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February 21 2018, 7PM

To rage or not to rage: that is the question you always have to ask yourself when Satan strikes in the form of evangelical sexism, unimaginative biblicism, and the fresh propaganda of The Council on Biblical Manhood and Womanhood, which never fails to co... [WIT Posts]

February 15, 10AM

Would you like to join us? We are looking to expand our blogging team.  In order to qualify, you must be a woman with experience in the academic study of Christian theology–either as a graduate student or as a professor–and committed to the ... [WIT Posts]

January 25, 2PM

I was very interested to see a Commonweal article, titled “Obsessed with Continuity: What an Essay on the Mortara Kidnapping Confirms,” by Massimo Faggioli appear in my Facebook news feed this week, especially since I previously had a conversation wit... [WIT Posts] [historical theology] [history] [theology]

January 11, 8AM

Christian Twitter has been all abuzz the past few days regarding the case of Andy Savage, the Memphis pastor recently forced to confront the sexual assault he committed as a youth pastor in 1998, after the victim Jules Woodson told her story on the Warbur... [WIT Posts] [evangelicalism] [sexual assault] [sexual violence]

December 31 2017, 9PM

Everything that happened and continues to happen on a daily basis originates with a government that calls itself “Christian.” For weeks not only Jews but also thousands of faithful Catholics in Germany, and, I believe, all over the world, have... [WIT Posts]

December 26, 9PM

A sermon preached at St. Peter Dynevor Anglican Church in Selkirk, Manitoba. With thanks to my parish for letting me preach and preside every other week and for being a source of grace and healing.  “In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with... [WIT Posts]

December 25, 7PM Christmas Day — December 25th, 2017 — the Rev. Maria McDowell from St. Michael and All Angels, Portland, Oregon on Vimeo. Image: Nativity Contemporary Icon by Lyuba Yatskiv (Ukraine)Filed under: WIT Pos... [WIT Posts]

December 20, 11AM

An old classmate of mine described his commute to work in New York City the morning after the 2016 presidential election. The subway was eerily quiet, with each passenger both contributing to and receiving the effect of the communal pall that fell over th... [WIT Posts]

December 12, 12 PM

In a radio interview this week, an Alabama pastor in a small suburb of Birmingham articulated for the interviewer his rationale for – reluctantly – voting for Roy Moore. While he would not try to convince others of his own views on abortion, he asked ... [WIT Posts] [abortion] [Advent] [sexual assault] [sexual violence]

December 9, 7PM

Spring of 2017 was the 20th anniversary of the first season of the TV show Buffy the Vampire Slayer.1 The show ran for a total of seven seasons and has attracted the attention of academics from all disciplines. Since this spring, I’ve been toying with t... [WIT Posts] [pop culture] [Buffy the Vampire Slayer] [Christ-figures] [self-sacrifice] [apocalypse]

December 6, 5PM

Today is a day of remembrance. [Content note: This post discusses a violent incident against women involving guns] I want to begin by remembering these names: Geneviève Bergeron Hélène Colgan Nathalie Croteau Barbara Daigneault Anne-Marie Edward Maud ... [WIT Posts] [Advent] [bystanders] [Gun violence] [hope] [remembrance] [sexual violence] [theology] [violence] [women]


He will be great and will be called the Son of the Most High; and the Lord God will give Him the throne of his father David; and He will reign over the house of Jacob forever, and His kingdom will have no end.[1] As I heard the promises of God to Mary,... [WIT Posts] [Advent] [mary] [politics]

November 7, 7PM

Just four days ago, the University of Notre Dame announced it “would no longer provide birth control coverage to students and employees.” It fought long and hard for this right. Shortly after the Affordable Care Act became law back in 2012, Ca... [WIT Posts] [antiblackness supremacy] [Obamacare] [religious freedom] [slavery] [the university of Notre dame] [white supremacy]

November 3, 9AM

The First Amendment grants the right to speak in public. But what makes such speech “free?” We consider this right an expression of “freedom” because colonists described the Revolutionary War as a battle of liberation from slavery to King George. ... [WIT Posts] [American Revolution] [antiblackness supremacy] [free speech] [freedom] [history] [Saidiya Hartman] [white supremacy]

October 17, 6AM

Yesterday, at approximately 12:47 pm, I decided to abandon my workday, go home, turn off the internet, eat six slices of the pumpkin pie I baked the night before, cuddle up with my pups on the couch, and call it. Seeing every woman, trans, and nonbinary p... [WIT Posts] [#metoo] [Abuse] [accountability] [assault] [Child Abuse] [Hilary J. Scarsella] [Into Account] [Listening] [rape] [ritual] [sexual violence] [social media] [theology] [witness]

October 15, 2PM

  Then the king said to the attendants, ‘Bind him hand and foot, and throw him into the outer darkness, where there will be weeping and gnashing of teeth. Your phone pings, you open Facebook, and there it is, the invitation to that dread reunion yo... [WIT Posts] [judgement] [sermon]

October 12, 2PM

I cannot think of a comedic piece that prompted greater discomfort than Tina Fey’s now infamous “sheet caking” sketch in the immediate aftermath of Charlottesville. Fey, the one-time darling of political satire, fell spectacularly flat when she took... [WIT Posts]

October 2, 9AM

We are all reeling from the news out of Las Vegas last night. After a mass shooting like this one, we often throw around the phrase “senseless violence.” We seem to say: this violence has no meaning, no direction to it. In other words, there i... [WIT Posts]

September 22, 1PM

WIT welcomes Kristen Daley Mosier as a guest poster. Her full bio is available on her first post with our blog. In the aftermath of white supremacist violence, earthquakes south of the border, and a series of devastating climatic events in the Caribbean a... [Guest Post] [body of Christ] [Gender] [Nashville Statement] [sexual complementarity] [Trinity] [women's bodies]

September 19, 8AM

My alma mater is in the news again. Wheaton College. (Sometimes dubbed “The Evangelical Harvard.”) Five football players face felony charges in the assault of a freshman teammate in March 2016. They kidnapped him, restrained and beat him, att... [WIT Posts] [sexual assault] [the poor]

September 13, 9PM

A few days ago, I decided I would read the biblical story about how Saul was chosen to become king of Israel. It seemed fitting to revisit this text because of the way that it dramatizes the tension between the political and the theological, something whi... [WIT Posts] [American Presidential Election] [Bible] [Political Theology] [politics] [secularity]

September 1, 10AM

WIT welcomes Kathryn Bradford Heidelberger as a guest poster. Her full bio is available on her first post with our blog. In this cultural season, we are saturated with empathy; or, at the very least, empathy is in demand.1 The hit podcast S-Town was laude... [Guest Post] [empathy] [George Saunders] [Joseph Ratzinger]

August 21, 9AM

It is hard to know where to begin with this story. Is it a story of a woman whose great faith is something we are supposed to imitate? Is it a story of a woman who repeatedly beseeches Jesus for help, humbly accepting silence and insult with faithful trus... [WIT Posts] [racism]

August 14, 10AM

I am an Anglican priest, but most people do not know this. It’s not that I am ashamed to be a priest per se, but it is a fact that one’s identity as a Christian leader is far too easily misunderstood, including by oneself. In my country, the priesthoo... [WIT Posts] [Charlottesville] [Christian Identity]

July 15, 4PM

How could it be possible for a group of Christians to think twice about collectively condemning white supremacy? Many were asking this question last month as we watched the drama of the annual meeting of the Southern Baptist Convention unfold in Phoenix, ... [WIT Posts] [history] [Individualism] [politics] [Race] [racism] [sin] [structural sin] [theology] [white privilege] [white supremacy] [whiteness]

June 29, 7AM

A little over five years ago, we at WIT began telling the stories of women who had attempted to use Natural Family Planning.  (For more on the inspiration and rationale for this series, click this link).  This remains one of the most important things we... [WIT Posts] [Women Speak About Natural Family Planning]

June 26, 1PM

Today is the 20th anniversary of Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone’s publication. Like many millions of others around the world, I love this book series. It is delightful. As are so many pieces of spin-off media, like the “Hogwarts Seminary... [WIT Posts]

June 22, 7AM

WIT welcomes Kristen Daley Mosier as a guest poster. Her full bio is available on her first post with our blog. Motherhood is a defining moment for many women. So for those of us who cannot, or choose not to, become mothers, how are we to understand ourse... [Guest Post] [artificial reproductive technology] [femininity] [Leonardo Boff] [motherhood] [pregnancy] [sacramentality]

June 20, 11AM

How many times have you, if you’re waiting or hoping for something to happen in your life, resisted talking about it, thinking you would jinx it? If you’re like me, you don’t want to “jinx” any number of things — from that new job you’re hop... [WIT Posts]

June 11, 9PM

I’ve been meaning to write a post or two related to class and/or classism. It seems that class does not receive the same sustained attention in our “social justice” conversations as other identity categories like sexual orientation, gender, or race,... [WIT Posts]

May 31, 12 PM

This past week, I participated in a panel on women in theology in Canada at the annual meeting of the Canadian Theological Society. I was asked to speak on the current state of affairs for women in theology in Canada, which, according to my research, is n... [WIT Posts]

May 3, 9AM

Plagued by imprecision, Giacamo Sanfilippo’s “Conjugal Friendship” underscores much of what is missing in Christian conversations about same-sex relationships. Arguing that “Holy Tradition possesses in germinal form everything necessa... [WIT Posts] [gay marriage] [Sex] [sexuality] [theosis]

April 23, 2PM

When I was in college, my Christian friends and I spent a lot of time examining our family or relationship issues. We were trying to fix them on the assumption that somehow divorce or abuse or loneliness broke you. We spent a lot of time examining real pa... [WIT Posts] [sermon]

April 20, 4PM

Since 2004 I’ve been thinking about the issue of French laïcité and Muslim headscarves.1 The historical development of secularity in France is something that interests me greatly in part because there was so much religious and theological greatness th... [WIT Posts] [feminism] [France] [Hijab] [Islam] [laicite] [Marine Le Pen] [secularity]

April 11, 7AM

Listen to Julia Feder, member of WIT, discuss the meaning of the cross on the Catholic Comments podcast.  Filed under: WIT Posts [WIT Posts]

March 30, 8PM

Last weekend, both my toddler son and I were sick so we spent some time watching episodes of the British television series Thomas & Friends on Netflix.1 The more I watched the series, the more it bothered me. In particular, the goal of all the engines... [WIT Posts]

March 27, 10AM

Women in Theology is happy to publish another guest post from theologian and educator, Alexis James Waggoner.  Waggoner is an adjunct professor and a minister of religious education. Her organization, The Acropolis Project ( [WIT Posts] [fasting] [Justice] [Lent]

March 17, 8AM

I am writing to share with you all the news that my first book, Fugitive Saints: Catholicism and the Politics of Slavery, will be released by Fortress Press (who has been amazing) at the beginning of next month. This book asks the following: How should... [WIT Posts]

March 14, 2PM

Debates and discussions about Rod Dreher’s forthcoming book The Benedict Option have been popping up across my various social media streams. It is not my place (nor does it lie within my power) to discern the authenticity of another person’s assessmen... [WIT Posts] [dialogue] [lgbt]

March 9, 10AM

Even as I write this, I worry about the appropriateness of a straight, white woman offering commentary upon the extraordinary and visionary movie that is “Moonlight.” How will my appropriations of this film distort (yet again) black and queer ... [Reviews] [WIT Posts] [blackness] [Moonlight]

February 28, 2PM

For the past two decades or more, many evangelicals have begun to adopt liturgical practices that have not historically been a part of their own churches: recognition of the liturgical seasons, weekly communion, reciting of the creeds, the practice of Len... [WIT Posts]

February 14, 3PM

Everyone has been waiting for the 2017 Grammy Awards. After a crazy, volatile 2016 when so many prolific music icons died, so much politically inspired music was released and the never-been-done visual album LEMONADE was released by Beyonce, everyone was ... [WIT Posts]

February 13, 12 PM

We are arrows in the quiver of God, shot forth to arc towards justice, mercy, peace, and love. The arc of the universe does not bend itself towards justice. We bend it. We are the universe into which God in Christ enters, and it is our lives, our choice t... [WIT Posts] [sermon]

February 10, 11AM

Almost a year ago, I wrote this post critiquing a claim that Paul Knitter made in Introducing Theologies of Religions (Orbis Books, 2002) about there being no Church Mothers, or at least no evidence of them. Recently, Elizabeth drew my (and many of our f... [WIT Posts] [Church History] [church mothers] [Feminist theology] [hans urs van balthasar] [macrina] [sexism] [women]

February 9, 6AM

If you know anything about black women, you probably know that hair can be a touchy subject. For black women, our hair history is complex, to say the least. From the time of capture during the trans-Atlantic slave trade, black women immediately lost auton... [WIT Posts]

February 1, 2PM

I’m going to go ahead and assume that everyone reading this knows that white women have a historical tendency to live and act in racist ways. It was true when the suffragettes intentionally excluded black women in order to appear more respectable to the... [WIT Posts] [Donald Trump] [politics] [Race] [racism] [resistance] [white supremacy] [white women] [whiteness]

January 31, 10PM

About half of my ancestors immigrated to this country as a result of the aftermath of Irish famine, an event in which people were found dead on the side of the road walking hopelessly in search of food with grass stained mouths. They were that hungry. Th... [WIT Posts]
About half of my ancestors immigrated to this country as a result of the aftermath of Irish famine, an event in which people were found dead on the side of the road walking hopelessly in search of food with grass stained mouths. They were that hungry. Th... [WIT Posts] [history] [Immigration] [Justice] [so is antiblackness] [whiteness is a hell of a drug]

January 25, 3PM

Last year, POTUS and his people were sure that the 2016 election would be rigged. This year, they have sought to discredit his loss in the popular vote: according to them, his three million vote deficit reflects not the will of the people, but the dishone... [WIT Posts]

January 18, 11AM

Women in Theology is happy to publish a guest post from Alexis James Waggoner.  Alexis is a theologian and educator. She teaches at Belmont University and is the founder of The Acropolis Project (, an organization dedicated... [Guest Post] [WIT Posts]

January 9, 9AM

I was unsurprised to hear of Kim Burrell’s recent comments about gay men and lesbians and, one can infer from the tenor of the video that she feels the same about queer and trans folks of all shades and stripes. For a while, I ignored the video until th... [Guest Post]

December 22 2016, 11AM

WIT welcomes Kristen Daley Mosier as a guest poster. Her full bio is available on her first post with our blog. Over the summer, my spouse and I started to watch the show Orphan Black. I had read how innovative it is for turning gender stereotypes on thei... [Guest Post] [WIT Posts] [Cloning] [Orphan Black] [theology] [Trinity]

December 13, 9AM

Women in Theology is happy to publish a guest post from Alexis James Waggoner.  Alexis is a theologian and educator. She teaches at Belmont University and is the founder of The Acropolis Project (, an organization dedicated... [WIT Posts]

November 28, 5PM

Today The New York Times ran a story emblazoned with a headline that proclaimed Steve Bannon, the President-elect’s right hand man, a “populist.”  A sub-heading near the end of the article adds detail to this portrait, describing him as... [WIT Posts] [anti-blackness] [bad arguments] [history] [populism] [white supremacy]

November 23, 6AM

WIT welcomes Kathryn Bradford Heidelberger as a guest poster. Her full bio is available on her first post with our blog. I’ve recently been thinking about the connections between Gustavo Gutiérrez, the incomparable theologian who was integral to the d... [Guest Post] [liberation theology] [Shusako Endo] [Silence] [Theological Method]

November 21, 7PM

Since the U.S. presidential election, various news outlets have reported that evangelical Christians—in particular white evangelical Christians—voted for Donald Trump. During the course of the campaign, it became standard wisdom that the evangelical v... [WIT Posts] [Donald Trump] [evangelicalism] [politics] [Race] [US election]

November 16, 8AM

It seems fitting that Leonard Cohen—one of the world’s greatest lovers of beauty—slipped away the night before America’s grotesque election. Unfortunately for us, we are left to sort through the rubble with one fewer beautiful dreamer to call upon... [WIT Posts] [American Presidential Election] [democracy] [Donald Trump]

November 14, 11AM

In the aftermath of last week’s presidential election, many have attributed the Democrats’ defeat to their inability and/or refusal to respect, speak to, care about, or prioritize the so-called “white working class.”   According ... [WIT Posts] [2016 Election] [bad arguments] [economic injustice] [white supremacy] [white working class]

November 8, 10PM

The election has not been decided yet, although it looks as though Donald Trump will win.  I offer the following thoughts, which I hope will not become reality. Some might say that this is the time for more caution and self-protection.  I believe this m... [WIT Posts]

November 7, 9AM

I recently had an old friend from high school – one of my first evangelical childhood friends – comment on one of my election Facebook posts with the following: “the worst candidates we’ve ever had running…just shows where ou... [WIT Posts]

November 2, 8AM

“Ole Satan’s church is here below; Up to God’s free church I hope to go.” –Harriet Jacobs, Narrative of a Slave Girl, 1861 My research for my book project introduced me to the rich history of slave narratives, many of which have been preserv... [WIT Posts]

October 17, 9AM

Recently, I have been told that as a now former Orthodox Christian, I should no longer address Orthodox issues. Sometimes this is through a relatively polite comment, and sometimes via nasty personal messages in which I am accused of being “at best ... [WIT Posts]

October 11, 3PM

“I hate to get terribly theological about it, but have you ever read the confession of Saint Augustine? I mean, the reality is that men can change, people can change. Sometimes, going through things like this makes you into a much better person.” R... [WIT Posts] [augustine] [confessions] [Donald Trump] [Rudy Giuliani] [sexism] [sexual assault]

October 1, 9AM

This last week I have been ensconced in comparative Anglican Eucharistic prayers, those prayers said in relation to the sharing of bread and wine that is common to all Christians. Colin Buchanan argues that Thomas Cranmer, the ‘teflon bishop’ ... [WIT Posts]

September 29, 5AM

History is story telling. It’s also much more than that. The way we tell stories communicates much about our values and perspectives. Storytelling a powerful act; those who generate the shared stories of a group’s past can exert an enormous amount of ... [WIT Posts]

September 26, 4PM

In May, at the triennial gathering of the International Union of Superiors General, a meeting at the Vatican of over 900 leaders of Catholic Women Religious, some participants posed a question to Pope Francis during the question and answer portion of the ... [WIT Posts]

September 24, 2PM

Crossway publishers recently sparked controversy with their announcement that they have released a Permanent Text (PT) version of their English Standard Bible. There are two main reasons why this is a controversial decision. First, there is the issue o... [WIT Posts] [bad arguments] [Gender] [Justice] [politics] [sexism] [sexual ethics]

September 20, 9AM

Turn the other cheek. Do unto others. God is kind to the ungrateful and the wicked. Be merciful, just as your Father is merciful. Do not condemn, and you will not be condemned. Forgive and you will be forgiven. The pastor at my little house church taught... [WIT Posts]

September 16, 6AM

At times certain theological concerns and interests erupt into my life and refine the trajectory of my thinking, such as an undergraduate course in Catholic Social Teaching, having so captivated my religious imagination that I dropped my biology / pre-phy... [WIT Posts] [ageism] [children] [flourishing] [Lectionary]

September 14, 5AM

This week a warm and gentle southern breeze blew like grace through my (already) chilly northern city: the incomparable Dolly Parton came to Winnipeg as part of her “Pure and Simple Tour.” There are so many ways that she exploded all expectations, as ... [WIT Posts]

September 9, 12 PM

Earlier this summer, the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops declared today, the feast day of Peter Claver, as a “Day of Prayer for [Racial] Peace in Our Communities.”  In so doing, they enlist a long Catholic tradition of exalting P... [WIT Posts] [anti-blackness] [Day of Prayer for Peace in Our Communities] [Peter Claver] [saints] [white supremacy]

September 7, 11AM

Two weeks ago, seeking to clarify confusion over whether Donald Trump was changing his stance on immigration, his advisor Katrina Pierson stated on CNN:: “There is not a different message. He is using different words to give the message because everyone... [WIT Posts]

September 4, 8PM

Sermon delivered at St. Paul’s Episcopal Church, Oregon City, Oregon, 04 September, 2016 Luke 14:25-33 Philemon Deuteronomy 30:15-20 Periodically, I am reminded that God has a sense of humor. For example, this weekend my parents are visiting, and ... [WIT Posts]

August 30, 3AM

Oh, August. For academics it is the month of scurrying to polish up syllabi, waving goodbye to summer writing projects, and getting to meet the heaps of new and returning students whose presence and curiosity will grace our classrooms in the coming year. ... [WIT Posts] [classroom] [College] [entitlement] [feminist] [pedagogy] [students] [Theological Education] [university] [university of chicago]

August 22, 6PM

Gaze- To fix the eyes in a steady intent. To look often with eagerness or studious attention. Often indicative of wonder or admiration. When I first fell in love with my husband, we spent countless moments peering deeply into one another’s eyes, revelin... [WIT Posts]

August 20, 1PM

Last year we moved away from an affluent suburb to the City of Hartford.  Our neighborhood is (admittedly) still fairly affluent, but it is a little more diverse, and the issues of city life surround us.  As a result of the move my daughter entered 2nd ... [WIT Posts] [black lives matter] [mary] [motherhood]

August 13, 4AM

The novelist, Marilynne Robinson, has garnered an impressive array of accolades (Pulitzer Prize for Gilead in 2005, National Humanities Medal in 2012, Library of Congress Medal for American Fiction in 2016, to name a few), but I would wager that posterity... [WIT Posts] [Calvin] [providence] [US election]

August 11, 7AM

Like many households of young children, my home buzzes with Olympic enthusiasm these days. With vast imaginations, my daughters soak up – and recreate in our small living room – every Olympic sport they observe. Gymnastics, swimming, soccer, cycling, ... [WIT Posts]

August 7, 9AM

Ursula Franklin, prominent physicist, holocaust survivor, university professor, public intellectual, pacifist, and one of the giants of Canadian feminism, passed away on July 22nd at the age of 94. As the many tributes and obituaries in the wake of her de... [WIT Posts]

July 29, 8AM

How should the privileged engage the perspectives and struggles of the marginalized?[1] This question is one that has weighed heavily upon me for years, but has taken on a new force in the events of the past year – Black Lives Matter and police shooting... [WIT Posts]

July 25, 8AM

In 2011, I was asked to lead a women’s retreat in which attendants would come from divergent, and at times antithetical, walks of life. I knew there would be conservative, moderate and progressive women of various ages participating in this day of refle... [WIT Posts]

July 21, 11PM

During a recent rereading of Philippians, I became (somewhat surprisingly) preoccupied with the theme of joy that runs throughout the letter. I say surprisingly because I find Philippian joy is a clichéd, well-worn theological trope forever associated wi... [WIT Posts]

July 18, 6PM

Some of what I have been reading recently has helped me reflect on the complex ways religious communities portray godliness and immorality when it comes to economic activity and gender. These reflections have come from a somewhat surprising source: the ... [WIT Posts] [beer] [brewing] [Church History] [early modern women] [Economics] [Gender]

July 16, 7AM

WIT is happy to publish another guest post from Nancy Blackman.  You can read her first post for WIT here.  She describes herself in the following way: “I love all things food like a female version of Anthony Bourdain. I am drawn to small gatherings ... [Guest Post] [WIT Posts] [hope] [Police] [Race] [violence]

July 14, 12 PM

I spend a good bit of time listening to adult survivors of childhood sexual abuse reflect on ways that the worship and theology of their faith communities impacted their experience of abuse, its traumatic consequences, and their subsequent ability to stru... [WIT Posts] [Abuse] [communion] [Eucharist] [liturgy] [Lord's Supper] [sexuality] [theology] [violence]

July 10, 1PM

Elie Wiesel’s death, like his writing, is unassimilable. It resists any attempt to summarize his significance, his purpose or his meaning. We know that the world is less beautiful and less humane since this man of peace has died, but to summarize the le... [WIT Posts] [supersessionism] [Theodicy] [Wiesel]

July 9, 4AM

WIT welcomes Kathryn Bradford Heidelberger as a guest poster. Kathryn is a recent graduate of the Master of Divinity program at Princeton Theological Seminary where she focused her studies on systematic theology, gender and race issues, and pastoral care.... [Guest Post] [WIT Posts] [Karl Barth] [sin] [theologians]

July 7, 8AM

I experience great joy in listening to the spirituality of the child, in experiencing with them the discovery of life and of God. This summer some children and youth at my parish are growing a small garden, and we are supplementing our planting, watering ... [WIT Posts]

June 16, 9AM

As a temporary resident in the European Union, for the past nine months I have visited a large number of Christian churches: medieval churches, modern churches, round churches, churches-turned-Soviet-museum… lots of churches. Like with anything in large... [WIT Posts]

June 13, 7AM

  It has been a month since graduation from divinity school. In this time of post-school life and by way of introductory WIT post, I find myself wanting to express gratitude for what has been a liberative formation experience. I have spent the last... [WIT Posts]

June 7, 12 PM

‘The Fur Queen disappeared, leaving her cape and crown, and the ghost child drifting in the womb of space, the wisps of winter cloud its amniotic fluid, turning and turning with a speed as imperceptible yet certain as the rhythm of the spheres. And slow... [WIT Posts]

June 3, 2PM

Women in Theology is happy to publish a guest post from Lauren Jones.  Lauren Jones is an ordained minister (itinerant elder) in the African Methodist Episcopal Church (AME). She has served in parish ministry for over 10 years. She holds a Bachelor’... [WIT Posts]

June 1, 6AM

WIT welcomes Kristen Daley Mosier as a guest poster. Kristen is in the midst of coursework for a PhD at Garrett-Evangelical Theological Seminary in Evanston, Illinois. She completed an MDiv in Seattle from Fuller Theological Seminary in 2012. Her studies ... [Guest Post] [WIT Posts] [artificial reproductive technology] [children] [motherhood] [pregnancy] [women's bodies] [women's health]

May 29, 4AM

Today Americans celebrate Memorial Day. One week ago, May 23rd, marked the one year anniversary of the beatification of Archbishop Oscar Romero of El Salvador, assassinated in March 1980. In the age of Trump, one hardly needs to make the argument that fea... [WIT Posts]

May 25, 11AM

WIT is happy to publish a guest post from Nancy Blackman.  She describes herself in the following way: “I love all things food like a female version of Anthony Bourdain. I am drawn to small gatherings with meaningful conversation and have learned ... [Guest Post] [WIT Posts] [commitment] [courage] [Korean culture] [Naomi] [Patriarchy] [Race] [Ruth] [Western culture]

May 22, 12 PM

I’m sitting here in bed on a Sunday afternoon thinking about how I should be at church today. I’m sitting here in bed on a Sunday afternoon while my toddler rolls around in his crib not napping because he’s been crazy all day, thinking about how I s... [WIT Posts] [children] [Mass]

May 20, 10PM

  I have been thinking for a while now that for my second post here at WIT, I would write about sexual assault and gender-based violence on university campuses. As everyone is well aware, the subject has received much media attention in recent years;... [WIT Posts] [flourishing] [Justice] [sexism] [sexual ethics] [solidarity] [violence]

May 17, 11AM

I recently met Catherine of Siena at her basilica—Basilica Cateriniana— also known as the Basilica of San Domenico in Siena, Italy. It feels as if I actually met her, because her head is enshrined on the right side of the nave, along with her thumb. I... [WIT Posts]

May 14, 6PM

In the last few days, two friends and colleagues have asked what I think of the many reports that Pope Francis called for ‘the creation of a commission‘ to study ‘reinstating’ female deacons. Thanks to the Crusty Old Dean I do not need to ... [WIT Posts]

May 13, 1PM

Here is what I want to say to Christians for whom the fact that “transgender people are clearly happier and healthier and more fully alive when they are allowed to be transgender” is not a good enough reason to accept transgender people into t... [WIT Posts] [lgbt] [Gender] [bad arguments] [transgender] [transgender equality] [intersex] [Virgin Mary]

May 12, 4PM

  In the first year of my PhD studies in the History of Christianity, I found myself researching early twentieth-century feminist activists. A coursework research paper drew me to focus on the Ontario chapter of the Women’s Christian Temperance Uni... [WIT Posts]

May 9, 9AM

Sermon delivered on Easter 7c Scripture: Acts 16:16-34; Revelation 22:12-14, 16-17, 20-21; John 17:20-26; Today, we stand in between two major feasts of the church, Ascension three days ago, and Pentecost next Sunday. We stand between the final leave-ta... [WIT Posts] [sermon]

May 2, 10AM

From as far back as my mind can go, to the age of four, I have felt a deep sense of call by God. I sought to address this call by studying Religion/Theology from a Catholic University. Soon after reception of my Master’s Degree in 2002, the program was ... [WIT Posts]

April 29, 9AM

I am three years out of coursework for my doctoral program, and I have just finally taken (and passed!) my comprehensive exams. This is not something I share lightly. In fact, I normally avoid communicating this to others – especially other academics ... [WIT Posts]

April 25, 5PM

If you have been on the internet since Saturday night, you have heard about Beyoncé’s new visual album titled LEMONADE.  In true Beyoncé fashion, her work has people from all corners of social media weighing in.  From celebrations of Black Girl Magi... [WIT Posts]

April 22, 12 PM

This semester I am teaching Paul Knitter’s Introducing Theologies of Religions (Orbis Books, 2002) as part of a section on the relationship between Christianity and non-Christian religions. My friends from my undergraduate theology days will certainly r... [WIT Posts] [Church History] [church mothers] [macrina] [Perpetua]

April 15, 6AM

I teach girls. I teach them religious studies and philosophy; primarily, though, I teach them. I help them think, I encourage their questioning, I support them through their adolescent years. The subject is a bonus. But teaching to all girls in the Roman ... [WIT Posts]

April 13, 7AM

In the contemporary Catholic church, debates about sexual ethics often underlie debates about the Eucharist and vice versa. No wonder then that the pope’s recent pastoral letter, Amoris Laetitia–a document that focuses explicitly on whether c... [WIT Posts] [Amoris Laetitia] [Eucharist] [lgbt] [Marriage] [Pope Francis] [sexual ethics]

April 12, 10AM

In the spirit of Alyssa’s last post on women preaching, here is a reflection given in church on the ordinary power of the common meal and resurrection appearances of Jesus in scripture. In this Easter season we have been celebrating the resurrection... [WIT Posts] [church] [eating] [Homily] [Preaching] [sermon] [Wendell Berry]

April 3, 2PM

Sojourners Magazine reported last month that L’Osservatore Romano is publishing a series of essays advocating for women to preach in the context of the Roman Catholic Mass. With these authors, and with many others, I agree that women should be invited t... [WIT Posts] [liturgy] [Mary Magdalene] [Preaching]

April 2, 7PM

“They may be misplaced, forgotten, or misdirected, but in the heart of every man is a desperate desire for a battle to fight, an adventure to live, and a beauty to rescue.”  – John Eldredge, Wild at Heart: Discovering the Secret of a ... [WIT Posts] [bad arguments] [evangelicalism] [Gender] [history] [sexism]

March 31, 6PM

(An earlier version of this article was posted on  For those not familiar with the case, Jian Ghomeshi is a Canadian radio celebrity who hosted the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation’s (CBC) highly popular entertainment... [WIT Posts]

March 30, 2PM

The women of WIT are excited to announce the addition of new regular contributors and guest posters to the blog! We received applications from women all around the world who are engaging theology from a wide variety of backgrounds and perspectives. We had... [WIT Posts]

February 16, 5PM

“One of the false gods of theologians, philosophers, and other academics is called Method.” -Mary Daly, Beyond God the Father As I work through the revisions on my dissertation, I’ve been thinking a lot about the power of naming and the role of lan... [WIT Posts] [Mary Daly] [nuns] [Port-Royal] [role models] [theologians] [theology] [women]

February 10, 4AM

This is a reflection I shared at an evening Ash Wednesday gathering several years ago.  We sat in a circle on the floor and placed the ashes on our neighbors’ foreheads and spoke these words to each other: “Remember that you are dust and to d... [WIT Posts] [Ash Wednesday] [Lent] [Preaching] [sermon]

January 16, 1AM

New Deadline: Friday, January 22, by midnight WIT has received many wonderful applications over the past six weeks (FYI: deliberations haven’t occurred yet). Because many of these applications came in the last day of the call, WIT would like to exte... [WIT Posts]

January 6, 6PM

Today, Eastern and Western Christians celebrate the presence of God in Christ. Whether Epiphany or Theophany, today’s feast is about the revelation of God to us, the presence of God with us in the person of Jesus Christ. Imagine then, how Cliven Bun... [WIT Posts] [exclusion] [white privilege] [white supremacy]

December 19 2015, 12 PM

In the following, we at Women In Theology offer a statement of solidarity with all victims of Islamophobia.  We encourage you to “sign” this letter by re-posting it in full on your blogs, facebook pages, and other social media platforms. W... [WIT Posts]

December 1, 9PM

Would you like to join us? We are looking to expand our seven-person blogging team.  In order to qualify, you must be a woman with experience in the academic study of Christian theology–either as a graduate student or as a professor–and commi... [WIT Posts]

November 10, 10PM

On this Armistice Day, which brought the senseless slaughter of World War One to a long overdue end, I am Lawson Clark thinking especially of my great grandmother’s brother, Lawson, who left high school early in order to fight in that war. After ret... [WIT Posts] [Armistice Day] [Lawson Clark] [Marion Ohio] [Veteran's Day] [violence] [War] [World War One]

October 29, 5AM

I was going to write a very different post this month. Then, HeresyLetterGate occurred and I’ve been following along via the various posts on social media. I’m not going to recap all the arguments and social media events that occurred in this because ... [WIT Posts]

October 28, 5AM

Alright, everybody: let’s take all the energy and outrage we have felt about this issue, multiply it by one thousand, and add it to the Black Lives Matter Movement. Let’s rally around those racial prophets as we have rallied around this Syn... [WIT Posts] [black lives matter]

October 27, 2PM

I signed the letter primarily because I wanted to support my colleague who was slurred as a heretic on the very public forum of Twitter. Although I admire Mr. Douthat’s intelligence, piety, and passion for the faith, I signed the letter because I be... [WIT Posts]

October 22, 6AM

I preached this sermon a little more than a year ago at Kern Road Mennonite Church in South Bend, Indiana based largely on Delores Williams’s exegesis of the Genesis passages in Sisters in the Wilderness: The Challenge of Womanist God-talk.  Hagar is ... [WIT Posts]

October 19, 4PM

In a New York Times blog post today, Ross Douthat takes a break from lobbing accusations of corruption and conspiracy at Pope Francis to explain anew his belief that the church cannot change the way it relates to lesbians and gays, the re-married, and th... [WIT Posts] [Eucharist] [Fr. James Martin] [jesus] [last supper] [Ross Douthat] [table fellowship]

September 30, 1PM

WIT is delighted to bring you the following guest post from Rosa Manriquez, IHM.  We are particularly grateful for her unique perspective and powerful witness. Rosa is a mother and grandmother, a member of the Immaculate Heart Community, a Roman Catholi... [Guest Post] [lgbt] [experience] [sexism] [colonialism] [family] [Prayer] [Pope Francis] [Junipero Serra]

September 26, 6PM

I have a weakness: I write best when I am disagreeing, refining, or challenging. But when Jacqui Lewis says that we need a grown up theology and grown up God, I can’t do anything but agree. I look forward to her upcoming book, Go Deep, Get Naked, an... [WIT Posts] [jacqui lewis] [Unending Conversation]


One of the most incredible moments of Pope Francis’s stay here in the United States occurred when he selected Martin Luther King, Jr. as among the “greatest Americans”—but not just for the reason one might think. Yes, his decision to praise a nonv... [WIT Posts] [a church that changes] [ecumenism] [history] [hope] [Martin Luther King Jr] [the pope]

September 25, 2PM

Imagine for a moment, hearing Diana Butler Bass argue that the 19th century American Transcendental movement, abiding in that disconcerting space between Orthodox Calvinism with its emphasis on Creeds & Piety, and Rational Unitarianism with its emphas... [WIT Posts] [Diana Butler Bass] [Gregory of Nyssa] [Unending Conversation]


This weekend Trinity Episcopal Cathedral is hosting “The Unending Conversation: Progressive Christian Apologetics for the Twenty-First Century.” The intent is to “celebrate the legacy of Trinity’s Canon Theologian, Dr. Marcus J. Borg, ... [WIT Posts] [Progressive Apologetics] [The Unending Conversation]

September 24, 5AM

At the end of the summer, I had the chance to read John Paul II’s Mulieris Dignitatem (On the Dignity and Vocation of Women) as part of a women’s study group at my parish. In my reading, one passage about motherhood particularly caught my attention: ... [WIT Posts]

September 9, 4PM

The Archdiocese of Philadelphia recently announced that it would require parents of all children enrolled in its schools to sign a “Memorandum of Understanding.” In addition to explaining that the archdiocese’s schools “will teach the doctrine of ... [WIT Posts] [Catholic schools] [lgbt] [Priesthood]

July 7, 11AM

I’ve been thinking a lot recently about what it means to be a woman in theology, especially since I recently heard about the death of one of my favorite undergraduate theology professors, Fr. James Walsh, S.J. It occurred to me that many of the major i... [WIT Posts] [Bible] [Blaise Pascal] [Jansenism] [Jesuits] [pensées] [tribute] [why I study theology]

June 29, 6PM

Rachel weeping for her children (Jeremiah 31:15) The Orthodox Church in America (OCA) has issued a statement regarding the recent Supreme Court decision regarding same-sex marriage. I appreciate the following from His Beatitude Metropolitan Tikhon: The ru... [WIT Posts]

June 27, 12 PM

The United States Catholic Bishop’s Conference is currently in the midst of celebrating its fourth annual “Fortnight For Freedom.”  Running between June 21 and the holiday that commemorates the United States’ violently-achieved in... [WIT Posts] [anti-blackness] [black lives matter] [fortnight for freedom] [Frederick Douglas] [history] [lgbt] [U.S. bishops] [white supremacy]

June 18, 10AM

I am not really sure how to respond to last night’s massacre of nine people at the historic Emanuel AME church in Charleston, South Carolina except with grief. I can not imagine what an adequate white Catholic response to four hundred years of unend... [WIT Posts] [anti-blackness] [Catholic Church] [Charleston Emanuel AME] [Clementa Pinckney] [history] [slavery] [terrorism] [violence] [white supremacy]


Today at Roman noon, Pope Francis publicly released his new encyclical, Laudato Si’, named for a line in the thirteenth-century Canticle of the Sun by St. Francis of Assisi, the Pope’s namesake. An Italian-language draft was leaked online Tues... [WIT Posts]

June 15, 12 PM

As readers of the blog may already know, I’ve had a love affair with the musical Les Misérables since I first saw it when I was in the first grade. After seeing the 2012 movie, I wrote about the Jansenism of Javert and the curious connection between Vi... [WIT Posts] [atheism] [Les Misérables] [Money]

June 9, 7AM

Guest Post! Guest Post! Christina Gebel is a freelance writer and photographer. She has an undergraduate degree in theology from Saint Louis University and a Master of Public Health degree from Boston University. She currently lives in Boston, MA working... [WIT Posts]

June 1, 8AM

A sermon delivered at All Saints Episcopal Church, Portland, Oregon. ‘Holy Trinity’ (‘The Hospitality of Abraham’) written by a Nun of New Skete. This icon is traditionally entitled “The Hospitality of Abraham.” It depicts the ... [WIT Posts]

May 12, 8PM

While right wing Christians and atheist liberals may disagree on what makes the United States great, many of them agree that Islamic “extremism” threatens this greatness. Even before the vicious Charlie Hebdo massacre, members of these groups shared ... [WIT Posts] [free speech] [idolatry] [Islamophobia] [religious freedom]

April 8, 5AM

Over the past 8 months, I’ve been on a slow but steady weight loss plan and, in the New Year, wrote those goals down for the sake of reflecting on them externally. While I don’t exactly want to share what weight range I’m shooting for an... [WIT Posts] [body] [economy] [healthcare] [women's health]

April 3, 4PM

The Lamentation of Christ, Trinity Iconographers Institute Recently my life seems full of grief.  This is to be expected during Lent, a season characterized by “sorrowful joy.”  My grief though, has its roots in a profound sense of loss: the ec... [WIT Posts] [ecumenism] [grief] [resurrection]

March 22, 9PM

Marcus Borg (1942-2015) Today I attended the memorial service for the New Testament scholar Marcus Borg.  It was one of the most beautiful and moving celebrations of the life and death of a person I have ever been privileged to witness.  I have never e... [WIT Posts] [Marcus Borg]

March 9, 2AM

“Shame need not crouch, in such an Earth as Ours; Shame—stand erect—the Universe is yours!”  – Emily Dickinson, #1304, 1874   “It would not be an overstatement to say that Christianity literally had its birth on the altar of shame.... [WIT Posts] [queer theory] [shame]

March 2, 5AM

“Credit is a means of privatization and debt a means of socialisation. So long as they pair in the monogamous violence of the home, the pension, the government, or the university, debt can only feed credit, debt can only desire credit. And credit can on... [WIT Posts] [Black theology] [credit] [debt] [economy] [harney] [moten] [Political Theology] [property] [the undercommons] [value] [whiteness]

February 16, 2AM

“The scarlet letter was her passport into regions where other women dared not tread. Shame, Despair, Solitude! These had been her teachers—stern and wild ones—and they had made her strong, but taught her much amiss.” - Nathaniel Hawthorne, The Sca... [WIT Posts] [queer theory] [shame]

February 13, 10AM

Human beings are storytellers. We are formed by stories, and stories are always constructed but only sometimes true. In storytelling, framing matters: we must decide where to begin the story, from whose perspective to tell it, which details to include and... [WIT Posts] [Bryan Massingale] [Catholic Church] [Ferguson] [james baldwin] [Martin Luther King Jr] [peace] [racial segregation] [Rhetoric] [sundown towns] [violence] [white supremacy] [whiteness]

February 11, 5AM

“The credit economy is a network of contracted servitude. … Whenever one spends money, one spends a portion of the substance, wealth and life of those who have undertaken loans. Yet the value of money is also backed by profitability, including the dru... [WIT Posts] [Black theology] [credit] [debt] [goodchild] [harris] [property] [Race] [theology of money] [whiteness]

February 7, 5PM

Earlier this month as I was reading in a coffee shop and feeling pretty fucking sore and resentful after pelvic floor therapy (which is par for the course about half the time), I overhead a group of three middle-aged women talking at the table next to me... [WIT Posts] [mourning] [solidarity] [suffering] [women who are awesome]

February 5, 9PM

Guest post! Guest post! Danica is a journalist, a mobile yoga studio owner and a metal rocker (and she and Elizabeth have known each other since they were ten years old!). She is also a transgender woman who distanced herself from the Catholic Church—t... [WIT Posts] [flourishing] [Sex] [Transgender experience] [women who are awesome] [Women's Experience]

February 4, 12 PM

On January 27th—just a little over a week ago now—Corey Batey and Brandon Vanderburg were convicted on 16 counts of aggravated rape and aggravated sexual battery, found guilty after a 12-day trial . The case has draw a great deal of both local and nat... [WIT Posts] [college sexual assault] [rape culture] [Vanderbilt rape trial]

January 30, 2AM

“Shame is the intensely painful feeling or experience of believing we are flawed and therefore unworthy of love and belonging.” – Brené Brown, Daring Greatly   “ Merely to write the words ‘my shame’ is to perform a subtly transgress... [WIT Posts] [queer theory] [shame]

January 28, 5AM

“Money promises value. It does not specify the form that such value will take. Used for consumption, money promises pleasure. Used for investment, money promises more money. The value of money, or the value that is promised, has no exact or fixed measur... [WIT Posts]

January 25, 11PM

When I was previously immersed in research for years about Augustine and his legacy for theological anthropology, I came across an article by John Cavadini entitled, “Feeling Right: Augustine on the Passions and Sexual Desire,” [Augustinian St... [WIT Posts] [augustine] [flourishing] [sexism] [violence]

January 13, 8PM

We at WIT get a lot of trolls. There’s just something about a group of young women with advanced degrees talking about God that really seems to get people all riled up. Come, stroll with me down Troll Lane. There was the person who said, “You ... [WIT Posts] [children] [eating] [Eucharist] [food] [humor] [non-human animals] [the mass]

January 9, 7AM

Trigger Warning This piece discusses pedophilia and the role of young bodies in art.   “Young bodies are like tender plants, which grow and become hardened to whatever shape you’ve trained them.” Desiderius Erasmus   This week, Austral... [WIT Posts]

January 8, 12 PM

U.S. Americans typically have responded to the release of the Senate Committee’s Report on Torture by debating either the morality or the efficacy of torture.  When opponents denounce torture as ineffective they do so because they believe that it d... [WIT Posts] [A Few Good Men] [Soteriology] [terrorism] [torture] [U.S. military] [War on Terror]

December 29 2014, 8PM

The Archbishop’s column in the most recent Catholic St. Louis magazine made me start to think about New Year’s resolutions. All sorts of research shows that most people fail at the resolutions that they make for the New Year and a poll back in 2013 ... [WIT Posts] [New Year's] [Pelagianism] [resolutions]

December 26, 2AM

I, like many at WIT, have had a fantastically terrible year. Lots of stress and sadness and shame to go around for various reasons. I think most of this has to do with the pain of human living. Not to say that it’s “redemptive,” just tha... [WIT Posts] [flourishing] [women who are awesome]

November 26, 8AM

I’m tired of people sharing pictures of folks in Ferguson who are stopping looting. While I understand the impulse, attempting to show that there are a multiplicity of responses to the verdict and that not everyone feels the same about property dest... [WIT Posts]

November 10, 9AM

*Spoilers Below Justin Simien’s film Dear White People, is a smart, funny, satire (with a handful of surprising twists along the way) that complicates black twenty-somethings’ negotiation of blackness at a predominately white institution of higher edu... [Reviews] [WIT Posts] [blackness] [Culture] [film] [movies] [politics] [Race]

November 6, 11PM

Fr. Johannes Jacobse recently asked his fellow priest, “Fr. Robert Arida: Why Don’t You Become Episcopalian?.  He objects to Arida and theologians of his ilk on a number of points: Unlike the Episcopalians, Orthodox liberals prefer appearances of gra... [WIT Posts] [ethics] [Orthodoxy]

October 5, 2PM

The Synod of Bishops on the Family has begun. Pope Francis convened this synod nearly a year ago in order to address “concerns which were unheard of until a few years ago,” including but not limited to phenomena like “the widespread practice of coha... [WIT Posts] [Gustavo Gutierrez] [Immigration] [John Paul II] [Justice] [Marriage] [preferential option for the poor] [sexuality] [synod on the family] [the family] [the war on drugs] [white supremacy]

October 1, 8AM

Back before I joined the Women in Theology blog, a theologian-blogger friend asked me if I wanted to write something about modern-day Jansenism in the Catholic Church. I told him that I wasn’t yet comfortable making such claims. Part of my discomfor... [WIT Posts]

September 11, 6AM

I don’t much like the term “white privilege.” Mainly the term strikes me as a interpersonal framework that gets substituted on when talking about structural oppression. It also carries an assumption of being necessarily a positive or ben... [WIT Posts] [Economics] [Race] [white inheritance] [white privilege]

August 25, 9PM

I will begin by saying that it is fair for Sarah and Lindsey at A Queer Calling to point out the many places in which they address issues relevant to non-celibate members of the LGBTQ community. I made no reference to these, for which I apologize. I was a... [WIT Posts] [LGBTQ]

August 7, 1AM

I’ll be teaching a year-long introductory college class on Catholicism again for 2014-2015. As I prepare to teach this class again, I’ve been thinking not only about the requisite alterations I need to make to the syllabus, but also about what... [WIT Posts] [Elizabeth Johnson] [Feminist theology] [sexism] [teaching] [Women's Experience]

August 5, 8PM

Sarah and Lindsey at A Queer Calling finally laid out their celibate gay agenda: A Queer Calling came to be at a time when we felt a need for more meaningful interaction with other people on topics such as celibacy, vocation, spirituality, and LGBT Chr... [WIT Posts] [LGBTQ]

July 31, 6AM

*Spoilers all throughout this piece. The train is a lie. It seems likely that it’s conditions for possibility are based on a lie (in my view it seems likely that Wilford manufactured the climate crisis himself or with others in order to solidify his... [WIT Posts] [capitalism] [distinction] [film] [politics] [Race] [Snowpiercer]

July 29, 10AM

For the past two summers (2012 and 2013), I’ve been fortunate enough to spend July in Paris, doing research for my dissertation.1 I had been to Paris before, visiting for a week when I studied abroad in France, but now that I’ve gotten deep into Frenc... [WIT Posts] [Angélique Arnauld] [France] [Gender] [history] [Jansenism] [Paris] [Port-Royal] [Travel]

July 26, 10AM

A recent post from Zach Hoag on LGBT persons and the blessings they bring to the church troubled me and reminded me of why I think third way is the worst way. Namely, its appearance as well reasoned and the hidden violences that animate this position. Th... [WIT Posts]

July 25, 2AM

The Australian government is currently conducting a Royal Commission into institutional responses to child sexual abuse. A major focus of this investigation has been the church; how the individual denominations have responded to allegations of sexual abus... [WIT Posts]

July 18, 3PM

I most love blogging for the way it places me just a keystroke away from people I would otherwise never even pass by on the street.  I can communicate with and receive feedback from anyone with an internet connection.  In this way, blogging is a form of... [WIT Posts]

July 16, 5AM

Earlier this month, the Jesuit magazine America published an interview with lesbian Catholic blogger Eve Tushnet. More than just an uncommonly gifted writer, Tushnet also tells an unconventional conversion story. She is proudly gay and unafraid to call th... [WIT Posts]

July 14, 4AM

One of the main discourses to constitute social differentiation as hierarchy and domination is that of binary opposition. –Janet Jakobsen, 1998                                                                        ... [WIT Posts] [feminism] [Halberstam] [Povinelli] [Trauma] [trigger warnings]

July 12, 12 AM

Unsure what to write about this month, I asked around for blog post topics people might like to see me explore. Somebody suggested that I write about things that high schoolers should know before arriving at college, so I’ll run with that. Except th... [WIT Posts] [bad arguments] [feminism] [sexism] [Women's Experience] [Women's Ordination]

June 26, 8PM

This morning the Instrumentum Laboris for the October 2014 Extraordinary meeting of the Synod of Bishops was released (topic: The Pastoral Challenges of the Family in the Context of Evangelization). You can read it here. The first three paragraphs cover &... [WIT Posts]

May 29, 7AM

In a recent Facebook discussion I got drawn into regarding Zizek and identity politics, I started by arguing for an understanding of identity politics that is not synonymous with the politics of representation and recognition that desire more POC or queer... [WIT Posts] [Gender] [Identity] [identity politics] [politics] [Race] [sexuality] [Žižek]

May 26, 1PM

The first I heard of the UCSB shooting was on Saturday, when I saw a Facebook reference to a “massacre” in Isla Vista. I’m from northern California, went to college at a UC in SoCal, and so I know that Isla Vista is the town right next t... [WIT Posts]

May 12, 9PM

Before it was cancelled around 5 p.m. yesterday, the Cultural Studies Club of the Harvard Extension School was scheduled to stage a “reenactment” of a black mass in a pub in the basement of Memorial Hall on Harvard’s campus. The club sta... [WIT Posts]

May 7, 6AM

“That’s a fine looking high horse. What you got in the stable? We’ve got a lot of starving faithful. That looks tasty, that looks plenty. This is hungry work. Take me to church, I’ll worship like a dog at the shrine of your lies. I’ll tell you m... [WIT Posts] [family] [lgbt] [nationalism] [purity] [white supremacy]

May 5, 5PM

Deceptively brave and confronting, 52 Tuesdays tells the story of a mother and daughter each facing transition. For the mother, it is his personal transition into transgender identity; a coming out that happens in the opening scenes and through which Jane... [WIT Posts]

May 2, 6PM

Dear Matt Parrot, Let me start by saying clearly that I am saddened by the denial of the eucharist to Matthew Heimbach. I understand why it was done, at least according to the (rightly) limited information made public. But I remain saddened, for my own ... [WIT Posts] [Orthodoxy] [racism] [white privilege] [white supremacy] [whiteness]

April 30, 1PM

Only a few days ago, via the ubiquitous internet, a number of Orthodox Christians discovered that a new brother, Matthew Heimbach was welcomed into our midst, a member of an openly pro-White organization, the Traditionalist Youth Network. At least four ... [WIT Posts] [Matthew Heimbach] [Orthodoxy] [racism]

April 26, 7AM

The Affective Work of Blackness: On the Value of Black Labor for the White Imagination Cliven Bundy’s ranting on race has been pretty widely shared now and he’s been pretty roundly denounced as a “nut job” by many white people on ... [WIT Posts] [antiblackness] [blackness] [capitalism] [colonialism] [Imperialism] [Labor] [land] [liberty] [Political Theology] [Race] [rights]

April 22, 9AM

Since the weather turned brutal this winter, I have been thinking about debates over global warming and the idea of care for creation as a principle of Catholic social teaching. This post is obviously a bit outside my main area of research, but in honor o... [WIT Posts] [Catholic Social Teaching] [Creation] [Earth Day] [environment] [global warming] [stewardship]

April 20, 10AM

Easter is upon us, and I’ve been thinking about this passage from Romans: We know that the whole creation has been groaning in labor pains until now; and not only the creation, but we ourselves, who have the first fruits of the Spirit, groan inwardl... [WIT Posts] [Easter] [Mysticism] [Prayer] [Rowan Williams] [saints] [Teresa of Avila] [the poor] [women who are awesome] [Women's Experience]

April 16, 3PM

Tonight, many Orthodox will gather as a community to receive the Sacrament of Unction. A late addition to Holy Week services, unction “is offered to all who are sick in body, mind, or spirit.” The seven Gospel readings reflect the open invitation of ... [WIT Posts] [inclusion] [liturgy] [Orthodox]

April 11, 4PM

In thinking about what to blog about, there are times when I just feel utterly compelled to write something—based on something I’ve read, an experience I’ve had, etc…—and then there are other times where I have to push myself a bit more, to real... [WIT Posts] [Sarah Coakley]

April 10, 7AM

About a year and a half ago, biblical scholar Karen King introduced the world to a piece of Coptic writing in which Jesus made reference to his wife.  Today, we have learned that scientists believe that this papyrus fragment likely belongs to the eighth ... [WIT Posts] [discipleship] [Gender] [Jesus's wife] [Karen King] [Marriage] [New Testament] [Sex]

April 9, 2PM

Some Words of Thanks Yesterday over at the blog called Catholic Moral Theology, Professor David Cloutier posted a thoughtful reply to my take on the debate between Massimo Faggioli and co-authors Michael Baxter and William Cavanaugh in the cyber pages of ... [WIT Posts] [catholic identity] [discipleship] [Gandhi] [jesus] [lgbt] [Michael Baxter] [politics] [white supremacy] [William Cavanaugh]

April 7, 8PM

Score. My own institution made Jezebel’s headlines yet again this evening: “Yale Threatens to Kick Woman Out of School for Being Too Skinny.” Said woman is Frances Chan, and according to a Huffington Post essay that she herself wrote las... [WIT Posts]


Last week, Michael Baxter and William Cavanaugh published a response to Massimo Faggioli in the pages of America magazine. Believing themselves misrepresented by Faggioli, they articulate strong arguments for what they consider to be a truly Catholic poli... [WIT Posts] [catholic identity] [history] [Massimo Faggioli] [memory] [Michael Baxter] [politics] [racial segregation] [white supremacy] [William Cavanaugh]

March 28, 8AM

This is the third and final part in a series of posts on refusing the logic of reconciliation. Please read the first two before commenting. In the themes it explores and relationality it depends on, the Best Man Holiday is a black movie in the best sense ... [WIT Posts] [best man holiday] [Black theology] [blackness] [film] [Race]

March 23, 2PM

Today at the eleven o’clock mass at St. Mary’s church in Marion, Ohio, the pastor left the altar before giving his homily and approached a family with several small children under the age of four who were sitting near the front of the church.... [WIT Posts] [bullies] [children] [clericalism] [fathers] [Fr. Thomas Buffer] [love] [Luke 18:16-17] [Mass] [parenting] [pastoral care] [reign of God]

March 21, 3PM

In “Cake and Compassion in Arizona,” Fr. Lawrence Farley creates a rhetorical association and then immediately denies its impact: he likens the refusal of baking a cake for a lesbian couple to the same refusal of a Jew or an African-American to provid... [WIT Posts] [LGBTQ] [Orthodoxy] [politics]

March 18, 8PM

When I teach theology to undergraduates, I make sure to spend some time on Augustine, typically his Confessions. I don’t think this is a necessary practice for all theology instructors, but I personally find Augustine to be a useful entry point for ... [WIT Posts] [augustine] [bad arguments] [sexism] [violence] [Women's Experience] [women's health]

March 14, 11AM

The current debate about Obamacare and religious freedom assumes institutions endowed with certain inalienable rights.  Today, the corporate is personal: we count not just corporations but institutions as people. At times, the rights of corporate bodies,... [WIT Posts] [Catholic Social Teaching] [human dignity] [human-rights] [Justice] [living wage] [Obamacare] [religious freedom] [unions] [white supremacy]

March 12, 3PM

A few days after I wrote my last post on work-life balance in academia, a dialogue broke out between the Catholic Moral Theology blog and Women in Theology about work-life balance in the context of motherhood in academia. My post wasn’t specifically f... [WIT Posts]

March 10, 5AM

When I first started attending a Christian church, as a young adult, I was taken back with how much ‘hospitality’ talk was bandied about. It became very clear to me that Christian communities placed a high value on the notion of hospitality. It appear... [WIT Posts]

March 9, 12 AM

As the first week of Great Lent draws to a close, encouragements to persist in the fast increase, and recipes (some of them very tasty) are shared. Fasting for Orthodox is a rigorous practice of virtual veganism for the duration of Lent and Holy Week. S... [WIT Posts] [icons] [Image of God] [Lent] [Mother Maria Skobstova] [Orthodoxy] [theosis]

February 28, 7PM

The discussion about working motherhood continues. Today Professor Beth Haile added her voice to this conversation. Announcing her decision to leave “her other full-time job” as an assistant professor of theology in order to execute her first ... [WIT Posts]

February 24, 12 PM

You haven’t the faintest conception of what I went through with your dear Robert. The ingratitude! It was I who made a man of him! Sacrificed my whole life to him! And what was my reward? Absolute, utter selfishness. C.S. Lewis, The Great Divorce Rachel... [WIT Posts] [Academia] [family] [Women's Experience] [work-life balance]

February 22, 4PM

Before the upcoming Academy Awards in March, I’m going to offer some observations about Spike Jonze’s hit movie Her, which is nominated for five Oscars (Best Picture, Best Original Screenplay, Best Original Score, Best Original Song, and Best Producti... [Reviews] [feminism] [sexism]

February 20, 10AM

We prefer division. We prefer it because it’s so much easier to create and sustain communities of (presumably) like-minded people, so that we do not have to be with “them.” – Dn. Nicholas Denysenko Division is always easier than unity. Denyse... [WIT Posts] [difference] [Orthodoxy] [Unity]

February 16, 12 PM

Refusing Reconciliation, Part 2: Spatiality, Fugitivity, and Blackness as Wild(er)ness The irreducibly spatial positionality of beside also seems to offer some useful resistance to the ease with which beneath and beyond turn from spatial descriptors into ... [WIT Posts] [antiblackness] [Black theology] [racism] [reconciliation] [white supremacy] [wilderness]

February 12, 8AM

“Loneliness seems to be an essentially human experience. It is not just about being alone. Loneliness is not the same thing as solitude. We can be alone yet happy, because we know that we are part of a family, a community, even the universe itself. Lone... [WIT Posts] [Afro-pessimism] [antisociality] [Community] [difference]

February 9, 10AM

The following is a meditative reflection on negotiating the multiple vocations to parenthood, partnership, and ministry from a friend of the blog named Rachel who works as a Christian minister and who raises two children with her partner. You can see mor... [Guest Post] [Ministry] [Parenthood]

February 7, 12 PM

“So the people who were sitting in the audience, we were transported to a different time…the time before, when we lived in a normal civil life, civilized well, and hoping and being convinced that the war will soon finish and we will go back home and i... [Reviews] [Shorts] [flourishing] [women who are awesome]

January 28, 4AM

I’m a little over a semester in with studying for my exams; though in some ways, this is the first semester I’m really digging my heels in and getting this reading and studying done, as last semester was necessarily preoccupied with various “life th... [WIT Posts]

January 27, 11AM

Kendrick Lamar’s “Good Kid, M.A.A.D City” spent a good six months spinning inside the CD player of my old school Toyota Corolla.  I wasn’t sophisticated enough to learn of it myself: I first heard about it from the blogger Ta-Nehe... [WIT Posts] [augustine] [baptism] [hip-hop] [Kendrick Lamar] [Macklemore] [music] [Rap] [violence] [white supremacy]

January 24, 3PM

When I first contacted the WIT bloggers about joining the blog, I noted that one of the things that I could bring to the blog was the perspective of an historical theologian. They had ethicists, biblical scholars, and systematic theologians, but nobody wh... [WIT Posts] [historical theology] [history] [systematic theology] [Theological Method] [theology]

January 19, 7AM

Amaryah here. I’m going to be writing what will probably be a three part series on refusing reconciliation due to its anti-blackness and supercessionist white theology,  and black disbelief and black theology as necessary to the struggle against wh... [Black theology] [Political Theology]

January 13, 11PM

When an Orthodox Christian in North America begins to ask questions regarding female ordination to the priesthood, she or he is almost inevitably pointed to the work of Frederica Matthews-Greene (hereafter ‘FMG’) to help settle her or his conc... [WIT Posts] [complementarity] [FMG] [Frederica Matthews-Greene] [John Chrysostom] [Orthodoxy] [Women's Ordination]

January 5, 2AM

**POTENTIAL TRIGGER WARNING IF YOU STRUGGLE WITH NEGATIVE BODY IMAGE AND BODY SHAME** We’ve ushered in a new year. I’m sure you’ve seen some articles, commercials, and news segments emphasizing good practices for abiding by new year̵... [Uncategorized] [fat feminism] [fat-shaming] [sexism] [weight] [women's health]

January 3, 8PM

This evening my Facebook feed lit up with the headlines, “Pope: Church must not turn priests into ‘little monsters’” and “Pope Francis warns priests can be ‘little monsters’ if not trained properly.” The new... [Uncategorized]

December 30 2013, 2PM

Yesterday, December 29th, Catholic parishes all over the world celebrated the Feast of the Holy Family of Jesus, Mary, and Joseph.  To mark this feast, lectors read the following Scriptural passages: Sirach 3:2-6, 12-14; Col 3: 12-21; Matthew 2:13-15, 19... [Uncategorized] [Feast of the Holy Family] [Gender] [jesus] [John Paul II] [Joseph] [lgbt] [Mariology] [Marriage] [mary] [scripture] [sexism] [Sojourner Truth] [texts of terror] [virginity]

December 27, 9AM

One year ago on Christmas a miraculous event took place. On 25 December 2012, the movie adaptation of the English-language version of the musical Les Misérables was released. For someone who is as much a Francophile as I am, this was a momentous occasion... [Uncategorized] [Angélique Arnauld] [Jansenism] [Les Misérables]

December 20, 3PM

Last year at a wedding, I was chatting with a guy at my table about what I do (Religious Studies, specifically New Testament). The conversation turned, as it usually does, to whether I myself practiced any religion. When I said that yes, I was Catholic, h... [Uncategorized]

December 3, 7PM

Several years ago I spent a few days in Las Vegas (my first time). There I discovered, while walking the strip, that there are locales in conservative America where one publically receives free and graphic pornography. The dozens of business cards handed ... [Uncategorized]

November 19, 7PM

Every Orthodox person who loves someone of the same sex risks hearing the following: “I can no longer offer you the Eucharist.  While I cannot tell you to leave this parish, I would prefer you no longer attend.” Few words are more painful to hear. We... [Uncategorized] [Eucharist] [homosexuality] [inclusion] [Orthodoxy]

November 14, 10AM

This year marks the fortieth anniversary of the movie version of The Exorcist so around Halloween news articles about the book, the movie, and the actual events that inspired both began to pop up all over. I would like to take this fortieth anniversary to... [Uncategorized] [demonic possession] [Exorcism] [Gender] [history]

November 11, 9AM

Today, November 11, marks Veteran’s Day in the United States and Remembrance Day in Canada.  Originally called Armistice Day and begun to mark the end of the “War to End all Wars,” Veteran’s Day now celebrates the service and sacr... [Uncategorized] [Just War] [Justice] [memory] [peace] [US military] [Veteran's Day] [violence]

November 10, 11PM

OK, so blog posts discussions are not immune from derailment, and blog spots are hardly consistent in promoting the kind of discursive exchanges an optimist might assume. But Facebook does seem to promote a special kind dialogue, one that is possible beca... [Uncategorized]

October 23, 1AM

Optimism is clearly a condition of the Radical Orthodoxy imagination. This confidence is evident in the exegesis of theological tradition[1], the apologetics of Christendom, and especially in the efficacy of the Eucharist and liturgical formation. The cla... [Uncategorized]

October 21, 2PM

A few years ago, I wrote an article entitled, “Privilege as Blindness: Why North American Christians Need Haiti” for the online theology journal, The Other Journal.  In it, I argued that social privilege impairs the privileged person’s ability to s... [Uncategorized] [ableism] [culpable ignorance] [epistemology] [fraternal correction] [James Keenan] [love] [sin] [sororal correction] [the failure to bother to love] [Thomas Aquinas]

October 19, 1PM

Would you be whiter, much whiter than snow? There’s power in the blood, power in the blood; Sin stains are lost in its life giving flow. There’s wonderful power in the blood. -There is Power in the Blood, Lewis E. Jones (1899) Oh! precious is the flow... [Black theology] [Political Theology]

October 16, 9AM

This morning I read the summary of Pope Francis’s October 11th homily on Luke 11:15-26, the Beelzebul controversy. This is the story in which Jesus exorcizes a person and then gets accused of driving out demons by the power of a demon. (It’s a... [Uncategorized]

October 14, 7AM

Mary Catherine Hilkert, beloved mentor to many who have worked with this blog and original inspiration for our name “WIT,” was interviewed on All Things Considered last week.  Take a listen! [Uncategorized] [heaven] [Mary Catherine Hilkert] [salvation] [women who are awesome]

October 1, 5AM

“Uncovering secrets is apocalyptic in the simple sense (the Greek root means ‘an uncovering’). In this case, it lifts the shame covers. It allows articulation to enter where silence once ruled.” – Lewis Hyde, Trickster Makes This World   &#... [Uncategorized]

September 9, 8AM

“I very much like the idea that the opposite of masculinity is not necessarily femininity.” - Judith Butler[1] “All true and serious conservatism, and all true and serious belief in progress, presupposes that there is a certain compatibility betwee... [Uncategorized]

September 4, 3PM

The United States stands ready to engage in yet another military action that the U.S. bishops and pope have condemned as unjust.  Despite the bishops’ rather vocal condemnation of what the United States military is about to do in the skies of Syria... [Uncategorized] [body of Christ] [lgbt] [Pope Francis] [religious freedom] [selective conscientious objector] [Syria] [U.S. bishops] [U.S. military]

September 3, 9PM

The older I get, the more I think that the crux of becoming a mature person, the person God has created you to be, is about discerning your desires. Your deepest desires. I have to admit upfront that I am not necessarily sure what you should do with your ... [Uncategorized] [desire] [Sarah Coakley] [vulnerability]

September 1, 7PM

  ‘But I was never as ironic as I tried to be. Really, I just wanted to be the girl who got into the boys’ club’. I am sure I am not the only woman in theology who resonated deeply with Brandy’s most recent post.  That Brandy raised the obvious ... [Uncategorized]

August 30, 1PM

When I became pregnant in the middle of my 3rd year of graduate school, I panicked.  When I did the math I realized that I would give birth at the very beginning of my 4th year, the golden year in which I have no other responsibilities except to focus on... [Uncategorized] [Academia] [Dissertation] [motherhood] [Student Life]

August 28, 6PM

Some things to keep in mind on this fiftieth anniversary of Martin Luther King, Jr.’s famous “I Have A Dream” speech, a day when everyone is claiming King as their ideological ally. 1) Martin Luther King was against imperialism and belie... [Uncategorized] [history] [Jr.] [Justice] [March On Washington] [Martin Luther King] [pacifism] [politics] [power] [U.S. military]

August 23, 8AM

About a month ago, Rebecca Scherm wrote an essay for The Hairpin about her time interning with a men’s magazine, a time where, though she tried to convince herself she was acting ironically, she really “just wanted to be the girl who got into the boys... [Uncategorized]

August 21, 2PM

Last month, on the way back from his spectacularly successful trip to Brazil, Pope Francis offered some off the cuff comments that sent the Catholic blogosphere buzzing. While re-affirming the church’s longstanding prohibition on the ordination of women... [Uncategorized] ["theology of women"] [bad arguments] [feminism] [Feminist theology] [history] [jesus] [Mariology] [mary] [Pope Francis] [pregnancy] [sexism] [the Cross] [the Eucharist] [theology of the body] [Thomas Aquinas]

August 2, 3AM

For Shame by E Lawrence via WIT (#12461)
A month ago I talked about mental illness in the theological academy, and now I want to talk about shame. The fun doesn’t stop! I keep trying to find a way to make the following post somehow relevant to something specific that has occurred recently ... [Uncategorized] [guilt] [shame]

July 26, 2PM

Love Notes by Julia via WIT (#11888)
The Feminist Wire is seeking submissions for their Love Notes forum by August 9, 2013, including “unpublished poetry, fiction (original), memoir, drama, visual art, film, design, and works that cross generic boundaries, essays, op-eds.”  The ... [Uncategorized]

July 22, 8AM

Everybody agrees that Trayvon Martin was black; but we can’t seem to decide whether George Zimmerman is white.  But, even in our purportedly “post-racial” society, Mr. Zimmerman’s racial identity seems to matter a great deal to many.  For exampl... [Uncategorized] [Gender] [George Zimmerman] [history] [Race] [the body] [Trayvon Martin] [white supremacy] [whiteness]


On Friday, the Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd announced that all asylum seekers arriving on boats will be re-directed to the developing nation Papua New Guinea. After claims are processed, those who are granted asylum (in recent history, over 90% of... [Uncategorized]

July 19, 3AM

“For the gospel proclaims that God is with us now, actively fighting the forces which would make man captive. And it is the task of theology and the Church to know where God is at work so that we can join him in this fight against evil.” – James... [Political Theology]

July 18, 8AM

Many folks, especially in the wake of the Zimmerman verdict, have found themselves faced with people who insist, “You’re injecting race into this” or “By telling me I’m privileged, you’re exemplifying the exact prejudic... [Uncategorized]

July 14, 10AM

Impossible to fathom was that all this death had been incidental to the acquisition of profit and to the rise of capitalism. Today we might describe it as collateral damage. The unavoidable losses created in pursuit of the greater objective. Death wasn’... [Uncategorized]

July 5, 12 PM

Wildness and Prayer by Julia via WIT (#10399)
In my last post, I started to explore something of the legacy of “wildness” in American culture (specifically American environmentalist literature).  I suggested, against Thoreau and with Berry, that the well-cultivated farm is a proper locus of wild... [Uncategorized] [Prayer] [wild]

July 1, 12 PM

At a recent summer solstice celebration, female friend of mine recently confided in me that during college she and her friends celebrated the solstice by painting their chests and running bare breasted through college.  She said, “We thought of ourselv... [Uncategorized]

June 28, 9AM

In 1996, famed Civil Rights leader John Lewis was one of very few Congressional representatives to vote against the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA).  It passed the House by a vote of 432 to 67.  The U.S. Senate affirmed it by a count of 85 to 14.  Bill ... [Uncategorized] [DOMA] [flourishing] [human dignity] [John Lewis] [Justice] [lgbt] [Marriage] [Martin Luther King Jr] [solidarity] [suffering]

June 27, 6PM

As I sat in the cinema awaiting the latest Hollywood romp, two women who have been on my mind lately appeared in the previews;  Melissa McCarthy and Rebel Wilson. McCarthy is currently starring in the Hangover Part III and The Heat. Wilson was recently s... [Uncategorized]

June 26, 11PM

I’m going to ask that as a truly open-ended question. Do we, namely, (Catholic) Christian academics, care about mental illness as a serious locus theologicus, a phenomenon demanding serious theological reflection? For the sake of naming my position... [Uncategorized] [Catholic theology] [mental illness]

June 19, 5AM

I’ve been trying to write a blog post for the last few weeks now… ever since a good friend of mine pointed out this post to me, where Bo Sanders offers a proposal arguing that “privilege is not racism, sexism, or oppression.”  In his post, Bo sug... [Uncategorized] [bad arguments] [Justice] [racism] [sexism] [solidarity] [structural sin] [white privilege]

June 16, 6AM

The ease with which arguments for gay marriage have found their historical analogy in comparison to interracial marriage has long given me pause. Indeed, the ease with which contemporary gay rights is articulated as “The New Civil Rights” or &... [Black theology] [Political Theology] [Uncategorized] [LGBTQ] [neoliberalism] [Political Theology] [queer] [Race]

June 5, 8AM

One of the websites I check each morning is Radio Vaticana, for its summaries and excerpts from Pope Francis’s daily homilies at the chapel in the guest house where he lives. No complete transcripts are ever available, and his remarks are mostly off... [Uncategorized]

May 31, 8AM

A note: The following post is part of an inter-blog series on “the vocation of the theologian,” sponsored by Emerging Theologians in connection with this weekend’s meeting of the College Theology Society. Emerging Theologians is an inter... [Uncategorized] [hope] [metz] [Vocation]

May 28, 8PM

In this piece I attempt to reconsider James Cone’s contributions to theology, especially his theologizing on blackness, as a way of theorizing gender. This is not to diminish the critiques of patriarchy Womanists raise regarding Cone’s theolog... [Uncategorized]

May 24, 3PM

Mary Daly famously said that men would have to find their own way through and then out of patriarchy; she herself could not be bothered to tell them what to do. Her focus was on helping women connect with the root of their own fundamental Being in order t... [Uncategorized] [bell hooks] [feminism] [Feminist theology] [flourishing] [masculinity] [women who are awesome]

May 20, 5AM

I watched the Oscar nominated documentary How To Survive a Plague a few weeks ago.  It’s been haunting me ever since. Mixing archival video with present day recollections, Plague tells the story of the AIDS advocacy group ACTUP (AIDS Coalition To Unlea... [Uncategorized] [ACTUP] [baptism] [HIV/AIDS] [How To Survive A Plague] [jesus] [John Chrysostom] [lgbt] [suffering] [the body of Christ] [the Eucharist]

May 16, 3AM

The Color Purple traces the life of the protagonist Celie through her own words via her correspondence first with God and then with her sister Nettie. Alice Walker narrates Celie’s journey towards self-actualization despite and in the midst of profound ... [Uncategorized]

May 14, 3PM

Over the last twenty years women have spoken out with ever increasing strength and entered into a new dialogue. They have discovered themselves and each other; they have also developed an amazing ability to envisage alternatives. [1] (Ursula King, 1985) ... [Uncategorized]

May 8, 2PM

Icon of Catherine of Siena by Robert Lentz, OFM (I think she looks a little too wry for someone being crushed by an unimaginable weight, but, hey—who can resist a snarky-looking saint?) This is a long post—about twice the length of the papers my stu... [Uncategorized] [Catherine of Siena] [Catholic Church] [Delores Williams] [hope] [Pope Francis] [Rahner] [women who are awesome]

May 6, 8AM

God in the Storm by Julia via WIT (#403)
  This is a reflection I offered for “Storm Sunday,” from the Season of Creation, on Job 28:20-27, 1 Corinthians 1:21-31, and Luke 8:22-25. For the past 4 weeks of this series on creation we have spoken of many beautiful and awe-inspiring as... [Uncategorized] [liturgical reflection] [storm] [suffering]

April 26, 11AM

Finally, dear readers, the time has come: the women of WIT are pleased to announce the addition of five new members, whom we are excited to introduce below. We’d like to say first that when we put out a call for new bloggers back in February, we act... [Uncategorized]

April 25, 1AM

…And not like a girl who is unsure of herself and her ideas, as Julia so clearly put it recently. (By the way, for those who are curious about the above image: when I first started looking for photos to put in this post, I wryly google-imaged ̶... [Uncategorized] [sexism] [Toni Morrison] [women who are awesome]

April 16, 1PM

Today the grad students in my department were treated to a lunchtime talk with David Brooks, the New York Times columnist, on the topic of his new book–the disappearance of the virtue of humility from the public realm since WWII. (Brooks is teaching... [Uncategorized]

April 10, 11AM

A few days ago, country music star Brad Paisley teamed up with rapper LL Cool J to release a twangy inter-disciplinary apologia for the wearing of the Stars and Bars. In the oddly entitled “Accidental Racist,” Paisley whines a litany of white supremac... [Uncategorized] ["Accidental Racist"] [Brad Paisley] [hip-hop] [history] [LL Cool J] [memory] [music] [neo-confederate mythology] [Thomas Aquinas] [white supremacy]

April 7, 5AM

Last week Dallas Mavericks owner and billionaire Mark Cuban invited Brittney Griner, the 6’9’’ women’s college basketball sports revolutionary, to try out for a spot on his NBA team this summer.  Cuban’s comments electrified the sports world. ... [Uncategorized] [basketball] [Brittney Griner] [feminism] [history] [Jemele Hill] [sports] [the body] [women who are awesome] [Women's Experience]

April 4, 5AM

I’ve been pretty swept up by the euphoria surrounding Pope Francis’s first few weeks in office. How many days now since a major accident? 22? That’s got to be a record. Yesterday, Francis gave a speech to a general audience in St. Peter&... [Uncategorized]

April 1, 6AM

Last week I was reading through a book on the widespread use of rape as a weapon of war and the enduring effects this has on women’s psyches and I came across a piece of paper the last person who had checked out the book was using as a bookmark.  It wa... [WIT Posts] [Academia] [suffering] [Trauma]

March 27, 11AM

As the United States Supreme Court hears oral arguments today challenging the constitutionality of the Defense of Marriage Act, which prevents legally-married same-sex couples from having their marriages recognized by the federal government, we offer the ... [WIT Posts] [coming out] [DOMA] [Feminist theology] [lgbt] [solidarity] [Trinity] [Women's Experience]


In retrospect, I would say that this is more like the draft of an article (in the sense of being overwrought and technical) than it is a suitable blog post. But here you go. You’re welcome, blog world. Introduction Apropos of nothing except my own r... [WIT Posts] [Aquinas] [intellectual disability] [Reinders] [theological anthropology]