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April 24 2017, 6AM

But it is also very important to emphasize that the cults of the emperor were not in competition with, nor did they displace, the traditional gods and their worship in the various lands of the empire. Throughout the Roman period, even in the eastern areas... [ANE religion] [Books] [Destroyer of the gods] [roman empire]

April 20, 6AM

[W]e should not write off emperor cults as simply political and not genuinely religious. To do so would be to impose distinctions that simply were not appropriate for that ancient setting. For a least some of those who took part in emperor cults, there pr... [ANE religion] [Books] [Destroyer of the gods] [Idle Musings] [roman empire] [theology]

April 19, 6AM

So, the difference between early Christianity and the larger religious environment went beyond simply preferring one particular deity among the others, and beyond an exclusivist worship practice. There were also different notions about what the term “go... [Books] [Destroyer of the gods] [Idle Musings] [theology]

April 18, 7AM

The notion that there is one true and transcendent God, and that this God loves the world/humanity, may have become subsequently so much a familiar notion, whether or not it is actively affirmed, that we cannot easily realize how utterly strange, even rid... [ANE religion] [Books] [Destroyer of the gods] [gospel] [roman empire] [theology]

April 17, 6AM

In philosophical traditions, an ultimate and radically transcendent deity was often postulated, but you did not typically engage that transcendent deity directly. For example, you did not usually sacrifice to this deity or implore it directly. Instead, th... [ANE religion] [Church History] [Destroyer of the gods] [gospel] [Idle Musings] [roman empire] [theology]

April 14, 6AM

In a recent survey of religions of the Roman world, however, the authors opine that early Christian exhortations to religious exclusivity likely reflect many or even most Christians of the time taking a more relaxed attitude toward sacrifices to the pagan... [ANE religion] [Books] [Destroyer of the gods] [roman empire] [theology]

April 13, 7AM

I found out yesterday that one of the most formative mentors in my life as a thinking Christian had died—Dennis Kinlaw. He was 94. While I was at Asbury College, he was the president there; he "retired" for the first time in the fall of 1982 and tau... [Idle Musings] [theology]


I repeat again that converted pagans had no precedent or established justification for withdrawing from the worship of the gods of their families, cities, and peoples. Furthermore, when we add in the sort of rhetoric that is reflected in texts such as Pau... [ANE religion] [Books] [Church History] [Destroyer of the gods] [roman empire] [theology]

April 12, 5AM

[P]articipation in the reverencing of household gods (the Lares dometici) was expected of all members of the Roman household. It was considered an important expression of solidarity with the others of the household in securing its continuing safety and we... [ANE religion] [Books] [Church History] [Destroyer of the gods] [roman empire] [theology]

April 11, 5AM

Having adopted the new stance demanded by their conversion to Christian faith, they were to withdraw particularly from making sacrificial offerings to the gods of their household, their city, and the empire, and now were to practice the exclusivity in mat... [Books] [Church History] [Destroyer of the gods] [Idle Musings] [idolatry] [roman empire] [theology]

April 10, 6AM

The difference and distinguishing feature of the early Christian stance agains “idolatry” is this: In the eyes of ancient pagans, the Jews’ refusal to worship any deity but their own, though often deemed bizarre and objectionable, was basically rega... [ANE religion] [Books] [Destroyer of the gods] [idolatry] [roman empire] [theology]

April 7, 6AM

As noted, our word “idol” comes from the Greek term eidōlon, a term that in ordinary Greek usage could connote something that is a mere phantom. Obviously, this was not a term used to refer to the gods by those who worshipped them!— Destroyer o... [ANE religion] [Books] [Destroyer of the gods] [roman empire] [theology]

April 6, 6AM

Christians were expected to avoid taking part in the worship of any deity other than the one God of biblical tradition. I discuss the inclusion of Jesus as effectively corecipient of early Christian reverence later in this chapter. Given the ubiquitous pl... [ANE religion] [Books] [Destroyer of the gods] [Idle Musings] [roman empire] [theology]

April 5, 6AM

It is also important to underscore the point that all deities were deemed worthy of reverence. To deny a deity worship, and that typically meant sacrificed, was effectively, to deny the god’s reality. Individual pagans of that time did not feel it oblig... [ANE religion] [Books] [Church History] [Destroyer of the gods] [roman empire] [theology]

April 4, 6AM

In addition to such “high” deities, there were also lesser and other divine beings that, nevertheless, figured regularly in religious practices. In Rome, for example, these included beings called Lares that functioned as guardians over various setting... [ANE religion] [Books] [Destroyer of the gods] [Idle Musings] [idolatry] [theology]

March 31, 7AM

To turn now to a brief survey of the religious character of the early Roman Empire as context in which to view early Christianity, the first thing to note is the sheer plurality of divine beings to which people directed various kinds of reverence. It was ... [ANE religion] [Books] [Destroyer of the gods] [Idle Musings] [roman empire] [theology]

March 30, 6AM

[P]agans demanded specifically that Christians should worship the traditional gods. Recall that pagans such as Celsus were willing to tolerate Christians and their other various objectionable features, if only they would worship the traditional gods. But ... [ANE religion] [Books] [Church History] [Destroyer of the gods] [Idle Musings] [theology]

March 29, 6AM

Likewise, ritual practices of at least some forms of “traditional religions” of various peoples seem as much or more to do with keeping potential spirit-dangers at bay and avoiding offending them, rather than “worship” and adoration of, and a posi... [ANE religion] [Books] [Destroyer of the gods] [Idle Musings] [theology]

March 28, 7AM

Among the particular features that distinguished Christianity from traditional “pagan” religious practice and from the many other new religious movements of the time was the firm insistence that there is only one “true and living God,” and the dem... [Books] [Church History] [Destroyer of the gods] [theology]

March 27, 6AM

Indeed, in light of the social and, increasingly, the political consequences of being a Christian in these early centuries, one might well wonder that the movement grew and why people became Christians. But, obviously, those who did so under those circums... [Books] [Church History] [Destroyer of the gods] [gospel] [Idle Musings] [theology]
Instead of serious discipleship we have virtual fan clubs revolving around the mega-church leader. Seldom is worship an encounter with the awesome God; it has become an occasion for cheap thrills and continuous festivity dubiously called ‘praise and wor... [Books] [theology]

March 26, 12 PM

If you are a theologian, you will pray truly. And if you pray truly, you are a theologian.—Evagrius the Solitary (of Pontus) [Prayer] [theology] [Thought for the day]

March 24, 6AM

Indeed, despite all the alleged stupidities of Christians, Celsus expressed a willingness to tolerate them, if only they would honor the gods and follow the polytheistic customs that everyone else, excepting, of course, Jews, affirmed. By their refusal to... [Books] [Destroyer of the gods] [gospel] [Idle Musings] [theology]

March 23, 6AM

[W]hatever the particular offences that prompted the actions against various foreign cults in Rome, none of them constituted a threat to the worship of the traditional deities, New cults were typically seen as additions to the cafeteria of deities and rel... [ANE religion] [Books] [Destroyer of the gods] [Idle Musings] [theology]

March 22, 7AM

Those Christians who withdrew from worshipping the gods obviously ceased sacrificing to them and ceased frequenting their temples, and that had economic consequences for various people. In addition to gifts made to the temples, for example, as thanks for ... [Books] [Destroyer of the gods] [gospel]

March 21, 6AM

Furthermore, it is interesting to note Pliny’s claims that there were numerous Christians in Pontus at that point in various towns and villages, and that the growth of Christianity was having a markedly negative effect on the institutions devoted to the... [Books] [Destroyer of the gods] [Idle Musings] [theology]

March 20, 6AM

Pliny clearly thought that being a Christian was in itself sufficient grounds for his punitive actions, even execution, although the obstinacy of some Christians in the face of Pliny’s demands and threats gave him further justification.— Destroyer... [Books] [Destroyer of the gods] [Idle Musings] [roman empire]

March 17, 6AM

The term used both by Tacitus and by Seutonius to characterize Christianity, “superstition” (Latin: superstitio), connoted then religious beliefs and rituals they deemed excessive, repellent, or even monstrous. The basic point to underscore here, howe... [ANE religion] [Books] [Destroyer of the gods]

March 16, 6AM

In the social rough and tumble of religious rivalries of the first two or three centuries, these “proto-orthodox” or “catholic” Christians seem to have won out, and well before Constantine and the subsequent influence of the state in matters of re... [Books] [Church History] [Destroyer of the gods] [Idle Musings] [theology]

March 15, 6AM

But neutrality, with its deep skepticism, and the marketplace of ideas, with its collective search for truth, make strange bedfellows. What progress toward truth can there be if it is impossible to pronounce on the truth? The [Supreme] Court’s response ... [Books] [humanism] [Idle Musings] [sermon on the mount] [theology]

March 14, 6AM

An Econ [totally rational human being] will read and understand the fine print of a contract before signing it, but Humans usually do not. An unscrupulous firm that designs contracts that customers will routinely sign without reading has considerable lega... [Books] [Idle Musings] [Thinking: Fast & Slow]

March 13, 6AM

[John] Milton and [John Stuart] Mill both illustrate the humanist assumption that greater freedom of debate promotes discovery of truth. But the humanist defense of toleration consisted of more than just this assumption. The humanists were unwilling to pr... [Books] [education] [humanism] [Idle Musings]
In a nation of Econs [people who only are rational], government should keep out of the way, allowing the Econs to act as they choose, so long as they do not harm others. If a motorcycle rider chooses to ride without a helmet, a libertarian will support hi... [Books] [Idle Musings] [theology] [Thinking: Fast & Slow]

March 10, 8AM

He [Acontius ca. 1520–1566] describes how to conduct a conversation with those in error. His advice to the speaker includes the following: the speakers’ tone and words should be conducive calm debate; speakers must adapt themselves to what the person,... [Books] [humanism] [Idle Musings] [Image of God] [theology]


The assumption that agents are rational provides the intellectual foundation for the libertarian approach to public policy: do not interfere with the individual’s right to choose, unless the choices harm others. Libertarian policies are further bolstere... [Books] [Idle Musings] [Thinking: Fast & Slow]

March 9, 8AM

[Erasmus, answering Luther on free will] If everything is the result of necessity, Erasmus asks, “what could be more useless than to publish this paradox to the world?” If God rewards and punishes us for actions beyond our control, for which He alone ... [Books] [Erasmus] [humanism] [Luther] [theology]
Any aspect of life to which attention is directed will loom large in a global evaluation. This is the essence of the focusing illusion, which can be described in a single sentence Nothing in life is as important as you think it is when you are thinking ab... [Books] [Idle Musings] [Thinking: Fast & Slow]

March 8, 1PM

Yesterday afternoon, the waves were crashing over the breakwater in breathtaking beauty. Wind speed? Only about 40 MPH with gusts up to 65 MPH!Today is calmer; windspeed? About 18 MPH with gusts to 56 MPH : ) [Just for Fun]


[H]eresy manifests itself in the iniquitous deeds of those leaders of the Church who, while preaching the philosophy of Christ, teach nothing by their example but avarice, eagerness for pleasures, passion for war—all things “which are an abomination t... [Books] [gospel] [Holiness] [humanism] [Idle Musings] [theology]


Beyond the satiation level of income [his 2011 research showed that to be $75,000], you can buy more pleasurable experiences, but you will lose some of your ability to enjoy the less expensive ones.— Thinking, Fast and Slow, page 397 <idle musing... [Books] [gospel] [Idle Musings] [theology] [Thinking: Fast & Slow]

March 7, 8AM

For Erasmus, however, heresy requires more than fundamental doctrinal error. He defines heresy as not simply error, “but the obstinate malice which for the sake of any advantage is disturbing the tranquility of the Church by perverted doctrine.” Thus ... [Books] [humanism] [Idle Musings] [theology]
Many unfortunate human situations unfold in the top right cell. This is where people who face very bad options take desperate gambles, accepting a high probability of making things worse in exchange for a small hope of avoiding a large loss. Risk taking o... [Books] [Thinking: Fast & Slow]

March 6, 9AM

For Erasmus, the philosophy of Christ is found “not in ceremonies alone and syllogistic propositions but in the heart itself and in the whole life.” “In this kind of philosophy,” he writes, “life means more than debate, … transformation is a m... [Books] [gospel] [Holiness] [humanism] [theology]
Animals, including people, fight harder to prevent losses than to achieve gains. In the world of territorial animals, this principle explains the success of defenders. A biologist observed that “when a territory holder is challenged by a rival, the owne... [Books] [Thinking: Fast & Slow]

March 3, 8AM

Yet if speech is linked to godliness, why do so many churchmen advocate the use of force, its opposite, to bring men to God? Erasmus acknowledges the contradiction inherent in the use of violence to achieve religious ends. Christ, Erasmus states, never re... [Books] [humanism] [pacifism] [theology]
Most of us view the world as more benign that it really is, our own attributes as more favorable than they truly are, and the goals we adopt as more achievable than they are likely to be. We also tend to exaggerate our ability to forecast the future, whic... [Books] [Thinking: Fast & Slow]

March 2, 8AM

Cicero writes that “every one must acknowledge that of all the resources of an orator far the greatest is his ability to inflame the minds of his hearers and to turn them in whatever direction the case demands. If the orator lacks that ability, he lacks... [Books] [humanism] [Idle Musings] [Rhetoric]
When forecasting the outcomes of risky projects, executives too easily fall victim to the planning fallacy. In its grip, they make decisions based on delusional optimism rather than on a rational weighting of gains, losses, and probabilities. They overest... [Books] [Idle Musings] [Thinking: Fast & Slow]

March 1, 7AM

Under a regime of tolerations dissenters depend on the approval of, or at least the voluntary inaction of, superior authority. By contrast, liberty is not granted by, but held independently of any granting agency. The humanists did not call for religious ... [Books] [humanism]
Professional controversies bring out the worst in academics. Scientific journals occasionally publish exchanges, often beginning with someone’s critique of another’s research, followed by a reply and a rejoinder. I have always thought that these excha... [Books] [Idle Musings] [theology] [Thinking: Fast & Slow]

February 28, 8AM

[H]umanists counseled toleration of heretics, temporarily, so that the heretics might be persuaded of the truth or so that the bloodshed that would ensue from trying to suppress them might be avoided. Here, toleration does not connote acceptance. Consiste... [Books] [humanism] [Tolerance]
You surely understand in principle that worthless information should not be treated differently from a complete lack of information, but WYSIATI [what you see is all there is] makes it very difficult to apply that principle. Unless you decide immediately ... [Books] [Idle Musings] [Thinking: Fast & Slow]

February 27, 8AM

I read an older book recently, recommended via the Classics e-list and obtained via Interlibrary Loan (love that service!—your tax dollars at work!): Humanism and the Rhetoric of Toleration. It's not what you think (unless you've studied the Middle ... [Books] [humanism] [Idle Musings] [theology]
In today’s world, terrorists are the most significant practitioners of the art of inducing availability cascades. With a few horrible exceptions such as 9/11, the number of casualties from terror attacks is very small relative to other causes of death. ... [Books] [Idle Musings] [Thinking: Fast & Slow]

February 26, 9AM

It is God’s elusiveness, His freedom, and gracious character, which make prayer meaningful.—Standing in the Breach, page 91 [Books] [Prayer] [theology]

February 24, 8AM

• Strokes cause almost twice as many deaths as all accidents combined, but 80% of respondents judged accidental death to be more likely. • Tornadoes were seen as more frequent killers than asthma, although the latter cause 20 times more deaths. • D... [Books] [Idle Musings] [Thinking: Fast & Slow]

February 23, 7AM

A reliable way to make people believe in falsehoods is frequent repetition, because familiarity is not easily distinguished from truth. Authoritarian institutions and marketers have always known this fact. But it was psychologists who discovered that you ... [Books] [Idle Musings] [Thinking: Fast & Slow]

February 22, 7AM

The nervous system consumes more glucose than most other parts of the body, and effortful mental activity appears to be especially expensive in the currency of glucose. When you are actively involved in difficult cognitive reasoning or engaged in a task t... [Books] [Idle Musings] [Thinking: Fast & Slow]

February 21, 8AM

The often-used phrase “pay attention” is apt: you dispose of a limited budget of attention that you can allocate to activities, and if you try to go beyond that budget, you will fail. It is the mark of effortful activities that they interfere with eac... [Books] [Thinking: Fast & Slow]

February 20, 8AM

We are prone to overestimate how much we understand about the world and to underestimate the role of chance in events. Overconfidence is fed by the illusory certainty of hindsight.— Thinking, Fast and Slow, page 14 [Books] [Thinking: Fast & Slow]

February 17, 7AM

Valid intuitions develop when experts have learned to recognize familiar elements in a new situation and to act in a manner that is appropriate to it. Good intuitive judgments come to mind with the same immediacy as “doggie!”— Thinking, Fast and... [Books] [Idle Musings] [Thinking: Fast & Slow]

February 16, 8AM

People tend to assess the relative importance of issues by the ease with which they are retrieved from memory—and this is largely determined by the extent of coverage in the media. Frequently mentioned topics populate the mind even as others slip aw... [Books] [Idle Musings] [Thinking: Fast & Slow]

February 15, 7AM

In the book of Isaiah, corporate Israel is often compared to a statue. In some cases, she is a damaged image that must be smelted and recast (Isa 1:25; 48:4–10). At other points, her sensory organs malfunction (Isa 6:9–10)—she is described as having... [Books] [Idle Musings] [Image of God] [Major Prophets] [theology]

February 14, 9AM

For a somewhat different look at the last three weeks, read this Here's the final paragraph, which alone is a good reminder. But you really should read the whole thing. It's a reminder not to drink the Kool-Aid™: Trump poses a challenge to decades of tr... [Idle Musings]


We must keep in mind that neither the mīs pî pīt pî nor the wpt-r marked the original creation of the god. Rather, it was thought to be the means by which a particular divine manifestation of a pre-existent god was brought into being. If, for exampl... [ANE religion] [Books] [Idle Musings] [Image of God]

February 13, 8AM

It was here in Gen 3 that we saw a significant departure from the pīt pî and the wpt-r, the rituals by which a divine image was enlivened in Mesopotamia and Egypt, respectively. In the comparative rituals the opening of the eyes and the subsequent tran... [ANE religion] [Books] [Image of God] [theology]

February 10, 8AM

We must consider when, in ancient Israel’s history, the metaphor of kinship would have been a fitting analogy for the divine-human relationship. If the analogy had been applied to Elohim and Israel, one might argue it was a product of the premonarchic t... [Books] [Image of God] [scripture]

February 8, 9AM

Really good article/review over at the New York Review of Books. Well worth your time to read, but here's a nice snippet: That’s the conventional wisdom [that a Liberal Arts degree doesn’t net a job], but it’s probably wrong. In a recent survey of b... [Books] [education] [Idle Musings]


Rather than assuming that P used ṣelem to describe humanity because Israel was no longer engaged in the worship of divine images, and it was, therefore, no longer a derogatory term, the author may have chosen his terms precisely because the manufacture ... [ANE religion] [Books] [Idle Musings] [Image of God] [theology]

February 7, 8AM

Undoubtedly, the biblical author was familiar with the mythological literature of his day, but what his sources of influence contained, whether they were written and/or oral, the delineation of these sources within the present text of Genesis 1, and their... [ANE religion] [Books] [Image of God] [theology]

February 6, 8AM

X (ancient Near Eastern royal ideology, the mīs pî pīt pî, the wpt-r) may have influenced Y (Gen 1:26–27) positively with respect to a (ṣelem), in that a (ṣelem) in Gen 1:26–27 reflects the idea that king was the royal-divine son created in ... [ANE religion] [Books] [Idle Musings] [Image of God] [theology]

February 2, 8AM

[B]oth the pīt pî specifically and the wpt-r were rituals of animation, bringing the images to life. By the end of each rite, the statues were considered divine manifestations. Adam, however, was instantaneously enlivened at his creation by the breath ... [ANE religion] [Books] [Image of God] [theology]

February 1, 8AM

At this point, we must inquire as to the nature of the author’s knowledge. Did the Eden author have only a general awareness of the manufacture of divine statues and of the ritual means by which they were created, or is there any indication in Gen 2:5... [ANE religion] [book] [Idle Musings] [Image of God] [theology]

January 31, 7AM

Although the serpent was correct that Adam and Eve’s eyes would be opened and they would become like ʾelōhîm, his promise that they could disobey Yahweh and live was a lie. In the mouth-washing and mouth-opening rituals, the animation of the sensory ... [ANE religion] [Books] [Image of God] [theology]

January 30, 7AM

In Ps 8:6, however, man is not said to be clothed with glory and honor but crowned (ʿṭr) with them. With his choice of the verb ʿṭr, the psalmist emphasizes the focal point of the kābôd and hādār as the area above the shoulders surrounding the h... [ANE religion] [Books] [Image of God] [theology]

January 27, 12 PM

Eisenbrauns just received a review of the book we've been excerpting, The "Image of God" in the Garden of Eden. The whole review is worth reading, if you can get your hands on it. Below is the final paragraph from the review, with which I heartily concur:... [Books] [Idle Musings] [Image of God] [Reviews]


Regarding ʾbd and šmr, however, the only other place in the Hebrew Bible aside from Gen 2:15 where these verbs appear together is in Num 3:7–8, 8:26, and 18:5–6, where they describe the duty of the Levites in guarding and ministering at the tabernac... [book] [Idle Musings] [Image of God] [theology]

January 26, 7AM

I concluded above that ṣelem and dəmût in Gen 1:26–27 were used to describe the creation of humankind because the author was likening the divine-human relationship to that of father and son. In doing so, he was also redefining ṣelem: the divine is... [Books] [Image of God] [theology]

January 25, 8AM

USDA science researchers ordered to stop publishing news releases, other documents, and EPA told to freeze all grants and contracts. Because the truth might damage profits for the big corporations—and that is far more important than the health of th... [Idle Musings]

January 24, 8AM

And they said it couldn't happen here... via Jim West


[T]he nature of the divine-human relationship as it is presented in Genesis 1 has three major components that are intimately related to one another: kinship, kingship, and cult. At some level, humans seem to be members of the divine species, which implies... [Books] [Image of God] [theology]

January 23, 8AM

We must keep in mind, however, that humanity (ʿādām) is nowhere described in the Hebrew Bible explicitly as “Yahweh’s son.” However, the use of selem and dəmût to define the God/father-humankind/son relationship in Gen 5:3, the comparison betwe... [ANE religion] [Books] [Image of God] [theology]

January 22, 9AM

"Make every effort to live in peace with everyone and to be holy; without holiness no one will see the Lord." Hebrews 12:14 NIVΕἰρήνην διώκετε μετὰ πάντων καὶ τὸν ἁγιασμόν, οὗ χωρὶς οὐδεὶς ... [theology]

January 20, 8AM

In total, the phrase “according to its/their kind” is repeated 10 times in these 7 verses alone (Gen 1:11–12 and 1:21–25). Clearly, the author is emphasizing the creation and reproduction of each species according to its own distinctive type or cl... [Books] [Idle Musings] [Image of God] [theology]

January 19, 9AM

The biblical author avoids explicit birthing language like that which appears in the mīs pî and the wpt-r texts to describe the ritual creation of a divine image, and even distances ʾādām from Elohim by describing them as made in the image (bəṣal... [ANE religion] [Books] [Image of God] [theology]

January 18, 7AM

The frequent appearance of dəmût in the descriptions of Ezekiel’s visions demonstrates that the prophet is struggling to describe what he sees. He uses the term to relate the unfamiliar to the familiar, to put into language that which defies descripti... [Books] [Idle Musings] [Image of God] [Major Prophets] [theology]

January 17, 11AM

Impressive, large, public buildings have power—that is why they are built. They speak to us of human power, implicitly ordained by the divine. This is why the powerful from ancient times through today invested and still invest so much money and time in ... [Books] [Idle Musings] [theology]


How, then, does Gen 9:6 illumine our understanding of what it means that humankind is created bəṣelem ʾelōhîm? It clearly demonstrates that humans are not God nor are they the ultimate lawmakers. However, it does indicate that there is a profound le... [Books] [Idle Musings] [Image of God] [theology]

January 13, 8AM

God is the creator of humankind, and therefore he, or one appointed by him, is the only one who can take a human life. For another man to do so is tantamount to insurrection. That is, to kill a human being is to exert oneself as Creator-God. Furthermore, ... [Books] [Image of God] [theology]

January 12, 7AM

I must point out that nowhere in the Old Testament is Yahweh referred to explicitly gōʾēl haddām, but Zechariah’s cry for Yahweh “to see and avenge” (yēreʾ yhwh wəyidrōš) and the psalmist’s identification of the Lord as the avenger of she... [Books] [Image of God] [theology]

January 11, 7AM

Through the reanimation of their sensory organs, the royal deceased of ancient Egypt were revived through their cultic images so that they could live eternally in the hereafter. This ritual procedure, known as the Opening of the Mouth (wpt-r), was applied... [ANE religion] [Books] [Image of God]

January 10, 11AM

This [depicting the statue as completed before it was begun being made] would also explain why the ritual as it is recorded in Rekhmire’s tomb begins with the purification of the completed statue. The artist was not concerned to present the events in ch... [ANE religion] [Books] [Image of God]

January 9, 8AM

I have sought to demonstrate that, according to the mīs pî pīt pî, the creation of a divine statue was not primarily a ritual of purification, although clearly purity was of utmost concern. Nor was it modeled exclusively on the analogy of human proc... [ANE religion] [Books] [Image of God]

January 7, 9AM

Recent studies have demonstrated that the act of bringing sacrifices to a deity is in several respects analogous to gift-giving, which can be seen as an essential ingredient in social interaction between humans, in all known cultures. The keyword, in both... [ANE religion] [Books] [Idle Musings] [Major Prophets] [Minor Prophets] [theology]
The Mesopotamian mouth-washing and mouth-opening ritual was a two-day event that was carried out in several different locations, each of which represented in physical form a mythological space within the divine sphere. The human craftsmen’s workshop was... [ANE religion] [Books] [Image of God]

January 5, 8AM

When the ritual texts and incantations are viewed as a whole, they present the “god” as both born and manufactured. The mouth-washing texts do not explain how these two modes of creation functioned in tandem. Rather, birth and manufacture are simply p... [ANE religion] [Books] [Idle Musings] [Image of God] [theology]

January 4, 8AM

Although the materials are said to be pure and of divine origin, the divine statue, three times referred to as an alam/ almu rather than an ilu, is manufactured by the craft deities who form its wooden body with carpenter’s tools and provide it with eye... [ANE religion] [Books] [Image of God]

January 3, 8AM

Unique to the Babylon version, however, is the specific instruction to open the image’s eye (īn ili šuāti tepette). Although the text does not explain or elaborate on why this was done, it was, presumably, intended to animate the statue’s eyes, ju... [ANE religion] [Books] [Idle Musings] [Image of God] [Major Prophets] [Minor Prophets] [theology]

December 29 2016, 7AM

Although the text does not state explicitly that the transformation from statue to divine being was a gradual process, the fact that the priest performed 13 mouth-washings and mouth-openings suggests that this was the case. If one mouth-washing and mouth-... [ANE religion] [Books] [Idle Musings] [Image of God]

December 28, 8AM

The rituals outlining these procedures and the accompanying incantations are known collectively by the Babylonian titles mīs pî (“washing of the mouth”) and pīt pî (“opening of the mouth”). The mīs pî, as noted earlier, was primarily a ri... [ANE religion] [Books] [Idle Musings] [idolatry] [theology]

December 27, 7AM

It is clear in Genesis 3 that in eating the forbidden fruit and becoming like ʿelōhîm the man and the woman had transgressed a very significant boundary between the human and divine spheres. In the Mesopotamian pît pî and the Egyptian wpt-r, however,... [ANE religion] [Books] [Idle Musings] [Image of God] [theology]

December 26, 7AM

A dialogue between the serpent and the woman ensues (Gen 3:1b–5), and the subtle and deceptive serpent convinces the woman to taste the forbidden fruit. The following climactic moment of disobedience is conveyed with shocking brevity. What took 20 verse...

December 25, 8AM

The Word became flesh and made his home among us.We have seen his glory, glory like that of a father’s only son, full of grace and truth. (John 1:14 CEB) [Count it all joy] [gospel] [theology]

December 24, 8AM

I read yesterday that Russia announced it would reenter the nuclear arms race, and the president-elect of the U.S. responded in kind. By coincidence(??), my reading in the Psalms today contained this Psalm, which I've modified slightly to make it more 21s... [Hebrew] [Idle Musings] [scripture] [theology] [ḥesed]

December 23, 8AM

Genesis 2 does not define humans as a “living statue of the deity” in the same way that a divine statue became the god once its mouth was washed and opened. Rather, humanity was, in some way, created in the image of God but was distinct from God himse... [Books] [idle musing] [Image of God] [theology]

December 22, 9AM

It sure is rough living up here...I'm listening to Handel's Messiah, working via VPN, and this is the view out my window right now. Life's tough, isn't it? : ) Merry Christmas!


Although there are no obvious references to the Washing of the Mouth or the Opening of the Mouth in the Hebrew Bible, several prophetic texts reflect an awareness that the manipulation of an individual’s sensory organs was thought to activate the indivi... [ANE religion] [Books] [Image of God] [theology]

December 21, 7AM

In the Opening of the Mouth ritual, the statue’s sensory organs are animated, enabling it to see, hear, smell, speak, breath, and move about as a living being. The opening of the eyes is even named specifically in the Babylon version, and the fact that ... [ANE religion] [Books] [Idle Musings] [Image of God] [Psalms] [theology]

December 20, 8AM

Psalm 10Common English Bible (CEB)Psalm 10[a]10 Why do you stand so far away, Lord,    hiding yourself in troubling times?2 Meanwhile, the wicked are proudly    in hot pursuit of those who suffer.Let ... [Thought for the day]
The fact that this tôlədôt notice [Gen 5:1–3, of the birth of Seth] echoes the language of Gen 1:26–27 suggests that the description of Seth functions, at least in part, as an interpretive key to understanding the creation of male and female bəṣ... [Books] [Idle Musings] [Image of God] [theology]

December 19, 7AM

Gen 2:5–3:24 seems to describe the creation of the first man in terms reminiscent of the creation of a divine image in the mīs pî pīt pî and the wpt-r rituals. There are parallels among them in content, overall progression, and, to some extent, pu... [ANE religion] [Books] [Idle Musings] [Image of God] [scripture] [theology]

December 16, 8AM

All explanations work with data from the biblical tradition itself or with cultural-historical analogies from the ancient Near East and, more recently, from Greece. Unfortunately, they disregard the idiosyncrasies of the biblical tradition that do not fit... [ANE religion] [Books] [Dead Sea Scrolls] [hermeneutics] [Idle Musings] [Prophecy] [scripture] [theology]

December 15, 7AM

So, who were the tradents of the biblical prophetic tradition, and what was their historical setting? As far as we can see from the sources in the ancient Near East, the recording of prophetic oracles usually took place in close proximity to the royal cou... [ANE religion] [Books] [Idle Musings] [Major Prophets] [Minor Prophets] [Prophecy] [scripture] [theology]

December 14, 7AM

The unconditional prophecies of judgment are the starting point of the tradition in the prophetic books and are presupposed by the later prophecies of salvation as well as by the prophetic narratives. True, the notion that a deity desires doom and brings ... [Books] [gospel] [Major Prophets] [Minor Prophets] [Prophecy] [theology]

December 13, 7AM

It is evident, however, that the biblical books follow their own path as far as content and form is concerned. Unlike the ancient Near Eastern parallels, the prophetic books of the Bible develop into a literary genre of their own that was handed down over... [Books] [Idle Musings] [Major Prophets] [Minor Prophets] [Prophecy] [scripture]

December 12, 8AM

What biblical scholarship calls “pre-classical” corresponds on a phenomenological level to the “classical” prophecy of the ancient Near East, while the “classical” prophecy of the Hebrew Bible seems to be the exception to the rule in the ancie... [ANE religion] [Books] [Prophecy] [scripture]

December 9, 7AM

Prophets and prophetesses of the ancient Near East enjoyed confidential communion with the gods and transmitted their messages. These messages were handed down orally or were written down either individually (in letters, inscriptions, or on other material... [Books] [Idle Musings] [Major Prophets] [Minor Prophets] [Prophecy] [scripture]

December 8, 7AM

If we are to understand the recent trend in the history of scholarship to concentrate on the prophetic literature, we must first keep in sight the point from which it departed. This point of departure is the fixation on the person of the prophet in both t... [Books] [Major Prophets] [Minor Prophets] [Prophecy]

December 7, 8AM

It is not unusual to find the expression “paradigm shift” in recent overviews of research on the Hebrew Bible. This is also the case in an overview of research on the prophets of the Hebrew Bible by Martti Nissinen (2009), who primarily describes the ... [Books] [Major Prophets] [Minor Prophets] [Prophecy]

December 6, 8AM

The interpretation of the biblical text appears in any case to be directed or stimulated by exegetical problems arising from the received biblical text itself. These problems are solved by reference to contemporary history, which is the situation of the Q... [Books] [Dead Sea Scrolls] [hermeneutics] [Idle Musings] [theology]

December 2, 7AM

We find the pesharim taken up with the same questions that concern modern scholarship. Who is the second-person singular feminine, the second-person singular masculine, the third-person singular masculine, or the third-person plural masculine in Nahum 1? ... [Books] [Dead Sea Scrolls] [hermeneutics] [Prophecy] [scripture]

December 1, 8AM

Those who live in the biblical history and locate their own time in it will regard the books of the biblical prophets as scripture that directly concerns them and their own time. As we have already seen, this is how the hermeneutical rules of the “Teach... [Books] [Dead Sea Scrolls] [hermeneutics] [Idle Musings] [scripture]

November 30, 3PM

Just ran across this from Bee Culture Magazine: Neonicotinoid Pesticides Foster Spider Mite OutbreaksAda Szczepaniec, an agricultural entomologist at Texas A&M University, investigated the outbreak. Her study found that it was not just the elms, but also ... [Bees] [Garden] [Neonicotinoids] [Pesticides] [slugs]


The Qumran community wrestled with the biblical tradition. Repeatedly they sought to reconstruct and interpret both their history and their present situation in light of biblical, and especially prophetic, citations. In doing so, they also hoped to gain a... [Books] [Dead Sea Scrolls] [hermeneutics]

November 29, 6PM

Apparently somebody suggested that libraries are vanity building projects. And a librarian took the time to respond. The whole thing is worth a read (even though it is longish), but this paragraph jumped out at me: It will simply not be enough for our col... [Books] [Libraries]


The biblical manuscripts from the Dead Sea afford us a unique view into textual transmission during the Greco-Roman period. The habits and customs of the ancient scribes testify to their absolute fidelity to the text. Nevertheless, there was no single sta... [Books] [Dead Sea Scrolls] [gospel] [hermeneutics] [Idle Musings] [Prophecy] [Textual Criticism] [theology]

November 28, 7AM

“The calm words of the wise are better heeded than the racket caused by a ruler among fools. Wisdom is better than weapons of war, but one incompetent person destroys much good.”Ecclesiastes 9:17-18 CEB [Thought for the day]
Decoding the “mystery” required a special form of interpretation. Precisely this is the idea behind the word pesher “interpretation,” the technical term for commentary on the prophets. This term has a long prehistory. On the one hand, it belongs t... [Books] [hermeneutics] [Major Prophets] [Minor Prophets] [Prophecy]

November 27, 10AM

I'm just getting ready to start another book, Standing in the Breach, and I started by reading the conclusion : ) It confirmed my desire to read the book! Here's a tidbit: The main responsibility of the prophets is commonly understood to be that of procla... [Books] [Idle Musings] [Intercession] [Major Prophets] [Minor Prophets] [Prophecy] [theology]

November 25, 12 PM

In his work about the Jewish war of the first century C.E., the Jewish historian Flavius Josephus writes the following on the Essenes: There are some among them who profess to foretell the future, being versed from their early years in holy books, various... [Books] [Dead Sea Scrolls] [Prophecy]
There was a song way back in the day by Stephen Curtis Chapman (remember him?) entitled "Waiting for Lightning." The refrain goes in part:Waiting for lightningA sign that it's time for a changeYou're listening for thunderWhile He quietly whispers your nam... [Advent] [Idle Musings] [theology]

November 22, 7AM

[At Qumran] works were composed that employed cosmological speculation about the divine plan for the world or described the eschatological battle of good and evil spirits in heaven as well as on earth. The community began to determine its own place within... [Books] [Dead Sea Scrolls] [Major Prophets] [Minor Prophets] [Prophecy]

November 21, 7AM

I can get behind target="_blank">this definition of feminism; here's a brief snippet, but read the whole thing: A Christian feminist knows that God designed men with all of the humanity, compassion, integrity, strength, and tenderness that he designed wo... [Idle Musings] [theology]
We have to take into account the circumstances under which it [apocalypticism] originated. Then and now, they emanated from a deep uncertainty about the signs of the times that is counteracted by exact calculation of the days until the end. Much more inte... [Apocalypticism] [Books] [Idle Musings] [Prophecy]


Wise are those who restrain their talking; people with understanding are coolheaded. Fools who keep quiet are deemed wise; those who shut their lips are smart. Prov 17:27–28 (CEB) [Idle Musings] [theology] [Thought for the day]

November 18, 4PM

There is an intrinsic link between the course of the heavenly bodies, the divine order of the cosmos, and the order on earth. This is especially true for the cult, where heaven and earth meet. Considering this, it is understandable why Antiochus IV’s at... [Books] [Major Prophets] [theology]

November 17, 6AM

It is more or less a matter of taste whether or not one wants to use the term “apocalyptic” for Aramaic Daniel. In any case, Dan 7 and the corresponding supplements to Dan 2 constitute a move toward eschatology. Eschatology is a prerequisite for Jewis... [Apocalypticism] [Books] [Major Prophets]

November 16, 7AM

The notion of the disappearance of prophecy coincides with the end of literary production in the prophetic books during the Hellenistic period. The tradition itself draws the line in the Persian period. The latest dates refer to the building of the temple... [Books] [Idle Musings] [Minor Prophets] [Prophecy]

November 15, 7AM

The prophetic tradition had its origin in the crisis and breakdown of the usual cultic relationship between YHWH and his worshipers. In the entire tradition of the Hebrew Bible, this rupture triggered reflection on this relationship and on the question of... [Books] [Major Prophets] [Minor Prophets] [Prophecy]


I'm leaving for the Annual Meeting of ASOR. Hopefully, this will be an uneventful trip, unlike last year, where it took me 18 hours! I could have driven faster. I'm driving to Duluth, catching a flight to Minneapolis/St. Paul, and then a flight to San An... [AAR/SBL] [ASOR] [Idle Musings]

November 14, 8AM

The truly critical historians, however, take into account the fact that our contemporary ideas of historical truth were not those held by ancient writers or readers. Above all, they know that the truth of revelation cannot be verified or falsified on a hi... [Books] [Idle Musings] [Major Prophets] [Minor Prophets] [scripture]


A word for today from Bible Gateway Psalm 120A pilgrimage song.[a]120 I cried out to the Lord when I was in trouble    (and he answered me):2 “Lord, deliver me[b] from lying lips    and a ... [gospel] [theology]

November 13, 7AM

Remembering is the theme at the beginning and end of Malachi. Remembering God’s promise to punish Edom (Mal 1:2–5), reflecting upon what God has done in this book of remembrance (3:16–18), and recalling an even bigger story involving Moses and Elija... [Books] [Minor Prophets] [theology]

November 12, 12 PM

Righteousness and justice—how one relates to God and human beings—are the hallmarks by which humanity in general, and God’s people in particular, shall be evaluated. The prophets challenge God’s people in times of crises in order to elicit a chang... [Books] [Minor Prophets] [theology]


Just saw this by Ed Stetzer. Very good. Here's a snippet: Half of Americans, and the vast majority of white Evangelicals, have elected soon-to-be President Trump. Most Evangelicals I know did so because they felt he was the best, flawed, choice they had. ... [Count it all joy] [gospel] [Idle Musings] [theology]

November 11, 7AM

The word of God in the prophetic books is understood to have a potential significance that goes far beyond the time they describe. The prophetic books guide their readers so that they can recognize the signs of the times and align themselves with God’s ... [Books] [Idle Musings] [Major Prophets] [Minor Prophets] [theology]

November 10, 8AM

Psalm 9494 Lord, avenging God—    avenging God, show yourself!2 Rise up, judge of the earth!    Pay back the arrogant exactly what they deserve!3 How long will the wicked—oh, Lord!— &n... [gospel] [Psalms] [theology]
The problem of differentiating between the historical and literary prophet did not trouble ancient scribes as it has troubled modern scholarship since the Enlightenment and the emergence of historical-critical research on the Bible. For the ancient scribe... [Books] [Idle Musings] [Major Prophets] [Minor Prophets] [theology]

November 9, 10AM

On this post-election Wednesday, there are a lot of people rejoicing and a lot of people weeping. As Christians, what should our response be? I like the response posted over at Missio Alliance Here's a paragraph, but please, do yourself a favor and read t... [gospel] [theology]


There is also a significant difference between the ancient Near East on the one hand and Israel on the other. The ancient Near Eastern archives that we know from excavations have not produced a single prophetic book, nor are the prophetic books of the Heb... [Books] [Major Prophets] [Minor Prophets]

November 8, 9AM

But me? My feet had almost stumbled;    my steps had nearly slipped3     because I envied the arrogant;    I observed how the wicked are well off:4 They suffer no pain;   ... [Idle Musings] [theology]

November 7, 11PM

A psalm for this year's election day, Psalm 62:Only in God do I[a] find rest;    my salvation comes from him.2 Only God is my rock and my salvation—    my stronghold!—I won’t be shaken anymore.3 ... [theology]


"The role of Job serves as paradigm for a righteous man faced with the human condition. As often noted, Job protests against easy answers, but the power of these protests derives from the many ways in which Job makes his point by challenging accepted wisd... [Books] [Job] [theology]

November 6, 8AM

"These verses [Joel 2:12–14] employ שוב [šwb] positively, twice commanding the people to return to YHWH, and once holding out the prospects that YHWH will return to the people and bless them. These actions are contingent upon one another. Only if th... [Books] [gospel] [Idle Musings] [Minor Prophets] [theology]

November 3, 9AM

An author may “quote” another text inexactly. An author may work from memory and simply record a slightly different version of the text, or an author may also deliberately alter the quotation to fit the context or to make a different point. One should... [hermeneutics] [Minor Prophets]


Sometimes [in the ancient Near Eastern prophecies], mild criticism of the king is combined with grandiose promises, when the prophets remind the king of his duties toward the gods, their temples and priests, as well as toward his subjects. This criticism,... [ANE History] [ANE religion] [Books] [Prophecy] [theology]

October 31, 9AM

Prophecy in the ancient Near East was a political tool of state propaganda that was used to preserve the prevailing order. Generally, the divine message of the prophets refers to the king and addresses the fate of the royal house; it has little to do with... [Books] [Idle Musings] [Major Prophets] [Minor Prophets] [theology]

October 30, 6PM

Righteousness and justice—how one relates to God and human beings—are the hallmarks by which humanity in general, and God’s people in particular, shall be evaluated. The prophets challenge God’s people in times of crises in order to elicit a chang... [Minor Prophets] [theology]

October 28, 7AM

Nowhere else in the entire ancient Near East did prophets or other men of God ever proclaim such a message. True, outside Israel, gods could be angry and bring disaster upon their cities, countries, and people. Yet the foundations on which the relationshi... [ANE religion] [Books] [Idle Musings] [Major Prophets] [Minor Prophets] [theology]

October 26, 2PM

From James D. Nogalski, “Joel as ‘Literary Anchor’ for the Book of the Twelve,” in Reading and Hearing the Book of the Twelve, ed. James D. Nogalski and Marvin A. Sweeney, SymS 15 9Atlanta: Society of Biblical Literature, 20000, 95: Instead, [Hos... [gospel] [Idle Musings] [Minor Prophets] [theology]


The Christian life now is not about fear that we will fail to keep happy the One who loved us while we were still enslave to darkness. The Christian life is really about grasping two concepts: our adoption into God’s family—which means Jesus is our b... [ANE religion] [Books] [gospel] [Idle Musings] [Supernatural] [theology]

October 25, 7AM

As Christians, we’ve probably heard many times that we need to be like Jesus. We certainly do. But when we hear that, we tend to process it only in terms of being good, or maybe “less bad.” We turn what’s actually a nearly inconceivable idea—tha... [Books] [gospel] [Supernatural] [theology]

October 24, 8AM

When our worldview is attuned to God’s plan to rescue people from every nation, making them part of God’s family, we are not of this world. Being of this world is to be absorbed by the world’s concerns and living accordingly. Unbelievers should be a... [Books] [gospel] [Supernatural] [theology]

October 22, 7AM

Just ran across this, posted by a seed company, not sure which one anymore, but I think it was Baker Seeds. The article is entitled Organic farming beats conventional method, new finding shows Read the whole thing, but this paragraph sums up the mess we a... [Garden] [Idle Musings]

October 20, 7AM

In essence, baptism was a loyalty oath and a message to the demonic powers (as well as any people present) of just whose side you were on in the spiritual war. Ancient Christians understood this better than we do today. Early church baptismal rites includ... [Books] [gospel] [Idle Musings] [Supernatural] [theology]

October 19, 6AM

Another implication of the passages of Scripture we’ve examined is that the notion of demonic strongholds is biblical. We aren’t given a full description of demonic zones or turf boundaries, or even a spiritual pecking order for the dark side. We are ... [Books] [gospel] [Idle Musings] [Supernatural] [theology]

October 18, 6AM

This just showed up in my RSS feed this morning. Here's the first two paragraphs to whet your appetite: A hundred years ago, the New York Times reported on a rather sophisticated study for the time: 4,600 cases of cancer appearing over a seven year period... [Idle Musings] [Whole Foods]
The “new plan” of God’s—that he would die and then rise from the dead to reverse the curse of the fall—isn’t at all evident in the Old Testament. Instead, clues are scattered throughout the Old Testament in dozens of places. Never is it all re... [Books] [gospel] [Idle Musings] [Supernatural] [theology]

October 17, 6AM

It’s time we looked at ourselves through supernatural eyes. You are a child of God, fit for sacred space, not because of what you do or don’t do, but because you are in Christ, adopted by God (Rom 8:15; Gal 4:5). You’ve been extracted from the realm... [Books] [gospel] [Idle Musings] [Supernatural] [theology]

October 13, 6AM

Many of the strange laws and practices of the Old Testament are grounded in the need to teach people that God is unlike everything else. In his nature and character, he is unique; he is completely other than humanity and anything else. For Israel, that wa... [Books] [Idle Musings] [Supernatural] [theology]

October 12, 8AM

Being right with God is another way of talking about salvation. But despite what we’ve often been taught in Sunday school, salvation didn’t come to Israelites by obeying rules, by following the Law. Whether in the Od Testament or the New, salvation is... [Books] [Idle Musings] [Supernatural] [theology]

October 11, 7AM

Our story so far: God cast aside the nations and their people at Babel. The lesser gods assigned to them took dominion (Deut 32:8–9). When God started over with Abraham, it was clear that he planned to one day reclaim the nations through the influence o... [ANE religion] [Books] [Idle Musings] [Supernatural] [theology]

October 10, 6AM

[R]epresenting God means every job that honors him is a spiritual calling. Every legitimate task can be part of moving our world toward Eden and blessing fellow imagers—or not. God doesn’t view people in ministry as more holy or special because of the... [Books] [Supernatural] [theology]

October 6, 7AM

What I’ve heard in church over the years doesn’t just miss the boat—it makes the supernatural boring. And even worse, the church’s teaching emasculates the unseen, supernatural world, rendering it powerless. A lot of what Christians imagine to be ... [Books] [scripture] [Supernatural] [theology]

October 5, 7AM

But let’s not lose track of the question I asked at the beginning. Do you really believe what the Bible says? That’s where the rubber meets the road. It won’t do you any good to learn what the Bible really says about the unseen world and how it inte... [Books] [Idle Musings] [scripture] [Supernatural] [theology]

October 4, 8PM

When it comes to the format discussion, the physical book is here to stay. With studies published on exhaustive reading, the correlation between screens and reduced retention, and the often expressed active joys of using a physical book, it it impossible ... [Books] [bookselling]


The members of God’s heavenly host are not peripheral or insignificant or unrelated to our story, the human story, in the Bible. They play a central role. But modern Bible readers too often read right past, without grasping the fascinating ways the supe... [ANE religion] [Books] [Idle Musings] [Supernatural]

October 3, 5PM

This study has used apotropaic intercessory texts as windows into ANE and biblical theologies—specifically studying the kinds of human agency the intercessors portray in response to divine threats of doom. Ritual texts present intercessors as straddling... [ANE religion] [Books] [Intercession] [Prayer]

September 30, 7AM

In 1 Chronicles 21 we see YHWH staying the hand of the angel as if waiting for David to intercede. We also see YHWH lingering after sending off the other “men” to investigate Sodom, waiting to share his plan with Abraham. Repeatedly, we see YHWH givin... [Intercession] [Prayer] [theology]

September 28, 7AM

One concept noted repeatedly in this study is the mystification of agency found in causative and particularly in hybrid speech acts. In the namburbis and Text 3, the agency responsible for the magical effect is either attributed to the gods or obfuscated ... [ANE religion] [Books] [Idle Musings] [Intercession] [Prayer] [ritual] [theology]

September 27, 6AM

The biblical writers have taken care to avoid the appearance of ritual speech. These narratives instead show characters apparently speaking in their own voices, demonstrating the best qualities of which humans and human speech are capable: justice, courag... [Books] [Idle Musings] [Intercession] [Prayer] [theology]

September 26, 7AM

Intercessors with ritual agency can follow divinely modeled instructions to resolve the problem of disastrous omens. Intercessors with magical agency are capable of divinely empowered speech and can slip into the gods’ roles with the gods’ consent and... [ANE religion] [Books] [Idle Musings] [Intercession] [Prayer] [theology]

September 23, 8AM

Persuasive agency is the only kind of human agency found in Texts 5-15. As we have seen, the biblical speech is presented as meaningful in context, non-prescribed, and conforming to the specific situation of the speaker. Gestures and manual rites are mini... [ANE religion] [Books] [Intercession] [Prayer] [theology]

September 22, 9AM

Unlike the portraits of the other gods in these apotropaic intercessory texts, YHWH is often shown as making room for human responses to his plans before enacting them. Texts 5, 6, 13, 14, and 15 show YHWH as secretly or not-so-secretly inviting intercess... [ANE religion] [Books] [Intercession] [Prayer] [theology]

September 21, 7AM

Based on the notion that persuasive speech is tailored to its presumed audience, we can learn something about cultural perceptions of the gods by examining the rhetoric addressed to them. Rhetorical strategies in the namburbi hymns suggest a view of these... [ANE religion] [Books] [Intercession] [Prayer] [theology]

September 20, 7AM

The texts suggest that apotropaic intercession was considered to be generally, but not universally, effective, although even in cases where it appears to have failed YHWH refrains from wiping out all Israel. Yet intercession merely has a partial effect; t... [Books] [Intercession] [Prayer] [theology]

September 19, 8AM

Notably, in none of the cases analyzed does the intercessor claim that the people have turned aside from their wickedness, nor does the intercessor promise that they will. Despite its prevalence in Deuteronomy, Amos, Jeremiah, and Ezekiel, this theme is a... [Books] [gospel] [Idle Musings] [Intercession] [theology]

September 16, 7AM

“Indeed experience demonstrates that we inflict heavier punishment upon persons who deny guilt and advance arguments in their own defense, but that anger desists from those who admit the justice of the punishment to be meted out to them. This, moreover,... [Books] [Idle Musings] [theology]

September 15, 6AM

Two speech act categories are absent from the corpus [of intercessory prayers in the HB]: commissives and declaratives, both hallmarks of transformative ritual speech. By omitting all declaratives, the biblical writers appear to be representing apotropaic... [ANE religion] [Idle Musings] [Intercession] [Prayer] [theology]

September 14, 7AM

Like biblical intercession with human superiors, biblical apotropaic intercession with YHWH uses ordinary discourse, persuading through appeals to ethos, pathos, and logos. Without causative language, these utterances lack the need for a special connectio... [Books] [Idle Musings] [Intercession] [Prayer] [theology]

September 13, 6AM

Aaron’s use of incense in Numbers 17 is anomalous in the HB in that Aaron brings it to the people, running into their midst and “standing between life and death.” Except for the High Priest’s ritual in Lev 16:12-13, no biblical descriptions of ato... [Books] [Idle Musings] [Intercession] [theology]

September 12, 7AM

Verse 15, in which YHWH is said to change his mind (נחם) even before David intercedes, makes the reader wonder how important David’s intercession was to YHWH’s ultimate decision. According to 1 Chr 21:15, “God sent an angel to Jerusalem to destro... [Books] [Idle Musings] [Prayer] [theology]

September 8, 6AM

David’s opening words add ballast to his prior confession, not only clearing the people but also seeking to reconcile his own relationship with YHWH, thereby making himself a more credible intercessor. [footnote: Compare the instructions to Aaron to mak... [Books] [Holiness] [Idle Musings] [Prayer]

September 7, 7AM

The goal of Amos’s intercessory appeals is to prevent the divine punishment in the respective vision. In Amos 7:2, the verb סלח (“pardon!”[slḥ]) means “do not destroy” or in Milgrom’s terms, “reconcile.” He argues that there is no nua... [Books] [gospel] [theology]

September 6, 8AM

That's basically what it boils down to in article (which you really should read; it's only a few paragraphs long): If we are convinced that our violence is responsible to secure our future, then our actions will tacitly witness to the death of god in our ... [gospel] [Idle Musings] [pacifism] [theology]


The first word in Ezekiel’s intercession [Ezek 9] is the exclamation אהה [‘ahah], which Muffs considers to indicate “prophetic opposition to a divine decree.” The particular combination of אהה [‘ahah] followed by ′′אדני ה [ha‘ad... [ANE religion] [Books] [Idle Musings] [theology]

September 2, 8AM

Unlike Exod 32:11b-13, which never refers to the Israelites’ sin, the appeal in Deuteronomy [9] mentions their sin at a point of maximum prominence, the center of the chiasm (v. 27b). Such structural emphasis belies Moses’s appeal to YHWH in v. 27b, ... [Books] [Prayer] [theology]

September 1, 3PM

The major distinction between this speech [Num 14] and the one in Exod 32:11b-13 is Moses’s citation of YHWH’s attributes in Num 14:17-18. Here the formula becomes the basis of Moses’s two petitions: his plea in Num 14:17 that “your forbearance be... [ANE religion] [Books] [theology]

August 31, 6AM

Evidence includes Gen 20:7, in which Abraham is called a prophet just prior to being asked to intercede and Jer 27:18, in which Jeremiah spells out the expectation that true prophets will intercede. Cf. Ezek 13:5, 22:30-31, in which YHWH judges or laments... [ANE religion] [Books] [theology]

August 30, 8AM

For the most part the speeches take the form of prose prayer, even in the exceptional case linked to ritual—the story of David and the census (1 Chr 21:17; cf. 2 Sam 24:17). Instead, intercessors appeal to pathos, logos, and occasionally ethos to persua... [ANE religion] [Books] [Idle Musings] [theology]

August 26, 7AM

Muršili’s plague prayers attest to Hittite beliefs that the gods need not respond positively to every ritual. These prayers recount the king’s fruitless efforts to appease the gods who had brought years of plague to his country, including his multipl... [ANE religion] [Books] [theology]

August 25, 8AM

Many persuasive analogies are intended to transfer an attribute from one entity to another using the supernatural means of similarity. Here, the same entity—the dog—inhabits both the source and target domains. The ordinary canine ability to ward off s... [ANE religion] [Books]

August 24, 7AM

The supernatural rites rather than a special supernatural quality of the human agents (ritual practitioners) give the namburbis’ causative speech its most significant supernatural empowerment. The rites were understood to have supernatural power because... [ANE religion] [Books] [Idle Musings] [theology]

August 23, 8AM

The previous post spoke of the ancient Near Eastern backgrounds to the prosperity gospel—tongue firmly in cheek, of course. But, there is a serious resource that just became available today: The NIV Cultural Backgrounds Study Bible. The notes in the... [ANE History] [ANE religion] [Books] [Idle Musings]


This process did not depend on the āšipu’s possessing a pre-existing or essential connection to the divine realm, but rather the āšipu’s authorized participation in the blended space of the ritual. One piece of evidence that a supernatural conne... [ANE religion] [Books] [Idle Musings] [theology]

August 22, 6AM

Not only the fact of praise, but the content of the praise is significant. Any selection of specific attributes over others uses the technique of choice. In order to put the deity into a beneficent mood, the chosen epithets presumably praise attributes th... [ANE religion] [Books] [Idle Musings] [theology]

August 19, 7AM

[Stefan] Maul (Zukunftsbewãltigung : Eine Untersuchung altorientalischen Denkens anhand der babylonisch-assyrischen Lõserituale [Namrubi])argues that the animals, plants, or circumstances in the omens do more than signify disaster; they also play an a... [ANE religion] [Books] [Idle Musings] [theology]

August 16, 6AM

One particular Akkadian term for intercession, abbūti ṣabātu (“to act in a fatherly way”), illustrates the Mesopotamian view that a primary responsibility of the male head of household was to intercede on his children’s behalf. This expectatio... [ANE religion] [Books] [Idle Musings] [theology]

August 12, 10PM

While we seek to master the plethora of manuscripts, we also savor their very unmanageability. The textual critic’s heart yearns for even more abundance and leaps at the discovery of new manuscripts. It doesn’t matter whether they were moldering in ca... [Textual Criticism]

August 11, 6AM

The Mesopotamian and Anatolian texts show the intercessors’ use of ritual and sometimes magic with the gods’ explicit aid to protect individuals from divinely decreed doom and remove impurity. In contrast, the biblical texts show intercessors protecti... [ANE religion] [Books] [Idle Musings] [theology]

August 10, 7AM

When action-based agency is rooted in speech, words operate more or less as things rather than (or in addition to) being carriers of meaning—in other words, they are ascribed conventional effects in context which may be separate from their actual semant... [ANE religion] [Books] [Idle Musings] [theology]
A perfect text-critical procedure is not at hand. Like all historical inquiry, we see the past indirectly through our (always fallible) evaluation of its present traces.—Ronald Hendel in Steps to a New Edition of the Hebrew Bible, forthcoming from SBL P... [Books] [Textual Criticism]

August 8, 7AM

Sørensen argues that in magical rituals, participants (including ritual performers) view themselves as interacting with elements and rules originating in both the sacred and profane domains—a matter of conceptual blending. The model Sørensen uses for ... [ANE religion] [Books]

August 4, 7AM

We're starting a new book today: Forestalling Doom "Apotropaic Intercession" in the Hebrew Bible and the Ancient Near East Alter Orient und Altes Testament - AOAT 417by Marian W. Broida Ugarit-Verlag, 2014 xx + 282 pp., English Cloth ISBN: 9783868351101 ... [ANE religion] [Books]

August 3, 7AM

The HMOs talked about so-called preventive medicine, but is such a superficial way that the message had virtually no impact. Their dietary recommendations, by and large, boil down to “eat more veggies, drink fewer sodas, and choose leaner cuts of meat.... [Books] [Whole Foods]

August 2, 6AM

OK, this one has been sitting in my inbox for almost 2 months now! I need to let people know about a chance to help out a fellow blogger. Rick Brannan has written a good bit about the Apostolic Fathers over the years and did a long, in-depth study of the ... [Greek] [Linguistics]
We talk endlessly about shifting payment responsibilities among different groups—private sectore or public sector, employer or employee—as if these programs are going to help control our country’s back-breaking health costs: about two and a half tri... [Books] [Whole Foods]

August 1, 7AM

Can you imagine the health gains in the U.S. population if the half-trillion dollars in annal Big Pharma revenue were allocated to educating the public about WFPB [whole foods, plant-based] nutrition, and to making sure that fresh, organic, sustainably gr... [Books] [Whole Foods]

July 28, 7AM

Choosing plant-based foods over animal-based foods reduces pain in so many ways. It alleviates our bodily pain. It minimizes the pain animals experience by reducing CAFO farming. It also reduces human suffering associated with global poverty and hunger. G... [Books] [Whole Foods]

July 27, 7AM

Robert Goodland, the longtime senior environmental advisor to the president of the World Bank, and Jeff Anhang, his colleague at the World Bank Group, have determined that livestock rearing contributes at least 51 percent of total global warming. The most... [Books] [global warming] [Whole Foods]

July 25, 7AM

• Animal protein production requires eight times as much fossil fuel as plant protein. • The livestock population of the Unites States consumes five times as much grain (which is not even their natural diet) as the country’s entire human population.... [Books] [Idle Musings] [theology] [Whole Foods]

July 24, 6AM

In the face of insufficient data, any judgment is weakly founded. Since the Qumran texts are the very epitome of incomplete data, caution is necessary.—Ronald Hendel in Steps to a New Edition of the Hebrew Bible, forthcoming from SBL Press <idle ... [Books] [Dead Sea Scrolls] [Idle Musings] [Textual Criticism]

July 22, 7AM

I know many environmentalists whose commitment is manifest and commendable, but stops at their lips. It’s understandable; many of our favorite “foods” (or, more properly, food-like items) are highly addictive. And our relationship with food is far m... [Books] [Idle Musings] [Whole Foods]

July 21, 6AM

The danger of our increasing consumption of supplements is more than just the documented negative effects on our health. It’s that our love affair with the magic bullet of supplementation lets us believe we’re “of the hook” when it comes to eating... [Books] [Idle Musings] [Whole Foods]

July 20, 7AM

Population studies begun forty to fifty years ago show that when people migrate from one country to another, they acquire the cancer rate of the country to which they move, despite the fact their genes remain the same. This strongly indicates that at leas... [Books] [Idle Musings] [Whole Foods]

July 18, 7AM

As a research discipline, modern-day genetics addresses the consequences of that small percentage of disease-producing genes that we acquire along the way. It operates from the assumption that one day we will be able to locate and identify damaged genes a... [Books] [GMO foods] [Idle Musings] [Whole Foods]

July 17, 7PM

Textual criticism aims for a history of readings, extending from the archetype to the extant manuscripts. A historically sophisticated critical edition must present each step of a book’s textual history, to the extent that it is recoverable, and not res... [Books] [Textual Criticism]

July 15, 6AM

I am convinced that most people simply believe what they want to believe about cancer causation and prevention, according to which way the nature–nurture pendulum swings in their minds. In the absence of a reliable answer to the caner prevention questio... [Books] [Whole Foods]

July 13, 7AM

I am convinced that most people simply believe what they want to believe about cancer causation and prevention, according to which way the nature–nurture pendulum swings in their minds. In the absence of a reliable answer to the caner prevention questio... [Books] [Whole Foods]

July 12, 7AM

At the end of his journey, Job returns to a place that is strangely similar to his departure point, the point from which his entire drama started. He stands in front of us as the exemplary pious individual who performs sacrifices for others. Just as he wa... [Books] [Idle Musings] [Job] [theology]

July 8, 3PM

Job has been led on a long path toward conversion; he has realized that he himself was wrong. All of a sudden, however, and in a completely unexpected turn of events, God speaks once more to Job’s friends and confronts Eliphaz with this statement: My w... [Books] [Job] [theology]

July 7, 6AM

God forces Job to realize that the horizon within which he acts as creator is much larger than the horizon of human culture. The creative acts of God extend way beyond the human sphere. This becomes clear in the list of animals in 38:39–39:30 as well as... [Books] [Job] [theology]

July 6, 10AM

It is not surprising that past research has left us with the impression that scholars tend to read more of their own theological opinions into the divine speeches than extract meaning from them.—Job's Journey, page 74 <idle musing>A continual ... [Books] [Holy Spirit] [Idle Musings] [Job] [theology]


It is not surprising that past research has left us with the impression that scholars tend to read more of their own theological opinions into the divine speeches than extract meaning from them.— Job's Journey, page 74 <idle musing>A continua... [Books] [Holy Spirit] [Idle Musings] [Job] [theology]

July 5, 7AM

Is this complex answer even an answer? Job had asked why God allowed him to suffer so greatly. Why him? Is this not a sign of indiscriminate use of power? Instead of an answer, Job receives two hours of natural history lessons, a little bit of astronomy, ... [Books] [Idle Musings] [Job] [theology]

July 4, 7AM

The Old Testament makes use of a host of metaphorical images to describe God’s presence in the world indirectly. The most important of these “anti-anthropomorphisms” are: “Name of God,” “Glory of God,” “Spirit of God,” “Word of God,”... [Books] [Idle Musings] [Job] [theology]

June 30, 5AM

“Nothing earthly is able to envision appropriately God, resulting in the paradox that the God of the Old Testament is not invisible, but is also unconceivable” [“Reicht nichts Weltliches aus, Gott zu vergegenwärtigen, so ergibt sich das Paradox, da... [Books] [hermeneutics] [Job] [theology]

June 29, 6AM

Job does make one theological mistake, however: from his own high ethical standing, he concludes that he is entitled to a certain treatment by God. This conclusion is presumptuous on two levels. For one—this is what Job’s friends tried to show—even ... [Books] [Holiness] [Job] [theology]

June 28, 6AM

The concept that God educates human beings through suffering, that Job’s illness is a constructive didactic measure, has moved to the center of much recent scholarship on Job. Yet there is much that speaks against advocating such pedagogy of suffering. ... [Books] [hermeneutics] [Holiness] [Idle Musings] [Job] [scripture] [theology]

June 27, 7AM

The frequent passages in which Job addresses God as “you” (see 7:12–21; 9:28– 32; 10:2–18; 13:22–27; 14:13–20) are of high theological importance. This is exactly what Job is praised for in the end. Human beings can and should voice their la... [Books] [Idle Musings] [Job] [Lament] [theology]

June 24, 7AM

As much as the idea of disputare de deo is rejected, the book of Job continues to advocate a form of speech transformed through suffering: lament as speech to God. Instead of speculation about God, the book advocates existential and authentic speech to Go... [Books] [Idle Musings] [Job] [theology]
From the ASOR Program Abstracts: If a terracotta figurine has a head, however schematically rendered, combined with a pair of circular protrusions, however small, or widely or narrowly spaced, and wherever located on a fictive torso, however flat or oddly... [ANE religion] [Archaeology] [Idle Musings] [Just for Fun]

June 23, 6AM

The book of Job does not promote silence about God because we cannot say anything about him. Otherwise, this book would never have been written. But the book of Job does bid farewell to certain types of theology—and we do not have to bemoan their loss: ... [Books] [Job] [theology]

June 21, 7AM

Within the context of the Hebrew Bible, the book of Job thus primarily contradicts the God of justice as presented by the prophets: God, as Job shows us, can destroy us without reason. It also contradicts the merciful God of Priestly literature: we must a... [Books] [Idle Musings] [Job] [theology]

June 20, 6AM

The prologue of the book of Job is shaped like a fairy tale in order to prevent us from using it as the Archimedean point from which to set the book in motion and speculate on God and the world. The fairy-tale quality is not merely there as a container of... [Books] [Idle Musings] [Job] [theology]

June 17, 7AM

Whatever thoughts the friends entertain may be part of a usual repertoire of theological insights into the Job problem, but the prologue states in rebuttal: all this has nothing to do with what is actually happening. The logic of heaven is completely diff... [Books] [Job] [theology]

June 15, 6AM

I believe that we can make a strong and much more plausible case for the opposite hypothesis: the combination of the proleptic solution to the Job problem in the prologue with the later solutions in the rest of the book stands as the center of the theolog... [Books] [Idle Musings] [Job] [theology]

June 14, 6AM

When we interpret the prologue within the context of the rest of the book, we realize quickly that the prologue contains important theological statements with regard to the book as a whole. The most important statement, which we must mention first of all,... [Books] [Job] [theology]

June 13, 7AM

In order to deal with ancient texts such as the prologue of the book of Job, scholars tend to refer to ancient cosmology that imagines a heavenly sphere existing above the earthly realm. The heavenly sphere can be the setting for actions and events just l... [ANE religion] [Books] [hermeneutics]

June 10, 7AM

The narratives examined in this study do not form one coherent story, but rather several ones with a wide spectrum of variations, deletions and developments. The unifying trait in all these widely different narratives is that they all relate to the duties... [ANE religion] [Books] [Idle Musings] [theology]
Scripture is not an end in itself. Scripture and its interpretation are part of a larger divine economy; Scripture is a witness to God’s action in the world, and faithful interpretation of Scripture by the church is testimony to the continued action of ... [Books] [scripture] [theology]

June 9, 6AM

The identity of Jesus within Scripture is never finally interpreted because it is textually mediated. Second, because it is textually mediated, Christ is not contained within Scripture, but is made known to us through it. Although Scripture’s depiction ... [Books] [hermeneutics] [Holiness] [theology]
The giving of new garments also has a legal significance. The donning of clean garments was the final ceremony in trials such as judicial ordeal, and served as an indication of acquittal and legal purity (Frymer-Kensky 1977: 110). It was a general Near Ea... [ANE religion] [Books]

June 8, 7AM

The Marduk-Ea dialogue seeks to ensure that the incantation of the earthly exorcist comes directly from the gods. When the exorcist declares that “the incantation is not mine”, nothing depends upon his person anymore (Geller 2010: 29). In other words,... [ANE religion] [Books] [Idle Musings] [theology]
Scripture reveals not only God to us, but us to ourselves, so that we see our need for God. Due to this soteriological context, Paul is not only addressing the Corinthians in his day, but he is addressing all Christians everywhere. To read figurally here ... [Books] [hermeneutics] [scripture]

June 6, 8AM

For Wesley, the knowledge and love of God is the end for which humanity is created, the experience of which is happiness. The renewal of the image is induction into the love of God, and as Dawson says, love is a relation. Jesus’ glory must, for those wh... [Books] [Holiness] [theology] [wesley]

June 3, 8AM

Historical criticism contributes a consciousness to the difference in contexts that creates questions. The key is not to allow that socio- historically derived knowledge of difference to become absolute, a possibility foiled to a degree by the text itself... [Books] [hermeneutics] [theology]

June 1, 11AM

In the Marduk Ordeal, Bel’s fall into the water plunged him into the annual cosmic battle against Tiamat, which took place in the watery realm of the sea or, interchangeably, in the netherworld river Hubur. This imagery is again related to amniotic flui... [ANE religion] [Books] [Idle Musings] [Just for Fun]
Texts are not inert objects acted upon methodologically by a reader who discovers the one correct meaning. Rather, texts have numerous (though not infinite) meanings, what is sometimes referred to as a surplus of meaning. A reader comes to the text from a... [Books] [hermeneutics]
SBL Press has started a blog with recommended changes to SBLHS2. If you are a copyeditor, or an author, this would be a good blog to follow. Here's the URL: Shameless plug:I am maintaining a list of abbreviation updates here. Yes, I'm... [Copyediting] [SBLHS2]

May 29, 7AM

I'm in the process of reading The Overturned Boat right now. I wasn't aware of the following: Birth incantations aid the woman in labour to break free the “boat” from the darkness of womb, to wash out the baby bound by the umbilical cord to the “qua... [ANE History] [ANE religion] [Books] [Idle Musings]

May 27, 7AM

Is that even a word? Oh well, here's some good insight into answering the question: I tap Eco for a variety of reasons. He was among the first theorists to emphasize the reader in a clearly postmodern way, but unlike more radical reader-response theories,... [Books] [hermeneutics] [Idle Musings] [theology]

May 26, 7AM

With the ruled nature of the literal sense in mind we can note, secondly, that interpreting Scripture—again, a means of grace—is not something done for its own sake, but to achieve a particular end. All of Scripture for Wesley participates in a messag... [Books] [Holiness] [Idle Musings] [theology] [wesley]

May 25, 8AM

[Paul Holmer [The Grammar of Faith, 62–68, 90] argues that the desire of theologians for systematic concepts that are more precise than ordinary religious language causes them to create a scientific language, a language of learning that is at a remove; ... [Books] [theology]

May 24, 8AM

Following Protestant tradition, Wesley adhered to the primacy of the literal sense, unless tensions in the text demanded something else; at that point he would allow a “spiritual” or allegorical, reading to circumvent the problem. However, in his sote... [Books] [hermeneutics] [Holiness] [Idle Musings] [wesley]

May 19, 7AM

Scripture is therefore open to all persons seeking salvation through it because it is through Scripture that God addresses them. As a means of grace the literal sense of Scripture is the instrument by which the God who is creator of all reveals both who h... [Books] [gospel] [hermeneutics] [Holiness] [wesley]

May 17, 8AM

"The proper role of the leaders is to obediently carry out YHWH’s instructions according to the divine plan (see esp. Exod 39:32, 43; 40:33b) and witness to what YHWH is doing for the Israelites as he unfolds his covenant promise to be their God (see es... [Books] [theology]


For Wesley the literal sense of Scripture is its soteriological sense. When Wesley reads Scripture, he does so assuming that all of it contributes to the economy of salvation, as was evident in the way he could bring various texts throughout Scripture to ... [hermeneutics] [Holiness] [Idle Musings] [theology] [wesley]

May 16, 11PM

What is interesting is that Wesley does not merely read the verses [of Ps 22] that show up in the New Testament christologically; he sees the entire psalm as a consistently christological text, complete with an evangelical message. Wesley assumes the Old ... [Books] [hermeneutics] [wesley]

May 14, 7PM

"Reference to the תנין [tannin] as the sea monster or sea dragon often occurs in Hebrew texts in the context of creation imagery (e.g., Isa 51:9; Job 7:12; Ps 74:13); the תנין [tannin] represents the forces of chaos and is that which is defeated t... [ANE religion] [Books] [cosmology] [Hebrew] [theology]


Whereas the literal sense, history, and meaning were coterminous in premodern interpretation, in modernism they became sundered, with the result that the words of Scripture became secondary as exegetes began to seek the world “behind” the text in reco... [hermeneutics] [Idle Musings] [theology]

May 13, 6AM

Today a biblical scholar might balk at bringing 1 John to bear on the Genesis narrative for fear of doing violence to the voice of Genesis, at least not without qualification, but Wesley assumes a natural connection. Reference to Matthew while considering... [Books] [hermeneutics] [wesley]

May 11, 7AM

Without God’s gracious movement toward us, we would be dead in sin. Since God has so moved, the means of grace are the channels through which we can participate in the divine life opened to us.— Reading the Way to Heaven, page 57 [Books] [gospel] [Holiness] [wesley]

May 9, 7AM

[J]ustification is what God does for us, removing the guilt of sin; whereas new birth, or regeneration, is what God does in us, renewing our fallen nature. Salvation for Wesley is thus a recovery of the divine image within the heart, also known for him as... [Books] [gospel] [Holiness] [wesley]
Changing our categorization of -(θ)η- from the analogous English counterpart (passive) to a typologically attested middle form alters our view of Greek voice. Instead of seeing it as a passive marker with defective active outliers in an active-passive s... [Books] [grammar] [Greek] [Linguistics]

May 8, 2PM

Middle voice merges the energy source and energy endpoint into one participant. Instead of shifting between two participants to see the effects of the action, the middle gives undivided attention to the energy endpoint. This effectively increases its sali... [Books] [grammar] [Greek] [Linguistics]

May 7, 12 PM

When -(θ)η- was first integrated into the aorist, it involved not just a change or affectedness for the subject, but a complete change of state. If we look back at the two predicate types involved, this includes the telic-transformative lexemes as well ... [Books] [Copyediting] [grammar] [Greek] [Linguistics]

May 5, 7AM

It [prevenient grace] restores 1) a basic knowledge of God, 2) the moral law in the hearts of believers, 3) conscience, 4) a degree of free will, and 5) restraint against wickedness. Humanity is therefore made able once again to enter communion with God, ... [Books] [Idle Musings] [prevenient grace] [theology] [wesley]

May 3, 9AM

We're starting a new book today. It looks interesting; we'll see where it goes as we read it through. Here's the first excerpt, all the way in to page 53; this might be a short excerpt book; some books just don't lend themselves well to excerpting. Grace ... [Books] [Idle Musings] [theology] [wesley]

May 2, 7AM

We have seen that the biblical cosmos seems to be spoken of as if it were animate—as if rocks and mountains and seas and stars were living creatures. I want to suggest that this emphasis can serve as a helpful corrective to our tendency to view the worl... [Books] [cosmology] [Idle Musings] [theology]
Just ran across a great post by Preston Sprinkle on a theoretical discussion about the old "killer at the door" scenario. Here's a brief excerpt, but please read the whole thing. Me: Okay, so let me get this straight. A preprogrammed robotic human is brea... [gospel] [Gun culture] [Idle Musings] [theology] [violence]

April 29, 7AM

Taking this approach further still we might perhaps consider evil, when portrayed in terms of watery chaos or sea beasts, as a tendency in creation to move away from being and form towards nothingness. Here I am picking up on Augustine’s teaching that e... [Books] [cosmology] [theology]

April 28, 6AM

At a metaphysical level, the dragon motif also speaks truth. The biblical models of creation picture it as something that left to itself would collapse back into chaos. The world does not sustain itself or order itself. It is God who “in the beginning... [Books] [cosmology] [theology]

April 27, 7AM

It may be concluded that there are three situations in which a human being utters a prayer: 1. A case of actual distress in which a man, on account of the difficult circumstances he is in, addresses himself to a god in an emotional way.2. A wish arising f... [Books] [theology]
It is also worth reminding ourselves that neither biblical nor Ptolemaic cosmologies understood the earth to be the most important part of the cosmos—the heavens took that role. (In fact, contrary to the modern myth, in the Ptolemaic cosmology that domi... [Books] [cosmology] [Idle Musings] [theology]

April 26, 6AM

The relative decrease in the number of present imperatives in the Koine in comparison with Ancient Greek may be explained by two factors. In the first place, the present imperative of transformative (especially instantaneous) verbs is used only and exclus... [Books] [grammar] [Greek] [Language] [Linguistics]
No modern Christian can say with any intellectual integrity that the biblical view is literally correct. It is not. But does that mean that we simply cast it aside as a disposable husk? No. I propose that this biblical view was not merely a phenomenologic... [Books] [cosmology] [theology]

April 25, 7AM

Apart from the present imperatives with a general sense and the present imperatives derived from non-transformative verbs, the present imperative in the Koine seems to be used only when both the speaker and the hearer have fully been informed of the situa... [Books] [grammar] [Greek] [Idle Musings] [Linguistics]
Here is something important to notice about the stars in the biblical texts that we have been considering. The stars, closely linked with the divine council and with angels, were very clearly located in the sky but not in God’s heaven (they were this si... [Books] [cosmology] [theology]

April 24, 9PM

Wow! BHQ Megillot for $20.00 at CBD! I was checking on the availability of BHQ Genesis when I saw this: [bhq] [Books] [Hebrew]

April 23, 3PM

"Exod 16* shows that through the obedience of Moses and Aaron to YHWH, and in particular in pointing away from themselves to YHWH as responsible for the exodus and as providing the gift of food, the people are brought to the true knowledge of YHWH (“I a... [Books] [gospel] [theology]

April 22, 7AM

In Ancient Greek...many examples of present imperatives derived from verbs expressing motion are to be found. In the Koine literature, however, they are much more conspicuous, because so few present imperatives of other verbs occur. One even gets the impr... [Books] [grammar] [Greek] [Linguistics]
Sin corrupts this human icon of God, making humanity a broken vessel. The story of redemption is, in one important sense, simply the story of the restoration of the divine image in humanity, enabling us to function as bearers of divine glory. Our eschatol... [Books] [cosmology] [theology] [theosis]

April 21, 8AM

In Ancient Greek the choice between present and aorist imperative was altogether subjective. The speaker could use a present imperative not only when from an objective point of view the situation called for a certain action, but also when only in the spea... [Books] [grammar] [Greek] [Idle Musings] [Linguistics]
Unlike the biblical authors and their original audiences, we cannot take some of their beliefs literally any longer. That option is not open to scientifically literate people. But “beyond the desert of criticism” there is a second naïveté in which t... [Books] [cosmology] [hermeneutics] [Idle Musings] [theology]

April 20, 7AM

The dramatic content of present and aorist imperatives cannot be expressed in general terms. The dramatic content of a form depends entirely on the speaker’s state of mind, in the way he views the existing situation, and varies with the context. The onl... [Books] [grammar] [Greek] [Linguistics]
So the temple is the cosmos writ small. When the priests and the high priest move around the temple performing their sacred duties, they are symbolically moving around the biblical cosmos. This may help explain why the temple was so central to ancient Isr... [Books] [cosmology] [Idle Musings] [theology]

April 19, 12 PM

In Mesopotamian cosmology, the night sky is identical to the netherworld, stemming from an understanding that the celestial sphere steadily rotated from east to west, bringing the heavenly bodies up and down the horizon (Woods 2009: 209). Accordingly, the... [ANE religion] [Books] [cosmology]


The speaker who uses the present imperative sees a connection between the existing situation (as he sees it!) and the action ordered. This means that, on account of the situation, he wants somebody to start performing an action at once. But we should alwa... [Books] [grammar] [Greek] [Linguistics]
A metal or stone image (ṣelem) of a god cannot see or hear or act and so cannot represent the living Jehovah. The only authorized image (selem) of God in Scripture is humanity; thinking, hearing, seeing, speaking, acting humanity, filled with the Spirit... [Books] [cosmology] [Idle Musings] [idolatry] [theology]

April 18, 7AM

There are some cases in which the present imperative is used in a way which is not very easy for us to understand. We have seen that aspect is something subjective and that the speaker often does not see a situation as it actually is, but as he thinks it ... [Books] [grammar] [Greek] [Idle Musings] [Linguistics]
The paradox fundamental to biblical thinking is that God is present in the temple while transcending the temple. And the same paradox is found on the cosmic scale. God dwells in heaven, but heaven cannot contain God, for in the end heaven is an aspect of ... [Books] [cosmology] [theology]

April 17, 3PM

"No study has ever shown that a diet with a significant amount of animal product-based foods can reverse atherosclerosis—and no study ever will show that. Too much evidence demonstrates the opposite. "Not even a case series of a small number of individu... [food] [Whole Foods]

April 16, 11AM

Jim West just posted a hilarious picture of Jael pegging Sisera (pun intentional). That got me thinking about the current teaching whereby women are to submit to their husbands in all things. The scripture is clear that there was an alliance between Hebe... [hermeneutics] [humor?] [Idle Musings] [theology]

April 15, 9PM

W. Randall Garr (“The Grammar and Interpretation of Exodus 6:3,” JBL 111 (1992): 385–408, esp. 397, 406–8) argues that the name El Shaddai represents a limited or partial aspect of God, known in his promises only, and that YHWH is a more complete ... [Books] [theology]


It goes without saying that an expression which indicates that the speaker assumes a close connection between the situation as he sees it, and the action he orders, sometimes has a very emotional ring. Therefore the present imperative is used especially b... [Books] [grammar] [Greek] [Idle Musings] [Linguistics]


Heaven is not eternal in the sense that God is. It is, if you will, the dimension of creation that serves as an interface between God and the rest of creation. As such, even though biblical writers will regularly speak of God dwelling in and ruling from h... [ANE religion] [Books] [cosmology] [Idle Musings] [theology]

April 7, 11AM

…a Greek uses a present imperative only when he wants to stress that in his eyes the situation requires immediate action.—The Greek Imperative, page 50 <idle musing>Remember, this is for Classical, not Koine! </idle musing> [Books] [grammar] [Greek] [Idle Musings] [Linguistics]
First and foremost, Jehovah is never identified with any astral entity nor with their totality. Rather, the sun, moon, and stars are entities created by Jehovah.— The Biblical Cosmos, page 110 <idle musing>Indeed! That is the most essential el... [ANE religion] [Books] [cosmology] [Idle Musings] [theology]

April 6, 6AM

Whether the speaker chooses the present stem or the aorist stem does not depend on a general rule, but only on the state of mind of the speaker. He visualized the situation and the action ordered in some way or other, and he makes his choice accordingly. ... [grammar] [Greek] [Idle Musings] [Linguistics]
Now there is indeed a very interesting shift in emphasis in biblical literature, when it is compared with other ancient Near Eastern literature, away from a focus on their deity of astral bodies. We shall consider that in a moment. But this shift in empha... [ANE religion] [Books] [cosmology] [theology]

April 5, 7AM

When choosing the present stem [in a negative command], the speaker apparently wants the hearer to understand that he does not agree with the nature and the content of the action that latter is performing, for by this choice he makes it clear that he sees... [Books] [classics] [grammar] [Greek] [Idle Musings] [Koine] [Linguistics] [LXX]
The story of the exodus from Egypt can be read as a story of the God-guided journey of Israel from the periphery to the center. Israel was in Egypt, the land of slavery and chaos and death. God delivered them by leading them through the boundary-marking s... [Books] [cosmology] [theology]

April 4, 7AM

OK, tighten your grammatical belts. For the next week or two we'll be excerpting from W. F. Bakker, The Greek Imperative: An investigation into the aspectual differences between the present and aorist imperatives in Greek prayer from Homer up to the prese... [grammar] [Greek] [Idle Musings] [Linguistics]
In the geography of the ancient Near East, deserts were seen as liminal in-between places representing the zone between civilization and order, on the one hand, and chaos and disorder, on the other; between life, on the one hand, and death, on the other. ... [ANE religion] [Books] [cosmology] [Idle Musings] [theology]

April 1, 7AM

Interestingly the dominion that God gave humanity in Genesis 1 extends to “the fish of the sea,” but no mention is made of the sea itself. That remains beyond human rule. is may explain why the sea never responds to humans in the Bible—it does not o... [Books] [cosmology] [theology]

March 31, 6AM

The prophet Daniel had a disturbing vision in which he saw four great beasts come up out of the sea. Each was composed of the parts of various animals blended in unnatural combinations, and each represented a human political kingdom that was more animalis... [ANE religion] [Books] [cosmology] [theology]

March 30, 7AM

We all know the story of Jesus walking on water. And for most of us it is simply a great show of his power and authority but, truth be told, we don’t really see the point of it. However, Jesus did not actually walk on water. You did read that correctly.... [Books] [cosmology] [gospel] [Idle Musings] [theology]

March 29, 7AM

It is quite possible that the fish was a cosmic sea monster of the kind we have considered above. It is interesting to note that when the Hebrew text was translated into Greek the word chosen to translate dāg was not ichthus (fish), nor enalion (sea cre... [Books] [cosmology] [Idle Musings] [theology]

March 28, 6AM

The sea was Pharaoh’s weapon against Israel, blocking their escape. But Jehovah turned that weapon back against Egypt. God defeated the sea by controlling it, and in so doing defeated Egypt. The exodus is spoken of here in terms of an act of creation. T... [Books] [cosmology] [theology]
While we take some of the steps above and are convinced we are 
following God’s call, we must never demonize our Christian brothers and sisters whose views about guns are the polar opposite of our own. We must never claim we are closer to God than the... [Books] [Gun culture] [Idle Musings] [theology]

March 27, 7AM

Easter thought: Isn't it significant that Jesus was crucified on Passover and not Yom Kippur (Day of Atonement)? To listen to some people's theology, you would think that Jesus was crucified on the Day of Atonement, but he wasn't. Think about that for a m... [gospel] [theology]

March 26, 8AM

Piled Higher and Deeper seems especially relevant today: [Just for Fun]

March 25, 7AM

The significance of the flood story is that it is told as a story of the undoing of Genesis 1, as a move towards de-creation. God is unraveling the separations he had put in place between the waters above and the waters below, and between the land and the... [Books] [cosmology] [Genesis] [theology]
In 2010, my state and others passed laws that permit gun owners to take their weapons into bars and other places that serve alcohol provided they do not drink. (And just why is it people go to bars?) I wonder why some pastors in Virginia and elsewhere are... [Books] [gospel] [Gun culture] [theology]

March 24, 6AM

The story of Noah’s flood is a story in which the waters of chaos were no longer held at bay and the world ended! Modern people struggle making sense of the story because we cannot understand how there could be a global flood in which the tops of the hi... [Books] [cosmology] [Genesis] [theology]
I hope I’m wrong, but I sense within many churches a kind of dumbing down on God’s command to love God and neighbor today. I’ve seen too many churches that are governed by a kind of creeping sentimentalism that pretends to be love. Are we permitting... [Books] [Idle Musings] [theology]

March 23, 8AM

From the final chapter in the forthcoming The Greek Verb Revisited. This chapter is contributed by Geoffrey Horrocks: Another crucial issue is the long-term disinclination of those who study Greek in different institutional environments to communicate eff... [Books] [grammar] [Greek] [Idle Musings] [Linguistics]


This balance between the conflict and the no-conflict motifs is important. In terms of the way that the biblical material was compiled and organized into a canonical whole, the no-conflict Genesis 1 story is placed first and becomes the lens through which... [Books] [cosmology] [Genesis] [theology]
The most pathetic words I ever hear are from people who listen to the innumerable ways the Gun Empire deceives us and perpetuates murder and mayhem, only to sigh: “The only thing we can do is pray.” That is code for “there is nothing we can do.” W... [Books] [Gun culture] [theology]

March 22, 6AM

Chaos monsters pose no problem for Jehovah. Indeed, they are his servants. The famous Genesis 1 creation story tells the tale of creation without seeing God engaging in any combat with monsters. Now there may well be echoes of the monsters in Genesis 1. W... [Books] [cosmology] [Genesis]
Can we get our sophisticated twenty-first-century minds around that image of the triumphant Lamb of God, who “was led to the slaughter and did not open his mouth” (Isa 53:7)? Can we envision all the idols of power and deadly force lying silently at th... [Books] [gospel] [Gun culture] [Idle Musings] [theology]

March 21, 7AM

In the context of a world surrounded by water those Bible passages celebrating God’s setting of boundaries for the sea make sense. The sea was dangerous and should God ever stop holding these chaotic waters at bay the world would collapse.— The Bi... [ANE religion] [Books] [cosmology] [Idle Musings] [myth] [theology]


To enhance its image the Gun Empire boasts of pure American values, yet preaches insurrection and plots the overthrow of a democratically elected government. It asks to be approached as one of the great religions of the world, yet lies to the American pub... [Books] [Gun culture] [idolatry] [violence]

March 18, 7AM

When violence and guns are destroying the character and moral fiber of our nation, it is of infinite importance that the faith community wake up and boldly negate the nonsense that is noised that guns do not kill and the answer to gun violence is more gun... [Gun culture] [Idle Musings] [idolatry] [theology] [violence]
Every American today lives on the slippery slope of gun violence and each of us is endangered because public safety is not a national priority. Many Americans are armed with powerful guns and shoot their fellow citizens with increasing regularity. The tot... [Books] [Gun culture] [idolatry] [violence]

March 16, 6AM

Enough people believe more guns will resolve human conflicts to make this country the most dangerous in the developed world. With 300 million guns in private hands and three million more coming off our assembly lines every year, our citizens are armed and... [Books] [Gun culture] [idolatry] [violence]

March 15, 6PM

Ronald Blankenborg, “The Grammarized Suggestion of Proximity or Distance,” in The Greek Verb: Morphology, Syntax, and Semantics, suggests that the use of the aorist imperative vs. present imperative is related to “the hearer’s immediate and accura... [grammar] [Greek] [Linguistics]


Violence is the ethos of our times. It is the spirituality of the modern world. It is accorded the status of a religion, demanding from its devotees an absolute obedience to death. Its followers are not aware, however, that the devotion they pay to violen... [Books] [Idle Musings] [idolatry] [theology] [violence]

March 14, 6PM

Those who live in the mountains are most aware that every mountaintop has more than one slope. The purpose of this book is to alert people of faith and others of good will of another slippery slope on which we are living today and it is far more dangerous... [Books] [gospel] [Gun culture] [Idle Musings] [pacifism] [theology] [violence]
In the six years and nine months since the U.S. invasion of Iraq in March 2003, through December 2009, 4,400 American servicemen and women lost their lives. In the same timeframe approximately 202,500 Americans lost their lives through gun violence on our... [Books] [Gun culture] [violence]

March 11, 7AM

For decades church folk pleaded with elected leaders to enact balanced legislation, but they turned a deaf ear. They listened only to those whose guns had become idols and whose checks made it into their coffers. They believed supporting any restriction o... [Books] [Gun culture] [idolatry] [theology] [violence]
The United States Congress is presently in sync with a small, extreme minority of gun owners, who along with manufacturers, distributors, and dealers, consider any regulation on guns, no matter how wise, to be a denial of gun rights. Our Congress is out o... [Books] [Gun culture]

March 10, 8AM

I concede that stories of stopping a crime are more compelling. They are like an account of our Navy SEALs killing Osama bin Laden. People hear these accounts and they are energized; they want to cheer, “guns save lives.” On the other hand when people... [Books] [gospel] [Gun culture] [Idle Musings] [theology] [violence]

March 9, 8AM

At a mass shooting, the only germane question is how. How were thirty-two people killed and fifty-seven injured in just a few minutes? How was Cho able to follow through with this despicable crime? The answer is very simple: this terribly sick young man w... [Books] [Gun culture] [theology] [violence]

March 8, 7AM

Who cares if the gun fighter in the Old West was a figment of the imagination? Who cares if the infamous Wild West was actually the birthplace of strict gun control laws? Garry Wills writes, “Far from the gun being the tamer of the West, the West had to... [Books] [gospel] [Gun culture] [Idle Musings] [theology]

March 7, 8AM

Over 50 percent of guns found at crime scenes are traced to only 1 percent of gun dealers. This reveals two important facts: Most gun dealers are honest and obey federal and state laws and would decline a profitable sale if they were aware of illegality. ... [Books] [Gun culture]

March 4, 12 PM

Ted Gossard has summed up my feelings about this election year wonderfully well: I am reticent to write on American politics for a good number of reasons. But the current debacle in the election process to the upcoming November 2016 presidential election ... [gospel] [Idle Musings] [idolatry] [theology]


On November 26 (Thanksgiving Day), I flew into Duluth on my return from AAR/SBL and drove home to Grand Marais. Since that day, 14 weeks ago, I have driven the car a total of 4 miles; I needed to get something from the Ace Hardware east of town and it was... [Idle Musings] [walking]


The gun lobby will loudly proclaim that gun control will never work because “the criminals will always get their guns and good law abiding people will be always at their mercy.” To the contrary, keeping guns out of dangerous hands does work, not only ... [Books] [Gun culture] [Idle Musings] [idolatry] [theology] [violence]

March 3, 8AM

A gun kept in the home for protection is at least 11 times more likely to kill or wound a family member or friend, or be stolen and used in a crime, than it is to stop an intruder.—America and Its Guns: A Theological Expose, page 
162 [Books] [Gun culture] [idolatry] [violence]

March 2, 7AM

When all murders of civilians in all the developed countries of the world are tabulated, 86 percent occur in the United States.—America and Its Guns: A Theological Expose, page 
160 In the United States, we register births, marriages, divorces, an... [Books] [Gun culture] [Idle Musings] [idolatry] [violence]

March 1, 8AM

The Consumer Protection Act of 1972 prohibits the Consumer Protection Commission from examining the quality or safety of any gun or any piece of ammunition. Teddy bears, dolls, and toy guns must pass four sets of strict regulations before they can be sold... [Books] [Gun culture] [Idle Musings] [idolatry]

February 29, 7AM

She whose mind and heart are captured by a finite thing or idea can see only that which enhances her right to serve it and to follow wherever it leads. The free person, on the other hand, is able to see other’s rights and, to at least some degree, “wa... [Books] [gospel] [Gun culture] [Idle Musings] [idolatry] [theology]

February 26, 8AM

Christians believe that God calls a person to freedom and stipulates there are no restrictions or restraints whatsoever on one’s call to love. Freedom is directed to the other. “You were called to freedom, brothers and sisters, only do not use your fr... [Books] [gospel] [Gun culture] [theology]
I believe Americans demonstrate their ultimate power through ballots, not bullets, and our national genius was found in the free and open exchange of public discourse and debate, not in disparaging our institutions of government or taking up arms to fight... [Books] [Gun culture] [idolatry] [violence]

February 24, 7AM

The Gun Empire is not a defender of basic American values. Its mantra is that if the government does not agree with its understanding of freedom, then it will have no other recourse than to take down the government with stockpiled guns. Should this sound ... [Books] [Gun culture] [Idle Musings] [idolatry] [violence]

February 23, 9AM

I once had a conversation with a man who loved his guns. I asked, “Don’t you have any concern or compassion for the thirty thousand people who die every year by guns?” He responded: “That’s the price we have to pay for our freedom. Freedom is no... [Books] [Gun culture] [Idle Musings] [idolatry] [theology]

February 22, 9AM

There's a great post over at Missio Alliance taking a look at what Ambrose (340–397 AD) thought about violence and Christianity. By all means, read the whole thing; he doesn't offer any easy answers because there aren't any, but he comes down on the sid... [Church History] [Idle Musings] [pacifism] [theology] [violence]


Prolonging the reign of absurd laws to uphold the mantra of gun rights exists only in America and requires the blood of the innocent and the most vulnerable. When five persons are hospitalized in the Southwest with e coli found in spinach, the government ... [Books] [Gun culture] [Idle Musings] [idolatry] [theology] [violence]

February 19, 7AM

Richard Shaull reminds us that when guns are made absolutes, an abstract entity that cannot give life to people takes on an existence of its own and becomes an end in itself. When this takes place concern for what happens to women and men has secondary im... [Books] [Gun culture] [idolatry] [theology] [violence]

February 18, 8AM

Among the writings of then-NRA board member Jeff Cooper’s monthly column in Guns and Ammo is his comment on the murder rate in Los Angeles. He wrote, “The consensus is that no more than five to ten people in a hundred who die by gun fire in Los Angele... [Books] [Gun culture] [theology]

February 17, 8AM

Between 82 and 84 Americans, ten of whom are children and youth under eighteen, are killed every day by guns in America and nothing is done to prevent them. Who or what does our nation consider to be of greater value than they? Are they slain for altruist... [Books] [gospel] [Gun culture] [Idle Musings] [idolatry] [pacifism]

February 16, 7AM

Idols of power and deadly force have bequeathed to us a different kind of America. In my childhood many Americans never locked their doors, they took walks and sat on their porches at night; children played in their neighborhoods after dark in the city. W... [Books] [Gun culture] [Idle Musings] [idolatry] [theology]

February 15, 8AM

Rather than offering a vision of community in which we are bound together by our common humanity, reverence for guns teaches two paradoxical emotions: omnipotence and fear. Omnipotence as one feels the thrill of being in charge and able to dominate others... [Books] [Gun culture] [Idle Musings] [theology]

February 14, 8AM

Saw this last night (via By Faith We Understand) The prosperity gospel has taken a religion based on the contemplation of a dying man and stripped it of its call to surrender all. Perhaps worse, it has replaced Christian faith with the most painful forms ... [gospel] [Idle Musings] [scripture] [theology]

February 12, 7AM

When guns become idols and life seems too dangerous to be without them, one’s ability to reason, cherish community, love neighbors, and depend on God for security are often surrendered. One does not think about such things as cause and effect or the val... [Books] [Gun culture] [idolatry]

February 11, 7AM

Tom Diaz says the firearm is less a utilitarian tool than an icon, so laden with implicit values its hold over its devotees approaches the mystical. In this context, guns are not simply mechanical devices to be used as means to such ends as self-defense, ... [Books] [Gun culture] [Idle Musings] [idolatry]

February 10, 8AM

An individual who says yes to God is transformed and is blessed with a new way of looking at life, a new understanding of oneself and his world, and he must reorder his attitudes and priorities. A conversion also takes place in the life of one who believe... [Books] [Gun culture] [Holiness] [theology]

February 9, 3PM

Linguistics comes close to satisfying a definition once proposed for philosophy: the systematic misuse of a technical vocabulary invented for that purpose—Cognitive Grammar: A Basic Introduction, 269 n. 10 [Books] [Linguistics]


If your child is invited to play in a neighbor’s home, please, please inquire if they have a gun. If they do, parents must then ask if the gun is locked up. If there is an unlocked gun in your neighbor’s home, it is not safe for your child to play the... [Books] [Gun culture] [violence]

February 8, 7AM

Carnegie’s metamorphosis from farmboy to salesman to public-speaking icon is also the story of the rise of the Extrovert Ideal. Carnegie’s journey reflected a cultural evolution that reached a tipping point around the turn of the twentieth century, ch... [Books] [Idle Musings]

February 5, 9AM

Eisenbrauns has used this (adapted) Assyrian image for many years. I figured I should post it here, what with the sudden popularity of the "Greek computer" image out there...


There is one indisputable fact that must be taken into consideration by leaders in statehouses and in houses of worship. Wherever guns are in abundance, cumulative deaths by those guns will surely follow. There are more guns in America’s Southland than ... [Books] [Gun culture] [violence]

February 4, 7AM

Trusting that the most powerful semi-automatic handgun or assault weapon will calm one’s nerves or bring peace of mind is destined to disappoint. Instruments of death are incapable of bestowing peace of mind and security. They provide only a “controll... [Books] [Gun culture] [Idle Musings] [idolatry] [Shalom] [theology] [violence]

February 3, 8AM

When God is trusted there is always more; when an object made with human hands is trusted, there is always less. That’s a dilemma, particularly for the idols of power and deadly force. People place too much trust in them. People expect too much of finit... [Books] [Gun culture] [Idle Musings] [idolatry] [violence]

February 2, 12 PM

All idols that have ever been placed on a pedestal, literally or figuratively, have the same problem—keeping their promises. Think of all the promises a defensive gun pledges its owner: power, protection, self-confidence, self-determination, security, s... [Books] [Gun culture] [idolatry] [theology]

February 1, 8AM

Alexander Solzhenitsyn in his acceptance speech in 1970 for the Nobel Prize for Literature, said, “Let us not forget that violence does not live alone and is not capable of living alone: it is necessarily interwoven with falsehood. Violence finds its on... [Books] [Gun culture] [theology] [violence]
It’s a dead end street to argue why America needs to produce bigger and better guns. It’s un-American not to have new models coming off assembly lines, whether they are from air-conditioners to pickup trucks, to new handguns. The Gun Empire can easily... [Books] [Gun culture] [theology]

January 31, 9AM

Interesting item I just ran across in editing The Greek Verb Revisited. This is from Stephen Levinsohn's contribution on periphrastics: Both imperfectives [imperfect and periphrastic] occur in Acts 12:5 (ὁ μὲν οὖν Πέτρος ἐτηρεῖτο... [grammar] [Greek] [Idle Musings] [Linguistics] [Prayer] [theology]

January 29, 8AM

The most likely person to do us harm already has a key to the house. Strangers or criminals do not commit most of America’s murders and assaults; they are committed by family members, friends, and acquaintances, who, in acts of passion, turn to the inst... [Books] [Gun culture] [Idle Musings] [idolatry] [theology]

January 28, 8AM

I’m convinced at least part of the reason why so many of us place faith in guns is related to the decline of cohesive, homogenous communities where everybody knew one another. It has been said, “We used to be a people who depended on our neighbors and... [Books] [gospel] [Gun culture]
God did not create us to live in the prisons of fear of our own making. God made us for life abundant and for joy, love, and peace. The good news is we are not condemned to live in fear. The Christian hope for salvation and God’s promise to build a Peac... [Books] [gospel] [Gun culture]

January 27, 8AM

To keep us safe from threats of enemies near and far is the rationale behind the commissioning of more aircraft carriers and submarines, building more sophisticated jet fighters, refurbishing more nuclear bombs, and selling billions of dollars of armament... [Books] [gospel] [Gun culture] [Idle Musings] [theology] [violence]

January 26, 11PM

With advancing years, I’ve come to believe that the most fearful thing in the world is a strong country that is afraid.—America and Its Guns: A Theological Expose, page 86 [gospel] [Gun culture] [theology]
The greatest strength of the idols of power and deadly force is their ability to create fear in the human heart by deceiving those who are afraid. When people are controlled by their fears, those who are different are seen as dangerous. Each of us has exp... [Books] [gospel] [Gun culture] [Idle Musings] [idolatry] [theology]

January 25, 8AM

I once debated an Orthodox Presbyterian clergyman whose devotion to firearms was as strong as his faith in Jesus Christ. The reverend’s beliefs were based on the idea that God ordained the man to be the head of the household and it is his duty, not only... [Books] [gospel] [Gun culture] [theology] [violence]

January 22, 9AM

To believe in God is to gamble that truth is more powerful than lies. Lies cannot last forever because they dishonor God and are an affront to God’s people. When people discover they have been lied to and manipulated by powerful elites they grow angry. ... [Books] [Gun culture] [idolatry] [theology]

January 21, 12 PM

From The Greek Verb Revisited (forthcoming): The traditional view of the augment as a past tense marker is also more plausible from a historical point of view. An attractive etymology of the augment is that it goes back to a PIE distal deictic (first spat... [Books] [grammar] [Greek] [Idle Musings] [Linguistics]

January 20, 8AM

I'm reading through, almost as a devotional, Zondervan's delightful little book I (Still) Believe. I hit this one last night, and it was a real "aha!" moment: A group of Korean women and I were gathered around the text of Judges 4–5. They were quite app... [Books] [Idle Musings] [theology]


The idols of power and deadly force command immense “spiritual influence” over those who are tricked into believing that power and deadly force are essential for reconciliation between nations and for solving human conflicts here at home. Americans ha... [Books] [Gun culture] [theology]

January 19, 8AM

Just read a very good review (of an Eisenbrauns book) over at Jesus Creed. I gotta read the book now—and the Greek novella Ephesiaca, too (here's a link to the Greek text on Perseus). Ephesiaca gives us a window into Ephesian life, the cult of Artemis, ... [Books] [Eisenbrauns] [Idle Musings]
The principalities and powers are the super-patriots of our day and claim the highest of human values such as democracy, freedom, and our American way of life. They extol wealth, privilege, and power in the name of God and all that is virtuous. Their grea... [Books] [Gun culture] [Idle Musings] [theology]

January 18, 8AM

Americans are not meaner or more violent than citizens of Europe, China, or Japan. They too are fascinated with violence. They watch the same violent movies, engage in violent sports, play the same video games, sell the same kinds of toys, read the same c... [Books] [Gun culture]
Redemptive violence is an attractive but idolatrous trust that weapons and tools of violence can be the means of shalom for nations and individuals, that ultimate good can come from the barrels of our weapons. Jesus reminded us: that which we sow, we reap... [Books] [gospel] [Gun culture] [theology]

January 15, 7AM

Leaders in faith communities must understand the compelling temptation to feel powerful and in charge. The violence of today’s movies and video games, dramatic explosions, the pin-point accuracy of an air-strike from a jet or helicopter, an attack by a ... [Books] [gospel] [Gun culture] [Idle Musings] [pacifism] [theology] [violence]

January 14, 7AM

The Gun Empire spreads the myth that those with CCWP [Concealed-carry weapons permit] are society’s most trustworthy citizens and its best defense against dangerous individuals. Between 1996 and 2000, the Violence Policy Center examined those assertions... [Books] [Gun culture] [Idle Musings] [theology]

January 13, 8AM

The myth of redemptive violence is nationalism become absolute. This myth speaks for God; it does not listen for God to speak. It invokes the sovereignty of God as its own; it does not entertain the prophetic possibility of radical denunciation and negati... [Books] [Gun culture] [idolatry] [theology]

January 12, 8AM

Redemptive violence is tough-minded. It understands that the evil in the world must be confronted and controlled. The spirit of redemptive violence must be obeyed because we have enemies who are out to destroy us. The cartoon character Pogo was famous for... [Books] [gospel] [Gun culture] [Idle Musings] [theology] [violence]

January 11, 9AM

Reading usually proceeds from a written record. The written record of [Ta], however, is obviously not quite identical with [Ta] itself, since most writing systems, the Hebrew script included, only partially encode the information by which texts are determ... [Books] [Linguistics] [reading] [theology]


As the Gun Empire shouts “Guns save lives” they tell us their first priority is not to love their neighbor, but to defend themselves against their neighbor, and if the situation demands it, to kill him.—America and Its Guns: A Theological Expose... [Books] [Gun culture] [theology]
Does our fascination with violence today stem from the Gun Empire, which spews out millions of efficient handguns that can shoot dozens of rounds in a few seconds and penetrate bulletproof vests? Or does our faith in violence come from the military Indust... [Books] [Gun culture] [Idle Musings] [theology]

January 8, 9AM

My purpose in writing about our dark side is not to heap scorn upon the country I love, but rather to encourage the church of Jesus Christ to dig deep and examine where our penchant for violence comes from, and to ask why we place such great confidence in... [Books] [gospel] [Gun culture] [Idle Musings] [Metaphors We Live By] [theology] [violence]

January 7, 8AM

Infatuation with our power is still alive and well among us, and most of us have not even considered the possibility that this is hubris and that fixation on our power might in the long run carry with it enormous risks for our long-term security. Presiden... [Books] [gospel] [Gun culture] [Idle Musings]

January 6, 8AM

Why do American people need such enormous levels of firepower in both weapons of war and domestic handguns? Why do we need extended magazines for semi-automatic weapons filled with cop-killer bullets to penetrate so-called bulletproof vests? Why do law-ab... [Books] [gospel] [Gun culture] [Idle Musings] [theology]

January 5, 8AM

There is little doubt that America’s readiness to use violence to keep our nation and/or our homes safe and secure, stems from our confidence that “we are a Christian nation” and a good and generous people whose motives are beyond reproach. Such sel... [Books] [Gun culture] [Holiness] [Idle Musings] [theology] [violence] [wesley]

January 4, 8AM

Violence is the ethos of our times. It is the spirituality of the modern world. It has been accorded the status of a religion, demanding from its devotees an absolute obedience to death. Its followers are not aware, however, that the devotion they pay to ... [Books] [Gun culture] [theology]


More American citizens were killed with guns in the eighteen-year period between 1979 and 1997 (651,697) than all servicemen and women killed in battle in all of the United States’ wars since 1775 (650,858).—America and Its Guns: A Theological Exp... [Books] [Gun culture] [Idle Musings] [Jesus Movement] [theology]

January 1, 8AM

I challenge us all to think about the words we use in daily conversation and to remove the most violent from our vocabularies. We could take some risks and call attention to one another’s use of violent words and phrases. If we confess our own struggles... [Books] [Gun culture] [Idle Musings] [Metaphors We Live By] [theology]

December 31 2015, 10AM

Great post on the early Christian view on war over at Christianity Today's Books and Culture section. Read the whole thing, but here's a brief summary: Indeed, there is very little basis in the texts for describing the early Christian view as "divided an... [Books] [Church History] [Idle Musings] [pacifism]


I’m convinced the inflammatory language of talk show hosts have caused the rise of armed militias in America, which have tripled in number in 2009, growing 245 percent. In March of last year [2011] nine members of the “Christian militia” in Michigan... [Books] [Gun culture] [Idle Musings] [idolatry]

December 30, 9AM

[After a 2 ½ page listing of gun-related slang, the author says this:] Colloquial British English has but a few words and phrases that refer to guns, violence, and killing. I’ve been told neither the French nor the Spanish languages employ such a large... [Books] [Gun culture] [Idle Musings] [Metaphors We Live By] [theology]

December 29, 7AM

Some act as if violence is only an incidental facet of human personality and like a light switch, we can turn it on or off, depending on our needs or whims. Not so. Violence is a pervasive spirit that touches and affects everything we do and everything we... [Books] [gospel] [Gun culture] [Idle Musings] [theology]

December 28, 9AM

We do not like excessive violence, but we enjoy violence lite. It makes life more exciting. I plead guilty to being fascinated with it. I’m a regular voyeur. And you? Do you watch crime movies on television? Is there a connection between violence lite a...

December 25, 7AM

“The Lord passed in front of him and proclaimed: "The Lord! The Lord! a God who is compassionate and merciful, very patient, full of great loyalty and faithfulness, showing great loyalty to a thousand generations, forgiving every kind of sin and rebelli... [gospel]

December 24, 9AM

For many, to watch the violence is not a problem. I know two young men who were in a game store when an irate grandmother tried to return a copy of Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, which she purchased for her ten-year-old grandson. When she discovered it co... [Books] [theology] [violence]

December 23, 11AM

“No institution can possibly survive if it needs geniuses or supermen to manage it. It must be organised in such a way as to be able to get along under a leadership composed of average human beings.”—Peter Drucker [Peter Drucker]


In Europe, such movies [previews that contain violence] are rated X because of violence. In the United States, an X-rated movie contains profanity or implicit or explicit sex. We are disturbed if our youngsters are exposed prematurely to sexuality on the ... [Books] [violence]

December 22, 7AM

I recently led a series of studies on Gun Violence and Gospel Values in adult education classes at five different churches in the Greater Washington area. I often began the sessions by asking, “Do you like violence?” In each instance, there was a prov... [Books] [gospel] [Gun culture] [Idle Musings] [theology] [violence]

December 21, 7AM

The front page of any major newspaper is full of violence or threats of future violence. Ben Bradlee, editor of the Washington Post is reputed to have said, “We don’t cover safe landings at Dulles Airport.” What then makes it into our papers? In spi... [Books] [Gun culture] [Idle Musings] [just peacemaking] [Shalom] [theology]

December 19, 8AM

What we really want from science is an end to randomness. We want to know why diseases strike some people and not others. We want to know how to protect ourselves against the scourges that have our hame on them. We want, in short, to banish unpredictabili... [Books] [Idle Musings] [theology] [Whole Foods]

December 18, 8AM

Humanity is never limited in its choice of idols. In every generation people have bowed down and worshiped everything on earth, including themselves, stones, flowers, trees, streams, wells, oceans, and animals. Yet, they have never really worshiped anythi... [Books] [Gun culture] [idolatry] [theology]
“That which dominates our imaginations and our thoughts will determine our life and our character. Therefore, it behooves us to be careful what we worship, for what we are worshipping we are becoming.”— Ralph Waldo Emerson as quoted in America a... [Books] [idolatry]

December 17, 9AM

A god means that from which we are to expect all good and to which we are to take refuge in all distress, so that to have a God is nothing else than to trust and believe Him from the [whole] heart; as I have often said that the confidence and faith of the... [Books] [Church History] [Gun culture] [Idle Musings] [theology]

December 16, 8AM

I define America’s idolatry with guns as a confrontational belief system based on acquiring power over others. The system is buttressed by a fascination for and devotion to the violence guns provide. Those who believe need guns to prove to themselves an... [Books] [gospel] [Gun culture] [Idle Musings] [theology]

December 15, 8AM

I believe a gun becomes an idol when the following conditions prevail:1. An owner believes there are no circumstances when a regulation or restriction for public safety should be placed upon it.2. An owner believes that guns don’t kill; they only save l... [Books] [Gun culture] [Idle Musings] [idolatry]

December 14, 9AM

Not for one minute do I believe all guns are idols, but I do believe some guns are idols. I’d never say all gun owners are idolatrous, but I insist some gun owners are. I don’t use the words “idol” and “idolatry” to be melodramatic, only accur...
In the mid-sixties the Presbyterian Church began calling the nation’s attention to the gun violence that was tearing apart our inner cities. In 1990, they issued a warning: “The religious community must take seriously the risk of idolatry that could r... [Books] [Gun culture] [theology]

December 11, 9AM

I was blind to the truth that Upton Sinclair shared with the world years before: “It is very difficult to get someone to understand something when his salary, or his power (italics mine) is dependent on not understanding it.” For the church to ask Con... [Books] [gospel] [Gun culture] [Idle Musings] [theology]

December 10, 8AM

Church folk should be aware that those who resent any organized restraints on their personal power, wealth, or control, however they are expressed, are skilled in introducing both of the concepts inherent in the words “political” and “spiritual” t... [Books] [Gun culture] [Idle Musings] [theology]
This is a guest post by Daniel Bradley. He originally posted it on Facebook in response to my posting a link to the excerpt on Tuesday. One of the most difficult aspects of Christianity—one with which Christians in every era have struggled (includ... [Gun culture] [pacifism] [theology]

December 9, 9AM

If the city council announced an adult book and video store had applied for a business license close to the church and high school, would the elder gather the congregation for a prayer meeting? Would the elder merely pray that the owner of the porn shop w... [Books] [Gun culture] [Idle Musings] [theology]

December 8, 9AM

There are political dimensions whenever guns are discussed, but what happens in society because of guns makes them a profound spiritual concern that must be dealt with by people of faith. In spite of the metaphysical rhetoric to the contrary, guns actuall... [Books] [Gun culture] [Idle Musings] [theology]

December 7, 8AM

Ohhh!! Book lust! Just ran across this in a book I'm editing:Sievers' Law and the History of Semivowel Syllabicity in Indo-European and Ancient GreekP. J. BarberOxford Classical MonographsHardcoverPublished: 28 January 2014464 PagesISBN: 9780199680504This... [Books] [Greek] [Idle Musings] [Libraries] [Linguistics]


Though I own guns, I do not believe they should be exempt from safety requirements, wise regulation, and restrictions. Guns are made to kill. America has an abominable record of balancing an individual’s right to have a gun with the public’s inalienab... [Books] [Gun culture] [Idle Musings]

December 5, 9AM

Gun violence is not so much a political or social problem as it is a spiritual problem, and God’s people must be in the lead of the moral and ethical struggle for the soul of America—America and Its Guns: A Theological Expose, page xvii (emphasis ... [Books] [Gun culture] [Idle Musings] [theology]

December 4, 8AM

If our nation finally decides to save thousands of lives every year by reducing gun violence, it will be because a sleeping spiritual giant is waking up and realizes God is calling it to name and unmask the idols of power and deadly force that are perpetu... [Books] [Gun culture] [Idle Musings] [theology]

December 3, 9AM

U.S. exceptionalism, in turn, requires not only a strong military force, but a military ideology that gives privilege to military adventurism and military personnel, and that assures limitless funding for such adventurism that is deeply engrained in machi... [Books] [Gun culture] [Idle Musings] [theology]

December 2, 8AM

"The report says that on Black Friday, November 25, 2011, more handguns were sold in the United States than on any previous single day in U.S. history. That datum might produce staggering dismay, for it indicates a level of fear and anxiety, posturing pow... [Books] [Gun culture] [Idle Musings] [idolatry]

December 1, 8AM

When returned to the context of human activity in general, so-called ritual acts must be seen first in terms of what they share with all activity, then in terms of how they set themselves off from other practices. Ritualization is fundamentally a way of d... [Books] [Idle Musings] [ritual] [theology]

November 30, 9AM

I was reading in Psalms this morning, specifically Psalm 51, and it occurred to me: What is the first thing you think of when someone mentions David and Bathsheba? Do you think of the adultery? Or do you think of the death of Uriah the Hittite, her husban... [Idle Musings] [pacifism] [Psalms] [theology]


Ritualization both implies and demonstrates a relatively unified corporate body, often leading participants to assume that there is more consensus than there actually is. It leads all to mistake the minimal consent of its participants for an underlying co... [Books] [Idle Musings] [ritual]

November 28, 10AM

Remember those old public service announcement from the late 20th century? You know, the ones with the hot frying pan and they would say, "This is your brain." Then they would drop an egg into it and say, "This is your brain on drugs." Well, here's a mode... [Books] [Idle Musings] [Just for Fun]


As you know, I recently returned from the annual AAR/SBL meetings, this year in Atlanta (you can read about my trip there and back again). Over the years, I've noticed a distinct trend in the use of exercise equipment in the conference hotels. When I fir... [AAR/SBL] [food] [Idle Musings] [Whole Foods]

November 25, 11AM

November 22, 7PM

Great post by Preston Sprinkle—actually it's a paper he recently presented at ETS—entitled "A Case for Christocentric Nonviolence" (he doesn't like the word "pacifist"). Here's a small snippet, but do read the whole thing If Jesus does not walk out o... [gospel] [Idle Musings] [pacifism]

November 19, 6PM

I just rolled in from Indiana with a van load of goodies! Tomorrow we set up. My luggage was indeed waiting for me when I got to the airport in Fort Wayne, so all is good there. Now I'm heading over to the exhibit hall to see what I can see...more later! ... [AAR/SBL] [Books] [Idle Musings]

12 AM

Well, I finally got into Warsaw, coming via South Bend airport. But my luggage went to Fort Wayne! I'll have to pick it up tomorrow on my way through to Atlanta. For those of you just joining us, I am on my way to the annual AAR/SBL meeting in Atlanta. I'... [AAR/SBL] [Eisenbrauns] [Idle Musings]

November 18, 9AM

Wuthnow has explored what he calls the "ritual aspects" of left-hand turn signals and the mass viewing of the television series "Holocaust." Given the analysis advanced in this chapter, however, the first case is not one of ritualized activities, merely r... [Books] [Idle Musings] [ritual]
I've been blogging for over 10 years now; I started in October, 2005. In those days, blogs were still considered controversial for academics and I wasn't sure how well my blogging would be received by Eisenbrauns' customers. Because of that, I just put it... [Copyediting] [Eisenbrauns] [Idle Musings] [Just for Fun] [MacArthur House Cabins]

November 17, 8AM

[R]itualization involves the differentiation and privileging of particular activities. Theoretically, these activities may differentiate themselves by a variety of features; in practice, some general tendencies are obvious. For example, these activities m... [Books] [Idle Musings] [ritual] [theology]

November 16, 9AM

Life has settled down a bit, so I'm getting some time to read again, consequently, I think I'll start posting some Tozer. Let's start with some excerpts from The Dangers of a Shallow Faith. So, my Christian friend, if you are settling back, snuggling into... [Books] [Idle Musings] [theology] [tozer]
Any ideology is always in dialogue with, and thus shaped and constrained by, the voices it is suppressing, manipulating, echoing. In other words, ideologies exist only in concrete historical forms and in specific relations to other ideologies. Similarly, ... [Books] [Idle Musings] [ritual] [theology]

November 12, 8AM

Despite the evidence for the ambiguous, unstable, and inconsistent nature of belief systems, recent literature persists in the view that ritual has an important social function with regard to inculcating belief.— Ritual Theory, Ritual Practice, page... [Books] [Idle Musings] [ritual]

November 11, 9AM

These studies give evidence for the ambiguity and instability of beliefs and symbols as well as the inability of ritual to control by virtue of any consensus based on shared beliefs. They also suggest that ritualized activities specifically do not promote... [Books] [Idle Musings] [ritual]

November 10, 9AM

Hinduism for Hindus is not a coherent belief system but, first and foremost, a collection of practices. It is the collection of practices as such that needs to be explored further in order to understand their sense of religious action. Converse's conclusi... [Books] [gospel] [Idle Musings] [ritual] [theology]

November 9, 9AM

In addition to the evidence for the fundamental ambiguity of symbols, there is also evidence that religious beliefs are relatively unstable and unsystematic for most people. Instead of well-formulated beliefs, most religions are little more than "collecti... [Books] [Idle Musings] [ritual] [theology]

November 6, 10AM

In brief, it is my general thesis here that ritualization, as a strategic mode of action effective within certain social orders, does not, in any useful understanding of the words, 'control' individuals or society. Yet ritualization is very much concerned... [Books] [Idle Musings] [ritual] [theology]

November 5, 8PM

I upgraded to OS X El Capitan the other day. Ever since, I haven't been able to get the Character Viewer (they renamed it Emoji & Symbols) to show. At first it just wouldn't show if I was in Word; I was still able to get it to show when I was in TextEdit,... [Computer woes] [Copyediting] [Idle Musings]


Actually, 13 days. Thirteen days until I leave the glorious promised land of the North Shore for the delightful experience of wallowing in a sea of books at the annual carnival that is AAR/SBL. Two weeks from yesterday I fly out of Duluth, heading for Win... [AAR/SBL] [Books] [Eisenbrauns sales] [Idle Musings]
A textually constituted tradition must continually and simultaneously create both the gap and the authority structures that can bridge it. Goody suggests that priestly control of literacy and sacred texts promotes the codification and standardization of '... [Books] [Idle Musings] [ritual] [theology]

November 3, 1PM

Once we accept that we must “do” theological scholarship coram deo, as an inescapable fact, our entire paradigm shifts. We encounter a call to the very subject matter that is a personal other. This leads us to continual reflection and self-criticism: ... [Books] [Idle Musings] [Job] [Prayer] [theology]

November 2, 8AM

Some features appear to be basic to systems of ritual specialists with or without literacy. Most obvious, of course, is how their authority rests on the intrinsic importance of ritual as a means of mediating the relations between humans and nonhuman power... [Books] [ritual] [theology]

October 30, 8AM

As a young student, I shook my head when reading how St. Augustine would interject prayers into his exegetical writings. Is this not bad scholarship? Based on my understanding of the book of Job today I would say: No! This is the very foundation that allo... [augustine] [Books] [Eisenbrauns] [Idle Musings] [Job] [Kinlaw] [Prayer] [theology]

October 29, 12 PM

Thus I come to the conclusion, based on an analysis of the Masoretic Text and supported by the ancient versions, that God does not praise a specific statement made by Job (neither the patient sufferer of the beginning, the passionate rebel of the middle s... [Books] [Eisenbrauns] [Idle Musings] [theology]


Theories that have defined ritual activity as first and foremost the reenactment of historical or mythical precedents, such as those formulated by Eliade, risk a certain blindness to a group's constant reinterpretation of what constitutes these precedents... [Books] [Idle Musings] [ritual] [theology]

October 28, 7AM

Well, we closed the cabins for the season (our third with Max & Sherri, fourth overall) on Monday. The last guests left Monday morning and we began the chores of shutting down for the year. The most important (and usually urgent) task is draining the wate... [Idle Musings] [MacArthur House Cabins]


What does ritualization see? It is a way of acting that sees itself as responding to a place, event, force, problem, or tradition. It tends to see itself as the natural or appropriate thing to do in the circumstances. Ritualization does not see how it act... [Books] [gospel] [Idle Musings] [ritual] [theology]

October 27, 7AM

Ritual practices are produced with an intent to order, rectify, or transform a particular situation. Ritualized agents would see these purposes. They would not see what they actually do in ritually ordering, rectifying, or transforming the situation. Fouc... [Books] [ritual] [theology]

October 23, 1PM

From a book I'm editing: Why are there seven verb-forms in the indicative mood and only three in the nonindicative moods? The answer is simple: the forms in the indica¬tive mark both aspect and tense (the future forms may mark only tense and not aspect);... [Books] [Copyediting] [grammar] [Greek]


Last Saturday put an end to the garden for the year, except for the kale, broccoli, cabbage, carrots, and kohlrabi. They're a bit more cold hardy than others. But the tomatoes, peppers, squash, beans, etc. all bit the dust as the temperature plunged to 21... [Garden] [humor?] [Idle Musings]
People do not take a social problem to ritual for a solution. People generate a ritualized environment that acts to shift the very status and nature of the problem into terms that are endlessly retranslated in strings of deferred schemes. The multiplicati... [Books] [ritual] [theology]

October 21, 7AM

In sum, ritualization not only involves the setting up of oppositions, but through the privileging built into such an exercise it generates hierarchical schemes to produce a loose sense of totality and systematicity. In this way, ritual dynamics afford an... [Books] [Idle Musings] [ritual] [theology]
One of the Eisenbrauns employees (Michael) forwarded this to me. This is real bookmaking. Wouldn't it be fun to work there? [Books] [Idle Musings] [Just for Fun]

October 20, 10AM

The strategies of ritualization are particularly rooted in the body, specifically, the interaction of the social body within a symbolically constituted spatial and temporal environment. Essential to ritualization is the circular production of a ritualized... [Books] [Idle Musings] [ritual]

October 19, 8AM

If ritual is interpreted in terms of practice, it becomes clear that formality, fixity, and repetition are not intrinsic qualities of ritual so much as they are a frequent, but not universal strategy for producing ritualized acts. That is to say, formaliz... [Books] [Idle Musings] [ritual]

October 16, 8AM

Viewed as practice, ritualization involves the very drawing, in and through the activity itself, of a privileged distinction between ways of acting, specifically between those acts being performed and those being contrasted, mimed, or implicated somehow. ... [Books] [Idle Musings] [ritual] [theology]
No, freeze! It didn't just frost last night, if froze. There was ice on the puddles this morning as I went for my bike ride. It got down to about 27ºF, so we are definitely into late fall weather. The wind is from the north and blowing hard, too, so it's... [Garden] [Idle Musings]

October 15, 8AM

Ran across this (HT: Irene Hahn on FB). Here's a good excerpt: Abuse does not arise in a vacuum. A healthy mind does not (need to) abuse. Abuse is created of trauma, and it is the traumatized mind which abuses. Whether to externalize, bury, escape its an... [gospel] [Idle Musings] [theology]
Still no frost! But tonight is forecast to be a serious, hard frost at 29ºF. I'll probably get a last picking of beans today and that will be the end. But my broccoli and cabbage will be fine. The tomatoes are in the hoop house, so they will be ok too. Y... [Garden] [Idle Musings] [slugs] [theology]
We can say that practice sees what it intends to accomplish, but it does not see the strategies it uses to produce what it actually does accomplish, a new situation. Althusser shows that practice will give an answer to a question that was never posed: the... [Books] [Idle Musings] [ritual] [theology]

October 14, 7AM

Well, we went for a hike yesterday to Oberg Mountain. It's about a half hour from us along the lake shore. It was a beautiful drive, the clouds had broken up and the wind had died down. It was crisp, in the low 50s F, just perfect for a fall hike. As we ... [Garden] [hiking] [Idle Musings] [Superior Hiking Trail]
Gramsci proposed that hegemonic ordering of power requires people both to envision and to suppress, to self-censor and to appropriate liberties to themselves. He argued that ruling classes establish dominance not merely through overt mechanisms of control... [Books] [gospel] [Holiness] [Idle Musings] [ritual]

October 13, 8AM

It's fall. Definitely fall. We still haven't had a frost, which is extremely unusual. The leaves are at/near peak, but today we had winds that blew a good number of them onto the ground. That's disappointing, because we were/are planning on going for a hi... [Garden] [Idle Musings] [MacArthur House Cabins]
A fourth characteristic of practice, closely intertwined with the features situationality, strategy, and misrecognition, has to do with the motivational dynamics of agency, the will to act, which is also integral to the context of action. It addresses the... [Books] [Idle Musings] [ritual]

October 9, 7AM

The third feature intrinsic to practice is a fundamental 'misrecognition' of what it is doing, a misrecognition of its limits and constraints, and of the relationship between its ends and its means. An appreciation of the dynamics of misrecognition as suc... [Books] [ritual]

October 8, 2PM

As a second feature of human activity, practice is inherently strategic, manipulative, and expedient. The logic of practice (and there is a logic of sorts) is not that of an intellectualist logic, argues Bourdieu. Practice, as real activity in time, by it... [Books] [Idle Musings] [ritual]

October 7, 7AM

First, human activity is situational, which is to say that much of what is important to it cannot be grasped outside of the specific context in which it occurs. When abstracted from its immediate context, an activity is not quite the same activity. Practi... [Books] [ritual]

October 6, 7AM

I will use the term 'ritualization' to draw attention to the way in which certain social actions strategically distinguish themselves in relation to other actions. In a very preliminary sense, ritualization is a way of acting that is designed and orchestr... [Books] [Idle Musings] [ritual]

October 5, 1PM

I'm in the process of sending this BookNews e-mail. Thought those of you not subscribed would like to know, too. And why aren't you subscribed? : ) October is Theological Libraries month and Eisenbrauns wants your theological library to celebrate by savin... [Books] [Eisenbrauns sales] [Libraries]


Many evangelicals and progressives today are steamed up about their opportunity to change the world and to be significant and to do something important. For all the “good” this movement can do and is doing, I contend that, far more important, it is la... [Books] [church] [Idle Musings] [Kingdom Conspiracy] [theology]

October 3, 9AM

I'm editing a Greek Discourse Handbook right now on 1 Thessalonians. In the course of reading through it, I noticed that the Greek word ἀδελφοί (adelphoi, brothers/sisters/fellow believers) seems to occur more frequently than normal. So, I start... [Copyediting] [Greek] [Idle Musings]

September 30, 7AM

[W]hen I hear them make “church” something one goes “into” I cringe. Part of our problem here is that the word “church” has become a building or an institution and has lost its cosmic shape from the Bible (ever read Colossians and Ephesians?!)... [Books] [church] [gospel] [Idle Musings] [Kingdom Conspiracy]

September 29, 7AM

Randy Balmer, one of America’s finest historians of evangelicalism, after years of studying the relationship of evangelicals and politics, concludes on a similar note in his God in the White House: “My reading of American religious history is that rel... [Books] [Church History] [gospel] [Idle Musings] [Kingdom Conspiracy] [theology]

September 28, 6PM

The Christian Left and the Christian Right are doing the same thing—seeking to coerce the public or, more mildly, seeking to influence the public into their viewpoint through political agitation and majority rule. Hauerwas describes the ultimate goal of... [Books] [gospel] [Idle Musings] [Kingdom Conspiracy] [theology]

September 25, 7AM

The church’s historical temptation is to make “kingdom” public by aligning itself with the state or the powers of culture, often called the Constantinian Temptation. In the United States, both the Moral Majority (or the Christian Coalition) and the ... [Books] [church] [Church History] [Kingdom Conspiracy] [theology]

September 24, 7AM

In the last post, I mentioned that Roger Olson is blogging through the book Kingdom Conspiracy. Yesterday, he asked a serious question about the nature of church. Here's the relevant paragraph: My experience of visiting numerous churches in numerous loc... [Books] [church] [Idle Musings] [theology]
[I]t is reasonable to say that the kingdom is the church, and the church is the kingdom—that they are the same even if they are not identical. They are the same in that it is the same people under the same King Jesus even if each term—kingdom, church... [Books] [church] [Idle Musings] [Kingdom Conspiracy] [theology]

September 23, 7AM

Two stories from pastors. One, the pastor of a megachurch, confessed to me over a round of golf that he could do away with Sunday morning services because small groups did everything he believed a church should be. Of course I asked, “How so?” To whic... [Books] [church] [Idle Musings] [Kingdom Conspiracy]

September 22, 7AM

Zacchaeus’ conversion shows that genuine conversion, as John the Baptist himself taught (Luke 3:7–9), erupts into a life of love for others that includes economic care for others. The cross of self-denial leads to loving others.— Kingdom Conspir... [Books] [gospel] [Holiness] [Idle Musings] [Kingdom Conspiracy]

September 21, 7AM

Westerners may not see wealth so much as a blessing of God, but the do see it as the reward of labor; they tend also to see poverty as the just reward for laziness. To be sure, the more liberal see a systemic problem in free enterprise itself, but the sys... [Books] [gospel] [Kingdom Conspiracy] [theology]

September 18, 8AM

Those who talk most about peace are talking about peace in the world, and almost never about peace in the local church. The peace of the kingdom, I am contending, is first and foremost a shalom that marks the kingdom as it is present now—that is, in... [Books] [church] [gospel] [Idle Musings] [Kingdom Conspiracy] [Shalom]

September 17, 3PM

I've been working on the Eisenbrauns fall catalog lately. It went to press today and is available on the web here (5.3 MB). I see all these great books and I want to read them all! Not that I have the time right now, but come this winter, I'll get a good... [Books] [Eisenbrauns] [Idle Musings]


Love, then, is not one of the virtues; loves is the one and only virtue that creates space for all the other virtues. We can agree that Jesus made love central to the kingdom, to the church.— Kingdom Conspiracy, page 168 [Books] [Kingdom Conspiracy] [theology]

September 16, 2PM

What Jesus advocated, then, was a cruciform existence for his followers. The moral fellowship of the kingdom, then, is a fellowship in the cross. Think briefly over the pages of the New Testament where cross becomes the norm for discipleship (and not just... [Books] [gospel] [Holiness] [Kingdom Conspiracy]

September 15, 8AM

In summary, to enter the kingdom one must surrender to Jesus as King and live under King Jesus. Entrance here is so unlike much of what occurs in church settings today, where if one is baptized as an infant or if one has walked the aisle or if one has bee... [Books] [gospel] [Kingdom Conspiracy] [theology]

September 14, 7AM

Why is the church so messy and inept and divided and pock-marked by the infections of the powers and principalities? Why is the church so battered by incomplete redemption and in fact belittling itself by thinking redemption is only spiritual? How can we ... [Books] [church] [gospel] [Kingdom Conspiracy] [theology]

September 11, 7AM

So often today, kingdom gets boiled down to ethics; for those who make that move, the kingdom is little more than justice. Others reduce the kingdom redemption to personal salvation. Both sides deny holistic redemption…— Kingdom Conspiracy, page 1... [Books] [gospel] [Kingdom Conspiracy]

September 10, 10AM

Just saw this:More Flowers, More Food, More Bees, Fewer Pests. Can It Get Any Better?Could cornflowers and poppies take the place of pesticides? That’s what researchers are proposing in a new study on wheat fields. By planting strips of wildflowers alon... [Garden] [Idle Musings]


Kingdom redemption, then, is the work of God, through Jesus, and by virtue of his sin-solving cross and new-life-creating resurrection, unleashed to those who are needy because of their sins. Any kind of “redemptive” activity that does not deal with s... [Books] [Idle Musings] [Kingdom Conspiracy]

September 8, 9PM

Hmmm. Jim West answered my question with a resounding "NO!" But then I read this: What about when you double up this heightened male interest for greater sexual variety in a same-sex relationship? Scholars have examined this, finding that only a third of... [Idle Musings] [theology]


I've been riding in the mornings along Highway 61 for the last 6–8 weeks. The last week or so has been relatively foggy, so I've started turning on my flashing tail light (for those who care, it's a Planet Bike Superflash) before starting. Some days th... [Bicycling] [Idle Musings]
A question for those of you who are in a church endorsing same-sex marriages: When will you begin to preach celibacy in singleness? Or is that too old-fashioned, too? Just an idle musing... [church] [Idle Musings]
With six stone jars holding a total of about 180 gallons (perhaps a little less), and with each gallon being the equivalent of just a shade over five ordinary (modern) bottles of wine, that means Jesus just served up to the wedding party the modern equiva... [Books] [gospel] [Kingdom Conspiracy]

September 4, 7AM

Although “mission” is not the first word, sometimes people approach it as if it were. That is, for some, one’s mission determines one’s Christology, and Christ is then used for an agenda.— Kingdom Conspiracy, pages 135–136 [Books] [church] [gospel] [Kingdom Conspiracy] [theology]

September 3, 7AM

When Peter calls Jesus Messiah (Mark 8:29), and Jesus responds by revealing that he will suffer and rise again (8:31) and by rebuking Peter’s perceptions (8:32), we enter into the unique interpretation of “Messiah” by Jesus and the church: the Messi... [Books] [gospel] [Kingdom Conspiracy]

September 1, 7AM

Next, I appeal to Paul in Galatians 6:10: “Therefore, as we have opportunity, let us do good to all people, especially to those who belong to the family of believers.” Notice the order: first the church and kingdom, and then society and culture and wo... [Books] [church] [gospel] [Kingdom Conspiracy]

August 31, 7AM

[F]irst, Christians were expected to be good citizens by participating in the community, and second, Peter doesn’t come close to describing benevolence as kingdom work. Like everyone else in the Bible, Peter saw kingdom as the realm of redemption and th... [Books] [gospel] [Kingdom Conspiracy] [theology]

August 29, 7AM

Kingdom is people; church is people. A people under King Jesus begins to live into an alternative society that witnesses both to and against the world’s system. Our world is marked today by isolation, fragmentation, transience, privacy, consumerism, pow... [Books] [church] [gospel] [Kingdom Conspiracy]

August 25, 7AM

We are not “under the Lord” when we do our part as Christians—at home, in the church—but then “under Caesar” when acting as public citizens. If Jesus is Lord, he is always Lord—at home, in the church, and in the public. We don’... [Books] [gospel] [Kingdom Conspiracy] [theology]

August 24, 7AM

Politics is a colossal distraction from kingdom mission. Politics entails diminution of our kingdom message, because to speak well in the public forum means we have to turn our gospel-drenched message that focuses on Jesus, the cross, and the resurrection... [Books] [gospel] [Idle Musings] [Kingdom Conspiracy]

August 20, 6AM

But Christians have failed to embody the church as an alternative politic and have instead opted for influencing and improving Caesar or transforming culture or using the political process to accomplish their wishes. American love politics, as do people a... [Books] [church] [Kingdom Conspiracy] [theology]

August 19, 7AM

This means that all true kingdom mission is church mission. For many today it is far easier to be committed to social justice in South Africa, to the restoration of communities on the Gulf Shore following Katrina, to cleaning up from the devastating torna... [Books] [church] [gospel] [Idle Musings] [Kingdom Conspiracy]

August 18, 6AM

Our responsibility is to point our noses at the Bible to see what is there, to read it carefully enough to fashion an explanation that is rooted as much as possible in what it says. We are not supposed ot invent our own ides, then go to the Bible to find ... [Books] [gospel] [Kingdom Conspiracy] [scripture] [theology]

August 14, 6AM

I call this quest for power through the political process the “eschatology of politics”—that is, the belief that if we usher in the right political candidates and the right laws, then kingdom conditions will arrive. Every two years America goes ... [Books] [gospel] [Idle Musings] [Kingdom Conspiracy]

August 12, 6AM

Roman politics is about power and domination and might and force and coercion and the sword. The politics of Jesus is about sacrificial love for the other even if that means death from the sword. Lording it over others is the way of Rome; serving others i... [Books] [gospel] [Idle Musings] [Kingdom Conspiracy] [pacifism]

August 11, 6AM

When we are persuaded into the depths of our heart that what we believe to be true is the Truth, we want this for all others. When we want this for others, we are tempted for our witness to become coercive, manipulative, and sometimes to resort to violenc... [Books] [gospel] [Kingdom Conspiracy] [pacifism]

August 7, 7AM

No Christian wants to be called a “Pharisee,” so it can shock modern Bible readers to learn that the Pharisees were good guys. They were the home Bible study movement in the land of Israel, the ones who wanted to interpret Torah in such a way that eve... [Books] [Kingdom Conspiracy]

August 6, 10PM

This holy warfare to bring in the kingdom strategy was the rejected option for Jesus, and so we dare not ignore the presence of a Zealot in the circle of Jesus’ twelve apostles. Simon is called the “Zealot” in Luke 6:15, and one has to wonder about ... [Books] [gospel] [Kingdom Conspiracy]

August 4, 2PM

Adam and Eve sinned; they died. Sin leads to death. The sin they committed was the sin of usurping, of wanting to be God-like instead of god-ly. They died for the sin. We, too, are usurpers. From the moment we become conscious to the moment we die we want... [Books] [gospel] [Idle Musings] [Kingdom Conspiracy]

August 3, 7AM

Here is where we now stand in explaining how to put the big picture together. Plan A is God’s will for the world: God rules with Israel governing under God on God’s behalf. But because Israel wants a king like other nations, Plan A takes a divine deto... [Books] [gospel] [Kingdom Conspiracy]

August 1, 7AM

Yesterday one of the printing reps stopped by Eisenbrauns home office in Warsaw, Indiana. He brought a gift for the business: Isn't that cool! I can't wait to see it in real life (I'm in Minnesota). [Eisenbrauns] [Idle Musings] [Just for Fun]

July 31, 7AM

This weekend is Fisherman's Picnic, the busiest weekend of the summer. And for us, it began earlier this week, which explains the sporadic nature of the posting lately. Anybody who thinks that cabin caretaking is a relaxing job hasn't done it! But, no com... [Garden] [Idle Musings] [MacArthur House Cabins]
Samuel’s displeasure (1 Sam. 8:6) is met by a revelation from God that provides one of the secrets to understanding kingdom. In YHWH’s revelation to Samuel, YHWH explains what is really going on in the minds and hearts of those who want a king like th... [Books] [Kingdom Conspiracy]

July 29, 11AM

Adam and Eve decide they want to rule “like God” instead of ruling “under God,” which means Adam and Eve are usurpers. The sin they commit is the sin of wanting more than responsibility of governing on God’s behalf; the sin they commit is made c... [Books] [Kingdom Conspiracy] [theology]

July 23, 7AM

The gospel is a story about Jesus, and because it is about Jesus, it is about us. To make the story first about us, or first about me and my salvation, is to reduce the story and to rob Jesus of the glory of being the central actor.— Kingdom Conspir... [Books] [gospel] [Kingdom Conspiracy] [theology]

July 22, 7AM

This selection of texts from the Fourth Gospel represents the New Testament posture toward the “world” as the unredeemed realm of human affairs, a realm into which Jesus is sent and out of which he saves his own. The point I am making, then, is that J... [Books] [gospel] [theology]

July 21, 7AM

The fruit of the Spirit is not a to-do list to check off. The Spirit produces the fruit in us. Christianity is not a set of rules, nor is the Bible a manual for good living. Christianity is about a relationship with God the Father, through His Son Jesus C... [Books] [theology]

July 20, 9AM

We are no longer under the authority of sin. Paul develops this point in greatest detail in Romans 6. If we have died with Christ, we have been set free from sin (Romans 6:7). What Paul means by “sin” in Romans 6 is sin as a power, or ruler. The point... [Books] [gospel] [Holiness] [Holy Spirit] [theology]

July 17, 6AM

Notice that Paul does not say, “Don’t do these things.” Instead, he appeals to a deeper way of thinking. He appeals to a spiritual reality. If we belong to Christ Jesus, we have crucified the flesh. Now, remember that the vice list is introduced as ... [Books] [gospel] [Holy Spirit] [theology]

July 16, 6AM

The Spirit isn’t interested in just changing certain behaviors—adding some and removing others; He is interested in changing who we are as people. Changed people do changed things. But the internal change has to come first. God doesn’t want us to be... [Books] [Holy Spirit] [theology]

July 15, 7AM

[T]he fruit of the Spirit is not a to-do list. These verses do have implications for how we live (and we’ll get to that), but Paul does not say, “live like this, like this, and like that” before he lists the fruit of the Spirit. Fruit grows from the... [Books] [gospel] [theology]

July 13, 6AM

No, not who is a fruit! Whose fruit as in who produces it? Sometimes (most times?), I think we act like we are supposed to produce the fruit of the Spirit. Right! Like we can do that...anyway, today we start excerpting from a new book, actually more of a ... [Books] [Holy Spirit] [Idle Musings] [theology]

July 10, 6AM

[W]e must never forget that the purpose of the words is to draw us to the Word and thus into the embrace of the triune God. As people who grow to cherish and delight in the sacred writings, we must never forget their fundamental purpose: that we might kno... [Books] [Idle Musings] [theology]

July 9, 3PM

James reminds us, “Religion that is pure and undefiled before God, the Father, is this: to visit orphans and widows in their affliction, and to keep oneself unstained from the world” (Jas 1:27). What I always find so startling about this statement is ... [Books] [Idle Musings] [theology]

July 8, 9AM

One of the great dangers in theology is making our faith something we discuss rather than something that moves us. We lapse into this problem when we treat God as a mere object of our study rather than as the Lord we worship.—A Little Book for New T... [Books] [Idle Musings] [theology]

July 7, 7AM

Pride and arrogance, which often accompany theological discussion, are not simply the temptation of the domineering pastor or condescending professor; they are a temptation for all of us. When we speak of God, a strange enticement can occur. In subtle way... [Books] [theology]
I overlooked harvesting three parsnips last fall. They overwintered and began to grow...and grow...and grow. I was going to pull them and compost them, but Debbie said to let them grow; she thought they looked kind of neat. So I did. They are now over 6 f... [Garden] [Just for Fun]

July 6, 7AM

We rightly respond to God’s revelation when our words about God, whether many or few, are placed into the matrix of worship. When we see the relationship between theology and worship we are moved beyond intellectual curiosity to an engaged encounter wit... [Books] [theology]

July 4, 6AM

We are not God. This may seem ridiculously obvious, but much of our practice ignores this simple truth. Not only can we not control the events around us, but our understanding is inescapably incomplete.—A Little Book for New Theologians, page 30 [Books] [theology]

July 3, 6AM

Growing in our knowledge of God changes our view of everything else. It is not that we lose sight of all except God, but rather that we view everything in light of God and through the story of his creation and redemption. True worship of God frees and ena... [Books] [theology]

July 2, 7AM

Let me seek you in longing, and long for you in seeking.Let me find you in love, and love you in finding—Anselm, Proslogion cited in A Little Book for New Theologians, page 19 [Books] [Church History] [theology]

June 30, 7AM

I have seen God use good theology to liberate lives. But I have also seen people misuse theology, resulting in abuse, hard hearts and pain. One thing that I have become concerned about in theological studies is the temptation to make overly strong divisio... [Books] [church] [Idle Musings] [theology]

June 29, 6AM

The Sermon on the Mount is not law that can save us; it is, rather, the texture of the life of those who have died with Christ and are now made alive with him through resurrection (e.g., blessed are those who mourn, who hunger and thirst for righteousness... [Bonhoeffer] [Books] [gospel] [theology] [theosis]

June 27, 8AM

Yesterday SCOTUS decided that same-sex marriages were legal. So, I ask, "What would the early church have done if the emperor had allowed same-sex marriages?" You think this is unique to the United States and a few other countries? That we have (depending... [ANE History] [Church History] [Idle Musings]

June 26, 6AM

Grace is costly, then, not because it is an idea; it is no principle, program, or doctrine. Grace is costly because it is a person; it is the very Christ who calls us. Jesus’s person is the living reality of grace itself. And because it is a person who ... [Bonhoeffer] [Books] [church] [theology]

June 25, 7AM

Bonhoeffer was aware that the situation in which these young pastors would find themselves in the future would be one of great challenge, a test that could be met not by sheer intellectual book knowledge but only through a deep theological commitment that... [Bonhoeffer] [Books] [Idle Musings] [theology]

June 24, 6AM

Youth workers are like plumbers called in to fix a leak, to fill the gap, but rarely do we invite the plumber fixing the gap in our bathroom waterline to dinner, into the heart of our communion. We appreciate the technical work of solving the problem of t... [Books] [church] [Idle Musings]

June 23, 7AM

He [Bonhoeffer] asserted in his dissertation and embodied in his ministry that it is not in the institution of the church that Jesus Christ is found, but in the communion of persons that we encounter the living Christ among us. Jesus is not found in the b... [Bonhoeffer] [Books] [church]

June 22, 7AM

Anxiety, as neuropsychologists today tell us, is toxic; our brains are wired to avoid anxiety. Anxiety corrupts the chemistry of the brain and leads us to depart (emotionally or physically) from the others to protect ourselves. Jesus’s words to his disc... [Bonhoeffer] [Books] [theology]

June 20, 6AM

In our own day children’s and youth ministers seem to be working so hard to include children in the church, debating issues like children in worship, because for decades or more children have been either directly or functionally moved to the periphery. ... [Bonhoeffer] [Books] [church] [Church History] [Idle Musings]

June 18, 6AM

Today we see broad evidence of Christians seeking these historic Christian experiences in worship. Tired of market-oriented approaches that seem to focus on self-improvement of finances, relationships and self-image, many cry out to be held near by the tr... [Bonhoeffer] [Books] [Church History] [Idle Musings] [theology] [theosis]

June 17, 6AM

Recent scholars have pointed out that for most historic and contemporary Protestants, sola scriptura does not mean that the Scriptures are the only source of theological truth. They do not see Scripture as sole resource, sole source, sole authority or mat... [Books] [Church History] [theology]

June 16, 7AM

I have not been a fan of Microsoft Word since version 1, way back in 1983. I always preferred either WordPerfect or WordStar (or more specialized word processors, such as WatchWord). But the version of Word I'm using now is driving me crazy (Word for Mac ... [Computer woes] [Copyediting] [Idle Musings]
Ulrich Zwingli (1484-1531) emphasized that the Spirit of God empowers Christians to understand the Bible, and he taught that an uneducated peasant who had the Spirit could understand the Scripture. Although at times he cites the fathers, he challenges stu... [Books] [Church History] [Idle Musings] [scripture]

June 15, 6AM

Even conversion among Bible-focused Christians is understood to be individual: one individual has a “personal experience,” connecting the person directly with God. Subsequent fellowship in the church is treated as an optional by-product of this person... [Books] [church] [Church History] [gospel]

June 12, 6AM

The Reformers insisted on sola scriptura, though we have already seen that they often cited the church fathers as they discussed Scripture. As a result, many Bible-focused Christians today still see the tradition as the primary problem. Their foundational... [Books] [Church History] [theology]

June 10, 8AM

The notion of one church in one world, still held by East and West even after their separation in 1054, gave way to a variety of denominational commitments, depending for authority upon leading theologians and the support of their political princes. Prote... [Books] [Church History] [Idle Musings] [theology]

June 9, 6AM

The mainline Reformers, therefore, did not reject the tradition, but rather the abuse of tradition that exalted the papacy and the magisterium above the Scripture or threatened the doctrine of justification by faith as they understood it. In fact, they of... [Books] [Church History]

June 8, 6AM

Nevertheless sacred doctrine makes use of these authorities [Church Fathers and tradition] as extrinsic and probably arguments, but properly uses the authority of canonical Scriptures as a necessary demonstration and the authority of the doctors of the Ch... [Books] [Church History] [theology]

June 5, 6AM

We see here the developing belief that the Scripture extends to items outside of itself, though the canon of Scripture does not. The canon of Scripture is closed, but the teaching of Scripture includes writings outside the canon of Scripture, which theref... [Books] [Church History] [scripture]

June 4, 9PM

From a forthcoming SBL book, Is There a Wisdom Tradition? New Prospects in Israelite Wisdom Studies, chapter 10, "How Wisdom Texts Became Part of the Canon of the Hebrew Bible" by Raik Heckl: The pious sufferer who keeps his relationship with God in spite... [Books]


God’s will is that your lives are dedicated to him. This means that you stay away from sexual immorality and learn how to control your own body in a pure and respectable way. Don’t be controlled by your sexual urges like the Gentiles who don’t know ... [Idle Musings] [theology]

June 3, 7AM

With few exceptions, Christians in the early period saw Scripture and apostolic tradition as one great rule of truth. By the end of the early period it had become evident that there could be contradictory and competing traditions, sometimes with each posi... [Books] [Church History]

June 2, 7AM

[A]lthough Protestants often have declared their distaste for tradition, they have nonetheless developed traditions that are necessary to their ability to implement Christian faith and practice. Tradition helps them preach the gospel.—Why Church His... [Books] [Church History] [Idle Musings]

June 1, 7AM

Last week was a busy one for gardening. I finally finished the third bed that I've been meaning to make for two years now. And I put up the hoop house. I don't have a place on the property that gets sun in December–January; the sun is too low on the hor... [Eisenbrauns sales] [Garden] [Idle Musings] [MacArthur House Cabins]


When we consult resources to help us understand history and theology, we must be careful not to limit our resources to authors who share our cultural perspectives and intellectual commitments. We need the point of view offered by contemporaries of various... [Books] [Church History] [Idle Musings]

May 29, 6AM

We start a new book today. I'd love to give a full review of it, but I don't have the time to write one up just now. But let me illustrate the need for this book—by the way it is called Why Church History Matters—with a short story. About ten years ag... [Books] [Church History] [Idle Musings] [theology]

May 28, 7AM

The more I’ve learned to properly enjoy earthly things, the more I long for heaven. Because I love this life, eternity in God’s presence has gone from a distant hope to tangible reality, like something right in front of me but just out of reach.&mdash... [Books] [Radically Normal] [theology] [theosis]

May 27, 6AM

As I see it, complacent Christianity tries to avoid pain at all costs. Then it tries to numb whatever pain gets through even if the anesthetic of choice causes more damage in the long run. On the other hand, obsessive Christianity glamorizes suffering and... [Books] [gospel] [Radically Normal]

May 26, 7AM

Over the weekend I built a new bed so that I could put up a hoop house. In Indiana, I would put two beds inside a hoop house, but here I've been experimenting with putting three. I'm planning on putting the cover on it this week and planting tomatoes and ... [Garden] [Hoop house] [Idle Musings] [Just for Fun]
I believe legalism is so popular because it’s much easier than carefully evaluating what’s earthly and what’s worldly. Not better or more fun, but easier. By simply following a list someone gives you, you can feel safe and secure. Likewise, worldlin... [gospel] [Holiness] [Radically Normal]

May 25, 6AM

Wholeheartedly pursing obedience isn’t legalism—it’s happy holiness. We fall off the cliff of legalism when we think our status with God depends on how well we obey. We can also fall off when we live our lives by a list of rules that exceed those in... [Books] [gospel] [Radically Normal] [theology]

May 23, 6AM

Over on B-Greek, Stephen Carlson informs us of a new dissertation—On verb initial clauses in Classical Greek! Delicious! Here's an excerpt from page 1: Ancient Greek is a ‘free word order’ language, or more precisely a discourse- configurational lan... [Greek] [Idle Musings] [Linguistics]

May 22, 6AM

God could provide for every need, feed every person, meet every church budget, and fully support every missionary without our cooperation. Instead he chooses to meet all of these needs through us. This isn’t efficient, but it gives us the honor and joy ... [Books] [Radically Normal] [theology]

May 21, 7AM

Destitution and absolute poverty are evidence of a world broken by sin. God never intended people to live with their basic needs unmet. But once our basic needs are taken care of, contentment is possible. In fact, if you aren’t content with that, you ne... [Books] [gospel] [Idle Musings] [Radically Normal]


It is because children learn continuously and effortlessly that adults generally fail to give them credit for the amount of learning that they do. It is a common adult belief that learning is a difficult and even painful activity, that it involves grappli... [Books] [Idle Musings] [reading]

May 20, 7AM

The problem isn’t with having money but with wanting to get rich, loving money, being eager for it, and getting it any way you can. Proverbs is filled with similar warnings, including the prayer “give me neither poverty nor riches.” Even warning peo... [Books] [gospel] [Radically Normal] [theology]
Children learn by relating their understanding of the new to what they know already, modifying or elaborating their prior knowledge. Learning is continuous and completely natural, and it is not necessary to propose separate “processes” of motivation a... [Books] [reading]
Most of you (all two of you?) have probably seen the announcement from last Friday. If not, here it is: As the announcement says, I'm working for Eisenbrauns once again—part-time. We are still on the North Shore of Lake Superior and have no intentio... [bookselling] [Idle Musings]

May 19, 7AM

We need to stop thinking of sin as something we get away with and start seeing it as something we’re saved from. We never get away with sin. We may be forgiven and restored, but sin always damages us and the ones we love.—Radically Normal, electro... [Books] [gospel] [Idle Musings] [Radically Normal] [theology]


One of the great tragedies of contemporary education is not so much that many students leave school unable to read and to write, but that many graduate with an antipathy to reading and writing, despite the abilities they might have.—Understanding Re... [Books] [Idle Musings] [reading]

May 18, 7AM

It seems to me that complacent Christians don’t believe that all of God’s rules are meant to bring earthly joy, which means they don’t believe that God genuinely wants our best. Our actions usually prove what we really believe. If we believed that o... [Books] [gospel] [Holiness] [Idle Musings] [Radically Normal]


Experience always results in learning. Experience in reading leads to more knowledge about reading itself. Not surprisingly, students who read a lot tend to read better (Anderson, Hiebert, Scott, & Wilkinson, 1985). They don’t need to read better in ord... [Books] [reading]

May 15, 7AM

Why do we choose to sin? Because at the time, we believe we’ll be happier doing what’s wrong. That, of course, is a lie. It’s not just any lie—it’s a repackaging of the first recorded lie. The same lie is repeated down through the ages, telling ... [Books] [gospel] [Idle Musings] [Radically Normal] [theology]
A distinction is often drawn between fluent reading and beginning reading to contrast the virtuosos manner in which experienced readers are supposed to read with the stumbling, less proficient behavior of learners. But the distinction isn’t valid. It’... [Books] [reading]


More often than not, our petitionary prayers are aimed at changing God or getting God to modify or hurry up fulfilling what we presume to be his plans for the world (which, if we are honest with ourselves, are often closely identified with our own hopes f... [Books] [Idle Musings] [lord's prayer] [theology]

May 14, 6AM

Maybe balance isn’t the best word. It implies finding a fixed point between two extremes. Have you ever tried to balance on top of a post? You don’t keep your balance by staying perfectly still. You stay balanced by making countless little adjustments... [Books] [gospel] [Idle Musings] [Radically Normal] [theology]
In reading aloud, for our own purposes or to other people, an extra step is required. First we have to understand what we are reading, then we have to say what we understand. We don’t transform the uninterpreted words (or their component letters) into s... [Books] [reading]
So what did Jesus intend his disciples to be asking for or saying when they recited the prayer he gave them? To answer this, I resort to paraphrase:(Father) We recognize that you alone are sovereign, and we pledge our loyalty to you even if this becomes c... [Books] [gospel] [lord's prayer] [theology]
If you get upset, offended, and go off and sulk, and nurse your grievance, you will die.—T. Austin Sparks

May 13, 7AM

Yes, stuff distracts us. The more we acquire, the more we are distracted from the things we already have and from more important things, including the message of hope and joy from our Savior. Holiday fanfare can be distracting, so it’s no surprise that ... [Books] [gospel] [Radically Normal] [theology]
Let me summarize every thing I have just said: Children learn to read by reading.—Understanding Reading, page 169 <idle musing>That seems redundant, doesn't it? But it's true nonetheless. How do you learn a language? By using it! How do you le... [Books] [Idle Musings] [reading]
What, in Jesus’ eyes, might the community of believers whom he has called to be “sons of God” actually do that would be the functional equivalent of Israel’s sin at Massah? The answer to this question seems clear enough given all that I have said ... [Books] [Holiness] [Idle Musings] [just peacemaking] [lord's prayer] [pacifism] [theology]

May 12, 7AM

Because we share a lot of common ground, the Christian life may not look all that different on the surface from the world’s ideals. It makes sense to them. From the outside, we look like good neighbors and ideal employees. But when our non-Christian fam... [Books] [gospel] [Idle Musings] [Radically Normal] [theology] [theosis]
There is a general tendency to subvocalize when reading becomes difficult, when we can predict less.—Understanding Reading, page 167 <idle musing>I hadn't really thought about it before, but it is true. Now that I think about it, I remember si... [Books] [Idle Musings] [reading]
To sum up: In one section of his passionately rendered, and lamentably unfinished, New Testament Theology titled “What did Jesus expect?” Joachim Jeremias summed up all of his studies of the original meaning of the petition καὶ μὴ εἰσε... [Books] [lord's prayer]

May 11, 7AM

Well, the temperature is dropping. It was 45ºF at midnight and 41ºF at 8:00 AM. Now it's 37ºF! And the wind has been blowing like crazy. Oops. Wrong. That stuff falling from the sky is white! Yep. Snow! And they are predicting more today and tomorrow.... [Just for Fun]
God told the Israelites to be different as a means to an end—his plan was to bless the entire world through them. If they were not forced to be different from the Gentiles culturally, they would cease to be different from them morally. By the time Jesus... [Idle Musings] [Radically Normal] [theology]
According to Huey (1908), instruction at the beginning of the 20th century placed oral reading long after silent. Currently the trend is the reverse. Huey was critical of any emphasis on reading aloud, which he considered much more difficult and unnatural... [Books] [Idle Musings] [reading]
It was shown that preposing for focus in BH relates to an activated but not necessarily presupposed proposition. Despite the fact that BH focused clauses are often rendered with a cleft sentence in English, the English constructions most equivalent to BH ... [grammar] [Hebrew] [Idle Musings] [Linguistics] [Word Order]


What Mark presents as the occasion for Jesus to utter this command to Peter, James, and John that they should pray to be protected against becoming the agents of πειρασμός [peirasmos (testing/trying/tempting)] is his realization that they are o... [Books] [lord's prayer] [theology]


In you, LORD, I have taken refuge; let me never be put to shame; deliver me in your righteousness.         Turn your ear to me, come quickly to my rescue; be my rock of refuge, a strong fortress to save me.   Since y...

May 10, 7AM

It's the beginning of another season here on the North Shore—not that it gets very busy before about mid-June, but it's a good way to ease into the madness of July—September. Of course, we've been busy for almost a month now, getting the cabins ready.... [Just for Fun] [MacArthur House Cabins]

May 9, 7AM

I've been meaning to post this for about a month now... A pint might be a pound the world around, but it just ain't so. The other day we were getting ready to make a tincture of licorice root and ginger root (it makes a great cough suppressant). We needed... [Idle Musings] [Tinctures]


How long, LORD? Will you forget me forever? How long will you hide your face from me?  How long must I wrestle with my thoughts and day after day have sorrow in my heart? How long will my enemy triumph over me?    Look on me and answer, ...

May 8, 6AM

If he loves and values you enough to send his Son to die for you, to pull you out of the pit of your sin, do you think he will be satisfied leaving you at the edge of that pit? He has much greater aspirations for you than merely keeping you out of hell. P... [Books] [Holiness] [Radically Normal]
We must get used to the notion that meaning is not dependent on specific words. This crucial point is elaborated many times in this book. When we retain a meaningful sequence of words in memory—either short-term or long-term—we are not primarily remem... [Books] [Idle Musings] [reading]
The topicalized clause, at least in the Genesis corpus, always occurs in the context of a second segment to which it is related. In contrast, the focused clause can occur as an isolated clause, relating to information activated by the extratextual situati... [Books] [grammar] [Hebrew] [Linguistics]
Now, as Mark indicates elsewhere, being willing to “stay awake” and “watch” is, among other things, to refuse to succumb to any doubt that God will provide, especially when it seems otherwise. To “fall asleep” and to be unwilling to “watch... [Books] [lord's prayer] [theology]

May 6, 7AM

Our problem with greatness isn’t that we aren’t capable of it, but that we have a distorted view of it. The church unwittingly perpetuates this distortion by focusing more on celebrities than on everyday folks. Greatness isn’t measured by the amount... [Books] [Idle Musings] [Radically Normal]
There are a number of paradoxes about the role of memory in reading. The more we try to memorize, the less we are likely to recall. The more we try to memorize, the less we are likely to comprehend, which not only makes recall more difficult—it makes re... [Books] [Idle Musings] [reading]


Although the preposed constituent in a focused clause is commonly referred to as the focus of the clause, this is not entirely accurate. Because preposing is normally performed on entire clause-level constituents, material that belongs to the activated pr... [Books] [grammar] [Hebrew] [Linguistics]
The third consideration is that a call from Jesus for his disciples to pray for protection from “putting God to the test” is exactly what we should expect from Jesus, who knew that at the center of his own trials as Son to maintain his faithfulness to... [Books] [lord's prayer] [Prayer]

May 5, 7AM

The difference between being obsessive and being radically normal has nothing to do with the magnitude of your sacrifice or how strange it sounds to others. If your sacrifice is based on guilt, obligation, or legalism, you’re being obsessive. However, i... [Books] [Holiness] [Idle Musings] [Radically Normal] [theology]
Signal detection theory, however, shows that the cost of increasing the proportion of correct responses will be an increase in the number of errors. In other words, the more often you want to be right, the more often you must tolerate being wrong.—U... [Books] [Just for Fun] [reading]


The essence of the comprehension process is described by Kintsch (1998: 93) as follows: “We comprehend a text, understand something, by building a mental model. To do so we must form connections between things that were previously disparate: the ideas e... [Books] [grammar] [Hebrew] [Linguistics] [Word Order]
It follows that if πειρασμός here means “the testing of God,” then given all that the idea of “the testing of God” connotes, the request in which the term appears must mean something like “prevent us, Father, from putting you to the t... [Books] [lord's prayer] [Prayer] [theology]

May 4, 7AM

The only thing standing between you and a life of wholehearted obedience isn’t your job, place of birth, income, or knowledge of the Bible. It’s your willingness to fall into Jesus’s arms and lean completely on his grace. Repent of self-sufficiency... [Books] [Idle Musings] [Radically Normal] [theology]
Absence of uncertainty is not a condition that we tolerate for very long; we find it boring. There is no “experience” to it. We seek uncertainty, provided we can keep it under control and clear of confusion. We comprehend when we can “make sense” ... [Books] [Idle Musings] [Just for Fun] [reading]
The relevant aspect of Kintsch’s theory for present purposes is the concept of working memory, which includes short-term memory as well as a section of long-term memory. Long-term memory, storing knowledge, beliefs, and experience, is a network of propo... [grammar] [Greek] [Hebrew] [Idle Musings] [Linguistics]
As Mary Rose D’Angelo has shown, the primary function of the address “Father” is to affirm three things: that it is the God of Israel alone, and not another singular claimant to the title, who deserves to be called and acknowledged as “Father”; ... [Books] [lord's prayer]


But in all these things we win a sweeping victory through the one who loved us. (‭Romans‬ ‭8‬:‭37‬ CEB) [scripture]

May 2, 7AM

For the last few years, we've been hearing about a forthcoming publication (from Brill about a first century fragment from Mark. The problem is that no one has seen it. Everything seems to revolve around a video of Josh McDowell explaining how he extra... [Greek] [Idle Musings] [MacArthur House Cabins] [Textual Criticism]

May 1, 8AM

God called the prophets to do some pretty weird things because that’s what their situations called for. Their stories continue to encourage and inspire us, but they don’t necessarily provide point-by-point direction on how to live in our contemporary ... [Books] [Idle Musings] [Radically Normal] [theology]
Genre schemes help both readers and writers. Their characteristic forms help readers by giving them a basis for predicting what a text will be like, that a novel will be constructed in a particular way, that a scientific article will follow a certain form... [grammar] [Idle Musings] [reading]
Although both focusing and topicalization provide an instruction regarding the interpretation of the clause in its context, the two types differ regarding the context involved. Focusing signals a relation between the clause and the context of the addresse... [Books] [grammar] [Hebrew] [Idle Musings] [Linguistics]


The parable begins with a king acting in a way quite uncharacteristic of any agrarian ruler. He forgives a debt of unimaginable proportions. But why? First, the king presides over subjects who are crippled by debt and who, therefore, in their inability to... [Books] [gospel] [lord's prayer] [theology]

April 30, 11AM

From personal experience, I already knew how damaging the two-tiered mentality was for those presumptuous enough to assign themselves to the top. As a pastor, I’ve discovered how detrimental it is for those who believe they belong on the bottom tier. Mo... [Books] [gospel] [Radically Normal]
Reading aloud is more complex, and therefore more demanding, than silent reading.—Understanding Reading, page 34 [Books] [reading]


Preposing is normally performed on an entire clause-level constituent. When the constituent involved is a compound phrase, there are several preposing options. In most cases the entire phrase is preposed, even when it is a long coordinated chain.— W... [Books] [grammar] [Greek] [Hebrew] [Idle Musings] [Linguistics]
As Bruce Malina and others have shown, to cancel lawful debts, let alone to forgive one’s enemies, without some good or mitigating reason was an action that brought intense shame on the one who did so. For in this, the one forgiving debt and offenses to... [Books] [gospel] [lord's prayer] [theology]

April 29, 8AM

Grace saves us from both obsessive and complacent Christianity. It frees us from both legalism and sin.—Radically Normal, electronic edition <idle musing>Amen! This seems to answer some of my concerns yesterday...</idle musing> [Books] [Idle Musings] [Radically Normal]
The metaphorical nature of terms like scheme and script is often overlooked. The use of computers as an analogy for the brain in educational theorizing has led to a belief that schemes, scripts, and cognitive structure itself are “data” or “programs... [Books] [Idle Musings] [Metaphors We Live By] [reading]


Scholars are divided as to the proper syntactic classification of clauses with a “subordinate” ו. Van der Merwe et al. (1999: §40.8) recognize a separate use of ו as a subordinating conjunction. Waltke and O’Connor (1990: §38.1h), in contrast, w... [Books] [grammar] [Hebrew] [Linguistics] [Word Order]
Consider the implication of the fact that Jesus uses the phrase ἐλθέτω ἡ βασιλεία σου as a coordinate of the phrase “May your will be done on earth as it is in heaven” (γενηθήτω τὸ θέλημά σου, ὡ... [Books] [Idle Musings] [lord's prayer] [theology]

April 28, 7AM

Many Christians think that grace basically means “Jesus saved me from my sins and now I get to go to heaven.” But grace is far bigger than that. ... Some Christians think grace means God paid your entry fees and put you on the race course, but now it... [Books] [cheap grace] [gospel] [Holiness] [Idle Musings] [Radically Normal] [theology]
I want to consider how language creates worlds, objects and relationships, which in no other sense exist. Language makes us think something is there when it isn’t. It deceives us. The human race is always prone to give names to aspects of experience, an... [Books] [Linguistics] [reading]
In Biblical Hebrew, the quest for the sentence is probably an exercise in futility. The researcher trying to define the sentence in Biblical Hebrew must grapple with texts that appear to be one interminably long sentence, because almost every clause in na... [Books] [grammar] [Hebrew] [Linguistics]
In the formal and material parallel to the “kingdom” request found in Rev. 22:20c—namely, the petition ἔρχου, κύριε Ἰησοῦ (erchou, kyrie Iēsou), which, like the “kingdom” request in the Disciples’ Prayer, consists of ... [Books] [lord's prayer] [theology]

April 27, 7AM

Too many Christians struggle under the weight of trying to do enough. They’re so busy trying to be spiritual enough that they miss God’s blessings in everyday life. They’re like frightened children who refuse to go to the beach because they think th... [Books] [gospel] [Idle Musings] [Radically Normal]
All live religions are many things. The formal ritual of public occasions teaches one set of doctrine. There is no reason to suppose that its message is necessarily consistent with those taught in private rituals, or that all public rituals are consistent... [Books] [Holiness] [Idle Musings] [ritual]
A structural approach, in which syntactic categories are defined using formal rather than semantic criteria is followed wherever possible. Unfortunately, linguistic categories do not always have neat boundaries even when defined in structural terms (Huddl... [Books] [grammar] [Hebrew] [Idle Musings] [Linguistics]
It [the Lord's Prayer] was intended to shape the disciples as a group that, in word and deed, would stand as a witness against the teachings of “this generation” regarding how Israel should be Israel. The occasion of Jesus’ giving it to the disciple... [Books] [lord's prayer]

April 26, 9AM

I just ran across this summation of some bee-related research. Seems the bees are just as good at getting addicted to bad food as we are. That does not bode well for the future... Neonicotinoid apologists reject these studies, in part because the research... [Bees] [food]


Textual criticism traffics in critical analysis, not in claims of authority. Cappel [Critica Sacra, 1650] made a distinction between the content of Scripture, which in his view was divinely inspired, and its textual transmission, which was a wholly human ... [HBCE] [Hebrew] [Textual Criticism]

April 25, 9AM

On Thursday morning, I had the privilege and pleasure teaching a 4.5 hour seminar (via Skype) to a group of YWAM Minneapolis students on the Ancient Near Eastern Backgrounds to the Old Testament/Hebrew Bible. I've posted the outline that I created, along ... [ANE religion] [Bible study] [Idle Musings] [Just for Fun]

April 24, 7AM

In our human sinfulness, we tend to be proud of our obsessiveness or to excuse our complacency. But the life that God desires isn’t found at either extreme. Wholehearted devotion to God consists of radical obedience lived out in surprisingly normal, joy... [Books] [Holiness] [Idle Musings] [Radically Normal]


[A] Martian anthropologist might come to the wrong conclusion on overhearing an English plumber asking his mate for the male and female parts of plugs.—Purity and Danger, pages 106–7 <idle musing>OK. That one brought a smile to my face : ) C... [Books] [Idle Musings] [Linguistics]
As the emphasis-centered model has largely fallen out of favor, backgrounding/temporal-sequencing and information-structure models dominate the field of contemporary research on BH word order… The present study explores the significance of information-s... [Books] [grammar] [Hebrew] [Linguistics] [Word Order]
Each of the individual petitions of the Disciples’ Prayer not only recalls but also appears to be set out in (conscious?) contradistinction to the description of the wilderness prototype of “this generation.” The “wilderness generation” was call... [Books] [lord's prayer] [theology]

April 23, 1PM

So many of us have a deep-seated fear that we have to choose—do we want to be obsessive Christians who don’t enjoy this life, or do we want to be complacent Christians who have a lot of fun here? We feel as if those are our only two options. Should we... [Books] [Radically Normal] [theology]
In a chaos of shifting impressions, each of us constructs a stable world in which objects have recognisable shapes, are located in depth, and have permanence. In perceiving we are building, taking some cues and rejecting others. The most acceptable cues a... [Books]
The various definitions of topic remain problematic. The most accepted conception of topic, the notion of “aboutness,” has thus far resisted objective formulation, despite valiant efforts on the part of many researchers. Gómez- González (2001: 31)... [Books] [grammar] [Hebrew] [Idle Musings] [Linguistics] [Word Order]
But Jesus called and gathered disciples for another reason as well: to found what sociologists have called “intentional communities,” small groups and cells of followers, some living within their home villages and towns, some on the road as itinerants... [Books] [church] [lord's prayer]

April 22, 6AM

In conclusion, the backgrounding model and temporal-sequencing models are not applicable to all preposed clauses. The most plausible formulations of the theory apply exclusively to subject-preposed clauses; thus, object-preposing and adjunct-preposing are... [Books] [Hebrew] [Linguistics] [Word Order]
As we know it, dirt is essentially disorder. There is no such thing as absolute dirt: it exists in the eye of the beholder. If we shun dirt, it is not because of craven fear, still less dread of holy terror. Nor do our ideas about disease account for the ... [Books] [ritual]
Above all, the key sticking point is the existence of conceptual metaphor. If conceptual metaphors are real, then all literalist and objectivist views of meaning and knowledge are false. We can no longer pretend to build an account of concepts and knowled... [Books] [Metaphors We Live By]
To be a son of God, then, is to act in the world as God does, showing mercy and forgiveness toward all, refusing to retaliate injury for injury, accepting suffering and persecution as the price of living in conformity to God’s will, and, most importantl... [Books] [Idle Musings] [lord's prayer]

April 21, 7AM

The concept of emphasis has been criticized as overly subjective and vague. It is difficult to say whether an emphasis on the preposed element was really intended or whether the researcher is simply assuming it to exist because of that element’s positio... [Books] [grammar] [Hebrew] [Idle Musings] [Linguistics] [Word Order]
In other words, by taking certain capacities as conditions for entry, liberalism prevents us having to fall back upon irreducibly religious models of recognition. Yet if phenomenology reveals the capacities approach to justify inclusion only of the fully ... [Books] [ethics] [theology]


* Metaphors are fundamentally conceptual in nature; metaphorical language is secondary.* Conceptual metaphors are grounded in everyday experience. * Abstract thought is largely, though not entirely, metaphorical. * Metaphorical thought is unavoidable, ubi... [Books] [Linguistics] [Metaphors We Live By]
Jesus is presented not only as calling those who aspire to be true sons of God to imitate God specifically in his displays of indiscriminate mercy to the “wicked” but also as declaring that conduct to be worthy of the office and title of a “true chi... [Books] [lord's prayer] [pacifism] [theology]

April 20, 7AM

In conclusion, basic word order in the typological sense is the pragmatically unmarked order. Basic word order is usually established by the criterion of statistical dominance. The mainstream view that BH is typologically VSO is strongly supported by the ... [Books] [grammar] [Hebrew] [Linguistics] [Word Order]
The condition of the newone points forward to the reality that we are dependent creatures: the secret to the meaning of human life—our need of each other—is given away by its newest members.—Ethics at the Beginning of Life, page 115 <idle mus... [Books] [ethics] [Idle Musings] [theology]
You don't have a choice as to whether to think metaphorically. Because metaphorical maps are part of our brains, we will think and speak metaphorically whether we want to or not. Since the mechanism of metaphor is largely unconscious, we will think and sp... [Books] [Linguistics] [Metaphors We Live By]
It is interesting to note that, as H. Windisch has pointed out, Jesus’ view of who and what a peacemaker is stands in stark contrast with the view, current in the Hellenistic world, of what this office entailed. Those who were to establish peace, securi... [Books] [Idle Musings] [lord's prayer] [pacifism] [theology]

April 17, 8AM

Biblical scholars have long been aware that finite clauses in BH are most frequently verb-first. This fact was noted by the 19th-century biblical exegete Malbim (Rabbi Meir Loeb ben Jeḥiel Michael, 1809–79). Malbim (1973: §111) states that the genera... [Books] [grammar] [Hebrew] [Linguistics] [Word Order]
The Cartesianism Heidegger targets throughout his treatise [Being and Time] famously revolves around the conception of a self-possessed subject: I am who I am first; I am affected by the world second. But if, as Heidegger contends, this conception is unte... [Books] [ethics]


Most contemporary economic theories, whether capitalist or socialist, treat labor as a natural resource or commodity, on a par with raw materials, and speak in the same terms of its cost and supply. What is hidden by the metaphor is the nature of the labo... [Books] [Metaphors We Live By]
These passages illustrate two things: first, to be included among the sons of God, a disciple must be willing to forgive even their enemies. Second, would-be sons who refuse to forgive their enemies exclude themselves from being or becoming “sons of God... [Books] [lord's prayer] [theology]

April 16, 7AM

One of the parameters by which languages can be classified is basic word order. “Basic” is often understood to mean the pragmatically unmarked or neutral word order. Of the several orders allowed by a particular language, usually one order occurs in a... [Books] [grammar] [Hebrew] [Linguistics] [Word Order]
How do they come among us, these bodies? We see around us smaller instances of ourselves, younger bodies, the less developed forms of children, infants, and babies, of those on four legs and those on two. But these smaller ones do not come from nowhere. T... [Books] [ethics]
In general, the true statements that we make are based on the way we categorize things and, therefore, on what is highlighted by the natural dimensions of the categories. In making a statement, we make a choice of categories because we have some reason fo... [Books] [Linguistics] [Metaphors We Live By]
Jesus thus defines true “greatness” as suffering service to others, not the exercise of dominion over others. For, according to Jesus, those who consider themselves to be the rulers of the nations do when they “lord it over” (κατακυριευ... [Books] [gospel] [Idle Musings] [lord's prayer]

April 15, 7AM

The VSO language group makes up about 10% of the languages in the world (Carnie and Guilfoyle 2000: 3), including most of the West Semitic languages, Egyptian, Berber, Celtic, and other languages (O’Connor 1980: 118).— Word Order in the Biblical H... [Books] [Hebrew] [Linguistics] [Word Order]
[W]hen phenomenological scholars have declared that Heidegger ‘had no ehtics’, they were simply appreciating the fact that phenomenology is a descriptive rather than an action-guiding philosophy. Devoid of ethical claims, phenomenology has never sough... [Books] [ethics]
Though questions of truth do arise for new metaphors, the more important question are those of appropriate action. In most cases, what is at issue is not the truth or falsity of a metaphor but the perceptions and inferences that follow from it and the act... [Books] [Linguistics] [Metaphors We Live By]
These texts show that the disciples’ cross is not what it is often thought to be—a metaphor for some difficult family situation, a personal loss, a crushing debt, the frustration of one’s hopes, a nagging in-law. It is, rather, what Jesus’ cross w... [Books] [gospel] [lord's prayer] [theology] [theosis]

April 14, 7AM

We've been having some amazing weather here the last few days. The temperatures have been in the lower 60sF, which is about 20ºF warmer than average. In fact, the whole of spring from the beginning of March has been warmer than the last few years. Of co... [cold frames] [Garden] [Idle Musings] [MacArthur House Cabins]


In a parallel way, in Chapter 3, I contend that the contract formulation of encounters, emanating as it did from the seventeenth-century political philosophy, tempts us to conceive of human encounters which are not mutually dependent and equally willed by... [Books] [ethics]
[H]eaven surely does not compartmentalize its grace, but we speak about types of grace because of the way that they have come to us. The same gracious act of God that enables people to believe is the same grace that saves, which is the same grace that bri... [Books] [prevenient grace] [theology]
New metaphors, like conventional metaphors, can have the power to define reality. They do this through a coherent network of entailments that highlight some features of reality and hide others. The acceptance of the metaphor, which forces us to focus only... [Books] [Linguistics] [Metaphors We Live By]
Jesus taught a number of things about how one becomes or remains a “son” of God. Some of them involved eschewing traditional sources of gaining or maintaining “honor,” such as family connections (see Matt. 10:37-38 // Luke 14:25-35; Matt. 12:46-50... [Books] [gospel] [lord's prayer] [theology]

April 13, 8AM

Buber’s picture of encounters, so I argue in Chapter 2, has ‘held us captive’ by making us think that any human encounter which is not characteristized [sic] by a certain degree of reciprocity—which is not suffused by affection or highly inter-sub... [Books] [ethics] [theology]
Prevenient grace is an attractive doctrine in many ways, most of all because it makes overall sense of Scripture’s powerful collection of human opportunity verses, command and exhortation passages, and the rational thinking capacity that the Lord expect... [Books] [Idle Musings] [prevenient grace] [theology]
New metaphors have the power to create a new reality. This can begin to happen when we start to comprehend our experience in terms of a metaphor, and it becomes a deeper reality when we begin to act in terms of it. If a new metaphor enters the conceptual ... [Books] [Metaphors We Live By]
To answer this, let’s first note two things about Jesus’ teaching on discipleship. First, it takes its cue from the presentation in the book of Deuteronomy regarding (a) who Israel was divinely commissioned to be and (b) what faithful Israelites were ... [Books] [lord's prayer]

April 10, 2PM

Theological hermeneutics is not an intermediate, descriptive step between biblical studies and systematic or dogmatic theology that must somehow find a way to be relevant. I will not be offering here an approach where first the theology of a particular Ne... [Books] [hermeneutics] [scripture]


The pivotal presupposition which justifies this application of phenomenology to ethics is that ethics has a stake in description. Some of the most pivotal moral decisions we face, even decisions taken at moments of crisis, hinge upon competing description... [Books] [Idle Musings] [Metaphors We Live By] [theology]
The Spirit convicts the sinner and invites him or her to salvation, but the Spirit also permits hard-heartedness to be a legitimate human response. In fact, generally the Holy Spirit gives stronger and weaker evidence of the presence and blessing of God a... [Books] [Holy Spirit] [prevenient grace] [theology]
Is paraphrase possible” Can two different sentences ever mean exactly the same thing? Dwight Bolinger has spent most of his career showing that this is virtually impossible and that almost any change in a sentence—whether a change in word order, vocab... [Books] [Copyediting] [grammar] [Idle Musings] [Linguistics] [Metaphors We Live By]
At this point, we have established three things about the Disciples’ Prayer. It is most certainly a prayer and not a compendium of Christian doctrine. It is a Jewish prayer. And, from all appearances, it is the creation of a particular individual, not s... [Books] [lord's prayer]
We are not asked to do anything spectacular. We are entrusted with the task of quietly giving the light of Christ’s spirit and God’s love to a world of human need. No storm can extinguish this light, a light that no darkness can overcome.—Christ... [Christoph Blumhardt]

April 9, 2PM

Just announced, on Jack Sasson's Agade e-list: Proverbs: An Eclectic Edition with Introduction and Textual CommentaryMichael V. FoxHardcover $69.95 ISBN 9781628370201500 pages The Hebrew Bible: A Critical Edition 1 [Books] [HBCE] [Hebrew] [Textual Criticism]


[Wesley] believes that natural man is free only to do evil, while Spirit-assisted man is able to repent of sin, and this has been true since the Fall. God’s enabling us to believe is not meritorious in itself, nor is it inevitably saving. Wesley affirms... [Books] [prevenient grace] [theology] [wesley]
The RESOURCES metaphors for labor and time hide all sorts of possible conceptions of labor and time that exist in other cultures and in some subcultures of our own society: the idea that work can be play, that inactivity can be productive, that much of wh... [Books] [Idle Musings] [Linguistics] [Metaphors We Live By]
For it is now clear, thanks to the investigations of Lee Levine and Richard Horsley on first-century-CE synagogues, and of E. P. Sanders on the beliefs and practices of Palestinian (or Formative) Judaism, that there was no fixed synagogue liturgy in Pales... [Books] [lord's prayer]
In about 80% of all languages, a prenominal Possessor is finally marked, a postnominal Possessor initially marked.— The Theory of Functional Grammar Part 1, The Structure of the Clause, page 367 <idle musing>I.e., John’s car versus the car ... [Books] [Idle Musings] [Linguistics]
There is a spirit among the pious that has no under­standing of God’s kingdom, so that many are even annoyed to see it alive. Since it is active around you, it is sure to offend such people. Pay no attention. Just carry on, and let your deeds speak for... [Books] [Christoph Blumhardt]

April 8, 7AM

By the death of Christ, which Christ passionately advocated as universal in its efficacy, all men were potentially saved. This is not universalism, teaching that all men, ultimately, will be saved, but it is an interpretation of the work of Christ that ma... [Books] [prevenient grace] [theology]
Metaphor and metonymy are different kinds of processes. Metaphor is principally a way of conceiving of one thing in terms of another, and its primary function is understanding. Metonymy, on the other hand, has primarily a referential function, that is, it... [Books] [Linguistics] [Metaphors We Live By]
The Disciples’ Prayer was not based on, let alone derived from the Kaddish, the Amidah, or the Morning Prayer. Despite claims to the contrary, we have no real evidence that these prayers actually existed, let alone were used by Palestinian Jews, in the ... [Books] [lord's prayer]
It follows from these characterizations that indefinite terms will typically be used to introduce a referent into the discourse, whereas definite terms will typically be used for referring back to a referent already established in the discourse. The great... [Books] [Linguistics]
Although great and profound outer changes can occur quite apart from any revelation from God, there is nothing more wonderful than the indwelling Christ. When he is present, streams of living water flow out, bringing life to people. This is something that... [Books] [Christoph Blumhardt] [gospel] [theology]

April 7, 1PM

When a speaker sets out to convey a piece of information, she assumes her addressee already possesses a certain model of the world (i.e. Cognitive Representation) which is what the speaker wishes to influence. The successful conveyance of information, the... [Hebrew] [Idle Musings] [Linguistics]


The very systematicity that allows us to comprehend one aspect of a concept in terms of another (e.g., comprehending an aspect of arguing in terms of battle) will necessarily hide other aspects of the concept. In allowing us to focus on one aspect of a co... [Books] [Idle Musings] [Linguistics] [Metaphors We Live By]
James Arminius insists that every person must have the grace of God to be able to repent. The Holy Spirit provides this grace; it does not naturally survive the Fall. “This sufficiency [of grace] must be ascribed to the assistance of the Holy Spirit, by... [Books] [Idle Musings] [prevenient grace] [theology]
But it is not just in its theology that the prayer is Jewish. It is Jewish in its form and in its language. Formally, the structure of the Disciples’ Prayer follows (up to a point) the tripartite scheme of “praise—petitions—thanksgiving” found i... [Books] [lord's prayer] [theology]
We defined an SoA [State of Affairs] as the conception of something which can be the case in some world. We also saw that the constitution of an SoA is not only determined by what is said, but also by how what is said is moulded into the predicate frame. ... [Books] [Idle Musings] [Linguistics]


We are faced with a paradox: the gospel of God’s coming kingdom seems to us a promise waiting future fulfillment, yet it must be lived out, here and now. We must be able to offer people something they can find nowhere else, and it must be something of p... [Christoph Blumhardt]

April 6, 8AM

I was reading along in Mark this morning in the CEB (my version of choice at the moment), when I stumbled across something that made me do a double-take. In Mark 3, Jesus is calling the twelve with distinct purposes in mind. But what are the purposes? Her... [grammar] [Greek] [Idle Musings] [Translation Theory]
“This doctrine [predestination] was never admitted, decreed, or approved in any Council, either general or particular, for the first six hundred years after Christ.” [Arminius, “Declarations of Sentiments”] He believed the hermeneutics of the earl... [Books] [prevenient grace] [theology]


The most important claim we have made so far is that metaphor is not just a matter of language that is, of mere words. We shall argue that, on the contrary, human thought processes are largely metaphorical. This is what we mean when we say that the human ... [Books] [Idle Musings] [Linguistics] [Metaphors We Live By]
The Disciples’ Prayer recognizes not only that God has a people, but also that he alone is to be King over them. This is a tenet of Jewish theology so vital to the life of Judaism that when non-Jews such as the Greek king of Syria Antiochus Epiphanes an... [Books] [lord's prayer] [theology]
Since distance from the deictic centre is a cognitive matter, it will also be culturally and psychologically determined. What is relatively close in the culture may be relatively distant in another; what is relatively familiar to one person may be relativ... [Books] [grammar] [Linguistics] [Translation Theory]
Our faith demands commitment and accountability. God’s people and our children must not just live for the moment, but must have something to hold on to, something to which they can remain faithful. Yet this is nothing we, as humans, can plan. Keep this ... [Books] [Christoph Blumhardt] [church]

April 5, 7AM


So? So what? Does that change your life? Does it even change your day? Check out this One Time Blind skit that (unfortunately) too often sums up Easter for us [gospel] [Idle Musings] [theology]
It is not enough to celebrate Easter and say “Christ is risen.” It is useless to proclaim this unless at the same time we can say that we have also risen, that we have received something from heaven. We must feel appalled when the tremendous events th... [gospel] [theology]

April 4, 11AM

God has a great sense of humor. In Genesis 30, Rachel is bemoaning the fact that she can't get pregnant. She rails at Jacob, who responds by saying he isn't God. Rachel responds by giving him her servant. All it does is start an arms race between Leah an... [Idle Musings] [scripture] [theology]

April 3, 7AM

Take away free choice and there is nothing to be saved. Take away grace and there is no means of saving. Without the two combined, this work cannot be done: the one as operative principle, the other as object toword which, or in which, it is accomplished.... [augustine] [Books] [prevenient grace] [theology]
But this view [that the LP is a compendium of doctrine] neglects (or chooses to overlook) the fact that according to those who first recorded our text, and presumably to Jesus himself as well, the Disciples’ Prayer is from first to last not a summary of... [Books] [lord's prayer] [Prayer]
Take languages seriously. Whenever there is some overt difference between two constructions X and Y, start out on the assumption that this difference has some kind of functionality in the linguistic system. Rather than pressing X into the preconceived mou... [Books] [Idle Musings] [Linguistics] [Metaphors We Live By]


Our task is to “put on the new man” (Col. 3:9–11). If we can bring ourselves to do this, and if the boredom of our theology and our Christianity has not already killed us, we can become people enthusiastic for Jesus. If Christ alone is our light and... [Books] [Christoph Blumhardt] [gospel] [theology]

April 2, 8AM

Good article in the latest issue of JSPL by Matt Harmon, "Letter Carriers and Paul’s Use of Scripture." After surveying the various uses of private letter carriers in the ancient world, he concludes Given the role of letters carriers as apostolic envoys... [church] [Idle Musings] [Paul] [scripture]


In fact, Arminian theology can find consensus with [the Synod of] Orange [529 AD] as its decisions affirmed both human inability and divine enabling. Moreover, Orange rejected a strict Augustinian interpretation that simply affirms prevenient grace: “Th... [augustine] [Books] [Church History] [Idle Musings] [prevenient grace] [theology]
What they think they are praying for when they say, “Forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us” is either a remittance of expected punishment for the sins they have individually committed or a release from any and all guilt... [Books] [lord's prayer]


Wherever certain linguistic facts are such that they cannot “naturally” be handled by means of the principles of F[unctional] G[rammar], it is the theory, not the language in question, which will have to be adapted.— The Theory of Functional Gra... [Books] [grammar] [Idle Musings] [Linguistics] [theology]
A movement of the Spirit will never come from religion – especially not from church rectories and parsonages. The institutional churches, in their so-called wisdom, use their authority to crush every free stirring of the Spirit, or at best to ignore it.... [Christoph Blumhardt] [Church History] [Idle Musings]
Holy Week can produce some of the worst in theology sometimes, but it can also produce some of the best. Brian Zahnd's post is in the latter category. Here's a bit of it, but read the whole thing. What the cross is not is a quid pro quo where God agrees t... [Atonement] [gospel] [Idle Musings] [theology]

April 1, 5PM

I just received a new book from Carta, Jerusalem: In the Master's Steps: The Gospels in the LandR. Steven NotleyCarta, Jerusalem, 201588 pages, EnglishISBN: 9789652208514Price: $25.00 Description: This volume, the first of four in The Carta New Testament... [Carta] [Idle Musings] [New Books]


CBD is running a sale on the NIBD for only $99.00. Page 24, here, at the top of the page. Or, you could just go to the web page and order it that way. [Books]


The biblical evidence that Christ’s work is for all people, that the Lord wants all to repent, and that every person can be saved intertwine with the divine enabling passages to show the traditional Arminian position of Jesus’ salvation: Jesus died fo... [Books] [gospel] [prevenient grace] [theology]
[R]eciting a text is not the same thing as praying that text, let alone praying the text as Jesus intended it to be prayed. If we do not understand what the text means, if we have no comprehension of what it is we are saying and what it is we are praying ... [Books] [Idle Musings] [lord's prayer]
It is important to stress that the relation between S[peaker]-intention and A[ddressee]-interpretation is mediated, not established through the linguistics expression. From the point of view of A this means that the interpretation will only in part be bas... [Books] [Idle Musings] [Linguistics] [Translation Theory]
Rather remain lowly than be honored by government officials or successful businessmen. The only true and genuine work is hidden; it is a mystery. We must work with much effort and sweat, even when no one understands what we are doing. People only value ou... [Books] [Christoph Blumhardt] [theology]


Indeed! This post follows up on one from last week about the collapsing of virtue into passion. Good thoughts; be sure to read the whole post for more context. Turning now to the modern world, we can see that the concept of love which is extolled as a vir... [Idle Musings] [theology] [Thomas Aquinas]

March 31, 8AM

Jeffrey Gibson was kind enough to send me a prepublication version of his forthcoming book on the Lord's Prayer. For the next few weeks or so, I'll be excerpting from it. Let's start with his translation of the prayer, which he calls (correctly, I think)... [Books] [Idle Musings] [lord's prayer] [Prayer]


There’s probably a part of you that wants a guarantee—you want to know that the risk of sharing your secrets will be worth it. You want to know how this journey will look, step-by-step, and how it will end. Well, God doesn’t usually work that way. A... [Books] [gospel] [theology] [What's your secret?]
The Prince of this World is the dominant force behind all government. And this is more distressing when governments claim to be on a Christian basis. Jesus and his Spirit cannot rule because our human schemes maintain absolute control.—Christoph Blu... [Books] [Christoph Blumhardt] [Idle Musings] [theology]


“Go in through the narrow gate. The gate that leads to destruction is broad and the road wide, so many people enter through it. But the gate that leads to life is narrow and the road difficult, so few people find it. (Matthew 7:13-14 CEB)

March 30, 7AM

The principle of universal opportunity is far from universalism, as God still allows His gracious work to be rejected by nonbelievers, His call described in these passages does not ensure a positive response. Grace does not necessitate repentance, either ... [Books] [prevenient grace] [theology]
There is something about being heart focused that frees us, and that’s why Jesus continually addresses the heart. He lambasted the Pharisees for neglecting the heart, pointed the rich ruler toward an issue of the heart, and praised the widow for her ful... [Books] [Holiness] [Idle Musings] [theology] [What's your secret?]
Most adjectives and other modifiers of the noun, however, convey no such semantic difference between attributive and predicative position. In general, modifiers can be freely placed before or after their head in both definite and indefinite NPs [noun phra... [grammar] [Greek] [Idle Musings] [Linguistics]


We can accomplish nothing for God’s kingdom on the basis of human strength. All we can say is that “we are unworthy servants; we have only done our duty” (Luke 17:10). Jesus empowers the workers in his vineyard to overcome the world. It is not we wh... [Books] [Christoph Blumhardt] [theology]

March 29, 8AM

And it’s actually true – God is dead! Of course he isn’t really dead, but in the lives of people he is dead. Nobody gets very excited if you say “God”; that is one of the most boring things in the world. When a rabbit jumps up in a field, everyb... [Books] [gospel] [Idle Musings] [theology]


Lord, the depths of a person’s conscience lie exposed before your eyes. Could I hide anything from you, even if I did not want to confess it to you? If I tried I would only be hiding you from myself, not myself from you. Whoever I am, Lord, I lie expose... [augustine] [gospel] [Idle Musings] [theology]

March 27, 6PM

"Seppli, Seppli!" he [Father Clemens] said kindly, as he pressed his hand, "what have I heard ? Are you not willing to follow Stanzeli when she wishes to go into the chapel? I wish to tell you something: our Heavenly Father does not command us to go into ... [Books] [Prayer]


Within the framework of Functional Grammar, she [Helma Dik, Word Order in Ancient Greek, 1995; Word Order in Greek Tragic Dialogue, 2007] argues that the order of content words (i.e., Dover’s mobiles) in Classical Greek clauses can be accounted for by ... [grammar] [Greek] [Idle Musings] [Just for Fun] [Linguistics]


Arminians affirm that it was necessary for God to initiate salvation because man was spiritually depraved by his Adamic inheritance.— Prevenient Grace: God’s Provision for Fallen Humanity, page 40 [Books] [prevenient grace] [theology]
Satan wants us to believe that God will reject us if we run to Him, convincing us that we had better run away from Him. Satan blinds us to God’s compassion and mercy and skews our perception of God. Convinced that God is mad at us, we buy into the lie t... [Books] [gospel] [Idle Musings] [theology] [What's your secret?]

March 26, 7PM

Got this today from "Catch the Buzz" a beekeeper e-mail. It originally appeared in Food Manufacturing News. Inspired by the popular "USDA organic" label, House Republicans are proposing a new government certification for foods free of genetically modified... [GMO foods] [Idle Musings]


I just ran across this editorial on Mother Earth News about seed sharing. Read the whole thing, but this paragraph grabbed me: Minnesota’s seed law, for example, is so broad that it basically prohibits gardeners from sharing or giving away seeds unless ... [Garden] [Idle Musings] [Insanity!]
The active force of the verb “suppress” (katechontōn) captures the intentional, counterworking effort of rebellios humankind to the effort of God or his revelation to show them his attributes. If the truth is actively suppressed, does that not sugges... [Books] [Idle Musings] [prevenient grace] [theology]


He piles on embarrassment, disappointment, frustration, fear, guilt, and shame by the truckload. The smooth-sounding tone, pseudo-promises, and seductive words of the deceiver quickly morph into the soul-crushing, shame-laden, degrading words of the accus... [Books] [gospel] [theology] [What's your secret?]
Recently, Chuck Pierce is in the news for "mantling" Glenn Beck. You can read about it here and the reactions, with Pierce's response, here. I chose Charisma News as the link because it is relatively favorable to this type of thing. I don't want to import... [Idle Musings] [theology]

March 25, 10PM

The way things are going, I thought maybe I had misread James 1:27:θρησκεία ⸆ καθαρὰ καὶ ἀμίαντος παρὰ °τῷ θεῷ καὶ πατρὶ αὕτη ἐστίν, ⌜ἐπισκέπτεσθαι ὀρφανοὺς καὶ ... [grammar] [Greek] [Idle Musings] [Textual Criticism]


I'm in the midst of reading Chip Hardy's dissertation on the Hebrew preposition. Interesting stuff—very linguistic in orientation. I came across this little tidbit, which I really like [I couldn't get the transliteration to paste correctly, sorry]: ... [grammar] [Hebrew] [Idle Musings] [Linguistics]


Yet in Romans 1, Paul condemns those who fail to honor God and says they are without excuse for it. This does not seem congruent; it requires us to believe that these people are too depraved to repent before God, but not too depraved to be able to recogni... [Books] [Idle Musings] [prevenient grace] [theology]
The reality is that most people are deeply connected to their hurt. It becomes part of their identities. To let go of it means major change.—What’s Your Secret? page 158 [Books] [What's your secret?]
The death of Christ should not be seen as the expression of divine anger or even wrath, but as the expression of divine love. It is the gift of God’s son and, at least in some sense, the gift of God’s own self: “God was in Christ . . .” (2 Cor 5:1... [Atonement] [Books] [Idle Musings] [Michael Gorman] [theology]
Even though I object to the "us versus them" attitude in this post, this paragraph makes it worth posting: While Christian theologians have typically regarded a concept such as love as both a passion and a virtue, modern secular society has collapsed the ... [theology]

March 24, 8AM

I just discovered that Steve Runge, whose blog has lain fallow since last fall, is now doing a weekly blurb on Greek and discourse grammar—the heading says it will eventually also include Hebrew. Right now, he is two weeks into every first year Gree... [grammar] [Greek] [Idle Musings] [Linguistics] [theology]


“But who wrote these words is quite a pointless question when we believe confidently that the Holy Spirit is the true author of the book. The writer is the one who dictates things to be written. The writer is the one who inspires the book and recounts t... [Books] [Idle Musings] [Patristics] [scripture]
When we turn to bitterness or wrath, failing to forgive, we become part of the problem. Our humanity broke things in the first place, so why do we think our own fix will contribute to true justice? Do we really believe that getting even will make the worl... [Books] [gospel] [What's your secret?]
The same new Testament writers who use new-covenant language also use the language of sacrifice. forgiveness of sins via the sacrifice of Christ is an essential, but not a sufficient, dimension of an atonement model rooted in the New Testament texts. To s... [Books] [Michael Gorman] [theology]

March 23, 8PM

For as the different strings of the harp or lyre, each of which gives forth a sound of its own seemingly unlike that of any other, are thought by the unmusical who do not understand the theory of harmony to be discordant because the sounds are dissimilar,... [Books] [Idle Musings] [Patristics] [Psalms] [theology]


A week or three ago, we were in the Grand Marais Public Library, picking up an interlibrary loan book or two or three or...well, you get the idea, when I got to talking to the head librarian. One of the things we discussed was the Internet comic, Unshelve... [Just for Fun] [Libraries]
When speaking of Martha and Mary, Augustine’s emphasis lies with Mary as a type of the life to come: “Mary…has shown us a likeness of this joy beforehand…she rested from every occupation and was absorbed with the truth according to the manner of w... [augustine] [Books] [Holiness] [Idle Musings] [theology] [theosis]
Forgiveness is not about disregarding justice. For me, holding on to an offense reflects my desire for the offender to hurt as much as I have. We don’t like to be this honest, but our hesitance to forgive is often based in our desire for some kind of re... [Books] [gospel] [Idle Musings] [theology] [What's your secret?]
So what is an appropriate politic for those who claim allegiance to the crucified Messiah? It is the task of every Christian community, in each and every time and place, to seek the will of God, the mind of Christ, and the guidance of the Spirit in discer... [Books] [church] [gospel] [Michael Gorman] [theology]


Scot McKnight has a post of a recent interview with J.I. Packer concerning Anglicanism. This paragraph caught my attention: [I]n Anglican circles, any question can be asked and the Anglican ethic is to take the question seriously and discuss it responsibl... [Idle Musings] [theology]

March 19, 9AM

The term marí (“my lord”) is frequently used in Syriac literature to refer to holy people.—David Eastman, The Deaths of the Apostles: Ancient Accounts of the Martyrdoms of Peter and Paul, Society of Biblical Literature, forthcoming, chapter 4, ... [Books] [Just for Fun] [syriac]


I therefore conclude that, in Hebrew, verbal forms were marked for social dynamics. Scribes chose unmarked forms when no distinction needed to be made between the social status of the speaker and that of the listener. In con- texts where the social dynami... [Books] [grammar] [Hebrew] [Idle Musings] [Just for Fun] [Linguistics]
I’ve heard horrific stories of how people have been violated and traumatized. When I suggest that they need to forgive the one who hurt them, initially it might seem incomprehensible, even impossible. And I think it is … on our own. That is why we mus... [Books] [gospel] [theology] [What's your secret?]
Members of the new-covenant community are still to seek the welfare of the city in which they reside, as Jeremiah told the exiles (Jer 29:7). But this must be a good they seek in cruciform mode. Their lives should be a living presence and voice that refle... [Books] [Michael Gorman] [theology]

March 18, 6AM

My study shows that the Hebrew yiqtol embodies a number of prefix conjugations: the indicative yaqtulu, the jussive yiqtol, and the volitive yaqtula. On certain types of verbs, the morphological features of the jussive differ from those of the indicative ... [Books] [grammar] [Hebrew]
We always have a good reason why we’re exempt from this commandment [to forgive] after people hurt us repeatedly. But there is no biblical caveat that says, “Forgive unless you can’t muster up the strength or unless your situation is really, really ... [Books] [gospel] [Idle Musings] [theology] [What's your secret?]
For all kinds of reasons, members of the new-covenant community should operate with a hermeneutic, an interpretive posture, of suspicion vis-à-vis the powers, since those powers crucified Jesus. The Gospel of John reminds us that political power is often... [Books] [Michael Gorman] [theology]
Pray that Jerusalem has peace: "Let those who love you have rest. Let there be peace on your walls; let there be rest on your fortifications." For the sake of my family and friends, I say, "Peace be with you, Jerusalem." (Psalms 122:6-...


I love this translation of מֵֽעַתָּ֗ה וְעַד־עוֹלָֽם (me`attah we`ad `olam) in the Common English Bible: "from now until forever from now." There's much to like in the CEB: Instruction for תורה (Torah), faithful love for חסד (... [Greek] [Hebrew] [Idle Musings] [Translation Theory]

March 17, 8AM

I'm a copy editor, among other things, and I have three basic tools that I carry with me everywhere: The Chicago Manual of Style, 16th edition, Merriam-Webster's Collegiate Dictionary, 11th edition, and SBL Handbook of Style, 2nd edition. I suppose I cou... [abbreviations] [Copyediting] [SBLHS2]


Is the presence of the volitive yiqtol in Samuel a coincidence, or should we suspect a scribal tradition in which the volitive functions of the yiqtol (< yaqtula) were well known? Could the scribes of Samuel have been familiar with the Hebrew volitive yaq... [bhq] [Books] [grammar] [HBCE] [Hebrew] [Idle Musings] [Textual Criticism]
Trying to help ourselves leaves no space for God. Effort that cooperates with the work of God makes space for Him. Consider the ideas in part 1 of this book: the actions of confession and repentance. Repentance is not an effort that earns us salvation; it... [Books] [gospel] [theology] [What's your secret?]
A reconstructed pronunciation of both Greek and Latin was suggested by the Humanist Erasmus in a treatise of 1528: the early Humanists had learned Greek from Byzantine scholars, who used the Byzantine (i.e., modern Greek) pronunciation of the Greek letter... [Books] [grammar] [Greek] [Idle Musings]


The New Testament proclaims that the reign of God has already begun in the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus. Therefore members of the new-covenant community formed by his death constitute an alter-culture (an alternative culture) within whichever ho... [Books] [church] [Michael Gorman] [theology]

March 16, 12 PM

What did it mean to be a Christian, a true Christian, among the early followers of Jesus? The evidence suggests that a key element in this definition was suffering. A true Christian followed the example of Jesus to suffering and even death, and Peter and ... [Books] [church] [Idle Musings]


All ancient Near Easterners had the greatest respect for their gods and goddesses. The continuance of their existence, their community, government and city, utterly depended on the supernatural realm’s good graces. The deities were all-powerful, all-wis... [ANE religion] [Books] [Cursed Are You!] [Idle Musings]
There is a tradition among classicists of referring to the retention of inherited [ā] (where Attic-Ionic changed to [ē]) as "Doric alpha." This comes from the fact that students of ancient Greek are brought up on grammars which give Attic-Ionic as the n... [Books] [grammar] [Greek] [Idle Musings]


God is not our self-help guru, available to use when we need Him. God is not someone we’re trying to fit into our world in order to “bless” our relationships, our careers, our finances, or to help us kick some bad habits. Sin is not reserved for tho... [Books] [gospel] [theology] [What's your secret?]
The close relationship of the Spirit to the cross, that is, to atonement, means that, whatever else the cross does, it connects people to God and to one another in a transformative way. To be saved by the cross of Christ is not only to be forgiven but als... [Atonement] [Books] [church] [gospel] [Michael Gorman]


The Lord is compassionate and merciful, very patient, and full of faithful love. God won’t always play the judge; he won’t be angry forever. He doesn’t deal with us according to our sin or repay us according to our wrongdoin...

March 14, 8AM

I'm reading too many books right now! I usually have 1–2 books going at a time, but right now I'm in the midst of, well...too many. As usual, an eclectic list of eccentric books, all delightful! First off, I'm in the midst of Chip Hardy's dissertation, ... [Books] [gospel] [Greek] [Hebrew] [Idle Musings] [Linguistics] [theology]


Roger Olson talks about anti-intellectualism in this post. Read the whole thing, but to give you a taste of it... To a very large extent American “Christianity” simply fits in with our overwhelmingly secular and increasingly pagan culture that is driv... [church] [Idle Musings] [theology]

March 13, 7AM

Apocalypticism can therefore be interpreted as an attempt to mediate between a basic theological starting point and historical data that appears to contradict it. Its attempts to address this problem are so radical that they generally call for new revelat... [Books] [theology]
The victim confirms a relationship between himself and the clod of earth. Once he tells the contents of his dream to it, he then utters three maledictions. The first is a simile curse. It affirms and establishes the function of the clod’s disintegration... [ANE religion] [Books] [Cursed Are You!]
Though self-help Christianity has been around for thousands of years, there are some deep-rooted tendencies that keep it alive. At the core of it all, we are selfish beings and we believe we are at the center of the universe, not God. When we think we can... [Books] [gospel] [theology] [What's your secret?]
For Paul, we have seen, peace and peacemaking are constitutive of Jesus’ identity, his father’s identity, the Spirit’s identity, the kingdom’s identity, and the church’s identity. That is, the Triune God is the God of peace, and the peace of God... [Books] [gospel] [Michael Gorman] [Shalom] [theology] [theosis]

March 12, 11AM

Caution: Heavy duty Greek ahead. Weird. I was editing along on this discourse handbook on the book of James when I noticed the phrase δὲ ἐν.... It occurred to me, why isn't the ε elided to give δʼ instead? For that matter, how often does δέ get... [grammar] [Greek] [Idle Musings] [Just for Fun] [Linguistics]


Curse-acts supporting unconditional curses are perhaps the most horrifying and are generally used reactively. Because no stipulations are attached to the malediction, the harm the curse-acts depict are to guide the deities in their present judgment of the... [ANE religion] [Books] [Cursed Are You!]
Just ran across this post: 28 Questions Every English Language and Linguistics Student Has Asked. My favorite is number 26: Are half of these terms even real words? But number 27 is a close second: Why does Microsoft Word not appreciate my language skills... [humor?] [Idle Musings] [Just for Fun] [Linguistics]


The efficacy of prayer in not grounded in the verbosity of the orant, but rather in the good disposition of the Father to respond to his children. The recitation of the LP [Lord's Prayer] is not an exercise in magic. Proper working is important, but this ... [ANE religion] [book] [Idle Musings] [lord's prayer] [Prayer] [theology]
And the door to repentance is confession. Confession is the statement that says, “I can’t do it on my own. I am responsible for what I have done, and I need help.” Confession is the admission of a need. Repentance is engaging God as the answer.&mdas... [Books] [gospel] [theology] [What's your secret?]
Those who are beneficiaries of God’s peace become instruments of God’s peace. This peace, we must remember, is the comprehensive shalom promised by the prophets, inclusive of restorative justice and coterminous with the kingdom of God.— The Deat... [Books] [gospel] [Michael Gorman] [Shalom]

March 11, 12 PM

I just heard that my Hittite professor from the University of Chicago, Harry Hoffner died unexpectedly yesterday. Sad news indeed. You can read a bit more about him here. I know that some students didn't like him, but I found him to be an excellent teac... [grammar] [Hittite]


It is far from certain that the professional curser required a view of the target on every occasion. Indeed, this may not have been always feasible. Even so, some kind of connection between the specialist and the intended victim appears to be essential. W... [ANE religion] [Books] [Cursed Are You!] [Idle Musings]
Prayer is a determining factor in the unfolding of the Heilsgeschichte [salvation history]. God’s divine plan of salvation is driven forward by the prayers of Jesus and his followers. Plymale concludes that, “Prayer is God’s way of guiding and imple... [Books] [lord's prayer] [theology]
Is the cross fundamental to your faith? What would happen if the cross were removed from your walk with God? Would anything change? There is no better place to engage God, who is the spiritual solution to our spiritual problems, than at the cross. It is t... [Books] [gospel] [theology] [What's your secret?]
Practicing peace is therefore a form of bearing witness to the gospel in the most difficult circumstances, the expression of the teaching and example of both Jesus and Paul to refrain from retaliation and to love one’s enemies. By obeying and imitating ... [Books] [gospel] [Michael Gorman] [pacifism] [theology]


Do not allow me to judge according to the light of my bodily eyes, nor to give sentence according to the hearing of ignorant men’s ears. But let me distinguish with true judgment between things visible and spiritual, and always seek above all things You... [Thomas à Kempis]

March 10, 1PM

Why the sudden irrationality of Muslim baiting? What's going on? Is this the U.S. version of the lead-up to Kristallnacht? I agree with this guy's post (read the whole thing, but here's the summary): I’ve seen nothing in my Muslim neighbors worthy of a ... [gospel] [Idle Musings] [theology]
This conference looks great. I wish I could attend, but I have it on good authority that there will be a conference proceedings volume. Look for it in November at AAR/SBL... [Books] [grammar] [Greek] [Linguistics]


The action of the main clause is the focus of attention. The comparative frame presents the manner in which the main action should be done by establishing it as the basis for the clause that follows. We probably would accomplish this kind of task most nat... [Books] [discourse analysis] [Greek] [Linguistics] [Runge] [Translation Theory]


Num 5:11–31, the incident of the jealous husband, provides the clearest evidence that Yahweh’s priests administered curses. Although much has been written on this pericope, few have recognized that there is but one procedure recorded here: the issuanc... [Books] [Cursed Are You!] [theology]
Jesus is inviting his followers to be players in the eschatological unfolding of the Father’s plan. He promises that after his departure, he will be in their midst when they gather. Heaven will be present on earth, and the ecclesia on earth will make it... [Books] [lord's prayer] [theology]
Recently I heard a girl say, “I just don’t know why people make such a big deal about the cross.” At first I was appalled, but then my heart broke. She considered herself a Christian but had essentially embraced a cross-less Christianity . She belie... [Books] [gospel] [theology] [What's your secret?]
Paul does not merely hold out Christ as an example, but points to him as a living presence with and in whom the church has koinōnia inasmuch as it practices peace—the peace of the crucified and resurrected Messiah. he is the Lord of peace, the son of t... [Books] [church] [gospel] [Michael Gorman] [theology] [theosis]
Lord God, Holy Father, may You be blessed now and in eternity. For as You will, so is it done; and what You do is good. Let Your servant rejoice in You—not in himself or in any other, for You alone are true joy. You are my hope and my crown. You, O ... [Thomas à Kempis]

March 9, 2PM

The next clause [of John 1:1] places θεός in position P2 for the sake of emphasis. The omission of the article serves to disambiguate whether θεός is the subject or direct object [sic]. Since both λόγος and θεός are established and known,... [grammar] [Greek] [Idle Musings] [Linguistics] [Runge] [theology] [Trinity]


No single linguistic theory is robust enough on its own to adequately account for every aspect of language. It is too diverse and complex to make this a realistic expectation. Each different linguistic framework was developed to tackle different problems,... [Books] [Greek] [Linguistics] [Runge]


They default expectation of natural information flow is that focal information will be placed as close to the end of the clause as the typology of the language allows. Placing focal information in the P2 position represents the choice to take what was alr... [Books] [grammar] [Greek] [Idle Musings] [Linguistics] [Runge]


Structurally and theologically, the expression “on earth as it is in heaven” is the centerpiece of the prayer. It conveys a vision for heaven and earth being brought into harmony. The LP [Lord’s Prayer] does not depict heaven as the ‘analogue’ o... [Books] [lord's prayer] [theology]
The effectiveness of an imprecation pronounced by the amateur is also heavily dependent on the circumstances that led to the malediction’s initial declaration. This should be no surprise because a curse is fundamentally a solicitation to a deity for a j... [ANE religion] [Books] [Cursed Are You!]
Tips and techniques can’t transform a heart or kill sin. Am I saying that we should ditch the helpful tips altogether? No. Instead we should give them the proper roles in our lives. We love to break our problems into small pieces, thinking that if we do... [Books] [gospel] [theosis] [What's your secret?]


It should be stressed that Luke does not portray Jesus’ death as an act of peacemaking rather than an atoning sacrifice. it is both, with forgiveness of sins being the factor common to both aspects, and to the death’s effectiveness in inaugurating the... [Books] [gospel] [Michael Gorman] [theology]
There is scarcely anything in which you so need to die to self as in seeing and suffering things that are against your will, especially when things that are commanded seem inconvenient or useless. Then, because you are under authority, and dare not resist... [Books] [Thomas à Kempis]

March 8, 7AM

"I would never use a gun," I say out loud. I would be forever tied to stores for bullets, and the friendly spirit of my mountaintop would be violated. The birds would not come and sit on my hand, Baron Weasel would move out, and Jessie Coon James would no... [Books]

March 7, 10AM

It's been a while since I posted stuff from elsewhere—not that I don't read it, I just fail to post it. Usually what happens is that I mark something and then fail to post it until it is so old that it doesn't make any sense. Well, for some reason this ... [church] [gospel] [Idle Musings] [pacifism] [sermon on the mount] [theology]

March 6, 8AM

Testing may come by the initiative of God, or it may be expressed in the actions and attitudes of the people. “Lead us not into testing” means ‘don’t put us to the test,’ even as it articulates the plea: ‘don’t let us test you.’ In either ... [Books] [lord's prayer] [theology]
The verbal character of lay curses in illiterate societies contributed not only to their dangerousness but also to their ubiquitousness. They are dangerous because once declared, curses enjoyed an independent existence that could not be readily supervised... [ANE religion] [Books] [Cursed Are You!]
Perhaps because we are impatient and addicted to quick fixes, one-answer solutions, and shortcuts, we love the three steps to a healthy marriage, the four keys to finding your calling, or the top ten ways to financial freedom. These tips may be helpful, b... [Books] [gospel] [Idle Musings] [theology] [What's your secret?]


Jesus identifies the cup as “the new covenant in my blood” (22:20). In this statement and his acceptance of suffering just noted, Jesus is forswearing the use of violence to bring about the kingdom of God; he is prepared to shed his own blood, rather ... [Books] [gospel] [Michael Gorman] [pacifism] [theology]
[T]hat which is alloyed with self-interest is not pure and perfect.Ask, therefore, not for what is pleasing and convenient to yourself, but for what is acceptable to Me and is for My honor, because if you judge rightly, you ought to prefer and follow My w... [Prayer] [theology] [Thomas à Kempis]

March 5, 9AM

I’m in the middle of editing a book and ran across the word ἀργός. Here’s the LSJ entry: ἀργός (B), όν, later ή, όν Arist.EN1167a11, Mete.352a13, Thphr.Lap.27, Ath.Mech.12.11, etc.: (contr. from ἀεργός) And here's the BDAG entr... [grammar] [Greek] [Idle Musings] [Just for Fun] [Linguistics]


I recently read a dissertation on the Lord's Prayer. For the next couple of days, I'll be excerpting from it. The author of the dissertation, David Clark, is the leader of the YWAM base where Joel and Renee are serving. In the proclamation of Jesus, the s...
While we may assume that all people engaged in cursing, we cannot assume that the ancient Near Easterners perceived every curse they uttered to be equally efficacious. Certainly, some maledictions were believed to be more potent than others. What contribu... [ANE religion] [Books] [Cursed Are You!]
Sometimes tips and techniques seem great because they allow us to take action and feel better. But in reality they don’t change much because they don’t actually address the roots of the problems. Why? Because the seven deadly sins are not just problem... [Books] [gospel] [What's your secret?]
Ironically, then, the one who seeks peacefully to bring good news to all will be perceived as, and eventually crucified as, bad news—a threat to peace and security. This is, paradoxically, both true and false. On the one hand, because Jesus’ way of th... [Books] [gospel] [Michael Gorman] [theology]
For I confess truly that I am accustomed to be very much distracted. Very often I am not where bodily I stand or sit; rather, I am where my thoughts carry me. Where my thoughts are, there am I; and frequently my thoughts are where my love is. That which n... [Thomas à Kempis]

March 4, 10AM

I was just informed of a review of Philology: The Forgotten Origins of the Modern Humanities (thanks, Classics-L list!). If the book is half as delightful as the review... Here's a few snippets from the review that are priceless: As for philological sing... [Books] [Idle Musings] [Just for Fun] [philology]


[I]n the Incarnation, we find the Son of God joined to a man and the fullness of the Holy Spirit present as a singular gift to Christ. In both aspects the incarnate Christ is different from other humans, for the Son of God does not assume any other human,... [Books] [Holy Spirit] [Idle Musings] [theology] [Trinity]


In Num 12:9, Yahweh’s temper is provoked when Miriam and Aaron question Moses’s authority: וַיִּחַר אַף יְהוָה בָּם וַיֵּלַךְ, 'and the anger of Yahweh was kindled against them and he departed’. Consequently, divine ire... [ANE religion] [Books] [Cursed Are You!] [Idle Musings] [theology]
In a culture that promotes avoiding weakness at all costs, it is good to be reminded of our desperate need for God. We don’t need reminders of our greatness as much as we need reminders of our weakness. Maybe we should spend less time focusing on our se... [Books] [gospel] [Idle Musings] [What's your secret?]
For Paul, then, Jesus is “the Messiah, our peace” (cf. Eph 2:14) by virtue of his peacemaking death that has made God’s enemies into God’s friends, and has also made people who are naturally quite different and even estranged into one body, one re... [Books] [church] [gospel] [Michael Gorman] [theology]
Somebody said it this way: “‘My kingdom go’ is a necessary correlator of ‘They kingdom come.’” Until your kingdom goes, His kingdom cannot come.—A.W. Tozer, Voice of a Prophet, page 195 [Books] [theology] [tozer]

March 3, 9AM

It is clear from the tone of these lines that the ritual is not an end in and of itself. The final appeasement of the angered deities is still pending. The use of the precative (line 112, liškunū; 121, liššakin) and the prohibitive (line 113, ayy ir... [Books] [Cursed Are You!] [Idle Musings] [scripture] [theology]


Too often, I think, we desire a Savior who, after assuring us of eternal lie, leaves us alone until our next crisis. We want Him to comfort us but never convict us; we desire Him to heal us but not inhabit us. We want the Holy Spirit to help us obtain the... [Books] [cheap grace] [Idle Musings] [theosis]
I’ve talked with people who have learned about the power of confession and found it easy to share their past secrets, but have difficulty confessing their present secrets. Confession isn’t just about the past. Rather confession is about the secret tha... [Books] [gospel] [What's your secret?]
This love the Messiah had and has for the world and for the church is not, for Paul, only a reference to Jesus’ deep concern for individuals’ salvation in the sense of their reconciliation to God—though it is clearly and emphatically that. Indeed, e... [Books] [Michael Gorman] [theology]
These are the days of projects and enterprises and ambitions from little fellows who have not stayed in Jerusalem long enough to be endued with power. They go out in the power of educated flesh and put on a project, and then ask God to bless their project... [church] [theology] [tozer]

March 2, 9AM

As is characteristic of simile maledictions, the curse opens with kima (line 130) ‘like’, ‘just as’. The simile builds on the flour’s particular properties. As flour, the grain will never enjoy propagation. It is useless to the farmer. Never wil... [ANE religion] [Books] [Cursed Are You!] [Idle Musings]
Now the idea that Christ seeks to perfect our faith makes a fine doctrine, but in the practical outworking of our lives, we deeply resist the idea. For we know that faith, in order [to] be perfected must be tested.— This Day We Fight!, page 111 <... [Books] [theology]
Transparency is about you, while vulnerability is about you and others. Confession to others is about inviting the help and strength of others into your situation. This is more than just semantics; it’s about the difference between humility and pride, b... [Books] [church] [gospel] [What's your secret?]
These first three peace texts in Luke—first the promise of imminent peace to be brought by the Messiah (Luke 1:79); then, immediately, the inauguration of peace in the birth of the Messiah (Luke 2:14); and then, immediately, the confession of Simeon (Lu... [Books] [church] [gospel] [Michael Gorman] [pacifism] [theology]
The first prayer was, “Hallowed be Thy name.” For God to be exalted, for us to put God up first, we must let God have first place in our thinking; we must let Him have first place in our giving, and first place in our lives, our homes, our business, o... [Books] [theology] [tozer]


I'm probably way behind the curve here, but I just discovered over the weekend how to add fonts to an iPad... Why would I want to do that, you ask? Well, for one thing, I'm sick of Syriac displaying as square boxes : ) For another, now that Dropbox integr... [Computer woes] [Greek] [Hebrew] [Idle Musings] [ipad] [syriac]

March 1, 10AM

This illumination of the Holy Spirit is part of the re-ordering of the monk's heart and mind, at first simply to combat thoughts which arise from the devil and from the disordered self, but eventually as enlightenment about the mysteries of the faith in t... [Books] [Holy Spirit] [Idle Musings] [scripture]


In former times, prayer was able to rescue from fire and beasts and hunger, even before it received its perfection from Christ. How much greater then is the power of Christian prayer?—Tertullian [Prayer] [theology]

February 28, 1PM

"According to a number of biblical scholars the spoken word in ancient Israel 'is never an empty sound but an operative reality whose action cannot be hindered once it has been pronounced'" (Thiselton on Hermeneutics, p. 53; the quoted material is from Ja... [ANE religion] [Cursed Are You!] [Idle Musings] [Linguistics] [theology]

February 27, 10AM

I'm editing a discourse handbook right now and ran across this little gem: James provides an important qualification to the type of faith he is referring to with the phrase ἐὰν μὴ ἔχῃ ἔργα (if it does not have works). Though one could ar... [theology]


Wow! James was a real Word of Faith preacher (2:15-16a):ἐὰν ἀδελφὸς ἢ ἀδελφὴ γυμνοὶ ὑπάρχωσιν καὶ λειπόμενοι τῆς ἐφημέρου τροφῆς εἴπῃ δέ τις αὐτοῖς ἐξ ὑμ... [Greek] [Idle Musings] [Just for Fun] [theology]


In order to counteract problems of this type [a curse being directed against you], a person had two management options. First, he or she could consign the rābiṣu to an associate demon that is equally “evil.” Because two negative beings, both hosti... [ANE religion] [Books] [Cursed Are You!] [Idle Musings]
For our marriage, God’s grace is there when we need it. We have both changed so much in the last 35 years that I can only thank the Lord. Forgiving each other helps. Forgiveness is the key to building and maintaining a healthy relationship. God gives us... [Books] [Holiness]
I have had lively debates with friends over questions like “Should a cheating spouse tell their spouse what they have done if they have the help they need? Won’t it preserve the family if the spouse doesn’t know?” The reality is that the truth mus... [Books] [gospel] [Holiness] [Idle Musings] [What's your secret?]
Righteousness and faithfulness, peace and security: these are the traits of the Messianic age. In 11:10–11 Isaiah extends these benefits beyond Israel to the Gentiles; he internationalizes the messianic peace.— The Death of the Messiah and the Bir... [Books] [gospel] [Michael Gorman] [theology]
The clash of the prophets was between the ideal and the actual. The people to whom they brought the message believed they were okay. They bought into the idea that if they had pleasant thoughts everything would be all right. Indeed, such is the case today... [Books] [theology] [tozer]
Wow! I just saw an abstract of an article by Udo Schnelle about early Christianity, with thanks to Evangelical Textual Criticism for the link. Unfortunately it is behind a pay wall so I can't get the full details, but it is sure to stir up a controversy. ... [Church History] [Idle Musings]

February 26, 8AM

Esarhaddon is inclusive in his anxiety and describes two ways a malediction is rendered impotent. First, a curse could be ‘turned back’ (târu, lines 377, 379). Undoubtedly, this refers to the procedure of returning a curse to its source. Second, a cu... [ANE religion] [Books] [Cursed Are You!]
The key is staying humble. I don’t believe most people intentionally hurt each other, but it does happen. I sincerely do not want to hurt her [his wife] or my children in any way. If we can remove the hurt, we can cultivate the love.— This Day We ... [Books] [Holiness]
The Bible talks more about confessing to others than it does about confessing to God. We must not forget the need to confess to God as a step toward repentance, but we must also tell someone else. Much of our Christian culture advises us to tell God and b... [Books] [gospel] [Idle Musings] [revival] [What's your secret?]
The phrase “Peace and righteousness (or justice)” is frequently shorthand for the eschatological or messianic age in both the OT—including Isaiah specifically—and in at least some Second Temple texts. Paul both knows this slogan and develops it, a... [Books] [Michael Gorman] [theology]
I do not like the kind of evangelism that gets people in by cards. I think there ought to be a cry of pain. There ought to be a birth within. I feel there should be the terror of seeing ourselves in violent contrast to the holy, holy, holy God. And if it ... [Books] [Holiness] [Idle Musings] [tozer]

February 25, 8AM

The problem is that too many Christians have confused peace with passivity. They have hollow peace instead of hallowed peace. Their lives are prayerless and they live in perpetual compromise with heaven’s enemies. This is not peace; it is bondage.&mdash... [Books]
Apparently, the ever-cautious Esarhaddon assessed a conditional self-curse on the citizens of Sippar. Yet the character of this particular malediction is very ominous. It is an arrat la napšur ‘a curse that cannot be released” (N of parāšu). Becau... [ANE religion] [Books] [Cursed Are You!] [Idle Musings]
This is going to require soul-searching courage. Not only the courage to face it yourself but also the courage to show someone else. By keeping the secrets of our hearts locked behind closed doors, we think we can avoid what lurks in the depths. Maybe we ... [Books] [gospel] [Idle Musings] [What's your secret?]
As we have examined the practices of faithfulness and love that the predictions of Jesus’ death generate, and that are the essence of participation in that death, we have seen that these practices are all counterintuitive and countercultural. They are a... [Books] [Michael Gorman] [theology]
One of the things wrong with us today is that we do not repent enough. The reason we do not have more repentance is that we repent for what we do instead of for what we are. The repentance for what you do may go deep, but the repentance for what you are g... [Books] [theology] [tozer]

February 24, 11PM

I read the NIV2011 of Prov 3:5–6 yesterday that made me do a double take. Here it is; tell me what's wrong with it: Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding;in all your ways submit to him, and he will make your ... [Greek] [Hebrew] [Idle Musings] [Latin] [scripture] [syriac]


God calls us to be prayer warriors, not prayer worriers!— This Day We Fight!<idle musing>Disclaimer: This book is full of bad theology and American Exceptionalism. I don't recommend it at all! It was written shortly after 9/11/2001 and reflect... [Books] [Idle Musings] [Prayer] [theology]
From the ancient Near Easterners’ point of view, a spell’s sturdiness and effectiveness would find additional reinforcement through similes that compared its “string” of words to the strings of a net or twine. As the twined threads of a net are tw... [ANE religion] [Books] [Cursed Are You!]
Notice David’s blunt honesty and decision not to sugarcoat the truth. He doesn’t deny, deflect, minimize, or rationalize. David lets it all hang out. He calls himself sinful and evil and admits his inability to fix the problem. David’s honest confes... [Books] [gospel] [Idle Musings] [What's your secret?]
To pick up one’s cross and follow Jesus in suffering, generosity, and love (the essence of the three passion prediction-summonses) is not to imitate as much as it is to participate.— The Death of the Messiah and the Birth of the New Covenant, page... [Books] [gospel] [Michael Gorman] [theosis]


Man craves that which is holy and tries to manufacture it to satiate his thirst.—A.W. Tozer, Voice of a Prophet, page 165 [Books] [theology] [tozer]

February 23, 7PM

A morphological oddity that is evident in all I-E languages is the alternation of the vowel e with the vowel o. This is not a sound change but a morphological marker of Indo-European: thus the Greek verb pherō “I carry” has an e in the stem pher-, b... [Books] [Greek] [Idle Musings] [Linguistics]


So in this case [the letters of Ignatius] one is actually dealing with eleventh-century manuscripts witnessing to a second-century writing which often loosely cites the text of the NT in the (vain?) hope of trying to glean insights into the state of the t... [Books] [Church History] [Greek] [Idle Musings] [Textual Criticism]


I'm working on a project for ASOR and ran across this: "[The new life of a baptized believer is] symbolized in many ways, both in ritual and text, this is also illuminated through the octagonal shape of baptisteries and fonts, as the number eight indicate... [church] [Church History] [Idle Musings] [theology]


What is most curious about the Exodus account is the disjunction between the traditional interpretation of separation due to heavenly malediction and affiliation due to benediction. Typically, what is cursed is banished from the deity, and what is blessed... [ANE religion] [Books] [Cursed Are You!] [theology]
[T]o say that we should be intolerant of Acts’ intolerance is simply to replace one scheme of life with another (tolerance, remember, always gets its meaning from the larger schemes in which it occurs). What then is the justification for this intoleranc... [Books] [gospel] [Idle Musings] [The Book of Acts] [theology]
Condemnation comes from the enemy, is all about guilt, and asks the question, What good are you? or, How could you? The end goal of condemnation is to draw you away from God. Conviction comes from the Holy Spirit, is all about redemption, and simply asks ... [Books] [gospel] [What's your secret?]
[D]iscipleship forms an alternative way of life to the quest for power and position, the domination and defeat of others, that characterizes “normal” human life, particularly existence in imperial mode.— The Death of the Messiah and the Birth of... [Books] [gospel] [Michael Gorman] [theology]
What a peculiar and confused theology buzzes in and out of the heads of people today when God has been reduced to a good-sized man! We become offensively personal and intimate in our dealings with God; we joke about Him and call Him our business partner, ... [Books] [theology] [tozer]
Then I called for a fast there at the Ahava River so that we might submit before our God and ask of him a safe journey for ourselves, our children, and all our possessions. I had been ashamed to ask the king for a group of soldiers and cavalry to help us ... [faith] [Idle Musings] [scripture]

February 20, 8AM

The ancient Near Easterners also assumed that once an angered deity departed, he or she would do so using a flurry of curses. Since this is a typical reaction among outraged human beings, there is no reason to believe that the deities behaved any differen... [ANE religion] [Books] [Cursed Are You!] [gospel] [Idle Musings] [theology] [theosis]


Those who want to speak of polytheisms must at least acknowledge that whatever it would mean to speak of polytheisms, it would not mean that they could—together or individually—incorporate a metanarrative that would mean their extinction. In this sens... [Books] [Idle Musings] [The Book of Acts] [theology]
Confessing our secrets to God takes the sin and shame out of our hands. We are not capable of getting rid of our own messes— that process belongs to the Lord.—What’s Your Secret? page 32 <idle musing>Amen! As much as we'd like to think tha... [Books] [Idle Musings] [What's your secret?]
Cross-shaped discipleship has a Christological, counterintuitive, and countercultural character that is marked especially by hospitality and service to those without status, which implies a decisive predisposition toward the weak rather than toward the po... [Books] [gospel] [Michael Gorman] [theology] [theosis]
[W]e have overlooked one little thing. Along with man’s strange and wonderful ability to take the forces of nature and combine them to make modern toys to make life easier, we have been led to believe that along with our progress in scientific subjects ... [Books] [theology] [tozer]

February 19, 8AM

In general, the ancient Near Easterners believed that deities withdrew because they were angry. The cause of this divine ire could be due to a wide variety of human offenses: sin, insult, error, crime, curse, and so on. Although intentionality is occasion... [ANE religion] [Books] [Cursed Are You!]


Yet we would misread the nature of the Christian mission according to Acts were we to think only of the individual “heroes” of the story as the icons who best figure forth the missional identity of the church (e.g., Peter, Stephen, and Paul). Though A... [Books] [church] [The Book of Acts]
A secret in its simplest form is merely information. However, it is keeping this information hidden that gives control to the enemy. The enemy of our souls uses secrets to destroy us from the inside out. Secrets of any kind can lead to the physical, emoti... [Books] [Holiness] [Idle Musings] [theology] [What's your secret?]
Children in antiquity had little status and significance, especially outside the Jewish world. although Jews valued children as real human beings who should be cared for, in Greco-Roman culture and law children were not persons but possessions, without le... [Books] [Idle Musings] [Michael Gorman] [theology]
People are perfectly willing to go along with God as long as God will be good and conform to their pattern.—A.W. Tozer, Voice of a Prophet, page 144 [Books] [theology] [tozer]

February 18, 9AM

In other words, the net result of choosing a participle over a finite verb is to have the main verbal action of the clause receive primary attention. Had two finite verbs been used, attention would have been equally split between the two. In this case, ju... [Books] [grammar] [Greek] [Idle Musings] [Linguistics] [Runge]


When the deities depart, bad things happen. Every ancient Near Easterner knew this regardless of the time period or culture. An Old Assyrian Lamaštu text from Kaneš (ca. 1920–1840) describes why the demoness is able to target someone: 18a-na be-el la2... [ANE religion] [Books] [Cursed Are You!] [Idle Musings] [theology]
The system of control employed by the imperial government was in its general lines the same as that invented by the republic—to maintain the ascendency of the wealthier classes. As before, the constitutions of the cities were so arranged as to give the ... [Books] [Idle Musings] [The Book of Acts]
We're starting to excerpt from a "new" book today—What’s Your Secret? I hope your enjoy it. We may think that we are keeping a secret, but the truth is that the secret is actually keeping us. What we thought we controlled, slowly and subtly grows.... [Books] [gospel] [Idle Musings] [theology]
The task of a witness is to speak courageously in word and deed, testifying to the truth of God and prophesying against all falsehood that distorts and parodies divine truth. Witnesses offer testimony to the vision of God given them in the hope that other... [Books] [Michael Gorman] [theology]
The bush was just a scrub thorn bush, and I imagine there were millions of them there. Maybe there were hundreds of thousands of them scattered over the broad face of the wilderness, and they did not amount to anything. The flame, however, transfigured th... [Books] [theology] [tozer]

February 17, 10PM

The participle is used much more widely and diversely in Greek than in English. It is the workhorse of the Greek verbal system, with participles being used for more actions than would be acceptable in English. This mismatch in usage has significantly impa... [Books] [grammar] [Greek] [Runge]


Mytho-poetics is what those who think they can think, think those whom they think cannot think, do in place of thought.—JoAnn Scurlock in Creation and Chaos, page 265, n 50 [Books] [Just for Fun]


[Here is] a helpful analogy between linguists and medical doctors. The human body is a very complex system. Each part can affect the others in various ways, and a single symptom (e.g. a fever) can have several different underlying causes. Similarly, the g... [Books] [grammar] [Idle Musings]


Curses cause disease. An Akkadian incantation against sorcery makes the following observation: u2-ša-aṣ-bit-an-ni GIG-su lim-nu ša2 ṣi-bit ma-mit ‘She (the kaššaptu) has imposed on me her evil disease caused by the attack of a curse’. Other te... [ANE History] [Books] [Cursed Are You!]
If the concept of “sin” means an awareness that there are dire problems in the world that need addressing, or that human beings are complex entities with competing and frequently injurious desires, then—other than a few naves—it would probably be ... [Books] [The Book of Acts] [theology]
At the same time, it is imperative that we be clear that participation in Christ (or in his death) is not a vague, purely “spiritual” term. New covenantal, participatory love for God and neighbor manifests itself in concrete practices, some of which w... [Books] [gospel] [Michael Gorman] [theosis]
To respond to the Sermon is not to respond to an ethical vision. To respond is to respond to Jesus. The proper response is to declare who he is by the way we live.— Sermon on the Mount, page 277 <idle musing>That's the final excerpt from the b... [Books] [gospel] [sermon on the mount] [theology]


Some people think holiness is something you get and that you take out with you and carefully guard it lest you lose it. Holiness is nothing else than the holy God dwelling in a human being’s heart. The heart will be holy because God is there, and God is... [Holiness] [Idle Musings] [theology] [tozer]

February 16, 8PM

The curses that we have in Hebrew from ancient Palestine do not attest to the complex genre of curses that we find in many civilizations. There is no practice such as the Greek and Roman defixio or binding curse, with its attendant manipulation of materia... [Books] [Hebrew] [Idle Musings] [theology]


Wow! The Internet is great, isn't it? You can see all the cat videos you want or waste your time on Facebook. Or, you can view some of the greatest manuscripts in the world. In fact, the Vatican just put one of the most important ones for the New Testamen... [Greek] [Idle Musings] [Just for Fun] [LXX] [Textual Criticism]
All curses seek one goal: death. Even though the realization of this goal can be articulated in a wide variety of ways, the harm in a curse generally operates within a range of increasing effects. Thus, the scope of the injury can move seamlessly from a s... [ANE religion] [Books] [Cursed Are You!]
It is worth noting that Luke himself does not employ κὐριος [lord] for any pagan divinity.—World Upside Down, page 237 n. 69 [Books] [The Book of Acts] [theology]
This transformation takes place, not by imitation, but by indwelling, being “in him.” for Paul this indwelling is not a one-way relationship but mutual: we in Christ, Christ in us; we in the Spirit, the Spirit in us (see, e.g., Rom 8:1–17). The new-... [Books] [gospel] [Michael Gorman] [theosis]
The fundamental aim of the Sermon is to present Jesus and his kingdom vision for his kingdom people, and the only acceptable response to this Sermon is to embrace him, to accept the challenge; that means to do what he says.— Sermon on the Mount, pag... [Books] [gospel] [Idle Musings] [sermon on the mount]
The Bible was never given to be an end in itself. The Bible was given to be a path leading us to God; and when the Bible has led us to God, and we have experienced God in the crisis of encounter, the Bible has done its work. It is not enough that you shou... [Books] [Idle Musings] [scripture] [tozer]

February 14, 12 PM

Since the notion of a point seems to preclude internal complexity, a more helpful metaphor would perhaps be to say that the perfective reduces a situation to a blob, rater than to a point: a blob is a three-dimensional object, and can therefore have inter... [Books] [grammar] [Idle Musings] [Just for Fun]


We've reached our predicted high for the day... I just looked again, and we're on the way down... [Just for Fun]
Although Adam is culpable for eating the fruit of the tree, Yahweh does not curse him directly. Yahweh curses rather the soil with an unconditional malediction and simultaneously links the harm to Adam: 'Cursed is the earth because of you’. Basically, A... [Books] [Cursed Are You!] [Idle Musings] [theology]
Thus the truth claim about Jesus’s Lordship does not lead in Acts to a narrative blueprint for the need to coerce others for their own good but to a form of mission that rejects violence as a way to ground peaceful community and instead witnesses to the... [Books] [gospel] [Idle Musings] [pacifism] [The Book of Acts] [theology]
Notice carefully what Paul actually says here: not “so that we might know about the righteousness of God.” not “so that we might believe in the righteousness of God.” not “so that we might proclaim the righteousness of God.” not even “so tha... [gospel]
Far too many think because they have “prayed to receive Christ,” they are safe and secure. I don’t want to dispute the all-sufficiency of Christ or the importance of faith and God’s grace, but far too many today are trusting in a onetime decision ... [Books] [cheap grace] [gospel] [Idle Musings] [sermon on the mount] [theology] [theosis]
Modern medicine and technology can help make people live longer but cannot make them live happier. Regardless of all the advancements in our society, the world is pretty much a lonely crowd. It is not the presence of others that cures loneliness; it is th... [theology] [tozer]

February 12, 10AM

The ketiv and the qere are “equal” insofar as 19:7c is incomprehensible by either variant.—HBCE Proverbs, page 272 <idle musing>I laughed out loud when I read this...OK, after so many hours of proofing a text, anything can be funny... : )&... [HBCE] [Idle Musings] [Just for Fun]


Most imprecations focus on the “how” of the injury rather than its final goal, which is generally presumed. This is the core of its power. Death inevitably comes to all things. But it is how this final aim is achieved outside of life’s natural cours... [ANE religion] [Books] [Cursed Are You!]
Plainly said, all political thinking is inescapably theological. Our theological judgments may of course be hidden by a limited range of vocabulary that attempts to eliminate explicit theological terms from “pure” political discourse….”politics”... [Books] [The Book of Acts] [theology]
Paul assumes the inseparability of orthodoxy and orthopraxy, and he assumes the inseparability of the vertical and the horizontal in the atonement. some may be tempted to say, “Paul is talking about ethics, not atonement.” Therein lies the kind of pro... [Atonement] [Books] [ethics] [Michael Gorman] [theology]
Jesus here isn’t calling someone merely to a better moral life. Rather, his own presence looms in the entire Sermon as the one through whom God speaks, through whom God redeems, and through whom God reigns.— Sermon on the Mount, page 263 [Books] [gospel] [sermon on the mount] [theology]


We are a tricky crowd, and if we can find anything human to lean on, we will lean on it. If we can find anybody to help us short of God, we will hunt everywhere else, and God is usually the last one asked. page 115 <idle musing>When I read this I th... [Books] [Idle Musings] [theology] [tozer]

February 11, 8AM

As noted in ch. 3, the judgment of the governing deities looms large in the successful fulfillment of a curse. Certainly, the supernatural realm must weigh in first and determine the validity of the request before any curse can be executed. There is no ne... [Books] [Cursed Are You!] [Idle Musings] [theology]


Tolerance and diversity, that is, can never of themselves produce tolerance and diversity or work as centrally organizing conceptions or principles precisely because they cannot of their own conceptual resources answer the questions, what will we not tole... [Books] [The Book of Acts] [theology]
Disciples benefit from the servant-Jesus’ death as cleansing from sin and imitate it as loving care for others. Both Jesus and John see these two aspects of his death as inherently inseparable. The gift is also demand. There is no cleansing without disc... [Books] [gospel] [Michael Gorman] [theology] [theosis]
So the gate is not just a mild association with Jesus or some kind of general affiliation, but a radical commitment to Jesus as the one who is King and Lord who shapes all of life for us.— Sermon on the Mount, page 261 [Books] [gospel] [sermon on the mount]
I firmly believe that if you are where you are now because of your ingenuity and maneuvering, you are probably not where God wants you to be. The call of God is a divine moment that is impossible to replicate.—A.W. Tozer, Voice of a Prophet, page ... [Books] [theology] [tozer]

February 10, 10AM

It is one of the peculiarities of biblical text criticism that we will emend the ancient level of the text while holding the medieval level sacrosanct.—HBCE Proverbs, page 21 <idle musing>I dunno; it struck me as funny...</idle musing> [Books] [HBCE] [Idle Musings] [Just for Fun] [Textual Criticism]


I received the final proofs last night for HBCE Proverbs! I have 4 days to turn them around and get them back... That means it should be published in the next month or so. [HBCE]
Although the number of the first two verb forms are somewhat lost behind the dab (ṣabātu) and us2 (redû) logograms, it is clear that the noun māmūt is singular. She is the active agent. She seizes and pursues. In the next line however one verb is... [ANE religion] [Books] [Cursed Are You!] [grammar] [Idle Musings] [theology]
In practice—and in principle—ancient polytheism cannot be read as religiously systemic tolerance; to do so is to engage in political fantasy.—World Upside Down, page 165 <idle musing>He isn't afraid to step on toes, is he? But he's correct... [ANE religion] [Books] [Idle Musings] [The Book of Acts] [theology]


The forgiveness of sins is certainly important; it is an integral sign of the new exodus and new covenant. But forgiveness is only part of the larger purpose of God in the Messiah’s suffering and death; the larger purpose is to create a new people who w... [Books] [church] [gospel] [Idle Musings] [Michael Gorman]
Jesus himself was law observant, but what distinguished his praxis was that he did so through the law of double love. To do the Torah through love is to do all the Torah says and more.— Sermon on the Mount, page 249 <idle musing>I like that. T... [Books] [gospel] [Idle Musings] [sermon on the mount] [theology]
God takes that which is nothing and makes it something. People who always know where they are going are not following the Lord, because He cannot be predicted quite so perfectly as that.—A.W. Tozer, Voice of a Prophet, page 106 [Books] [gospel] [tozer]

February 9, 10AM

The call to cruciform discipleship is, in fact, a call to covenant faithfulness, a summons to embody, simultaneously, the two tables of the Law. we see this clearly in the story of the encounter of Jesus with the man who wanted to know what he had to do t... [Books] [gospel] [Michael Gorman] [theology]


The polytheistic world of Mesopotamia and Anatolia put its inhabitants at a great disadvantage when it came to managing curses. With so many deities to prevail on, any means of circumventing and/or undoing a malediction would have been arduous. With this ... [ANE religion] [Books] [Cursed Are You!] [Idle Musings] [theology]
Despite common interpretive tendencies in contemporary American Christianity, salvation is not, according to Acts, oriented solely toward the internal aspects of the human being (soul, heart, etc.). Against all spiritualizing tendencies, Luke narrates the... [Books] [gospel] [The Book of Acts] [theology]


I am convinced that many of us, while we affirm that God is good and that God listens, do not act as if God cares and listens. In other words, we wouldn’t be caught dead not affirming God’s care for our every moment, but we act as if God is up there n... [Books] [Idle Musings] [sermon on the mount] [theology]
I never could figure out why ministers feel they have to pat and paw over everybody to get them in, why they have to dilute and edit and modify and amend and trim down the gospel. It does not work this way. A trimmed-down, diluted, edited religion is not ... [church] [gospel] [theology] [tozer]

February 6, 9AM

I'm in the process of reading How Words Mean right now. I must admit that it is a tough go. I thought maybe it was because I wasn't overly familiar with Cognitive Linguistics. But, just in case, I decided to check out what others were saying... Although t... [Books] [Idle Musings] [Linguistics]


To become more Christlike will be simultaneously to become more Godlike and more human. The new covenant will therefore mean a new humanity and a new creation; the image of God will be restored, not just in individuals, but in a people.— The Death o... [Books] [gospel] [Michael Gorman] [theosis]
The freedom to utter maledictions was open to all human beings. Ordinary people could curse, people such as Jotham, Job, and Enkidu. And certainly it was not a liberty restricted to ritual specialists such as Baalam or the cultic priesthood. But the effic... [ANE religion] [Books] [Cursed Are You!] [Idle Musings] [theology]
Where the narrative of Acts clearly rejects any hint of the notion that Jesus is a rival for Caesar’s throne—that he competes with the emperor for the title κύριος πἀντων [Lord of all]—it does so on the basis of a more startling claim: ... [Books] [Idle Musings] [The Book of Acts] [theology]
“But, for most of us, the problem is not that we are too eager to ask for the wrong things. The problem is that we are not eager enough to ask for the right things.”—N.T. Wright as quoted in Sermon on the Mount, page 242 <idle musing>Mayb... [Books] [Idle Musings] [Prayer] [sermon on the mount] [theology]
I never could figure out why ministers feel they have to pat and paw over everybody to get them in, why they have to dilute and edit and modify and amend and trim down the gospel. It does not work this way. A trimmed-down, diluted, edited religion is not ... [cheap grace] [church] [tozer]
Ooohhh!!! I want! Forestalling Doom "Apotropaic Intercession" in the Hebrew Bible and the Ancient Near East Alter Orient und Altes Testament - AOAT 417by Marian W. Broida Ugarit-Verlag, 2014 xx + 282 pp., English Cloth ISBN: 9783868351101 Your Price: $114... [ANE religion] [Books] [Idle Musings]

February 5, 9AM

The doctrine of prevenient grace assumes the universal dimension of Christ's enlightening, enabling work. The work extends to "whosoever" would believe, rather than being limited to a chosen few, as a particular predestination interpretation of these pass... [Books] [theology]
The phrase “new covenant” only appears in the Old Testament in Jer 31:31. This is clearly a classic case of the importance of weighing items rather than counting them when it comes to determining significance.— The Death of the Messiah and the B... [Books] [Idle Musings] [Michael Gorman]
He [Balaam in Num 22:38] cannot and does not make any declaration based on his own authority. He can only speak God’s word. This provides the clearest evidence that Balaam’s activities, as well as any other cursing specialist’s, were dependent and l... [ANE religion] [Books] [Cursed Are You!] [scripture]
By contrast, according to Acts, sacrificing to the gods, soothsaying, magic, and so forth, do not “make sense” for the early Christians. The reason is not hard to find: the wider predicament in which these practices made sense has disappeared. Thus th... [Books] [gospel] [Idle Musings] [The Book of Acts] [theology]


Anxiety is a barometer of one’s God: those with anxiety about “life” worship Mammon, while those without anxiety worship the providing God.— Sermon on the Mount, page 217 <idle musing>Ouch! Indeed true, though, which is why scripture rep... [Books] [gospel] [Holiness] [Idle Musings] [sermon on the mount] [theology]
In looking at all these prophets, especially Elijah, we can see that they were notoriously hard to live with. Here was a man who let his faith in God cost him something. He did not go to church once a week and give an occasional donation. His was a deep a... [Books] [Holiness] [tozer]
OK, here we go again. We've got Ben-Hadad coming back to battle the next year with a stronger army—fewer kings and more soldiers. Too many managers in the old one, I guess : ) Anyway, we've got this tiny little Israelite army surrounded by the Arame... [ANE History] [ANE religion] [Idle Musings] [scripture]

February 4, 10PM

I've been reading through Samuel–Kings lately. I love that section of the Old Testament; when I was a kid, I used to sit in church on Sunday mornings and read through it in my trusty RSV. But, as I was reading the other day, this struck me as strange. I... [ANE religion] [Idle Musings] [scripture]


LCCM Theory [Lexical Concepts, Cognitive Models] advances the potentially controversial claim that words do not in fact have meaning. Meaning is held to be a function of an utterance, rather than a given mental representation associated with a word, or ot... [Books] [grammar]


In the new-covenant model I am proposing, the purpose (and actual effect) of Jesus’ death is all of the above and more, but that effect is best expressed, not in the rather narrow terms of the traditional models, but in more comprehensive and integrativ... [Books] [Michael Gorman] [theology] [theosis]
OK, I've spread this stuff out over too many posts for it be be easy to follow, so here's a table of contents. Read it in the order that they appear if you want to follow the flow of thought. And make sure to read the comments, too. They are good. How eff... [Books] [Cursed Are You!] [Idle Musings] [theology]


Eventually, one learns that Šimei’s curse fell utterly flat and that he was never acting under Yahweh’s directive as David had feared. This the Israelites would know because David never did lose his throne to Absalom, and he was able eventually to r... [ANE religion] [Books] [Cursed Are You!] [Idle Musings] [theology]


In Lystra and Philippi no less than in Athens and Ephesus, both the critiques and the reactions they evoke arise out of the identity of the God of Israel as on who is fundamentally distinct from the cosmos, or in more directly Jewish terms, who is the Cre... [Books] [The Book of Acts] [theology]
Too often we believe like theists (a personal God) and act like deists (a distant, impersonal, noninteractive, uninvolved god). We say we believe in God, trust in God, and are sustained by God; but in our actions we do everything for ourselves, trusting i... [Books] [sermon on the mount] [theology] [theosis]
What is desperately needed in the church today are men and women who are so obsessed with God that only God matters. I am tired of the toys and jingle-bell-boys and all of the entertainment from the world being siphoned into the church to try to entertain... [Books] [church] [theology] [tozer]

February 3, 2PM

Word meanings cannot be pinned dow, as if they were dead insects. Instead, they flutter around elusively like live butterflies.—Jean Aitchison as cited in How Words Mean, page 65 [Just for Fun]


In a comment the other day, David pointed out that there is a qere/ketiv in Prov 26:2. For those of you who don't what that means, it means that the Hebrew text has the consonants of one word but a "footnote" that says it really should be a different word... [grammar] [Greek] [Hebrew] [Idle Musings] [Textual Criticism]
‘Like a sparrow in its flitting, like a swallow in its flying, an undeserved curse goes nowhere’. The ‘curse’, ‏קִלְלַת, described here is the curse of a mortal because it’s ineffectiveness contrasts sharply with the timely efficaciousn... [Books] [Cursed Are You!] [Idle Musings] [theology]
As difficult as it may appear to the modern mind, we must look to the resurrection of Jesus to understand the Christian mission in Acts. That is the “place” from which Christian mission begins.—World Upside Down, page 122 [Books] [The Book of Acts] [theology]


But what surprises us here is that the words used for “healthy” (haplous) and “unhealthy” (ponēros) are words often used for “generous” and “stingy.” Words that appear to be rather innocent take on a more pointed economic flavor. The econ... [Books] [Greek] [Holiness] [sermon on the mount] [theology]
God conquers our foes by conquering us. This is the hardest preparation for us to take. But remember that God always conquers your enemy by conquering you. God never fights on the side of the man who holds his fist clenched, If you are going out there to ... [Books] [Holiness] [tozer]
Just saw this posted over at Jesus Creed, and excerpt from From Here to Maturity. Unfortunately, in my somewhat limited experience, I find it to be spot on: They value a “relationship with God” above all and like the idea of “falling in love with Je... [Books] [church] [Idle Musings] [theology]

February 2, 10AM

Over the weekend, I was talking to someone who was enamored with a particular pastor. The Holy Spirit set off alarm bells in my head, so I did a quick Google search. But the particular person in question isn't the point of this post. The criteria used to ... [Idle Musings] [theology]


What's not to like about these? And, who's old enough to remember them? : ) [Books] [Just for Fun]
[T]he ultimate purpose of Jesus’ death was to create a transformed people, a (new) people living out a (new) covenant relationship with God together. Moreover, this people will not simply believe in the atonement and the one who died, they will eat and ... [Books] [Idle Musings] [Michael Gorman] [theology] [theosis]


Šamaš’s refusal to support Enkidu’s solicitation against Šamhat seems to have placed Enkidu in a dangerous position. An unsupported, free-floating curse could wreak havoc in other ways. Therefore, Enkidu must correct, or better yet, counterbalance ... [ANE religion] [Books] [Cursed Are You!] [Idle Musings]
For Luke as for Rome, to be the Lord of all is to be the “peacemaker.” But the respective ways in which they construe this role could hardly be more different. For Luke and not for Rome, the paxof the dominus mundi [lord of the world] is the kind of h... [Books] [The Book of Acts] [theology]
Like the ancient prophets, Jesus’ teaching in our passages isn’t simply about the ideal society, and neither is it an economic theory; this is about worship and idolatry. What Jesus had to say to his followers who were seeking to embody the kingdom vi... [Books] [Holiness] [Idle Musings] [sermon on the mount]
The devil can only get in you if he has something in there that belongs to him. If he does not have anything in there that belongs to him, he can only go around the outside and growl. He cannot get in. All problems have their spiritual solution. As we bec... [Books] [Holiness] [tozer]

February 1, 10AM

The decision not to base the analysis of tense on discourse function does not, however, mean that the study of tenses is discourse is not a relevant study, indeed it is often the case that the investigation of the meaning of tense (or of some other gramma... [Books] [grammar] [Greek] [Idle Musings]
Grammars of many languages claim that the language in question has a special form for indicating situations that occur in sequence, or for distinguishing sequences of situations from simultaneously occurring in situations. However, in nearly every case, i... [Books] [grammar] [Idle Musings]

January 30, 8AM

Love this line: I’ve never heard a Christmas carol that came from The Iliad. Isaiah is where Handel found the inspiration for his timeless Messiah. <idle musing>Isn't that great?! It sums up the polar opposites so succinctly—Achilles = death... [gospel] [Idle Musings] [pacifism]


Ps 118:25 provides us with a clear example of the author’s ultimate respect, politeness, and gratitude toward God, with its use of two נָא particles, two ָאנָּא particles, and two long imperatives. This verse appears as the climax of a very emo... [Books] [grammar] [Hebrew] [theology]
Although mortals can and clearly do curse, their maledictions do not have much effect unless the divine world gives its consent and allows the curses to have impact. This hinges on the assumption that a curse cannot be fully efficacious (that is, become e... [Books] [Cursed Are You!] [Idle Musings] [theology]
In Luke’s vision, the practical corollary of the primacy of God in Jesus Christ is, to employ contemporary language, the primacy of peace and service. Where the lordship of the Roman emperor entailed a pax predicated upon pacifying strength and terror, ... [Books] [Idle Musings] [pacifism] [The Book of Acts] [theology]
The irony of wealthy follower of Jesus cannot be ignored.— Sermon on the Mount, page 204 [Books] [Holiness] [sermon on the mount] [theology]
Jacob was to learn that the way God conquers our enemies is to conquer us. It doesn’t make sense from the human standpoint.—A.W. Tozer, Voice of a Prophet, page 58 [Books] [theology] [tozer]

January 29, 8AM

Cuneiform and Hebrew texts demonstrate that curses by the deities have four principle characteristics. First, solicitation is not a feature of divine maledictions. They function as mandates. This would explain Ḫammurabi’s description of Enlil’s curs... [ANE religion] [Books] [Cursed Are You!] [Idle Musings] [theology]
Jesus does not challenge Caesar’s status as Lord, as if Jesus were somehow originally subordinate to Caesar in the order of being. The thought—at least in its Lukan form—is rather much more radical and striking: because of the nature of his ... [Books] [gospel] [Idle Musings] [The Book of Acts] [theology]
As a pastor it’s pretty common for me to talk to someone who has come to me to confess a sin or some kind of ongoing struggle. There are often tears as he or she admits the truth. I know it’s a difficult and humbling thing to do, because I’ve been t... [AHA] [Books] [gospel] [Idle Musings] [theology]


We are body, soul, and spirit and not bodies with a spirit or soul dwelling in us. The former sees us as an organic unity, while the latter sees us as having an inferior part (body) and a superior part (soul, spirit). Fasting in the Bible is the organic, ... [fasting] [Holiness] [Idle Musings] [sermon on the mount]
We have tried to make God in our image, and because we have made Him in our image, we think we can explain everything He is supposed to do. If you can explain everything about God, it really isn’t God.—A.W. Tozer, Voice of a Prophet, pages 51–5... [theology] [tozer]

January 28, 9PM

There's been a good bit of stir of late about a supposed papyrus fragment containing the Gospel of Mark. It actually is an old story from 2012 that got resurrected of late. I'm skeptical—I always am when it comes to sensational finds...but in this c... [Idle Musings] [Textual Criticism]


This perceived incongruity must be tempered by the realization that curses and blessings can be reciprocal. This means that when a person utters a curse against another, he or she simultaneously seeks an implied blessing for himself or herself at someone ... [Books] [Cursed Are You!]
In contrast to the emperor, the ultimate Lordship of Jesus Christ in Acts just is the Lordship of God. Indeed, the God of Israel and Jesus Christ do not stand in competition for the designation κύριος [Lord] but rather share this identity. In case t... [Books] [The Book of Acts] [theology]
There’s a big difference between regret and repentance—the actual turning away from our wrongs. Too often we have an awakening and regret the way things have turned out—but we won’t turn away from our part in it. We hate that someone found out. We... [AHA] [Books] [gospel] [Idle Musings] [theology]
[T]he lack of emphasis on the promises that come to the one fasting—Jesus only promises “reward”—means we need to avoid motivating people to fast by what they might gain. The obsession some have with marketing fasting because of its many b... [Books] [fasting] [Idle Musings] [sermon on the mount] [theology]
I have discovered that God specializes in hopeless cases. If it were up to me, I never would have chosen Jacob. My choice would have been Esau. I find him to be a much better person than Jacob ever was. There was not really that much bad about Esau; it wa... [Books] [theology] [tozer]


Bobby from Hendrickson Publishers just sent me a link to a marvelous poem about snow by Emerson: Announced by all the trumpets of the sky,Arrives the snow, and, driving o'er the fields,Seems nowhere to alight: the whited airHides hills and woods, the ri... [Idle Musings] [Just for Fun] [Snow]

January 27, 9PM

Just found out about this at the Coop today. Grand Marais could be the "coolest small town." Want to know more? Check it out here and vote. One vote per day, so vote often : ) [Just for Fun]


Jephthah, much like Saul, can display all the signs of success, but because he could not rise above the scars of rejection, he will remain a troubled personality throughout. Opportunistic, he can grasp power although it is not his to have—but truth to t... [Books] [theology]


When setting off to war, beyond organizing a large and disciplined army and investing in decent spies, good generals consult the gods, sacrifice to them, and bring them along as talismans out to battle. More economical, however, is to petition a god with ... [ANE religion] [Books]


Although most languages have an identifiable linguistic structure designed to express modality, the elements in the system may have more than one function; they may extend their meanings to more than one semantic domain. Through her study of modal auxilia... [Books] [grammar]


Buying seeds for your garden? There's a list of trustworthy companies at Council for Responsible GeneticsPersonally, I buy primarily from Fedco Seeds (which is a cooperative, but you don't need to belong to buy) and Johnny's. But I also buy from Seed Sa... [Garden] [GMO foods] [Idle Musings]
In the human realm, the curse operated differently. As those who enjoyed the final word, the deities, particularly the principal gods and goddesses, were seen as judges who reviewed and supervised the solicitation behind every mortal malediction. Thus, a ... [Books] [Cursed Are You!] [Idle Musings] [theology]


In short, the κύριος πάντων [lord of all] must be divine (or at the very least uniquely connected to the divine). Social contract advocates since Rousseau have naturally tried to dispense with this necessity—as has the modern world in ge... [Books] [The Book of Acts]
But if we try to get away from honesty, we will short-circuit any real change that AHA may bring. When there’s recognition but no repentance, AHA doesn’t happen. The awakening must lead to honesty.—AHA Student Edition electronic edition <idle... [AHA] [Books] [gospel] [Idle Musings]
Jesus may well be turning the act of fasting inside out in a comic act of exaggeration: the quintessential act of grief in the Jewish world (fasting) becomes an act of celebration. How so? He tells them to “put oil on your head and wash your face (6:17)... [Books] [fasting] [sermon on the mount]
When it comes to truth, it must be regarded as not only the will of God but also the heart of God. God is not laying upon us strict disciplines to delight in our suffering. Sometimes we get this idea from people who, for some reason, glorify suffering. I ... [Books] [theology] [tozer]

January 26, 8AM

I don't understand it. Well, that's not quite true; I do understand it, but don't get it. Maybe that's not quite right either. I understand it, I get it, but I don't like it. I have posted over 3800 times in the last 9 1/2 years. My most popular posts hav... [Idle Musings]
They do not dread Saul or even Yahweh, whom we would expect to be the greatest object of concern because the deity would be the activating force behind the harm in the malediction should it be breached. There is a definite sense that the troops are treati... [ANE religion] [Books] [Cursed Are You!] [Idle Musings] [theology]
To belabor a point now well recognized in the study of ancient Rome: the pax of the pax Romana was at the very least more complex than the panegyrical remarks of Virgil, Velleius, and others would suggest. Indeed, seen from the perspective of the dominate... [Books] [Idle Musings] [The Book of Acts]
Have you had some moments like this with the truth? You realize something you have never realized before, and it wakes you up.You realize you’ve been trying to live a Christian life through your own power and strength rather than through the power of th... [AHA] [Books] [gospel]
At the heart of the Sermon is a section on spiritual disciplines because Jesus expects his disciples to practice charity, praying, and fasting. Jesus, however, doesn’t command almsgiving, prayer, or fasting but assumes them. The central issue that provo... [Books] [sermon on the mount]


The false prophet would tell you that if you are a Christian you should not experience any bad times. Everything should go wonderfully for you. You should prosper and be successful in everything you touch your hand to. That sounds fine, but it has no root... [tozer]

January 25, 10AM

I'm sure I will catch all kinds of flack for this one...but it needs to be said. What do the children of same-sex marriages say? It appears that a few of them have filed court briefings... "While I do not believe all gays would be de facto bad parents, I ... [church] [gospel] [Holiness] [Idle Musings]
From Paul’s perspective, however, if peace and justice come through violence and war (whether then or now), then Rome was right and Christ died in vain.— The Death of the Messiah and the Birth of the New Covenant, page 192 (emphasis original) [Books] [Michael Gorman] [pacifism] [theology]

January 24, 10AM

Three elements are present here: sensationalism, emotionalism and entertainment. I must point out that all these are contrary to wholesome spiritual development.Make it SensationalSensationalism can capture the headlines, so to speak. That is just a temp... [Books] [church] [theology] [tozer]

January 23, 9AM

1 Sam 11:6–7 [Saul sending pieces of an ox to the 12 tribes, demanding they assemble for war] establishes several important points about the way a conditional imprecation could be imposed. First, those who are conditionally cursed do not have to be pres... [Books] [Cursed Are You!]
Yet, as any number of contemporary examples might remind us—Martin Luther King Jr., to take only the most obvious—the rejection of insurrection does not simultaneously entail an endorsement of the present world order, as if the fact that Jesus... [Books] [The Book of Acts] [theology]
I am pleading with you to come to your senses. There’s a storm brewing, and there is no time to waste. Don’t fool yourself into thinking that those closest to you will be able to escape the devastation of your storm. Your journey to the Distant Countr... [AHA] [Books] [theology]
The most influential understanding of fasting today is the instrumental theory. In the simplest of terms, this theory teaches that we fast in order to gain some benefit. … But instrumental fasting is all but impossible to find in the pages of the Bible ... [Books] [Idle Musings] [sermon on the mount] [theology]
In some places, the church is being marketed as though it were a business. Christianity is not a commercial commodity or product. I do not see that in the New Testament. What bothers me is the fact that the message gives way and takes second place to the ... [church] [tozer]

January 22, 9AM

Further, Neh 5:13 also illustrates the custom of pronouncing a curse twice. The first articulation is expressed with an active verb that is clearly informed by and coordinated with Nehemiah’s performance of shaking out his cloak. After the predictive ac... [Books] [Cursed Are You!] [grammar] [Hebrew]
Because “religion” in antiquity was not a category separable from the rest of life—as modern usage generally implies—this difference in the perception of divine identity amounts to vastly more than a mere difference in a discrete sphere of... [Books] [The Book of Acts] [theology]


Both sons were in the wrong, and it was really their responsibility to seek out the father. The younger son did, and the father was waiting. As soon as he could see his son on the horizon, he ran to him. He didn’t sit back and wait. He didn’t make his... [AHA] [Books] [gospel] [Idle Musings] [theology]
I affirm what Tiessen calls the redemptive intervention model [of prayer], in which God’s overall plan is established and known to God while granting freedom within that plan. In this model, prayer changes things, and I believe the biblical models of pr... [Books] [Idle Musings] [Prayer] [sermon on the mount] [theology]
Have we come to a stage in this generation that the so-called church is promoting everything and anything that will add to its number? The bottom line, as they say, is success; and success has everything to do with numbers. Whatever brings the numbers in ... [Books] [church] [Idle Musings] [theology] [tozer]

January 21, 8AM

There is a fundamental distinction between a vow and an oath. A vow is a conditional promise that seeks to bargain with a deity to support a desired outcome. Most notable vows articulate the arrangement in positive terms; expressing how each party will mu... [Books] [Cursed Are You!]
This collision, however, is not due to the missionaries’ lack of tact (though they were doubtless bold) or to a pagan propensity for rash violence (though there was doubtless bloodlust); rather, its deeper basis rests ultimately in the theological affir... [Books] [The Book of Acts] [theology]
Jesus knows that most people base what they think about God on His representatives. In that day, people viewed God based on how the Pharisees and teachers lived and behaved. Think about it: Our interactions with employees shape our view of a company. I me... [AHA] [Books] [gospel] [Holiness] [theology]
Those who genuinely love others forgive. Those who don’t are not kingdom people.— Sermon on the Mount, page 183 <idle musing>You couldn't put it much simpler than that, could you. Or truer.</idle musing> [Holiness] [Idle Musings] [sermon on the mount] [theology]


My child, stand firm and trust in Me. For what are words but words? They fly through the air but hurt not a stone. If you are guilty, consider how you would gladly amend. If you are not conscious of any fault, think that you wish to bear this for the sake... [Thomas à Kempis]

January 20, 8AM

Although a deity, insulted by the offense of vow neglect, could indeed castigate the offender with a variety of misfortunes, the punishment is never seen to derive from a prearranged, conditional malediction. This illustrates a fundamental distinction bet... [ANE religion] [Books] [Cursed Are You!] [Idle Musings]
The burning of magical books and the uproar caused by Demetrius and the craftsmen are not two unconnected or random events but rather two different responses to the life of transformation proclaimed by Paul and the early Christians. Acts 19:18-20 and 19:2... [Books] [gospel] [Idle Musings] [The Book of Acts] [theology]


The Pharisees listening to Jesus were about to learn what they had forgotten—and what we often forget: the followers of Jesus aren’t on earth to assign blame; we’re here to free the trapped, bandage the wounded, help the hurting, and celebrate homec... [AHA] [Books] [gospel] [theology]
Verse 12 is a prayer request: forgive us our sins as we have forgiven those who have sinned against us. In other words, the appeal to God for forgiveness is rooted in our forgiving others. For most of us this seems backward because it seems to make God’... [Books] [Idle Musings] [sermon on the mount] [theology]
Oh, how good and how peaceful it is to be silent about others, not to believe without discrimination all that is said, not easily to report it further, to reveal oneself to few, always to seek You as the discerner of hearts, and not to be blown away by ev... [Thomas à Kempis]

January 16, 8AM

In its most fundamental sense, a vow is a conditional promise. In the ancient Near East, vows were most frequently used as a means of bargaining with the divine. While one could loosely identify the expression of vows as “prayers,” they were, neverthe... [ANE religion] [Books] [Cursed Are You!] [Idle Musings]
To agree with the logic of the Areopagus speech in the end, therefore, is not to see the truth of the gospel in pagan philosophical terms (translation) but to abandon the old interpretive framework for the new. It is, plainly said, to become a Christian.&... [Books] [gospel] [The Book of Acts]
We think, It’s too late now. I don’t have time to get cleaned up. I don’t have time to get my life together. But it’s not too late—the Father wants you just the way you are. When you finally act, your heavenly Father comes running with arms wide... [AHA] [Books] [gospel]
The sweep of the Gospels, not to mention [Matt] 6:25–34, where Jesus points a long finger at consumerism and preoccupation with money and possessions, suggest that when Jesus says, “Give us today our daily bread,” the word today suggests we are not ... [Books] [sermon on the mount] [theology]


Grant me help in my needs, O Lord, for the aid of man is useless. How often have I failed to find faithfulness in places where I thought I possessed it! And how many times I have found it where I least expected it! Vain, therefore, is hope in men, but the... [Thomas à Kempis]

January 15, 9AM

The fundamental difference between an oath and a vow is the curse. An oath has a curse; a vow does not. An oath automatically solicits the divine world. A vow, on the other hand, involves the deities but the principle on which the solicitation is based re... [ANE religion] [Books] [Cursed Are You!]
It is particularly noteworthy, therefore, that the magicians did not give or throw their books away, or, for that matter, sell them for money to help widows and orphans (an obvious Lukan concern; see, e.g., Acts 6:1-2). The mere existence of magic, implie... [Books] [gospel] [The Book of Acts] [theology]


A spirit of defeatism can be expected if everything depends on us. If it’s up to our actions to save ourselves, then, yeah, it’s too late—way too late. A spirit of defeatism comes because we don’t accurately take into account how the Father will r... [AHA] [Books] [gospel] [Holy Spirit] [Idle Musings] [theology] [theosis]
It can be put baldly: we do not know exactly what “daily bread” means. For some this wrecks what we have always known to be true, but “our daily bread” uses a Greek term that is used but one time in the ancient literature.— Sermon on the Mou... [Books] [Greek] [Idle Musings] [sermon on the mount]
Just ran across this, about our culture of violence. Read the whole thing here. Any culture has a difficult tendency to send conflicting messages on an array of issues, and American culture is no different. This fact is especially true when it comes to o... [Idle Musings] [pacifism] [theology]

January 14, 8AM

So close is the connection between curses and their heavenly derivation that curses can become deities themselves. They separate the dead from the living. They are disease, calamity, ailment, and misadventure. They are the agents of death. They are the pe... [Books] [Cursed Are You!] [Idle Musings] [theology]
Luke actually exploits the ambiguity of δεισιδαιμονέστερος. The characters of the story, that is, hear δεισιδαιμονέστερος in a complimentary sense, while the auditors—remembering the perspective created by 17:16&m... [Books] [Greek] [Idle Musings] [The Book of Acts]


If there’s an awakening and you come to your senses and you know something needs to be done and you think to yourself, "Tomorrow I will…" or, "Next week I’m going to…," that’s not the Holy Spirit. This was actually an awakening for me a few year... [AHA] [Books] [gospel] [Holiness] [theology]
“On earth as it is in heaven” is fundamental to the entire Lord’s Prayer as well as all of early Christian eschatology. Jesus clearly has no desire, as was the case in Platonic and the wider reaches of much of Greek and Roman thought, to move throug... [Books] [sermon on the mount] [theology]

January 13, 8AM

For the harm in all curses ultimately aspires to one end: death. They seek death in order to preserve life. This death is indiscriminate. No one is immune. It can be instant or slow and torturous.— Cursed Are You!, page 5 <idle musing>This is ... [Books] [Cursed Are You!] [Idle Musings]
Instead of a romantic view of Athens as the place of university-like debate, Luke portrays the city’s rampant idolatry—Paul is rightly vexed—as the context in which the Christian preaching of the resurrection of Jesus (1) is distorted and (2... [Books] [gospel] [Idle Musings] [The Book of Acts]
When our AHA experience finds its fulfillment in immediate action, Jesus is ultimately glorified. Most of the non-Christians you know are probably aware of what you say and believe. And I bet they would say that most Christians don’t experience AHA; the... [AHA] [Books] [Idle Musings] [theology] [theosis]
In Israel’s Story, God is preeminent. Observance of the Torah is to be done before God. God-centered obedience glorifies God by making God preeminent. But humans want to usurp the place of God, making themselves the center of the Story. This happens at ... [Books] [gospel] [sermon on the mount] [theology]

January 12, 2PM

Jacob is heading back to Canaan and about to meet his brother—not a good situation, I'd say. So, he decides he better serve only YHWH, who said he would be with him and protect him—a wise decision, I'd say. "So they gave Jacob all of the forei... [Books] [Cursed Are You!] [Hebrew] [Idle Musings]


The missionaries are not calling for riotous insurrection (στάσις). Yet, read from within the perspective of the characters who utter the charges, it must be admitted that, despite their motivation (v. 19), they have witnessed in Paul’s exorcism t... [Books] [gospel] [Idle Musings] [The Book of Acts] [theology]
The son’s plan of action wasn’t complicated. It was pretty simple. Get up, go home, talk to his father. He didn’t plan a pit stop to get cleaned up. He didn’t plan a way to earn a little money so he wasn’t going home broke. He didn’t complicat... [AHA] [Books] [gospel]
Enemy love is not a magic formula. It’s not a trick. It’s a posture toward every human being we meet.— Sermon on the Mount, page 150 [Books] [gospel] [sermon on the mount] [theology]


First, look things up. Humans area cursed with the deadly combination of a highly fallible memory and an overconfidence in how much they know. Our social networks, traditional and electronic, multiply the error, so that much of our conventional wisdom con... [Books] [grammar]

January 10, 1PM

I'm rereading, after 25+ years, Daddy Long legs, delightful youth novel written in 1912. It definitely shows that some things never change: I only saw Master Jervie once when he called at tea time, and then I didn't have a chance to speak to him alone. I... [Books] [Idle Musings]
English syntax demands subject before object. Human memory demand light before heavy. Human comprehension demands topic before comment and given before new. How can a writer reconcile these irreconcilable demands about where the words should go in a sente... [grammar] [Idle Musings]

January 9, 8AM

[T]he radical nature of the apostles’ reinterpretation emerges in that it does not, in the manner of Aristobulus, for example, consist of a simple substitution of numinous realities—“that which you call Zeus is really the God of Israel.” It th... [Books] [Idle Musings] [The Book of Acts] [theology]
[W]hile it may sound a little cold or trite, the truth is we need to obey God even when we don’t feel like it. When we obey God even without feeling motivated, eventually our feelings will catch up with our actions.—AHA Student Edition electronic ... [AHA] [Books] [gospel]
Enemy love is not a command with a purpose—Jesus nowhere tells why we are to love the enemy. This [is] not Jesus’ strategy for conquering; it is not pragmatic. Nor is enemy love natural. This command, instead, confronts us with the one who is Lord... [Books] [Idle Musings] [sermon on the mount] [theology]


Though you shall have read and learned many things, it will always be necessary for you to return to this one principle: I am He who teaches man knowledge, and to the little ones I give a clearer understanding than can be taught by man. He to whom I speak... [Thomas à Kempis]

January 8, 10PM

Hey, I'm talking to you. Your readers know a lot less about your subject than you think they do, and unless you keep track of what you know that they don't, you are guaranteed to confuse them.—The Sense of Style, page 63 [grammar]
If you're not comfortable using an expression without apologetic quotation marks, you probably shouldn't be using it at all.—The Sense of Style, page 43 [grammar]

12 PM

Let Your name, not mine, be praised. Let Your work, not mine, be magnified. Let Your holy name be blessed, but let no human praise be given to me. You are my glory. You are the joy of my heart. In You I will glory and rejoice all the day, and for myself I... [Thomas à Kempis]


Converting to the God of the Christians was not merely an adjustment of this or that aspect of an otherwise unaltered basic cultural pattern; rather, worshipping the God of the Christians simultaneously involved (1) an extraction or removal from constitut... [Books] [gospel] [Idle Musings] [The Book of Acts]
Don’t miss this: our passive approach to the action God has called us to shows that we care about something else more than we care about Him.—AHA Student Edition electronic edition [AHA] [Books] [Holiness] [theology]


“It is the great mistake of a false Protestant ethic to assume that loving Christ can be the same as loving one’s native country, or friendship or profession, that the better righteousness and justitia civilis are the same.”— Dietrich Bonhoeff... [Bonhoeffer] [Books] [sermon on the mount]

January 7, 8AM

I simply want to clarify that the debate between pacifism and just war theory focuses on the question of permission to make war. that diverts attention from the equally important question of practices that prevent war. These are two different questions. M... [just peacemaking] [pacifism] [sermon on the mount] [theology]
First, Matthew's Jesus points us to the traditional teaching of the Ten Commandments against murder. Second he diagnoses ongoing anger and insulting as a vicious cycle that leads to judgment (5:22). No imperative, no command against anger, is present. Rat... [just peacemaking] [pacifism] [sermon on the mount]
I have worked to demonstrate that the Sermon on the Mount, from 5:21 to 7:12, is not dyadic antitheses, but triadic transforming initiatives. The Sermon is distorted if it is interpreted as "high ideals," or "hard teachings," or merely as renunciation; it... [just peacemaking] [pacifism] [sermon on the mount]
[T]he fact is that the secondary literature on Acts is no longer to the brim; it has now burst the dam and threatens to wash away the text of Acts in a torrent of scholarly glossalalia.—World Upside Down, page 11 <idle musing>I dunno. I just e... [Books] [Idle Musings] [Just for Fun] [The Book of Acts]


Here’s something I’ve learned: we sometimes get stuck between honesty and action because we confuse our feelings with actually doing something. We trick ourselves. We believe that because we feel differently about something, we are actually doing some... [AHA] [Books] [gospel] [Idle Musings] [theology]
Pacifism isn’t quietism or withdrawal or inactivity, and it isn’t simple submission. Pacifism’s root is connected to the peacemaking beatitude, rooted in love and expressed when the follower of Jesus actively seeks peace. Pacifism isn’t a lack of ... [Books] [Idle Musings] [just peacemaking] [pacifism] [sermon on the mount]
Woke up this morning to the howling of the wind. Every night this week it has been windy, although not quite so windy as Sunday. Here's what it is at the airport (mind you, the gusts seem to be about every 30 seconds!): For those of you who prefer metric:... [Idle Musings] [Just for Fun]

January 6, 10PM

[S]tyle earns trust. If readers can see that a writer cares about consistency and accuracy in her prose, they will be reassured that the writer cares about those virtues in conduct they cannot see as easily. Here is how one technology executive explains w... [grammar]
From every college in the country goes up the cry, "Our freshmen can't spell, can't punctuate." Every high school is in disrepair because its pupils are so ignorant of the merest rudiments.—1917—cited by Steven Pinker in The Sense of Style, page 5... [grammar] [Just for Fun]


In simple terms, to “read” Acts is to think Christianly in the late first century Graeco-Roman world.—World Upside Down, page 11 <idle musing>I was going to title the post "Act"ively reading, but that seemed tacky. He's making a bold stat... [Books] [Idle Musings] [The Book of Acts]
Maybe this is a helpful picture: Think of AHA as a door that swings on three hinges. The first hinge is a sudden awakening. The second hinge is brutal honesty. The third and final hinge is immediate action. In Jesus’s parable of the prodigal son, there... [AHA] [Books] [gospel] [Holiness] [Idle Musings]
It is hard for me to square any Christian military posture toward “our enemies”—the kind of label unworthy for the follower of Jesus—with what Jesus both performed in his last week and what he teaches here [Matt 5:38–42] (as well as at Matt 26:5... [Books] [pacifism] [sermon on the mount] [theology]

January 5, 10AM

Denial is refusing to acknowledge the reality of a situation. Projection is acknowledging the reality of the situation but denying any responsibility. Minimization is acknowledging the reality of the situation and even owning responsibility for it—but d... [AHA]
The question that confronts any serious reading of the Sermon on the Mount is this: Would Jesus have seen a difference between a kingdom ethic for his followers in their so-called private life but a different ethic in public? I doubt it. Why? Because Jesu... [Books] [gospel] [Holiness] [sermon on the mount] [theology]


This blog posting is wonderful. Please read the whole thing, but this little excerpt is unforgettable: My eleven-year-old cousin died in a handgun accident in her house, killed instantly, shot through the heart, while searching her father’s dresser for ...
If you have not known and experienced God in ways you cannot deny, I would suggest that you are not living in a needy and dependent way. God delights to show up when His children call on His name and when they are trusting fully in Him to come through, wh... [Books] [Holy Spirit] [Idle Musings]

January 4, 7AM

It snowed here yesterday—about 6 inches or so. It was beautiful coming down; the place looked like a winter wonderland. But then around 4:00 PM the wind started to blow. And blow. And blow some more. By the time we went for our daily 4-mile walk, it was... [Idle Musings] [Just for Fun]

January 2, 8AM

Languages show great variety in terms of the strings of words that they use; that is one of the reasons why word-by-word translation fails so miserably.—Analyzing Syntax, page 5 [Books] [Linguistics] [Translation Theory]


Well, new to me, anyway. About a year ago now (time flies!), Jim Eisenbraun recommended a book to me and I finally got around to reading it in the last month or so. I'll be excerpting from it for the next few weeks... No longer can Acts be seen as a simpl... [Books] [Church History] [Idle Musings] [The Book of Acts]
“God rarely gets credit when things are going well, but He often gets the blame when times are tough.”—AHA Student Edition electronic edition [AHA] [Books]
One of the main thrusts of the ethic of Jesus is the radicalization of an ethic so that we live consistently, from the so-called “private” to the “public” spheres. There is for Jesus no distinction between a secular life and spiritual life: we are... [Holiness] [sermon on the mount] [theology]
Even in our daily living we can look more like the prophets of Baal as we live our lives, running about in a frenzy, trying to fix our problems, not stopping long enough to call on the power of God Almighty. Yet as children of God, we are not called to tr... [Books] [gospel] [Holiness] [Holy Spirit] [Idle Musings] [theology]

January 1, 8AM

“Our society is expert in blaming others for our own stupid choices. Instead of being brutally honest with ourselves, most of us want to place the blame on someone else. The word for this is projection. Denial is refusing to admit the reality of an unpl... [AHA] [Books] [gospel] [Idle Musings]
“If anyone slaps you…”: For a person to be slapped on the right cheek apparently assumes being hit by a person facing them with a backhanded slap (or a left-handed person striking a person with an open hand). The backhanded slap is a gross insult to... [Books] [Idle Musings] [sermon on the mount]
I think we all could agree that living “according to our sinful flesh” is not what is intended for us as children of God. Yet even so, we often choose to face life’s issues and circumstances in exactly the same way as someone without the Spirit of G... [Books] [gospel] [Holy Spirit] [Idle Musings] [theology]

December 31 2014, 9AM

Sinners can be easily romanticized as bold, even heroic, rebels. But in reality they are like silly sheep.—Handel's Messiah: Comfort for God's People, pages 113–14 [Books]


We’re willing to lie to ourselves about our reality and about what we believe if it means we can have something that we want.—AHA Student Edition electronic edition <idle musing>He's definitely being too honest here, isn't he? We are great d... [AHA] [Books] [Idle Musings] [theology]
So I would urge churches to ramp up their teachings on the nature of covenant love and the sacredness of marriage. Churches must have the courage to teach that divorce is never the will of God, and that divorce is only permitted because of the hard-hearte... [Books] [Idle Musings] [sermon on the mount]
We can have a great time singing and dancing ourselves into a frenzy. But at the end of it, fire doesn’t come down from heaven. People leave talking about the people who led rather than the power of God.—Forgotten God, page 144 <idle musing>... [Books] [Holiness] [Holy Spirit] [Idle Musings]
Then maybe you should consider this oneA 2012 Harvard University research study revealed that sharing personal information about ourselves is an intrinsically rewarding activity targeting the ‘nucleas accumbens’ area of the brain. This is the very sam... [Holiness] [Idle Musings]

December 30, 8AM

“When we’re honest with God about our sins, He forgives us. But when we are honest with other people, we find healing. What does healing mean? For one, confessing our sin to another person holds us accountable and helps us find the encouragement we ne... [AHA] [Books] [gospel] [Holiness] [Idle Musings] [theology]
Divorce was not part of the Creator’s design, as Jesus will state up-front in Matthew 19:8–9. Moses only permitted divorce because the Israelites had hard hearts and didn’t want to bear the full burden of God’s holy law. In fact, Jesus believes Ge... [Books] [Holiness] [Idle Musings] [sermon on the mount] [theology]


God is not interested in numbers. He cares most about the faithfulness, not the size, of His bride. He cares about whether people are lovers of Him. And while I might be able to get people in the doors of a church or auditorium if I tell enough jokes or u... [Books] [church] [gospel] [Holy Spirit]

December 29, 9AM

[A]spect has nothing inherently to do with temporal sequence, with procedural characteristics of actual situations or of verbs and verb-phrases, or with prominence in discourse. It is instead a matter of viewpoint or focus, which is a rather subjective ca... [Books] [grammar] [Greek] [Idle Musings]
The two major aspects of NT Greek are the present and the aorist. The present reflects an internal viewpoint concerning the occurrence which focuses on its development or progress and sees the occurrence in regard to the details of its make-up, without be... [Books] [grammar] [Greek]


When you’re going the wrong way, it’s hard enough to admit to yourself. The last thing you want is to have someone else find out you’re lost. I get that. But consider the alternative for a second. When we don’t share our struggles with someone, wh... [AHA] [Books] [church] [gospel] [Idle Musings]
The utter horror Jesus expresses about divorce emerges from the factors sketched above: Adam and Eve’s intent, design, and task; the glory of loving relationship; the covenant relationship of God with us as the One who is for us, and how this defines bi... [Books] [gospel] [Idle Musings] [sermon on the mount] [theology]
I don’t want my life to be explainable without the Holy Spirit. I want people to look at my life and know that I couldn’t be doing this by my own power. I want to live in such a way that I am desperate for Him to come through. That if He doesn’t com... [Books] [gospel] [Holy Spirit]
“This is truly the vision of God: never to be satisfied in our desire to see him. But by looking at what we do see, we must always rekindle our desire to see more. So there can be no limit interrupting our growth in ascending to God, because there is no... [theosis]

December 28, 8AM

But the great strength and attractiveness of Paul's moral code is that all these practical changes in behaviour have a genuine and God-given basis; they are not changes which men must attempt in their own moral power, constantly working themselves up to d... [Books] [grammar] [Greek] [Holiness] [theology]

December 26, 8AM

This may sound harsh, but the number-one contributor to spiritual growth is not worship, preaching, small groups, videos, or books. The number-one contributor to spiritual growth is … difficult circumstances.—AHA Student Edition electronic edition... [AHA] [Books]
Whereas the expectation of women wearing head coverings and dressing modestly was male-shaped mores designed to prevent men from leering and being tempted or, which is more likely, to keep women’s beauty in line, Jesus sees it otherwise. He lays full re... [Books] [Holiness] [sermon on the mount]
Because the fact is that if you were in step with the Holy Spirit, listening to and obeying Him, you wouldn’t sin (Gal 5:16). In any given moment, it is impossible to live in the power of the Spirit and sin at the same time. Sin is wholly opposed to eve... [Books] [grammar] [Greek] [Holiness] [Holy Spirit] [Idle Musings]

December 25, 7AM

God has chosen to protect and propagate biblical truth through very imperfect people. But this is also exactly what we see in Scripture—God doing very remarkable things through very unremarkable humans. None of these theologians have done the job perfec... [Books] [Idle Musings] [theology]

December 24, 9AM

I (relatively) recently finished reading another good book; today I'm starting to excerpt from it. AHA always has three ingredients. If any one of these ingredients is missing, it short-circuits the transformation process.Here are the three ingredients: ... [AHA] [Books] [gospel] [Holiness] [Holy Spirit] [Idle Musings] [theology]


[T]he Christian’s morals are not determined by whether something is legal or constitutional, but by what the Story of God in the Bible reveals. A Christian citizen may think civil unions are legally permissible on the basis of legal precedent or legal g... [Books] [Idle Musings] [pacifism] [sermon on the mount] [theology]
The God of the universe is not something we can just add to our lives and keep on as we did before. The Spirit who raised Christ from the dead is not someone we can just call on when we want a little extra power in our lives. Jesus Christ did not die in o... [Books] [gospel] [Holy Spirit]
Merry Christmas—OK, really Merry Christmas Eve. My gift to you is a few links to good stuff others are sharing today...Let's start with some real shock and awe from Brian Zahnd: Nearly 250 times the Old Testament describes the God of Israel as the LORD ... [Idle Musings] [Just for Fun] [theology]

December 23, 8AM

You will remember that we have seen sin defined in the Bible as independence: “whatsoever is not of faith is sin” (Romans 14:23), and attitude of “lawlessness” (1 John 3:4); what then does repentance involve? It involves stepping out of independen... [Books] [gospel] [Holiness] [Ian Thomas]
The Greek [of Matt 5:20] reads perisseusē … pleion, not just perisseusē. In other words, “surpass … greatly.” Almost all translations ignore the adverb pleion here.— Sermon on the Mount, page 70 n. 12 <idle musing>Because you probabl... [Books] [Holiness] [Idle Musings] [sermon on the mount] [theology]


I think a lot of us need to forget about God’s will for my life. God cares more about our response to His Spirit’s leading today, in this moment, than about what we intend to do next year. In fact, the decision we make next year will be profoundly aff... [Books] [gospel] [Holiness] [Holy Spirit] [Idle Musings]

December 22, 9AM

In attempting to define aspect more clearly, one discovers a welter of disparate ideas of what the category actually involves, and this in itself presents problems of method.—B. Fanning, Verbal Aspect in New Testament Greek, page 79 <idle musing&... [Books] [grammar] [Idle Musings]


To live “to and for yourself” is to “walk after the flesh”! To live “to and for Christ” is to “walk after the Spirit”! These are the two principles of human behavior. It is not just a matter of degree, it is a matter of kind; to be dominat... [Books] [Ian Thomas]
The first lesson we get in reading the Bible is this one: Look to Jesus as its central Story. …Second lesson in Bible reading: looking to Jesus means following him and through him the Torah. …Third lesson in Bible reading: following Jesus really means... [Books] [Holiness] [Idle Musings] [scripture] [sermon on the mount]


I might wake up on a particular day feeling physically tired or stressed or impatient, and humanly speaking, those things would probably define my day. But the reality is that I am indwelt by the Holy Spirit. And because of this reality, stress and tiredn... [Books] [Holy Spirit] [idle musing] [theology] [theosis]

December 21, 9PM

If Christian mysticism can be faulted for, at times, relying too much on experience, the opposite tendency is, at times, seen in Protestantism, namely, a rationalistic approach to theology and God. Getting one’s theology straight seems to be the highest... [theology]


[H]e must select one of the Greek aspects—the one which most nearly expresses what he wishes to say or, perhaps, the one which least obstructs his intentions. Of course, he may go on to qualify or alter this choice of aspect by additional phrases an... [grammar] [Greek] [Idle Musings]

December 19, 9AM

Although the post is about women ordination, the take-away line reveals a serious issue with hermeneutics as practiced by far too many: You can't base a theology on one verse, especially one that goes against whole Scripture principles. This is one of th... [Idle Musings] [scripture] [theology]


The life that the Lord Jesus Christ lived for you nineteen hundred years ago—condemns you; but the life that He now lives in you—saves you! The Christian life is the Life which He lived then, lived now by Him in you.—The Mystery of Godli... [Books] [gospel] [Ian Thomas]
We must consider the mind-numbing claim here by Jesus” he is claiming that he fulfills—in a salvation-historical, theological, and moral manner—what the Torah and the Prophets anticipated and predicted and preliminarily taught. What kind of ... [Books] [sermon on the mount] [theology]
There have been many times when I’ve tried to lead the Holy Spirit. I’ve wanted to direct Him and tell Him what to do and when to do it. The irony is that the Holy Spirit was given to direct us. Desiring the Holy Spirit means we allow the Holy Spirit ... [Books] [Holy Spirit] [Idle Musings]


People are wont to ask how much a man has done, but they think little of the virtue with which he acts. They ask: Is he strong? rich? handsome? a good writer? a good singer? or a good worker? They say little, however, about how poor he is in spirit, how p... [Thomas à Kempis]

December 18, 8AM

There may have been created within you a genuine desire to serve God, out of a sincere sense of gratitude to Christ for dying for you; you may be impelled out of a sense of duty as a Christian, to seek conformity to some pattern of behavior which has been... [Books] [gospel] [Holiness] [Ian Thomas] [Idle Musings]
The Story and the salt and light metaphors reveal that the church’s fundamental task is to mediate God’s presence as priests and to rule on behalf of God as kings and queens under God, serving God in God’s mission. Our task is to represent God&mdash... [Books] [gospel] [sermon on the mount] [theology]
God want us to trust Him to provide miracles when He sees fit. He doesn’t just dole them out mechanically, as if we can put in a quarter, pray the right prayer, and out comes a miracle. Miracles are never and end in themselves; they are always a means t... [Books] [Holy Spirit] [Idle Musings] [theology]
There is great difference between the wisdom of an enlightened and devout man and the learning of a well-read and brilliant scholar, for the knowledge which flows down from divine sources is much nobler than that laboriously acquired by human industry.&md... [Thomas à Kempis]


A person devoid of spiritual feeling is an idiot philosopher, a commentator whose words condemn him, a self-refuting scholar, a blind man who lectures others on the art of seeing. He tells you how to heal a wound, and does not stop injuring it. He complai... [Books] [Church History] [Holiness]

December 17, 2PM

I read a lot of church history. I've always loved history and especially church history. I love reading about the people involved and the theological disputes. The latter has always been a problem in introductory overviews, though. The theological disput... [Books] [Church History] [theology]


The plumb-line may show me that the wall in my garden is crooked, but it will not put it straight, and had Jesus Christ come into this world simply to demonstrate a sinless life, and leave us with a matchless example, He would have left us to wallow in th... [Books] [Holiness] [Ian Thomas] [Idle Musings]
Thus, salt, if not treated properly or put to good use, will become insipid—”lose its saltiness”—and become good for nothing, or what John Stott calls “road dust.”— Sermon on the Mount, page 57 <idle musing>I like that meta... [Books] [Holiness] [Idle Musings] [sermon on the mount]
What you do and how you live are absolutely vital. Without action and fruit, all the theology in the world has little meaning. But theology is till important—what you believe absolutely determines how you act. So while good theology at its best can lead... [Books] [Holy Spirit] [theology]


Your tardiness in turning to prayer is the greatest obstacle to heavenly consolation, for before you pray earnestly to Me you first seek many comforts and take pleasure in outward things. Thus, all things are of little profit to you until you realize that... [Idle Musings] [Prayer] [Thomas à Kempis]

December 16, 8AM

As the first requirement for man’s redemption—a Sinless Sacrifice—the Lord Jesus gave Himself upon the cross and “suffered for sins, the just for the unjust, that he might bring us to God” (1 Peter 3:18) and “the blood of Jesus Christ ... [Books] [gospel] [Holy Spirit] [Ian Thomas] [Idle Musings]
Jesus ends the Sermon by calling people to do what he has taught. Some soften his words: “He said, ‘Do this,’ but he didn’t mean we have to obey his words.” Others see a different motive: “Jesus’ aim is to drive us to our knees, not make us ... [Books] [sermon on the mount]
When it comes down to it, many of us do not really want to be led by the Holy Spirit. Or, more fundamentally, many of us don’t want to be led by anyone other than ourselves.—Forgotten God, page 50 <idle musing>A very scary thought, but I fea... [Books] [Holy Spirit] [Idle Musings]


MY CHILD, do not be curious. Do not trouble yourself with idle cares. What matters this or that to you? Follow Me. What is it to you if a man is such and such, if another does or says this or that? You will not have to answer for others, but you will have... [Thomas à Kempis]

December 15, 8AM

To insist that Jesus Christ came into this world by natural birth and lived a sinless life, is to repudiate the Fall of man! It means that what was possible to Him as a natural Man, must be possible to you and to me as natural men, so that if we are not w... [gospel] [Ian Thomas] [Idle Musings] [theology]
Only in association with Jesus does the Sermon make sense. Jesus does not offer abstract principles or simply his version of the Torah for a new society. Instead, he offers himself to his disciples, or, put differently, he summons them to himself and in p... [Books] [Idle Musings] [sermon on the mount]
Churchgoers all across the nation say the Holy Spirit has entered them. They claim that God has given them supernatural ability to follow Christ, put their sin to death, and serve the Church. Christians talk about being born again and say that they were d... [Books] [Holiness] [Holy Spirit] [Idle Musings]
Enlighten me, good Jesus, with the brightness of internal light, and take away all darkness from the habitation of my heart. Restrain my wandering thoughts and suppress the temptations which attack me so violently. Fight strongly for me, and vanquish thes... [Thomas à Kempis]

December 14, 6PM

As I will be arguing in a following section (see 2.5), temporal adverbials function as parallel structures to tense markers. They make use of all the parameters of tense, and introduce certain additional parameters as well, and further, they are able to p... [grammar] [Idle Musings]

December 12, 8AM

It is your capacity to receive God, and to enjoy God, and to be enjoyed by God which makes you man as opposed to mere animal, and it is only God in you that enables you to function as He intended you as man to function.—The Mystery of Godliness, pag... [Ian Thomas]
Even our church growth can happen without Him. Let’s be honest: If you combine a charismatic speaker, a talented worship band, and some hip, creative events, people will attend your church.—Forgotten God, page 31 <idle musing>If numbers is w... [Books] [church] [Holy Spirit] [Idle Musings]
Then bring Aaron and his sons to the meeting tent’s entrance and wash them with water. Dress Aaron in the holy clothes. Anoint him and make him holy so that he may serve me as priest. Then bring his sons and dress them in tunics. Anoint them like you an... [Greek] [Hebrew] [Holiness] [Idle Musings] [theology]

December 11, 1PM

It's getting harder and harder for those who would have us believe that to follow the U.S. is to follow Christ. I believe God is at work, waking his church to the adultery that is practiced by thinking it is possible... I already pointed to a good post by... [gospel] [Idle Musings] [pacifism] [theology]


[For Christ t]o have acted other than in dependence upon the Father would have violated the perfection of His own humanity. That is why Satan’s attacks upon the Son were designed to trick Him, somehow, into acting on His own initiative; but though tempt... [Books] [Ian Thomas]
For some reason, we don’t think we need the Holy Spirit. We don’t expect the Holy Spirit to act. Or if we do, our expectations are often misguided or self-serving. Given our talent set, experience, and education, many of us are fairly capable of livin... [Books] [Holy Spirit] [Idle Musings] [theology]


Come, O come, for without You there will be no happy day or hour, because You are my happiness and without You my table is empty. I am wretched, as it were imprisoned and weighted down with fetters, until You fill me with the light of Your presence, resto... [Thomas à Kempis]
I received two more recent books from Eisenbrauns last week but forgot to mention them (thanks, Jim!). Feasting in the Archaeology and Texts of the Bible and the Ancient Near East Edited by Peter Altmann and Janling Fu Eisenbrauns, 2014 xii + 303 pp., ... [ANE History] [Books] [Eisenbrauns] [grammar]

December 10, 8PM

Brian Zahnd sums up my feelings very nicely: You cannot be a Christian and support torture. I want to be utterly explicit on this point. There is no possibility of compromise. The support of torture is off the table for a Christian. I suppose you can be s... [theology]


By independence (or the absence of faith), you eliminate God, and substitute yourself, to become both cause and effect—the source of your own “godliness,” but only God has the right to be the source of His own godliness, so that however unwittin... [Books] [Holiness] [Ian Thomas]
Perhaps when a person says, “I’d just like a little God, thank you very much,” she or he is really saying, “I’d rather not give the parts of my life that I really care about over to God, so I’ll just hold on to this, that, oh, and that, too…... [Books] [Holy Spirit] [Idle Musings]
[W]hatever You give me besides Yourself, whatever You reveal to me concerning Yourself, and whatever You promise, is too small and insufficient when I do not see and fully enjoy You alone. For my heart cannot rest or be fully content until, rising above a... [Thomas à Kempis]

December 9, 8AM

Beware lest even as a Christian, you fall into Satan’s trap. You may have found and come to know God in the Lord Jesus Christ, receiving Him sincerely as your Redeemer, yet if you do not enter in the mystery of godliness and allow God to be in you the o... [Books] [Holiness] [Ian Thomas]
Some of you would like it if I said we were going to find a healthy balance between unhealthy extremes. That’s not what we’re going to do. When we are referring to God, balance is a huge mistake. God is not just one thing we add to the mix called life... [Books] [Holy Spirit]
With hearts as cold as marble, instead of going right to the source of light, they go and gather up the husks of learning, and peddle it out among the churches as religious instruction. Horrible! While they do thus, we never shall have an efficient minist... [Finney]

December 7, 10AM

Among the early Indo-European languages, Ancient Greek and especially Latin present a highly developed system of finite subordination, with embedding and consecutio. Naturally, a distinction should be made among different authors and genres, since consect... [Books] [grammar] [Greek] [Hittite] [Latin] [Linguistics]


Grant, most sweet and loving Jesus, that I may seek my repose in You above every creature; above all health and beauty; above every honor and glory; every power and dignity; above all knowledge and cleverness, all riches and arts, all joy and gladness; ab... [Thomas à Kempis]

December 6, 7PM

Three books from Baker Academic/Brazos were in the mailbox today when we went to the Post Office. They were A New Heaven and a New EarthBonhoeffer as Youth Worker Kingdom ConspiracyI was glad to see that they are all Green Press Initiative which means th... [Books]

December 5, 8AM

Modern research, on the other hand, has shown that the constructions of scholars around 1900 were ideologically motivated and were wrong in three important respects. First, there was no such category as ‘Mystery religions’ but only Mystery cults; the ... [Books] [theology]

December 4, 9PM

“In sum, we see that all efforts to derive earliest Christianity from the ancient Mysteries have been unsuccessful. Even the word mystêrion is rarely encountered in the earliest Christian writings.”—Initiation into the Mysteries of the Ancient ... [Books] [Idle Musings] [theology]


“It is clear from the many bones found in and near Mithraea that Mithras’ worshippers followed this example by dining and, especially, drinking together, but their sacrifices consisted mainly of suckling pigs and chickens, not bulls. In other words, t... [Books] [Idle Musings]


Excellent post today by Ken Schenck, on the history of Evangelicalism—from the 1700s until today: My point is that what we call evangelicalism today is a synthesis of two different traditions, a synthesis that took place in the late 1940s. The key focus... [Church History] [gospel] [Idle Musings] [theology]
I love books—hardback, paperback, yes, even e-books. I love the ease of carrying a large number of books that the e-book option gives me. I read them on my iPad, my MacBook, and my desktop computer. I read them as iBooks, Kindle books, Nook books, P... [e-books] [Idle Musings] [Libraries]


The Christian life can only be explained in terms of Jesus Christ, and if your life as a Christian can still be explained in terms of you—your personality, your will-power, yourgift, your talent, yourmoney, your courage, your scholarship, your dedic... [Books] [Holiness] [Ian Thomas] [theology]
There is a big gap between what we read in Scripture about the Holy Spirit and how most believers and churches operate today. In many modern churches, you would be stunned by the apparent absence of the Spirit in any manifest way. And this, I believe, is ... [church] [Holy Spirit]
When it is said that Christ is our sanctification, or our holiness, it is meant that he is the author of our holiness. He is not only the procuring cause, by his atonement and intercession, but by his direct intercourse with the soul he himself produces h... [Finney] [gospel] [Holiness] [Idle Musings] [theology]

December 3, 8AM

And because we’re all too aware that our self needs help, we jump on this misery merry-go-round and buy book after book, hoping for better results. We know something is wrong. We even know what we want to change. Our diagnosis is spot-on, but no medicat... [AHA] [Books] [gospel] [Holiness] [Idle Musings]
There is always a reasonable alternative to faith!—The Mystery of Godliness, page 28 [Books] [Ian Thomas] [theology]
The “entertainment” model of church was largely adopted in the 1980s and ‘90s, and while it alleviated some of our boredom for a couple of hours a week, it filled our churches with self-focused consumers rather than self-sacrificing servants attuned... [Books] [church] [theology]
If he thinks his own theorizing and speculating are going to bring him to any right knowledge on the subject of religion, he knows nothing at all, as yet. His carnal, earthly heart, can no more study out the realities of religion so as to get any availabl... [Finney] [theology]

December 2, 11AM

You are not committed to a church, or to a denomination, or to an organization; as a missionary you are not committed to a Mission Board nor even to a “field,” and least of all are you committed to a “need!” You are committed to Christ, and for al... [Books] [church] [Ian Thomas]


You have no doubt heard of the “Protestant work ethic.” Ephesians 4:28 is the “Christian work ethic.” We work not just to meet our own needs; we work to meet the needs of others. That’s a very different way of looking at work, isn’t it? The Ne... [church] [gospel] [theology]
May God grant that I do not condemn anyone, nor say that I alone am saved. But I prefer to die rather than violate my conscience by defecting from what I believe about God.—Maximus the Confessor (d. 662)as quoted in 2000 Years of Christ’s Power, ... [Books] [Church History] [Idle Musings]


O that I could convince the whole church that they need no other help but Christ, and that they would come at once to Christ for all they want, and receive him as their wisdom, and righteousness, and sanctification, and redemption. How soon would all thei... [Finney] [Holiness]

December 1, 8AM

In all of Paul’s letters to the churches, he speaks to the “brethren”—a term that includes both brothers and sisters in Christ. Paul uses this familial term more than 130 times in his epistles. So without question, the New Testament is filled with... [Books] [church] [Idle Musings]
The pastor must keep careful watch over himself, in case the craving to be popular assaults him. As he studies to understand spiritual things and as he ministers to his people, he must beware that he does not try to make the congregation love him more tha... [Books] [church] [Church History] [Idle Musings]
When will you learn the first lesson in religion, that you have no help in yourselves without Christ, and that all your exertions without Christ, for sanctification, are just as fruitless as are those of the wretch who is in the horrible pit and miry clay... [Finney] [gospel] [Holiness]

November 30, 1PM

"I would much prefer the days of our beginnings to what we have now. There wasn't anybody clamoring to do what we did, or what 'Love Song' or any of the other early 'Jesus Music' groups did. There were no charts for us to be number one on. Contemporary Ch... [Jesus Movement]


Contrary to what many moderns seem to think, there was no esoteric wisdom to be found in the ancient Mysteries, no Da Vinci Code to be deciphered.—Jan N. Bremmer, Initiation into the Mysteries of the Ancient World, electronic edition [Greek Religion]

November 29, 11AM

I almost are the other three books: Creation and Chaos A Reconsideration of Hermann Gunkel's Chaoskampf Hypothesis Edited by JoAnn Scurlock and Richard H. Beal Eisenbrauns, 2013 Pp. xx + 322, English Cloth, 6 x 9 inches ISBN: 9781575062792 ... [Books] [Eisenbrauns]
I just received a few books from Eisenbrauns (thanks, Jim!), including Cursed Are You!. I was still working at Eisenbrauns when I first heard about the title and was looking forward to reading it. As the foreword explains, it expanded in scope until it be... [ANE religion] [Books] [Cursed Are You!] [Eisenbrauns] [Idle Musings]


Having just finished the book God's Forever Family put me in a reminiscent mood. You might find various snatches of memories popping up here over the next few weeks... One of the things that the book stresses is the importance of music to the spread of th... [Idle Musings] [Jesus Movement]

November 28, 8AM

Some good thoughts on "Black" Friday from Brian ZahndComing out of Thanksgiving we should be headed for the mystery of Advent— Not the checkout line at Best Buy. Yeah, I buy Christmas gifts too. I get it. But when Black Friday becomes a “thing” — ... [Idle Musings] [theology]
The Lord Jesus Christ refused to be committed to the parochial needs of His own day and generation; He was not committed to the political situation in Palestine, or to the emancipation of the Jewish nation from the Roman yoke! He was not committed to the ... [gospel] [Ian Thomas] [Idle Musings] [theology]


The Christian Scriptures are so deep that, even if I studied them to the exclusion of all else, from early childhood to worn-out old age, with ample leisure and untiring zeal, and with greater capacity of mind than I possess, each day I would still discov... [Books] [Church History] [scripture]

November 27, 12 PM

I've been reading a good history of the Jesus People Movement, God's Forever Family. Good stuff. I was saved through the Jesus Movement, so I have a special place in my heart for it. Eskridge does a good job of chasing the various strands and tying them a... [Books] [Church History] [Idle Musings]


Had He been prepared to accept “religion” as He found it, and recognize the “status quo,” no doubt the Lord Jesus Christ might well have found acceptance, even among the Pharisees; but He was a trouble maker! He dared to cleanse the temple! Christ... [Books] [Ian Thomas] [theology]
Don’t tell me, “It is impossible for me to influence others.” If you are a Christian, it is impossible for you not to influence others! Just as the elements that make up your human nature do not contradict each other, so also in this matter—it bel... [Books] [Church History]

November 26, 8AM

It is much easier to confront a person with his sins than it is to confront him with his “sin”…”sin” is an attitude which affects a man’s fundamental relationship with God; it has to do with what a man is; whereas “sins” have to do with wh... [Books] [gospel] [Holiness] [Ian Thomas] [Idle Musings]


We must not only give thanks to God that He has created us asa intelligent beings, equipped us with the power of free-will, blessed us with the grace of baptism, and granted us the knowledge and help of the Law. We must also give thanks for those things w... [Books] [Church History]


Vicious pleasure overcomes the soul that is given to the world. She thinks that there are delights beneath these thorns, because she has never seen or tasted the sweetness of God or the internal delight of virtue. They, on the other hand, who entirely des... [Thomas à Kempis]

November 25, 9PM

I was reading in Hebrews tonight in the Greek and ran across this: τότε εἴρηκεν· ἰδοὺ ἥκω τοῦ ποιῆσαι τὸ θέλημά σου. ἀναιρεῖ τὸ πρῶτον ἵνα τὸ δεύτερον στήσῃ, 10 ἐν ... [grammar] [Greek] [Idle Musings]


“Why shouldn’t I enjoy what God has given me? It lies within my power to enjoy it. Didn’t God make everything for our enjoyment?” These words proe you have no knowledge of God’s will… “Seek first God’s kingdom and His righteousness, and al... [Books] [Idle Musings]
All too often quantity takes precedence over quality, and in this highly competitive age those outward appearances of “success” which are calculated to enhance the reputation of professional preacher, or the prestige of those who have promoted him, ar... [Books] [Ian Thomas] [theology]


There is no holiness, then, if You withdraw Your hand, Lord. There is no wisdom if You cease to guide, no courage if You cease to defend. No chastity is secure if You do not guard it. Our vigilance avails nothing if Your holy watchfulness does not protect... [Idle Musings] [theology] [Thomas à Kempis]

November 24, 8AM

How much can you do without Him? Nothing! So what is everything you do without Him? Nothing! It is amazing how busy you can be doing nothing! Did you ever find that out? “The flesh”—everything that you do apart from Him—” profiteth nothi... [Books] [Ian Thomas] [Idle Musings]
Jesus refuted the war option when he told Peter to put up his sword. Killing in order to liberate Jesus and his followers from the violent injustice of Caiaphas, Herod, and Pilate would have been a just war—but Jesus refused to engage in a just war. He ... [Books] [Farewell to Mars] [Idle Musings] [pacifism] [theology]
What return shall I make to You for this grace? For it is not given every man to forsake all things, to renounce the world, and undertake the religious life. Is it anything great that I should serve You Whom every creature is bound to serve? It should not... [Thomas à Kempis]

November 23, 8AM

I was reading Lamentations this morning when I noticed that "God" doesn't appear very often. In fact, in the CEB that I was reading, it occurs only twice, but "lord" and "LORD" occur frequently. "Most High" occurs a couple of times as well. So, I thought ... [Hebrew] [Idle Musings] [Lament]

November 22, 9PM

Ran across this yesterday in an interview with Anne Graham Lotz. Lotz spoke of the need for those who have been wronged to forgive those who have wronged them and avoid clinging to bitter feelings. Forgiveness, she said, was "a choice, not a feeling. The... [gospel] [Idle Musings] [theology]


I just received Dennis Pardee's The Ugaritic Texts and the Origins of West-Semitic Literary Composition via Interlibrary Loan today and have been reading it. Good stuff! Mainly philological stuff that doesn't lend itself to extracts very well. But this on... [Books] [grammar] [Hebrew] [Idle Musings] [theology] [Ugaritic]

November 21, 9AM

Eternal life is not a peculiar feeling inside! It is not your ultimate destination, to which you will go when you are dead. If you are born again, eternal life is that quality of life that you possess right now, at this very moment, in your own physical b... [Books] [Ian Thomas]
In his death and resurrection, Christ abolished war. Christ made it clear on the cross that war will no longer be the way the world is transformed. The cross exposes the use of violent force as a shameful practice to be renounced. Yes, Christ has abolishe... [Farewell to Mars] [gospel] [Idle Musings] [theology]


I don't often comment on current political items. Most of the time they are just a distraction—especially given the current political deadlock and polarization. Christians need to stand above the chaos and speak peace (shalom-type peace) and love into e... [gospel] [Idle Musings] [Shalom] [theology]

November 20, 10AM

The Lord Jesus did not live a victorious life just because He did not commit sin in the negative sense; because He did not tell lies, because He was not dishonest; because He never committed adultery, and was never envious—that was not the mature of... [Books] [Ian Thomas] [Idle Musings] [theosis]


So what does the sword-cum-cross in the Air Force Academy Cadet Chapel mean? What is its message? Is it intended to communicate to the worshipper that as Christians we are willing to lay down our lives and die by the sword of our enemy in imitation of our... [Books] [Farewell to Mars] [pacifism]
Left to myself, I am nothing but total weakness. But if You look upon me for an instant, I am at once made strong and filled with new joy. Great wonder it is that I, who of my own weight always sink to the depths, am so suddenly lifted up, and so gracious... [Thomas à Kempis]

November 19, 6PM

Paragraph Only one space is needed after any punctuation, whether within or at the end of a sentence. <idle musing>Yes! Now I can point people to a definitive spot : )</idle musing> [grammar] [Idle Musings] [Just for Fun] [SBLHS2]


It is not the statistical frequency or infrequency that makes the initial placement of adverbials special, but the cognitive processing function that they accomplish in this position. In each case, the nonfocal element provides an explicit frame of refere... [grammar] [Greek]


Good thoughts today from Ted Gossard: We have to let scripture speak, even if it doesn’t fit into our theology. Our theology needs to be adjusted to scripture, not scripture to our theology... If we believe we can’t turn the corner in regard to sin, t... [Holiness] [Idle Musings]
“As ye have receive Christ Jesus the Lord, so walk ye in him” (Colossians 2:6). How are you to walk in Jesus Christ? As you received Him. How did you receive Him? By faith. Was that very difficult? How then are you to walk in Him? By faith! Will that ... [Books] [Ian Thomas] [Idle Musings] [theology]
So politically I call for my nation to prioritize caring for the poor, the sick, the immigrant, and the imprisoned, and to renounce an ambition to dominate the world economically or militarily. I do this in the name of Jesus. I pledge no allegiance to ele... [Books] [Farewell to Mars] [gospel] [Idle Musings] [theology]


Neither Zedekiah, his attendants, nor the people of the land listened to the Lord’s words spoken by the prophet Jeremiah. Nevertheless, King Zedekiah sent Jehucal, Shelemiah’s son, and the priest Zephaniah, Maaseiah’s son, to Jeremiah the proph... [Idle Musings] [theology]

November 18, 8AM

This arrived yesterday afternoon from SBL Press. Total geek out! I can't wait to digest it. I know, I'm weird! But thanks to Bob Buller and Leigh Anderson for sending it to me! Believe me, I will use it... [Books] [Copyediting]
Ignoring what they say, and what they sing, and what they pray, countless Christians live as though God were dead—and the Church of Jesus Christ needs above averything else to re-discover the fact that God is alive, and to act as though He were! Sup... [Books] [Ian Thomas] [Idle Musings] [theology]


In political conversation these days, we hear a lot about “right” and “left.” People have a lot of passion about these teams, but I have no allegiance to either the political right or the political left for this simple reason: Jesus has his own ri... [Books] [Farewell to Mars] [gospel] [Idle Musings] [theology]
The children of Israel once said to Moses: “Speak thou to us and we will hear thee: let not the Lord speak to us, lest we die.”Not so, Lord, not so do I pray. Rather with Samuel the prophet I entreat humbly and earnestly: “Speak, Lord, for Thy serva... [Thomas à Kempis]

November 17, 9AM

Strange for Grand Marais to be on the list of high temperatures around Minnesota! [Just for Fun]


Why is it that a man [Moses] who could lead an unwilling people out [of Egypt] was unable to lead an unwilling people in [to Canaan]? This is the problem with which so many are confronted, who enjoy a measure of success in their evangelistic activity, but... [Books] [gospel] [Ian Thomas] [Idle Musings]
Unfortunately, what I’ve learned through bitter experience is that a lot of people don’t want the game changed. They want to win the game— not change the game. My most vehement critics tend to come from those who regard my deep ambivalence toward a ... [Farewell to Mars] [Idle Musings] [pacifism]
For all men praise patience though there are few who wish to practice it.—Thomas à Kempis [Thomas à Kempis]
No, that's not some new grammatical or theological term! Neonicotinoids (neonics for short) are pesticides that theoretically are more effective than other pesticides. There's been debate about them for years, with many claiming that they are responsible ... [Bees] [Environmental issues] [Idle Musings] [theology]

November 14, 10AM

I ran across this interesting little tidbit today here: [S]ociologist Josh Packard shared some of his groundbreaking research on the Dones. He explained these de-churched were among the most dedicated and active people in their congregations. To an increa... [church] [Idle Musings]


When you come to know Jesus Christ in the power of his resurrection, you receive absolutely nothing new from God; you simply discover and begin to enjoy experientially what you received from God the day that you were redeemed; the tragedy is that you can ... [Books] [Holiness] [Ian Thomas] [Idle Musings] [theology] [theosis]
When we hate and vilify others for ideological reasons, when we demonize and dehumanize others for nationalistic reasons, when we use and exploit others for economic reasons, we are on the highway to hell—we have chosen the well-worn road that leads to ... [Books] [Farewell to Mars] [pacifism]


Why, then, do you fear to take up the cross when through it you can win a kingdom? In the cross is salvation, in the cross is life, in the cross is protection from enemies, in the cross is infusion of heavenly sweetness, in the cross is strength of mind, ... [gospel] [theology] [Thomas à Kempis]

November 13, 10AM

It seems that after 38 years Moses had come to terms with Amalek [Thomas’s term for the old nature]. But this is axiomatic, for it is the living, risen Lord who must take the place of that old Adamic nature; but it you know Him only as the smitten Rod, ... [Books] [Holiness] [Ian Thomas]


Jesus said that something has hidden the peaceful way from our eyes … and more often than not, it’s a flag. If patriotism simply means the pride of place that inspires civic responsibility, so be it. But if patriotism means “my country right or wron... [Books] [Farewell to Mars] [gospel] [theology]
No one, however, is more wealthy than such a man; no one is more powerful, no one freer than he who knows how to leave all things and think of himself as the least of all.—Thomas à Kempis [Thomas à Kempis]

November 12, 9AM

It is almost disconcerting to witness the severity of God’s judgment upon this mighty warrior [Moses]; but he broke the type, he violated the first principle of victorious Christian living—CHRIST IN YOU, the hope of glory! He never got beyond Jesu... [Books] [gospel] [Ian Thomas] [Idle Musings]


In fact, a reckless assumption that because we believe in Jesus and therefore God is on our side can actually aggravate our addiction to Armageddon. It’s happened before. In America.— A Farewell to Mars: An Evangelical Pastor's Journey Toward the ... [Books] [Farewell to Mars] [gospel] [pacifism]
I just heard from our son, Ryan, that I'm a grandpa again! That makes nine! Lydia Joy was born this morning at 7:26. May she grow up to be a mighty woman of God. [Just for Fun] [Lydia] [Ryan]
Do not those who always seek consolation deserve to be called mercenaries? Do not those who always think of their own profit and gain prove that they love themselves rather than Christ?—Thomas à Kempis [Holiness] [Thomas à Kempis]

November 11, 11AM

So Satan will seek to persuade you that “walking in the Spirit” is simply the consequence of your pious endeavor not to fulfill the “lusts of the flesh,” of which he himself is the author, and thus by subtly confusing the means for the end, he wil... [Books] [Holiness] [Ian Thomas]
What happened was once the red, white, and blue varnish was removed from Jesus and I learned to read the Gospels free of a star-spangled interpretation, I discovered that my Lord and Savior had a lot of things to say about peace that I had been missing. I... [Books] [Farewell to Mars] [Idle Musings]


Jesus has always many who love His heavenly kingdom, but few who bear His cross. He has many who desire consolation, but few who care for trial. He finds many to share His table, but few to take part in His fasting. All desire to be happy with Him; few wi... [Thomas à Kempis]

November 10, 9AM

There are countless Christians fighting a battle that is already lost, trying in their own strength to overcome the subtleties of sin. That is a battle you can fight all your days, but I tell you now, you cannot win! It is battle already lost, lost in the... [gospel] [Holiness] [Ian Thomas] [Idle Musings]
I suppose the hint of scandal comes from the assumption that pacifism is a sort of cousin to cowardice. This also strikes me as strange. To endorse the dominant view that the employment of violence is compatible with Christianity requires no courage at al... [Farewell to Mars] [Idle Musings] [pacifism]
He who finds Jesus finds a rare treasure, indeed, a good above every good, whereas he who loses Him loses more than the whole world. The man who lives without Jesus is the poorest of the poor, whereas no one is so rich as the man who lives in His grace.&m... [Thomas à Kempis]

November 7, 10AM

This is the forgotten tense of the Church of Jesus Christ today. We live either in the past tense or in the future tense. We say either “Ebenezer—hitherto hath the Lord helped us,” or we comfort ourselves with “Maranatha—Behold the Lord ... [Books] [Holiness] [Ian Thomas] [Idle Musings] [theology]
The Father of Jesus is a preserver of life; the father of the crowd is a killer. Jesus was desperately trying to show them that God was not as they had imagined him. God is not a killer demanding blood sacrifices. God is not a war deity sanctioning the sl... [Books] [Farewell to Mars] [gospel] [Idle Musings] [pacifism]
You are well versed in coloring your own actions with excuses which you will not accept from others, though it would be more just to accuse yourself and excuse your brother. Often we are not aware that we are so blind in heart. Meanwhile we do wrong, and ... [Thomas à Kempis]

November 6, 6AM

Moses began by being a failure! That was the school from which he qualified! Abraham began by being a failure! That was the school from which he qualified! Jacob wa a hopeless failure! David was a hopeless failure! Elijah was a hopeless failure! Isaiah wa... [Books] [Holiness] [Ian Thomas] [Idle Musings]
The truth that Jesus was trying to show the nationalistic crowd of Judean disciples is that freedom attained and maintained by killing is another name for slavery! Let that sink in. What they think makes them free actually enslaves them. They are slaves t... [Books] [Farewell to Mars] [Idle Musings] [pacifism] [theology]
If all were well with you, therefore, and if you were purified from all sin, everything would tend to your good and be to your profit. But because you are as yet neither entirely dead to self nor free from all earthly affection, there is much that often d... [Thomas à Kempis]


You will be firmly founded in righteousness. You will stay far from oppression because you won’t fear, far from terror because it won’t come near you. If anyone attacks you, it’s none of my doing. Whoever attacks you will fall because of you. Look, ...

November 5, 7AM

…we so often confuse bustle for business, and plant for power, and perspiration for inspiration. What an embarrassment it would be to you if you had a pair of hands that always tried to demonstrate how busy they were! Do you expect your fingers to tell ... [Books] [Holiness] [Ian Thomas]
That’s the problem with the bumper-sticker approach to the Bible—preaching devolves into sloganeering. Without proper context we end up with empty cliché—nice-sounding bits of nothing.— A Farewell to Mars: An Evangelical Pastor's Journey Towa... [Books] [Farewell to Mars] [theology]
Many unstable and weak-minded people say: “See how well that man lives, how rich, how great he is, how powerful and mighty.” But you must lift up your eyes to the riches of heaven and realize that the material goods of which they speak are nothing. Th... [Thomas à Kempis]

November 4, 7AM

You are not called upon to commit yourself to a need, or to a task, or to a field. You are called upon to commit yourself to God! It is He then who takes care of the consequences and commits you where He wants you. He is the Lord of the harvest! He is the... [Books] [Ian Thomas]
I learned that it is much easier to unite people around a Jesus who hates our enemies and blesses our wars than it is to unite people around a Jesus who calls us to love our enemies and pray for those who persecute us. It broke my heart to learn that peop... [Books] [Farewell to Mars] [Idle Musings] [pacifism]
As our intention is, so will be our progress; and he who desires perfection must be very diligent. If the strong-willed man fails frequently, what of the man who makes up his mind seldom or half-heartedly? Many are the ways of failing in our resolutions; ... [Holiness] [Thomas à Kempis]

November 3, 10AM

You will have become totally dependent upon the life of Christ within you, and never before will you have been so independent, so emancipated from the pressure of your circumstances, so released at last from that self-distrust which has made you at one mo... [Books] [Holiness] [Ian Thomas] [Idle Musings]
The Jesus way and conventional power politics don’t mix. So we tell Jesus to mind his own business—to go back to church and to “saving souls” and not to meddle in the real affairs of running the world. We sequester Jesus to a stained-glass quarant... [Books] [Farewell to Mars] [Idle Musings] [theology]
We want them to be perfect, yet we do not correct our own faults. We wish them to be severely corrected, yet we will not correct ourselves. Their great liberty displeases us, yet we would not be denied what we ask. We would have them bound by laws, yet we... [Thomas à Kempis]

October 31, 7AM

“Abiding is more than drawing upon resources outside of ourselves. To abide is to commune with our personal, living Lord. Without ceasing, we seek His care and wisdom and strength in the trenches of life. We engage Him in sweet fellowship, expressing to... [Books] [Idle Musings] [Vine Ripened Life]
If you tell those rushing to war that their hatred of enemies and their plan for the organized killing of enemies is evil, the crowd will hate you. War is sacred. It lies beyond critique. To critique it is blasphemy. The crowd hates blasphemy. The crowd w... [Books] [Farewell to Mars] [Idle Musings] [pacifism] [theology]


Many, unawares, seek themselves in the things they do. They seem even to enjoy peace of mind when things happen according to their wish and liking, but if otherwise than they desire, they are soon disturbed and saddened.—Thomas à Kempis [Thomas à Kempis]

October 30, 7AM

“We need to learn to abide—to rest in, remain, and regard our Lord in all things, at all times. We want to sit at His feet to learn both what He says and the heart by which He says it. We want to grow in submission to Him, dependence upon Him, and del... [Books] [gospel] [Vine Ripened Life]
The cross is shock therapy for a world addicted to solving its problems through violence. The cross shocks us into the devastating realization that our system of violence murdered God!— A Farewell to Mars: An Evangelical Pastor's Journey Toward the ... [Books] [Farewell to Mars] [Idle Musings]
If God were the sole object of our desire, we should not be disturbed so easily by opposition to our opinions. But often something lurks within or happens from without to draw us along with it.—Thomas à Kempis [Thomas à Kempis]

October 29, 7AM

“What sort of teacher is grace? Grace does not lead us in some self-help course. On the contrary, grace leads us in Christ-dependence. It teaches us to abide in the Vine. Apart from Christ we can do nothing of our own accord. In Christ we can do all thi... [Books] [gospel] [Idle Musings] [Vine Ripened Life]
So when Jesus comes along and says to us, “Love your enemy,” we instinctively feel how radical it is. He’s not just giving individuals a personal ethic; he is striking at the very foundation of the world! The world was founded on hating enemies, and... [Books] [Farewell to Mars] [gospel] [Idle Musings] [pacifism] [theology]
Some, guarded against great temptations, are frequently overcome by small ones in order that, humbled by their weakness in small trials, they may not presume on their own strength in great ones.—Thomas à Kempis [Thomas à Kempis]

October 28, 9AM

No single linguistic theory is robust enough on its own to adequately account for every aspect of language. It is too diverse and complex to make this a realistic expectation. Each different linguistic framework was developed to tackle different problems,... [Books] [discourse analysis] [grammar] [Greek] [Runge]


The key thing to remember is that each clause will contain a mix of established and newly asserted information. The goal of the communication is to convey the newly asserted information; it is the focus of the utterance. The presupposed information provid... [Books] [discourse analysis] [Greek] [Runge]


Well, we're closed for the season. The last load of regular laundry is washed, dried, folded, and carefully stored until next spring. The electricity and gas are shut off to all the cabins. The water mains are flushed of water and bubbling with bright pin... [Idle Musings] [MacArthur House Cabins]
“Earlier in his letter to the Galatians, before taking up the fruit of the Spirit, Paul asks this rhetorical question: 'Having begun in the Spirit, are you now being made perfect by the flesh?' (3:3). In Galatians 5:25 he says, 'If we live in the Spirit... [Books] [Holiness] [Holy Spirit] [Vine Ripened Life]
Look at the borders on a map. What are they? Nearly always they are the boundaries of ancient enmities where the blood of hated victims has been shed. Lines on a map, far from being benign, tell a bloody tale. At the dawn of human civilization, tribal ide... [Books] [Farewell to Mars] [Idle Musings] [pacifism]


When a man is not troubled it is not hard for him to be fervent and devout, but if he bears up patiently in time of adversity, there is hope for great progress.—Thomas à Kempis [Holiness] [Thomas à Kempis]

October 27, 6PM

“When it comes to the growth of the fruit of the Spirit, we might employ the term grace grown. The fruit produced by grace is natural to new life rather than artificial. Such fruit grows organically at the hand of our Father, by the working of His Spiri... [Books] [Vine Ripened Life]


Jesus could be a rabbi teaching nonviolence and enemy love or he could be the Messiah who would save Israel— but not both. The miracles Jesus was performing spoke for themselves. It was obvious that God was with Jesus. But if he were to fulfill his Mess... [Books] [Farewell to Mars] [Idle Musings]

12 PM

It does no harm to esteem yourself less than anyone else, but it is very harmful to think yourself better than even one. The humble live in continuous peace, while in the hearts of the proud are envy and frequent anger.—Thomas à Kempis [Thomas à Kempis]

October 25, 7AM

I heard a Voice which I could not disobey. I desired to please God alone; and I sought Him, not for what He might give me, but only for Himself. I had rather die than do anything against His will.—Jeanne Guyon [Holiness] [Madame Guyon]

October 24, 1PM

Imperfect forms of λέγω characteristically are used either to introduce an initial speech that is more of a monologue than a dialogue or to record the responses of multiple groups to one thing.35 They can also be used in the expected imperfective sens... [grammar] [Greek]


As with the other prominence markers, HPs tend to highlight some kind of discontinuity in the discourse. Usage of the HP at a boundary attracts extra attention to it, helping the reader process the transition to a new topic or pericope. Usage before a sig... [grammar] [Greek]


[I]t is important to recognize that the use of the present form in a past-tense setting represents the choice to break with expected usage. The identification of a “historical present” is based on not following the expected rules. Randall Buth notes t... [grammar] [Greek]
We're getting near the end of the season here, but that's not what the title of this post is about. It's about apples. Lots of apples. Bushels of apples. I told you that I picked four bushels of apples the other day. And I managed to process 18 pints that... [Apples] [Garden] [Idle Musings] [MacArthur House Cabins]
“Pride promotes foolish independence. Humility draws deeply upon the grace of God in communion with Him. James says that God opposes the proud—pride pits us against God. But humility opens us to Him for spiritual health and vitality in function. As th... [Books] [Vine Ripened Life]
Because God loves us, we don’t have to be afraid. Because God loves us, we are free to love others—even our enemies. And after all, once you take fear off the table, how many enemies do you really have? We don’t need to blame. We don’t need to mul... [Books] [Farewell to Mars] [gospel] [Idle Musings] [pacifism]


If men used as much care in uprooting vices and implanting virtues as they do in discussing problems, there would not be so much evil and scandal in the world, or such laxity in religious organizations. On the day of judgment, surely, we shall not be aske... [Thomas à Kempis]

October 23, 9AM

Excellent post on the power of (nonsexual) touch over at Parse today. Across television screens trudge health care workers in hazmat suits protecting themselves from Ebola. Holding patients, disposing of bodies. Carefully encased to prevent touch. It is,... [Idle Musings] [theology]


“Humility functions in the fear of the Lord. Such fear makes God large in our eyes. We are completely and continually dependent upon Him. We exist by Him and for Him. We live through Him. In Him we live and move and have our being. The greater the prese... [Books] [Holiness] [Vine Ripened Life]
So what do we do with this? How do we go about renouncing the sinful system of projecting blame onto a scapegoat? We might start by turning off the radio when the manipulative talk-show host tries to agitate the listening crowd into the evil of scapegoati... [Books] [Farewell to Mars]
Is it possible that Satan has so got the advantage of God, that God's kingdom cannot be re-established in this world, and that the Almighty has no way but to back out, and to take His saints to heaven, before He can make them holy? Is God's kingdom to be ... [Finney] [gospel] [Groveling in the dirt] [Holiness] [Idle Musings]

October 22, 10AM

First, metadiscourse guides or directs the reader, which means that it is an indicator of the author’s intent. Second, it helps us to understand not only the text, but also the writer’s stance toward it. This also speaks to authorial intent. Although ... [Books] [grammar] [Greek]


“As with all the fruit of life in Christ, each describes us by virtue of our union with Him, and each makes demands of us in our walk with Him.”— Vine Ripened Life<idle musing>That's a wonderful description of the fruit of the Spirit. It i... [Books] [gospel] [Holiness] [Idle Musings] [Vine Ripened Life]
Scapegoating is all around us, but it can be hard to perceive. To understand how the scapegoat mechanism works, it may be helpful to think about the dynamics of the childhood playground. (This is a theme explored by Nobel laureate, William Golding, in his... [Books] [Farewell to Mars] [Idle Musings] [theology]


Not that learning is to be considered evil, or knowledge, which is good in itself and so ordained by God; but a clean conscience and virtuous life ought always to be preferred. Many often err and accomplish little or nothing because they try to become lea... [Holiness] [theology] [Thomas à Kempis]

October 21, 6AM

“The cross does not refer to some special burden we bear in life. It speaks to bringing all of life into submission and service to the Father’s will, as did Jesus. The cross shows the extent of that submission.”— Vine Ripened Life<idle musi... [Books] [gospel] [Idle Musings] [theology] [Vine Ripened Life]
To follow Jesus requires the courage to leave the crowd and join his little flock, one not driven by the demonic spirit of fear. The little flock has heard its Shepherd say, “Do not be afraid.” Because the little flock is not driven by fear, it does n... [Farewell to Mars] [Idle Musings] [pacifism] [theology]
The more you know and the better you understand, the more severely will you be judged, unless your life is also the more holy. Do not be proud, therefore, because of your learning or skill. Rather, fear because of the talent given you. If you think you kn... [Holiness] [à Kempis]

October 20, 7AM

Anyone who thought we came up here to relax, retire, and generally be lazy needs to spend a day or two taking care of 7 cabins and 2 motel rooms... We only have one more weekend before the cabins close. And we had managed to get through the summer without... [Idle Musings] [MacArthur House Cabins]


“Willpower is a secular version of self-control. Self-control is a fruit of the Spirit for management of self in the strength of Christ. Willpower is seated in the natural man, while self-control is rooted in the Vine and is a product of abiding in it. ... [Holiness] [Idle Musings] [Vine Ripened Life]
What we may venerate as freedom-loving revolutionaries, the cross exposes as a demonic mob quite capable of killing the innocent. We should never forget that Jesus was executed in the name of “freedom and justice”—whether it was the Roman version or... [Books] [Farewell to Mars] [pacifism]

October 18, 6AM

What good does it do to speak learnedly about the Trinity if, lacking humility, you displease the Trinity? Indeed it is not learning that makes a man holy and just, but a virtuous life makes him pleasing to God. I would rather feel contrition than know ho...

October 17, 7AM

If it is not a practicable duty to be perfectly holy in this world, then it will follow that the devil has so completely accomplished his design in corrupting mankind, that Jesus Christ is at fault, and has no way to sanctify His people but by taking them... [Finney] [gospel] [Holiness] [Idle Musings]
“It is disturbing to hear the vitriolic invective leveled against governmental leaders in public discourse. Scathing verbal muggings and personal character assassinations are commonplace, accepted, and even expected. Issues on which people differ soon r... [Books] [Holiness] [Idle Musings] [theology] [Vine Ripened Life]


A secret (or not-so-secret) longing for the world’s violent destruction is grossly unbecoming to the followers of the Lamb. We are not hoping for Armageddon; we are helping build New Jerusalem. We will not complete it without the return of the King, but... [Books] [Farewell to Mars] [gospel] [Idle Musings] [pacifism] [theology]

October 16, 9AM

Ran across this yesterday, an older (2011) apology for organic farming by Eliot Coleman. Well worth the read. I found this paragraph especially relevant: By being self-resourced, biological agriculture offers no foothold for industry, resulting in no adv... [Garden] [Idle Musings]


If you have never looked into the Bible with this view, you will be astonished to see how many more passages there are that speak of deliverance from the commission of sin, than there are that speak of deliverance from the punishment of sin. The passages ... [Finney] [Holiness] [Idle Musings] [theology]
“A gentle approach would not be condescending or accusatory. It would come seeing itself cut from the same cloth. Like a surgeon who takes care to set a broken limb, painful firmness may be needed, but the infliction of unnecessary pain would be avoided... [Books] [Vine Ripened Life]
What I saw was that great and powerful nations shape God into their own image; great and powerful nations conscript God to do their bidding. Great and powerful nations use the idea and vocabulary of God to legitimize their own agenda. Great and powerful n... [Books] [Farewell to Mars] [Idle Musings] [theology]

October 15, 7AM

Slow week at the cabins. We're winding down, just two weeks left. We only had one to clean yesterday and nobody coming in. So we went hiking! Today's a bit busier, with two coming in. This weekend will be hopping, as usual. So we're relaxing and enjoying ... [Garden] [hiking] [Idle Musings] [MacArthur House Cabins] [Superior Hiking Trail]
“How many times have you confessed your sin of not being gentle with others to God? We confess our lack of love or lack of kindness, but rarely do we admit before God our deficiency in gentleness. It just doesn’t make the list. If it does, it’s like... [Books] [Idle Musings] [Vine Ripened Life]