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September 22 2017, 4AM

If there’s one contemporary commentary series on your “must have” list, it’s probably the NIV Application Commentary Bundle. And as part of September’s Publisher Spotlight, you can get all 42 volumes for 30% off this month only. You’ll save $3... [articles] [Misc.] [Products]

September 21, 2PM

If you’ve seen any promotions from Logos lately, you may have run into the phrase, “Dynamic Pricing.” For example, all Zondervan resources are Dynamically Priced this month. So what exactly is Dynamic Pricing, why is it a big deal, and how can it sa... [articles] [Misc.] [Products] [Books] [commentaries] [Greek] [Hebrew] [logos] [Zondervan]

September 20, 4AM

Special pricing during our Zondervan Publisher Spotlight means you’ll save 30% on all 61 volumes (28,000-plus pages!) of the Word Biblical Commentary—but only through September 30. WBC is one of our most popular commentary series on, featuri... [Products] [commentaries] [commentary]

September 14, 4AM

Dive into 10 volumes and 6,524 pages. With special pricing during this month’s Publisher Spotlight, now is a perfect time to add the Zondervan Exegetical Commentary on the New Testament to your digital library. Examine Each Verse in Depth Each volume in... [articles] [Featured] [Misc.] [Products]

September 13, 12 PM

Don’t miss the NIV Application Commentary: Mark from Zondervan, free to you during the month of September. Add a second volume to your library for only $1.99! Get both now. This month’s Plus One is the NIV Application Commentary: Job. Dig deeper with ... [articles] [Featured] [Products] [Bible study] [Books] [commentaries] [free] [free book] [free book of the month] [giveaway]

September 9, 4AM

If you’re a busy student trying to get the most out of your Bible education, Logos 7 Academic Basic is designed for you—and it’s free. Here are four reasons to consider Logos 7 Academic Basic: Bundle serious resources—for free Because serious stu... [articles] [Products]

September 6, 3PM

This month only you can get the NIV Application Commentary on Mark for free—no purchase required. Add the commentary on Job for just $1.99, and the commentary on 1 Peter for just $2.99 more. Get all three commentaries now. Are beginnings better than en... [Misc.]

September 2, 4AM

This month the Publisher Spotlight aims at Zondervan, with special 30% savings on selected study resources, commentaries, and reference works. Visit the Publisher Spotlight page to discover the latest Zondervan deals. And here’s something that rarely c... [articles] [Featured] [Misc.] [Products]

September 1, 4AM

During the  Back-to-School sale, you can save up to 40% on popular resources like the 25-volume Baker Gospel Studies Collection or the 69-volume Hermeneia and Continental Commentaries. But if you thought 40% off was good, here’s something else to consi... [Products]

August 24, 12 PM

Take advantage of exceptional bundled values on study resources from Baker Book House during this year’s Logos Back-to-School sale. You’ll save on the Academic New Testament Backgrounds collection, the Evangelical Exegetical Commentary, and many other... [Featured] [Misc.] [Products]

August 21, 4AM

Logos 7 Academic Basic is available now for immediate download. Get original language tools and a library of resources custom-built for scholars and academics—completely free. Perhaps you’ve been wanting to try serious Bible software, but haven’t ye... [Featured] [Products] [Academic Basic] [bible software] [Bible study] [commentaries] [commentary] [free] [Greek] [greek lexicon] [Hebrew] [hebrew lexicon] [logos] [logos 7] [scholars]

August 18, 4AM

Even if you’re not headed for a classroom this fall, that doesn’t mean you can’t keep learning. We’ve pulled together dozens of resources to help you deepen your understanding of God’s Word. Save 20 percent when you buy up to four products and 4... [Featured] [Misc.] [Products] [Books] [commentaries] [Greek] [Hebrew]