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January 12 2018, 10AM

As I was listening to Jonathan Pennington's On Script interview, I was struck by a comment he made about living a virtuous life. At the 36:03 mark, Pennington states:There's a place for duty on the way to virtue. That is, if virtue is the whole person whe... [Jonathan Pennington] [On Script] [SOTM]

January 10, 9AM

One of the pitfalls of being away from blogging for such a long period of time is the fact that I am late to many a dance. What I mean by this is, is when I was blogging regularly, it forced me to keep up with various other blogs, and the field of NT stud... [Jonathan Pennington] [On Script] [SOTM]

January 2, 8AM

One of the things I have been meaning to do for some time is to study the Sermon on the Mount (Matt 5-7). Instead of being all over the board in this New Year, because I am not the greatest multi-tasker in the world (just ask my wife), it is better for me... [Sermon on the Mount; Gospel of Matthew]

January 1, 7PM

If one desires to dust off an old book, one must grab it off the shelf and commence with the task. That's how I view the status of this blog. Once relevant, at least moderately so, I have gone virtually silent the past couple of years. That is not a ...

November 6 2017, 9PM

It is remarkable that nearly ten years have passed since the publication of Klyne Snodgrass' magnum opus, Stories With Intent (Eerdmans; 2008). In my opinion, it is still the best treatment of Jesus' parables and how parables functioned in the ancient wor... [Forthcoming Releases; Eerdmans] [Klyne Snodgrass]

November 15, 9AM

Scripture is so precious to me that I have read it through from cover to cover scores of times, missing not a day in 50 years without steady reading. I hope that it is now clear why this is so. I do not believe that Scripture is infallible; I question the... [C.F.D. Moule]

November 12, 11AM

While reading George Caird's masterful New Testament Theology, he brings to the fore an interesting and often overlooked aspect of the types of sins Jesus died for, namely, the sin of sincerity.Caird states:If it be true that Jesus died for such as Paul, ...

November 6, 1PM

One of the more helpful commentary series, the New International Version Application Commentary (NIVAC), published by Zondervan, is having a one week eBook sale beginning tomorrow (Nov 7-13).Each volume is only $4.99 a piece, and bundles can be purchased ...

November 4, 7PM

I ran across this quote from the great Ernst Käsemann on the indispensability of learning in community, a virtue seemingly lost in certain sectors of the church and in scholarship. Controversy is the breath of life to a German theologian, and mutual disc...

October 23, 8AM

The first new release under the editorship of Joel Green (not counting Gordon Fee's revised classic on 1 Corinthians) in the NICNT series comes the anticipated commentary on Colossians by Scot McKnight. McKnight's volume will replace F.F. Bruce's volume, ... [Colossians] [Scot McKnight]

October 18, 9AM

Eerdmans is slated to release two significant volumes for students of Johannine literature in early 2017.The first, a volume by noted scholar, William Loader, Jesus in John's Gospel: Structure and Issues in Johannine Christology, is slated for a February ... [Forthcoming Releases; Eerdmans] [Francis Moloney; Gospel of John] [Sherri Brown] [William Loader]

October 6, 8AM

In some reflective reading this morning, I was perusing through my copy of C.F.D. Moule's The Phenomenon of the New Testament when I came upon this quote on the importance of a Jesus rooted in history for the Christian faith (one can sense the influence M... [C.F.D. Moule] [Quote of the day]

April 2, 9AM

Despite the fact that the New Perspective on Paul (NPP) is not really new anymore, does not mean that scholars/students of Paul are no longer in dialogue with this viewpoint on the Apostle and his attitude toward the law and its abiding significance for t... [Book Notice; InterVarsitypress] [Forthcoming Book] [Paul]

March 26, 4PM

Recently, I had an opportunity to read Andrew Lincoln's excellent essay "A Life of Jesus as Testimony: The Divine Courtroom and The Gospel of John," in the Divine Courtroom in Comparative Perspective, 145-166. Leiden: Brill, 2015. In the essay, Lincoln bu... [Andrew Lincoln; Gospel of John]

March 17, 6AM

"No one makes Romans come alive quite like Beverly Gaventa..." - John BarclayThis is just some of the praise emanating from scholars regarding Beverly Gaventa's forthcoming, When in Romans: An Invitation to Linger with the Gospel according to Paul (Baker ... [Beverly Roberts Gaventa; Forthcoming Releases]

March 16, 8AM

Eerdmans is doing students of the New Testament another service by gathering 19 collected essays from John Barclay entitled, Pauline Churches and Diaspora Judaism. The book is scheduled for a Sept 1 release and will retail at $48.00Here are the particular... [John Barclay; Eerdmans]

March 3, 8AM

 A book that I and many others have been anticipating for some time is ready for a June release (June 15th to be exact). Richard Hays, George Washington Ivey Professor of New Testament at Duke Divinity School, really needs no introduction, so I won't... [Richard Hays; forthcoming book]

February 28, 8PM

Lee Irons Here is the third and final installment of my interview with Lee Irons, author of The Righteousness of God: A Lexical Examination of the Covenant-Faithfulness Interpretation (Mohr Siebeck), 2015. Part I of this interview can be read he... [Interview with Lee Irons]

February 26, 9AM

 (For part I of the interview, click here).Without further ado, here is part II of my interview with Lee Irons on his book, The Righteousness of God: A Lexical Examination of the Covenant-Faithfulness Interpretation (Tubingen: Mohr Siebeck, 2015).Lee... [Interview with Lee Irons]

February 25, 8AM

Recently, I had the privilege of interviewing Lee Irons about his revised published dissertation, The Righteousness of God: A Lexical Examination of the Covenant-Faithfulness Interpretation (Tubingen: Mohr Siebeck, 2015). Irons challenges the re... [Lee Irons] [The Righteousness of God Interview]

February 23, 8AM

Following the episode of the storm-stilling (Mk 4:35-41), Jesus has an encounter with a demon-possessed man as he departs the boat along with his disciples in the region of the Gerasenes (5:1ff.). I will not rehearse this episode, except to say that Mark ... [Gospel of Mark. Divine Christology]

February 21, 5PM

I was reading through the great C.H. Dodd's little book, Gospel and Law: The Relations of Faith and Ethics in Early Christianity (Bampton Lectures; Columbia University; 1950) and ran across this gem of a quote regarding judgment, repentance, and ethical b... [C.H. Dodd; Quote of the Day]

February 20, 10AM

(NB: The first two posts of this series can be found here and here.)Introduction Continuing my exploration of whether Mark contains a High/Divine Christology has thus far produced an affirmative and resounding 'yes' to the questio... [Gospel of Mark. Divine Christology]

February 15, 9AM

Robert H. Stein Awhile back, I had the distinct privilege of interviewing Robert H. Stein, Senior Professor of New Testament Interpretation at The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary about his recent book, Jesus, the Temple and the Coming Son of Ma... [Robert H. Stein; The Gospel of Mark]

February 13, 3PM

 Last week, I ventured into the deep waters of the debate on Mark's Divine/High Christology with a post on the Markan prologue (Mark 1:1-13), particularly the way Mark utilizes the OG/LXX in Mark 1:2,3 to include Jesus in the Divine identity. This we... [Gospel of Mark. Divine Christology]

February 7, 11AM

Recently, there has been some interesting discussion on whether Mark's Gospel portrays Jesus in divine terms. These posts can be seen here with the most recent being Brant Pitre's contribution to the discussion. I'd like to make some observations reg... [Gospel of Mark. Divine Christology]

February 3, 7AM

Vincent Taylor (1887-1968)Vincent Taylor, the great British Methodist biblical scholar, was perhaps best known for his work on Mark's Gospel as his magisterial commentary, The Gospel According to St. Mark is still a standard bearer for engagement wit... [David Garland] [Vincent Taylor; Gospel of Mark]

January 20, 6PM

Page 1 of Lincoln's letter to Rev. Dr. Ide, Hon. J.R. Doolittle & Hon. A. HubbellPerhaps the greatest legacy that Abraham Lincoln, the most famous figure in American history. along with being considered its greatest President, was his ability as ... [abraham lincoln] [Joseph Fornieri]

December 15 2015, 8AM

I was notified this morning that a video of F.F. Bruce's Annual Moore College Lecture from 1977 is now posted online thanks to the folks at Moore Theological College. These lectures, originally entitled "Promised Beforehand by the Prophets," were later pr... [F.F. Bruce]

December 13, 11AM

My first SBL (Society of Biblical Literature) annual meeting in 2004 (San Antonio, TX) was memorable for a multitude of reasons. I learned more from that meeting about what not to do-- Spending money you don't have, bring home way too many books... [I. Howard Marshall]

December 6, 10AM

Here is the second part of my interview with Johnson Thomaskutty, Dialogue in the Book of Signs. To see part I, click here.Without further ado, on to the interview!5. Exchange units within a dialogue are discussed at three different levels in your work. C... [Gospel of John] [Interview; Johnson Thomaskutty]

December 5, 6PM

Vincent Taylor (1887-1968), was a preeminent New Testament scholar of his time, serving the bulk of his career as Ferens Professor of New Testament at Wesley College, Headingley, Leeds from 1930-1958. He wrote famous monographs such as Jesus and His Sacri... [Vincent Taylor; Gospel of Mark]

December 3, 9AM

One of the finest books I have been in the process of reading now for some time, I (Still )Believe, (Zondervan) coedited by a mentor and friend, John Byron, is full of wonderful stories of some of the most prominent Biblical scholars in the world today. O... [J. Ramsey Michaels; John Byron]

November 30, 9AM

Recently, I had the wonderful opportunity to interview Johnson Thomaskutty, Assistant Professor of New Testament and Editor of UBS Journal at the Union Biblical Seminary, Pune, India, on his recently published dissertation, Dialogue in the Book of Signs: ... [Interview; Johnson Thomaskutty]

November 10, 10AM

Stephen E. Fowl, Professor of Theology, Loyola College, Maryland, is known best for his work on Paul (see his Ephesians, Philippians commentaries) and his work in Theological Interpretation of Scripture (see here) has an insightful essay on the latter in ... [Stephen Fowl]

November 8, 10AM

Recently, I was reading C.F.D. Moule's article, "The Christ of Experience and the Christ of History;" Theology 81 (1978); 164-172, when I came across this beautiful quote from a section of the article where Moule argues in part that the worshipped Christ ... [C.F.D. Moule]

October 16, 7AM

One approach I have used in the past to improve my facility in reading Greek was to dedicate myself to memorization of key passages and or complete letters, i.e. my start and stop relationship with memorizing Philippians.I was delighted to read a brief in... [Murray J. Harris; Gospel of John;]

September 19, 6PM

1884-1937Sir Edwyn Clement Hoskyns, 13th Baronet and priest of the Church of England, is perhaps known best for his classic commentary, The Fourth Gospel, which was subsequently completed by his student, Francis Noel Davey, due to Hoskyns untimely death. ...

September 13, 5PM

Just wanted to pass along a short video that I found interesting. J. Gordon McConville, Professor of Old Testament Theology at the University of Gloucestershire, has some compelling things to say about human flourishing in the OT in this brief interview. [J. Gordon McConville]

September 12, 1PM

John Oswalt, Visting Distinguished Professor of Old Testament at Asbury Seminary, best known for his work in Isaiah, particularly his two-volume commentary set in the NICOT series, has a series of  videos on Isaiah as well as Exodus through the Franc...

12 PM

Jack R. Lundbom, best known for his magisterial work on Jeremiah, including a 3 volume commentary in the Yale University Press series and a recent stand-alone commentary on Deuteronomy for Eerdmans, has turned his keen interpretive eye towards perhaps the... [Fortress Press] [Jack Lundbom]

September 3, 7AM

Francis Watson, one of the leading NT scholars in the world has already produced such groundbreaking works as Paul and the Hermeneutics of Faith  and Gospel Writing, has another work on the way that promises to break new ground on how one should read... [Baker Academic; forthcoming titles] [Francis Watson]

August 28, 8AM

Robert H. SteinRobert Stein's Jesus, the Temple and the Coming of the Son of Man: A Commentary on Mark 13, is a wonderful study on Mark's most enigmatic chapter. On the heels of Stein's excellent commentary on the Second Gospel in the BECNT series, Stein ... [Quote of the day] [Robert H. Stein]

August 27, 6AM

My alma mater, Ashland Theological Seminary, is partnering with Logos/FaithLife and their Mobile Ed curriculum to offer a Graduate Diploma in New Testament studies. This is a brilliant opportunity for those who desire to study from home. Want to study und...

August 14, 12 PM

Oscar Cullmann (1902-1999), a Protestant Theologian and New Testament scholar, was a pioneer of the ecumenical movement where his dialogue with the Catholic church began in the 1920's, long before ecumenism became fashionable. Cullman served as Professor ... [audio resources] [Oscar Cullmann]

August 7, 8PM

My good friend, Cliff Kvidahl, alerted me to a video of John A.T. Robinson (1919-1983), a New Testament scholar and Anglican Bishop of Woolwich, giving an informal lecture, "Gospel of John: Discussion Questions" before students of Southern Seminary in 198... [Gospel of John] [John A.T. Robinson] [video]


George Eldon Ladd (1911-1982)George Eldon Ladd, one of the great and tragic figures in the history of New Testament scholarship, was best known for his career at Fuller Seminary (1950-1980) and his magnum opus, A Theology of the New Testament. For an... [audio resources] [george eldon ladd]

August 2, 11AM

F.F. Bruce Over five years ago, I noted in a post some audio lectures I discovered that featured 1,700 lectures/sermons of scholars and theologians, no one more famous than F.F. Bruce (1910-1990).Fast forward to the present, and I have discovered sev... [audio resources] [F.F. Bruce]

July 26, 7PM

Perhaps the most anticipated book in biblical studies for 2015, John Barclay's Paul & the Gift, now has an extensive Google Preview where most of the volume can be read online. Click here if you don't want to wait until September. [Forthcoming Releases; Eerdmans] [John Barclay]

July 20, 6PM

Calvin J. Roetzel, Sundet Professor of New Testament and Christian Studies, Department of Classical & Near Eastern Studies, College of Liberal Arts, University of Minnesota and Arnold Lowe Professor of Religious Studies (emeritus), Macalester College,... [audio resources] [Ernst Kasemann]

July 17, 4PM

Gordon Fee, in this short video clip, provides a brief master class on the effectiveness of using a historical illustration to teach a Biblical principle, namely, a lesson on D-Day, the Allied invasion of Normandy on June 6, 1944 that signalled the death ... [gordon fee]


Murray J. HarrisMurray J. Harris, professor emeritus of New Testament Exegesis and Theology at Trinity Evangelical Divinity School, has written a nice little book on probably the most famous of all Biblical passages: John 3:16.  John 3:16: What's it ... [Murray J. Harris; Gospel of John; Review]

July 10, 12 PM

J.B. Lightfoot (1828-1889)When one thinks of the great British commentators on the Fourth Gospel, Westcott, Hoskyns, Dodd, Barrett, and Lindars, one name is conspicuous by its absence: Joseph Barber Lightfoot. Lightfoot, the preeminent NT scholar of his t... [Forthcoming Book] [Gospel of John] [J.B. Lightfoot]

July 7, 1PM

Richard BauckhamOne volume that I have been anticipating for some time is Richard Bauckham's Gospel of Glory: Major Themes in Johannine Theology (forthcoming, Baker Academic). I am delighted to see that Baker Academic has released an excerpt of the P...


Rev. Lawrence E. Frizzell, S.T.L., S.S.L., D. Phil., Director and Associate Professor, Jewish-Christian Studies Graduate Program, Seton Hall University, shared some memories of colleague and friend, Raymond E. Brown. I would personally like to thank Fr. L... [Raymond E. Brown]

July 6, 2PM

With plenty of valuable introductions available on the Fourth Gospel (e.g. Anderson's, Burge's, Edwards' [2nd edition, forthcoming], Köstenberger's, Kysar's, etc.), and another forthcoming from the pen of renowned NT and Johannine scholar, Rich... [book review] [Christopher Skinner; Reading John]

July 4, 7AM

In the fall, November, to be precise, will mark the release of a book that all students and scholars of Paul should be made aware. A. Chadwick Thornhill's The Chosen People Election, Paul and Second Temple Judaism, a revision of a doctoral thesis written ... [Forthcoming Book]

June 29, 3PM

I found this quote by the great New Testament scholar, Johan Christiaan Beker, both timely and sobering, especially in light of the events of the past week:It seems to me that, above all else, personal integrity is the necessary condition for the whole th...

June 20, 4PM

Thomas E. Boomershine, Professor Emeritus of New Testament and of Christianity and Communications at United Theological Seminary in Dayton, Ohio, has a fantastic quote in his new book, The Messiah of Peace: A Performance-Criticism Commentary on Mark's Pas... [gospel of mark] [Quote of the day] [Thomas Boomershine]

June 8, 7PM

Rodney Whitacre, professor emeritus of biblical studies at Trinity School for Ministry in Ambridge, Pennsylvania, best known for his John in the IVP New Testament Commentary, and his A Patristic Greek Reader is on the verge of another major publicati... [Rodney Whitacre]

May 31, 1PM

Over eight years ago (man, time flies!), I recommended Mark Strauss' Four Portraits, One Jesus, as a premier textbook that covers both the gospels and  Historical Jesus research as well as any introductory text that money could buy. I have not altere... [Mark Strauss] [Zondervan Academic]

May 17, 6PM

Followers of this blog will note that I rarely digress from anything other New Testament-related posts. In this particular case, I am making an exception. This is not to say that this book does not have plenty of New Testament-related material, but the fo...

May 13, 7AM

William R. Telford, Visiting Fellow, St. John's College, Durham University, has been kind enough to share his recollections on Father Raymond E. Brown, which can be found on the "Recollections of Ray" page here. Also, Dr. Telford was kind enough to share ...

April 20, 8AM

Slated for a September release date marks another book from the prolific pen of Luke Timothy Johnson, R.W. Woodruff Professor of New Testament and Christian Origins at Emory University, Candler School of Theology. The volume, The Revelatory Body, addresse... [Luke Timothy Johnson]

April 14, 8AM

Once in awhile a book comes along that is not only a good read, but simultaneously proves itself to be eminently useful. Such a book is to be found in Christopher Skinner's Reading John in the Cascade Companion Series.Although I have yet to finish th... [Gospel of John; Christopher Skinner]

April 4, 7AM

Ernst KäsemannReading Ernst Käsemann's powerful and moving article, "Guests of the Crucified;" Word & World 33.1; (2013); 62-73, I was struck by these powerful words from the great German NT scholar regarding the significance of Jesus' suffering, an... [Ernst Kasemann]

April 1, 5AM

Apparently, Youth With a Mission (YWAM) continues to churn out vintage Gordon Fee videos. To see my previous post on this, click here. The videos posted here appear to be even older than the previous set on the Kingdom of God. Here, Fee lectures on the wo... [Gordon Fee; First Corinthians]

March 31, 7AM

Paul N. AndersonPaul N. Anderson, Professor of Biblical and Quaker Studies at George Fox University, along with R. Alan Culpepper, Dean of the James and Carolyn McAfee School of Theology, Mercer University, have spearheaded a unique and important series f... [Interview] [Paul Anderson] [Rudolf Bultmann]

March 23, 8AM

Last February 26th, David deSilva gave a lecture entitled "A Political Reading of the Book of Revelation" at the Arab Baptist Theological Seminary in Lebanon. His lecture is followed by two responses from local theologians. Watch the video above and enjoy... [David deSilva] [Revelation]

March 22, 12 PM

Richard Longenecker, one of the eminent New Testament and Pauline specialists of the past fifty- plus years, has a busy fall ahead. Not only does Longenecker's long-awaited Romans commentary await the eager hands of scholars and students alike, but it app... [Forthcoming Releases; Eerdmans] [Richard Longenecker]

March 21, 5AM

Brant Pitre, Professor of Sacred Scripture, Notre Dame Seminary, New Orleans, and author of one of the best historical Jesus books I have read in some time, Jesus, the Tribulation, and the End of Exile: Restoration Eschatology and the Origin of the Atonem...

March 20, 8AM

One of the most remarkable series on the origins of Early Christianity, Christianity in the Making, authored by one of the most remarkable New Testament scholars in the world today, James D.G. Dunn, is set for a third volume by the end of this calendar ye... [Eerdmans] [Forthcoming Titles] [James Dunn]

March 13, 8AM

Today's edition of "Fridays with Fee" will be a bit different. In this post I want to highlight a few quotables of a single verse, 1 Cor 4:7:"For what makes you different from anyone else? What do you have that you did not receive? And if you did receive ... [Fridays with Fee]

March 7, 12 PM

In an brief note, "Reflection 3: Revisiting ‘the works of the law’ in Romans 3:20" written in 2010 for Theology in Scotland (vol. XVII, no.1: 71-82), C.E.B. Cranfield notes that despite the fact that Galatians is undoubtedly Pauline and also the ... [Quote of the Day; C.E.B. Cranfield]


One forthcoming title I have had my eye on is Duane Liftin's Paul's Theology of Preaching: The Apostles Challenge to the Art of Persuasion in Ancient Corinth (InterVarsity Press; July 2015). Liftin, professor emeritus of Wheaton College, examines 1 Cor 1-... [InterVarsity Press; Forthcoming Releases]

March 5, 9AM

I was saddened to hear of the passing of Charles Cranfield (1915-2015), former professor emeritus of Theology at Durham University (1950-1980). Cranfield is best known for his classic Romans commentaries in the ICC, and his excellent Mark commentary in Th...

March 1, 11AM

To the writing of commentaries there is no end. For some, this is problematic. For me, however, I enjoy the cacophony of voices that contribute to our understanding of any biblical book. That is not to say that all commentaries are equal. Like any other f... [Gospel of John] [Marianne Meye Thompson]

February 27, 8AM

I was also concerned that Paul's own theological urgencies get their proper hearing. From my perspective, it has been a blight on the landscape of much New Testament scholarship—probably related to our twin concerns to affirm pluralism and not to offend... [1 Corinthians] [Fridays with Fee]

February 16, 9AM

John Barclay, Lightfoot Professor of Divinity, Durham University, is simply put, one of the greatest living New Testament scholars in the world today. For many years, students and scholars alike have been awaiting his work on the Apostle Paul's theology. ... [John Barclay] [Paul and the Gift]

February 13, 9AM

One of the most famous interpreters of Hebrews, Albert Vanhoye, S.J.,ironically, has yet to release a commentary on Hebrews until now.Vanhoye, now also a Cardinal and 91 years of age, has dedicated most of his academic energies to the letter of Hebrews, h... [Albert Vanhoye; Hebrews]


Another week with little reading progress, but thankfully, Fee's keen observations are so abundant that a lack of quantitative engagement with his commentary (The First Epistle to the Corinthians, rev. ed.) does not prohibit the series from moving forward... [Friday's with Fee] [Gordon Fee; First Corinthians]

February 6, 9AM

I would think myself to be the least likely person to have ever written a commentary.So opens Gordon Fee's article, "Reflections on Commentary Writing" (Theology Today; 46.4; 1990; 387-392; here 387). This ironic self-reflection may be the key to Fee's st... [Friday's with Fee] [Gordon Fee; First Corinthians]

January 30, 9AM

Last week, I introduced a series, "Friday's with Fee," in which I will be working through Gordon Fee's classic commentary, The First Epistle of the Corinthians, now in revised form (Eerdmans).One of the sparkling features of this commentary is the sense i... [Friday's with Fee] [Gordon Fee; First Corinthians]

January 23, 9AM

Adjectives like 'classic', 'great', and  'magisterial', are probably used too often in today's vernacular. Often times these labels are premature, not allowing the sands of time to sift the chaff from the wheat. With any work, whether writing, painti... [Gordon Fee; First Corinthians]

January 19, 2PM

I am sure I am a bit late in noticing this, but Rev. James Swetnam, S.J., Professor Emeritus of the Pontifical Biblical Institute, and one of the leading scholars on the Epistle to the Hebrews, having studied it for over 50 years, has produced an online c... [Hebrews] [James Swetnam]


Anthony ThiseltonAnthony Thiselton, Emeritus Canon Professor of Christian Theology in the University of Nottingham, has penned a brief, yet remarkable autobiography, A Lifetime in the Church and the University (Cascade Books).Thiselton's life story is fas... [Anthony Thiselton] [book review]

January 17, 9AM

At last year's Society of Biblical Literature meeting in San Diego, The Society for Penecostal Studies took the opportunity to honor one of the greatest New Testament scholars of the last half of the twentieth century in Gordon Fee. Regent Audio is now of...

January 14, 9AM

An embarrassment of riches awaits students of the Fourth Gospel as a proliferation of excellent secondary literature continues to be published at a rapid clip. In particular, many excellent introductions to the Fourth Gospel already exist (see Brown [Molo... [Richard Bauckham; Gospel of John]

January 9, 4PM

Bruce M. Metzger 1914-2007Bruce M. Metzger, one of the foremost textual critics and New Testament scholars of the 20th century, taught at Princeton Theological Seminary for over forty years. When the centennial of his birth was celebrated at Princeton las... [Bruce Metzger. Michael Holmes]

January 8, 1PM

Tom SchreinerWith the proliferation of commentaries and their series at an all-time high, it is becoming more important for publishers to have a distinctive approach when it comes to their production.Broadman & Holman is entering into the crowded fiel... [Hebrews] [Tom Schreiner]

January 7, 7PM

Edwin A. Judge, the great scholar of early Christianity, Emeritus Professor of Ancient History, Macquarie University, Sydney, Australia, had some wonderful words of wisdom regarding the topic of identity. This interview was conducted by CPX three years ag... [E.A. Judge]

January 6, 9AM

Recently, I had the distinct privilege to interview one of the premier New Testament scholars and linguists, Moisés Silva, on his monumental revision of The New International Dictionary of New Testament Theology (NIDNTT) with The New Internatio... [Moises Silva] [Zondervan Academic]

January 4, 2PM

Some time back I received a copy of the Common English Bible (CEB) Study Bible. I have had the pleasure of owning many study Bibles like the NLT, ESV, NAB, NIV, NRSV, and they all have their strengths and weaknesses.  The CEB may not contain some of ... [CEB Study Bible; J. Ramsey Michaels]

January 2, 8PM

Sifting through some of the offprints I was blessed to inherit from Ed Freed, I began to read one from his doktorvater, Henry J. Cadbury. The article, "Motives in Biblical Scholarship," was printed in the Journal of Biblical Literature, vol. 56.1 (1937): ... [Henry J. Cadbury]


When I visited with Ed Freed November 29, 2014, he was eager to tell me some of the stories about people who influenced his scholarly career. I interjected during the conversation that I had authored a website dedicated to Raymond E. Brown. When I said th... [; Raymond E. Brown] [Edwin D. Freed]

December 31 2014, 8PM

In honor of my late friend and mentor, Edwin (Ed) D. Freed, I have put together a bibliography of his academic publishing.Edwin D. Freed (1920-2014)Ed's scholarly passion centered around the Fourth Gospel. His work was marked by careful syntactical analys... [Edwin D. Freed]


Although I have heard that Augustus renounced divine honors during his lifetime, it was nice to track down a primary source that states this as fact.In De Legatione ad Gaium Philo is comparing Augustus' reign vis-à-vis the tyrannical Emperor Gaius C... [Philo; Augustus]

December 30, 1PM

Thanks to some helpful advice from Dr.Torrey Seland, and the acquisition of the entirety of Philo's works in the Loeb Classical Library (LCL) from my dear, departed friend, Dr. Edwin D. Freed, I have been working through Philo's works.I am presently makin... [Philo; Quote of the Day]

December 19, 9AM

Eugene (Gene) Lemcio, Professor Emeritus of New Testament, Seattle Pacific University, was kind enough to alert me to a video of Professor C.F.D. Moule's lecture "Reconciliation: Metaphor and Reality," delivered at Seattle Pacific University on Novem... [C.F.D. Moule]

December 10, 5PM

Over a year ago, I began a correspondence with Edwin ("Ed")  D. Freed, Emeritus Professor of Religion, Gettysburg College, Pennsylvania.  The correspondence began due to my interest in Ed's fabulous book, Lincoln's Political Ambitions, Slavery a... [Edwin D. Freed; Abraham Lincoln]

November 22, 12 PM

I have been reading C.K. Barrett's essay, "Theology in the World of Learning", where Barrett defends theology as an academic discipline and was impressed with this quote among many others:C.K. Barrett (1917-2011) If the Church were simply identifiabl...

November 16, 3PM

Having an online conversation with Jim West today concerning the fact that little photographic evidence of George R. Beasley-Murray, a giant of a NT scholar, exists, Jim was kind enough to dig through some photos he took of him in the late 80's when they ... [George R. Beasley-Murray]

November 13, 8AM

The 'Moulies' at Robinson College, Cambridge; SNTS Meeting, 1998: (From left to right)Back row: Graham Stanton, John C. O'Neill, Eugene Lemcio, Peter Richardson, Andrew LincolnCenter row: Jimmy Dunn, C.F.D. Moule, Stephen Smalley, Robert MorganFront row: ... [C.F.D. Moule]

November 11, 10AM

It has been brought to my attention that there is a handy 45 page primer to give those of you a taste on the new and updated edition of the New International Dictionary of New Testament Theology and Exegesis (NIDNTT). In this primer are the following feat...

November 7, 10AM

I have decided to add a page to the Raymond Brown website entitled, "The Ongoing Legacy of Raymond E. Brown: News, Notes, and Miscellany." My friend, Paul Anderson, gets the proverbial tip of the hat for helping me come up with the title.What prompted my ... [Raymond E. Brown]

November 3, 10AM

Colin BrownAt the conclusion of his masterful essay "Quest of the Historical Jesus" (DJG, second ed.; 718-756), Colin Brown, Senior Professor of Systematic Theology, Fuller Seminary, offers an equally masterful conclusion when he writes:There are many que...

October 31, 9AM

One of the more unique books that I have had the pleasure of receiving arrived on my doorstep this week. The Acts of the Apostles: A Newly Discovered Commentary (IVP Academic) by the legendary J.B. Lightfoot, has been compiled and edited by the capab... [Book Notice; InterVarsitypress]

October 19, 10AM

Markus Barth 1915-1994After some laborious work, I have made available digitized versions of Markus Barth's lectures on Ephesians and Colossians, which were originally published in 1969 by Alba House Communications. As far as I can ascertain, these lectur... [Markus Barth; audio resources]

October 18, 3PM

Many of you might already be aware of this, but David deSilva, Trustees Distinguished Professor of New Testament and Greek at Ashland Theological Seminary, has his own Youtube channel. Thus far, sixteen videos have appeared, including one, "Hearing the Wh... [David deSilva]

October 13, 9AM

Humility is a great virtue in scholarship, or, for that matter, in any professional field. I am not talking about a false humility that paradoxically calls attention to itself in order to garner attention, i.e. a 'humble-brag.'Recently, I posted some ster... [C.F.D. Moule] [humility]


My friend, Michael Gorman, the Raymond E. Brown Chair in Biblical Studies and Theology at St. Mary's Seminary and University in Baltimore, Maryland, has produced another book on Paul.Becoming the Gospel: Paul, Participation, and Mission is slated for a la... [Michael Gorman]

October 6, 8AM

Markus Barth, perhaps one of the most underrated of the great New Testament scholars of the 20th century, no doubt due in no small part by the shadow cast by his father, Karl Barth, would have turned 99 today.Markus Barth with wife, Rose Marie, ca. 1947Ma... [Markus Barth]

September 27, 7PM

Hubris is is no short supply these days whether we are discussing politicians, athletes, celebrities, and yes, scholars of all stripes.George B. Caird (1917-1984)Might we all take a page from George B. Caird (1917-1984), formerly Dean Ireland's Professor ... [George B. Caird]

September 14, 5PM

Many years ago, ten years ago to be more precise, I was sitting in David deSilva's office, marvelling at his bookshelves and in particular, his section on Revelation. I asked him: "What is the best commentary written on Revelation." His answer surprised m... [Craig Koester] [Revelation]

September 11, 9AM

Gordon FeePerusing through Gordon Fee's Galatians commentary, I found some illuminating comments on the "ultimate Christian 'Magna Carta'", Galatians 3:28,  as Fee refers to it (142).First the passage:26 So in Christ Jesus you are all children of God...

August 17, 8AM

One of my heroes of NT scholarship, Gordon Fee, has two videos now available of him on the YWAM channel of YouTube from 1983, where he lectures on the Kingdom of God. Each video is roughly an hour, and took place in Lausanne, Switzerland according to the ... [gordon fee]


This September, Baker Academic will release Galatians and Christian Theology, a book that contains a stellar list of contributors such as John Barclay, Beverly R. Gaventa, Richard Hays, Todd Still, and bright newcomers, Timothy Gombis, Matthew Novenson, a...

August 16, 1PM

A year ago, August 8th to be exact , I launched a website in honor of the fifteenth anniversary of Fr. Raymond E. Brown's untimely passing. It was Fr. Brown's Death of the Messiah that catapulted me into NT scholarship and I decided that I wanted to ... [Raymond E. Brown]

August 9, 12 PM

David A. deSilvaFor some time now, I have been eagerly anticipating my friend and mentor, David deSilva's work on Galatians.First, he has already published a commentary from a Sri Lankan perspective with Wipf & Stock, entitled Global Readings: A Sri L... [David deSilva; Galatians]

August 6, 6PM

Paul Anderson, Professor of Biblical and Quaker Studies at George Fox University, and editor of the new Johannine Monograph Series (Cascade), has written a superb foreword to the first release of the aforementioned series to Rudolf Bultmann's famous comme...

August 3, 9AM

A cluster of worthwhile commentaries on the Corinthian correspondence are due out this fall, headlined by Gordon Fee's revision of his classic 1 Corinthians commentary (NICNT).Fee's preface to this updated edition can be read in its entirety here.Also sla... [commentaries] [Corinthian correspondence] [Forthcoming publications]

July 26, 10AM

Late last summer when I had the honor of a visit from my friend and mentor, Frank Moloney, he had told me that he was in the stages of producing a book for Baker Academic that would be a guide on how he believes the NT should be read in the church.Well, I...

July 21, 5PM

My good friend, Michael Halcomb and Professor of New Testament at Asbury Seminary, Fred Long, have co-produced an exciting, illustrated volume of Mark's Gospel in both Greek and English. This work is produced by the co-founded publishing company by the af... [Michael Halcomb]

July 1, 1AM

During the recent online tributes in which I partnered with EerdWord to recognize the fortieth anniversary of the great Bill Lane's publication of his commentary on Mark (NICNT), my friend and mentor, Frank Moloney, author of the first narrative-critical ... [Francis J. Moloney; William L. Lane; Gospel of Mark]

June 25, 4PM

I can characterize the past week or so as my "IVP Academic Week." The reason for this characterization is simple: Three books were sent my way along with a catalog and the IVP Academic Alert. Many thanks to Adrianna Wright, Online Publicist and good frien... [InterVarsity Press; Donald Macleod]

June 24, 5PM

Beverly R. Gaventa, Distinguished Professor of New Testament, Baylor University, was kind enough to share a photo of Fr. Raymond E. Brown from her personal collection. The picture depicts Fr. Brown lecturing at Colgate Rochester Divinity School ca. 1980. ... [Raymond E. Brown]

June 23, 9AM

C.F.D. Moule (1908-2007)Visitors to this blog know that I have posted some audio lectures of one of the leading British New Testament scholars of the 20th century, C.F.D. ("Charlie") Moule. You can access those here.Recently, I came across some oral histo... [C.F.D. Moule; audio]

June 18, 2PM

As promised, Ramsey Michaels' tribute to Bill Lane is now up on the EerdWord blog. Many thanks to Ramsey for his tribute and the picture he provided of himself with Lane and Glenn Barker when they received their Harvard Divinty Th.D.'s in 1962, which I in... [J. Ramsey Michaels; Eerdmans; NICNT]

June 17, 6PM

J. Ramsey MichaelsJ. Ramsey Michaels, Th.D. Harvard, and author of many fine commentaries, including the outstanding replacement of Leon Morris' The Gospel of John in the NICNT series, recently agreed to write up some reflections on his longtime frie... [J. Ramsey Michaels; William Lane; Eerdmans; Gospel of Mark]

June 12, 12 PM

As promised, my good friend, Ardel Caneday, shares his thoughts on the personal impact Bill Lane's The Gospel of Mark (NICNT) made upon him over at the EerdWord blog. Many thanks to Rachel Bomberger of EerdWord editor at Eerdmans for partnering with me to...

June 11, 9PM

“Lane is to be commended for his splendid work. It is the best English commentary on Mark today, and will be a standard for years to come.” –Harold W. Hoehner, The Gospel According to Mark: A Review ; Bibliotheca Sacra, 133 no 531 Jl-S 1976, p 266-2... [William L. Lane]

May 24, 10AM

My good friend, Dr. Michael Halcomb, has written a truly unique book that fills an immense lacuna in NT scholarship vis-à-vis  the church. If one things that this a biased overstatement from one friend on behalf of another, I simply ask you to pick ...

May 4, 9AM

I am always fascinated by those who have written commentaries and how they view the task. I found this little gem from the late William L. Lane on his writing of the award-winning Hebrews commentary (WBC) in which he spent some twelve years writing and re... [William L. Lane]

May 3, 7PM

William L. Lane (1931-1999)William L. Lane, author of well-known and classic commentaries on both Mark's Gospel (NICNT) and Hebrews (WBC), passed away 15 years ago this past March 7th. Lane was a big influence on Michael Card, Christian recording artist a...


This fall, (October, 2014) Zondervan Academic will be releasing the latest in the ZECNT series, Mark, authored by outstanding Gospels and Historical Jesus scholar, Mark L. Strauss, Bethel Seminary, San Diego, CA.Strauss' outstanding, Four Portraits, One J...

April 16, 9AM

Peder J. BorgenLast year, I was very fortunate to attend the John, Jesus, and History Conference in Baltimore.  Held at St. Mary's Seminary, the conference took time to honor two giants in Johannine interpretation, C.H. Dodd and Raymond E. Brown.Whil...

April 10, 9AM

One of the perils of creating a website for a figure of Raymond E. Brown's immense stature is learning the ropes of copyright law. Some time back, (last fall, actually) I contacted Debra Reagan, Managing Editor of Interpretation Journal, to inquire if I m... [Raymond E. Brown]

April 2, 6PM

No one who approaches the figure of Jesus with the cool distance of the historian can answer the question about the mystery of the person of Jesus, the radiant energy that emanates from him, the living power of his words and deeds, the magnetic force of h... [Rudolf Schnackenburg; Quote of the Day]

April 1, 7PM

I noticed the other day that IVP Academic has a couple of forthcoming releases that I will indeed be adding to my library. These volumes cover my two greatest scholarly interests, the Gospels of Mark and John.Robert H. SteinThe first volume, Jesus, the Te... [InterVarsity Press; Forthcoming Releases]

March 26, 10AM

In celebration of the Leon Morris Centenary, Ridley Melbourne hosted a lecture given by Rev. Neil Bach, who is writing a biography of Morris. His lecture, "Leon Morris and the Cross of Christ," is now available to download. You can listen to it here. ... [Leon Morris; audio lectures]

March 25, 8AM

Blomberg, Craig. L. Can We Still Believe the Bible? An Evangelical Engagement with Contemporary Questions. Grand Rapids, Mich.: Brazos, 2014. 287 pages, pb. Craig L. Blomberg, Distinguished Professor of New Testament at Denver Seminary, Colorado, has... [Craig Blomberg; Baker Academic]

March 20, 11AM

I am very pleased and excited that my good friend, Cornelis Bennema, Senior Lecturer at Wales Evangelical School of Theology, is producing the first full-scale treatment of character study in the New Testament. Cor notified me in an email that his A Theor... [Cornelis Bennema]

March 19, 9AM

An act of serendipity happened on Facebook  last week, when  a friend remarked on a Leon Morris post I wrote on my blog. That friend, Rev. Clay Knick, Pastor of Kernstown United Methodist Church in VA, shared with me that he once corresponded wi... [Leon Morris]

March 16, 1PM

Leon Morris, in his important book, The Cross in the New Testament, discusses the important role of the cross in both Matthew and Mark (13-62). Towards the end of this discussion, Morris notes that as significant as the cross is to both Gospels, it i... [Leon Morris]

March 15, 3PM

To the left is a newspaper clipping excerpted from the Australian newspaper, The Age, dated April 1, 1963.It is a bit difficult to read so here is the transcript:Rev. L. Morris New Principal of RidleyThe Rev. Dr. Leon Morris has been appointed principal o... [Leon Morris]


Today marks the centenary of Leon Lamb Morris' birthday. I have been posting regularly this week on Morris and his legacy. I continue in this vein today with another great quote from Morris in his commentary, The Gospel According to John (NICNT). Original... [Leon Morris]

March 14, 10AM

Of all the commentaries Leon Morris wrote in his illustrious career, some thirteen by my unofficial count, perhaps he is best known for his commentary on the Gospel of John in the New International Commentary on the New Testament series (NICNT; Eerdmans).... [Leon Morris]

March 13, 12 PM

Leon Morris (1914-2006)As a visitor to this site might plainly see, a pattern is developing here. Posts this week have focused on the great scholar and theologian, Leon Lamb Morris. I make no apologies for this, as I believe it is my small way in honoring... [Leon Morris; audio lectures]


I was reading a bit of Leon Morris' Matthew commentary (Pillar) in which he has a challenge to those of us who have been guilty of misinterpreting or domesticating Matthew 5:3- "Blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven." He writ... [Leon Morris]

March 12, 2PM

As some of you may know,  Leon Morris' forthcoming one-hundredth birthday has touched off celebrations at Ridley College, Melbourne, where he served some sixteen years (1964-1979) as Principal.Leon Morris (1914-2006)I did a bit of digging around and ...


Everyone who is a student of the New Testament (NT), from novice to scholar, knows the importance of understanding the historical background of which these Gospels and Letters were written. However, to determine the meaning of the NT solely based on other... [Leon Morris]

March 9, 7PM

Leon MorrisRidley Melbourne Mission and Ministry College is hosting a public lecture delivered by Neil Bach, called "Leon Morris and the Cross of Christ: Celebrating the Centenary of Australia's Foremost Biblical Scholar," on March 24th. Morris, whose one... [Leon Morris]

March 4, 10AM

Rudolf SchnackenburgReading a bit through Dale Bruner's The Gospel of John, I came across this interesting quote from Rudolf Schnackenburg on John 9:39-41:"Because the Pharisees will not be shifted from their self-importance even by the great sign and the... [Rudolf Schnackenburg]

March 3, 8AM

Dorothy A. Lee One of the leading Johannine scholars in the world, Dorothy A. Lee, Dean of the Theological School and the Frank Woods Professor in New Testament at Trinity College, The University of Melbourne, delivered the St. Barnabas' Commencement...

February 17, 2PM

On the heels of their immensely popular and useful Ancient Christian Commentary on Scripture series,  IVP Academic has been releasing the equally helpful Reformation Commentary on Scripture series, now in its fifth installment with the release of Act...

February 10, 3PM

Daniel J. Harrington, a great Jesuit priest and scholar, passed away earlier this week. I did not know him, but everything I have read about him as a man of God speaks for itself. Both his scholarship and his service to the church were top-notch.There are... [Daniel J. Harrington]

January 28, 6PM

Thanks to Michael Gorman and Fortress Press for putting this video series together, centered around Wright's magnum opus, Paul and the Faithfulness of God. Here are the videos:  This third interview is on the topic of preaching from Paul and is ...


Some of my readers may already be aware of these videos on the Public Christianity website, but I thought I'd might post them here for anyone interested.These are three short videos with N.T. Wright on "Beauty, Justice, and Faith that Enhances Life." The ... [n.t. wright]

January 24, 2PM

Paul N. AndersonOne of the highest compliments I can pay a scholar is that each time I read something that he/she writes I inevitably learn something (sometimes, a lot). Paul Anderson, Professor of Biblical and Quaker Studies George Fox University, i... [Gospel of John] [Paul Anderson] [Raymond E. Brown]

January 22, 10AM

Two of my friends, and excellent scholars to boot, Nijay Gupta and Christopher Skinner have decided to co-blog on Nijay's blog, Crux Sola. While I am sad to see Chris' excellent blog, PEJE IESOUS, come to a close, I am happy that two of my favorite blogge...

January 20, 12 PM

Thanks to Justin Taylor,  Doug Moo has been interviewed about his new Galatians commentary. You can view the interview here.

January 17, 8PM

Jonathan PenningtonAwhile back, I had the privilege of reading through Jonathan Pennington's delightful and challenging, Reading the Gospels Wisely: A Narrative and Theological Introduction. Both Jonathan and I were hoping to get around to doing an i... [Jonathan Pennington]

January 3, 7PM

Recently, the Southern California Reformed Baptists Conference featured Gregory K. Beale,Professor of New Testament and Biblical Theology at Westminster Theological Seminary, as a speaker for Christology in the Book of Revelation. While I have not discove... [Gregory K. Beale; Revelation]

January 2, 9AM

Craig Koester, Vice President of Academic Affairs, Professor and Asher O. and Carrie Nasby Chair of the New Testament, Luther Seminary, has graciously shared his thoughts on his Doktorvater, Father Raymond E. Brown. Like Beverly Gaventa, these comments co... [Craig R. Koester; Raymond E. Brown]

December 22 2013, 8PM

I normally don't self-disclose on this blog very much. I know it is my blog and I can do what I want with it, but sharing the details of my personal life is not something on my agenda. This blog hopefully serves a purpose, as I try to keep the r... [Rikk Watts]


Today's gem quote comes from the pen of Richard E. Oster Jr. and his fascinating book, Seven Congregations in a Roman Crucible, on the supposed lack of intelligibility on the symbolic meaning of Revelation: Much of the later confusion about the ostensibly... [Richard E. Oster Jr.; Revelation; Quote of the Day]

December 20, 9PM

I have recently discovered that my friend and mentor, David deSilva has produced three outstanding videos on three of the cities mentioned in Revelation 1:11, Ephesus, Pergamum, and Laodicea.You can view them here:1) Ephesus: 2) Pergamum: 3) Laodicea ... [David deSilva] [Revelation; Lectures]

December 17, 8PM

On my recent trip to St. Mary's Seminary for the John, Jesus, and History Conference, I had the great pleasure of visiting The Raymond E. Brown Johannine Collection, housed as an extension of the seminary's library, and consisting of some 1,700 volumes th... [Raymond E. Brown]

December 16, 3PM

After several attempts at tracking down the copyright ownership of a newspaper photo of a discussion between Raymond E. Brown and Ernst Käsemann at the World Council of Churches Meeting in 1963, without any success, I have decided to post the photo on th... [Raymond E. Brown]


Orrey McFarland, a recent graduate of Durham University, has completed his doctoral dissertation under the supervision of John Barclay, and it looks to be a fascinating study.The title of the dissertation is  The God who Gives: Philo and Paul in Conv...

December 13, 9AM

Lately, I have been scouring the web for some solid resources on the Psalms, which I plan on studying in the coming year for personal edification, and well, frankly, to understand them better than I do, now.I was delighted that eminent OT scholar, Gordon ... [Psalms; Gordon Wenham]

December 10, 10AM

I have been eagerly awaiting Rodney Decker's Reading Koine Greek: An Introduction and Integrated Workbook when I first heard about it some year's ago.Well, the wait is coming to an end! In August (2014) Baker Academic will be releasing what is sure to be ... [Forthcoming Book] [Rodney Decker]

December 9, 6PM

I just realized that C.F.D. ("Charlie") Moule's 105th birthday was this past December 3rd.  Those of you who visit the blog may recall some audio files that I discovered of his, in which I posted, here. Other resources of note, is a he...


Some time ago, I discovered that the Australian Catholic Bishops conference featured an e-conference on the Gospel of Mark taught by eminent NT scholar, Francis Moloney.I have now discovered that Frank is at it again, as he joined another excellent Johann...

November 29, 10AM

I found this to be a particularly insightful quote from the great Charles Cranfield on the importance of the history of scholarship, in this case, Romans, but this could be applied to any other OT or NT text for that matter:The student of the epistle who ...

November 16, 8AM

Beverly Roberts Gaventa, Distinguished Professor of New Testament, Department of Religion, Baylor University, was kind enough to share the recollections that she delivered at Fr. Brown's Memorial service at Union Theological Seminary in the Fall of 1988.B... [Beverly Roberts Gaventa; Raymond E. Brown]

November 13, 9AM

The kind folks at InterVarsity Press Academic were kind and thoughtful in sending my way The Lost World of Scripture: Ancient Literary Culture and Biblical Authority . The volume is coauthored by John H. Walton, responsible for writing the secti... [Book Notice; InterVarsitypress]

November 12, 10AM

Brant J. PitreOne of the most difficult topics in New Testament studies today is apocalypse and its corresponding adjective, apocalyptic. As scholars well know, this term is used often imprecisely, frustrating attempts at clarity and nuance. Adding to thi... [Brant Pitre] [Dictionary of Jesus and the Gospels; InterVarsity Press]

November 8, 10AM

 Brant Pitre' s outstanding entry "Apocalypticism and Apocalyptic Teaching", in the massively revised Dictionary of Jesus and the Gospels, has an interesting take on the topic of Jesus and the Gospels relationship to the Roman Empire:As a general rul...

November 2, 11AM

A nice surprise came in the mail today, a festschrift that celebrates Beverly Gaventa and her scholarship, The Unrelenting God: God's Action in Scripture: Essays in Honor of Beverly Roberts Gaventa (Eerdmans).The volume looks excellent, as editors David J... [Book Notice; Eerdmans]

November 1, 8AM

The new font style in the second editionThe original font in the first editionTwo classics side-by-sideOne additional difference I would like to note is the difference in font style between the first and second edition. This may seem insignificant to some... [Dictionary of Jesus and the Gospels; InterVarsity Press]

October 30, 6AM

I just got word that @ 11:00 am Eastern time, N.T. Wright will be delivering a webcast on his highly anticipated magnum opus, Paul and the Faithfulness of God. The webcast is hosted by Wycliffe Hall, and can be accessed here.Enjoy! [n.t. wright]

October 19, 6PM

Well, Christmas came early for me as I received the highly-anticipated second edition of the Dictionary of Jesus and the Gospels in the mail yesterday. Thanks to Adrianna Wright and the good folks at IVP Academic for sending a review copy along!I plan on ... [Dictionary of Jesus and the Gospels; InterVarsity Press]

October 16, 7PM

Last fall, at the conclusion of the Gospel of John class I taught for the Trinity Institute at my church, I remarked that I had often thought I would like to offer a class on Biblical Greek for any interested lay folk. To my surprise, those that were in a... [William Mounce; Biblical Greek]


Recently, Eerdmans publishing was kind enough to send me two volumes, one by James D.G. Dunn, The Oral Gospel Tradition, a collection of Dunn's essays on this topic that have spanned the last 35 years. I am looking forward to carving out some time and div... [Eerdmans]

October 14, 7PM

I have often remarked to family and friends that outside of New Testament scholarship, my one other great passion is on all things Abraham Lincoln.So it is with this caveat that on a NT blog, I have excused myself from the typical postings on all things N... [Writing] [abraham lincoln]

October 12, 6PM

N.T. Wright's Paul and the Faithfulness of God, is perhaps the most anticipated volume to arrive in NT studies in years. Scot McKnight opines that it is the most eloquently written theological book since Schweitzer's Quest for the Historical Jesus.  ... [n.t. wright] [Paul and the faithfulness of God]

October 11, 10AM

The good folks at Logos Bible Software, namely, good friend, Cliff Kvidahl, was nice enough to send a review copy of the "Select Works of C.K. Barrett" (7 vols.). Barrett, along with Dodd, were the two most significant British New Testament scholars of th... [logos] [C.K. Barrett]

October 1, 8AM

I am delighted to announce that a volume in which I was fortunate to contribute is now available for order, Character Studies in the Fourth Gospel (Mohr Siebeck).My essay on the neighbors of the man born blind (9.8-13), maybe the first sustained narrative... [Character Studies in the Fourth Gospel]

September 30, 10AM

Last night, I had the privilege of attending the annual Mullen Lecture delivered by Francis J. Moloney at St. Mary's Seminary in Ohio.Frank's topic was "Love in the Gospel of John: to What End? The lecture, as one might imagine, was very well attended, an... [Francis Moloney; Gospel of John]

September 20, 8PM

Perhaps the most anticipated book of the fall in NT studies, N.T. Wright's Paul and the Faithfulness of God, now offers the reader a sneak peek as to what all the fuss is about.Fortress Press has included the Table of Contents, the Preface, and chapter on... [n.t. wright]

September 19, 8AM

The Scripture and Ministry Lecture at Trinity Evangelical Divinity School was given by Gareth Cockerill on the topic "Do not Refuse the One Who is Speaking (Heb 12:25): Hebrews and Contemporary Preaching."It is now available to stream here. [Hebrews; Gareth Cockerill]

September 13, 9AM

A couple of months ago, I did a brief write-up on Francis J. Moloney's forthcoming Love in the Gospel of John: An Exegetical, Theological, and Literary Study.Since that time, more endorsements have come in for this highly anticipated volume.Here are the b... [Francis Moloney; Gospel of John]

September 10, 9AM

The Australian Catholic Bishops Conference that took place this past May 16, 2013, had as its theme, "St. Mark: A Crucified and Risen Messiah."One of the two speakers was eminent NT scholar, Fr.Francis J. Moloney, SDB. Moloney speaks in two separate sessi... [Francis Moloney; Gospel of Mark]

September 9, 7AM

Paul N. Anderson, Professor of Biblical and Quaker Studies at George Fox University, along with R. Alan Culpepper, Dean of the McAfee School of Theology at Mercer University, are teaming up as co-editors of an important new monograph series, the Johannine... [Johannine Monograph Series] [Paul Anderson] [R. Alan Culpepper] [Rudolf Bultmann]

August 31, 4PM

Fr. Raymond F. Collins, an elite Pauline scholar, and Visiting Scholar in the Department of Religious Studies at Brown University, has graciously shared some of his memories of his friendship with Fr. Raymond E. Brown on the website.Many of you will know ... [; Raymond E. Brown] [Raymond F. Collins]


Baker Academic has generously posted a 51-page excerpt on Graham Twelftree's Paul and the Miraculous. Twelftree is perhaps the leading New Testament scholar on the subject of miracles, and he tackles an oft-neglected area here, namely, Paul's letters... [Graham Twelftree]

August 29, 4PM

I was delighted to discover recently, a PhD thesis written by Gerald Wheaton at the University of St. Andrews in 2010. The dissertation was supervised by Kelly Iverson, a great up and coming Markan scholar who is now at Baylor University.The dissertation ... [Dissertations]

August 26, 1PM

I owe a debt of gratitude to Tricia T. Pyne, Ph.D. , Director, Associated Archives at St. Mary's Seminary & University for educating me on copyright laws as well as allowing me (with permissions) to feature two more images of Father Raymond E. Brown. ... [Raymond E. Brown]

August 22, 6PM

I have some wonderful news regarding the Raymond E. Brown site to announce. I have been granted permissions from Liturgical Press to reproduce a PDF of the excellent biography authored by Ronald D. Witherup, S.S. and an exhaustive bibliography produc... [Raymond E. Brown]

August 19, 3PM

I have added yet two more articles to the Raymond E. Brown website, the first, issued by Theological Studies in issue 35.2 (1974) is "Luke's Description of the Virginal Conception," and the second is also from Theological Studies, issue 42.1 (19... [Raymond E. Brown]


The good folks at Baker Academic have  provided a 36 page excerpt sneak preview  of Doug Moo's highly-anticipated commentary on Galatians (BECNT) slated for a November release.Click here and enjoy! 
My good friend, Cliff Kvidahl, alerted me to some news regarding an update of Gordon Fee's classic 1 Corinthians commentary (NICNT) .Here are the particulars of the second edition:Fully updated exegesis of 1 Corinthians This award-winning commentary ... [Gordon Fee; Forthcoming Commentary]

August 18, 7PM

The ever-active pen of one Michael F. Bird continues to spill prodigious amounts of ink as another compelling release, The Gospel of the Lord, will be released by Eerdmans in late February 2014.Here is a description:Balanced, comprehensive survey of ... [Michael F. Bird; Eerdmans; forthcoming releases]

August 15, 9PM

Just months before he passed (March 1998), Raymond Brown lectured at an Evangelical seminary on the Lord's Passion, entitled, "Jesus: Condemned and Crucified."For more details, please visit the Multimedia page on the Raymond E. Brown site. There you will ... [Raymond E. Brown]


I wanted to thank all of those who have taken the time to visit the Raymond E. Brown website in its inaugural week. I was amazed and humbled by the 3,300 plus visitors that made their way over. Your encouragement as I continue to slowly build this site ma... [Raymond E. Brown]

August 12, 7PM

Marion ("Marty") L. Soards, Professor of New Testament Studies at Louisville Seminary, author of 20-plus books, and over 60 articles in journals and theological dictionaries, including an outstanding entry in the Dictionary of Major Biblical Intepreters&n... [Marion L. Soards; Raymond E. Brown]


I have added seven multi-media clips to the Raymond E. Brown website. The clips are courtesy of Paul Soffe of Welcome Recordings. As by way of a reminder, Paul is still offering a 50% discount on the entire audio/video catalog of Father Brown. Check out t... [Raymond E. Brown]

August 10, 11AM

I wanted to let the readers of this blog know that I am continually updating and adding content to the Raymond E. Brown website. Just today, in fact, I have added a rare picture of Fr. Brown having a discussion with Ernst Käsemann. You can view that pic ...

August 8, 7PM

Paul N. Anderson, Professor of Biblical and Quaker Studies at George Fox University, and one of the preeminent Johannine scholars in the world, has graciously shared his thoughts on his friendship with Raymond E. Brown on my new website. You can read...


Fifteen years ago today, the world of Biblical scholarship lost a giant when Raymond E. Brown passed away suddenly at the age of 70 in Menlo Park, CA. Father Brown's works of meticulous scholarship, including his famed and still regularly consulted two-vo... [Raymond E. Brown]

August 7, 7AM

For some reason it seems popular in certain circles to bash Rudolf Bultmann, perhaps the most misunderstood figure in the history of New Testament scholarship. It seems that there is a tendency to throw the baby out with the bathwater when it comes to Bul... [Rudolf Bultmann] [J. Ramsey Michaels; Gospel of John] [C.K. Barrett]

August 4, 8PM

Jeffrey Gibson was able to provide me with fifteen more lectures of George Caird, this time from 1983, a year before the great man passed away unexpectedly. These lectures are focused on Romans and the Synoptic Problem, and now brings the total tally to 7...

July 26, 7PM

Theological reflection on John's Gospel is like this. Perspectives are shaped by a continued encounter with the text. The Gospel is written in a way that invites readers into the story. Its rich images of light and darkness, living water, and the fruit-be...


Awhile back, I had the pleasure of interviewing Chris Keith about his book, Jesus' Literacy: Scribal Culture and the Teacher from Galilee. You can read that interview here.Keith is following up Jesus' Literacy with Jesus Against the Scribal Elite&nbs... [Baker Academic; forthcoming titles] [Chris Keith]

July 14, 8PM

Found this quoteworthy from Rudolf Bultmann's treatment of John 1:14a- "The Word became flesh..."Thus the offence of the gospel is brought out as strongly as possible by ὁ λόγος σὰρξ ἐγένετο. For however much man may await and lon...

July 10, 8AM

The other day I posted on Francis Moloney's forthcoming, The Resurrection of the Messiah, and mentioned that the title is a tribute to Raymond Brown's monumental series, The Birth of the Messiah and The Death of the Messiah. I also quoted from R... [Raymond E. Brown]

July 6, 4PM

In her moving tribute to her friend and former colleague at Union Theological Seminary, Raymond Brown, Phyllis Trible writes this colorful description of Brown's legendary work ethic:Much has also been made of Ray's work habits. They excluded breaks for l... [Raymond E. Brown]


Another forthcoming book by Francis Moloney will be out in time for SBL and the title is evocative for whom Moloney is paying tribute. Raymond E. Brown was asked on more than one occasion after having written both on the birth and death of Jesus if he wou... [Francis Moloney; Raymond E. Brown]

July 4, 9AM

One of the coolest moments I have ever experienced in my scholarly life was a message that I received from Francis (Frank) Moloney late last August on FaceBook. He asked if I would be willing to read over some of his manuscript for a book he was writing o... [Francis Moloney; Gospel of John]

July 1, 7AM

Well, it looks like the endorsements are starting to come in for Douglas Moo's highly anticipated Galatians commentary (BECNT).Here is a sampling:"There is certainly a place for many commentaries on Galatians, but those who invest in only one would do wel... [Doug Moo] [Galatians]

June 29, 12 PM

I have repeatedly expressed my admiration for two of the preeminent New Testament scholars of the second half of the twentieth century in Raymond E. Brown and Charles Kingsley Barrett. Their immense contributions to scholarship continue and will continue ...

June 28, 7AM

One of the greatest NT scholars of the latter-half of the twentieth century, Dr. Leon Lamb Morris (1914-2006), has twelve audio lectures available from All of these are on John's Gospel, for which Morris wrote his classic commentary in th... [Leon Morris; audio lectures]

June 25, 7AM

Some five months ago, I posted a series of videos of lectures David deSilva delivered on the 4th Annual EO Celebration Cruise last year. In the comments section, deSilva noted that Hendrickson Publishers were going to publish a revised form of these lectu... [Forthcoming Book] [David deSilva]

June 17, 10AM

Two really fine introductions to John's Gospel are coming out with second editions courtesy of Baker Academic.Gary Burge's Interpreting the Gospel of John, originally published 21 years ago (1992) is coming out with a second edition. Here is the descripti... [Baker Academic; forthcoming titles]

June 12, 7PM

With the recent passing of legendary Dead Sea Scrolls and Historical Jesus scholar, Géza Vermes (1924-2013), I was delighted to find this short video interview by John Dickson entitled "The Christ Files: An Interview with Géza Vermes".Enjoy! The Christ ...

June 11, 7AM

A few weeks ago, I discovered a video on Mansfield College which documented the transition of the Principalship from John Marsh to George B. Caird. This of course, led through a wonderful confluence of events, the donation of sixty plus audio files from J... [George B. Caird; Peter Armstrong]

June 10, 11AM

I was reading a bit of C.H. Dodd's classic, The Interpretation of the Fourth Gospel, and came across this great, albeit lengthy quote regarding the Johannine prologue (John 1.1-18):Charles Harold Dodd (1884-1973) In the case of the Prologue, I s... [C.H. Dodd; Gospel of John]

June 9, 11AM

Well, it looks that the SBL wish list just got a tadlonger as I have learned that Andrew T. Lincoln, Portland Professor of New Testament at the University of Gloucestershire,  has a forthcoming volume on the way provocatively entitled, Born of a Virg... [Forthcoming Releases; Eerdmans] [Andrew Lincoln]

June 4, 9AM

I have begun to leave cursory descriptions of the audio files for the George B. Caird page. These descriptions are not exacting, and will no doubt need refinement, but at least it is a start. Once again, I will continue to update these files as time permi...

May 28, 2PM

In a week in which I consider to be an embarrassment of riches, a few more have come to my attention in the form of four audio lectures from the great C.F.D. Moule. C.F.D. Moule (1908-2007)These lectures, delivered at Asbury Seminary as part of their Heri... [C.F.D. Moule]


In his seminal essay delivered originally in March of 1965 at the Ethel Wood Lectures, Jesus and the Jewish Nation, G.B. Chairs concludes: Jesus believed that Israel had been called to be God’s saved and saving nation, the agent through whom G... [n.t. wright] [George B. Caird]

May 27, 6PM

George B. CairdIt was brought to our attention (Mark Goodacre and I) that some of the audio links were not downloaded completely (e.g. New Testament Theology I Lectures 16 [now 15], 33 [now 32], New Testament Theology II Lectures 2, 8, 17). Also, there wa... [George B. Caird]

May 26, 1PM

Craig R. Koester, professor of New Testament at Luther Seminary in St. Paul, Minn., recently gave the 2013 Schaff Lectures (March 22, 2013 at Pittsburgh Theological Seminary) entitled: “The Apocalypse, Archaeology, and the Dead Sea Scrolls.” The video... [Revelation] [Craig Koester]

May 24, 4AM

Through a happy confluence of events, sparked by my blogpost the other day regarding Mansfield College, John Marsh, and George B. Caird, Mark Goodacre and I have been graciously given audio files of George B. Caird lecturing on New Testament Theology, by ... [George B. Caird]

May 19, 4PM

George B. Caird, a famous New Testament scholar, is shown lecturing at Mansfield College, Oxford, where he served under Principal, John Marsh, from 1959-69, before taking over the principalship in 1970-77.This clip, starting around the ten minute mark, sh...

May 1, 10PM

I am very excited to hear the news that the John, Jesus, and History section of SBL in partnership with Saint Mary's Seminary and University is holding a pre-SBL conference Nov 20-22, celebrating the legacies of two of the greatest Johannine scholars of t... [C.H. Dodd; Raymond E. Brown; Gospel of John]

April 30, 6AM

Yesterday, I posted part one of my interview with Craig Keener. Here is part two of our conversation about the first of a four-volume commentary on Acts. I highly recommend this resource. It will be the go-to Acts commentary for the foreseeable future. Ge... [Craig Keener; Acts]

April 29, 9AM

Many years ago, when I began reading scholarly works for the first time, Craig Keener was one of the handful of scholars who was on my reading list. I remember reading through his Paul, Women,& Wives and his well-known, The IVP Bible Background C... [Craig Keener; Acts]

April 25, 4PM

My friend, Nijay Gupta has completed work on his first commentary, Colossians, for the Smyth and Helwys series.The series is excellent, and Nijay's contribution promises to continue this trend. The commentary can be ordered here, and one can find other in... [Colossians commentaries]

April 18, 8AM

Over on the ever-useful site, George Guthrie, Benjamin Perry Professor of Bible, at Union University, has a series of lectures on the book of HebrewsGuthrie is one of the foremost interpreters of Hebrews as he has published several bo...

April 8, 2PM

Recently, I had the distinct pleasure to interact with Adam Winn concerning his book, Mark and the Elijah-Elisha Narrative: Considering the Practice of Greco-Roman Imitation in the Search for Markan Source Material. Winn's work has been very influential o... [Interview] [Elisha; Mark's Gospel] [Adam Winn]

April 1, 6PM

Douglas Estes, Lead Pastor of Trinity Church in Mesa, Arizona, and an adjunct professor at Phoenix Seminary, has authored a fascinating new book on the questions the Johannine Jesus asks in the Fourth Gospel (The Questions of Jesus in John: Logic, Rh... [Interview] [Gospel of John] [Douglas Estes]

March 29, 9AM

Mary Ann Beavis, professor at the University of Saskatchewan, has written an excellent, mid-size commentary on Mark's Gospel for the Paideia series. This commentary does a fine job in introducing the reader/student to the Second Gospel without being ... [Mary Ann Beavis] [gospel of mark] [Interview with...]

March 10, 7PM

I make no apologies when I say that Raymond E. Brown is my favorite NT scholar of all time (along with C.K. Barrett). It was Brown's The Death of a Messiah, after all, that helped launch my interest into Biblical studies, and for that, I'll always be... [Raymond E. Brown]

February 28, 10PM

Ralph P. Martin (1925-2013)Thus far, the news of Ralph P. Martin's passing has been relatively quiet. I did, however, find this obituary from Chrarisma News, which includes a nice quote from Dan Reid, IVP Senior Editor. Please do check it out. I imagine i... [Ralph P. Martin]

February 25, 11AM

Ralph P. Martin and I at SBL 2007, Washington D.C.My friend and mentor, John Byron is sadly reporting that Ralph P. Martin has passed away this morning in Southport England. Martin, who was probably best known for his A Hymn of Christ: Philippians 2:5-11 ...

February 24, 3PM

I have discovered some lectures on Revelation that my friend and mentor, David deSilva, gave on the 4th Annual EO Celebration Cruise last year (2012).I have provided all six here for viewing convenience. One would be hard-pressed to find a better interpre... [Revelation; Lectures] [David deSilva]

February 12, 6PM

Dr. Bob MacKay (1949-2013)I have been dreading the writing of this post for some time. There are a couple of reasons for this. One, is the the fear that these reflections will not convey accurately the love I had for this man, and two, the grief that has ... [Dr. Bob MacKay]

January 22, 9PM

Roughly five years ago, I had no idea what I was getting myself into. Anxious and with time on my hands, I contacted Tom Schreiner and told him I would be willing to prepare his Scripture and author indices for his New Testament Theology: Magnifying God i... [Thomas Schreiner]


I am always on the hunt for audio resources, especially when it involves one of my all-time favorite scholars, C.K. Barrett.Some of you will remember that I discovered some seventeen  lectures on the Asbury Seminary podcast page. Sadly, the links to ... [C.K. Barrett] [audio resources]

January 2, 2PM

If you are one who has struggled with rote memorization of Greek paradigms, or are just embarking on learning Greek for the first time, my good friend, Mike Halcomb, is offering a different and exciting avenue for learning this biblical language.Halcomb's... [Mike Halcomb] [Biblical Greek]

December 27 2012, 12 PM

Zondervan Academic is probably the most prolific publisher of biblical language tools, whether they be grammars, dictionaries, original language texts, etc.One recent addition, the NIV Greek and English New Testament (NIVGENT), joins this ever-growing Zon... [Greek] [Book Review; Zondervan Academic]

December 23, 11AM

Doug Moo's long-anticipated Galatians commentary is on its way. Unfortunately, it will be another seven months or so, before it is released (July 2013).I have always enjoyed the BECNT series as I believe the format strikes a good balance between tech... [Doug Moo] [Galatians]

December 21, 9PM, the brain-child of President and founder, William Mounce, has been providing free, excellent audio resources for some time now. The goal of the site is in part,   "to help leaders in the local church become effective minist... [Doug Moo] [Romans]


I'm a little late in getting to this, but I am delighted to see that my mentor and friend, David A. deSilva, Trustees' Distinguished Professor, Ashland University, is now blogging over at Apocryphal Writings. Please do check out his site here. [David deSilva]

December 18, 5PM

One of my great passions in life is to unite biblical scholarship with the church. It seems to me that the 'so what?' of our scholarly callings is the single, most meaningful question, aligning ourselves with what we do not merely for the academy but more... [Book Review; Zondervan Academic] [Gary Burge]

November 3, 12 PM

 Quite some time ago when I started this blog I introduced a series of posts called "Getting to Know..." which featured up and coming New Testament scholars, asking them about their work and ministries. After a nearly five-year hiatus, I have decided... [Mickey Klink] [Getting to Know]

November 2, 9AM

(The fine folks at Kregel Academic sent me this review copy. Having said this, I have done my best to offer an objective review of the volume's contents.)Bock, Darrell L. and Mitch Glaser (eds), The Gospel According to Isaiah 53: Encountering the Sufferin... [Review] [Isaiah 53]

October 30, 6PM

One of the best-known and finest Johannine scholars going today is Mary Coloe, Senior Lecturer, School of Theology, at Australian Catholic University. Coloe has a series of videos on John's Gospel entitled "Ecce Homo & Ecce Mater Tua"  available ... [Mary Coloe; Gospel of John videos]


Andrew Lincoln, who has written one of the finest commentaries on John's Gospel in recent memory, has a series of videos on a blog site published by the institution he teaches at, the University of Gloucestershire.I have placed them here for your viewing ... [Andrew Lincoln; Gospel of John videos]