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December 13 2017, 12 PM

Bigliest loser in Alabama: "Christian witness."Read more »

December 6, 2PM

 Is Vincent Torley a closet Gnostic?Here are Doctor (of Metaphysics) Torley's "quick answers" to JP415's questions about God:God only interacts with material universe remotely: "[God is] on a higher plane of reality, maintaining the entire unive...

November 9, 12 PM

Plus ça change...Bible licker Roy Moore's turn?Read more »

November 2, 12 PM

Just how stupid and gullible are America's evangelicals?, a "pastor" who laid hands on the current president.

September 13, 4PM

EVANGELICAL BAD FAITH VI:TORTURED TEXTSRobert Conner( one knows for sure what the hell the gospels mean and no one ever has. That, I believe, is the only logical conclusion a completely disinterested reader of the gospels c...

September 12, 9AM

EVANGELICAL BAD FAITH V:FOLLOW THE MONEYRobert Conner( what they told you. You want the truth, follow the money. -- Roxanne BlandI regard the sincerity of evangelical true believers in general as a truism and I doubt th...

September 10, 2PM

EVANGELICAL BAD FAITH: PART FOURRobert Conner(magicinchristianity anthropologists got it wrong when they named our species Homo sapiens (“wise man”). In any case it’s an arrogant and bigheaded thing to say, wisdom being one of our lea...

September 9, 9AM

EVANGELICAL BAD FAITH:PART THREERobert Conner( the whisperings of a “Holy Spirit” would take precedence over evidence and its coherent analysis is quite literally unimaginable in any discipline other than evangelical ...

September 7, 12 PM

EVANGELICAL BAD FAITH: PART TWORobert Conner( the dismay of the true believer it may be pointed out that disbelief in the resurrection begins in the New Testament itself and it begins even before the composition of the gosp...

September 6, 6PM

August 31, 4PM

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August 30, 3PM