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November 13 2016, 6PM

For the previous post and links to earlier parts of this series by Stephen Huebscher, click here. -MSH   SUMMARY OF TEXTS. After surveying the most common biblical and Second Temple texts (together with a few older ones from the ancient Near East), ... [Biblical Theology & Doctrine] [divine council] [NakedBible] [assembly] [celestial] [council] [Divine] [Worship]

November 5, 12 PM

[Note: This post continues where Part 3 left off.  It includes the rest of the main biblical as well as non-biblical ancient Jewish texts.– MSH]   Psalm 97:7–9. “All worshipers of images are put to shame, who make their boast in worthles... [Biblical Theology & Doctrine] [divine council] [Hebrew Bible (OT)] [NakedBible] [assembly] [celestial] [council] [Divine] [gods] [Hebrew Bible] [hekalot] [liturgy] [Qumran] [Worship]

October 11, 1PM

[This is Part 3 of Stephen Huebscher’s series on the divine council and heavenly worship. See Part 1 and Part 2. — MSH]     We now move on to the second group of texts relating to our topic, the OT biblical texts. Over the next seve... [Biblical Theology & Doctrine] [divine council] [Hebrew Bible (OT)] [angels] [Deut 32] [divine council] [heavenly] [Isaiah 6] [liturgy] [Worship]

October 4, 11PM

Part 1 of this series can be found here.   To introduce the topic and get things moving, there are two points to remember. First, the responsibilities of the divine council include (1) administrating Yahweh’s will to the nations, (2) administering ... [Biblical Theology & Doctrine] [divine council] [divine council] [liturgy] [Worship]
Editor’s Note: This is the first post in a series by my friend Stephen Huebscher. Stephen is a doctoral student in Hebrew Bible and is very acquainted with my work and the divine council in general. I hope you enjoy his contributions to the blog! &#... [Biblical Theology & Doctrine] [divine council] [divine council] [liturgy] [Worship]