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August 16 2017, 2AM

By Allan Bevere The Day I Changed My Mind About the Confederate Flag I am a Yankee– more specifically I am a Yankee from the Great State of Ohio. I have lived most of my life in Ohio, though I spent two years in North Carolina attending graduate sch... [Uncategorized]

August 3, 10PM

By John Frye People’s Giving: Should Pastors Know? I’ve heard it and you’ve heard it: Jesus talked more about money than he talked about heaven and hell combined. The Bible repeatedly addresses money issues. With all that, a good friend known for in... [Uncategorized]


In his fine and wide-ranging post on fundamentalism, Roger proposes these: Here is what I look for—a critical mass of spiritual-theological “symptoms” that I find common to and almost unique (in terms of emphasis and influence) among a particular tr... [Uncategorized]

July 12, 2AM

By Mitch East, currently the preaching intern at the North Atlanta Church of Christ One summer during graduate school, a college minister asked me to speak at a retreat for his students. The retreat would deal with the students’ questions about Christi... [Uncategorized]