. The comedienne, and star of Miranda and Call the Midwife is 6’1″ (185cm), some 7 inches (18cm) shorter than Goliath. Note: In the various manuscripts of 1 Samuel 17, Goliath’s height ranges from ... [1 Samuel 17] [comedy] [Goliath] [Call the Midwife] [compared to Goliath] [height] [How tall is Miranda Hart?] [Miranda] [Miranda Hart] [tall]

12 AM

Amy Goodman, of Democracy Now, interviews Max Blumenthal on his latest book, Goliath: Life and Loathing in Greater Israel. The full transcripts, videos, and mp3s (for part 1 and part 2) of the interview are available on Democracy Now. But here are a few s... [Books on Giants] [Goliath] [politics] [War, Violence & Business] [Amy Goodman] [banality of racism] [christian zionism] [Democracy Now] [israel] [Life and Loathing in Greater Israel] [Max Blumenthal] [Palestine] [violence]

October 4, 9AM

Is Yao Ming taller than Goliath? Yes. The former Houston Rockets centre is 7’6″ (229cm), some 10 inches (25cm) taller than Goliath. Note: In the various manuscripts of 1 Samuel 17, Goliath’s height ranges from 4½ cubits (6’8R... [1 Samuel 17] [Goliath] [music] [basketball] [compared to Goliath] [height] [Houston Rockets] [How Tall is Yao Ming?] [tall] [Yao Ming] [姚明]

October 3, 1PM

Was André the Giant taller than Goliath? Yes. The legendary wrestler and star of The Princess Bride was 7’4″ (224cm) – more than half a foot taller than Goliath. Note: In the various manuscripts of 1 Samuel 17, Goliath’s height ... [1 Samuel 17] [Goliath] [Wrestling] [André The Giant] [compared to Goliath] [height] [How Tall was André the Giant?] [Princess Bride] [tall]

October 2, 8AM

Is Flo Rida taller than Goliath? No. Although the US rapper and songwriter is an imposing 6’3″ (192cm), he is still half a foot shorter than Goliath. Note: In the various manuscripts of 1 Samuel 17, Goliath’s height ranges from 4½ cubi... [1 Samuel 17] [Goliath] [music] [compared to Goliath] [Flo Rida] [height] [How Tall is Flo Rida?] [Is Flo Rida taller than Goliath?] [rapper] [tall]

October 1, 6PM

The quote of the day is from Aren Maeir, chief excavator at Tel es-Safi (“Gath”), regarding the approach in a recent book by Avraham Faust: Clearly, a more in-depth dialogue between the interpretation of the archaeological remains and the mode... [Ancient Jewish texts] [Archaeology] [Archaeology of Israelites Society in Iron Age II] [Aren Maeir] [Avraham Faust] [Biblical Archaeology] [circumcision] [David] [foreskins] [Gath] [opalim] [ophalim] [Philistines] [sackful of Philistine foreskins] [Tel es-Safi] [velvet fist]


The Gospel of Mark 6:38-44 relates the account of Jesus’s multiplication of the loaves and fish: And he said to them, “How many loaves have you? Go and see.” When they had found out, they said, “Five, and two fish.” Then he o... [Ancient Jewish texts] [politics] [War, Violence & Business] [bread] [fish] [fishes] [gaffe] [Health Care] [just like Christ multiplied the penises] [loaves] [Misquoting Jesus] [multiplication] [peces] [penes] [penis] [penises] [republican] [Según Maduro] [seven loaves and fish] [shut down] [the poor] [Venezuela] [whoops]

September 26, 11AM

In “David, Goliath, and the Black Panthers: The Paradox of the Oppressed Militant in the Rhetoric of Self-Defense” (Journal of Communication Inquiry 37 no. 1 (2013): 5-25), Amanda Davis Gatchet and Dana L. Cloud argue that the reference to the... [Goliath] [War, Violence & Business] [Amanda Davis Gatchet] [Black Panther Party for Self-Defence] [Black Panthers] [BPP] [Dana L. Cloud] [David and Goliath] [David Goliath and the Black Panthers:] [hegemony] [structural violence] [systemic violence] [terrorism] [violence] [War on Terror]

September 24, 11PM

In a recent article, Benjamin D. Utter argues that “Sir Gawain and the Green Knight” has incorporated a number of elements from the story of David found in the book of Samuel. In the first place, there are a number of general shared themes and... [1 Samuel 17] [Goliath] [literature] [Andy Orchard] [Arthur] [Arthurian romances] [Benjamin Utter] [bot berdles chylder] [David] [mere beardless children] [R.A. Shoaf] [Sir Gawain and the Green Knight]

September 23, 9PM

 In “Caravaggio Four Centuries Later: Psychoanalytic Portraits of Ambivalence and Ambiguity” (Journal of the American Psychoanalytic Association 61 no. 2 (2013): 311-332), Nathan M. Szajnberg offers a psychoanalytic interpretation of aspects ... [Goliath] [painting] [ambiguity] [ambivalence] [Bernini] [Caravaggio] [Caravaggio Four Centuries Later] [David] [David with the Head of Goliath] [Nathan M. Szajnberg] [Psychoanalysis] [psychoanalytic]


In “Did David Bring a Gun to a Knife Fight? Literary and Historical Considerations in Interpreting David’s Victory over Goliath” (Expository Times, 30 April 2013), Benjamin J.M. Johnson considers whether the famous narrative should be in... [film] [Goliath] [Benjamin J.M. Johnson] [Bring a Gun to a Knife Fight] [Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court] [David and Goliath] [Expository Times] [Luke Skywalker] [Raiders of the Lost Ark] [Star Wars]

September 22, 7PM

Aren Maeir (The Tell es-Safi/Gath Excavations Official (and Unofficial) Weblog) notes a new proposal for the etymology of the name “Goliath”. A 2012 paper by M. Vernet Pons relates the Hebrew “Goliath” to the Carian personal name W... [Archaeology] [Goliath] [Alyattes] [Aren Maeir] [’lwt] [Caria] [etymology] [Gath] [Tel es-Safi] [Vernet Pons] [WLIAT] [WLJAT] [wlt]

September 16, 12 AM

September 14, 1PM

Yes – there’s a David and Goliath musical-film out there, available on DVD! Young children can sing along with Aryan David as he slaughters big bad black Goliath! According to the Christian Film Database (CFDb): You will love David and Saul’... [film] [Goliath] [music] [Plays Performances Musicals] [a real toe-tappin’ dixieland jazz number] [children] [David and Goliath] [Liken] [Musical Adventures in Faith] [Thurl Bailey]

September 13, 12 PM

Jim West has chased down an open-access copy of a wonderful introduction to biblical scholarship on the Hebrew Bible / Old Testament: Thomas Römer’s inaugural lecture at the Collège de France (5 February 2009). The English version: “The Horns ... [Academic things] [Ancient Jewish texts] [abba] [Biblical Studies] [Collège de France] [Hebrew Bible] [inaugural lecture] [leçon inaugurale] [Les Cornes de Moïse] [Mamma Mia] [old testament] [Pentateuch] [The Horns of Moses] [Thomas Römer]


Here’s the music video for “Goliath” (2012) by Graveyard. Is thish song not more Lenin than Lenin even, in its distinction between “formal” and “actual” freedom? And is thish not precisely because of its 70s retro... [Goliath] [music] [freedom] [global capitalism] [graveyard] [hard rock] [Lenin] [Swedish] [They are faking our freedom]

September 11, 10AM

British historian Simon Schama is currently presenting a series called The Story of the Jews, on BBC2. In episode 1, Schama begins with the stories told in the Bible. He notes that, while there is no archaeological evidence for the Exodus or desert wande... [Biblical Giants] [history] [myth] [Television] [Aharon Sasson] [Aren Maeir] [BBC] [Brian Hesse] [Elah Fortress] [Israel Finkelstein] [Khirbet Qeiyafa] [Paula Wapnish] [pigs] [Simon Samcha] [Story of the Jews] [Valley of Elah] [Yosef Garfinkel]

September 9, 11AM

Prophecy in the News recently interviewed L.A. Marzulli about his book On The Trail of The Nephilim. It is interesting to consider what drives a theory which many would dismiss as conspiratorial or, conversely, to consider the contextual and social factor... [Anakim] [Conspiracy theorists] [Cryptozoology] [Nephilim] [Rephaim] [Darwin] [Endzeit] [evolution] [giants skeletons] [hybrid beings] [L.A. Marzulli] [On The Trail of The Nephilim] [Urzeit]


September 7, 1AM

September 5, 4PM

What are biblical scholars saying about the Giants in the Old Testament / Hebrew Bible? The latest word in biblical scholarship can be found here: Galbraith, D. (2013). “Manufacturing Judean Myth: The Spy Narrative in Numbers 13–14 as Rewritten Tr... [Academic things] [Anakim] [Ancient Jewish texts] [Biblical Giants] [Books on Giants] [Emim] [Fallen angels] [Goliath] [Heroes / Gibborim] [Horim] [Ishbi-Benob] [King Og] [Nephilim] [Numbers 13-14] [Rephaim] [sons of God] [Zamzummim] [Deane Galbraith] [giant scholarship] [Giants in the Hebrew Bible] [Giants in the Old Testament] [Gigantology] [Hebron] [Manufacturing Judean Myth] [spy narrative]


Crime Fiction writer Åsa Schwarz’s Nefilim has been published in English translation, as Nephilim (Stockholm Text, August 2013). The premise of Nephilim is (as you might guess from the title) that there are a special group of people among us, on... [Biblical Giants] [literature] [Nephilim] [novels] [Åsa Schwarz] [global warming] [Nefilim] [Stockholm Text] [the flood]

September 4, 9AM

Jim Davila has just posted a list of search terms on search engines which, over the last year, ended up on his blog, So, I thought I’d do something similar for Remnant of Giants. Here is a list of search terms which  had 50 or mo... [Biblical Giants] [blogs] [Biblioblogs] [do dwarves have normal sized genitalia] [giantess stinky feet] [guys tell me that i am an angel] [Jim Davila] [PaleoJudaica] [referrals] [search engine] [search terms]

September 1, 11AM

Yes, Goliath – once felled by a cheap shot from David – has his own blog, called GAW News: A blog by Goliath … yeah, the Giant who got his head cut off. He was actually re-animated by the Witch of Endor and presently lives in Jeffersonvi... [blogs] [Goliath] [GAW News] [Witch of Endor]

August 31, 11AM

Bad news for Satan’s Plan To Destroy Humanity. Our secret is out: A new movie entitled The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones is set to hit theaters in August 2013. Based on the best-selling Mortal Instruments book series, it follows in the same li... [film] [Nephilim] [City of Bones] [deception] [drawing young people into the occult] [Mortal Instruments] [Satan's Plan To Destroy Humanity]


The Bone Season by 21-year-old Samantha Shannon is being widely touted as the next Hunger Games. It’s the first book in a proposed seven-book series: It’s 2059, and Paige lives in Scion London, an authoritarian police state that seeks to root out ... [Deuteronomy 2] [Emim] [Fantasy and Sci-fi] [Genesis 14] [Rephaim] [Bone Season] [Hunger Games] [Paige] [Samantha Shannon] [Scion London] [sheol]

June 13, 8PM

The 12 June 2013 edition of the syndicated column by Gary Clothier, “Ask Mr. Know-It-All”, included the following question and answer: Question: How tall was Goliath, the giant that David slew with a sling shot? — B.K., Portland, Maine A... [1 Samuel 17] [Goliath] [Newspapers] [cubit] [Gary Clothier] [Mr Know-It-All]

April 19, 3AM

But not before an epic rap battle between Santa Claus and Moses: [Biblical Giants] [My only friend] [the end]

April 16, 11PM

There’s a relatively new academic journal on the block called Hebrew Bible and Ancient Israel, which may be of interest to readers. It is published by Mohr Siebeck and its editors are Gary N. Knoppers, Oded Lipschits, Carol A. Newsom, and Konra... [Genesis 6.1-4] [Nephilim] [Rephaim] [Coachella] [daughters of men] [HeBAI] [Hebrew Bible and Ancient Israel] [John Day] [Nick Cave] [sons of God] [Sons of God and Daughters of Men and the Giants] [Stagger Lee]

April 14, 6PM

Rev. Dr. James E. Harding (Dunedin School) has recently published a book which redefines the question of the relationship status – homosexual or otherwise – between David and Jonathan. The book is The Love of David and Jonathan: Ideology, Text... [Ancient Jewish texts] [Books on Reception History] [Atlas on the Human Testis] [balls-up] [gay lovers] [Google Books] [homosexual relationship] [James E. Harding] [James Harding] [Love of David and Jonathan] [testes]

April 13, 12 AM

In Flavius Philostratus, Heroikos 8.18, a character known as “the Phoenician” is told about the gigantic bones of various ancient heroes and demi-gods which had been found in various places. After listening to the list, the Phoenician says th... [Ancient Greek] [Greek Giants] [Heroes / Gibborim] [Adrienne Mayor] [First Fossil Hunters] [Flavius Philostratus] [great bones] [Heroikos] [μεγαλα ὀστα] [True believers see no evidence contrary to their beliefs]

April 11, 4AM

April 10, 4AM

First there was a dwarf! Tyrion Lannister – Game of Thrones Now there are Giants!! A Giant – Game of Thrones, Season Three, Episode One A Giant carrying poles – Game of Thrones, Season Three, Episode One Woohoo!!! [Biblical Giants' relatives] [Television] [Game of Thrones] [giants] [Season Three]

April 9, 4AM

Michael Krasny  interviewed Robert Alter on his KQED public radio programme, Forum, on 3 April 2013. Alter is professor of Hebrew and comparative literature at UC Berkeley. The main subject of the interview was Alter’s latest instalment of his on... [Anakim] [Ancient Jewish texts] [Books on Giants] [Joshua 14-15] [Ancient Israel] [Forum] [Joshua] [Judges] [kings] [KQED] [Michael Krasny] [Robert Alter] [Samuel]

April 8, 12 PM

In the time of King Herod, after Jesus was born in Bethlehem of Judea, Magi from the East came to Jerusalem, asking, “Where is the child who has been born king of the Jews? For we observed his star at its rising, and have come to pay him homage.... [Ancient Jewish texts] [Ancient Persian] [Bruce Lincoln] [From Ritual Practice to Esoteric Knowledge] [Magi] [semantic bifurcation] [The Problem of the Magi]

April 3, 3AM

Apparently, back in 1947, Saul Lieberman introduced a lecture by Gershom Scholem on Jewish mysticism and Kabbalah with these words: That sums up, rather nicely, why I like Biblical Studies.   [Academic things] [Biblical Studies] [Gershom Scholem] [Nonsense is nonsense] [Saul Lieberman] [the study of nonsense]

March 28, 7PM