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August 22 2014, 7AM

(Larry Hurtado)  Earlier this week I finished reading the newly-published version of the PhD thesis of another of our recent students: Julia A. Snyder, Language and Identity in Ancient Narratives, WUNT 2, no. 370 (Tübingen: Mohr Siebeck, 2014). She demo... [CSCO] [Important publications] [Linguistics]

August 6, 2AM

(Larry Hurtado)  I’m pleased to announce the publication of an in-depth study of Codex Alexandrinus, a fifth-century manuscript, one of the three earliest codices containing the entire Christian Bible:   W. Andrew Smith, , A Study of the Gospels ... [CSCO] [gospels] [Important publications] [Manuscripts]

August 4, 6AM

(Larry Hurtado) Recent archaeological work at the Roman site, Vinovia (now known as Binchester, in County Durham (UK) has yielded results include evidence of Christianity.  In particular, findings include a silver ring with an intaglio inset with an anch... [CSCO] [Archaeology]

April 25, 3AM

For those of you who follow us here, we have moved to a new site. You can subscribe to the RSS feed here. [CSCO]

April 8, 2AM

(Larry Hurtado) After the screening of the film, “A Polite Bribe,” here a couple of weeks ago, there was a panel discussion involving the director (Rob Orlando), Dr. Matt Novenson, and myself.  This discussion was filmed and you can watch it ... [CSCO]

April 3, 6AM

Here at Edinburgh we don’t like to blow our own trumpet – we just let N. T. Wright do it. Over at the Jesus Blog, they asked him which were the top PhD programmes in the UK. This was his answer: I sort of declare an interest here. We have a... [CSCO]

March 1, 5AM

These are both free and open to the public: Prof Claudia Setzer (Manhattan College, New York) will give a lecture titled ‘His Blood be on  Us?: The Blame Game in Matthew’s Gospel.’ Tuesday 4th March, Lecture  Room 1, 5pm Film screening... [CSCO]

February 20, 10AM

(Helen Bond) I’m just back from a short trip to Cappadocia in modern Turkey. I had no idea it was such an interesting place – amazing rock formations, cave churches, and icons. My purpose in being there was to help to make a documentary for th... [CSCO]

January 28, 5AM

The Centre for the Study of Christian Origins is pleased to host a lecture from Professor N.T. Wright discussing his new book, Paul and the Faithfulness of God.  Part of his Christian Origins and the Question of God series. The lecture is on Tuesday, Feb... [CSCO]

January 23, 8AM

(Matthew Novenson) I see where Prof Hurtado has posted about the recently advertised Professorship in New Testament at Groningen and the Senior Lectureship in New Testament at Durham. For our part, we are very happy to announce a search for a Chancellor&#... [CSCO]

December 16 2013, 2AM

Samuel Hildebrandt, one of our enterprising Hebrew Bible PhD students recently asked the New College faculty if they could each recommend a book for the festive period. Here are our responses (sometimes with justifications): Dr. Sean Adams – Maren N... [CSCO]

November 29, 3AM

(Helen Bond) History Channel’s ‘epic TV mini-series’ is due to air in the UK in the run up to Christmas, starting this Saturday (30th Nov) on Channel 5, 9-11 pm. As some of you will know, it’s a dramatic adaptation of the Bible spr... [CSCO]

November 7, 1PM

On Friday 8th November we’re holding a reception in the Senate Room, New college from 4.15 – 5.45, to celebrate the publication of Dr Margaret Williams’ new book, Jews in a Graeco-Roman Environment (Mohr Siebeck, 2013). Margaret is a mem... [CSCO]

October 18, 2AM

I announce publication of the thesis of yet another of our recent PhD students, Dr. Sean Adams, who is currently a British Academy Postdoctoral Fellow here in the School of Divinity: The Genre of Acts and Collected Biography.  Society for New Testament S... [CSCO]

October 14, 3AM

We are very excited to post the Professor Lieu’s Kennedy-Wright opening lecture. Professor Lieu gave a well-delivered and stimulating presentation entitled “Marcion and the Corruption of the Gospel.” [CSCO]

October 10, 3AM

Another of our PhD graduates of recent years, Michael J. Kruger (PhD in New Testament & Christian Origins, 2004), is to be inaugurated as President of Reformed Theological Seminary (Charlotte Campus) on 20 October 2013.  “Mike” as we kno... [CSCO] [Alumni]

October 4, 9AM

Another of our recent PhD graduates, John R. Markley, has had his thesis published in a respected monograph series:  John R. Markley, Peter–Apocalyptic Seer (WUNT 2.348; Tuebingen:  Mohr Siebeck, 2013.  Congratulations, John! The focus of the bo... [CSCO] [Gospel of Matthew] [Important publications] [Peter]

September 24, 12 PM

The CSCO team is pleased to announce that the Kennedy-Wright Opening lecture will be give this year by Professor Judith Lieu, Lady Margaret’s Professor of Divinity, University of Cambridge on Monday 7th October at 4 pm in the Martin Hall, New Colleg... [CSCO]

September 18, 8AM

Dr. Ken Dark, who gave us some informative sessions earlier this year, has now made headlines with his proposal that he may have identified the site of Dalmanutha, mentioned in the Gospel of Mark.  The story in Huffington Post appears here. [CSCO] [Archaeology] [historical Jesus]


I’m delighted to be able now to release news of a truly important project completed:  The completion of the digital photographing of the remarkable cache of ancient papyri housed in the Chester Beatty Library (Dublin).  These papyri include portio... [CSCO] [Archaeology] [Manuscripts & Texts]

September 17, 1AM

Perusing the current Mohr Siebeck catalogue, I’ve just noticed that our own Dr. Margaret Williams has a new book out (she’s too modest to have mentioned it):  Jews in a Graeco-Roman Environment (Tuebingen:  Mohr Siebeck, 2013; ISBN 978-3-16-... [CSCO] [Important publications] [inscriptions] [Jews] [Roman-era life]

September 3, 1AM

I’ve just received my copy of Volume 10 of the valuable series, New Documents Illustrating Early Christianity, eds. S. R. Llewelyn and J. R. Harrison (Eerdmans, 2012).  For those who don’t know the series, each volume reviews publications of ... [CSCO] [Archaeology] [Important publications] [Manuscripts & Texts] [Roman-era life]

September 2, 7AM

(Larry Hurtado):  Over the last couple of weeks one of the books I’ve worked through is Gillian Clark’s Christianity and Roman Society (CUP, 2004), and I commend it heartily.  At only 121 pp., plus bibliography & index, it packs in an im... [CSCO] [Important publications]

August 2, 2AM

My book on the formation of the Jewish canon is about to be published by Yale University Press on the 22nd of October. Several years ago, while co-editing a volume on the scrolls, John Collins invited me to send in a proposal for the Anchor Yale Bible Ref... [CSCO]

July 15, 5AM

(Helen Bond) Thanks to all the CSCO team for a hugely successful conference on Peter in Earliest Christianity. We had over 70 registrations in the end and 22 great  papers. Our main speakers were all excellent – Peter Lampe, Markus Bockmuehl, Tobi... [CSCO]

June 29, 7AM

We had the rather sad news this week that Prof Sean Freyne has had to pull out of the conference owing to ill health. This has meant that we’ve had to rejig the first day a little and have decided to start things 30 mins later to give us a little mo... [CSCO]

June 23, 6AM

We’re looking forward to welcoming around 60 people to Edinburgh for the Peter conference (4-6 July). The full programme of events, location, on-site registration details etc can be found at the following link: [CSCO]

June 7, 7AM

(Helen Bond) A week or so ago we welcomed Dr Ken Dark from the University of Reading to Edinburgh. Ken is an archaeologist with a great deal of experience in all things to do with the Roman Empire, and we were particularly interested to hear of his experi... [CSCO]

May 7, 3AM

We’re pleased to announce that Helen Bond, Jens Schröter (Berlin), and Chris Keith (St Mary’s, Twickenham) recently received a small grant award from the British Academy.  The grant funds a planning year for the three of us to work towards ... [CSCO]

May 3, 2AM

The audio of Witherington’s lecture is here and the Q&A which followed is here.  The recordings are about 45 minute sand 30 minutes respectively. [CSCO]

April 28, 9AM

(Helen Bond)  A reminder that Prof Ben Witherington III (Asbury Theological Seminary) will be in New College this Tuesday (30th April). He’ll lecture at 11.15 in the Martin Hall on the topic of: ‘Almost Thou Persuadest Me….’ Why Y... [CSCO]

April 24, 1AM

The (Provisional) Programme is up for the Peter Conference – just look under Events at the top of this page and follow the links for the conference. Things might change a bit, but not too much, and the start and finish times are pretty fixed now. We... [CSCO] [Peter Conference]

April 19, 7AM

(Larry Hurtado):  One our former PhD students, Michael Kruger, has produced a fine study of the emergence of the New Testament canon:  Canon Revisited:  Establishing the Origins and Authority of the New Testament Books (Wheaton, IL:  Crossway Books, 2... [CSCO] [Important publications]

April 12, 8AM

(Helen Bond) Just a reminder that the early-bird booking fee of £40 runs out on Monday 15th April. After that it will cost you £50. Still a bargain, I’ll admit, but why pay more than you have to? I’m still working on the programme, but it w... [CSCO] [Peter Conference]

April 1, 7AM

(Matthew Novenson) This Friday is the last Biblical Studies Research Seminar meeting for this teaching term (but there are a number of CSCO events still to come over the Spring and Summer months). Our speaker for this week is Dr. Peter Altmann, Assistent ... [CSCO]

March 28, 12 PM

(Helen Bond) Just a small plug for a TV progra.mme tomorrow (Good Friday). Melvyn Bragg, well-known in the UK for ‘thinking persons’ programming, is presenting an hour-long show in search of ‘the real’ Mary Magdalene. Prof Joan Tay... [CSCO]

March 25, 8AM

(Matthew Novenson) Breaking news for early-career scholars: The University of Edinburgh is welcoming applications for Chancellor’s Fellows in the fields of Biblical Studies (Hebrew Bible); World Christianity; and Theology, Ethics, and Media. The C... [CSCO]

March 21, 8AM

(Larry Hurtado):  Professor Markus Bockmuehl, who has written two important books on the Apostle Peter and will be one of the featured speakers in our conference on Peter to be held here 4-6 July 2013, has set up a helpful online resource on Simon Peter ... [CSCO]