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June 1 2012, 10PM

Even in a good translation sound plays are lost in translation. At Amos 7:7-8 the NET Bible reads: He showed me this: I saw the sovereign One standing by a tin wall holding tin in his hand.The Lord said to me, “What do you see, Amos?” I said,... [Amos] [netbible] [plumb line] [Prophecy] [Prophecy/Revelation] [prophetic technique] [sound play] [vision]

May 16, 11PM

“The cattle are lowing, the poor babe awakes...” Do folk really say “lowing” anymore when they talk about cow sounds? Especially city folk? Cows “moo,” right? In 1Sam 6:12 and Job 6:5 the cows “low” accordi... [netbible] [sovereignty] [Terms & Definitions]

May 12, 1PM

The NET Bible translates the Hebrew gēr as “resident foreigner.” But as we noted last time, this cultural term does not refer to just any non-Israelite residing in Israel’s borders. In Mosaic law, “resident foreigners” are ... [alien] [immigrant] [netbible] [resident foreigner] [sojourner] [Terms & Definitions]

April 12, 12 PM

The Hebrew word is gēr (גֵּר). What was a sojourner/ foreigner/ immigrant/ resident alien/ stranger? It is not the same thing to be an immigrant in, say, Japan, as it is to be an immigrant in America. Was it the same thing for Abraham to be a sojour... [alien] [Covenant] [Cultural Issues] [ger] [immigrant] [naturalized citizen] [netbible] [social justice] [sojourner] [stranger]

April 5, 8AM

Was Jabez asking for something just for himself? Jabez asked for four things to begin his vow: 1) blessing, 2) a great border, 3) God’s hand to be with him, and 4) something else that is less clear. Most translations (every one I've seen includi... [1 Chronicles 4:10] [Jabez] [netbible] [Prayer] [Prayer]

March 31, 5PM

The foremost task of translating is to translate what is there. What do the words say? What does the syntax mean? A translation might need to be more dynamic than literal to make the clearest sense in the target language, but it is still trying to transla... [1 Chronicles 4:10] [Chronicles] [Jabez] [netbible] [Prayer] [Prayer] [vows]

April 21 2011, 7AM

  In this third post about words related to the recent controversy over Rob Bell and his book Love Wins, I examine the words gehenna and tartaroō in the NET Bible. (See the first post on sheol in the NET Bible here and the second one on hades here.... [gehenna] [hell] [netbible] [tartaroō]

April 9, 7AM

  In this second post about words related to the recent controversy over Rob Bell and his book Love Wins, I examine the word “hades” in the NET Bible. (See the first post on sheol in the NET Bible here.) Again, my goal is to get a better... [hades] [hell] [netbible] [translation]

March 31, 12 AM

Denny Burk, Associate Professor of New Testament and dean of Boyce College, recently posted some discussions from fellow bloggers about the pressure evangelical scholars feel from their secular academic counterparts (and sometimes their fellow evange... [accurate] [Bible] [commitment] [evangelical] [netbible] [translation]

March 29, 5AM

  Because of the recent brouhaha over Rob Bell’s new book, Love Wins, we all have the chance to think more carefully about how we understand key biblical texts on heaven and hell. See, for example, my colleague Darrell Bock’s recent post... [hell] [netbible] [sheol] [translation]

March 7, 5AM

I was interested to read about the revised version of the New American Bible to be released this week. Many of the things they worked on here are exactly what we have been working on in the NET Bible. Languages constantly change, and Bible translations ha... [Bible] [Change] [Language] [netbible] [revision] [translation]

February 25, 10PM

The NET Bible as a translation has been able to plow new ground in two major ways: content and format. Because we have a unique format with extensive notes which explain the translation, we can express valid exegetical decisions which might not be very tr... [Ecclesiastes] [netbible] [notes] [translation]

February 24, 10AM

The NET Bible has some of the best readers in the world. We received this question recently concerning Matthew 26:18. I thought it was great, primarily because of the picture it left in my mind! I've edited it slightly to shorten it a little: read mor... [Matthew] [netbible] [translation]

February 14, 10PM

A reader recently left a comment in our comments database with the following question: The NET Bible translation of Colossians 2:13 begins “And even though.” I assume this is a translation of the KAI that leads into the statement that follows... [conjunctions] [connective] [explanatory] [Greek] [netbible]

February 10, 8AM

A NET Bible reader recently posted this question in our comments database concerning Matthew 1:23: "Should the name be Immanuel instead of Emmanuel?" This is a great question for a number of reasons. read more [Greek] [Hebrew] [netbible] [philosophy] [translation]

October 19 2010, 8PM

Although not directly related to the NET Bible, read more [Dead Sea Scrolls] [Google] [netbible] [Technology]

July 29, 7AM

A NET reader recently posted the following question in our online comments database. I thought it was a good question, so I decided to post it here (with some slight editing) along with my response. The question: read more [believe] [faith] [NET Bible] [netbible] [translation]

July 22, 2AM

  In the first edition of the NET Bible, Matthew 7:13-14 reads as follows: 7:13 “Enter through the narrow gate, because the gate is wide and the way is spacious that leads to destruction, and there are many who enter through it. ... [NET Bible] [NET Bible] [netbible] [New Testament] [second edition] [translation]

May 18, 3PM

This morning Chris Skinner posted a rejoinder to my interaction with his post. I am glad that we can discuss and interact over this issue. I don't know that we have a solution which we both could agree upon, but careful thinking about the Word and how... [Chris Skinner] [jesus] [John] [netbible] [translation]

May 17, 2PM

Dr. Chris Skinner recently blogged about a translation particular to the NET Bible. (Chris and I overlapped at DTS by a number of years, and I consider him a friend, so this is "iron sharpening iron," so to speak.) Let me offer a little backgrou... [Amen] [jesus] [John] [netbible]