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March 15 2018, 2AM

In this series with the Bulletin, we ask scholars to talk about how they describe what they do to outsiders by sharing a story or two, and reflect on how this has affected their identity as scholars of religion. For other posts in this series, follow this... [Theory and Method] [Theory in the Real World] [Bulletin for the Study of Religion] [cab rides] [conference travel] [Critical Theory] [Identity] [karl marx] [religion] [religious studies] [scholarship] [So You're Not a Priest? Scholars Explain What They Do to Outsiders]

March 13, 2AM

January 16, 3AM

December 21, 3AM

Critique in Context: Surveying Key Categories in the Study of Religion Call for Proposals The last several years, NAASR’s annual programs have addressed theory (2015), method (2016), and data (2017). Building off these important discussions, the program... [Announcements] [Call for Papers] [NAASR Notes] [Theory and Method] [Uncategorized] [Bulletin for the Study of Religion] [Cal for papers] [NAASR] [NAASR2018] [North American Association for the Study of Religion] [politics] [religion] [religion CFP] [religious studies] [scholarship] [Study of Religion]

December 20, 3AM

Situating Philosophy of Religion Annual Department for the Study of Religion Graduate Symposium University of Toronto, April 21-22, 2018 Keynote Speakers: Thomas A. Lewis (Brown), Mark Kingwell (Toronto) The Graduate Student Association at the University ... [Uncategorized]

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September 12, 2AM

In this series, the Bulletin asks scholars if and how they critically engage “gender” in the study of religion. Contributors consider how gender intersects with method & theory, pedagogy, professional practices, or matters of race, ethnicity, ... ["Gender" in/and the Study of Religion] [Academy] [Open Submission] [Sexuality and Gender] [Uncategorized] [Bulletin for the Study of Religion] [career development] [Gender] [Graduate School] [imposter syndrome] [Junior academics] [Leeds University] [religion] [religious studies] [scholarship] [Theology and Religious Studies] [women] [WoNJAR]

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