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March 19 2018, 2PM

Celebrate your champions by getting them 60% off (and console the runners-up by snagging them at 57% off). The tournament is over, but the savings last all month, and they include all resources that competed in the tournament. Commentary champion: NICOT/N... [articles] [Products] [Championship] [commentaries] [expositor's bible commentary] [Logos March Madness] [New Testament Exegesis] [NICNT] [nicot] [Old Testament Exegesis]

March 16, 12 PM

Logos March Madness is in the final round. Save 55% on resources eliminated in round 5—or more, with dynamic pricing—then go vote for your champions. It’s a battle between Old and New Testament exegesis in the courses final, and between exegesis... [Products] [commentaries] [Courses] [Logos March Madness]

March 15, 12 PM

“There’s no way to know it without discovery.” — Sara Groves, songwriter Groves isn’t talking about commentaries when she sings that line, but she’s describing a fundamental truth about deep knowledge: it only comes by discovery. And ... [articles] [commentaries] [commentary tips] [Logos March Madness]

March 13, 4AM

Logos March Madness is nearing completion, and the discounts on runners-up are getting steeper. Get 50% off four bestselling commentary series and four popular Mobile Ed courses. Here are the eliminated resources from round 4. Commentaries—50% off Word... [Products]

March 9, 3PM

Commentaries continue to crumble, but the discounts increase. We just finished the Sweet 16 round, which means your favorite commentaries and courses—and there are some exceptional ones—are either on sale for up to 45% off, or moving on to higher disc... [Products]

March 7, 3PM

The votes are in. Round 2 is over, and the eliminated resources are now 40% off.   So if you were bummed that one of your favorites got knocked out, don’t worry, it’s still a win (for you). Here are some of the upsets worth saving on, with commentar... [Products]


To celebrate Lexham Press’ newest releases, we’re giving away a digital copy of Dr. Michael Heiser’s Supernatural when you buy digital copies of three new releases. Just put three of these books in the cart, add Supernatural, and it’s yours free. ... [Products]

March 1, 5AM

Logos monthly sales are a fantastic way to grab books at a big discount. Every month we put dozens of new resources on sale, so you’re likely to find a great addition to your library. Save up to 62% all month long. Browse all sale items now, or look int... [Products]

February 26, 5AM

Our sermon archive sale ends at midnight (PST) February 28, which means you have a short time to save. Why sermon archives? Because studying the sermons of others helps yours become better. So says Tim Keller, whose sermons are 30% off for the first time... [Products]

February 21, 1PM

This morning the world woke to the news that Billy Graham, arguably the most recognized evangelist in history, has passed into glory. Born November 7, 1918, and born again at age 16 at a revival meeting, Graham became a household name for his evangelisti... [tributes]

February 12, 5AM

Prepare your sermons with help from masters of preaching. For the first time ever, nearly all our sermon archives are 30% off. Now through Feb. 28, save on sermon archives from: Tim Keller (1,300+ sermons) John MacArthur (3,000+) D.A. Carson (550+) Matt... [Products]

February 6, 5AM

New month, new Logos sale. Save up to 50% on biblical studies, Church life & history, and theology resources. Featured resource: Key Events and Speeches in Acts—40% off Explore the book of Acts in depth with Dr. Darrell L. Bock, internationally rec... [Products]

January 16, 3PM

I took a class with D.A. Carson in seminary that completely changed how I read the Bible. Prior to the class, I understood the Bible’s general storyline, but you couldn’t drop me somewhere in 1 Chronicles and ask me to relate it to Christ and his rede... [articles] [Products]

January 10, 1PM

Why do some marriages burn with passion, while others fade into joylessness? According to bestselling author and marriage expert Dr. Paul Tripp, it has little to do with mutual attraction, shared interests, or romance. Take care of bigger commitments, an... [articles]

December 29, 1PM

New year, new goals. Whatever your goals are for engaging Scripture, Logos has big discounts ready to help you reach them. Make Bible reading a habit If you’re like most, you want to make daily Bible reading a habit. And if you’re like most, you strug... [Products]

December 21, 3PM

“I’d just be paying for what I already have.” “It’s smarter to wait until Logos 8 to upgrade.” “I’ll get a bunch of resources I don’t want.” When I was in seminary, training for ministry, I had the exact same thoughts. You make a hear... [Products]

December 20, 3PM

Through December 27, save 62%—that’s $800—on one of the most respected commentaries ever written. What do you get when a diverse team of scholars is asked to go as deep and detailed as they possibly can on an ancient text of their particular expert... [Products]

December 17, 5AM

The much-anticipated documentary from Les Lanphere finally dropped this September. Calvinist gathered buzz before filming even began. Three days after launching his Kickstarter for the project, Lanphere met his goal. By the time it ended, he had than doub... [Products]

December 14, 3PM

He’s one of America’s greatest living preachers. And for five days only, his entire sermon archive is 50% off. Get 3,127 sermons from John MacArthur, spanning nearly five decades of his ministry. See how MacArthur treats nearly any passage in Scriptu... [Misc.]

November 28, 1PM

“If we all followed Genesis as our collective compass, the world would be a better place.” This is one of the last quotes in Roadmap Genesis, a documentary by a filmmaker turned rabbi. In it he argues that the ills plaguing society today find their cu... [articles] [Products] [Faithlife TV plus] [Genesis] [Roadmap Genesis]

November 11, 11AM

Another Christmas, another opportunity to capture imaginations with the beauty of the Incarnation. While the Matthew and Luke narratives will always be wonderful for this, there are plenty of other passages in Scripture that can draw out themes and nuanc... [Apps & Web Tools] [articles] [Christmas passages] [Proclaim] [sermon texts] [Sermons] [Verse art]

October 19, 2PM

Deciding how to invest in Logos is all about finding the best base package for your needs. If you’re writing sermons, Gold may be a great fit. If you’re writing dissertations, you may want Platinum. But no matter what kind of study you want to underta... [articles]

October 14, 4AM

Your songs teach theology. Your prayers teach how to pray. Your church calendar teaches what to prioritize. Everything teaches—even the little things. What lessons are you teaching? For several years I attended a church where we stood for the reading o... [articles] [Products]

September 19, 4AM

The most-watched Christian worldview show in America, The John Ankerberg Show, is now on Faithlife TV. Here’s why this is great news for you. 1. You can learn from experts on virtually any Christian living topic. Learn apologetics from foremost scholar... [Products]

August 22, 10AM

In Mark chapter 8, Jesus heals a blind man at a pool in Bethsaida. But what if no archaeological evidence for Bethsaida exists? Would you question the Gospels? Or what if first-century crucifixion practices weren’t actually how Scripture describes t... [Misc.] [Archaeology] [Contradict] [Does] [gospels]