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November 22 2017, 3PM

I could tell by the faces of my amazing adult Sunday School class, with whom I have such enriching discussions, that what I had just said did not register. I needed to call an audible. It was time to ditch (temporarily) my planned lesson and start a new, ... [articles]


If you’re going to study, preach, or teach the Bible with any depth, it’s helpful to be able to read and pronounce Greek words—even if you don’t understand them. If you can’t decode Greek letters, excellent reference works and ... [Products]


In Exodus 3, God famously appears to Moses in a burning bush and sends him to rescue the Israelites. Fearing nobody will believe him, Moses says, “Suppose I go to the Israelites and say to them, ‘The God of your fathers has sent me to you,’ and they... [articles]

November 21, 1PM

Most students seem to have their own method of studying the Bible. Some people love to mark up their Bibles with pens and highlighters; others fill up every square inch of a desk with lexicons, commentaries, original language texts, and theological works.... [articles] [Training]


The prophecy of Isaiah 7:14 is among the most well-known passages in the book of Isaiah. It’s also one of the most controversial, for many reasons. Therefore the Lord himself will give you a sign. Behold, the virgin (עלמה, almah) shall conceive and... [articles]

November 20, 1PM

I certainly hope you’ve discovered and are enjoying the Logos 7 Sermon Editor! This “multi-document creating word processor” continues to expand with new and improved features. The recent release of Logos 7.10 contains two big new enhancements: Slid... [Training]


Most of us cannot read or recognize this Bible passage in its original language: Οὕτως γὰρ ἠγάπησεν ὁ θεὸς τὸν κόσμον, ὥστε τὸν υἱὸν τὸν μονογενῆ ἔδωκεν, ἵνα πᾶς ὁ πιστε... [Products] [Greek] [mobile ed]

November 18, 1PM

When first published in 2003, the two-volume Paul in the Greco-Roman World quickly established itself as the best handbook for understanding the context of Paul’s letters. Fourteen years later, it remains unequaled in both depth and scope. Its unmatched... [Products] [mobile ed] [Pre-Pub]


There’s never been a better time to get Logos 7. In fact, this is the first time we have ever offered the general public 20% off every Logos 7 base package, and the savings are significant. How significant? Consider these real-life examples. Logos come... [Products] [Logos Bible Software] [upgrade]

November 17, 5AM

In his introduction to Romans Verse by Verse, Grant Osborne makes a grandiose claim: “In AD 57 in the city of Corinth, the Apostle Paul wrote the greatest book ever penned in human history: his letter to the Roman church.” While we can’t prove that ... [Products]

November 16, 1PM

Abraham may be remembered as a man of faith, but his life was full of the same ups and downs that characterize our lives. Through it all, he learned to trust God’s promises, and by studying his life, we can learn to do the same. Now your church can stud... [Products]


What if a single book of the Bible could be a window into Paul’s entire theology? In the course Paul’s Theology and the Letter to the Philippians (free this month!), Dr. Robert Sloan reveals how a thorough understanding of this letter will help y... [Products]

November 15, 1PM

Most children who’ve attended Sunday school classes can tell you what happened at the Tower of Babel. King Nimrod wanted to be famous, so he convinced the people of Babylon to build a great tower that would reach heaven. God could see that the people w... [articles]


How would you like to become a bestselling Christian writer, author of a devotional classic that not only still sells well but actually gets read around the world? The only catch is that the book has to come out after you die. That’s the story of Oswald... [articles] [tributes]

November 14, 5AM

The Dead Sea Scrolls are one of the most significant biblical archaeological discoveries of all time. They shed new light on the teachings and culture surrounding the New Testament and the life of Jesus. People around the world have been able to see the s... [Training]

November 13, 1PM

But who do they say I am? Find answers from Scripture to the probing question Jesus asked his disciples with the four video courses in the Jesus and the World He Lived in Bundle. You’ll save 36% when you buy this bundle as part of November’s Publisher... [Products] [logos mobile education] [mobile ed] [Training] [tutorial]


If you’re a preacher, teacher, or Bible study leader you probably have a fairly consistent approach to study and/or preparation. In other words, you may go through the same steps of lesson development each week. For example, I personally follow my metho... [Training]

November 11, 11AM

Another Christmas, another opportunity to capture imaginations with the beauty of the Incarnation. While the Matthew and Luke narratives will always be wonderful for this, there are plenty of other passages in Scripture that can draw out themes and nuanc... [Apps & Web Tools] [articles] [Christmas passages] [Proclaim] [sermon texts] [Sermons] [Verse art]

November 10, 1PM

I finally bought a Logos base package when I realized how often I was about to leave my beautiful new bride at home while I finished up my dissertation at the library. I still had to spend time in the stacks and study carrels, but Logos let me spend much ... [Products]


Scholars often portray Luther as a heroic revolutionary, totally unlike his peers and forebears. But is this accurate? At times this revolutionary model of Luther has come to some shocking conclusions, particularly concerning the doctrine of the Trinity. ... [articles] [Products]

November 9, 5AM

There are just a few days left to save on Reformation books and courses. To celebrate 500 years of the Protestant faith, we’ve pulled together essential collections by or about the Reformers and the Reformation. Get up to 80% off these resources for jus... [Products]

November 8, 3PM

What’s the easiest way to get started with Logos—without getting overwhelmed? You can certainly install the desktop or mobile apps as most users do, but there’s an even easier and faster option: the web app. We’ll use it for this tutorial. Here ar... [Apps & Web Tools]


In the sixth chapter of Genesis, we’re confronted with a curious reference to the Nephilim. Who are they? Were they a race who came to be through the mingling of divine beings and the daughters of men? Were the Nephilim engineered by God’s enemies to ... [articles]


In the opening verse of his most famous letter, Paul tells us the first thing he wants us to know about him. Here’s the Holman Christian Standard Bible: Paul, a slave of Christ Jesus. (Rom 1:1) (HCSB) He is a slave to Jesus, the Jewish Messiah. But ther... [articles]

November 7, 3PM

Is Greek easier than you think? Find out for yourself during a special Facebook Live session starting at 1:30 p.m. (PT) on Wednesday, November 8. Dr. John Schwandt, executive director of Logos Mobile Education, will take your questions and explain the fi... [Products] [Greek] [logos mobile education] [mobile ed]


The first book of Proverbs announces, “These are the proverbs of Solomon, son of David, king of Israel” (compare Prov 10:1; 25:1). By its own testimony, though, the book of Proverbs had many authors: “These are the sayings of the wise [literally, wi... [articles]

November 6, 3PM

At a recent Camp Logos an attendee asked this question: Can we execute a Match all word forms search with an Inline search? First, I’ll give a little explanation. On the Search panel menu resides the option to Match all word forms. With this feature se... [Training]


The Lexham Theological Wordbook is a new breed of language tool, one built for any student of the Bible. Craig Bartholomew explains: In a day in which seminaries and universities are loosening their hold on the biblical languages Lexham Press is boldly le... [Apps & Web Tools] [Training]

November 4, 4AM

Looking for a great book in theology or biblical studies? We’ve pulled together 50 resources you’ll love on everything from C.S. Lewis to archaeology. And you can get them for up to 50% off! It’s all a part of November’s monthly sale. Check out ev... [Products]
Save at least 30% this month on video classes from Logos Mobile Education, all lit up in November’s Publisher Spotlight. Here’s a peek at the bundles and individual classes on sale. Jesus and the World He Lived in Bundle (4 courses, save 36%) This fou... [Products] [commentaries] [logos mobile education] [mobile education]

November 3, 2PM

“Who do people say that I am?” Learn how the ancient world answered the Lord’s question with this month’s Free Book of the Month. This time, though, the free book is much more than a book: it’s a 1-hour video course. During November you can expe... [Products] [logos mobile education]

12 PM

Since the first volume was released five years ago, the Lexham Bible Guides have become some of our most popular resources. The series has grown to cover the entire Pauline corpus and two volumes on Genesis. Now, two new volumes are on the horizon: Jonah ... [Products]

November 2, 12 PM

Our Logos Mobile Education crew met up with Kevin Vanhoozer near Chicago to film a new course on doctrine and discipleship: Theological Interpretation of Scripture in the Church. While we were there, we discussed a new project he’s been working on, A R... [Products]


I spent hours looking over Logos base packages before I bought one (Gold). I did the sourame before I upgraded (Platinum). How can you make an informed purchasing decision? Which base package do you need? The homework necessary to figure it out may be dau... [articles]

November 1, 2PM

There’s a makeover video on YouTube that is now clocking in at 25 million views. And it points, through a sad irony, to a truth recovered 500 years ago at the Reformation. The timelapse video shows Jim Wolf’s stunning transformation from unkempt stree... [articles]

12 PM

Whether you’re just starting out with Logos, own an earlier base package, or just want to upgrade your Logos 7 library, now is the perfect time to get a base package. For a limited time, Logos 7 is 20% off. And if you need more reasons, here are three ... [Products]


As finite beings in a finite universe, it’s almost impossible for us to imagine what God was doing before time and matter as we know it was created. Was God alone? Was he adrift in a vast nothingness? Does the Bible give us any indication what life was ... [articles]

October 31, 2PM

Few American theologians have shaped Christian thinking, preaching, and even revival practices as much as Jonathan Edwards. And Edwards left many volumes of memoirs, letters, sermons, and notes. His “Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God” is probably t... [articles]

12 PM

The first of Luther’s famous 95 Theses—whose 500th anniversary we celebrate today—is a critique of an erroneously translated phrase in Jerome’s translation of Matthew 4:17. In English we know this as, “Repent, for the kingdom of heaven is at han... [articles]


This is your last chance to pre-order T&T Clark’s 19-volume Karl Barth Collection before it ships. The pre-pub price is $199.99, more than 50% off the regular price! These new volumes offer the latest scholarship on this important figure in Christia... [Products] [Karl Barth] [Logos Bible Software] [Pre-Pub]

October 30, 3PM

If you want to do expository preaching right, Bryan Chapell’s classic Christ-Centered Preaching is a must read. (And if it’s not already on your digital bookshelf, it should be!) Dr. Chapell is senior pastor at Grace Presbyterian Church in Peoria, Il... [articles] [Products] [pastor appreciation month]

12 PM

October is almost over, and that means time’s almost up to save 50–75% on top popular reference resources from Yale University Press. Among the eight great resources on sale, you can get the 33-volume Anchor Yale Bible Reference Library for 50% off. ... [Products]


One of my favorite Logos 7 features is the Concordance which allows us to conduct a word count, develop a lemma list, and much more. As I’m sure you’ve discovered, a few minutes are necessary the first time we create a Concordance report for an in... [articles]

October 28, 12 PM

The Anchor Yale Bible is one of the most sought-after critical commentaries available today. Scholars and pastors alike rely on it for its lucid analysis of every passage in both testaments and the apocrypha. With its diversity of perspectives—Protestan... [Products]


Starting November 1, you can enjoy free, unlimited access to every feature and resource of Logos 7 Platinum during a special two-week free trial event. It’s a bit like test-driving a car, but with no strings. You don’t even have to leave the house. Ye... [articles] [Featured] [Products] [Bible study] [free] [logos 7 platinum]

October 27, 2PM

We are all tempted to believe lies about our identities that shape our daily lives. As Dayton Hartman puts it, “Our hearts, apart from God’s regenerating grace, are literally lie-producing and lie-believing machines.” But Hartman is convinced there ... [articles] [Products]

12 PM

When you don’t know the Greek alphabet, reading commentaries and reference books can sometimes feel like analyzing a redacted document. Greek and Hebrew words look so foreign to English readers, they might as well be covered with a black bar. To make m... [Products]


It’s the end of the month, and it’s time to take advantage of all these free, on sale, and otherwise outstanding deals. Take a look at this week’s Friday Wrap-Up: Try Logos 7 Platinum free, Nov. 1–14 Starting November 1, you can enjoy free, unlimi... [articles] [Featured] [Misc.] [Products] [commentaries] [free] [logos 7 platinum] [pastor appreciation month]

October 26, 2PM

I once gave a presentation at my church on “Why Bible Typography Matters.” It was announced a month or so in advance, and people started making comments to me about it. Someone said, “You’re going to talk about Bible typology—like how Joseph pre... [articles]

12 PM

If you’ve never owned Logos before, you can get your first base package for less than $200–but only through October 31. You’ll you get a library of more than 100 valuable Bible study resources—plus tools that make them even more useful. ... [articles] [Products]


October’s monthly sale is winding down, but there’s still time to pick up commentaries, courses, and other Bible study resources at a steep discount. You can save up to 50% now through October 31. Here are four of this month’s most popular deals. Ge... [Products]

October 25, 2PM

Image courtesy of the Southern Baptist Historical Library & Archive Pastor. Preacher. President. Considered one of the most influential ministers of the 20th century, Adrian Rogers held these titles with distinction. He led Bellevue Baptist Church in... [Products]

12 PM

“Should we split infinitives? Can we say ‘to boldly go where no one has gone before’?” A sharp teenage girl in my church recently asked me this. Great question. How do we judge what is “correct” English, anyway? And should Bible teachers even,... [articles]


He’s the universe’s public enemy number one, the chief opponent of God and his people, and the leader of uncounted demonic forces. Jesus says he’s been a murderer from the beginning, and he’s engaged in an all-out war against the forces of good in... [articles]

October 24, 2PM

October is Pastor Appreciation Month, and to mark the occasion we’re offering 50 ministry resources for 50% off. But you don’t have to be a pastor to appreciate these commentaries, courses, and ministry deals. Pick your favorites while you sti... [articles]

12 PM

We all know why co-signing a loan is required. The bank assumes that the person who is being loaned the money may not be able to repay it. Their commitment or ability is in question. In the Bible, God typically swears by his own character when entering a ... [articles]


Was Jonah swallowed by a fish or a whale? Various opinions can be found in classic works, such as this third-century artistic rendition of the scene, Jerome’s Latin Vulgate, Tyndale’s 1534 translation, and in most theological works to date. In this we... [articles]

October 23, 12 PM

If you’ve never purchased Logos before, through the end of the month you can get any version of Logos 7 Starter (Standard, Anglican, Baptist, and more) for under $200. It’s the first time Logos 7 Starter has ever been offered at this low a price. But ... [Misc.]


I recently received this question from a fellow Logos user: I’m often in the midst of my study when I have to close Logos to move on to other tasks for the day. Is there a way to open the program to the desktop arrangement I had when I closed the progra... [articles]

October 21, 4AM

The greatest missionary of all time is God himself. His love for the lost beats in multifaceted ways: He sent his Son far away from home to a lost, antagonistic world. His Son, in turn, gave his disciples a great commission to spread that love worldwide. ... [articles] [Products]

October 20, 4AM

Sound Christian doctrine and good Christian living are intimately tied together. You cannot have one without the other. This is especially true for church leaders. In his letter to Titus, the Apostle Paul implores the reader to take truth seriously and to... [articles] [Products]

October 19, 2PM

Deciding how to invest in Logos is all about finding the best base package for your needs. If you’re writing sermons, Gold may be a great fit. If you’re writing dissertations, you may want Platinum. But no matter what kind of study you want to underta... [articles]

12 PM

We’ve put together five brand new bundles to celebrate the 500th anniversary of the Reformation. But you only have until Reformation Day, October 31, to take advantage of the 60% discount. Right now, you can get them all for just $99.99 each! Here’s a... [Products]


Systematic Theologies are excellent resources for studying any biblical doctrine. They lay out complex theological topics in an intelligible way and contain a wealth of related Scripture references. It can be difficult, however, to know how to study furth... [Misc.]

October 18, 4AM

The following post explaining the origin of the Elohim is adapted from Dr. Michael Heiser’s The Unseen Realm. We all have watershed moments in life, critical turning points where, from that moment on, nothing will ever be the same. One such moment in my... [articles]

October 17, 12 PM

Through October 23 at noon, you can get one of the most important theological works of the twentieth century for a fraction of the regular price. As part of our Pastor Appreciation Month sale, we’re bringing the price of this 31-volume collection down t... [Products]


This month only you can get three volumes from one of the most celebrated works of modern biblical scholarship for less than the price of a latte. That’s nearly 97% off the regular price. Get all three now. And after you get all three, be sure to pick u... [Products]

October 16, 12 PM

Last week’s post answered a user’s question on how to find hymns based on a Scripture reference. Today, using a feature called field searching, we’ll locate hymns written by a specific author, with a desired title, or containing certain words. If yo... [articles] [Training]
  Jonathan Edwards may be the greatest and most important theologian America has produced. His depth and breadth of knowledge across multiple disciplines, including the natural sciences and philosophy, would be impressive for a pastor working today. ... [articles]


October’s monthly sale offers you a number of bargains, including the ever-popular 27-volume Analytical Bible Expositor series. Through October 31, you’ll save 34% ($165.02) on John G. Butler’s chapter-by-chapter, verse-by-verse commentary. Obviousl... [articles] [Featured] [Misc.] [Products] [Bible study] [commentaries] [commentary] [Preaching]

October 14, 4AM

Your songs teach theology. Your prayers teach how to pray. Your church calendar teaches what to prioritize. Everything teaches—even the little things. What lessons are you teaching? For several years I attended a church where we stood for the reading o... [articles] [Products]

October 13, 2PM

The Bible is mysterious, surprising—and often deeply misunderstood. There are many passages in Scripture that communicate important ideas and events clearly and simply, transcending differences in language and context. But there are also many passages t... [articles]
Here’s another weekly roundup of videos, freebies, deals, and more from Faithlife. Get Proclaim and media free with Logos 7! Just in time to plan your Thanksgiving, Advent, and Christmas services: Get Logos 7 before Oct. 31 to unlock three free months o... [articles] [Misc.] [Products] [Books] [commentaries] [free] [free book] [free book of the month] [giveaway]

12 PM

  You’ll save more than half off the regular price (51%!) on all 88 volumes of The Anchor Yale Bible through October 31. But that’s not the only reason it’s a perfect time to add this collection to your Logos library. Here are four more. It’s stu... [articles] [Misc.] [Products] [Anchor Yale Bible] [Bible study] [commentaries]

October 12, 10AM

The creation account is one of the most debated and discussed passages in the Bible. Scholars and theologians have wrestled with the nature of Genesis 1–2 for years. There are a variety of different ways to read and understand the creation account from ... [articles] [Products]


Last week we looked at how the biblical authors used the same terms repeatedly in different passages to indicate emphasis. This week we will reuse the Word List tool to find repeated terms in a single passage—we’ll discover a second use of the literar... [articles]

October 11, 1PM

If you’ve never gotten Logos before, there’s still time to get your first package for under $200. This is an unprecedented offer—the first time we’ve ever offered a Logos 7 base package for this low a price. And to help you get started... [Products]

October 10, 2PM

This month we’re shining the spotlight on Yale University Press. Save on must-have resources for serious Bible students, pastors, or anyone who wants to better understand the depths of Scripture. Through the end of the month, get up to 75% off many... [articles] [Products] [Bible study] [commentaries]

12 PM

When we think of creation, we think of everything beginning with God’s spoken word—as Genesis 1 tells us. But some Old Testament writers concentrate on another aspect of creation—and a weird one at that. In Psalm 74, in the middle of God’s orderin... [articles]


We’re celebrating the 500th anniversary of the Reformation this month by exploring its hidden history. In this post, Dr. Mark Ward explains why publishing God’s Word was such a source of controversy in the Reformation era. Learn more about the events... [articles]

October 9, 12 PM

My mentor years ago told me that outside of the Bible, one of the most important books to have in my library is a good hymnal (or two or three or more!). In light of that I was thrilled to recently receive the following question from a fellow Logos user: ... [articles]


October is Pastor Appreciation Month. What do you give to a person whose calling is to spend himself for others? The key to good gift-giving is tapping into what the recipient values, even if it’s not what the giver values. Here are four suggestions of ... [articles] [Products]

October 6, 12 PM

Here’s this week’s roundup of freebies, deals, and more from Faithlife. Logos 7 under $200 for the first time If you’ve ever wanted to get Logos but have been waiting for the best possible deal, the time is now. Through October 11, first-time base p... [Misc.] [Products] [commentaries] [free] [free book] [free book of the month] [Greek] [Hebrew] [Pre-Pub]

October 5, 12 PM

Greek New Testament manuscripts often use paragraphs to indicate a shift in thought. But modern editors have not felt bound by these paragraph divisions: each Bible text may have its own. Paragraphing is a necessary task for translation—and a help for i... [articles]


This month only we’re giving away The Anchor Yale Bible: Romans—and you can add two more volumes from this series for under $5. But that’s not all: the complete series is available for half off! When you get these three volumes for under $5, we’ll... [Products]

October 4, 12 PM

Using Bible software is now a key ministry skill. And if you are training the next generation of pastors, missionaries, and Bible teachers, your students need you to teach them that skill whether they know it or not. Ask yourself, dear prof, do you want y... [articles] [Products]


Corporations cook their books. Politicians get caught taking bribes. Scientists fudge data. Should the writer of Chronicles be judged the same way? It’s widely known that the books of 1–2 Chronicles are a reiteration of the history of Israel found in ... [articles]

October 3, 12 PM

October is here, and along with it come serious savings of 20 to 50% on your favorite Logos resources—from Church life and history to biblical studies and theology. Shop the sale today! And be sure to check out these featured items: Analytical Bible Ex... [Products] [Bible study] [Biblical languages] [commentaries] [Philippians] [Roy Gingrich] [Tyndale]


We’re celebrating pastors this month by offering half-off resources to strengthen your ministry. Choose from books that help you be a more effective preacher, leader, or counselor. Each one is half off, so whatever books you choose, you’ll save. And d... [Misc.]

October 2, 12 PM

This month marks 500 years since Martin Luther kindled the Protestant Reformation. Faithlife is celebrating by exploring the hidden history of this pivotal event and offering deep discounts on works by Reformers past and present. Here’s how you can join... [Featured]


The old adage says, “A picture is worth a thousand words.” Pictures many times communicate at a glance what words cannot. That can also be true of Logos searching. Imagine this scenario: we’re reading about “righteousness” in Rom... [articles]

September 29, 12 PM

The following is a guest post written by Andy Naselli, author of No Quick Fix: Where Higher Life Theology Came From, What It Is, and Why It’s Harmful. A silver lining of theological controversy is that it can help you refine how you understand what ... [articles] [Products]


On Wednesday I posted a translation of the wise and valuable—and largely forgotten—preface to the most important English Bible ever: the King James Version. Today’s Christians think of the KJV as settled, established, widely accepted, and honored. S... [articles]

September 28, 4AM

There are only a few days left to add The NIV Application Commentary: Mark to your Logos library for free. At the same time, get two additional volumes in this series (Job and 1 Peter) for under $5—but only through the end of the month. Get all three ... [articles] [Misc.] [Products] [commentaries] [commentary] [free] [free book] [free book of the month]

September 27, 2PM

When I first read the KJV translators’ preface, I was surprised to see that they fully expected a cold reception to their work. They could have no idea that their Bible would one day be praised even by non-Christians for its literary quality and cultur... [articles]


Suddenly it’s the end of summer, which means we’re nearly to the end of September’s deals. Act now to save on an impressive list of commentaries and other resources. But these sale prices end September 30. Between now and the end of the month you ca... [articles] [Misc.] [Products] [Books] [commentaries] [monthly sale September]


If you’ve ever wanted to get Logos but have been waiting for the best possible deal, the time is now. Through Oct. 11, first-time base package purchasers can get Logos 7 Starter for under $200. This is the lowest price for Logos 7 we’ve ever offered o... [Products]

September 26, 4AM

This month’s Publisher Spotlight is still offering 30% savings (and Dynamic Pricing!) on selected Zondervan study resources, commentaries, and reference works—but only through September 30. Here are three good reasons to take advantage of this month... [articles] [Products] [commentaries]

September 25, 4AM

Last week’s blog post focused on Notes and we’ll continue that theme this week. Sometimes as we’re studying the Bible, the insights we gain for one passage apply equally to another. For example, as we study the results of Spirit fullness in Ephesian... [articles] [Training]

September 23, 4AM

Seeing Scripture through the eyes of its original readers takes effort. It’s not enough to read the text and consult a few cross-references. To enter the world of the original audience, we must peel back the layers of history and reveal the culture, bel... [Products]

September 22, 2PM

We’re giving away a Logos 7 Gold base package—a $1,500 value—and you have unlimited chances to win. Plus, just by entering you’ll get 10 days of free Bible study training! Follow the 10-Day Bible Study Training Group on Faithlife for your chance t... [Products]

12 PM

Walter Strickland speaking at Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary. On Wednesday, Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary held an event to celebrate the release of Plain Theology for Plain People. Speaking at the event, Walter Strickland III said, ... [articles] [Products]


If there’s one contemporary commentary series on your “must have” list, it’s probably the NIV Application Commentary Bundle. And as part of September’s Publisher Spotlight, you can get all 42 volumes for 30% off this month only. You’ll save $3... [articles] [Misc.] [Products]

September 21, 2PM

If you’ve seen any promotions from Logos lately, you may have run into the phrase, “Dynamic Pricing.” For example, all Zondervan resources are Dynamically Priced this month. So what exactly is Dynamic Pricing, why is it a big deal, and how can it sa... [articles] [Misc.] [Products] [Books] [commentaries] [Greek] [Hebrew] [logos] [Zondervan]

12 PM

I don’t just read the books in my Logos library; I use them. I use them for preaching, for writing, for study, for personal emails, for online discussions with friends. I use my digital books in Logos so often that I get frustrated when the information ... [articles]


Now there’s a free way to start using Logos, and you don’t have to download a thing. Logos Cloud Basic gives you access to a selection of Logos tools and books to take you deeper in your Bible study. It all happens right inside your browser, and it’... [articles]

September 20, 12 PM

My Christian tradition has heroes like every other. This is good, at least when the heroes are good; it’s biblically sound to have heroes (Heb 12:1). The Bible itself offers its (nonetheless flawed) characters in part as moral examples, as heroes. Part ... [articles]


Special pricing during our Zondervan Publisher Spotlight means you’ll save 30% on all 61 volumes (28,000-plus pages!) of the Word Biblical Commentary—but only through September 30. WBC is one of our most popular commentary series on, featuri... [Products] [commentaries] [commentary]

September 19, 4AM

The most-watched Christian worldview show in America, The John Ankerberg Show, is now on Faithlife TV. Here’s why this is great news for you. 1. You can learn from experts on virtually any Christian living topic. Learn apologetics from foremost scholar... [Products]

September 18, 3PM

Nabeel Quereshi, the subject of a 2015 Bible Study Magazine cover story, died of stomach cancer on Saturday. Guest author Dr. Michael Licona offers this remembrance.  About 20 years ago, my wife Debbie and I started a small group comprised of a few Chr... [articles]


If you’ve been to Camp Logos, you know I’m a big cheerleader for saving research in Notes documents. I believe this is a convenient and secure way to archive insights into Scripture. In light of that, I was thrilled to receive the following question ... [Misc.]

September 16, 4AM

If you go to seminary, there are a certain tasks you will be asked to do. I don’t have to know which school you’re going to or what classes you’re taking. You’ll be doing these things. Three of them. Promise. I’ve used pretty much all the major ... [articles]

September 15, 12 PM

It’s a celebrated commentary series, with nine volumes ranked in top ten lists on And it’s coming to Logos—but only with your help. The Old and New Testament Library series is currently available on Pre-Pub, and you can get it ... [Products]


What do you do when your biblical commentaries contradict one another? And what if two lexicons seem to support opposing translations? Responsible biblical interpretation requires listening to a range of voices, understanding relevant literature, digging ... [Products]

September 14, 12 PM

Truly understanding someone you deeply disagree with is exhausting. It’s a labor of love. A friend with different politics recently brought up a subject about which I know “my side’s” position but not my own. I sensed he was attacking my tribe, bu... [articles]


Dive into 10 volumes and 6,524 pages. With special pricing during this month’s Publisher Spotlight, now is a perfect time to add the Zondervan Exegetical Commentary on the New Testament to your digital library. Examine Each Verse in Depth Each volume in... [articles] [Featured] [Misc.] [Products]
This is a guest post by Christopher Reese, general editor of the Dictionary of Christianity and Science. Pre-order the dictionary before 9/22 to save 18%.  Many influential sectors of our culture today promote the idea that Christianity and science are m... [articles]

September 13, 12 PM

Don’t miss the NIV Application Commentary: Mark from Zondervan, free to you during the month of September. Add a second volume to your library for only $1.99! Get both now. This month’s Plus One is the NIV Application Commentary: Job. Dig deeper with ... [articles] [Featured] [Products] [Bible study] [Books] [commentaries] [free] [free book] [free book of the month] [giveaway]
Good pastors are busy people. I was reminded of this last week when I filled in for my own pastor and had to fit sermon prep for a Sunday morning message into my own schedule. Amidst entertaining two out-of-town guests and two out-of-continent guests (we ... [articles]

September 12, 12 PM

Photo by Luke Palmer on Unsplash One of the more vexing problems in the Old Testament is how to parse the parallel accounts of 1  Chronicles 21:1–17 and 2 Samuel 24:1–25. 1 Chronicles 21:1–2: Then Satan stood against Israel and incited David to ... [articles]

September 11, 12 PM

A fellow Logos user recently posted the following question on a Logos blog: Is there a way to find every time there is eating/a meal in the New Testament?  I think there is a lot of activity that goes on around a table or just eating. With the Bible Sens... [Training]

September 9, 4AM

If you’re a busy student trying to get the most out of your Bible education, Logos 7 Academic Basic is designed for you—and it’s free. Here are four reasons to consider Logos 7 Academic Basic: Bundle serious resources—for free Because serious stu... [articles] [Products]

September 8, 12 PM

Have you seen the deals included in September’s monthly sale? Stock up on commentaries, reference works, Christian living books, and other resources to deepen your study. Explore all titles, and don’t miss these featured deals: Exegetical Sum... [Products]


In the Book of Proverbs, you’ll find a blueprint for how to build a life according to God’s wisdom. Allan Moseley categorized every verse in this biblical book according to its subject and the result is his new book Living Well. He walks through speci... [Misc.]

September 7, 12 PM

This is a guest post by Paul Tripp. We’re hosting Paul Tripp’s latest conference live via Faithlife! Join us on Friday, September 29 (7pm-10 p.m. EDT) and Saturday, September 30 (9 a.m.–12 p.m. EDT). Do those dates or times not work? Don... [articles]


One of the most useful aspects of Logos Bible Software is its suite of original language tools. Logos makes it easy to look up and search Greek lemmas in a variety of ways. If you don’t know Greek, though, you probably aren’t getting the most out of t... [Products] [Greek]

September 6, 3PM

This month only you can get the NIV Application Commentary on Mark for free—no purchase required. Add the commentary on Job for just $1.99, and the commentary on 1 Peter for just $2.99 more. Get all three commentaries now. Are beginnings better than en... [Misc.]

September 4, 4AM

Recently a Logos blog post appeared showing how to research a hapax legomenon in the Bible. This Greek phrase literally means “something said only once” and it refers to a word which appears only once in a literary context or an author’s works. The... [Misc.]

September 2, 4AM

This month the Publisher Spotlight aims at Zondervan, with special 30% savings on selected study resources, commentaries, and reference works. Visit the Publisher Spotlight page to discover the latest Zondervan deals. And here’s something that rarely c... [articles] [Featured] [Misc.] [Products]

September 1, 12 PM

Learning and understanding the basic tenets of Christianity can be challenging for new believers. There’s just so much to take in. Where do you begin? Shilo Taylor had to navigate this tension while serving as a youth minister. She wrote Brand New to p... [Misc.]


During the  Back-to-School sale, you can save up to 40% on popular resources like the 25-volume Baker Gospel Studies Collection or the 69-volume Hermeneia and Continental Commentaries. But if you thought 40% off was good, here’s something else to consi... [Products]

August 31, 12 PM

Each week this summer the Logos Pros will teach you how to master the tools and resources of Logos Bible Software. You’ll get some pointers and some study questions.  The Passover is an Israelite celebration with tremendous significance across both tes... [articles] [Products]


Today is your last chance to save 30% on select titles from InterVarsity Press UK. Pick up these collections while you still can: The Bible Speaks Today: Old and New Testaments (55 vols.): Choose from the Old Testament, New Testament, or pick up both wi... [Misc.]

August 30, 2PM

Time’s running out to get this month’s free book, Why I Am a Christian by John Stott’s. And don’t miss your chance to pick up another book by Stott for just $1.99. Pick up both before August 31 at 11:59 p.m. (PT). Get both now. Wh... [Misc.]

August 28, 12 PM

A fellow Logos user recently presented me with the following scenario: Peter, of course, is traditionally labeled the outspoken apostle. He spoke to Jesus where others didn’t (at least based on what we have recorded). How can I find the verses in which ... [Misc.]

August 25, 2PM

There’s less than a week left to take advantage of big savings during August’s Monthly Sale. Save up to 40% on works by Simon Kistemaker, Kevin Vanhoozer, Joel Greene, and other great scholars. Here’s a rundown of the can’t-miss de... [Products]

August 24, 2PM

Each week this summer the Logos Pros will teach you how to master the tools and resources of Logos Bible Software. You’ll get some pointers and some study questions.  Shakespeare used around 17,000 different words to write his plays; some of them he us... [articles] [Training]

12 PM

Take advantage of exceptional bundled values on study resources from Baker Book House during this year’s Logos Back-to-School sale. You’ll save on the Academic New Testament Backgrounds collection, the Evangelical Exegetical Commentary, and many other... [Featured] [Misc.] [Products]

August 23, 12 PM

Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount amazed its original hearers; it subverted their expectations on multiple levels. It’s the meek who win the world. Believers are supposed to be happy when persecuted. And then this: Jesus, this new teacher with author... [articles]

August 22, 12 PM

We’ve slashed prices on dozens of Christian resources for August’s monthly sale. Browse all deals now, or read on to learn more about this month’s featured resource. Select Works of Simon Kistemaker Writing with his characteristic warmth... [Products]


In Mark chapter 8, Jesus heals a blind man at a pool in Bethsaida. But what if no archaeological evidence for Bethsaida exists? Would you question the Gospels? Or what if first-century crucifixion practices weren’t actually how Scripture describes t... [Misc.] [Archaeology] [Contradict] [Does] [gospels]

August 21, 4AM

Logos 7 Academic Basic is available now for immediate download. Get original language tools and a library of resources custom-built for scholars and academics—completely free. Perhaps you’ve been wanting to try serious Bible software, but haven’t ye... [Featured] [Products] [Academic Basic] [bible software] [Bible study] [commentaries] [commentary] [free] [Greek] [greek lexicon] [Hebrew] [hebrew lexicon] [logos] [logos 7] [scholars]
Recently, I received an e-mail from a seasoned Logos user who presented the following scenario: I’ve been with Logos for many years and amassed numerous resources. As I surveyed my Library I realized some of these resources I may not use. Is there a way... [articles] [Training]

August 19, 4AM

Each week this summer the Logos Pros will teach you how to master the tools and resources of Logos Bible Software. You’ll get some pointers and some study questions.  If you’ve spent real time in the Bible, certain phrases will stick in your mind. An... [articles] [Training]

August 18, 12 PM

Whether you’re just starting your studies or you’re headed back for your final year in school, making the most of your time in seminary should be a priority for every student. But not every student can foresee the realities, responsibilities, and chal... [Misc.]


Even if you’re not headed for a classroom this fall, that doesn’t mean you can’t keep learning. We’ve pulled together dozens of resources to help you deepen your understanding of God’s Word. Save 20 percent when you buy up to four products and 4... [Featured] [Misc.] [Products] [Books] [commentaries] [Greek] [Hebrew]

August 16, 2PM

Throughout August you can get 30% off the Tyndale Commentary Series. This massive collection from IVP combines the Tyndale Old Testament Commentary and the Tyndale New Testament Commentary to provide an exposition of Scripture that is thorough and abr... [Products]

August 15, 4PM

Elisha’s healing of Naaman the leper, commander of the army of the king of Syria, is a familiar story to many (2 Kgs 5:1–27). Naaman hears that Elisha, the prophet of Israel, can heal him, so he makes the trip. When the two meet, Elisha tells him rath... [articles]

August 14, 4AM

Imagine we’re studying Philippians 1:27-30, where Paul mentions he may or may not visit the saints in Philippi. A logical question to ask during our reading of the text is: Did Paul ever mention uncertainty in visiting other cities or churches? Executin... [Misc.]

August 11, 12 PM

Do you remember when you first became a Christian? The joy of being introduced to Jesus is probably one of your most treasured memories. But do you also remember feeling overwhelmed by this completely new life? You probably had so many questions: WhatR... [Misc.]

August 10, 2PM

Each week this summer the Logos Pros will teach you how to master the tools and resources of Logos Bible Software. You’ll get some pointers and some study questions.  Names in the Bible frequently do something different than names in contemporary Weste... [Misc.]

August 8, 4AM

This month only you can get John Stott’s Why I Am a Christian for free! Plus, add Stott’s The Incomparable Christ for just $1.99. Get both now. John Stott’s autobiography of faith In a dark little chapel many years ago, a solitary sch... [Products]

August 7, 12 PM

This month we’re shining the spotlight on IVP UK. Get 30% off some of your favorite commentary series and reference works! Here are the deals you don’t want to miss: The Bible Speaks Today Commentary Series – $699.99 $489.99 – C... [Products]


With the recent release of Logos 7.8 you’ll discover a small, but very useful feature that numerous people have requested: reopen the last closed tab! Imagine you accidentally closed a resource, Guide, Factbook, or even a Search panel. You can now quick... [Training]

August 3, 4AM

Paul addresses the qualifications for church leadership in texts such as 1 Timothy 3:1-13 and Titus 1:1-9; however, the structure of church leadership is a little less black and white. For this reason, churches have a variety of leadership models. Some as... [articles]

August 2, 12 PM

August is here, which means we’ve rounded up another batch of great deals on resources to help you go deeper into the Word. This month, you’ll find commentaries, reference works, original language resources, theology, and so much more—all fo... [Products]

August 1, 2PM

When exposed to evil, we might doubt God’s presence. Soldiers’ accounts and memoirs often recall times of doubt as they grappled with war, atrocity and, ultimately, the struggle between good and evil. While Scripture is clear that good will triumph, i... [Misc.]

July 31, 4AM

An itinerant Bible teacher recently told me he uses the new Sermon Editor for his messages. He enjoys the power of creating his outline and handout in the same document, as well as, the security of backing up and synchronizing his files to various device... [Training]

July 29, 4AM

The Mobile Ed Leadership Conference begins in just three days, but you still have time to register for this one-of-a-kind online training event. We’ve pulled together Keynote Videos, online Breakout Sessions, and Self-Guided Workshops so you can get a c... [Products]

July 28, 4AM

Richard Averbeck of Trinity Evangelical Divinity School calls Grant Osborne “one of the premier New Testament commentators of our day.” This exegetical expertise is on display in the Osborne New Testament Commentaries. The next volume in this acclaime... [articles] [Products]

July 27, 2PM

In my work as a Logos Pro, I sometimes hear users say, with a resigned, apologetic tone, “I probably use only 5 percent of the capabilities of Logos.” People with lots of responsibility, lots of training, lots of gifting, and lots of experience in min... [Training]

12 PM

Each week this summer the Logos Pros will teach you how to master the tools and resources of Logos Bible Software. You’ll get some pointers and some study questions. This week: studying root words without tripping over Bible study fallacies. English wor... [Misc.]


Your next great read is here, and it’s free. For just four more days, you can get Mark Noll’s riveting history of the church in North America for FREE. Plus, pick up two more books on Christian history—all for under $5. Get all three while y... [Products]

July 26, 12 PM

John Newton wrote a beautiful letter to a friend which is called in his collected works, “On Controversy”—because that friend was about to engage in public controversy over Christian doctrine; Newton wanted to give him some scriptural counsel. I hav... [articles] [Training]

July 1, 5AM

This month we’re shining the spotlight on Eerdmans’ Publishing. You can save big on some of their most popular series—including the NIGTC and the Pillar New Testament Commentary. Here are just a few of the resources on sale. Visit the Publisher Spot... [Misc.]

June 29, 12 PM

What if the next time you opened your Bible, your commentaries flew off the shelf, opened to the right page, and settled down on the desk in front of you? What if you could just tap a word in your Bible, and instantly see the Greek or Hebrew word it trans... [Misc.]


Time is running out to get John Frame’s Salvation Belongs to the Lord for free. Beginning students of theology and church leaders looking for a theological refresher or teaching tool will welcome this remarkably clear introduction to the doctrines ... [Misc.]

June 28, 12 PM

If you’re looking for a great deal on Logos resources, look no further than the June monthly sale. You can get up to 50% off 50 resources for just three more days. Here are the five most popular resources available in the June monthly sale: Pastorum Se... [Misc.]


Why should Bible teachers go through the pain of learning and then using the original languages of Scripture? I gave you five reasons last week, but persuasion doesn’t occur solely because of reasons. Sometimes personal testimony is most effective. So h... [articles] [Training]

June 27, 12 PM

Dr. Mike Heiser loves to take on tough topics. In addition to his academic work primarily on the first half of the Old Testament books and on Semitic language studies, his published works include a rich trove of popular non-fiction works addressing percep... [Products]


June is almost over, and that means this is your last chance to get a great deal on featured resources from P&R Publishing. We’ve pulled together five of this celebrated Reformed publisher’s most popular series, including the Reformed Expo... [Products]

June 26, 12 PM

A friend and fellow Logos user called me recently with the following scenario: I’m studying in Matthew 12 where Jesus referred to the Pharisees as a “brood of vipers.” It made me think of the fact that Jesus often referenced animals in his speech. H... [articles] [Training]


This time around, there are lots of upgrade options available for current Logos users. And through July 19, they’re all 10% off! If you want to get the complete Logos 7 experience at the most affordable price, take a look at Logos 7 Bronze. Here are thr... [Products]

June 23, 12 PM

Image courtesy of the Southern Baptist Historical Library & Archive The following is a guest post by Steve Rogers, the son of beloved Baptist pastor Adrian Rogers. Assuming that—as part of your job description—you are expected to preach in a churc... [Misc.]

June 22, 2PM

Morris Proctor has spent over 20 years teaching people how to study the Bible better with Logos. He has trained thousands of users including pastors, Christian educators, military chaplains, professors, students, and more. Whether through blog posts, trai... [Products] [Training]

12 PM

This is a guest post by Dr. Daniel Bush. Daniel is the author of Live in Liberty: The Spiritual Message of Galatians and Embracing God as Father: Christian Identity in the Family of God. His newest book is Undefended: Discovering God when Your Guar... [Misc.]


Want to see all the free Logos books you don’t already have? Want to see what Logos books are on sale? Want to see what’s cheap? One of our users in the Logos forums recently shared with other users the links he uses to check all these things (and mor... [articles] [Training]

June 21, 12 PM

Should pastors and other Bible teachers bother to learn Greek and Hebrew? You can use Greek and Hebrew without having to memorize a single paradigm, let alone 3,000 vocab words, so why torture yourself? I’ll give you ten reasons studying the original la... [articles] [Training]

June 20, 4AM

After the great flood, everyone had one language. Humanity congregated in the region of Babylonia (“the land of Shinar”) and started building a tower that would reach into the heavens (Gen 11:1–9). God stopped the project by transforming the single ... [articles]

June 19, 2PM

Several years, ago my good friend Rob Morgan asked me to write the small group study guide for his bestselling book, Red Sea Rules. This life-changing book discusses life principles he personally gleaned from the biblical event of the Israelites crossing... [Training]

12 PM

Make your summer count with savings that keep adding up. During the Logos Summer Sale, you can get up to 50% off your own personal Bible study bundle. Save on Logos 7 base packages, commentaries, and Mobile Ed courses. Build a bundle, save a bundle Stock... [Products]


When you pre-order a Mobile Ed course, you can save up to 40% on new courses from today’s top scholars. With over 30 courses currently on pre-pub, there are many great courses to choose from! Here are five Mobile Ed courses you should pre-order while yo... [Misc.]

June 15, 4AM

Do you ever need to perform searches that connect English with Greek? For example, do you ever need to find out how a specific translation treats a given grammatical construction? This is nearly impossible to do without the specialized tagging in Logos. L... [articles] [Training]

June 14, 4AM

This is it: there are just three days left to save up to 70% on courses from N.T. Wright, Wayne Grudem, Douglas Moo, and other trusted Christian scholars. If you’ve been waiting to pick you favorites, don’t wait any longer. You only have until Friday ... [Misc.]
As a pastor or Bible teacher, you probably copy portions of the Bible into sermons, blog posts, academic papers, or Bible study notes all the time. Recently I had a very specific Bible-copying need: I had to have the entire KJV New Testament text, one ch... [articles] [Training]

June 13, 12 PM

In this post, we interview Dr. Matthew Barrett, Lecturer of systematic theology and church history at Oak Hill Theological College in London, and the general editor of Reformation Theology: A Systematic Summary.  For a limited time, you can get Dr. Barre... [Misc.]


Throughout June we’re shining the spotlight on Reformed publisher P&R. Not only can you get great deals on resources by John Frame, you can get over $100 off the Reformed Expository Commentary! Check out these highlights from this month’s featured... [Products]

June 12, 2PM

Over the past few weeks I’ve been asked the same question by several Logos users so I thought I’d pass along the answer in today’s blog. The question goes something like this: I’ve created several different search collections. Can I create a new c... [Training]


There are dozens of great deals available in the June Monthly Sale. Don’t miss our featured product: Darrel Bock’s Introducing the Gospel and Acts. You can get it for 35% off through the end of the month.  Dr. Bock walks you through the pivo... [Misc.]

June 9, 4AM

The newest volume in the Evangelical Exegetical Commentary series is Philippians by Mark J. Keown. In his epistle to the Philippians, the Apostle Paul addresses internal struggles and external pressures that the church faced. In this volume, Keown shows h... [articles]

June 8, 12 PM

If you want to start a fight, meddle with people’s religion and their grammar at the same time. Here goes: I think it’s time to drop the practice of capitalizing deity pronouns in Christian writing and in (most) Bible translations. Shall we take this ... [articles] [Training]


There are lots of different resources to help you study the Bible, from commentaries and concordances to devotionals and dictionaries. But by far the most powerful is Bible software. Wouldn’t it be great if you could get a free Bible software download? ... [Misc.] [free bible software] [free download] [logos 7 basic]

June 7, 2PM

He’s one of the most influential living Christian philosophers and theologians. And this month only you can get a foundational theological work from John Frame for free. Frame’s presuppositional approach to apologetics and systematic theology has infl... [Misc.]

12 PM

We’ve pulled together dozens of Mobile Ed courses to help you tackle tough theological topics from creation to eschatology. And best of all, they’re all available for 40-70% off. We’ve extended this sale for an extra week, but don’t wait: these de... [Misc.]


Everyone knows the KJV was translated in 1611, but almost no one has read a 1611 KJV. Not only do the great majority of KJV editions actually come from a 1769 revision (one of a series of revisions), but even the “1611” editions available online are n... [articles] [Products]

June 6, 12 PM

One of the things I enjoy telling people in conversations about Bible study is that “if it’s weird, it’s important.” Numbers 5:11–31 certainly qualifies in both respects. The strangeness of the passage is easily detectable, but only careful Bibl... [Misc.] [hermeneutics] [Interpretation] [Michael Heiser] [Numbers] [old testament] [water ritual] [weird bible passages]


Last summer, a theological debate exploded across the internet on a subject many would have thought was settled all the way back at the Council of Nicaea: the Trinity. No one was arguing for a fundamental reinterpretation of this historic Christian belief... [Misc.]

June 5, 12 PM

Perhaps you’re a: Pastor preaching through a book in the Bible Teacher guiding your pupils through a book study Student of the Bible wanting to get a grasp of a biblical book So for whatever reason you want to see the big picture of Genesis, Exodus, o... [Misc.]

June 2, 12 PM

In his letter to the Galatians, the Apostle Paul sought to correct a church that had lost the heart of the gospel. Dr. Grant Osborne calls this letter “the first great theological battle in the history of the church.” At the core of the disagreement w... [Misc.]


Video can be a great tool to help you further your theological knowledge. Whether it’s providing material for Sunday school classes, small groups, or your congregation, biblical video content can start meaningful conversations in your church and dee... [Misc.]

June 1, 12 PM

In this post,  Dr. Peter Leithart weighs in on the recent debate concerning relationships in the Trinity. Don’t miss Michael Bird’s overview of the debate over at the Logos Academic Blog. Then, visit this blog next Tuesday for an exclusive ... [articles]


This month we’re shining the spotlight on P&R Publishing. For the next 30 days you can save 30% on some of this beloved Reformed publisher’s most popular titles! Here’s a rundown of what’s on sale: Reformed Expository Commentary (20 vol... [Misc.]

May 31, 4AM

The American evangelical church likes to ride pendulum swings. I’m not talking about the revolving door of theologically vapid church marketing gimmicks. I mean things that you and I do. You know, us: the kind of people who read Bible software blogs, wh... [articles] [Training]

May 30, 4AM

Some of the most challenging issues in biblical studies and theology are also the most rewarding. To help you tackle the doctrines and passages that have challenged theologians over the centuries, we’ve pulled together five essential courses by scholars... [Products]

May 29, 4AM

Recently, I had a Bible study leader contact me with the following scenario: Sometimes I want to teach a topical lesson, but I’m not sure which verses in the Bible discuss the subject. Is there a straightforward way, in the software, to discover relevan... [articles] [Training]

May 26, 4AM

While encyclopedias and dictionaries on the Bible are plenty, encyclopedias on early Christianity are either outdated or have not been translated into English. Over the course of the past few decades, scholars and teachers have discovered the richness of ... [Products] [early church] [encyclopedia of ancient christianity] [Patristics]

May 25, 4AM

This is a guest post by Dr. Daniel Bush. Daniel is the author of Live in Liberty: The Spiritual Message of Galatians, May’s Free Book of the Month. Seven years ago, my world fell apart. At the time I was living in Scotland and, for deeply personal reas... [Misc.]

May 24, 2PM

Even professors who teach biblical languages typically teach just one of those languages. They must put forth some effort to maintain their skills in the language they don’t teach. Pastors, too, must take practical steps to retain their knowledge of and... [articles] [Training]

May 23, 4AM

Yom Kippur, the Day of Atonement described in Leviticus 16, is a central element of the Jewish faith, even though it is not practiced today as it was in ancient times. Although many Christians have heard of the day, most would be startled to learn that a ... [articles]

May 22, 2PM

The subject of today’s blog I owe to a pastor-teacher, seasoned Logos user, Camp Logos alumnus, and especially my friend, Dr. Robert Dean. Allow me to set it up for you. Before doing detailed exegesis of passages in a biblical book, it’s a good idea t... [Training]


When it comes to the Bible, we can’t give in to fuzzy logic. We need the courage to have conviction; we can’t shy away from the perplexing passages or tough topics. To help you tackle the tough stuff, we’ve hand-picked some of Mobile Ed’s most pop... [Products]


This is it: the last day you can get the Word Biblical Commentary for just $399.99. That’s 66% off! This is the lowest price the WBC has been in years, and a deal like this isn’t likely to come around again anytime soon. Get it while you still can. ... [Misc.]

May 19, 4AM

There are only so many hours in the day, and every one counts. For pastors, this tension is particularly difficult. According to research conducted by Thom Rainer of Lifeway, pastors spend around 13 hours per week on sermon preparation. With all the other... [Misc.]

May 18, 12 PM

Most of the time you look up a Hebrew word you probably don’t want the extreme depth and complication afforded by the top lexicons. Neither do you want to wade through a tight paragraph of tiny print full of abbreviations you don’t use often enough to... [articles] [Training]

May 17, 4AM

Throughout May we’re shining the spotlight on Faithlife’s own Lexham Press. You can save 30% on some of our most popular collections—including big bundles of commentaries, theology, and more. Here are three bundles that can save you hundreds off the... [Misc.]

May 16, 4AM

Hebrews 10:4 asserts, “It is impossible for the blood of bulls and goats to take away sins,” but Leviticus seems to tell a different story. Even casually reading the book, we notice that Israelites who bring proper sacrifices “shall be forgiven” (... [Misc.]

May 15, 4AM

Often times it’s the little things that mean a lot. And the older I get, the more appreciative I am of a little thing in Logos that makes a big impact. With the click of a mouse we can have an instant large-print library! This feature has been around a ... [Misc.]

May 12, 12 PM

Christians follow a God who throughout Scripture claims to understand the experience of giving birth—both to believers and to a whole new creation. So shouldn’t Christians have a robust view of how the birth process shapes women and shows us the heart... [articles]


This is a guest post by Dan Bush. Dan is the author of Live in Liberty: The Spiritual Message of Galatians, May’s Free Book of the Month. Popular Science magazine ran an intriguing story in July 1999 about the first man in space, Russian cosmonaut ... [articles]

May 11, 12 PM

Good Bible readers have lots of questions. I wonder what other OT verses the author of Hebrews cites? Where was that other question Peter asked Jesus, the one I just read the other day? I wonder how often the NT authors refer to the fall of Adam? And thes... [articles] [Training]


The Word Biblical Commentary delivers the best in biblical scholarship, from the leading scholars of our day—all of whom share a commitment to Scripture as divine revelation. And right now, you can get the entire 62-volume collection for 66% off—the b... [Misc.]

May 10, 4AM

It’s the question that can derail the Sunday School class, make the pastor look poorly educated (i.e., “dumb”), and possibly even damage someone’s faith: Pastor, how come this footnote says that some manuscripts do not include the story of the wom... [articles] [Training]

May 9, 12 PM

Image: Moses and Aaron with the 10 Commandments, Aron de Chaves (1674) One of the most enduring elements of the Bible and the Judaeo-Christian worldview within Western culture is the Decalogue, the Ten Commandments. Even if one can’t recite them all, ... [Misc.]


Now that Bible software is a standard tool for ministry and for academic biblical studies, Bible software training has become a necessary part of the seminary curriculum. Major seminaries across the country and the world, such as Dallas, Moody, and Ridley... [Misc.]

May 8, 12 PM

For years, skeptical scholars claimed that the gospel accounts of Jesus’ burial could not be trusted. Why? For one, claimed the skeptics, Roman authorities would never allow a victim of crucifixion to receive the honorific burial described by Matthew, M... [Misc.]


Even though we’re well into the digital and e-book age, I often still hear Logos users comment they prefer reading from print volumes when covering a large number of pages. I certainly can identity. There’s just something about the feel of the printed... [Misc.]

May 5, 4AM

Throughout May, we’re featuring Faithlife’s very own publishing imprint, Lexham Press. Our roots are in creating innovative resources designed for and integrated into the Logos Bible Software platform. You can get great deals on many of these digital-... [Products]

May 4, 3PM

You’re reading along in Philippians and your eyes traverse Paul’s famous phrase, “our citizenship is in heaven.” Your job, Bible student or teacher, is to understand this metaphor well enough to explain it to others. But at first, it may not feel ... [articles]

12 PM

John Calvin loved the book of Hebrews. “There is indeed, no book in Holy Scripture which . . . so fully explains that Christ is the end of the Law,” said the great Reformer. But it’s that very connection to the Old Testament that makes t... [Misc.]

May 3, 4AM

Have you ever been listening to a preacher who is using a Bible translation different from the one in your lap? Generally, the wording is similar enough to avoid confusion; in fact those differences often provide little insights. But occasionally the diff... [articles] [Training]

May 2, 2PM

A short while ago I blogged about a couple of ways to hear Bible names pronounced. Then recently while working with the leadership at Fellowship Bible Church in Brentwood, TN, my good friend Dr. Michael Easley reminded me of the resource That’s Easy for... [Training]

12 PM

Stream the new film that gives you an inside look at one of the most important figures in church history. Stephen McCaskell’s original documentary combines beautiful animation, powerful storytelling, and riveting interviews with scholars and pastors to ... [Products]


Throughout May we’re giving away free downloads of Dan Bush’s riveting and freeing exploration of Paul’s letter to the Galatians. Live in Liberty: The Spiritual Message of Galatians invites you to experience God’s presence and everlasting peace, s... [Products]

April 29, 10AM

Don’t miss your chance to stock up on some of the best deals available on April’s monthly sale is almost over, which means you have just a few days left to save on commentaries, monographs, topical studies, and more. Here’s a ... [Misc.]

April 28, 2PM

Danny Zacharias and Ben Forrest believe there are certain skills and habits that apply to anyone in a seminary context. Their new book, Surviving and Thriving in Seminary, equips students with the skills to succeed—spiritually, relationally, and academi... [Misc.]


Bible commentaries often focus on one type of learner or the other. Pastoral commentaries provide just a brief overview of the background of the biblical text, focusing instead on practical application. Scholarly commentaries, on the other hand, dive d... [Misc.]

April 27, 12 PM

Your brain has already learned one of the most basic Bible study skills: finding connections. When you’re reading an ending to one of Paul’ letters, maybe you hear a faint echo. You think, “Didn’t Paul say something like this at the end of Colossi... [articles] [Training]


This month we’re shining the spotlight on celebrated publisher InterVarsity Press. For just three more days, you can save 30% on some of their most popular collections—plus get a $40 coupon code to spend during next month’s Publisher Spotlight. Here... [Products]

April 26, 12 PM

Time is running out to stock up on commentaries, monographs, Mobile Ed courses, and more from this year’s Easter sale. Here are the top five, bestselling resources to equip your study on the Resurrection. Get them before April 30 at 11:59 p.m. to sa... [Misc.]


Love of God and neighbor are the two great commandments upon which everything else in the Bible hangs—and, interestingly, the Bible happens to be the only book in the world written by both God and neighbor. So, for Christians, love drives hermeneutics. ... [articles] [Training]

April 25, 2PM

This post is adapted from the transcript to Dr. Daniel Block’s Mobile Ed course on Deuteronomy. To a lot of people, the only disease worse than Leviticus is Deuteronomy. We don’t like this book, we don’t understand this book, we don’t get the ... [articles] [Products]

12 PM

As society and technology careen toward an uncertain future, what does the future hold for Christian ministry? I sat down with Dr. Randy Roberts, president of Western Seminary, for his insights on the next generation of pastors, how technology shapes mini... [Misc.]

April 24, 4AM

This week’s post is centered on the following question I received from a Logos user: I’m hoping you can help me with a frequent task: finding which Greek words (LXX) are used to translate a particular word in the Hebrew text. I’d like to know, for ... [articles] [Training]

April 22, 6AM

Have you ever found yourself caring for a Christian in need? Do you often comfort others through difficult times, but struggle to find the right words? Do you have a passion for serving others but long for an opportunity to sharpen your skills? Logos Mobi... [Misc.]

April 21, 12 PM

Whether you’re digging into views on the millennium or undertaking a study through the Major or Minor prophets, you’ll want to take a look at some of the commentaries featured in the Eschatology Sale. They’re all available for at least ... [Misc.]


Attending seminary can be a wonderfully challenging experience. But so many students enter their studies unprepared for the stress and hardships they might encounter. That’s why Danny Zacharias and Ben Forrest wrote Surviving and Thriving in Seminary. T... [Misc.]

April 19, 4AM

The resurrection is the defining event of the Christian faith, and a single Sunday a year just isn’t enough time to unpack its significance. Here are three resources to help you focus on the importance of the resurrection all year round. They’re all ... [Products]

April 18, 12 PM

Moses’ encounter with God in Exodus 4:21–26 is arguably one of the strangest, most confusing events recorded in the Bible. In this passage, Moses is en route to Egypt—seemingly following God’s call to deliver the Israelites from Pharaoh’s vice-l... [Misc.]

April 17, 2PM

Are you interested in engaging in daily discussions with top scholars? Are you interested in learning more and advancing your theological studies? Mobile Ed has lots of different ways to connect you with biblical and theological scholars. Here are just t... [Misc.]

12 PM

Few theological topics are as convoluted as eschatology. From the striking imagery in the book of Daniel to the triumphant return of Christ depicted in Revelation, biblical passages on the end times at once make us drop our jaws in awe—and scratch our h... [Products]


A Logos user emailed me the following question: Is there any way to set up the highlighting feature of Logos to be part of the right click options in order to quickly be able to highlight key phrases while reading the Bible or other books without having t... [Misc.]

April 14, 4AM

The Christian faith is full of profound truths that defy human understanding. These grand mysteries point us to God’s greatness and goodness and, when contemplated, evoke awe and worship. At the center of our celebration of Easter are two of these myste... [Misc.]

April 13, 12 PM

“Let me get back to you on that.” Years ago, an older, wiser Christian taught me how those eight little words would help me better serve other believers. As an eager, young church leader, I would over commit, agreeing to take on responsibilities until... [articles] [Products]

April 12, 12 PM

March has come and gone, but there are still two days left to save up to 70% on titles by Logos March Madness authors. Some of the biggest discounts you’ll see all year on commentaries, theological resources, and more are available now—but not for... [Products]


You can search for just about anything inside—or near or not near or intersecting or before or within four words of—just about anything else in Logos. You can even search particular highlighting styles. I’m becoming a broken broken record record rec... [articles] [Training]

April 11, 4AM

This is a guest post by Dr. Craig Evans, the John Bisagno Distinguished Professor of Christian Origins at Houston Baptist University. When the Roman authority in Jerusalem crucified Jesus, who was viewed as a dangerous messianic pretender and disturber o... [articles]

April 10, 12 PM

A fellow Logos user recently emailed me an excellent question: As I was reading a chapter in Walter Kaiser’s Classical Evangelical Essays in Old Testament Interpretation, one of the author’s (William Henry Green) made the comment that his essa... [Misc.]


A few years ago, researchers discovered that our memories might not be as reliable as we think. In fact, every time you recall a memory, your brain distorts it a little. Like making a copy of a copy of a copy, you reproduce the event in your mind’s eye ... [articles] [Products]

April 7, 12 PM

Even if you’re unfamiliar with the works of Abraham Kuyper, you might recognize his most famous quote: “There is not a square inch in the whole domain of our human existence over which Christ, who is Sovereign over all, does not cry: ‘Mine!’” Fo... [Misc.]


It’s easy to forget that a chasm of difference lies between our time and the people, customs, and culture of the Bible. It’s only when we take the time to understand those differences, when we reconstruct the world in which those stories took place, t... [Misc.]

April 6, 4AM

The dust has settled and Douglas Moo has been crowned the 2017 Logos March Madness champion. But LMM isn’t just about recognizing the theological greats. It’s also about getting crazy-good deals on biblical and theological resources. For every round o... [Products]

April 5, 12 PM

Your library is an information filter that is itself the product of information filtering. You filtered out all the other books in the world to buy these books, and now, hopefully, they filter out all the information available in the world to tell you wha... [articles]


This month we’re shining the spotlight on celebrated publisher InterVarsity Press. All month long you can get great deals on some of their most popular titles, including the their Bible dictionary series and the Reformation Commentary on Scripture. And ... [Products]

April 4, 12 PM

In modern stories people destined for greatness rarely start off privileged. They are dropped off at the doorstep of an orphanage or abandoned in the rain. This literary motif goes back to ancient stories, where writers use the abandoned child theme to id... [Misc.]


This month, there are over 50 resources included in the April monthly sale. Here are five collections that you can get for 30% off or more. Study Notes on the Holy Scriptures (64 vols.) 30% off A culmination of 30 years of study, these in-depth notes will... [Misc.]

April 3, 12 PM

A Logos user recently emailed the following scenario to me: I use several study Bibles in my biblical research. What’s the best way to add them as a group to a custom Guide? Excellent question! And below are the steps to accomplish what he wants. First,... [Training]


What would it have been like to pray with Jesus in the garden? To watch as he was led to his death? To enter a tomb one early Sunday morning and find only a few discarded rags? When you explore the culture, history, theology, and literature of the Bible, ... [Products]

April 1, 8AM

The moment to crown the Logos March Madness 2017 champion has arrived. This year, the accolades go to celebrated New Testament scholar Douglas Moo! He stood his ground in six rounds of fierce competition against some of the most influential scholars in ch... [Misc.]

March 31, 12 PM

Since the earliest days of the church, Christians have commemorated the death, resurrection, and glorification of Jesus of Nazareth at this time every year. And there has been plenty of argument concerning the purpose of those events. We agree that Jesus ... [articles] [Products]


God’s Word is eternal, but between us and its earliest readers lies a chasm of time, culture, and language. Before we can apply Scripture to twenty-first-century life, we must first understand the world in which it was written. Ask celebrated theologian... [Misc.]

March 30, 12 PM

You can preach excellent messages using the technology of a yellow legal pad. You can then shift those notes to Word. You can then create a PowerPoint. You can then email that PowerPoint, or put it on a thumb drive, and get it to your church sound guy. Or... [articles] [Training]


Not all pastors like using church media. That’s okay. Even the designers who make church media are sensitive about when and where to use it. There’s a fine line between adding to and distracting from a sermon or service. Some churches choose t... [Misc.] [church media] [easter media]

March 29, 2PM

By now, you’ve probably heard about Logos 7 Basic, the new, free version of Logos Bible Software. And if you already own Logos, you may be wondering, “What does that mean for me?” In fact, you may be one of the customers who flooded the blog with qu... [articles] [Products]

12 PM

Dig into the Dead Sea Scrolls with Dr. Craig Evans, discover the Apocrypha with Dr. David deSilva, and explore Acts with Dr. Darrell Bock. With the Mobile Ed Subscription, you can access a diverse collection of courses from today’s top scholars. For $49... [Misc.]


We may hate to admit it, but if we’re honest with ourselves, even our favorite English Bible translations can at times be clunky. Here’s an example I was just teaching about in adult Sunday School. Check out the three phrases I bolded: “your work of... [articles] [Training]

March 28, 2PM

Circumcision is mentioned nearly 100 times in the Bible. It is a central focus for Old Testament and New Testament theology (Rom 4:9–12; Gal 2:1–12; 5:1–10). If we’re honest, that just sounds absurd. Circumcision was the sign of God’s covenant w... [articles]

12 PM

There are just four days left to save up to 50% on church history, theology, and biblical studies resources in the March monthly sale. And if you’re ready to give a boost to your commentary collection, check out these can’t-miss deals before they disa... [Products]


On Easter, Jesus struck a staggering blow. Death is on its last legs, breathing its last rasping breaths. With all of creation, we await the day it stumbles into its grave at last and Jesus ushers in the renewed creation. But the resurrection didn’t ju... [Products]

March 27, 2PM

Logos Bible Software 7.5 recently released and it contains a small but powerful new icon that’s easy to miss unless you’re looking for it. In the upper right of the program, between the Layouts menu and the Help icon, you’ll now see an X icon which ... [articles] [Training]

12 PM

This is your last chance to get 30% off the Hermeneia and Continental Commentaries (69 vols.) and four other collections in this month’s Publisher Spotlight. Not sure where to start? Here’s a rundown of featured products in the Spotlight. Fortress Lu... [Misc.]


This post is adapted from the transcript of Dr. Mike Licona’s Mobile Ed course Philosophy of History (CS151). Toward the end of my graduate work, I started to have questions about my faith. It wasn’t because I’d heard some arguments against Chr... [articles]

March 24, 4AM

For modern readers of the Bible, studying the ancient context of the text can be extremely difficult. There are so many unfamiliar details that get lost in translation. Cultural concepts that would have been woven into the fabric of these ancient societie... [Misc.]


After weeks of intense competition, only two authors remain in this year’s Logos March Madness. You’ve made your voice heard, and now F.F. Bruce must face Douglas Moo in one final bout. You have until March 31 to cast your ballot and crown the Logos M... [Misc.]

March 23, 12 PM

It’s been half a millennium since Martin Luther struck the spark that lit the fire of Reformation across the world. Much has changed since that revolutionary act, but one thing is certain: we are living in the legacy of Luther. In the new documentary Lu... [Products]

March 22, 12 PM

Neutrality is a myth. Put in biblical terms, either you love the Lord or you don’t. Every thought you think, every choice you make, every word you say, flows from that heart and is determined by its fundamental direction, whether toward God or away from... [articles] [Training]

March 21, 3PM

In a surprise upset, New Testament scholar F.F. Bruce has defeated New York pastor and apologist Tim Keller in Round 4 of Logos March Madness! With John Stott, B.B. Warfield, and R.C. Sproul also knocked out of the running, we’re down to the final match... [Misc.]


One of the few framed items in my school office features the words of Ezra 7:10: “For Ezra had set his heart to study the Law of the Lord, and to do it, and to teach his statutes and rules in Israel.” The pattern has three steps: Study the word. Prac... [articles] [eisegesis] [exegesis] [hermeneutics] [what is exegesis]

March 20, 12 PM

In a recent blog I wrote about the pronunciation of biblical names. In response, someone asked this question: Where in Logos can one hear how Greek words are pronounced? So just in case you didn’t know, I’ll show you where to go to hear various Greek ... [articles] [Training]


I remember having my world turned upside down when I learned that there is a positive version of name-calling in the Bible. It’s everywhere. What might come to mind for you are places like Matt. 3:8 where John the Baptist greets the religious leaders co... [Misc.]

March 18, 6AM

Moses. Noah. Ruth. Hezekiah. These biblical characters can seem larger than life. Their stories are so grand, their significance so great, it’s easy to forget they were real people—with real struggles—that God chose to use in spite of their weakness... [Products]

March 17, 12 PM

Sixty-four theological all-stars have slugged it out for weeks, but today only eight remain standing. LMM rookie Tim Keller tore through the first two rounds, but he may have met his match with F.F. Bruce. As of this writing, Bruce leads Keller by 100 vot... [Products]


The NIV Faithlife Study Bible invites you to explore the Bible and inform your faith. There is limitless depth to God’s Word—whether it’s studying the original biblical languages or the details of the ancient world, there’s always something new to... [Products]

March 16, 12 PM

In biblical studies, there are a few series singled out by scholars for their consistently stellar contribution to the field. The Hermeneia and Continental Commentary series, which is 30% off this month, is one of them. If you’re looking for a technical... [Misc.]


Logos books are so much more than books. Each one is specially tagged to connect with the other resources in your Logos library and work seamlessly with Logos features. While this makes your Logos library far more powerful than a print library ever could ... [Misc.]

March 15, 12 PM

At one point in the famous allegory Pilgrim’s Progress, Christian finds what he thinks is a more agreeable path to the Celestial City; but this choice puts him in the grips of the savage brute Giant Despair, and he finds himself locked in the dungeon of... [articles]


In March’s monthly sale, you can get commentaries, theological resources, evangelism and apologetic resources, and more—all for up to half off the regular price. Here are five March deals you don’t want to pass up: The Expositor’s Bible – 30... [Products]

March 14, 12 PM

In a surprise upset, F.F. Bruce has taken down J.I. Packer in Round 2 of Logos March Madness! But now Bruce must face John Piper, who defeated Geerhardus Vos by nearly 20 percent! Plus, Round 3 pits Charles Spurgeon against Tim Keller, A.W. Tozer against ... [Misc.]


There are many important but challenging biblical and theological subjects to explore and understand. Thanks to Logos Mobile Education, you don’t have to tackle these subjects alone. We bring top seminary professors and scholars into your living ro... [Misc.]

March 13, 12 PM

A fellow Logos user recently emailed me this question: I wonder if you can advise me how to search for the phrase “the promise” (found in Acts 1:4 ESV) in both the original languages (Hebrew & Greek). This is an excellent question which I’ll ans... [articles]


I can get a bit obsessed with gear. Whether it’s art supplies, audio equipment, or Bible study tools, I sometimes find myself believing that if I just get pro gear, I’ll become a pro myself. But the reality is, you only get good at something with lots... [articles] [bible software] [Bible Study Tools] [bible translations]

March 10, 5PM

This month, we’re giving away free digital copies of Paula Gooder’s devotional, This Risen Existence: The Spirit of Easter. Visit to download your free devotional. Rediscover the Spirit of Easter Go on a biblical explo... [Products]


The NIV Faithlife Study Bible invites you to understand the Bible more fully—to feed your curiosity about God and His work in the world. Adapted for print from the digital edition of the Faithlife Study Bible, this visually stunning study Bible deliver... [Misc.]

March 9, 9AM

The votes are in and 32 authors are headed to Round 2 of Logos March Madness. Jonathan Edwards trounced John Bunyan, besting him by literally thousands of votes. But Augustine and Craig Keener stayed neck and neck until the very end. And Darrell Bock and ... [Products]


Postmodern literary theorists are favorite whipping boys in evangelical hermeneutics textbooks, and Stanley Fish is no exception (although Fish prefers the title “antifoundationalist”). This makes Winning Arguments, the latest book from the former New... [articles]

March 8, 1PM

A soldier’s backpack contains everything needed for survival on the battlefield. In cold climates, it may contain a blanket, extra socks, and a fire kit with a fire starter. In hot weather, the backpack might have sunglasses and sunscreen. The things a ... [Products]


Christianity cannot be boiled down to a list of words—say, positive character qualities to be cultivated and opposite, negative qualities to be avoided. Virtue and vice lists by themselves can’t handle the complexities of life. Some loves in Scriptur... [articles] [Training]

March 7, 1PM

Wait a minute. The Bible needed an upgrade? Those sound like fighting words to anyone with a high view of Scripture. An upgrade implies that something needed updating, but the Bible is timeless! That’s true, but in this case I would have to excuse mysel... [articles]


Has your Facebook feed been full of engagement announcements over the past few months? It’s no surprise: almost 40% of engagements occur between November and February. With summer just months away, wedding season is almost here. And as a wedding pla... [Products]

March 6, 1PM

Recently in the gym, I watched a trainer utilize a weight machine in an unorthodox fashion to focus on one small muscle. Then, I overheard him tell his client, “I like to use this machine in an unconventional way so it does what I need.” That... [Misc.]


Logos March Madness is in full swing, and already some matchups are shaping up to be real squeakers. As of this writing, Faithlife’s own Dr. Michael Heiser has a narrow lead over John Wesley, and Walter Brueggemann is neck-in-neck with John Wesley; just... [Misc.]

March 3, 1PM

Each month, we shine the spotlight on a celebrated Christian publisher, offering great deals on some of their most popular works. This month, we’re featuring resources from Fortress Press. Here are the deals you don’t want to miss: Hermeneia and Con... [Misc.]


In today’s culture, it’s hard to feel productive unless we’re moving fast. We try to squeeze the most out of every moment. We listen to an informational podcast during our morning workout; we speed read through a chapter from that business book duri... [Products]

March 2, 3PM

I’m working on a project, and I need your help. I’m looking for insights Bible readers have gained into Scripture by comparing English Bible translations. The lone rule is that you can’t know Greek or Hebrew. (You can reach me at mark.ward@faithlife... [articles]


“Measure twice, cut once.” It’s a memorable adage, and good advice with application beyond carpentry. But after measuring and cutting for years, you may be tempted to cut the measuring frequency in half. After all, you’re an expert. But even exper... [articles] [Products]


The annual battle of the theological titans is upon us: Logos March Madness begins now. For the next 30 days, you can vote for your favorite theological all-stars in a battle royale that will leave just one author standing. No matter the outcome, the real... [Products]

February 28, 1PM

Pastors and church leaders have important roles that keep them very busy. How do you continue to grow and strengthen your ministry while keeping up with daily tasks? You can’t always fly across the country for a conference or afford to invite top schola... [Products]


The Bible speaks in some way to anything you can think of, but it doesn’t speak explicitly to everything you can think of. In other words, the Bible never uses the term “work ethic,” but it does say to do all to the glory of God.” (1 Cor 10:31) It... [Misc.]

February 27, 1PM

I learned a long time ago as a young preacher to diligently practice in my study reading aloud the biblical text for my sermon. While this guideline is relevant for all passages, it’s especially true for texts containing biblical names. It’s quite emb... [Misc.]


This month we’re shining the spotlight on celebrated publisher T&T Clark with 30% off some of their most popular collections, including the International Critical Commentary (61 vols.). Here are all the deals you’ll want to take advantage of while... [Misc.]

February 24, 3PM

There are over 50 titles in February’s monthly sale that you won’t want to miss. You’ll find commentaries, reference works, devotionals, introductions, and more. But hurry: you only have four days left to save up to 66%! Check out all of February’... [Misc.]


Ephesians presents modern readers with a difficult interpretive challenge. The themes found within the letter are deeply theological and the Apostle Paul writes with a complex writing style that is hard to decipher. Working through this biblical book is h... [Misc.]


I recently had the chance to sit down with Shaun Tabatt and discuss Logos Bible Software. We talked about some of my favorite features in Logos, as well as the all-important issue of how to pronounce “Logos.” Mark L. Ward, Jr. received his P... [Misc.]

February 23, 1PM

Image: St Jerome in His Study by Domenico Ghirlandaio, 1480 By the end of the fourth century, the common language of the Western world was Latin, but a complete and cohesive Latin translation of the Bible had yet to materialize. It wasn’t until A.D. 405... [Misc.]

February 22, 5AM

I’m not opposed to using the scenic route down the coast from work to home; I’ve taken it multiple times. But never on a workday, always on a Saturday. I’m not opposed to using the scenic route in Bible study, either. I’ve taken it multiple times.... [articles] [Training]

February 21, 1PM

Cuneiform tablets changed my life. I’m not kidding. As I look back on my 15 years of graduate school in biblical studies, the turning point in how I view the Bible was my course in Ugaritic, a cuneiform language very similar to biblical Hebrew. This cla... [Misc.]


Through February 28, you can get two books from celebrated New Testament scholar N.T. Wright for just $1.99. Plus, don’t miss your chance to enter to win 52 volumes by Wright! This month’s free book Following Jesus: Biblical Reflections on Christian D... [Products]

February 20, 1PM

One of the most talked about Logos 7 features is the Sermon Editor which continues to evolve and improve. A case in point is an almost unnoticed enhancement in the recently released Logos 7.4. Unless you know it’s there, you’re apt to overlook it, but... [articles] [Training] [Bible Translation] [logos 7] [Preaching] [sermon editor] [sermon prep] [sermon writer] [translations]

February 17, 1PM

This month only you can save on the J.C. Ryle Collection: 18 volumes from a classic preacher and writer with insights that resonate with Christians to this day. Here are three reasons you’ll want to pick up this month’s featured deal. Charles Spurgeo... [Misc.]


Last week, we announced a new series, Lexham Classics, that brings the best of our Christian heritage to modern readers. This common heritage spans eras and traditions, reflecting the richness of our shared faith. By studying these works from throughout h... [Products]

February 16, 3PM

Image: Christians and non-Christians argue about the truth of the Bible all the time. (Because Internet . . .) Christians even argue with other Christians about how to argue about the truth of the Bible: what’s the wisest strategy? While... [Misc.]


Through February 28, you can get a great deal on some of the most influential theological of the last three centuries. During the T&T Clark Publisher Spotlight, get 30% off The Works of John Owen (17 vols.) and Karl Barth’s magnum opus, the 31-volum... [Products]


Right now you can unlock literally thousands of hours of biblical video with a free trial of Mobile Ed Video and Faithlife TV+. Ready to dig in? Start your free trial right now. With over 8,000 videos to choose from, there are plenty of places to get st... [Products]

February 15, 3PM

Our vision at Faithlife is to increase increase biblical literacy and accessibility for every Christian around the world. To truly fulfill that vision, it’s not enough to continue creating new versions of Logos Bible Software in English. We want to reac... [Misc.]


Growing up, I had limited experience interacting with people from other cultures. That all changed when I became a student at a university in Vancouver, B.C.—a city where fewer than half of the residents speak English as their first language. Surrounde... [articles] [Training]


The first copy of Logos Bible Software shipped 25 years ago. There wasn’t much fanfare when that first batch was dropped into the mail: just a few hand-stuffed manila envelopes that found their way to the right people. If it wasn’t for our custome... [Misc.]

February 14, 5AM

It was a little less than 600 years ago when a German goldsmith transformed the way we experience the Bible. Gutenberg’s printing press put the Bible in the hands of Christians who never had access to it before, and it kicked off a revolution in Bible s... [Misc.]

February 10, 1PM

Reading a Daniel Bush book is always a delight! —Steve Brown Discover the beautiful truth that Steve Brown and so many others have found at the core of Daniel Bush’s writing. His new book, Undefended, is born from Bush’s personal experiences as a pa... [Misc.]


The International Critical Commentary has long held a special place among works on the Bible. It brings together everything you need for responsible exegesis; linguistic, textual, archaeological, historical, literary, and theological issues are all covere... [Misc.]

February 9, 1PM

We are greatly blessed to live in a time when so many riches from the past are made available to us. Books that cross the centuries and the continents are becoming available to the average reader for the first time. We here at Lexham Press are hoping to ... [Misc.]


Being a parent is tough. Finding entertainment for our children that is truly meaningful is even tougher. As Christians, we want to go a step further than “safe and family-friendly.” We want something that captivates them, engages their curiosity, and... [Misc.]

February 8, 5AM

This month, save up to 60% on over 50 titles including introductions to the works of C.S. Lewis and N.T. Wright, commentaries and outlines perfect for preaching, ministry resources, historical works, and more. See all February deals now. Here are five dea... [Misc.]

February 7, 3PM

God chose a specific time, place, and culture to inspire people to produce what we read in the Old Testament: the ancient Mediterranean and the ancient Near East of the second and first millennia b.c. Understanding the worldview of this culture can lead t... [Misc.]

February 6, 4PM

I was recently reading 1 John in which I came to the phrase in the world in 1 John 2:15. From my research, I realized John frequently uses the Greek word kosmos usually translated world. During my study I asked a few questions such as: Where else in John... [Misc.]


Throughout February you can get 30% off bestselling resources from publisher T&T Clark. Here are three deals you don’t want to miss. Karl Barth’s Church Dogmatics: Get the magnum opus of one of the twentieth-century’s most influential theologia... [Misc.] [Products]


In just a few hours, your chance to take advantage of introductory discounts on Logos 7 will be gone forever. At 11:59 p.m. (PT) tonight, introductory discounts disappear. Here are key resources you’ll need to make your decision on the perfect base ... [Products]

February 3, 1PM

If you’ve been thinking about getting Logos 7, but you’re still on the fence, don’t wait any longer: now is the best time to get it, and on February 7 you might find yourself regretting missing your chance. Introductory discounts end in just 3 days... [Products]

February 2, 1PM

What does it mean for modern Christians to drop everything, take up their cross, and follow Jesus? In Following Jesus: Biblical Reflections on Christian Discipleship, this month’s free book, New Testament scholar N.T. Wright explores these and other ins... [Misc.]


Want to give a great gift to your entire church that will cost you absolutely nothing? Surprise them with a free trial to the Mobile Ed Video and Faithlife TV Plus subscription. It’s free, it’s simple, and you can do it yourself, right now. When you ... [Misc.] [Products]

February 1, 5AM

You can save 10% on Logos 7—but only if you get it within the next five days. Introductory discounts on Logos 7 end February 6 at 11:59 p.m. That’s less than a week. If you’ve been considering getting Logos 7, now’s the time to settle on the optio... [Misc.]
We’ve been creating verse art that captures the beauty of Scripture for years. And now you can text that art to your friends or family, right in iMessage. And the best part is, if you have the latest version of Logos Bible installed on your iPhone, iPad... [Misc.]

January 31, 1PM

Have you ever wanted sit in on a seminary class? Are your days already busy with work and family commitments? How would you like to experience a seminary classroom from home, at your own pace, with one of today’s top scholars? You’re in luck beca... [Misc.]

January 30, 5AM

My wife and I have been leading teams of Young Life leaders for the last several years. This year, she’s pregnant with twins. It’s becoming increasingly apparent that she can’t have the same expectations for herself as a volunteer team l... [articles] [church volunteer] [ebook] [volunteer program] [volunteers]


As you well know, many of the New Testament books were originally composed as epistles or letters. Paul sent letters to the churches in Corinth, Philippi, Colossae, and so on. It’s easy, however, to lose sight of the “epistolary form” with the addit... [articles] [Training]

January 28, 5AM

Through January 31, you can get the first volume of a highly-esteemed theological resource for free—plus add an in-depth study of Acts for just $1.99! Get both books today. Free Book: Bulletin for Biblical Research, vol. 1 Examine biblical studies’ mo... [Products]

January 27, 1PM

Do you think you’ll buy a commentary set in the next year? What about a Bible encyclopedia or other reference work? In the next twelve months, do you think you’ll buy a few theological resources? If you plan on buying any biblical or theological resou... [articles] [Products]


The year is still new, and many of us have made resolutions for 2017. If one of yours is to make Bible study a top priority, we’re here to help! To make it easier for you to stick to your resolution, we’ve pulled together five ways you can dig into th... [Products]

January 26, 1PM

It’s not too late to save during January’s monthly sale, but time is running out. Looking for the best deals? Check out the biggest savings this month: 1. Ariel Ministries Messianic Collection (11 vols.)—$90 off This collection brings together the w... [Misc.]


This month we’re featuring great deals on select resources from celebrated publisher Crossway. You can save up to 43% on resources from authors like John Piper, D.A. Carson, Mark Dever, and more. Preaching the Word Commentary Series (40 vols.) Noted for... [Misc.]

January 25, 1PM

At Faithlife, our team works hard to create and distribute the best Bible study resources available—but we put out so many each year it’s hard to pick our favorites. The great news is, we don’t have to. We’ve pulled together a list of the best res... [Products]


I’ve come to realize that in order to know the Bible there is no replacement for reading the entire thing. I’m going to give three reasons why you need to aim to read even the portions of the Bible you somehow rarely get around to—and why I myself c... [articles] [Training]

January 24, 3PM

There are some exciting things in store for the Evangelical Exegetical Commentary (EEC) series this year. Here’s a rundown of what you can expect in 2017. New print volumes Two more EEC volumes have been released in print—Esther and Exodus. In Esther,... [Products]


“God is most glorified in us when we are most satisfied in him.” John Piper’s voluminous writing ministry is really just a series of expansions on that singular theme. With every book he publishes, Piper explores yet another implication of that pote... [Misc.]


There are just 14 days left for you to take advantage of introductory discounts on Logos 7. With the introductory period winding down, we’re pulling together the most helpful blog posts for deciding on a Logos 7 option. Whether you want to expand your l... [Misc.]

January 23, 3PM

The Holman Christian Standard Bible (HCSB) is a beloved translation used by hundreds of thousands of Christians throughout the English-speaking world. Recently, Broadman & Holman have brought together some of the top biblical scholars to produce a rev... [articles] [Products]


With the advent of Logos 7, a feature known as Multiview Resources allowed us to open numerous resources within the same panel. The recent release of 7.3 expanded that feature with the option of creating a saved list of resources which can easily be loade... [articles] [Training]


It’s near the end of the eighteenth century, and a German theology student is in distress. He had recently graduated from the University of Halle and moved to Berlin to become a chaplain at a local hospital. His readings at the university in rationalis... [Products] [christian faith] [Pre-Pub] [Schleiermacher]

January 20, 1PM

When you’re studying Scripture—whether for sermon prep, research, or even just personal devotions—the distractions aren’t just out there. Often, it’s the stuff we’re doing as part of the study itself that threaten to distract us. For instance,... [Misc.]


January’s featured product brings together 11 volumes by Dr. Arnold Fruchtenbaum, founder of Ariel Ministries and one of the foremost scholars on the Jewish character of the Scriptures. In these works, Dr. Fruchtenbaum covers a wide range of theological... [Misc.] [Products]

January 18, 5AM

The screen printer standing in my living room was trying to sell me on a new four-color process for the kids Bible club shirts my church needed. One problem: he came to the door asking for “Mike,” not “Mark” because I kind of forgot to tell him th... [articles] [Training]

January 17, 1PM

Throughout the New Testament, there’s a clear expectation that believers will be committed to the local church. But in the modern West, we confront a question the biblical writers never faced: “Which church?” Even after you set aside the... [Misc.]


Imagine you’re sitting in a coffee shop with your Bible in front of you. You’ve been reading and re-reading a particularly challenging passage and have a number of unanswered questions bouncing around in your mind. Then imagine a friend sits across fr... [Misc.]

January 16, 3PM

One of my favorite features for the observation phase of Bible study is Text Comparison. In the recent 7.3 update to Logos Bible Software, changes were made on how we select Bibles for this tool. Below are the simple steps for creating a saved Bible list ... [Misc.]


Have you ever wanted to sit in on a class with Douglas Moo or Darrell Bock? Ever been curious about what it’s like to go on a dig with biblical archaeologists? Ever wished you could tune in to your favorite video streaming service and just find cont... [Products]

January 13, 1PM

The book of Judges is filled with memorable stories. While there are examples of faithful believers scattered throughout its pages, many of these stories are filled with political intrigue and bloodshed. Perhaps the most difficult issue is to discern how ... [Misc.]


You can still get 10% off Logos 7, but not for long! Introductory discounts are ending soon. Here are three reasons to take advantage of these savings while you still can. People are loving our latest release. Bestselling Christian author Frank Viola say ... [Misc.]

January 12, 1PM

“Jesus never laughed,” or so the pamphlet said. An adolescent boy at the time, I found myself laughing at every little thing—too often during church services. Reading that pamphlet I wondered, “So he never laughed? What was wrong with him?” Perh... [articles]

January 11, 1PM

If you haven’t checked out January’s monthly sale yet, now’s the perfect time. Choose from dozens of great resources on sale—commentaries, theological works, historical studies, and more. Not sure where to start? Here are six of this month’s bes... [Misc.]


I can still recall the thrill of seeing Raiders of the Lost Ark in the theater. A senior in high school, I had already been infected with the archaeology bug. This movie boosted my interest to a whole new level. As Providence would have it, I followed the... [articles] [Training]

January 10, 5AM

“I was a musician before I was a theologian,” says N.T. Wright. “When I look at a piece of music, my mind is making connections between harmonic shifts. I’m seeing the patterns in song. When I’m reading passages, I’m asking, ‘How do the them... [articles]

January 9, 1PM

At Camp Logos I discuss the reverse interlinear feature in great detail. Then very frequently I receive this question from students: When is the interlinear coming to the Holman Christian Standard Bible (HCSB)? Well, I’m happy to report that Faithlife h... [Misc.]

January 6, 5AM

The Lexham Methods Series ships on January 18—this is your last chance to pre-order and save 30%! The Lexham Methods Series is designed to help you learn, refresh, or master the tools of biblical scholarship. Deepen your understanding of the Bible thro... [Misc.]

January 5, 3PM

In 2017, we’ll be featuring great deals from a different popular Christian publisher each month as part of our new Publisher Spotlight series. This month, save on works by some of your favorite authors with our selection of Crossway Essentials. You can ... [Misc.]


Examine the most pressing issues in biblical studies and interpretation with one of evangelicalism’s preeminent periodicals, the Bulletin for Biblical Research. You can get the first volume of this trusted theological resource for FREE during the month ... [Misc.]


Photo: It’s ironic that the two Christian holidays most widely appropriated by secular culture, Christmas and Easter, celebrate events secularism necessarily denies. Indeed, the miracles of the virgin birth and the resurrection are oft... [articles]

January 4, 5AM

Photo courtesy ERLC As we emerge from a political season that exposed the cultural divides of our country, American Christians may feel the temptation to retreat from the public square. But now more than ever, a truthful, winsome, and loving Christian wit... [Misc.]

January 3, 3PM

Learn from top Christian scholars anytime, anywhere with the new Mobile Ed subscription! Now you can get full access to select Mobile Ed courses for a low monthly price—or start an annual subscription to save even more.  Every quarter, we’ll rel... [Misc.]

January 2, 1PM

According to Luke 2:22, a few weeks after Jesus’ birth, Joseph and Mary presented him at the temple according to the Law of Moses. While there, Simeon uttered some very profound words regarding Jesus. Then Luke 2:33 states: And his father and mother wer... [Misc.]


This is it: your last chance to save on some of the biggest deals of the year. Our Christmas sale is coming to a close at midnight tonight. Act now to save up to 75% on resources from Karl Barth, Tim Keller, D.A. Carson, Charles Spurgeon, and more! Here a... [Misc.]

December 30 2016, 1PM

We all know the most respectable New Year’s resolution a Christian can make is “Read the Bible every day.” What if this year we didn’t just resolve to do it, but we actually did it? Logos Bible Software is here to help you turn your resolution int... [articles] [Training]


Throughout this Christmas season, we’ve been encouraging Christians to commit to look closer at God’s Word. We believe Scripture has the power to open our eyes to the wonder and power of the Christmas story. That commitment to looking closer doesn’t... [Products]

December 29, 1PM

The fiery furnace and the lions’ den; a disembodied hand writing on the wall; four ghoulish beasts rising out of a churning sea; the Ancient of Days and a flaming throne with 10,000 angels around it. The book of Daniel is an attention-grabber with its c... [Misc.]


Stock up for the new year with savings on resources that will help you uncover the wonder of the Word. This Christmas season, we’ve been featuring great deals on resources by some of our most popular authors. Christmas may have come and gone, but you st... [Misc.]

December 28, 5AM

Image: Many Christians are troubled by differences in wording among various Greek New Testament texts: The Bible has scribal errors in it? Then how can I be sure what I’m reading is God’s word? I have taught New Testament Introdu... [articles] [Training]

December 27, 1PM

Psalms and Proverbs are wells of refreshment and spiritual encouragement for Christians. Few biblical books include so many memorable passages or deliver such penetrating spiritual insight in just a few poetic lines. But learning to properly read and int... [Misc.]


December’s monthly sale ends soon—if you’ve been waiting to shop the deals, don’t wait any longer. And if you’re not sure where to start, check out the four biggest savings: 1. Essential Reference Bundle (38 vols.)—$150 off This massive collec... [Misc.]

December 26, 1PM

In last week’s blog post I referenced the Faithlife video, How Accurate Is the Modern Nativity Scene?, in which the teacher said the word translated inn in Luke 2:7 also referenced the upper room where Jesus and the apostles celebrated the Passover. How... [Training]


Christmas may be over, but there’s still time to save on resources to help you uncover the wonder of the Word. We’ve discounted over 130 Bible study resources: from commentaries and reference works, to theology, Mobile Ed courses, and even print books... [Products]

December 23, 1PM

With Christmas just a few days away, all the preparations should be complete. The tree has been decorated, the stockings hung, the presents wrapped, and all the dinners planned. Amidst all these arrangements, take a moment to pause and reflect on the Chr... [articles] [Products]


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December 22, 1PM

This Christmas, we’re encouraging Christians to look closer at God’s Word—to be intentional about the time they spend in Scripture. Because when you spend a little extra time and effort looking closer at God’s Word, familiar stories come alive wit... [Products]


Uncover the wonder of the Word this Christmas with resources from celebrated Christian publisher Zondervan! Every day till Christmas, we’re featuring a special deal on commentaries, reference works, and more. Get Dynamic Pricing and big savings on some ... [Products]

December 21, 3PM

Nobody enjoys an awkward silence—especially when you’re trying to lead a Bible study of small group. Plenty of issues could derail the conversation: everything from the temperature of the room to the mix of personalities. While there’s no sure-fire ... [Products]


There are only three days left in the 12 Days of Logos! That means your chance to get great deals on commentaries, reference works, and resources from celebrated Christian publisher Zondervan is slowly slipping away. Don’t wait—browse all the deals fr... [Products]
“Let It Go” from Disney’s animated movie Frozen (2014) was and is a megahit. The melody is both powerful and catchy, and Idina Menzel can sing icicles off reindeers. The piece won the Oscar for best original song, reached the top five in the Billboa... [articles] [Training]

December 20, 3PM

From the launch of our free Mobile Ed Activities resource to debuting a new subscription that lets you share the entire Mobile Ed video catalog with your entire church, and producing The Gospel Message in the Early Church (an exclusive Mobile Ed course fo... [Misc.]


During this year’s 12 Days of Logos, we’re featuring resources from celebrated Christian publisher Zondervan! Every day till Christmas, we’re highlighting a special deal on commentaries, reference works, and other resources to help you uncover the w... [Products]

December 19, 3PM

Christmas is of course a wonderful time of the year as we focus on and celebrate the birth of our Lord. Sometimes, however, if we’re not careful, Christmas cards and carols offer a version of the nativity scene that may or may not be in Scripture. For ... [Training]


This Christmas, we’re featuring dozens of resources designed to help you uncover the wonder of the Word. And in the 12 days leading up to Christmas, we’re highlighting special deals on resources from celebrated Christian publisher Zondervan! Get Dyna... [Products]


Wisemen. Angels. Shepherds. A virgin mother. A long-expected king. Few biblical stories are as familiar as the tale of Christ’s birth. During the holiday season, we hear it sung in malls, we see it on television, and we tell it to our children. But the ... [Misc.]

December 18, 5AM

12 days. 12 deals. Every day until Christmas, we’re featuring a different deal on a book, collection, or bundle that will help you uncover the wonder of the Word. And this year, all of the resources featured in the 12 Days of Logos are from celebrated C... [Products]

December 17, 5AM

The D.A. Carson Sermon Archive is shipping soon! One of the most popular New Testament scholars of the twenty-first century, D.A. Carson is a widely sought after preacher and teacher. Now, for the first time ever, his sermons are available in Logos. This... [Products]
Uncover the wonder of the Word this Christmas with resources from celebrated Christian publisher Zondervan! Every day till Christmas, we’re featuring a special deal on commentaries, reference works, and more. Get Dynamic Pricing and big savings on some ... [Products]

December 16, 5AM

For 12 days, we’re featuring 12 limited-time deals on resources from celebrated Christian publisher Zondervan. Check back every day until Christmas for a special deal—or browse them all right now! Get Dynamic Pricing and special savings on commentarie... [Products]
When we dreamt up Logos 7, we knew we wanted to give our current customers more and clearer upgrade options. The fact is, every Logos user is different. Some of us are out to build our libraries bigger and bigger. Others are passionate about owning Logos ... [articles] [Products]

December 15, 1PM

December’s featured deal is the 38-volume Essential Reference Bundle. This massive collection gives you the chance to quickly build your library with top reference materials, at a low price. The bundle includes: International Standard Bible Encyclopedi... [Misc.]
Among the great “Christmas texts” in Scripture, there is, arguably, one passage that surpasses all others in both majesty and power. In John 1, the apostle manages to squeeze one of the clearest declarations of the incarnation in just 18 verses. Begin... [articles] [Products]


The 12 Days of Logos are here! Every year, we feature big savings on celebrated resources on the days leading up to Christmas. And this year, we’re featuring deals on resources from celebrated Christian publisher Zondervan. Uncover the wonder of the Wo... [Products]

December 14, 1PM

It took me almost eight months of my dissertation time to exegete and catalog all the passages referencing the wrath of God, the topic of my work. During that same time, I continued to help on the weekends with an evangelistic children’s Bible club in w... [articles] [Training]


This Christmas, take a closer look at God’s Word with some of the most popular resources from celebrated Christian publisher Zondervan. We’re featuring a different deal on commentaries, reference works, and more, every day until Christmas. With Dynami... [Products]

December 13, 1PM

Every day till Christmas, we’re featuring a special deal on commentaries, reference works, and more from celebrated Christian publisher Zondervan. Get Dynamic Pricing and big savings on popular resources that will help you take a closer look at God’s ... [Products]


Most of us who study the Bible understand the importance of archaeology. It shows us glimpses of what life was like in the ancient world and provides us with important background information on the Bible. While we recognize its importance, we don’t know... [Misc.]

December 12, 1PM

The Christmas season is upon us. Please imagine with me we’ve been called upon to teach a class, preach a sermon, or deliver a devotion regarding the birth of Jesus. We know the subject of the message, but that’s all we’ve got. We don’t have the p... [Training]


Uncover the wonder of the Word this season with resources from celebrated Christian publisher Zondervan! Every day till Christmas, we’re featuring a special deal on commentaries, reference works, and more. Get Dynamic Pricing and big savings on some of ... [Products]

December 9, 1PM

This Christmas, Logos Bible Software is encouraging Christians around the world to look closer at the Bible. The transformative power of Scripture is central to the mission of Lexham Press, too. We’ve been deeply transformed by the Bible, and publishing... [Products]


If you haven’t checked out December’s monthly sale yet, you’re missing some great deals. Choose from a wide range of products, including low prices on individual volumes and big savings on top collections. Not sure where to start? Check out these fi... [Misc.]

December 8, 1PM

We are proud to announce that the Faithlife Study Bible—which has been downloaded over a million times and is used by thousands of Bible readers every day—will now reach a new audience in a beautifully produced print Bible! The Lexham Press team has p... [Misc.]


This Christmas, we’ve put together dozens of great deals on resources to help you uncover the wonder of the Word—including four bundles you don’t want to miss. When you buy your resources in a bundle, you’re already saving compared to ... [Misc.]

December 7, 1PM

Every month, Logos Now members enjoy exclusive deals on a wide range of products. The categories are always the same, but the actual resources and titles you can save on are always changing. Here are this month’s limited-time deals, exclusive for Logos ... [Products]


If I thought I was a pretty scintillating Bible teacher, the kind that makes people sit on the edge of their seats, the kind that is also able to put the cookies on the lower shelf and interest even kids, that thought was shattered when my own kids got ol... [articles] [Training]

December 6, 1PM

“Christianity in America is, in its inception, is a European story. If you look at a family tree of Christianity in America, it would reflect very closely Christianity in Europe. With the on-going expansion of non-European, non-Protestant immigrant comm... [Misc.]


This month only, get Tremper Longman’s essential guide to interpretation, How to Read Proverbs, totally free! With its pithy sayings, down-to-earth wisdom, and practical advice, the book of Proverbs makes it all-too tempting to cherry pick verses i... [Misc.]

December 5, 5AM

The Bible is at the very heart of who we are at Faithlife, and this Christmas, we’re encouraging Christians all over the world to take a closer look at God’s Word. The fact is, for many of us, the Christmas story has become familiar. So famili... [articles]
At a recent Camp Logos I was explaining how to use Favorites as an electronic filing cabinet and preaching calendar. A pastor from a liturgical tradition excitedly responded, I get it! I can use Favorites as my lectionary calendar to save things as I do a... [Training]

December 3, 5AM

Free live webinar, December 13th, 4 p.m. (PT) Getting started with anything new can be a challenge. And with powerful software like Logos, we understand that jumping in can feel intimidating. That’s why when we created Logos 7, we wanted to make it... [Misc.]

December 2, 1PM

Whether you’re a pastor, a lay leader, an academic, or someone who just really loves studying the Bible, chances are your first consideration when building a Logos library is budget. Similarly, the question that always follows is, “How do I construct ... [Misc.]


Undertaking an in-depth study of Scripture can be intimidating. Where do you start? With Mobile Ed courses, you’ll find the perfect guide for your journey through Scripture. To get you started, we’ve put over 20 courses on sale this season. Se... [Products]

December 1, 1PM

This Christmas, take a closer look at the gift of God’s Word with discounted commentaries, Mobile Ed courses, and more; purchase gifts for your friends and family with our first-ever sale on select print books from Lexham Press; and there’s even a ver... [Products]


Logos 7 is a powerhouse of biblical research. Our standard and denominational Logos 7 libraries were carefully curated by biblical resource experts to cover a broad range of categories, topics, and areas of interest for serious Bible study. However, there... [Products]

November 30, 1PM

Does widespread human disagreement over Bible interpretation reveal some flaw or weakness in God or his word—or some flaw or weakness in us? Or neither, or both? This is the third of three articles on the clarity of Scripture. I’ve clarified the doctr... [articles] [Training]

November 29, 3PM

Time is running out to get your FREE copy of Philippians: How to Have Joy. Precept Upon Precept® Bible Studies are in-depth, inductive studies in an easy-to-follow, daily format that takes approximately one hour per day. When you’re ready to intimately... [Products]


Since its inception, Proclaim Church Presentation Software was designed to help your team collaborate on beautiful church presentations quickly. The second generation of Proclaim takes that to a whole new level. New features and an updated interface make ... [Products] [church presentations] [Proclaim] [Proclaim app] [proclaim church presentation software] [Proclaim free trial]


A Jewish proverb says, “Reading the Bible in translation is like kissing your bride through a veil.” You can still get the message, but there is something missing—you are more removed from the text. Learning Hebrew gets you closer to the text. It ma... [Misc.] [Hebrew] [last chance] [learning] [mobile ed] [Pre-Pub]

November 28, 1PM

You only have a few more days to take advantage of November’s monthly sale—don’t wait! Not sure where to start? Check out this month’s five most popular deals: John Piper Christian Life and Ministry Collection (10 vols.)—34% off This collecti... [Products]


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For the past 25 years, debate regarding the nature of tense and aspect in the Koine Greek verb has held New Testament studies at an impasse. Originally presented during a conference on the Greek verb supported by and held at Tyndale House and sponsored by... [Products]

November 27, 5AM

There are Black Friday savings all weekend long, and today you can get a special deal on a brand new bundle of essential reference works! Check out today’s featured deal, and don’t miss all the other Black Friday deals. Featured deal Foundations of Bi... [Misc.]

November 26, 5AM

The Black Friday savings are still going strong, with special, daily deals through Monday. Don’t miss today’s special: up to 64% off select Mobile Ed courses. The Reliability of the New Testament Manuscripts – 35% off Can we trust the New Testa... [Misc.]

November 25, 5AM

You can save big on some of our most popular Lexham Press titles! Deals like this don’t come around often, so take advantage of them while you can. Reformed Dogmatics (5 vols.) – 40% off! Discover the early theological thought of one of the premie... [Misc.]

November 24, 5AM

Right now, over 30 of our newest Mobile Ed courses are on sale for 35% off—which means you can deepen your understanding of the Bible and your faith and save hundreds of dollars while you’re at it. But you won’t be learning from just anyone; when we... [Products]

November 23, 5AM

Biblical authors often referred to weights, measurements, and distances that certainly were understandable in their context, but are foreign today. For example in Luke 2, 12-year-old Jesus is separated from his parents and verse 46 states after three days... [Training]

November 22, 5AM

As you may have heard, we partnered with Kay Arthur and Precept Ministries International to offer the immensely popular Precept Upon Precept® : Philippians absolutely free during the month of November! Here are 5 reasons you should take advantage of thi... [articles] [Training]

November 21, 5AM

We’re giving you a head start on Black Friday savings with brand new deals on some of our most popular resources. There are over 70 resources on sale, including these five can’t miss deals. Ancient Christian Commentary on Scripture (individual volumes... [Misc.]

November 18, 1PM

With Logos 7, it’s easier than ever to get started with the newest features. Here are the three most affordable ways. 1. Get a Bronze base package In the past, if you wanted own all of Logos’ features you had to spring for Logos 6 Gold and above. This... [Products]


“How can God be three and one? How can God take on a human nature? If God planned everything, how can I be responsible? Do my prayers make any difference in God’s plan? Will we finally know everything when we get to heaven? “These are questions tha... [Products]

November 17, 5AM

If you’re a church leader, by now you’re probably knee-deep in preparation for Christmas. From planning extra services to crafting upcoming sermon series to fit the season, there’s a lot to keep track of. And there are plenty of resourc... [Misc.]
November’s featured deal is the John Piper Christian Life and Ministry Collection. Build your library with 10 volumes from one of today’s most influential pastors and authors. Here are five reasons to take advantage of this offer: This collections in... [Products]

November 16, 5AM

Jen Hatmaker recently launched a kerfuffle in the evangelical blogosphere (meteorologists have started to assign these kerfuffles their own names, like hurricanes) by reconsidering her stance on a hotly contested biblical doctrine. I won’t get into ... [articles] [Training]

November 15, 3PM

Some pastors spend 30 hours or more preparing a single sermon. Even if you treasure every moment of those hours, there are parts of the process of writing a sermon that take longer than they need to—and more importantly, distract you from focusing on th... [articles] [Products] [church presentation] [logos 7] [logos and proclaim] [proclaim church presentation software] [sermon editor] [sermon help] [sermon prep] [Sermon Preparation] [sermon slides]


The end of the year is fast approaching; put your book budget to good use with early savings for Black Friday! Get up to 60% off some of our most popular titles, including resources by John MacArthur, R.C. Sproul, J.I. Packer, Jerry Bridges, William Barc... [Misc.]


It’s only been a few weeks since we announced that two of Kay Arthur’s Precept Upon Precept® Bible Studies are available in Logos for the first time ever, but already over 35,000 people have downloaded their free copy of Philippians: How to Have Joy... [Products]

November 14, 1PM

Years ago as a young Christian I was involved in a discipleship class. I remember very well studying Satan tempting Jesus in Matthew 4. My mentor emphasized how Jesus quoted Deuteronomy to counter the enticements of the enemy. He explained this wasn’t t... [Training]


The books are long and complex. They include strange visions, speak of skeletons come to life, and frequently describe God’s wrath and judgment. Studying the Major Prophets can be intimidating to say the least. The language, imagery, and poetry of Isai... [Misc.] [last chance] [mobile ed] [old testament] [Prophets]

November 11, 1PM

Logos 7 is here, and with Dynamic Pricing you could save hundreds or even thousands of dollars. If you read that statement and you’re thinking “Okay, but what is Dynamic Pricing?” then this post is for you. But even if you’re thinking “Yeah I al... [Apps & Web Tools] [Products]

November 10, 5AM

In honor of Reformation Day, we’ve bundled 95 of the top products from the Reformed tradition. The Reformation Day sale is almost over, and that means time’s almost up to save over 70% off the regular price! This bundle disappears for good on Nov... [Products]

November 9, 5AM

Leaders of the Protestant Reformation, particularly Luther but also Calvin, affirmed the doctrine of the clarity of Scripture. Basically, the doctrine (as it has developed) teaches that all Christians can and should read the Bible with spiritual profit, n... [articles] [Training]

November 8, 5AM

It’s no secret that being a pastor is hard. Your sermons can take 30 hours or more per week. Some people expect you to be available constantly. You’re often exposed to the worst moments and darkest secrets of people you care about. You don&#... [Misc.] [burnout symptoms] [clergy burnout] [pastor burnout help] [preventing pastor burnout] [recovering from burnout] [stop pastor burnout] [volunteer program]

November 7, 5AM

Throughout the Bible there are conversations or dialog that the Logos team calls Reported Speech. In a previous version of the software, the Speakers in the speech were identified, and now in Logos 7 the Addressees have been tagged, too! Perhaps we thin... [Training]

November 4, 12 PM

What would you be lost without? I could not imagine my life, ministry, or academic pursuits without Logos Bible Software. I’ve used Logos since it was on floppy disk! (Yep, you read that right.) Logos has been a faithful companion for over a decade.... [Products]


Eternal. Infinite. Omnipotent. Omniscient. Holy. We describe God in these abstract, maximalist terms, but how fully do we feel their weight? Each of these terms reaches as far as it can to describe our infinite God, but ultimately none can fully describe... [articles] [Products]

November 3, 4AM

November’s deals are here, giving you a wide range of products to choose from, all at great discounts! Browse all the deals to find the right ones for you, or check out these six recommended deals: Barth’s Church Dogmatics (31 vols.)—20% off Karl... [Products]

November 2, 12 PM

Bible study isn’t supposed to be fast. It takes time to mine biblical riches. But it’s the digging that should take time, not the shovel selection process. That’s why I use keyboard shortcuts, so I can call up tools fast and put them to ... [articles] [Training]


For a limited time, you can save 35% on any of the 33 newest courses and bundles from Mobile Ed. Whether you want to learn more about the writing of the Psalms, the history of biblical interpretation, how to be a more effective ministry leader, or more th... [Products]

November 1, 4AM

For over 40 years, Kay Arthur’s Precept Ministries International has helped Christians all over the world discover the riches of God’s Word through inductive Bible study. Now Precept is partnering with Logos Bible Software to offer their enormously po... [Products]

October 31, 9AM

The legacy of the Reformation lives on in those who have been shaped by its teaching. To celebrate 499 years of Reformation, we’ve pulled together 95 resources that exemplify the spirit of the ever-reforming church. This comprehensive collection feature... [Products]


The old adage says a picture is worth a thousand words. Toward that end, most churches project images and videos to complement biblical teaching. Recognizing the widespread use of media in churches, Faithlife incorporated new features in Logos 7 to assis... [Training]

October 29, 4AM

There’s something exhilarating about the seminary experience. It’s not just the lectures from world-class scholars; it’s the conversations you share with your peers as you wrestle through important biblical and theological issues together. That kind... [Products] [faithlife tv] [Lectures] [mobile ed] [seminary] [seminary classroom] [video subscription]

October 28, 12 PM

It’s never too late to thank your pastor for their hard work or high calling. But come October 31st at 11:59 PM, it will be too late to seize all of our fantastic Pastor Appreciation Month deals. You have less than a week to save on over 40 of our best ... [Products]


I am an inveterate reader, and since I was five years old that has included fantasy and science-fiction. The idea of mixing science with fantasy, of letting my imagination fly in terms of the universe God created and what may be included in it, has always... [articles] [commentary] [eschatology] [grant osborne] [lexham press] [Revelation]

October 27, 4AM

October’s monthly sale ends soon—if you’ve been waiting to shop these deals, don’t wait any longer! And if you’re looking for some of the best options, check out the five most popular deals this month. 1. The N.T. Wright Collection (52 vols.)—... [Products]

October 26, 4AM

I frequently have lots of books and Bible and articles and dictionaries and commentaries and guides and search tabs open in Logos. How do I organize and manage them? Like a pro, a Logos Pro. If you let me give you some basic tips on how to organize your s... [Training]

October 25, 4AM

Whether you already have thousands of books in your Logos library or are just getting started with Logos for the first time, it’s worth taking a look at the libraries in Logos 7 base packages. Not only can you get hundreds or even thousands of biblical ... [Featured] [Products] [Anglican] [Baptist] [base packages] [Books] [logos 7] [logos 7 library] [Logos Bible Software] [reformed]

October 24, 12 PM

During October you can get incredible deals on a few dozen commentaries, ministry resources, and more. Nestled among them is a new collection assembled just for Pastor Appreciation Month: The Eerdmans Pastoral Resources Collection. Save 43% off this col... [Products]


I jokingly tell participants who attend Camp Logos, “Logos Bible Software will do everything but wash your dishes!” It really is that powerful. From building a Passage Guide report to searching your Library for a concept to in-depth original... [Training]

October 21, 12 PM

Take one step into my house and you’ll see I have a serious problem. I’m a book addict, and the evidence of my affliction is everywhere. Every available surface is covered in books. And then there are the thousands of other books that you won’t see ... [Products]


Imagine if you could peer inside the mind of a young theologian, before he penned his most influential works. What would we find? Would his later works be illuminated further by an understanding of his foundational thoughts? What connections could you dra... [Products]

October 20, 4AM

It’s Pastor Appreciation Month, and we’re celebrating the hard work and high calling of pastors throughout October. In honor of pastors everywhere, we’re offering great savings on ministry resources—and we’re making it easy for you to thank the ... [articles]

October 19, 12 PM

Right now, you can get an incredible deal on a Mobile Ed & Faithlife TV Plus subscription bundle. For the price of just a few Mobile Ed courses, you’ll unlock streaming of the entire Mobile Ed video catalog (over 7,000 lecture segments from all 130+... [Products]


I constantly compare Bible translations during Bible study and exegesis. But not everyone sees the value in this practice, and some are outright skeptical: they think I’m inviting confusion, a he-said, she-said method of exegesis. Or they think it’s t... [Training]

October 18, 12 PM

Logos 7 is fine-tuned to take you all the way from that initial spark of insight to sharing biblical truth with clarity. When you study the Bible using Logos 7, you get a suite of the most-powerful study and research tools ever designed. Jump right into y... [Products]


This month, you can save on a collection that offers a wealth of resources for Bible study and sermon preparation. The Preacher’s Outline and Sermon Bible gives you more than 16,000 pages of biblical commentary, including: Verse-by verse outlines of th... [Products]

October 17, 4AM

The Notes document in Logos is helpful and versatile, allowing us to accumulate all our research for a topic, passage, sermon, etc. in one location.  Within this document, we can create various types of individual notes such as: User-created notes Note... [Training]

October 14, 12 PM

I remember a very important lesson my father taught me growing up. Having the right tools for any job was the difference between success and failure. Coming from a man who had spent the last 30 years of his life in the construction and aerospace industry,... [Products]


The fifth and final volume of Geerhardus Vos’ Reformed Dogmatics is now available! For over five years, Richard B. Gaffin Jr. has been diligently working to bring this classic work into English for the first time ever. The first four volumes were extrem... [Products]

October 13, 4AM

How would you find all the rhetorical questions in the Bible—like “What sort of man is this, that even winds and sea obey him?” Finding such questions—questions which aren’t seeking answers but are instead making statements—is a tougher task t... [Training]

October 12, 4AM

You’ve heard the hype. Maybe you’ve even read the reviews. You’re seriously considering jumping in feet first with Logos 7. But one thing’s holding you back. You’re a savvy shopper who’s always on the hunt for a deal. You’re the kind of pers... [Products]

October 11, 4AM

Throughout October, we’re celebrating the high calling and hard work of pastors! If you’re a pastor, we’d like to pause a moment to say “Thanks!” Thanks for the long hours you put in every week, studying, researching, and preparing to give Sund... [Products]

October 10, 12 PM

As a church leader, there’s no shortage of resources to help you equip God’s people: books, small group and Sunday school curricula, workbooks, journals, DVD series . . . the list goes on. But the cost of purchasing hard copies of all that adds up—... [Products]


As you probably know, Logos 7 is here! So I hope you’re discovering and enjoying its many new features. Today I’ll highlight one new feature that has been much anticipated by many Logos users: Multiview Resources. For years Logos has had the ability ... [Training]

October 7, 12 PM

Its words convinced a fourth-century literature teacher named Aurelius Augustinus—later known as St. Augustine of Hippo—to abandon his sinful life and serve the Church. And it’s the biblical book that Martin Luther called “truly the most important... [Products]


God’s Word is transformative. It is this conviction which gives the Transformative Word series its name and its unique character. Series Editor Craig G. Bartholomew has worked alongside authors from around the world to identify a key theme in each book ... [Products]

October 6, 12 PM

Blogger Kurt Willems has a confession to make: “Every time a new version of Logos comes out, I get giddy,” Based on the reviews of our latest release, Kurt isn’t alone. “Logos 7 is a portal into a powerful and interactive world of Bible resources ... [Featured] [Products]


October’s deals are here! This is your chance to build your library based on the topics you’re interested in, choosing from a wide range of resources at great savings. There are a lot of great deals to choose from this month, but here are six that we ... [Products]

October 5, 4AM

My wife regularly works domestic miracles. Case in point: she actually reads her Bible first thing in the morning. She’s a mother with young children and a lot of responsibility. We never know how much sleep Mommy will get on any given night, and she oc... [articles] [Training]

October 4, 12 PM

We’re celebrating the hard work and high calling of pastors throughout October! Not only are we offering great deals on pastoral resources, we’re giving you a unique opportunity to publicly thank the pastors in your life with a custom message. And whe... [Products]

October 3, 12 PM

Paul David Tripp is a pastor, author, and international conference speaker. He is the president of Paul Tripp Ministries and has written more than a dozen books on Christian living, including his newest book Parenting: 14 Gospel Principles Than Can Radica... [articles]


The saying “good things come in small packages” is certainly true of today’s Logos 7 feature. This small enhancement is so subtle you’re apt to miss it, but it delivers a powerful, practical punch. To appreciate the value this tool brings, first i... [Training]

September 30, 4AM

The newest version of Logos has arrived, and this time around, we have lots of upgrade options to match your needs and budget. But there’s still no match for the savings you get with a Logos 7 base package. Not only does a base package get you the newe... [Apps & Web Tools] [Training]

September 29, 12 PM

Crossway recently released the English Standard Version in a 2016 “Permanent Text” edition (the updated text will be free for Logos users who own the ESV). The ESV, it was announced, would remain “unchanged forever, in perpetuity.” As Christianity... [articles]

September 28, 4AM

October is right around the corner, and that means you only have a few more days to save on products in the September monthly sale. There are a lot of great deals this month, but here are five you really don’t want to miss: 1. IVP Biblical Theology Coll... [Products]

September 27, 4AM

Follow the story of Jesus from infancy to resurrection to discover the ancient context of Matthew’s Gospel, the authorship of Mark, and the implications of Luke for the church today. Matthew In The Gospel of Matthew in Its Jewish Context (NT314), Dr. Cr... [Products]

September 26, 2PM

People’s names in Scripture are not merely labels to distinguish them from other people, but many times are expressions of their character. For example, Abram received the name Abraham because he was the father of many nations (Genesis 17:5) Joseph was... [Training]

12 PM

This month’s free book is all about being healthy—and no, we don’t mean kale smoothies and hot yoga. Thabiti Anyabwile’s What Is a Healthy Church Member? is a practical, helpful handbook on what it means to be a “healthy” church member, and ho... [Products]


Leading a group Bible study is deeply rewarding, but let’s be honest: it’s also a little terrifying. Once you begin a conversation, you give up a sense of control. You might travel from Exodus to the politics of Disney faster than you can say “talit... [articles]

September 23, 12 PM

I have the greatest job in the world. No, I actually have one of the greatest, if not the greatest, jobs in all of human history (apart from Christ’s, that is). My point is this: there is a God, and he raised Jesus from the dead, brought salvation to ma... [articles]


When I was a seminary student, one of the hardest things I had to overcome was preaching class. Now, most people struggle with that particular course because of their fear of public speaking. Not me. I loved to give speeches in public—even as an introve... [Products]

September 22, 4AM

By now, you’ve probably heard about exciting new Logos 7 features like the Sermon Editor and the Courses Tool. These flagship features are so compelling, we have a confession to make: we haven’t given due attention to some other, just as helpful Logos... [Featured] [Products]

September 21, 4AM

I have written seminary-level exegesis papers, and I have graded them—dozens of them. And I’m going to tell you a few secrets I don’t think your teachers will mind me telling their students. They’ve already told you what you really need to know, n... [articles]

September 20, 4AM

September 19, 12 PM

Logos 7 launched with a number of exciting and powerful new features, but the one that’s generating the most interest and questions is the Sermon Editor. You can get an overview of what Sermon Editor can do in this introductory blog post, and this d... [Training]


You study the Bible because you love it, not just because you’re “supposed” to; you genuinely enjoy your time diving deep in the Word. Experiencing those “aha!” moments, discovering obscure inter-testamental connections, unearthing layers of mea... [articles] [Products]

September 16, 2PM

Logos 7 is here, and we want to make it easy for you to get started. Need a bigger library? Just want the features? Working with a limited budget? Whatever your situation, there’s a Logos 7 option to match. And if you have any questions along the way, ... [Featured] [Products]

12 PM

“Crown Him with Many Crowns.” “King of Glory.” “You Are My King.” “Lead on, O King Eternal.” Christians often sing praise songs about Christ as King. But do we really think of him that way? According to theologian and statesman Abraham K... [Products]


This month, you can save on a new collection featuring some of the most popular biblical theologies available from IVP. The IVP Biblical Theology Collection Upgrade features these works: New Testament Theology: Many Witnesses, One Gospel by I. Howard Mars... [Products]

September 15, 4AM

Pastors are sometimes forced to squeeze their sermon prep into odd time slots, but that’s what lay leaders must always do. Lay leaders work full-time jobs and have families. I’ve been on both sides of the altar; I know the pressures. I have stayed up ... [articles]

September 14, 4AM

After more than a year as a Logos Pro, I’m still occasionally surprised to discover things I never knew Logos could do. I already knew about the Copy Bible Verses tool in Logos. I use it so regularly that I made a shortcut to it in my menu bar: But I j... [Training]

September 13, 12 PM

During my time in seminary, fourth-semester Greek was synonymous with “pain.” This “pain” took the form of two, massive exegetical papers, each 30 pages in length. Those papers were seemingly insurmountable obstacles that stood in the way of any p... [Apps & Web Tools] [Products]


To be a Christian is to live in tension; the tension between the now and the not yet, the is and the is to come, between what has been promised and what has yet to be fulfilled. And we experience this tension daily as we are called to live as citizens of ... [Products]

September 12, 12 PM

Pastoral ministry is as tough as it is rewarding. Between church services, Bible studies, visitations, community involvement, board meetings, and any number of emergencies, it’s hard to find focused time for quality sermon prep. Logos 7 offers a lifelin... [Featured] [Products]


Most Christians who are dedicated to studying the Bible have at least three books in their personal, print libraries: Bible Study Bible Concordance In this blog post I want to focus on that third book. A traditional print concordance lists every time an... [Training]

September 9, 12 PM

He’s one of our most enthusiastic ambassadors now, but certified Logos Bible Software trainer Morris Proctor admits he was practically forced to try Logos for the first time. “When the personal computer age hit, I was reluctant to enter the electroni... [articles]


We recently had the chance to talk with two authors from the Transformative Word series to get their take on what makes this series valuable. Matthew Emerson wrote the volume on Revelation and Heath Thomas wrote the volume on Habakkuk. What makes the Tran... [Products]

September 8, 12 PM

There are plenty of unexpected things in the Bible: floating axe heads, a talking donkey, water turned to wine, apocalyptic horsemen. But scour the New Testament all you like, and there’s one thing you’d be hard pressed to find: a churchless Christian... [Products]


Wrenching a Bible verse out of context isn’t the only bad Bible-quoting habit out there. There is a more subtle set of unfortunate customs we use in evangelical churches when we quote the Bible. Here’s an example: a relative of mine was reading to me ... [articles]

September 7, 4AM

I want to know the Bible. Do you? There are many methods for Bible study out there, and every one I’ve ever seen has something of value to contribute. Let me add one, however, that I’ve never seen anyone else explain: borrow an open secret from teache... [articles]

September 6, 2PM

How does globalization and urbanization affect the Christian mission? How do you engage a new community with a posture of self-sacrifice, humility, and brokenness? How do you help your church become relevant in the community? Dr. Fuder tackles all these t... [Products]

12 PM

Logos 7 is my preferred tool for sermon preparation, but history proves you don’t have to use Logos in order to teach the Bible carefully and effectively. Somehow Paul managed pretty well without it. Augustine and Chrysostom reportedly didn’t use... [articles] [Products]


September’s deals are here! With each monthly sale, our goal is to offer a wide range of resources, so you can enrich your study with books that will help you better understand the topics you’re interested in, and grow in areas you’re focused on. Th... [Products]

September 5, 4AM

I’ve had the privilege of teaching Camp Logos training seminars for many years now. And ever since the Highlighting feature appeared on the scene, there’s a very common question at Camp: How can I highlight the text in one Bible and have those highlig... [Training]

September 2, 2PM

Inductive Bible study consists of three phases: Observation, Interpretation, and Application. During Observation we’re encouraged to read the biblical text numerous times asking the journalistic questions Who, What, When, Where, Why, and How. Also, du... [Training]


Commentaries are a beloved and vital resource for modern students of the Bible. They give us expert insight into each verse of each chapter of each book of the Bible, and are often a great starting point for deeper research. But one thing the standard com... [Products]

September 1, 4AM

Insightful culture watcher David Foster Wallace says something in his famous essay on television that preachers need to hear—even though preachers probably already know it. The staccato editing, sound bites, and summary treatment of knotty issues is net... [articles] [Training]

August 31, 4AM

The viewpoints of Christians of the past are not authoritative over us in the same way the Bible is—or even the same way our pastors are (Heb. 13:17). Past generations of believers made theological errors just like us, because they were fallen and limit... [articles] [Training]

August 30, 4AM

August ends soon, so don’t miss your chance to save on resources from the monthly sale. And if you’re looking for low prices, check out these six deals under $20: 1. Paul: Apostle of the Free Spirit—50% off In this classic work, F.F. Bruce portrays ... [Products]

August 26, 12 PM

“Location, location, location.” Anyone familiar with real estate has certainly overheard this mantra at some point. The geographic features of a particular location influence so much of our human experience. Even beyond the aspects of climate, landsca... [Products]


Everybody’s Bible study workflow is different, but there are some key tasks we all have to tackle. When we created the latest version of Logos Bible Software, we wanted to address all of those steps in in-depth Bible study—from that initial spark of i... [Misc.]

August 23, 4AM

For most of us, our first introduction to Logos Bible Software is the Home Page with its Passage/Topic box. By entering a biblical reference or subject in the box and clicking GO we can launch in-depth Bible study. Also, if you’ve been to Camp Logos o... [Training]

August 22, 2PM

As you’ve probably heard, Logos 7 is here! And it’s packed full of new features and tools! I’m honored that the folks at Faithlife have asked me to write blog posts about my favorite seven new features in Logos 7. With all the great new enhancement... [Training]


After nearly two years of preparation, Logos 7 has arrived! Our latest release represents the most complete Logos experience yet—with new tools to take you from that initial spark of insight to sharing biblical truth with others. We’ve made it faster... [Apps & Web Tools] [Featured] [Products] [Logos7]

August 19, 4AM

When we think about the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ, we often do so with an image or a set of biblical passages and categories in mind. Much like the score in a movie, those categories help us make sense of Jesus’ death. For that is what doct... [articles]

August 18, 4AM

I was recently writing something about biblical archaeology, and it happened again, that thing that’s always happening to me in Bible study—does it happen to you? I was trying to find the location of a verse whose exact wording I was pretty sure I alr... [articles] [Training]

August 17, 12 PM

Whoever you are and however you study the Bible, our new Logos Now membership program is for you. With so many benefits, a Logos Now membership pays for itself. Not only do you get exclusive offers on scholarly resources, popular Christian titles, and sem... [Products]


What’s the key to effectively teaching the Bible to others, whether in a Bible study, a sermon, or a Facebook conversation? Love your audience as yourself. Loving God is most important, of course, but it’s possible to love God supremely and yet fail i... [articles] [Training]

August 16, 4AM

With August’s featured deal, The New Testament Library Series, you’ll get more than 5,000 pages of commentary and analysis on New Testament books and themes, at a great discount. Here are four reasons to add it to your library today: 1. You’ll get ... [Products]

August 15, 4AM

A Logos user recently contacted me with this question: The ESV is my preferred Bible and I enjoy using the interlinear pane that displays at the bottom of the Bible. I recently noticed italicized English text for some of the words. In the KJV italicized t... [Training]

August 12, 4AM

Last month, we announced the Osborne New Testament Commentaries written by respected biblical scholar Grant R. Osborne. As a culmination of his life’s ministry, he’s bringing his academic acumen to an accessible, application-focused commentary. Os... [Products]

August 11, 4AM

One of the most frequent things I do in Logos—and I’m betting you do the same thing—is search for a specific verse or group of verses. My searches can seem pretty random, like the time I looked for every time the Bible talks about “war.” Searchi... [articles] [Training]

August 10, 12 PM

Recently I got to play my favorite sport—ultimate Frisbee—twice in one week. The first game was just about the best I’ve had in my 14 years as an ultimate player. Pretty much every time I threw the disc toward the end zone, it snuck just past the de... [articles]


We’ve revamped Logos Now, transforming it into a brand new membership program with more to offer than ever before! With members-only offers on Lexham Press, Kirkdale Press, Mobile Ed, and more, a Logos Now membership pays for itself. Right now you can s... [Products]

August 9, 4AM

Some people will never tire of spreading a transparency of the text of Revelation over today’s newspaper to look for coincidental correlations, or of gazing into it as though it were some window into an as-yet-future (or in-progress) “seven last years... [articles]

August 8, 4AM

A Logos user recently posed this question to me: I’ve found a lot of information in a resource that I want to quickly access from my note file. I don’t, however, want to copy all that text into the file itself. How do I create a hyperlink in the note ... [Training]

August 5, 4AM

The Lexham Methods Series is finally in production and will ship by the end of the year. Way back in 2012, we announced an incredible new resource to help you understand the Bible better than ever before—the Lexham Methods Series. These four volumes ena... [Products]

August 4, 1PM

Time’s almost up to get volumes from the critically acclaimed NSBT series for just $9.99 each. This deal disappears Friday August 5 at 11:59 p.m. PT—if you wait until Saturday, you’ll miss it! There are 35 volumes to choose from, each one addressing... [Products]


August’s deals are here, and you can save on more than 70 great resources! Browse all the deals and discover how you can save. Or start saving right now with these six featured deals: 1. Wipf & Stock D.A. Carson Collection (5 vols.)—30% off This c... [Products]

August 3, 4AM

Let’s be honest. We’ve all likely gone through that period of our Christian lives (or are still there) when we thought about little else, biblically speaking, than what the Bible said about end times. I recall how, shortly after I became a Christian a... [articles]

August 2, 4AM

For a limited time, the Basics of the Faith series is on sale. This comprehensive collection of concise resources address 39 of the most important doctrines and practices comprising Reformed theology. Newcomers and teachers alike will benefit from the cle... [Products]

August 1, 4AM

During a recent Camp Logos while I was demonstrating the versatility and power of the Factbook tool, someone asked: “Is there a table of contents for the Factbook so I’ll know all of the available articles for a given subject?” I answered,... [articles] [Training]

July 29, 12 PM

When I was in my final year in seminary, another student suggested to me that the church needed to focus more on “biblical” theology instead of “systematic” theology. The latter, he argued, promoted the “doctrines” of man rather than the Bible... [Products]


Abraham Kuyper was one of the most extraordinary individuals of his time. A prolific intellectual, theologian, and politician, he devoted much of his writing towards developing a public theology. His passion was to faithfully understand and engage cultur... [articles] [tributes]

July 28, 4AM

I can hardly believe I did it, because I loved my nine-year succession of four MacBooks and two iMacs, but I just moved back to the PC world for some of my daily work. Out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks: I love running Logos on a light, to... [articles] [Training]

July 27, 4AM

After the ink dried on the last page of the last book of the New Testament, there was a period of fourteen centuries in which book-making technologies changed relatively little. The codex—the standard paper book—replaced the scroll fairly early on in ... [articles]

July 26, 12 PM

Archaeologists study ancient cultures through the careful exhumation and examination of artifacts; their work sheds light on important biblical questions. For example, nearly all of pottery unearthed in Galilee came from a single Jewish village and not fr... [Products]


Do you like commentaries? Do you like saving money? If you do, then the monthly sale is always a good place to look. You can save on both individual volumes and popular commentary collections. And if you’re looking for some bargains, check out these six... [Products]

July 25, 12 PM

In a comment on a recent LogosTalk blog post, a reader asked a question about saving verses from a Guide to a Passage List. The question reminded me about numerous shortcuts for getting verses into a Passage List document. If you frequently use Passage L... [articles] [Training]


Biblical theology asks questions of the Bible—what does it teach or say about a topic, what is the significance of a repeated theme or event—and then carefully studies the text in context to find answers from the Bible itself. Here are 10 questions yo... [Products]

July 23, 4AM

Time’s almost up to save 50% on more than 50 acclaimed works from Fortress Press, including groundbreaking titles from Walter Brueggemann and Jürgen Moltmann. This sale ends on July 25 at 11:59 p.m.—don’t miss your chance to save on resources by th... [Products]

July 22, 12 PM

All Christians agree that Christ is God—the doctrine of the Trinity is at the core of what we believe, and the church affirmed Jesus’ divinity in its early councils. Though we know the Bible affirms this, it even more clearly presents Jesus as our Kin... [articles]


For a limited time individual volumes from one of the most respected series on biblical theology are $9.99 each. And when you get 12 or more volumes, you’ll receive a coupon code good for up to $50 off your next purchase! Here’s how you can maximize ... [Products]

July 21, 2PM

Dig and dig and dig, and you’ll never reach the full depths of the Bible. Your lifetime will be a journey to the center of its worth. That doesn’t mean the Bible-gold you’ve discovered so far is iron pyrite; it simply means you should never stop dig... [articles] [Training]

July 20, 2PM

If you can’t use the Bible, you don’t really understand it. It may sound backwards to speak of “using” the Bible: we don’t stand over the Bible, twisting it to our ends; the Bible stands over us and is one major means by which God uses us. That... [articles] [Training]


Through July 25, save 50% on a wide variety of titles from Fortress Press. With more than 50 volumes to choose from, we asked our product experts to recommend their 10 favorites. We shared five of them with you last week; here are the other five volumes y... [Products]

July 19, 4AM

Charles Spurgeon’s decades-long preaching ministry and highly prolific writing career delivered beloved works that still influence and inspire Christians around the world. If you want to enrich your studies with his wisdom, this month is the perfect cha... [Products]

July 18, 4AM

I was recently reading in Genesis 12, when the Lord calls Abram to leave his homeland and travel to a God-appointed location. Of course this event is recorded in Genesis 12, but I was curious as to where else this event is mentioned in Scripture. With Log... [Training]

July 15, 4AM

For a limited time, you can get 50% off more than 50 resources from acclaimed theological publishing house, Fortress Press. We’ve pulled together books on everything from biblical theology and the New Perspective on Paul to church history and practical ... [Products]

July 14, 4AM

When Jesus is asked to sum up the law, he responds with two commands involving love: In both commands, the English translation “love” translates the Greek verb agapao. Partly because agape is one of those Greek words that many theologically literate ... [articles] [Training]

July 13, 12 PM

This summer you can study the Gospels and Acts with celebrated scholar Dr. Darrell Bock as part of the Mobile Ed summer session. But don’t wait: you’re last chance to enroll is July 18. If you’ve ever put together a jigsaw puzzle only to discover th... [Products]


You and I live in a modern city, but imagine that across the river is another town very different from ours: an ancient one. We drive cars, they ride animals. We chat over coffee at a cafe; they chat over water at the community well. We suffer from a divi... [articles] [Training]

July 12, 4AM

When you see the Bible in its ancient context, it comes to life as a body of literature that shaped God’s people. These are the people who were known first as the sons of Jacob, the people of Israel, and later as the Jewish people, and from them came Je... [Misc.] [Products]

July 11, 4AM

In a recent blog post, guest blogger Dr. Andy Naselli discussed the concept of conscience, stating that the Greek word for conscience appears 30 times in the New Testament. How can we locate those 30 occurrences and execute the examination of them as Dr.... [articles] [Training]

July 8, 12 PM

Last week, we announced a new verse-by-verse commentary series from respected biblical scholar Grant Osborne. As a culmination of his life’s ministry, Osborne is bringing his theological acumen to an accessible, application-focused commentary. The O... [Products]


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July 7, 12 PM

Read your Bible, pray every day, and you’ll grow, grow, grow. It’s practically the first catechism every evangelical child learns. It’s a simple spiritual discipline, but it’s a difficult one to maintain in our busy, always-connected world. There ... [articles]

July 6, 2PM

Many Christians are faithful Bible readers, but they feel stuck when it comes to Bible study. After you’ve read a Bible passage once, and then read it again, what do you do to study it? Um, read it again? And then what? Looking at a commentary or study ... [articles] [Training]


With July’s monthly sale, you can save on more than 100 products—commentaries, theological studies, language resources, and more. Not sure where to start? Check out these six featured deals: 1. Biblical Counseling Collection (27 vols.)—40% off This ... [Misc.]

July 5, 4AM

When interpreting Scripture, it’s all too easy to impose our own ideas onto the text, rather than drawing out what the biblical author and the Holy Spirit intended to convey. Sound biblical exegesis is all about getting back to the original autho... [articles] [Products]

July 4, 12 PM

At a recent Camp Logos while I was instructing about the Bible Word Study Guide, someone asked about the Translation ring which shows how a Hebrew or Greek lemma is translated in an English Bible. The question was basically this: How can I change the Bib... [articles] [Training]


Our newest lineup of base packages is specially tailored for those in the Methodist and Wesleyan tradition, but every student of God’s Word will find plenty to love in their robust, comprehensive libraries. And if you are from a Wesleyan tradition? Wait... [Products]

July 1, 4AM

The landscape for modern biblical commentaries is heavily skewed towards a scholarly approach to Scripture. These academic treatments of the text certainly advance biblical scholarship but often overlook the practical implications of the text for the mode... [Products]

June 30, 4AM

“Thorough and abreast of modern scholarship, yet . . . loyal to Scripture as the infallible Word of God.” That’s how contributor Gordon Fee describes the New International Commentary Series. Right now, select volumes from this acclaimed series are j... [Products]

June 29, 12 PM

My most influential mentor always told his charges that Bible teachers come to the text with one of two questions: either 1) “What can I say about this?” Or 2) “What does this say?” He saw these questions as a continental divide, and he urged us t... [articles]


There are many moments in the New Testament—heated exchanges, curious turns of phrase, and extreme reactions—that might leave the casual reader scratching his or her head. Maybe you or someone you know has asked questions like why were there so many p... [Products]

June 28, 12 PM

Nutritionists everywhere tell us that a well-balanced diet fuels our bodies, yet many of us continue to ignore their advice. The same is true for our Bible study habits. We know that nourishment for our souls lies in the pages of the Bible, but we are oft... [Misc.]

June 27, 12 PM

A fellow Logos user recently made the following inquiry: I thoroughly enjoy using the Passage Guide and try to take advantage of the wealth of research in each section. I am stumped, however, trying to figure out how the verses in the Cross-References se... [articles] [Training]


Logos is a Bible student’s dream come true. Whether you study God’s Word because it’s your calling, your job, or your passion, you already know Scripture holds a wealth of insight. We want to help you discover that insight—that’s why we created ... [Products]

June 24, 12 PM

Right now, select volumes from the New International Commentary Series on the Old and New Testaments are on sale—and you can get up to 20 of any of those volumes for just $20 each with the coupon code NICSALE. That’s guaranteed savings of 35–72%! Yo... [Products]


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June 23, 4AM

In honor of National Read a Book Minute—which, sadly, is dwarfed in popularity by the annual celebration of International Watch TV Year—I want to teach you how to highlight a book. I went through more years of formal education than is really proper, a... [articles] [Training]

June 22, 12 PM

I love the Jesus Storybook Bible, because it thrills me to think that my kids might grasp the central storyline of Scripture long before the age at which I did. And the colors and textures are cool. And I like a little whimsy in text and illustration. As ... [Training] [articles]


On May 25, 2016, Professor John Webster, one of the world’s great contemporary theologians, suddenly and unexpectedly entered glory. Within hours memorials began to appear. Following his training at the Bradford Grammar School and the University of Camb... [articles] [tributes]

June 21, 12 PM

The Evangelical Dictionary of Biblical Theology calls inspiration the “cornerstone of evangelical theology.” But how God’s Word moved from the mind of God to the biblical writers, to their immediate audience, and finally, to the translations you and... [Products]


For the first time ever, 44 select volumes from the New International Commentary Series on the Old and New Testament are only $19.99 apiece. Individual volumes from the critically acclaimed NICOT/NICNT series typically go for $31 to $73 a pop. But during ... [Products]

June 20, 4AM

If you’re a pastor, you know that avoiding those Saturday night cramming sessions takes planning and working ahead—but if you’re like some of the pastors I mentor, it can be tough staying organized. Fortunately Logos has a great tool baked ... [Training] [articles]

June 17, 12 PM

Deciphering handwritten passages in Greek and Hebrew is no one’s idea of a walk in the park. When the surrounding text is printed in Old Dutch, that task borders on impossible. But for Richard B. Gaffin Jr., translating Geerhardus Vos’ Dogmatiek was a... [Misc.]


Study in community with Mobile Education’s Summer Session courses taught by Dr. Michael Heiser, Dr. Darrell Bock, and Dr. Craig Evans and earn your New Testament Cornerstone Certificate in 6 weeks. Summer Session is a fantastic way to complete all of t... [Misc.]

June 16, 12 PM

I’m bad at reading the Bible quickly or in big chunks. I’m always getting stopped by interesting little questions (and interesting big ones). Here’s a representative example: Do not be idolaters as some of them were; as it is written, “The people ... [articles]


For the last month, we’ve featured 25 stellar resources in the spring sale—resources specially chosen to fuel your spiritual growth. This sale ends June 17, so here are three (and a half) reasons to build your own bundle of resources in this sale. 1... [Products]

June 15, 4AM

How much time per week does the average pastor spend preparing a sermon? A few years ago, Thom Rainer conducted an unscientific survey on Twitter to find out. Of those polled, 47% spent somewhere between 13 and 18 hours a week preparing a single sermon. R... [Products]
During the June monthly sale, you can get great prices on more than 100 products. Of course, it can be hard to choose from so many useful resources. If you had to pick just one product from the sale, we’d recommend getting the International Standard Bib... [Products]

June 14, 4AM

I was trying to turn Psalm 1 into a singable song for the Bible club boys (6th grade on up) from the neighborhoods around my church. These were not young men with extensive church backgrounds and full-ride scholarships to elite Sunday schools. Their maste... [articles]

June 13, 12 PM

A Logos user recently emailed this question to me: Do you have any blog posts on how to find quotes of Church Fathers? For example, if I know of a quote in a certain writing of Augustine, is there a way to find that particular writing? I’m not sure if... [Training] [articles]


During the Spring Sale, you can mix-and-match resources by your favorite authors to create a personalized bundle. The more resources you choose, the higher your discount becomes—up to 40% off! Pick 1-2 resources and get 25% off Pick 3 resources and get... [Misc.]

June 10, 12 PM

Last week, we featured two new titles in the Transformative Word series, Between the Cross and the Throne: The Book of Revelation and God Behind the Scenes: The Book of Esther. In this post, Wayne Barkhuizen, author of the Esther volume, explains th... [Misc.]


A seminary professor once relayed the story of an idealistic church member who complained that pastors should get “real world experience” before beginning pastoral ministry. The professor listened at first, but soon grew impatient with the complaints ... [Products]

June 9, 4AM

We should be immensely grateful for our many, wonderful English Bible translations. But there’s a reason pastors, professors, and Bible study buffs spend years learning Greek and Hebrew. When you understand the original languages, new possibilities open... [Products]

June 8, 12 PM

A few years ago, a good friend of mine spent months studying the way Jesus used the physical world around him to illuminate Scripture. Salt, light, roads, flowers, birds, and bread are all examples of concrete, vivid illustrations Jesus pulled from ever... [articles] [how to use sermon illustrations] [video sermon illustrations] [church videos] [preaching videos] [sermon illustration videos] [video clips for sermons] [personal sermon illustrations] [story of scripture] [dan stevers true and better] [dan stevers videos]


It’s nice to have options. When products come in a variety of shapes, sizes, styles, and flavors, weare free to mix and match, and find that perfect fit. Right now we’ve got 25 resources on sale, and you have the power to build a personalized bundle... [Products]

June 7, 4AM

You’ve seen it plastered on tee shirts, coffee mugs, bookmarks and Bible covers; it’s cross-stitched on throw pillows and wall art. Its words have comforted thousands of Christians in their darkest moments. But do you really understand the significanc... [Misc.]

June 6, 12 PM

June’s monthly sale features great deals on more than 100 products, including 40+ titles from Eerdmans. Don’t miss this chance to save on foundational works of biblical study from one of the most trusted evangelical publishers. Browse all the Eerdmans... [Misc.]


I receive numerous questions about biblical cross-references such as this one: Almost any Logos resource contains numerous cross-references on a given page. I know I can preview a verse by hovering on the blue hyperlink and I can take my Bible there by c... [Misc.]

June 3, 12 PM

The work of God’s Kingdom is never easy. For many ministries, crisis and chaos may seem like faithful companions. Facing the tension of this work is always challenging and it can be difficult to recognize God’s presence when the going gets tough. Stor... [Misc.]


This is a guest post by Peter Krol. A reader of my blog recently emailed to say, “I was never intentionally taught how to lead a Bible study, and, when the time came for me to teach others how to do it, I had no idea even where to begin.” Do you know ... [Misc.]

June 2, 4PM

I was absolutely shocked. At the top of my NT Introduction paper on Jewish Institutions of New Testament Times was a “B+”—but that wasn’t the shocker. I was only just starting seminary, and I didn’t have the hang of things yet. What shocked me w... [Misc.]

June 1, 4AM

For several weeks I’ve been trying to End Bible Translation Tribalism. I’m urging Christians not to make our good Bible translations into rallying points or battle flags for internecine warfare. Instead, we members of Christ’s body should recognize ... [Misc.]

May 31, 4AM

In my town we had a radio station that called itself “the new 102.” The name was short. It rhymed. They added a catchy tune. Ten years later, they were still calling themselves “the new 102.” The New Perspective on Paul is just a little like that.... [Misc.]

May 30, 12 PM

Understanding the cultural context in which a biblical passage originally appeared is essential for correct interpretation. We must be careful not to interpret a passage through twenty-first century eyes. We, of course, apply the Bible to our modern setti... [Misc.]


In 1962, Carl Henry, founder and editor of Christianity Today, attended a luncheon that was given in honor of Karl Barth, the famous Swiss Reformed theologian. Given the opportunity to ask questions to Barth, Carl Henry stood up and identified himself as ... [Misc.]

May 26, 4AM

The difference between this . . . . . . and this . . . . . . consists largely in the skill with which the latter photographer used the complicated tools on his SLR (Single Lens Reflex) camera—and the complicated software tools used for post-production... [Misc.]

May 25, 12 PM

I remember the first time my personal devotions finally started to click. After growing up in the church, earning a Bible degree, and working in ministry, I developed the habit of separating my “study time”—which I spent preparing sermons, lessons, ... [Misc.]


An experienced pastor I greatly respect, a truly world-class Bible expositor whose series through Ephesians changed my life, sat in a room with a bunch of skinny, exegetically deficient young preacher wannabes. I was the skinniest. He was trying to mentor... [Misc.]

May 24, 12 PM

The New Testament’s use of the Old Testament has been described as the “master problem” of Christian theology. Jesus’ and Paul’s words on the subject are direct and, in a way, simple: Jesus didn’t come to destroy the law but to “fulfill” i... [Misc.]


Biblical theology is notoriously difficult to define. As one clever theologian has quipped, “. . . everyone does that which is right in his or her own eyes and calls it biblical theology.” One reason for the confusion: a slim monograph on the the the... [Misc.]

May 23, 2PM

When seeking to determine the contextual meaning of a biblical word, it’s helpful to see where that word is used elsewhere in Scripture. Often times where and how a word is used in other parts of the Bible shed light on its meaning in the passage we’r... [Misc.]

12 PM

May is almost over, but you still have a few more days to get great discounts on more than 100 products. If you haven’t checked out these deals yet, don’t wait any longer. Save on top IVP resources May’s sale features discounts on more than 30 title... [Misc.]


When you’re trying to make a point, the way you talk changes. Maybe you change your rhythm. You switch from long, rapid sentences to short, slow fragments where every word carries more weight. Or you might drastically change your volume. You drop ... [Misc.] [church presentation software] [text effects for sermons] [fill-in-the-blank sermon slides] [add fade in text to sermon slides] [change font colors in sermon slides] [tips for bilingual churches]

May 20, 4AM

The tendency to emphasize the good of the spiritual realm to the neglect of the physical world has led many Christians to an unbiblical view of the world and a false dichotomy between the ‘sacred’ and ‘secular.’ —Kenneth T. Magnuson, professor o... [Misc.]

May 19, 12 PM

The world is changing. Recent events have caused many people to stop and wonder why things are happening the way that they are. Science, politics, sexuality—all are moving in different directions at a rapid pace, leaving the church to wonder how to rega... [Misc.]


“You can’t give away what you don’t already have.” If you’ve ever spent time studying the Bible—and then attempted to share what you’ve learned with others—you know how true that statement is. When you handle God’s Word day in and day ou... [Misc.]

May 18, 12 PM

Biblical illiteracy, particularly in the US, is increasing at a staggering rate. Now more than ever it’s critical that the people of God not only read the Bible more frequently, but study the Bible. There are many ways to study Scripture, and numerous t... [Misc.]


What if you could spend the same amount of time studying for your next sermon, paper, lesson, or Bible study, but get more insight? There is, unfortunately, no “give-me-insight” button in Logos. The sober truth is, there’s no substitute for hard, pr... [Misc.]

May 17, 4AM

Today’s post is by guest contributor Michael Fuller. Are good leaders made or born? That’s a debatable question with an unclear answer. Yet what is clear is that all effective leaders have one thing in common: they never stop learning and consiste... [Misc.]

May 16, 4AM

One of the most popular ways to study the Bible is through cross-references. These cross-references may be embedded in a Bible translation itself or in a separate resource such as The Treasury of Scripture Knowledge. Logos contains several features which,... [Misc.]

May 13, 4AM

Paul wrote Philippians in chains from a Roman prison. The letter reveals clearly Paul’s deep love for the church in Philippi, but even more so, Paul’s hope and trust in Christ even under such dire conditions. All this makes the book of Philippians one... [Products]

May 12, 4AM

Perhaps you’ve seen it: that little pyramid of circles next to the page number in a Logos resource. Click on the icon, but don’t be overwhelmed by the list of options that appears. You’ve just found “visual filters,” powerful too... [Training] [articles]

May 11, 4AM

I want people who study the Bible to stop asking, “What’s the best Bible translation?” and feel free to use all the good translations we have. It’s what I called, last week, Ending Bible Translation Tribalism. In my vision of the ideal world, Chri... [Misc.]

May 10, 4AM

Many Christians believe that for faith to be authentic, it must be free from any doubt. While this may be an ideal, it’s far from realistic. Many characters in God’s Word—including Abraham and John the Baptist—experienced episodes of doubt. Though... [articles]

May 9, 12 PM

A fellow Logos user recently asked the following question: I like grouping the resources in my Library according to Type so I can quickly see my commentaries, journals, etc. When I expand a specific Type, however, all the resources are just listed by tit... [Misc.]

May 7, 12 PM

The number of Americans who identify as atheists has doubled since 2007. Though that’s some dramatic growth, atheists still make up just a small percentage of Americans; somewhere between 3% and 9% of American adults don’t believe in the existence of ... [Products]


With his compelling, challenging, and poignant preaching and writing, Tim Keller has been likened to none other than C.S. Lewis—though the New York pastor is quick to deflect comparisons to his hero. Keller’s words have inspired millions of believ... [Misc.] [articles]

May 6, 12 PM

As you probably (hopefully) know, Mother’s Day is this Sunday. If your master plan to honor your wife, mom, grandma, or women who aren’t moms (but basically are) is already well under way, well done. And if you just realized Mother’s Da... [Products] [bible verse art] [christian mother's day ideas] [Verse of the Day art]

May 5, 12 PM

How many of us learned a litany of easy-to-remember prayers growing up? Recite with me: “Now I lay me down to sleep . . . Jesus, tender shepherd, hear me, bless thy little lamb tonight . . . Come, Lord Jesus, be our guest …” And that’s to say noth... [Products]


I have redesigned quite a number of church websites, and there is one thing I never carry over from the previous design: written directions to the church. I never give directions or ask for them. I can’t remember the last time I said to someone, “Firs... [Misc.]

May 4, 2PM

When it comes to the study of the End Times, there are no shortage of perspectives—and plenty of controversy to go around. Consulting authors from differing views—and the most trusted from your own—is essential. We’ve pulled together over 100 reso... [Misc.]


I am on a mission to end Bible Translation Tribalism. If you don’t know what I mean by “Translation Tribalism,” see if any of these tribal stereotypes (some borrowed from another blogger) ring true for you: The NIV 2011 is the Bible of the broad s... [Misc.]

May 3, 12 PM

Many Christians treat biblical archaeology merely as a way to prove the accuracy of the biblical record, but this field of study has far more to offer than that. Archaeologists investigate the remains of human culture from antiquity, determining what i... [Products]


May’s monthly sale is here! And this month we’re featuring special deals on more than 30 titles from one of today’s leading biblical publishers: IVP. Want the best deals this month? Don’t miss these five collections, available at great prices. And... [Products]

May 2, 4AM

I recently answered this question from a pastor and fellow Logos user: How can I do a comparison of the two primary Greek words translated “know” in the New Testament? This is an excellent question. Here’s how I responded to him. Choos... [Misc.]

April 29, 4AM

Late last year, we released a few new volumes in the Evangelical Exegetical Commentary series: S.M. Baugh’s excellent treatment of Ephesians and the longest commentary on Jude ever written. It’s the former volume that has received some high praise rec... [Products]

April 28, 4AM

The Logos Pro team exists to provide free training to users of Logos Bible Software. Our 30-Day Bible Study Challenge has helped thousands of people learn Logos and study their Bibles. Of course, it’s going to take more than 30 days for you to learn the... [articles]

April 27, 4AM

For many years I taught a weekly Bible class to impoverished adults. These people were highly skilled in areas of life I did not understand, but most of them had deep difficulty reading with any proficiency. I had to find a way to help them read the Bible... [Training] [articles]

April 26, 4AM

April’s monthly sale deals are about to end—don’t miss your chance to save on more than 100 products. And if you’re looking for the best deals, check out these six products, all 60% or more off the regular price. 1. Theology and Doctrine Collectio... [Products]

April 25, 2PM

Christianity insists that the events of history are not the random effects of chaos; God’s invisible hand is guiding the ages toward a definite goal—a new heaven and new earth. Eschatology—the study of the end times—is largely concerned with futur... [Misc.]

12 PM

A friend recently emailed me asking for assistance with the markings in the Interactive resource, Psalms Explorer. This made me realize some Logos users may not be familiar with some helpful explanations built right into the software. So today’s blog wi... [Training] [articles]

April 22, 4AM

We spend the vast majority of our waking hours on the job, yet glorifying God in our work is rarely a topic of conversation in the church. Faithful Christians who desire to honor God with their vocational lives often do so by working ethically, starting l... [articles]

April 21, 2PM

How do you discover great new books? With tens of thousands of titles available on alone, searching for resources can be overwhelming. While there are certainly a variety of ways to plot a course through the maze of published works, a Logos N... [articles]

12 PM

On April 27, Faithlife is partnering with Dr.’s Les and Leslie Parrott, authors of the much-praised premarital resource Saving Your Marriage before It Starts, for a free webinar on premarital counseling especially for pastors and ministry leaders. Fait... [articles]


Many Logos users rely on Zotero for organizing and citing their research, and yet they may not know that there is an easy way to export their Logos library titles into that free library management tool. With Logos 6 you can do it in five steps. Step 1... [Training] [Products] [Books]

April 20, 4AM

Most of the skills involved in good Bible reading are things people do intuitively anyway. So why bother reading a Bible study magazine or purchasing Bible software—plus all the resources (commentaries, books, hermeneutics manuals) that make that softwa... [Misc.]

April 19, 12 PM

To some, the concepts of love and law contradict one another. While love conjures images of warmth and family, law conjures images of coldness and isolation. In our contemporary culture, loving others and believing in objective moral standards are often... [articles]


Genesis offers a wide scope of content and many interpretive issues which have led to countless viewpoints and controversies. With so much to consider, it’s difficult (if not impossible) for one commentary or study to touch on all of them. So how do yo... [Products]

April 18, 4AM

Often times during our study we find ourselves needing to quickly navigate to another spot within the book or chapter in which we’re currently located. Well, today’s very simple, yet powerful, tip will help you easily do that in Logos. For example, i... [Misc.]

April 15, 12 PM

Lexham Press is giving away the five-volume, complete Unseen Realm bundle—including The Unseen Realm, Supernatural, I Dare You Not to Bore Me with the Bible, and two companion books, The Unseen Realm: A Q&A Companion and Supernatural: A Study Guide.... [Misc.]

April 14, 12 PM

During a recent study, I wanted to go to the verse where the biblical writer admonishes the lazy person to observe the actions of the ant. For the life of me, however, I could not remember where the verse was located. I also didn’t want to interrupt the... [articles]


Stop and be astonished, if you can, at a statement from Jesus in Mark 10 that certainly astonished his disciples: “It is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for a rich person to enter the kingdom of heaven” (Mark 10:25). It’s h... [articles]

April 13, 12 PM

Tomorrow is your last chance to get 35% off over 50 different Mobile Ed courses. Learn from top theological scholars like Douglas Moo and Mark Futato and take your Biblical studies deeper. And the best part is, Mobile Ed works around your schedule—study... [Misc.]


Tomorrow is your last chance to save on resources by Logos March Madness authors. Get 70% off select works by N.T. Wright, 60% off J.I. Packer resources, and 30% or more off scads of other works by respected scholars, theologians, and Christian authors. B... [Misc.]

April 12, 4AM

Anyone who has invested serious time into studying Scripture knows that it isn’t always easy to understand. For sure, there are core ideas in the Bible that are straightforward and quite within the grasp of most readers to understand. But to be honest, ... [articles]

April 11, 7AM

The final votes have been tallied for Logos March Madness and N.T. Wright has been crowned the Champion—which means you can now save 70% off his select works. Even if you were one of the thousands that cast votes for J.I. Packer, no worries—you can sa... [Products]

April 8, 12 PM

Christians often fall prey to the notion that the “secular” and “sacred” should be separated. While it’s true that Jesus has called us into his Kingdom, he has also called us back into the world from which we were rescued. Our faith must be grou... [Misc.]


To study the Bible in depth, you need to navigate its mysteries and complexities with precision and clarity. The reward of serious study is life-changing insight. And the pursuit of biblical insight is lifelong. It’s a journey that will transform you, ... [Products]

April 7, 12 PM

I first encountered Logos Bible Software in the Libronix days—in what historians of technology now call “the 1990s.” I somehow came into possession of some random CDs with Logos books on them. I confess I didn’t use them so much as I “amassed”... [articles]


It’s hard to overstate the significance of Athanasius’ On the Incarnation of the Word of God. Athanasius ministered in a time when the vast majority of Christians believed what we today would recognize as heresy. This embattled saint set him... [Products]

April 6, 4AM

Out of the inscrutable neuron maelstroms we know as “the brains of small children,” there often come what speech pathologists call “the darnedest things.” My kindergartener said yesterday—and I promise I have no idea where this came from—“Wh... [Training] [articles]

April 5, 12 PM

It’s common today to hear of the fractured church, the shattered church, the hopelessly broken church. Estimates of the number of denominations can be disheartening, ranging from several hundred to tens of thousands, depending on how you define “denom... [articles]


April’s monthly sale gives you more than 100 products to choose from, covering a wide range of topics and resource types. Browse all the deals, or check out these five featured deals—invaluable works at great discounts. 1. Holman Reference Collection ... [Products]

April 4, 3PM

The Tim Keller Collection contains some of Keller’s most popular works, including The Reason for God, The Prodigal God, and Generous Justice. To celebrate this addition to our Logos Library, you can pre-order the Keller collection for just $99.99 and sa... [Misc.]

12 PM

I’m currently assisting a young preacher with his sermon on Matthew 5:43-48. The passage begins like others before it with the phrase, “You have heard that it was said,” followed by what specifically was said, “You shall love your nei... [Training] [Bible study] [Matthew] [tutorial] [how to use logos] [new testament use of old testament]

April 1, 2PM

In a recent blog post, Logos Pro Mark Ward took a both-and approach to the print vs. digital argument, holding that some resources are designed for a digital medium and others work better as a physical book you can hold in your hands. We agree, but we’... [Products] [Lexham] [ebooks] [reformed dogmatics] [print versus digital]

12 PM

For the very first time, Tim Keller’s bestselling works are available to pre-order! Containing all of his New York Times bestsellers (The Reason for God, The Prodigal God, and Prayer) plus other popular titles such as Walking with God through Pain and S... [Products] [Prayer] [Tim Keller] [reason for god] [prodigal god]


Your Logos March Madness champion Logos March Madness started with 64 authors facing off for your votes. After six rounds, and thousands of votes cast, you’ve chosen N.T. Wright as the 2016 Logos March Madness champion! Wright wins the title, but you al... [Products] [Logos March Madness] [N. T. Wright] [j. i. packer]

March 31, 4AM

The better you learn how to use Logos Bible Software, the more you’ll get out of your Bible study. Logos is designed to provide insight into the Bible. Every tool has that ultimate goal. If you want to learn how to use Logos—because you want to st... [Training] [Bible study] [logos pro] [how to use logos]

March 30, 12 PM

This is a guest post by Andrew B. Perrin. assistant professor of religious studies and co-director of the Dead Sea Scrolls Institute at Trinity Western University.  A few years ago I Googled “faith” and discovered that the top two hits were a George... [articles] [Bible study] [Word Study] [faith] [bible word study] [Hebrews 11]


Logos March Madness been a no-holds-barred brawl—there have been upsets, knockouts, and close calls. The madness has raged for 30 days, and tomorrow, it all comes to a head. The last men standing, N.T. Wright and J.I. Packer, are still battling for the ... [Products] [Logos March Madness] [N. T. Wright] [j. i. packer]

March 29, 12 PM

When we read the Bible, we bring a whole host of ideas and assumptions to the text that have been filtered down to us through two-thousand years of biblical interpretation. Of course, it doesn’t feel that way— we’re just reading, interpreting, an... [Products]


When you study Scripture day in and day out, it’s all too easy to lose sight of of God’s transforming grace. But the Bible isn’t a collection of moralistic fables or a litany of sterile commands; as the editors of the Gospel Transformation Bible put... [Products] [Biblical Theology] [Study Bible] [mark futato] [bryan chapell] [gospel transformation bible]

March 28, 12 PM

Recently, a Logos user emailed the following scenario to me: I executed a Bible Search. How do I copy/paste all of the verses, which appear in the search results, into a note file? Excellent question! To discover a solution, let’s carefully walk throu... [Training]


Round 5 of Logos March Madness has ended and the discount is bigger than ever. While N.T. Wright and J.I. Packer duke it out in the championship, you can get great resources by Darrell Bock and I. Howard Marshall—including the IVP New Testament Commen... [Misc.]


On the road to Emmaus, Jesus says: “O foolish and slow in heart to believe in all that the prophets have spoken! Was it not necessary that the Christ suffer these things and enter into his glory?” (Luke 24:25–26 LEB). But what prophecy is Jesus refe... [articles]

March 26, 6AM

If you use Logos, odds are you love commentaries. The monthly sale is always a great way to add commentaries to your library, with savings on both commentary collections and individual volumes from popular series. And if you’re looking for insightful bi... [Products]

March 25, 4AM

This Easter season saw the release of two major films about Jesus: The Young Messiah, based on Anne Rice’s 2005 novelization of Jesus’ earliest years, and Risen, a biblical epic recast as a historical mystery starring Joseph Feinnes. Depicting biblica... [articles] [Easter] [Crucifixion] [the jesus film] [movies] [bible movies] [biblical epics] [jesus film interview] [christian movies] [my last day] [my last day movie] [anime] [jesus anime] [Christian anime]

March 24, 12 PM

John Piper’s groundbreaking resource Look at the Book is free through the month of March, and guess what? It’s going to stay that way. That’s right—the Logos edition of Piper’s hit Look at the Book will be a free download for the foreseeable fu... [articles] [Missions] [missional] [free book of the month] [John Piper] [evangelism] [look at the book] [finish the mission]


Tell me if this sounds familiar: It’s December 31, and you think, “This is it. This is the year I will read the Bible all the way through.” You start strong through Genesis and Exodus. You power your way through the ritual laws in Leviticus and the ... [Training] [articles] [reading plans] [devotions] [logos pro] [bible reading] [bible reading plans] [read bible in a year] [one year bible reading plan] [Spiritual Discipline]

March 23, 10AM

Now that we’ve made it to Round 5 of Logos March Madness, works by some of our most beloved authors are discounted by up to 45%—including resources by Bryan Chapell and Dietrich Bonhoeffer. Here are some Faithlife staff picks from those round 4 author... [Products] [Preaching] [Devotional] [Dietrich Bonhoeffer] [Easter] [homiletics] [Sermons] [Lent] [bryan chapell] [christ-centered preaching] [logos sale] [theology sale] [bonhoeffer easter] [easter devotional] [chapell preaching]


Exodus 20:15 is pretty practical: “Thou shalt not steal.” There are complexities, there are always complexities whenever fallible and finite people like us try to apply God’s norms to our situations. But for the most part, we Bible readers feel we k... [Training] [articles]

March 22, 2PM

Many Christians aren’t satisfied with their Bible study time. When you sit down to read the word of God, do you have a plan, or do you find yourself flipping the pages, not knowing where to start? Bible Study Magazine can help you get more out of your B... [Products] [Bible Study Magazine] [missionaries] [bryan loritts]

12 PM

Since the 1970s, a tide of scholarship called the New Perspective on Paul has—depending upon whom you ask—either swept away hundreds of years of misconception . . . or threatens to sweep away the hard-won truths of the Reformation. So which is it? Or,... [articles] [N. T. Wright] [new perspective on Paul] [justification] [federal vision] [what is the new perspective] [new perspective explanation] [new perspective on Paul summary] [what is justification] [imputation] [john piper on NPP] [John Piper Justification] [N.T. Wright Justification]


In preparation for Easter, we’ve partnered with  David DeSilva, Peter Leithart, Tremper Longman III and other top scholars to create a free 10-day video journey through the life of Christ. It begins with the expectation of the Christ’s coming and end... [Misc.]

March 21, 2PM

After executing a Basic Search, you may find yourself with a lot of results from one resource. For example, imagine studying Colossians 1:19 where you come across the phrase fullness of God. So you decide to investigate this phrase throughout your whole l... [Training]

12 PM

Sixteen authors went head to head in round three; eight emerged victorious, and eight were sent packing. This was a round of upsets, as three of the eliminated contenders were juggernauts G.K Chesterton, Charles Spurgeon, and D.L. Moody. But don’t l... [Misc.]

March 19, 6AM

Round 3 is over and only eight authors are still in contention for the title of Logos March Madness Champion. N.T. Wright, Craig Evans, and Dietrich Bonhoeffer highlight this group of battle-tested authors vying for a spot in round 5. And with savings of ... [Misc.]

March 18, 2PM

The amount of writing and speaking Charles Spurgeon amassed during his lifetime is truly staggering. Though he only wrote two formal commentaries, his thoughts and comments touch on every book of the Bible. In fact, his sermons were filled with biblical c... [Misc.]

12 PM

Sixteen authors are still duking it out in a theological brawl that’s full of surprises—including the defeat of theological all-stars Walt Brugegemann, Ben Witherington, and Karl Barth. But these beloved authors are still worth celebrating—that’s ... [Misc.]


Learn John Piper’s Bible study methods right in the world’s most powerful Bible software. Featuring 100 videos, Look at the Book focuses directly on the text of Scripture with nothing coming between you and the text. Watch as John Piper underlines, ci... [Training] [Products] [Preaching] [Bible study] [free book of the month] [John Piper] [look at the book] [logos tutorial] [finish the mission]

March 17, 12 PM

Proclaim is giving your church a chance to win over $30,000 in gear, Bible study resources, and solid Christian content! To enter your church, follow Proclaim on Faithlife. It’s that easy. Earn additional entries by inviting your church staff and friend... [Products] [Proclaim] [logos] [giveaway] [church presentation software] [church tech]


Jesus on the cross was more than a very good man having a very bad day. At Calvary, “God was in Christ, reconciling the world unto Himself” (2 Cor. 5:19). This reconciliation resonates through all of Jesus’ sacred statements on the cross. Considerin... [articles] [Easter] [resurrection] [Crucifixion] [Cross] [SDA] [Seventh-day Adventist] [martin weber] [jesus last words] [Jesus's last words] [last words of Jesus] [words from the cross] [reconciliation] [crucifixion of Jesus] [quotes about cross]

March 16, 4AM

If you’re the kind of Christian who is now wondering, “Here’s another Easter; what part of the Bible do I study/teach this year?”—then let me admit that I’m in the same boat. I’ve got to write a blog post about Easter; where do I go? Let’s... [Training] [articles]
Easter is just 10 days away, and your plans are probably in full swing. Whether it’s putting on a big Easter meal or an entire Easter service, there’s no question that this season can get bogged down with plans and preparations. The death and resurrec... [Products]
Round 2 results are in, and 16 authors will move on to round 3 of Logos March Madness. Of course, that means that 16 other authors didn’t get enough of your votes—but there’s good news: You can get select works by John Calvin, Michael Heiser, Karl ... [Products]

March 15, 4AM

Mobile Ed’s new Activities resource gives you two new ways to experience our courses. If you’re the kind of Mobile Ed student who likes to simply sit back and watch through the videos and skim the transcripts, we’ve streamlined that process for... [Training] [Products] [seminary] [theological training] [Easter] [resurrection] [learning] [mobile ed] [online seminary] [quizzes] [pastor training]

March 14, 2PM

I recently blogged about highlighting and note files which generated a few questions like this: How can I highlight text in one Bible and have those highlights show up in other Bibles? Until recently that ability didn’t exist, but you’ll be happy to k... [Misc.]

12 PM

The New Testament writers used a variety of literary and grammatical devices to help guide the reader. Known as “discourse devices,” these elements attract your attention to key information, alert you that something surprising is about to happ... [Products]


As Easter Sunday approaches, promising a more-than-usually packed house, now’s a great time to ask how to make sure your sermon connects with your audience. Here are three ways to do just that. Preach with power through vivid illustrations and p... [Products] [Preaching] [sermon] [Easter] [homiletics] [resurrection sermon] [Easter Sunday] [easter sermons] [easter sermon ideas] [preaching training] [sermon training] [how to preach]

March 11, 2PM

More people go to church on Easter than any other day of the year, and churches around the world are preparing for more visitors. There are lots of ways to make sure your Easter service is great, but what about the sermon itself? With all the time and ene... [Training] [Products] [articles] [Preaching] [Easter] [resurrection] [Sermons]


Why is the most important Christian holiday nowhere mentioned by name in the Bible? Actually, the word “Easter” does appear in the Bible, but only once—and only in one translation. Among all major English translations of the Scripture, only the King... [Training] [articles] [Bible] [Easter] [Pascha] [King James Version] [is easter in the bible] [acts 12:4] [translation easter] [what does easter mean] [easter meaning] [easter passover] [easter in greek]


It’s hard to overplay the importance of the Resurrection of Jesus. When you read the Gospels closely, it becomes clear: the Resurrection isn’t just an afterthought; it’s not some narrative flourish wrapping the life of Christ in a neat theological b... [Products] [Easter] [easter resources] [easter sermon] [Easter Sunday] [easter videos] [free easter videos] [resurrection] [resurrection sermon]

March 10, 8AM

Round 1 is over, the results are in, and only 32 authors have made it to Round 2 of Logos March Madness. But even if your first-round picks didn’t make it, that’s no reason to take your ball and go home. After all, you can save 30% on selecte... [Products]

March 9, 3PM

There are plenty of kids shows out there, but precious few that plunge deep into God’s Word . . . without boring kids to death. Faithlife has helped grownups understand the Bible for decades with Logos Bible Software. Now, we want to help your kid... [Misc.]


Jerry Bridges, the author of more than a dozen books on discipleship and Christian living, passed away this week. The outpouring of love from the Christian blogosphere has been tremendous. Evangelical leaders are celebrating the legacy of a Christian who... [Misc.]


One fine South Carolina day my little family was driving down the road listening to the radio, and on came “Rudy Mancke’s Nature Notes,” a delightful little minute-long feature by a local naturalist who talks about flora and fauna in the Palmetto St... [Misc.] [Training] [articles] [New Testament] [exegesis] [Bible study] [Word Study] [love] [bible word study] [Agape]


Logos March Madness is well underway! Sixty-four theologians are going toe-to-toe, and they need your votes to advance them through the competition! The longer the contenders last, the deeper the discounts on their selected works—and for the first time... [Products]

March 8, 3PM

New from John Piper and Desiring God For the first time ever, get the Logos edition of John Piper’s Look at the Book series in the Logos edition for free! Featuring over 100 new videos by John Piper, Look at the Book is the first of it’s kind, providi... [Products] [Bible study] [free book of the month] [John Piper] [desiring god] [look at the book]


An obscure monk hammers a list of grievances onto the doors of a church: what could be more revolutionary—or more symbolic of the Protestant Reformation—than that? But when Martin Luther nailed his 95 Theses to the Wittenburg Church door on October 31... [articles] [Reformed theology] [Reformation] [Martin Luther] [lutheran theology] [protestant] [95 theses] [wittenburg door] [Lutheranism]


Be the first to get the newest tools, features, interactives, and media with Logos Now! Logos is already the world’s most powerful digital Bible study platform—and we keep making it better! If you want the latest Logos innovations but don’t want to ... [Misc.]

March 7, 3PM

I recently officiated the funeral service of my aunt who lived a long, fruitful life. She thoroughly enjoyed bird watching so I wanted to include in my remarks several biblical passages about birds. Knowing both the Old and New Testaments mention various ... [Training] [articles]


Dozens of authors are going mano y mano in a last-man-standing competition for your votes. That’s right: Logos March Madness is here! Who will be sent home packing and who will ultimately emerge victorious? With the retirement of three-time LMM cham... [Misc.]

March 5, 7AM

Postmodern culture often celebrates diversity, but the multitude of viewpoints can make sensible dialogue challenging. As American Christians endure yet another fiery political season, the temptation to throw up our hands in defeat and frustration may be ... [Misc.]

March 4, 1PM

When you study with Logos and present with Proclaim, you don’t have to spend hours preparing your sermon and then hours preparing your slides. You can get ready for the service while you study for your sermon. Add quotes to your sermon while you study T... [Products] [articles] [Logos Bible Software] [church presentation software] [sermon help] [sermon writing tips] [sermon slides] [good sermon quotes] [visual aids for sermons] [logos and proclaim]


March’s deals are here, giving you more than 100 ways to build your library. Get commentaries, theological works, language resources, and more—all at great discounts. And if you’re looking for the best values, don’t miss these five deals: 1. Charl... [Misc.]

March 3, 1PM

It’s a heart-rending scene: Their husbands are dead. Their prospects in Moab are bleak. But a rumor stirs in the fields: The devastating famine that brought Naomi and her daughters-in-law from Bethlehem to Moab has ended. It’s time for Naomi to go h... [Training] [articles]


Logos March Madness is back, and round one is underway! If you haven’t yet, rally your friends and vote for your favorite authors—those eliminated from this round will get a 30% discount, but the winners will advance to round two, and maybe further! T... [Misc.]

March 2, 1PM

This is a guest post by Robert B. Chisholm, department chair and Senior Professor of Old Testament Studies at Dallas Theological Seminary. It’s easy to become confused while reading the prophets’ depictions of God. Malachi, for instance, warns that Go... [articles] [old testament] [Prophets] [violence in old testament] [War] [pacifism] [peace] [God as warrior] [Robert Chisholm] [Dallas Theological Seminary]


The clash of the titans starts today! For the next 30 days, 64 theological all-stars will face off in an epic contest for your votes. For each author matchup, pick your favorite and rally your friends to vote your champions through. From scrappy challenge... [Misc.] [logos] [theology] [theologians] [march madness]

March 1, 1PM

Even the best metaphors fail to capture the complexities of God’s being. In fact, when Christians attempt to explain the Trinity, they often stumble into metaphors that sound suspiciously like the very heresies Trinitarian theology was developed to cou... [articles] [attributes of God] [characteristics of God] [father son holy spirit] [holy trinity] [holy trinity explained] [meaning of trinity] [Peter Leithart] [the holy trinity] [the Trinity] [Trinitarian] [Trinitarianism] [Trinity] [trinity in the bible] [trinity meaning] [triune god] [what does trinity mean] [what is the holy trinity] [what is trinity]

February 29, 1PM

A fellow Logos user recently emailed this question to me: I do my Bible study in the morning which usually consists of reading Scripture followed by reading commentaries and other Logos resources. Often times, I don’t have time to finish the commentary... [Misc.]


Leap day comes but once every four years. Mark this rare occasion with an equally rare deal. Save 70% on the Classic Sermon Library Builder (100 vols.)—today only. Get 100 volumes of rich and compelling sermons from some of history’s most distinguishe... [Products] [John Wesley] [Sermons] [d.l. moody] [leap day] [classic sermons]

February 27, 7AM

There’s still time to take advantage of the Wipf and Stock sale. While we celebrate this great partnership, you reap the benefits! Through Monday, 126 of the best titles from Wipf and Stock are on sale—each volume, collection, commentary, and journal ... [Products] [N. T. Wright] [reformed] [Karl Barth] [new perspective on Paul] [justification] [Wipf and Stock] [NPP] [federal vision] [meredith kilne] [Covenant Theology] [don garlington]

February 26, 3PM

“How do you pick up the threads of an old life? How do you go on, when in your heart, you begin to understand, there is no going back? There are some things that time cannot mend. Some hurts that go too deep.” When Frodo Baggins says these words a... [Misc.]


Some of Crossway’s greatest works are now available for pre-order on! Committed to historical, Christian truths, these collections contain some of the most beloved writings in theology, biblical studies, ministry, and Christian living. Leadi... [Misc.] [Products]


Now through the end of February, get the Journal of Theological Interpretation, vol. 1 for free. Plus, add an additional resource, Genesis 1 as Ancient Cosmology, for only $1.99. That’s two resources for less than $2! Get your free journal today. Why ar... [Products] [free book] [John Walton] [theological journal] [Creation] [Genesis 1] [evolution]

February 25, 1PM

Easter is a huge opportunity for your church. There are more people attending church than almost any other time of year. Your Easter sermon is arguably the most important sermon your church will hear all year. And people who almost never go to church and ... [Misc.]


Sometimes you have this question about the Bible, this burning desire to know. And you want to know what the whole thing has to say about that question. Ideally, you’d have a year to read through the whole of Scripture, marking it up and taking notes on... [Misc.]

February 24, 3PM

When Dietrich Bonhoeffer was just a 27-year-old lecturer at Berlin University, he made a bold move: denouncing the principles of the new German chancellor, Adolf Hitler. Bonhoeffer was one of the first Germans to publicly challenge the new fuhrer, critici... [Misc.]


Time’s running out to save on February’s monthly sale deals. Want to make sure you don’t miss a really good deal? Here are five of this month’s most popular bargains. Read on to discover why so many people have purchased these resources. 1. A Cri... [Products] [Romans] [New Testament] [commentaries] [theology] [sale] [Biblical Studies] [Apostle Paul] [Isaiah commentary] [best commentary] [Lexham High definition]


Imagine a colossal library. These words conjure different images for everyone. Whether the library in your mind features gothic architecture or fluorescent lights, slim ladders or elevators, there’s one constant: shelves and shelves of books. Heavy, dus... [Products] [commentaries] [logos] [theology] [library] [base packages] [bible study books] [theological resources]

February 23, 5AM

We have a great thing going with Wipf and Stock Publishers. To celebrate this partnership, 126 of the best titles from Wipf and Stock are on sale now—each volume, collection, commentary, and journal is 35% off. Start shopping now! The sale ends February... [Products] [C. S. Lewis] [Greek] [Linguistics] [Robert Mounce] [Wipf and Stock]

February 22, 3PM

I’m often asked what’s the best way to work with certain types of books such as, commentaries, lexicons, Bible dictionaries, etc. So in today’s post, I’ll demonstrate a method for accessing Bible dictionaries. If you’ve worked with Logos a wh... [articles] [Training]


What image comes to mind when you think of the prophets in the Hebrew Bible? When I think of the Old Testament prophets, I often have a limited perspective and mainly focus on how their God-inspired declarations connect to other passages of Scripture. In ... [articles]


In a poignant scene from a mid-90’s movie, a character is asked to select a favorite book from among a vast library. She responds rapturously, “I could no sooner choose a favorite star in the heavens!” We know the feeling. It would be near impossibl... [Products] [2015] [best bible study resources 2015] [best books 2015] [best resource] [bible study resource] [favorite books 2015] [logos] [user rated]

February 19, 5AM

“What has been is what will be, and what has been done is what will be done, and there is nothing new under the sun.” (Eccl 1:9) This refrain from the beginning of Ecclesiastes is music to a historian’s ears. The cliché “those who fail to learn f... [Products]

February 18, 1PM

I have a long-standing, friendly argument going with an old professor of mine. It started when, as a budding young Greek student in seminary, I asked, “Should I get the paper version of BDAG or the digital version?” “Paper,” he said, “because yo... [Training] [articles] [Greek] [Hebrew] [Bible study] [bdag] [original languages] [word studies] [tutorial] [logos pro] [Lexicons] [How to]


Commentaries, Bible dictionaries and encyclopedias are some of the most popular reference works we stock our digital libraries and bookshelves with. However, one resource that is often overlooked, but can be extremely beneficial to your studies, is a t... [Products]

February 17, 4PM

Image: relfstrand/youtube When I met Charles Ryrie, I had to shoulder my way through the throng of undergraduates just to shake his hand. He had just delivered a lecture during chapel at my little Bible college, and immediately following his closing praye... [articles]


Last week I asked a question that struck a chord in readers. I promised that your answer to that question would “reveal everything you believe about the Old Testament.” Who knew so many people cared so deeply—and had done so much thinking—about wh... [articles] [Training] [Biblical Theology] [Gideon] [hermeneutics] [interpreatation] [jepthah] [Judges] [moralism] [old testament] [Redemptive History]


Each year, we equip the church with hundreds of resources that deliver insight—so many, it’s hard to single out the best! Rather than pick our favorites, we’ve let our faithful users highlight the best products of 2015. And here they are: the best-s... [Products]


There are a lot of great deals in the monthly sale, but each month we spotlight a product that offers special value. This month’s featured product is the Pastorum Series Collection. This unique set of resources is always a great value, and right now it... [Products]

February 16, 5AM

The Greek text has much to offer those teaching and preaching, but gleaning these insights can be a frustrating experience. Too often, people expect that word studies or assigning a syntactic label to a construction is as good as it gets. But the new Disc... [Products]

February 15, 1PM

A common question I receive from Logos users goes something like this: As I read a Logos book, I highlight text. After finishing the book, how can I view all of my highlights in one place? The short answer is to utilize the Quotes view in a Notes docu... [Misc.]


Stay the course. Hold fast. Press on. Go the distance. Cowboy up. Persevere. Persist. Endure. There’s no shortage of ways to offer encouragement—even a Facebook like or a hang-in-there cat might do. But cute phrases and cheesy posters fall flat in... [articles]

February 12, 5AM

The Epistle of James is one of the most practical books in the Bible. The exhortations within the letter encourage believers to put what they have learned in Christ into action. For James, knowledge and wisdom are not the end goal, but rather a means to a... [Misc.]

February 11, 1PM

True confession: I turned off the Logos home page within the Logos desktop software when it came out in Logos 4. I lazily assumed there was nothing there I wanted to see. I was, to use a word favored by theologians and exegetes everywhere, wrong. I now ch... [Training] [articles]


At Faithlife, our team works tirelessly to create and distribute the best Bible study resources on the planet—but we put out so many each year it’s hard to pick our favorites. The great news is, we don’t have to. We’ve pulled together a list of ... [Products]

February 10, 5AM

Answer me one question about an obscure story in Judges chapter 11, and I’ll tell you what your view of the whole Old Testament is. I’ve argued before that your view of the trees is determined by your view of the forest, and I think the story of Jepht... [Training] [articles] [Bible study] [old testament] [Biblical Theology] [logos pro] [Judges] [Redemptive History]

February 9, 1PM

The ancient historian Plutarch is famous for penning scores of biographies on political heavyweights like Julius Caesar, Marc Antony, and Alexander the Great. But as far as we know, he never wrote a word about Jesus. So what could he possibly have to tea... [articles]

February 8, 3PM

This post is from Morris Proctor, certified and authorized trainer for Logos Bible Software. Morris, who has trained thousands of Logos users at his two-day Camp Logos seminars, provides many training materials. A Logos user recently contacted me with t... [articles] [Training] [How to] [logos] [logos training] [Prayer] [search] [tutorial]


In the final chapter of his award-winning book, The Twilight of the American Enlightenment: The 1950s and the Crisis of Liberal Belief, George Marsden offers a constructive suggestion to Christians frustrated with the challenge of living in a pluralistic... [articles]


We live in a world that expects results. Nobody wants to waste their life or spend their time on things that don’t matter. That’s part of what makes it so devastating when our ministries feel fruitless—no one gives their life to Christ, the financia... [articles] [Missions] [Ministry] [Take Flight] [hans egede] [fruit] [hope] [missionaries] [missionary]

February 5, 5AM

Pastors face a difficult challenge every week—crafting sermons that are both faithful to the biblical text and relevant to their contemporary audience. It may be easy to focus on one aspect over the other but preaching God’s Word with both in mind i... [Products]

February 4, 3PM

A clever and provocative author wrote something clever and provocative recently about Bible translation: We are accustomed to say things like “something got lost in the translation,” which it frequently does. But can anything ever be gained? Let me po... [articles] [Greek] [Hebrew] [Bible study] [logos pro] [bible translations]


God has a way of interrupting our plans. We set out upon one path and he sweeps us off on a different and more incredible journey than we ever anticipated. Some of the most influential Christians in history began their stories on the unlikeliest of paths.... [articles]


February’s deals are here, and with more than 100 products on sale it’s easy to find resources for almost any topic you’re studying. And if you’re not sure where to start, check out these five insightful works at great discounts. 1. Pauline Studi... [Products]

February 3, 1PM

When I was sixteen, I went to summer camp. But instead of mountains, sunrises, and songs around the campfire, this camp offered school desks, podiums, and hours of daily lectures. This was no ordinary summer retreat—this was a training ground for would-... [articles]

12 PM

Word studies are a treasure trove . . . and a mine field. Somehow you have to weave through the dangers to get the treasures. Think for a moment: if you were about to enter such a field, what would you want to know about first? The gold or the bombs? I’... [Misc.]


Joel B. Green’s Journal of Theological Interpretation, vol. 1 is free during the month of February! Get yours now. Joel B. Green has been a respected professor of Theology for over 18 years, serving at Asbury Theological Seminary and Fuller Theological ... [Misc.]

February 2, 5AM

Reformed theology has always had a vibrant community of theologians. John Calvin arguably wrote the first systematic theology with his Institutes of the Christian Religion. Since Calvin’s day, luminaries like John Owen, Charles Hodge, and Louis ... [Products]

February 1, 1PM

This post is from Morris Proctor, certified and authorized trainer for Logos Bible Software. Morris, who has trained thousands of Logos users at his two-day Camp Logos seminars, provides many training materials. If you’re like most Logos users, your f... [Training] [Morris Proctor] [Logos Bible Software] [home page] [tutorial] [How to] [customize home page]


Friendship can overcome even the most intense disagreements. Shaw and Chesterton flanking their mutual friend Hilaire Belloc. Case in point: the Catholic apologist and satirist G.K. Chesterton found an unlikely friend in George Bernard Shaw, the modernis... [articles]

January 30, 7AM

Like all freshman at my little Bible college, I took a course called Philosophy and Christian Worldview. I learned a lot from the professor, but most of what I gleaned came from watching the flickering images of a goateed man wearing knickers, projected... [Misc.]

January 29, 1PM

The praise for Dr. Michael Heiser’s The Unseen Realm has been unending since its release last year. Readers have given it 4.8 out of 5 stars on Amazon and one reviewer called it “the most thought provoking, thrilling, insightful book I have read all ... [Products] [angels] [mike heiser] [the unseen realm] [Supernatural] [Demons] [the flood] [Nephilim]


There are only two days left to build up your biblical studies collection and take advantage of exclusive savings. Through February 1, we’ve got excellent deals on over 200 volumes from some of our most popular Biblical studies collections. Select ... [Products] [commentaries] [logos] [sale] [Anchor Yale Bible] [Biblical Studies] [new american commentary] [monographs] [Library of New Testament Studies]

January 28, 3PM

The mission of Faithlife is to “use technology to equip the church to grow in the light of the Bible.” And we really mean it. I didn’t take the job until I asked the VP who interviewed me, “What is your company mission?,” and he said, “to serv... [Training] [articles]


Now through February 1, save on over 200 select volumes from three of our most popular collections: The New American Commentary Series, the Anchor Yale Bible, and The Library of New Testament Studies (LNTS). Included in these volumes are some of the ... [Misc.]


There’s still time left to save 25–50% on a selection of 98 handpicked resources to empower your ministry, personal devotion, academic study, and even your Logos features. There are so many ways to save—more than half the resources selected are avai... [Products]


The Christian story is full of dramatic conversions and calls to ministry. When a young, philosophical rabble-rouser heard the voice of a child singing “Pick it up and read it,” he felt compelled to reach for a Bible. When he randomly opened it to ... [articles] [Christian history] [Reformation] [Martin Luther] [augustine] [Take Flight] [Xi Zixhi]

January 27, 1PM

Employing several decades of research, Daniel Block  brings the book of Judges to life in OT317 Book Study: Judges, an 18-hour book study from Mobile Ed. And right now you can tell us what you’d pay for it on Community Pricing. Community Pricing... [Products] [Community Pricing] [seminary] [bible college] [mobile ed] [online learning] [Judges] [Daniel Block] [online seminary] [theology degree]


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January 26, 3PM

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January 25, 1PM

This post is from Morris Proctor, certified and authorized trainer for Logos Bible Software. Morris, who has trained thousands of Logos users at his two-day Camp Logos seminars, provides many training materials. Having been a Logos user for nearly 20 ye... [Training] [Morris Proctor] [Camp Logos] [logos] [Logos Bible Software] [how to use logos] [How to] [shortcuts] [tutotorial]


Over the course of 2,000 years, Christianity has spread to every corner of the world. According to the Pew Research Center, there are 2.4 billion Christians in the world, a staggering 33% of the entire world population—and that’s just today. That figu... [Misc.]

January 22, 1PM

You have less than a week left to save on more than 100 products in January’s monthly sale. Not sure where to start? Here are five of this month’s most popular products. 1. Believers Church Bible Commentary (26 vols.)—42% off This series offers deta... [Misc.]


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An open letter to Tim Challies, in response to a recent blog post. Dear Tim, The people in my office at Faithlife, makers of Logos Bible Software, read your post “Going All-in With Ebooks” with excitement—and not just because we sell ebooks (includ... [Misc.] [articles] [Books] [Bible study] [ebooks] [Tim Challies] [logos pro] [Bryan Chappell]

January 21, 1PM

Calling all nerd wannabes. I, on behalf of the Logos Pros, am about to share with you one of the most useful computer tips you will ever get. I mean that. I’m going to apply the tip to a narrow question: “What’s the quickest and easiest way to searc... [articles] [Books] [] [Bible study] [Training] [search] [D. A. Carson] [tutorial] [logos pro] [keyword]

January 20, 5AM

Even if you’ll never preach a single sermon in your entire life, you should still know what good preaching is. And not just so you can spot (and avoid) bad preaching; not even so you can seek out good preaching. You need to understand what makes a g... [Training] [articles] [Preaching] [Bible study] [application] [homiletics] [How to] [Law and Gospel] [christ-centered preaching] [bryan chappel] [be-like messages]

January 18, 5AM

This post is from Morris Proctor, certified and authorized trainer for Logos Bible Software. Morris, who has trained thousands of Logos users at his two-day Camp Logos seminars, provides many training materials. In an ideal world you and I would fluentl... [Training] [Morris Proctor] [Bible study] [tutorial] [Logos Now] [How to] [outlining] [diagramming] [propositional outline]

January 16, 7AM

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January 15, 3PM

Have you ever spent time digging into the Song of Solomon? More than that, have you ever applied the verses in Song of Solomon to your love life or the love lives of those you’ve counseled? As a pastor, you’ve probably served as a marital or p... [Misc.] [free] [Marriage] [counseling] [conference] [matt chandler] [marriage conference]


The monthly sale features great deals on more than 100 products, but each month we’ll be featuring one product that we think will be an especially valuable addition to your library. January’s featured product is the Armchair Theologians Series, and he... [Products]


Imagine what would happen if thousands of Christians actually did what we all sort of feel like we’re supposed to do, especially at the New Year: imagine that we all read the Bible. If you’ve been part of our 30-day Bible study challenge since it bega... [Training] [Bible study] [Bible] [tutorial] [logos pro] [How to] [Matthew 4] [bible study course]

January 14, 1PM

We have a number of exciting things in store for the Evangelical Exegetical Commentary (EEC) series this year. Here’s a rundown of what you can expect in 2016. The newest volume Right before the calendar turned over to 2016, we released 1 & 2 Samuel... [Misc.]

January 13, 3PM

John Piper turned 70 this week. Throughout his long ministry, Dr. Piper has urged Christians to dig into the Bible. When we put together our free 30 day course on how to study the Bible, we drew on his work because its rich with Scriptural insight and is... [Misc.]


” . . . his delight is in the Law of the Lord, and on his Law he meditates day and night.” (Psalm 1:2) There’s a big difference between reading the Bible and truly meditating on it. Reading the Bible—even studying the Bible—can too... [Apps & Web Tools]


Small groups help us take “community” from the abstract to the concrete. They allow our relationships with fellow believers to flourish into meaningful friendships as we grow and serve and study the Word together. They provide both a context f... [Misc.] [Marriage] [Vyrso] [matt chandler] [Small Groups] [marriage conference] [small group curriculum] [faithlife groups] [the mingling of souls] [lauren chandler]

January 12, 5AM

For decades, Elyse Fitzpatrick has helped Christians root their identities in Christ through a prolific counseling and writing ministry. In these exclusive clips—together over 20 minutes long—she guides you through the meaning of Christocentric ident... [Products] [counseling] [mobile ed] [elyse fitzpatrick]

January 11, 5AM

This post is from Morris Proctor, certified and authorized trainer for Logos Bible Software. Morris, who has trained thousands of Logos users at his two-day Camp Logos seminars, provides many training materials. Traditionally, Bible study consists of th... [Training] [Morris Proctor] [logos] [tutorial] [how to use logos] [inductive Bible study] [observation]

January 8, 5AM

Calvinists believe in total depravity: no one is untouched by the effects of sin and we all have mixed motives in what we do. How then would one account for the goodness, the beauty, the mercies, and the glories we see in this depraved world? Common Grace... [Products] [kuyper] [lexham press] [common grace] [public theology]

January 7, 5AM

At the local library “Hi, I’m looking for all references in this library to William Tyndale.” “Sure, I’m a reference librarian, so I’d be happy to help you with that. Hmm . . . . Looks like we’ve got two books in the religion section with ... [Training]

January 6, 1PM

Internet meanderings recently landed me on the Amazon product page for the bookmark below. It’s the kind of bookmark you’re supposed to give to a friend or loved one, and it bears two Bible verses. Notice the citation from Genesis 31 in particular. D... [Training] [articles]


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January 5, 5AM

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January 4, 5AM

This post is from Morris Proctor, certified and authorized trainer for Logos Bible Software. Morris, who has trained thousands of Logos users at his two-day Camp Logos seminars, provides many training materials. As we begin the New Year with, hopefully,... [Training] [Morris Proctor] [Bible study] [Word Study] [logos] [scripture] [meditate]

January 1, 5AM

The New Year is a time for new beginnings. This year, challenge yourself to make Bible study a daily habit. Not only will you be meditating on the Word of God every single day, but hopefully new insights and reflections will become apparent as you engross... [Products] [Bible study] [diy bible study] [connect the testaments] [daily devotions] [new years resolution]

December 31 2015, 10AM

A pastor friend told me not long ago, “I have Logos, but I probably use only 5% of its capacity.” This comment came from someone under 40, meaning that he knows how to turn a computer on without fear or antagonism. It hardly counts as “technology”... [Training] [video] [Bible study] [logos] [tutorial] [logos pro] [Mark Ward] [how to study the bible]

December 30, 1PM

As a kid, maybe 10 or 12, I was leafing through my red-letter edition of the Bible and I noticed that there was one section of unbroken red text that was longer than any other. It was Matthew 5–7. I thought that was kind of cool, and if my memory serves... [articles] [Bible study] [Training] [Logos Bible Software] [tutorial] [logos pro] [sermon on the mount] [articles]


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December 29, 3PM

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Mobile Ed has had a very exciting year! We have shipped 46 courses and over 323 hours of content. In 2015, we introduced new partnerships, programs, and courses. Here are a few highlights from 2015 . . . and what lies ahead in the new year. Summer Sessi... [Products] [seminary] [education] [mobile ed] [Courses]


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This post is from Morris Proctor, certified and authorized trainer for Logos Bible Software. Morris, who has trained thousands of Logos users at his two-day Camp Logos seminars, provides many training materials. The new year, a time for fresh starts, is... [Training] [Morris Proctor] [Bible study] [Devotional] [tutorial] [reading] [training how to]

December 26, 5AM

Following the Council of Trent in the sixteenth century, the Latin Vulgate became the official Latin Bible of the Roman Catholic church—and that after centuries of dominance as the preferred Bible of the Western world. The Reformation revived interest i... [articles] [Vulgate] [Latin] [Textual Criticism]

December 24, 1PM

Now it happened that in those days a decree went out from Caesar Augustus to register all the empire. (This first registration took place when Quirinius was governor of Syria.) And everyone went to be registered, each one to his own town. So Joseph also w... [articles] [Christmas] [lexham press]


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December 23, 1PM

With all the great products on sale this December, it can be easy to miss some of the deals. The monthly sale has more than 100 products, but here are five you’ll really want to check out. 1. The Treasury of David (6 vols.)—30% off Charles Spurgeon’... [Products]
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We’re celebrating Advent by giving away 24 resources, absolutely free! Click on the image above to reveal today’s featured resource. Check back every day for a new free book and beautiful art based on Christmas carols and hymns. Get your free... [Misc.]


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December 22, 3PM

Every month, Logos Now subscribers get several month-long, full-access previews to great Bible-study resources. During the month of December, subscribers have access to Dr. Heiser’s NT281: How We Got the New Testament. If you sign up for a Logos Now sub... [Products] [mobile ed] [Logos Now] [mike heiser]


We’re celebrating Advent by giving away dozens of free books and beautiful Advent Art and featuring great articles on the meaning of this season of anticipation. In this post, Logos Pro Mark Ward explores what may be the most “Christmasy” ... [articles]
We don’t just learn from theology, but also from those who have gone before us—both from their writings and their lives. John Piper described with powerful imagery his experience with reading the Puritans: No one comes close to the skill they have in ... [Products] [Books] [logos] [deal] [sale] [Christmas] [Logos Bible Software] [mega pack] [logos 6] [Promotion]


We’re celebrating Advent by giving away 24 resources, absolutely free! Click on the image above to reveal today’s featured resource. Check back every day for a new free book and beautiful art based on Christmas carols and hymns. Get your free... [Misc.]


During 12 Days of Logos, you can save on some amazing resources. That includes some of the most important theological and biblical works out there—like International Critical Commentary Series, volumes by Warren Wiersbe, and new classics like the N.T Wr... [Products]

December 21, 3PM

This post is from Morris Proctor, certified and authorized trainer for Logos Bible Software. Morris, who has trained thousands of Logos users at his two-day Camp Logos seminars, provides many training materials. Shortly after His birth, Jesus was presen... [Training] [Morris Proctor] [Luke] [Christmas] [how to use logos]


The new year is around the corner, which means now is the time to start thinking about how you want to grow, what you want to learn, and how you’re going to get there in 2016. Many people who desire rich theological education—but can’t move across t... [Products] [seminary] [sale] [mobile ed]


We’re celebrating Advent by giving away 24 resources, absolutely free! Click on the image above to reveal today’s featured resource. Check back every day for a new free book and beautiful art based on Christmas carols and hymns. Get your free... [Misc.]


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December 20, 7AM

We’re celebrating Advent by giving away 24 resources, absolutely free! Click on the image above to reveal today’s featured resource. Check back every day for a new free book and beautiful art based on Christmas carols and hymns. Get your free... [Products]

December 19, 7AM

During 12 Days of Logos, you can save on some amazing resources. That includes some of the most important theological and biblical works out there—like International Critical Commentary Series, volumes by Warren Wiersbe, and new classics like the N.T Wr... [Products]
We’re celebrating Advent by giving away 24 resources, absolutely free! Click on the image above to reveal today’s featured resource. Check back every day for a new free book and beautiful art based on Christmas carols and hymns. Get your free... [Misc.]

December 18, 3PM

Good contextualization is hard work. Like an onion, there are so many layers to consider when communicating the message of the Bible. If you miss just one of these layers, your message could end up falling flat. And contextualization isn’t just a modern... [Products]


We are pleased to announce the brand-new Pentecostal & Charismatic Gold base package! Now you can get all of the amazing tools of Logos 6 paired with a resource bundle that fits your needs. This robust theological library is packed with some of our be... [Products] [Holy Spirit] [bible software] [logos 6] [theological library] [Pentecostal & Charistmatic] [Peter Wagner] [Chuck D. Pierce] [Jack Hayford] [Pentecostalism] [Charismatic]
One of the best ways to prepare yourself for any theological question is by having a well-rounded library. When you have a large library that includes a diverse array of books, topics, and authors, you’re queries will return more results and you’ll ... [Misc.]


We’re celebrating Advent by giving away 24 resources, absolutely free! Click on the image above to reveal today’s featured resource. Check back every day for a new free book and beautiful art based on Christmas carols and hymns. Get your free... [Misc.]


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December 17, 3PM

G. K. Chesterton: Tradition means giving votes to the most obscure of all classes, our ancestors. It is the democracy of the dead. Tradition refuses to submit to the small and arrogant oligarchy of those who merely happen to be walking about. (85) I can s... [Training] [articles] [comparing bible translations]


We’re making your Christmas just a little more merry with some of the best deals we’ve ever dreamed up. We’re discounting dozens of some of our most popular resources; giving away free books and beautiful art; pulling together 12 de... [Products]


We’re celebrating Advent by giving away 24 resources, absolutely free! Click on the image above to reveal today’s featured resource. Check back every day for a new free book and beautiful art based on Christmas carols and hymns. Get your free... [Misc.]


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December 16, 3PM

I was born in a Bible study forest, but I didn’t know it. Trees every few feet, tree upon tree. I got to know them pretty well; I could hardly help it: sycamore, acacia, olive, cedar, fig, palm, terebinth. An occasional glade on a rise in that forest of... [Misc.]


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December 15, 3PM

The Mobile Ed team has been hard at work putting the finishing touches on a number of fantastic courses, just in time for Christmas (we’re also having a Christmas sale). Many of these courses are shipping in two days, which means you can save up to ... [Products] [mobile ed]
To get the full Logos experience, nothing beats Logos Now. And with the latest release, one of the features we’ve most been looking forward to is shipping at last: The New Testament Use of the Old Testament interactive. How did New Testament writers... [Misc.]


During 12 Days of Logos, you can save on some amazing resources. That includes some of the most important theological and biblical works out there—like International Critical Commentary Series, volumes by Warren Wiersbe, and new classics like the N.T Wr... [Products]


We’re celebrating Advent by giving away 24 resources, absolutely free! Click on the image above to reveal today’s featured resource. Check back every day for a new free book and beautiful art based on Christmas carols and hymns. Get your free... [Misc.]


It’s Christmas time, and Faithlife is pulling out all the stops to make sure it’s a very merry one! We’re discounting dozens of some of our most popular resources; giving away free books and beautiful art; pulling together 12 deals u... [Products]

December 14, 3PM

This post is from Morris Proctor, certified and authorized trainer for Logos Bible Software. Morris, who has trained thousands of Logos users at his two-day Camp Logos seminars, provides many training materials. In passages such as Matthew 1:22, 2:5, an... [Training] [Christmas] [how to use logos] [Messiah] [Morris Proctor] [Prophecy]


12 Days of Logos is here! For a limited time, you can get a great discount on some of our most sought-after resources. Get up to 61% off resources like the complete International Critical Commentary series, Barth’s Church Dogmatics, Works of N.T... [Misc.]
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We’re celebrating Advent by giving away 24 resources, absolutely free! Click on the image above to reveal today’s featured resource. Check back every day for a new free book and beautiful art based on Christmas carols and hymns. Get your free... [Misc.]

December 13, 7AM

We’re celebrating Advent by giving away 24 resources, absolutely free! Click on the image above to reveal today’s featured resource. Check back every day for a new free book and beautiful art based on Christmas carols and hymns. Get your free... [Misc.]

December 12, 7AM

To help you anticipate the wonder of Christ’s advent, we’re giving away a new free resource (and some gorgeous Advent Art) every day leading up to Christmas. But it gets better! We’ve curated 12 companion resources to the Advent resourc... [Misc.]
We’re celebrating Advent by giving away 24 resources, absolutely free! Click on the image above to reveal today’s featured resource. Check back every day for a new free book and beautiful art based on Christmas carols and hymns. Get your free... [Misc.]

December 11, 3PM

Abraham Kuyper’s influence has been felt throughout the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries in the Netherlands and the Dutch Reformed church. But his legacy had been largely washed away by the churning of history. As modern Christians think th... [Products]


Designed for scholarly research, Noet Research Libraries help you connect to the works of the ages. Plus, for the month of December only, you can get 20% off the research library (or libraries!) of your choice. See all Research Libraries. Here are five re... [Products] [Noet] [noet research libraries] [research libraries] [sale]


We’re celebrating Advent by giving away 24 resources, absolutely free! Click on the image above to reveal today’s featured resource. Check back every day for a new free book and beautiful art based on Christmas carols and hymns. Get your free... [Misc.]


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December 10, 3PM

We’re celebrating Advent by giving away dozens of free books and beautiful Advent Art. In this post, Ryan Rotz reflects on the unexpected Advent lessons he’s learned from a notorious historical figure. King Herod the Great is known by most Chr... [articles] [Advent] [Herod] [Rome]


Good contextualization is critical to communicating the message of the Bible. But good contextualization is hard work. It requires intimate knowledge of both Scripture and the audience that you’re trying to reach. In his new book, Excellent Preaching, C... [Products] [Craig Bartholomew] [lexham press] [Preaching]


We’re celebrating Advent by giving away 24 resources, absolutely free! Click on the image above to reveal today’s featured resource. Check back every day for a new free book and beautiful art based on Christmas carols and hymns. Get your free... [Products]

December 9, 1PM

I was sitting at a lunch table with some acquaintances. Acquaintances, not friends. I admit we sat there for a while staring at our food and waiting for the awkwardness to subside. Kind of like me and my Bible sometimes, I’m sad to say. But then, at tha... [articles] [Training] [Bible study] [Christian Living]


The Logos Pros are here to help the church. And one of the things the church is processing right now, along with much of the rest of the world, is the role digital tools will play in their reading. D.G. writes: I seek out many of the volumes mentioned on ... [articles] [Training] [Bible study] [ebooks] [logos pro] [Mark Ward] [reading]


We’re celebrating Advent by giving away 24 resources, absolutely free! Click on the image above to reveal today’s featured resource. Check back every day for a new free book and beautiful art based on Christmas carols and hymns. Get your free... [Misc.]

December 8, 1PM

Chaplains come from all walks of life and serve as Christian leaders with spiritual influence. Whether working in hospitals, in the military, or elsewhere, chaplains apply leadership skills to influence people through the gospel and provide those they ser... [Products] [Chaplaincy] [chaplains] [Ministry] [mobile ed]


We’re celebrating Advent by giving away 24 resources, absolutely free! Click on the image above to reveal today’s featured resource. Check back every day for a new free book and beautiful art based on Christmas carols and hymns. Get your free... [Products]


Imagine being one of the first people to use Facebook. Without many others to connect with, would the social media company hold any value to you? Probably not. But add a couple dozen of your close friends to the site, and suddenly you’d probably start t... [Misc.] [Products] [book bundle] [Christmas] [deal] [exclusive] [logos library] [mega pack] [offer]

December 7, 3PM

This post is from Morris Proctor, certified and authorized trainer for Logos Bible Software. Morris, who has trained thousands of Logos users at his two-day Camp Logos seminars, provides many training materials. If you’re like I am, sometimes you’re... [Training] [Bible study] [Christmas] [factbook] [Luke] [Morris Proctor]


We’re celebrating Advent by giving away 24 resources, absolutely free! Click on the image above to reveal today’s featured resource. Check back every day for a new free book and beautiful art based on Christmas carols and hymns. Get your free... [Products]

December 6, 7AM

We’re celebrating Advent by giving away 24 resources, absolutely free! Click on the image above to reveal today’s featured resource. Check back every day for a new free book and beautiful art based on Christmas carols and hymns. Get your free... [Products]

December 5, 7AM

We’re celebrating Advent by giving away 24 resources, absolutely free! Click on the image above to reveal today’s featured resource. Check back every day for a new free book and beautiful art based on Christmas carols and hymns. Get your free... [Products]
Whenever a resource you own is updated, you’ll get that new content—for free—so your Logos library is always becoming more valuable and staying up to date with the latest improvements. Here’s a list of Logos resources that were updated thr... [Misc.]

December 4, 1PM

We’re celebrating Advent by giving away dozens of free books and beautiful Advent Art. In this post, Martin Weber reflects on the peace signaled by this season of anticipation. Martin is the author of numerous books, including My Tortured Conscien... [articles] [Training] [Advent] [Christmas] [free books] [martin weber]


We’re celebrating Advent by giving away 24 resources, absolutely free! Click on the image above to reveal today’s featured resource. Check back every day for a new free book and beautiful art based on Christmas carols and hymns. Get your free... [Products]


Put down the eggnog, drop the tinsel, and worry about untangling the Christmas lights later. Logos just launched a Christmas-exclusive deal that’s so good it won’t be around long, and you don’t want to miss it! Introducing the limited-time 500 ... [Products]

December 3, 1PM

“Transliteration” is not the same as “translation.” Tranliteration brings just letters across the divide between languages (if indeed the languages don’t already use the same alphabet). Спасибо becomes spasibo; 國語 becomes Guóyǔ. Sch... [articles] [Training] [how to use logos] [logos pro] [tutorial]


We’re celebrating Advent by giving away 24 resources, absolutely free! Click on the image above to reveal today’s featured resource. Check back every day for a new free book and beautiful art based on Christmas carols and hymns. Get your free... [Products]


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December 2, 3PM

I caved. Somebody sent me one of those time-wasting links you know you’re not supposed to click on if you want to get any work done. But I couldn’t help it. “Find out what your most used words on Facebook are,” the link said. I was like Digory at ... [articles] [Training] [Bible study] [Concordance] [logos pro]


Planning a Christmas service can be overwhelming—especially when Christmas is less than a month away. God’s Word, prayer, and theological convictions should shape the way you plan your Christmas services, but there are practical considerations as wel... [Products] [church service] [liturgy] [Proclaim] [Worship]


We’re celebrating Advent by giving away 24 resources, absolutely free! Click on the image above to reveal today’s featured resource. Check back every day for a new free book and beautiful art based on Christmas carols and hymns. Get your free... [Products]

December 1, 1PM

We’ve recorded more than 200 courses for Mobile Ed on topics ranging from biblical studies and theology to preaching and discipleship. A number of these courses are on Pre-Pub, where you can pre-order them at a significant discount (often around 40% off... [Products] [mobile ed]


We’re celebrating Advent by giving away 24 resources, absolutely free! Click on the image above to reveal today’s featured resource. Check back every day for a new free book and beautiful art based on Christmas carols and hymns. Get your free... [Products]

November 30, 1PM

This post is from Morris Proctor, certified and authorized trainer for Logos Bible Software. Morris, who has trained thousands of Logos users at his two-day Camp Logos seminars, provides many training materials. In keeping with our Christmas theme, let... [Training] [Christmas] [how to use logos] [Morris Proctor] [new testament use of the old testament] [tutorial]


Your time is almost up! All Black Friday Deals end today at 11:59 p.m. (PT). Don’t miss your chance to save on top resources like the B.B. Warfield Collection, Bible Biography Series, and Calvin’s Commentaries. Find the perfect deal now! Here’... [Misc.] [black friday] [Lexham] [Products]

November 28, 8AM

Don’t miss your opportunity to save big on some of the most sought-after resources! With big names like Gordon Fee, Peter O’Brien, and Craig Koester and resources such as Commentary on the New Testament Use of The Old Testament, the Old Testament for ... [Products] [black friday] [John MacArthur]

November 27, 3PM

For just four days, get up to 33% off select Noet Bloomsbury Academic collections and bundles! These resources provide the ultimate opportunity to explore the literature, philosophy, and culture of ancient Greece and Rome. See all deals. Here are three r... [Products] [ancient christianity] [ancient greece] [Ancient Rome] [black friday] [bloomsbury academic] [bristol classics] [cyber monday] [Noet] [sale]


For years, Lexham Press has been creating innovative, high-quality resources for Logos Bible Software. These resources are designed from the ground up to take advantage of the most powerful Bible software in the world. Thousands have already enjoyed the i... [Products] [black friday] [Lexham]


One of your best chances to save (and snag some incredible resources) is here. For the next four days, take advantage of huge Black Friday savings. Save big on over 40 resources from authors like D.A. Carson, John MacArthur, and B.B. Warfield.   Chec... [Products] [black friday] [logos]

November 26, 1PM

Almost four years to the day before I came to serve the church as a Logos Pro at Faithlife, I wrote a post on my personal blog, “How to Pronounce ‘Logos’ in ‘Logos Bible Software.’” And since a big part of our mission is to turn you into a Log... [articles] [Training] [Bible study] [How to] [Logos Bible Software]


Logos 6 base packages give you the best of what Logos has to offer: innovative Bible study tools combined with a great library of commentaries, theological works, reference materials, and more. Every Logos base package features thousands of dollars worth ... [Products]

November 25, 1PM

I once had a grandmotherly friend, a secretary in my office, who had great interest in the Bible but no training in the biblical languages. Her strength as a Bible student came from one obvious and one hidden source. The obvious source was her daily pract... [Training] [Bible study] [bible translations] [logos pro]


Christmas was easily my favorite holiday when I was kid. My family kept so many traditions that made the holidays special. However, it wasn’t until I became a youth pastor in my native Kentucky that I understood just how stressful Christmas could be. ... [Products] [commentaries] [Sermons]

November 24, 5AM

Have you always wanted to to learn the original languages the Scriptures were written in? Unlock the keys to the past and allow Mobile Ed and Logos Bible Software to guide you through your personal, professional, or academic original-language studies. Mob... [Products] [Greek] [Hebrew] [mobile ed]

November 23, 1PM

This post is from Morris Proctor, certified and authorized trainer for Logos Bible Software. Morris, who has trained thousands of Logos users at his two-day Camp Logos seminars, provides many training materials. Since the Advent season is upon us, I’m... [articles] [Training] [logos] [Morris Proctor] [search]


Time is running out to get November’s free commentary, Hermeneia: Matthew 1-7, and the Plus One, Hermeneia: Matthew 8-20. And, for a limited time, get all three of Ulrich Luz’s Matthew commentaries for only $6.98! Study the most powerful s... [Products] [free book of the month] [Matthew]

November 21, 5AM

Today, I’d like to walk you through how you can use Logos to prepare a Christmas study, whether it be for your small group, or for the entire church. I’ll be studying my favorite account of Jesus’ advent: the Gospel of John. But wait! The Christmas... [articles] [Training] [Bible study]

November 20, 3PM

When I started Faithlife Corporation (formerly Logos Bible Software) at 19 years old, I was aligning my mission and values with my future goals. Prior to Faithlife, I worked for Microsoft. After about two years there, I knew it was time to make a change.... [articles] [Products] [bob pritchett] [start next now]


The first three volumes of Geerhardus Vos’ Reformed Dogmatics establish Vos’ thought regarding the character of God, the nature of man, and the person of Christ. The fourth volume in this five-volume set begins an examination of the work of Chri... [Products] [Geerhard Vos] [reformed dogmatics]

November 19, 3PM

What do you do if you get a sudden, unexpected opportunity to teach or preach God’s Word? I often turn to what is for me one of the most precious of Jesus’ parables, the Parable of the Unforgiving Servant—a passage one of my favorite writers on the ... [articles] [Training]


Dr. Michael Heiser’s newest book, Supernatural, was released last week and the reviews are flowing in. People are raving about the astounding insights and the accessibility of the writing. Supernatural is a book that will challenge the way you think ab... [Products] [Michael Heiser] [Supernatural] [the unseen realm]


This post is by Justin Holcomb. Justin is an Episcopal priest and teaches theology, philosophy, and Christian thought at Gordon-Conwell-Theological Seminary and Reformed Theological Seminary. He holds two masters degrees from Reformed Theological Semina... [articles] [Products] [Abraham Kuyper] [reformed] [worldview]

November 18, 5AM

A Logos Now subscription supplements your Logos 6 base package with brand-new, fresh-out-of-development Bible study tools—features, interactives, and media—every six weeks. A subscription today gives you access to features such as the Media Browser an... [Misc.]

November 17, 1PM

It’s easy to get lost in Bible translations and lose sight of the goal. Let Mobile Ed’s Learn to Use Biblical Greek and Hebrew with Logos 6 be your compass and guide through the original languages to help you understand Greek and Hebrew so you can a... [Products] [Greek] [Hebrew] [logos 6] [mobile ed]


Through November 26th, as part of the Prepare Him Room sale we’re offering big discounts on resources to help you prepare your congregation, family, or students for Christmas. From Christmas sermon-prep resources to beautiful Verse Art canvases that ma... [Misc.]

November 16, 3PM

Today’s post is from Morris Proctor, certified and authorized trainer for Logos Bible Software. Morris, who has trained thousands of Logos users at his two-day Camp Logos seminars, provides many training materials. Over the past few weeks I have receiv... [Training]


You may have noticed that we recently launched the Confessional Documents References Dataset in Logos Now 6.7. It forms the backbone for the Confessional Documents section in the Passage Guide. This section finds where all of your creedal church documents... [Products] [confessions] [creeds] [Logos Now]


Shane Barnard and Shane Everett—better known as the popular worship duo Shane & Shane—have spent a lot of time in the Psalms lately. Their latest album, Psalms II, is the result of a close study of the Psalter. I sat down with the guys, and Shane ... [articles] [Bible study] [Psalms] [Worship]

November 13, 3PM

Ask just about any church, and they’ll tell you they record sermons. While the process from church to church is a little different, the end result is the same—an audio file posted to the sermon archive on the church website. But what if you could simp... [Products] [Preaching] [Proclaim] [Sermons]


If you love Bible study, it’s a safe bet: You probably love books, too. And for good reason. The bigger your library of Bible study and theology resources, the better your access to insights from across thousands of years of church history. WhatR... [Products]


Faithlife’s video team recently returned from Israel, having filmed two new Mobile Ed courses: Biblical Archaeology in the Field and Jesus and Archaeology. I sat down with Reuben Evans, Faithlife’s Director of Video, to learn how Mobile Ed is revolut... [Misc.]

November 10, 5AM

Marriage conferences are a great way to strengthen and encourage couples in your congregation, but hosting one can be a logistical nightmare—not to mention expensive. This February, Faithlife is partnering with Matt and Lauren Chandler to bring an affor... [Misc.]

November 9, 3PM

Today’s post is from Morris Proctor, certified and authorized trainer for Logos Bible Software. Morris, who has trained thousands of Logos users at his two-day Camp Logos seminars, provides many training materials. A Logos user recently submitted this ... [Misc.]


With the release of Crossway’s new documentary featuring J.I. Packer, we’re celebrating the legacy of a man who has made an indelible impact on the Christian faith over the course of his long life. Right now, you can get 40% off Crossway’... [Misc.]


This month only, save up to 50% on resources for your Bible study and sermon prep. Get commentaries and studies on Christmas passages from the Prophets, Gospels, and other books across the canon. And with Dynamic Pricing, you could save even more. DonR... [Misc.]

November 7, 7AM

Every month, we feature discounts on a wide range of products: commentaries, biblical and theological works, preaching resources, and more. There are nearly 100 great deals this month, but here are five you’ll really want to take advantage of. 1. Day On... [Misc.]

November 6, 3PM

Whenever a resource you own is updated, you’ll get that new content—for free—so your Logos library is always becoming more valuable and staying up to date with the latest improvements. Here’s a list of Logos resources that were updated thr... [Misc.]


It’s barely November, but already stores are stocking Christmas decorations and carols are playing on the radio. It all feels a bit early—but if you’re preparing sermons, lessons, or papers based on Christmas passages, now is the time to ... [Misc.]


Now’s the time to prepare your Christmas sermons, Bible studies, and devotions. Get equipped with the Prepare Him Room sale. We’re highlighting dozens of resources for studying the birth narratives, prophecies of Christ’s first advent, a... [Products]

November 5, 3PM

J.I. Packer is perhaps one of the most influential theologians of the twentieth and twenty-first centuries. Like C.S. Lewis before him, he has spent a lifetime popularizing complex theological ideas and reaching a diverse audience through winsome writing... [Misc.]


When one of the Logos Pros traveled to Desiring God to train John Piper on how to use Logos Bible Software, we offered additional training to Bethlehem College and Seminary Faculty. In this post, BCS adjunct professor Dieudonné Tamfu writes of his own e... [Misc.] [Products]


Last week, we announced a new series of translations of Abraham Kuyper’s writings in public theology. This monumental series is comprised of eight key works across 12 volumes. While most of the translation has already been completed, producing these vol... [Misc.]

November 4, 2PM

“Love” is the third most commonly looked up word at Do you want to know what “love” means? You ought to. “Love God” and “love others” are the two most important commands of the Bible, on... [Misc.]


Every month we offer a special discount on one of our top products. November’s deal is the College Press NIV Commentary (42 vols.). If you don’t already have this collection, here are five reasons you should add it to your library. 1. The series offer... [Misc.]

November 3, 1PM

Logos Now just keeps getting better. With the latest release, Logos Now members can more easily incorporate insights from confessional documents into their Bible study, conduct detailed studies of Proverbs, grasp biblical figures of speech with ease, and ... [Misc.]
The Reformation began 498 years ago, but its ramifications continue to be felt even today. This Reformation Day, we at Faithlife are pleased to offer a variety of ways for you to explore the Reformation and the movements that sprang from it. Two massive ... [Misc.] [Products]


Now is the perfect time to pick up a Logos 6 base package—for a limited time, they’re all on sale! And if you already own some of the resources included in your base package purchase, you’ll qualify for a custom Dynamic Price, and that means even mo... [Misc.]

November 2, 3PM

Today’s post is from Morris Proctor, certified and authorized trainer for Logos Bible Software. Morris, who has trained thousands of Logos users at his two-day Camp Logos seminars, provides many training materials. I often say Logos Bible Software is l... [Misc.] [Training] [Logos Bible Software] [tutorial]


The New Testament contains history, prophecy fulfillment, and essential keys to understanding the metanarrative that God is still writing today. Mobile Ed has three new ways to help you in this process, including courses on interpretation, Paul’s letter... [Misc.] [Mobiel Ed] [New Testament]


It feels a long way away, but it’s time to plan ahead. Christmas is for worship, family, and celebration—not last-minute scrambles to put together your Christmas sermon series. Through November 26th, as part of the Prepare Him Room sale we’re off... [Misc.] [homiletics] [sermon prep] [Sermons]

October 31, 6AM

To celebrate the 498th anniversary of the Reformation we’re offering hand crafted Lutheran and Reformed bundles packed with core primary theological texts, confessional documents, and contemporary scholarship for $498.00 each—more than 50% off the reg... [Misc.]

October 30, 2PM

Did you know Faithlife’s design team has illustrated one Bible verse nearly every day for more than three years? To date, we have crafted over 1,200 pieces of art that depict various passages of Scripture. You may have seen them on the Logos home scree... [Misc.] [Bible verse] [Verse art] [verse of the day]

12 PM

The Tyndale Commentaries series is currently on sale, but October 31 is your last day to save. This acclaimed series offers exposition of Scripture that is thorough and abreast of modern scholarship, yet at the same time loyal to Scripture as the infallib... [Misc.]


Tomorrow is your last day to get $100 in free resources by D.A. Carson, Andreas Köstenberger, Charles Spurgeon, John Wesley and more when you start your annual subscription to Logos Now.  Simply put, a Logos Now membership provides the best possible L... [Misc.]

October 29, 2PM

For the last two years I’ve worked hard building our brand new Orthodox base packages. As a subdeacon and catechist in the Orthodox Church, I’ve found this work deeply personal and rewarding. I firmly believe these base packages are the perfect... [Products]

12 PM

The 10 Commandments were written in stone, and they still are on monuments around the world. And in this case, the medium is a message: commandments chiseled in stone are supposed to be permanent, unchanging. So it may come as a surprise that Jewish tradi... [Misc.]


Lexham Press is pleased to announce the publication of a major series of new translations of Abraham Kuyper’s writings in public theology. Created in partnership with the Acton Institute and the Kuyper Translation Society, Abraham Kuyper Collected W... [Misc.] [Products] [Abraham Kuyper] [Apologetics] [common grace] [Culture] [theology]

October 28, 12 PM

October is almost over, and that means great deals on more than 100 products are about to end. If you haven’t taken advantage of October’s monthly sale yet, here are five deals you really don’t want to miss. 1. Barnes’ Notes on the Old and New... [Misc.]


Everyone familiar with the Bible knows it talks about angels and demons. But most would be surprised to learn that there’s no verse in the Bible that explains where demons came from. Christians typically assume that demons are fallen angels, cast from h... [Misc.] [mike heiress] [the unseen realm]

October 27, 2PM

Pastors invest in our lives throughout the entire year. During the month of October we get to focus on celebrating pastors and the blessing they are to our churches, homes, and communities. From handwritten letters to a cup of coffee, there are countless ... [Misc.] [homiletics] [mobile ed] [Preaching]

12 PM

In Bob Pritchett’s second book, Start Next Now, he talks about the impetus to finding his calling, mission, and passion: Logos Bible Software. Bob’s parents didn’t push him to excel in school. They didn’t pressure him to win every game. They weren... [Misc.] [bob pritchett] [start next now]


I enjoyed my Hebrew courses. I like languages. And one of the first big rewards of learning Hebrew is translating a small book like Jonah or Ruth. I say it’s a reward, because it is fun; you get a sense of satisfaction that you’ve actually learned som... [Misc.] [Training] [Logos Now]

October 26, 12 PM

We’re revealing new deals throughout Pastor Appreciation Month—over 21 have been unveiled so far! Don’t miss out on these great Pastor Appreciation Month products. Here are our five most popular deals. Logos 6: Training Manual Volumes 1 &a... [Misc.] [pastor appreciation month]


I’ve been a Logos Bible Software evangelist and cheerleader since 1997. One of the many reasons I’m so passionate about Logos is because it brings greater insights from the Hebrew and Greek languages to English students. Features like the Exeg... [Misc.] [Training] [Morris Proctor] [tutorial]

October 24, 7AM

In honor of Pastor Appreciation Month, you can stock up on some of our best pastoral resources! This includes commentaries like N.T. Wright’s New Testament for Everyone series, periodicals, like the Journal of Biblical Counseling, and training tools lik... [Misc.] [Products] [counseling] [pastor appreciation month]

October 23, 4AM

What’s the best way to get the latest Logos resources at the best possible price? By participating in a program called Logos Pre-Publication (Pre-Pub). Here are five reasons to get started. 1. Pre-Pub gives you the best deal Using Pre-Pub means you get ... [Misc.] [Products] [new perspective on Paul] [Pre-Pub]

October 22, 2PM

Thousands of readers have already recovered the supernatural worldview of the Bible by reading The Unseen Realm by Dr. Michael Heiser. New connections across Scripture have been revealed as our understanding of the supernatural realm grows. Scholars and r... [Misc.] [lexham press] [Michael Heiser]

12 PM

From age four to age 18 I read the KJV pretty much exclusively. All my Scripture memory in kids ministries was taken from the KJV, and I even begged my second-grade teacher at my Christian school to let the class speak in King James English for a day. Sh... [Misc.] [Training] [logos 6] [logos pro] [tutorials]


  Study Scripture within Tradition with easy‐to‐use tools and a massive theological library. Orthodox Logos 6 base packages are here. Logos 6 delivers insight—immediately. You can pinpoint answers in seconds, study the Scriptures and Church Fat... [Products]

October 21, 4AM

First and foremost, Christian leaders are followers. They trust the Holy Spirit’s lead, urging those in their care to join them as they go where God has called them. Seems simple enough. But how important is it to know exactly where you’re going a... [Featured] [Misc.] [Christian Leadership] [leadership styles]

October 20, 2PM

Start Next Now, Faithlife CEO Bob Pritchett’s second book, is now available on Amazon, Logos, Vyrso, and Audible. But you don’t want to buy it any of those places. Buying the book at gets you tons of extras that aren’t a... [Misc.] [Advice] [bob pritchett] [career] [start next now]


The Bible is a rich text containing a complex mix of literary genres, and the story it tells spans multiple centuries. Understanding how to properly read and interpret it is challenging! In the Biblical Interpretation Bundle (7 courses), some of the brig... [Misc.] [hermeneutics] [mobile ed]

October 19, 2PM

Today’s post is from Morris Proctor, certified and authorized trainer for Logos Bible Software. Morris, who has trained thousands of Logos users at his two-day Camp Logos seminars, provides many training materials. I recently received this question from... [Misc.] [Training] [Morris Proctor] [tutorial]

12 PM

The Great Books of the Western World gives you instant access to the major ideas, stories, and discoveries that shaped Western culture. The 60 volumes contain 517 works written by 130 authors: Plato, Aristotle, Augustine, Aquinas, Calvin, Pascal, Kant, Ki... [Misc.]


Logos is powerful—so powerful that understanding how to use its many capabilities takes some time. That’s why we have the Logos Pros, our team of expert Logos users. The Pros are dedicated to helping you implement Logos features into your Bible st... [Misc.] [Training] [Logos Now] [logos pros]

October 17, 9AM

In celebration of Pastor Appreciation Month, you can enjoy special pricing on some of our best pastoral resources! This includes works like N.T. Wright’s New Testament for Everyone series, the Journal of Biblical Counseling, and the Logos 6: Training Ma... [Misc.] [John Piper] [pastor appreciation month] [Sermons]

October 16, 2PM

This month, get the book Luther in English totally free. And, you won’t want to miss our Plus One, Grace and Reason: A Study in the Theology of Luther for only $1.99! As Brian Gerrish notes in his introduction to Grace and Reason, “‘Luthe... [Misc.] [Products] [Training] [free book of the month] [Martin Luther]

12 PM

We believe amazing things happen when people study the Bible for themselves. That’s why we make the most advanced Bible study software in the world. You use Logos, so we know you share that same passion. We want to give you a chance to share what you lo... [Misc.]


Take advantage of this special offer from Mobile Ed by midnight tonight. Get 50% Off Moo, Bock, and Witherington in the Mobile Ed: Foundations Bundle and 15% off all Mobile Ed courses and collections. With Mobile Ed, you’ll learn from experts on eva... [Misc.]

October 15, 12 PM

There is way too much information out there for you to ever read, let alone process and assimilate. I dare you to click the “Random Article” link on Wikipedia and see how many clicks it takes you to get to a topic you really know something about. It... [Misc.] [Training]

October 14, 12 PM

For 3 years, I was a college campus pastor. That trying and rewarding experience gave me a deep appreciation for the commitments, passions, and challenges of pastoral ministry. As a campus pastor, I wanted those under my care to mature, grow in their know... [Misc.] [Ministry] [pastors]


In college I had this amazing friend. He was stupendous at Bible study because he had this really cool system. He had taken two copies of Strong’s Concordance and sliced up the pages so that every entry was its own slip of paper (he needed two copies o... [Misc.] [Training] [concordance tool] [logos pro]

October 13, 12 PM

If you’ve yet to subscribe to Logos Now, October is a great time to jump on board. Here are three reasons why: Preview content from R.C. Sproul, J.I. Packer, Tremper Longman III, and others. Each month, Logos Now members get month-long, full-access pre... [Misc.] [Logos Now]

October 12, 4AM

Today’s post is from Morris Proctor, certified and authorized trainer for Logos Bible Software. Morris, who has trained thousands of Logos users at his two-day Camp Logos seminars, provides many training materials. A Camp Logos alumnus recently emailed ... [Misc.] [Training] [how to use logos] [Morris Proctor] [tutorials]

October 10, 4AM

In celebration of Pastor Appreciation Month, you can enjoy special pricing on some of our best pastoral resources! This includes works like N.T. Wright’s New Testament for Everyone series, the Journal of Biblical Counseling, and The 125-volume Romans Co... [Misc.] [commentaries] [sermon prep]

October 9, 2PM

Whenever a resource you own is updated, you’ll get that new content—for free—so your Logos library is always becoming more valuable and staying up to date with the latest improvements. Here’s a list of Logos resources that were updated thr... [Misc.]

12 PM

After a major release like Logos 6, we don’t just go into hibernation mode around here. We’re constantly innovating, pushing at the edges of what’s possible when technology meets Bible study. In the past, you’d have to wait for the latest Logos re... [Misc.] [Bible study] [Logos Now]


We’re committed to providing top-notch biblical study materials across the broad spectrum of Christian denominations—and that includes the gamut of Wesley’s followers. So whether you’re Wesleyan, Holiness, Nazarene, United Methodist, Independent M... [Misc.] [Products]

October 8, 2PM

One of the most illuminating things that can happen in your Bible reading is when a few of your neurons fire as they pick up a subtle allusion a New Testament author makes to the writings of an Old Testament one. There’s great value in making a connecti... [Misc.]

12 PM

Language is a funny thing. A single word can have many meanings, and many words can describe a single concept. In our native tongue, we usually have a pretty good grasp on which words we can use to express certain thoughts and ideas. But when we encounter... [Misc.] [Products] [Greek] [Hebrew] [Lexham] [word studies]


Recently on the blog, we examined the roles Scripture and tradition play in Anglican belief and practice. As I’ve said, these are two of the three main sources for Anglican theology, which I’ve referred to as the “three-legged stool.” Anglicans a... [Misc.] [Anglican] [base packages] [theology]

October 7, 12 PM

For many people around the world, going to seminary is a wonderful privilege and great way to study the Scriptures. But what if you can’t go to seminary because of family and work commitments? Or it’s too far away? Or it’s simply too expensive? If y... [Misc.] [mobile ed] [seminary]


I’m new to the Logos Pro team, and I admit to bringing with me from the East Coast some level of confusion about Logos Now. I’m pretty techie, I like new software— especially Bible software—and yet I was just too busy to make myself figure out thi... [Misc.] [Bible study] [Logos Now] [logos pro]
The November/December issue of Bible Study Magazine features Nabeel Qureshi—an itinerant speaker with Ravi Zacharias International Ministries and bestselling author of Seeking Allah, Finding Jesus. Qureshi was raised in a close-knit Pakistani-American f... [Misc.] [Apologetics] [Bible Study Magazine] [Isalm]

October 6, 4AM

Something that constantly excites me about Mobile Ed is that we are able to get some of today’s top Christian scholars and professors to teach on the topics they are most passionate about. This gives you the opportunity to learn directly from people who... [Misc.] [Products] [commentaries] [Exodus] [Hebrews]

October 5, 12 PM

Every month, we feature discounts on a wide range of products: commentaries, biblical and theological works, preaching resources, and more. This month is something special: More than 30 of the products are 50% or more off the regular price! Want to explor... [Misc.]


Today’s post is from Morris Proctor, certified and authorized trainer for Logos Bible Software. Morris, who has trained thousands of Logos users at his two-day Camp Logos seminars, provides many training materials. A friend recently asked me this questi... [Misc.] [Training] [Jewish Feasts] [levitical laws] [sacrifices]

October 3, 4AM

During the month of October, save on valuable pastoral resources with the Pastor Appreciation Month sale!  Each weekday, we’ll unlock a new product at a steep discount. But hurry, that price is only good for 24 hours—the price goes up when the c... [Misc.] [commentaries] [N. T. Wright] [pam] [pastor appreciation month] [sale]

October 2, 2PM

In his first book, Faithlife Corporation CEO and Logos Bible Software cofounder Bob Pritchett gave some very candid business advice. In his second book, Start Next Now, he gives career advice of the same ilk. Honest. Unflinching. Helpful. That’s the... [Misc.] [Advice] [bob pritchett] [career] [Logos Bible Software]

12 PM

Join us at Faithlife’s Bellingham, WA headquarters for a behind-the-scenes day of product showcases, tours, and Q&A. Meet the people who build your favorite Bible study tools, and learn about exciting new developments in the works. When: Monday, Oc... [Misc.] [faithlife] [Logos Bible Software] [open house]


Every month, we offer a special discount on one of our top products. October’s deal is the 49-volume Tyndale Commentaries. This series offers commentary on the entire Bible from such top evangelical scholars as Leon Morris, I. Howard Marshall, F.F. Bruc... [Misc.]

October 1, 12 PM

The newest volumes in the Evangelical Exegetical Commentary (EEC) series are here: Ephesians and Jude! Jude The EEC was created for a digital world. Other commentaries may have a page limit to consider or a back cover to limit the coverage—not so with ... [Misc.] [Products] [commentaries] [Ephesians] [Evangelical Exegetical Commentary] [Jude] [lexham press]


For a limited time, get $100 in free resources by D.A. Carson, Andreas Köstenberger, Charles Spurgeon, John Wesley and more when you start your annual subscription to Logos Now. With a Logos Now membership, you’ll access new and improved features, ... [Misc.]

September 30, 12 PM

Imagine entering your own personal biblical research library for the very first time. As soon as you walk in you’re surrounded by thousands upon thousands of books perched on dusty shelves that reach to ceilings high above you. You head to the commen... [Products] [Calvinist] [commentaries] [dispensationalist] [logos] [reformed] [tubingen]


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September 29, 12 PM

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For a limited time, you can combine Dynamic Pricing with sale prices on all collections from Zondervan and Thomas Nelson! That includes some of the most important theological and biblical works out there—like Word Biblical Commentary, volumes by John Ma... [Misc.]

September 28, 12 PM

Today’s post is from Morris Proctor, certified and authorized trainer for Logos Bible Software. Morris, who has trained thousands of Logos users at his two-day Camp Logos seminars, provides many training materials. A Logos user recently emailed this que... [Misc.] [Training] [Bible study] [how to use logos] [library] [logos] [Morris Proctor] [tuturoial]


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Pastor Appreciation Month is almost here! Here at Logos, we celebrate pastors throughout October by offering deep discounts on valuable pastoral resources. We highlight commentaries, counseling works, and sermon archives that provide valuable tools for pa... [Misc.] [Training] [Bible study] [pastor appreciation month] [pastors] [tutorial]

September 25, 2PM

For a limited time, you can combine Dynamic Pricing with sale prices on all collections from Zondervan and Thomas Nelson! That includes some of the most important theological and biblical works out there—like Word Biblical Commentary, volumes by John Ma... [Misc.]

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  When Faithlife set out 23 years ago, it’s mission was to serve the church by making the best Bible study resources accessible around the world. That mission hasn’t changed. Faithlife is now one step closer to fulfilling that mission. With the... [Misc.] [Products] [base packages] [logos 6] [logos cloud]

September 24, 2PM

When Lexham Press first announced the Transformative Word series, we were excited to bring you a series that told the story of the Bible from diverse perspectives. Unique cultural viewpoints can help draw out scriptural truth that might otherwise have bee... [Misc.] [Products]

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Not everyone who wants to dig into Greek enjoys the privilege of having a teacher. And even if you have one, you may find yourself struggling to retrieve certain Greek skills from your brain’s cluttered archives during a three-semester gap between c... [Misc.] [Training]

September 23, 12 PM

When I read the New Testament, sometimes I feel like a director who has just been handed an unfinished screenplay. The dialogue and descriptions are scarce. The characters are doing things that don’t make sense. The story isn’t cohesive. The ending is... [Misc.] [1 Peter] [Ashland seminary] [cultural context] [desilva] [mobile ed] [New Testament] [seminary]


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While Scripture is the foundational aspect of Anglican theology, another key “leg” of the three-legged stool is tradition. Anglicans value studying Scripture within tradition, bringing insights and decisions from the larger communion of saints, across... [Misc.] [Anglican] [anglican portfolio] [logos 6] [reason] [scripture] [three-legged stool] [Tradition]

September 21, 12 PM

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When PowerPoint was released back in 1990, it revolutionized the presentation scene—and as a result became quite popular in the church. However, PowerPoint was and always will be for business, not ministry. While it may work in the church setting, there... [Misc.]

September 18, 12 PM

You get up early, you carve out time for Bible study, and you have an insight as you read. But reader beware: if you don’t write that insight down, you didn’t really have it. It had you. And it dropped you, perhaps never to pick you up again. Unless y... [Misc.] [logos 6] [logos pro] [notes] [Training] [tutorial] [video]


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September 16, 12 PM

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The first reviews of The Unseen Realm have been posted and the consensus is overwhelmingly positive. People are raving about the astounding insights found in the book and the accessibility of the writing. Laymen and academics alike have shared their thou... [Misc.] [Products] [cultural context] [hermeneutics] [Historical Context] [Interpretation] [lexham press] [mike heiser] [the unseen realm]

September 15, 12 PM

For a limited time, you can combine Dynamic Pricing with sale prices on all collections from Zondervan and Thomas Nelson! That includes some of the most important theological and biblical works out there—like Word Biblical Commentary, volumes by John Ma... [Misc.]


What if you could visualize Jesus’ post-Resurrection journey along the road to Emmaus because you had seen such roads with your own eyes? What if you could witness an archaeologist uncover the everyday places and objects Paul refers to in his epistl... [Misc.] [Products]

September 14, 12 PM

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Today’s post is from Morris Proctor, certified and authorized trainer for Logos Bible Software. Morris, who has trained thousands of Logos users at his two-day Camp Logos seminars, provides many training materials. I recently received this question from... [Misc.] [Products] [concordance tool] [Logos Now] [Morris Proctor] [Training] [tutorial]

September 12, 2PM

The September Free Book of the Month is here! Download Mentor Commentary: Amos, absolutely free! When commentaries meet inductive study The book of Amos is full of unfamiliar references, beginning in the very first verse. The inductive method of Bible stu... [Misc.] [Products] [Amos] [Bible study] [commentaries] [free book of the month] [how to use logos] [inductive] [logos] [logos 6] [Training] [tutorial]

September 11, 12 PM

We are excited to announce the release of our most robust Anglican base package yet—Anglican Portfolio.  This new package is packed with important resources to fill out your library and enhance your study of Scripture. Get started today and save 15% of... [Misc.]


The style and arrangement of words in your Bible is like wallpaper for most people: you only notice it if it changes, and maybe not even then. But in fact, the typography in our Bibles matters a great deal—and it matters because it means. For instance, ... [Misc.] [Training] [bible typography] [How to] [logos pros] [readers bibles] [tutorial]

September 10, 12 PM

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September 9, 12 PM

For a limited time, you can combine Dynamic Pricing with sale prices on all collections from Zondervan and Thomas Nelson! That includes some of the most important theological and biblical works out there—like Word Biblical Commentary, volumes by John Ma... [Misc.] [Products] [commentaries] [dictionary] [Encyclopedia] [zondervan reference]

September 8, 2PM

Mobile Ed and Ashland Theological Seminary have partnered together to offer a graduate diploma in New Testament. This unique distance learning program consists of five masters-level courses incorporating presentations by Ashland faculty, group discussions... [Misc.] [Announcement] [ashland theological seminary] [degree] [graduate diploma] [mobile ed] [seminary]

September 7, 12 PM

Today’s post is from Morris Proctor, certified and authorized trainer for Logos Bible Software. Morris, who has trained thousands of Logos users at his two-day Camp Logos seminars, provides many training materials. At a recent Camp Logos, an attendee as... [Misc.] [Training] [Biblical Studies] [epistles] [how to use logos] [logos 6] [Logos Bible Software] [Morris Proctor] [one another] [Paul] [Pauline Epistles] [Pauline Studies] [search] [tutorial]


We will perform maintenance on Notes sync during the U.S. holiday Monday, September 7th. We plan to start Monday, September 7th at 2 PM PDT, and we expect the service to be offline until Tuesday, September 8th at 8 AM PDT. You will still be able to create... [Apps & Web Tools]


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September 5, 10AM

Every month, we feature discounts on a wide range of products: commentaries, biblical and theological works, preaching resources, and more. There are more than 100 deals to choose from—and here are eight of the best: 1. Theological Dictionary of the New... [Misc.] [Products] [commentaries] [monthly sale] [TDNT] [theological dictionary]

September 4, 2PM

The Bible is composed of disparate pieces, each with their own author, audience, and purpose. It can be hard to come to full understanding of Scripture when we focus on each piece separately. Only when we step back to see the wider context can we begin to... [Misc.] [Products] [Biblical Studies] [cultural context] [mike heiser] [the unseen realm]

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For a limited time, you can combine Dynamic Pricing with sale prices on all collections from Zondervan and Thomas Nelson! That includes some of the most important theological and biblical works out there—like Word Biblical Commentary, volumes by John Ma... [Misc.] [Products] [commentaries] [New Testament] [thomas nelson] [zecnt] [Zondervan]


For just 3 more days you can get 60% off when you pick up select new collections to round out your library. If your commentary section is looking good, but your apologetics collection could use some love; or if you’ve got a solid lineup of systematic th... [Misc.] [Products]

September 3, 2PM

John Calvin’s Institutes of the Christian Religion is among the most important works of theology in church history. It’s a central text for Protestantism, especially the Reformed tradition, and continues to be read and referenced widely today, just as... [Misc.] [Products] [calvin's institutes] [Calvinism] [institutes of the christian religion] [john calvin] [reformed] [Reformed theology]

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You do and you don’t need Hebrew to understand the Old Testament. You don’t, because the Bible has already been translated into English. You do, because there are different levels of understanding: There’s your certified mechanic and your weekend wa... [Products] [Training] [Bible] [exegesis] [Hebrew] [lemma] [logos 6] [Logos Bible Software] [logos pro] [search] [software tutorial] [tutorial] [tutorials] [video training] [videos]


Creation. Baptism. The end times. Sometimes it feels like there are as many perspectives on these controversial issues as there are Christians. Sorting through them all—and coming to your own conclusions—can be overwhelming.  How do you separate the ... [Misc.] [Products] [baptism] [controversial topics] [counterpoints] [Creation] [end times] [rapture] [sale] [theology] [thomas nelson] [Zondervan]

September 2, 12 PM

Every month, we offer a special discount on one of our top products. September’s deal is the Westminster Bible Companion Series (33 vols.). This series offers something different from many commentaries. Instead of lengthy technical discussion, it offers... [Misc.]

September 1, 12 PM

The threads of the unseen realm are woven throughout Scripture. They begin before creation, can be seen throughout the Old Testament, and have major implications for Jesus’ mission in the New Testament. However, because of our modern perspective, these ... [Misc.] [Products]


It’s here! Dynamic Pricing and discounts are now available on all Zondervan and Thomas Nelson collections. Now is the perfect time to complete collections like Word Biblical Commentary, the John MacArthur Treasury, and the Zondervan Counterpoints Series... [Misc.]

August 31, 2PM

Today’s post is from Morris Proctor, certified and authorized trainer for Logos Bible Software. Morris, who has trained thousands of Logos users at his two-day Camp Logos seminars, provides many training materials. Ephesians is one of my favorite books ... [Misc.] [Training] [Ephesians] [how to use logos] [logos 6] [Morris Proctor] [search] [searching] [Trinity] [tutorial]


The Master Expansion Collection encompasses all the Logos Feature Expansions, bringing you the ultimate Bible study experience using the features you love. When you use the Factbook, the Timeline, the Passage Guide, or the Exegetical Guide, you’ll have ... [Misc.] [Products] [feature expansion collections] [Features] [logos 6] [master expansion collection]

August 29, 6AM

In less than 72 hours, the Back-to-School Sale will be over for 2015. So many of you have downloaded a free commentary, and stocked up on great resources. Whether you’re preparing to go back to school or just preparing for life, the Logos Back-to-School... [Misc.] [Products] [back to school sale] [discourse analysis] [logos] [Steve Runge]

August 28, 2PM

For a limited time get the James: Evangelical Exegetical Commentary—normally $33—for free when you subscribe to Bible Study Magazine! D.A. Carson is one of the most respected New Testament scholars in the world. But how does he study the Bible for... [Misc.] [Bible Study Magazine] [D. A. Carson] [Prayer]

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