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November 11 2017, 11AM

Another Christmas, another opportunity to capture imaginations with the beauty of the Incarnation. While the Matthew and Luke narratives will always be wonderful for this, there are plenty of other passages in Scripture that can draw out themes and nuanc... [Apps & Web Tools] [articles] [Christmas passages] [Proclaim] [sermon texts] [Sermons] [Verse art]

October 19, 2PM

Deciding how to invest in Logos is all about finding the best base package for your needs. If you’re writing sermons, Gold may be a great fit. If you’re writing dissertations, you may want Platinum. But no matter what kind of study you want to underta... [articles]

October 14, 4AM

Your songs teach theology. Your prayers teach how to pray. Your church calendar teaches what to prioritize. Everything teaches—even the little things. What lessons are you teaching? For several years I attended a church where we stood for the reading o... [articles] [Products]

September 19, 4AM

The most-watched Christian worldview show in America, The John Ankerberg Show, is now on Faithlife TV. Here’s why this is great news for you. 1. You can learn from experts on virtually any Christian living topic. Learn apologetics from foremost scholar... [Products]

August 22, 10AM

In Mark chapter 8, Jesus heals a blind man at a pool in Bethsaida. But what if no archaeological evidence for Bethsaida exists? Would you question the Gospels? Or what if first-century crucifixion practices weren’t actually how Scripture describes t... [Misc.] [Archaeology] [Contradict] [Does] [gospels]