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December 2 2016, 11PM

[MSH: When readers finish this essay, they will recognize its internal consistency with my argument in The Unseen Realm that salvation was the same across the board in both testaments. The issue was believing loyalty to Yahweh. Dr. Johnson raises the ques... [Biblical Theology & Doctrine] [NakedBible] [Soteriology] [Atonement] [Cross] [Gentiles] [israel] [jesus] [Messiah] [New Testament] [old testament] [sacrifices] [salvation]

October 10, 1PM

[Editor’s note: Ronn Johnson’s post will remind those who listened to the Naked Bible Podcast series on Leviticus of the discussion of kaphar, how it referred to purgation — not from moral sins, but from ritual impurity. Consequently, it... [Biblical Theology & Doctrine] [Hebrew Bible (OT)] [Leviticus] [Soteriology] [Atonement] [blood] [israel] [Israelite] [Relationship] [sacrifices] [salvation]

September 22, 10AM

[Editorial, MSH: Listeners to the Naked Bible podcast series on Leviticus will recall that nearly all the sacrificial language of Leviticus had to do with disinfecting or protecting sacred space from impurity – the blood was not applied to the one bring... [biblical history] [Biblical Theology & Doctrine] [Hebrew Bible (OT)] [Leviticus] [NakedBible] [Soteriology] [Atonement] [blood] [faith] [gods] [ritual] [sacrifice] [salvation] [Yahweh]

September 14, 4PM

This is the first post on Naked Bible by my friend Dr. Ronn Johnson. Ronn has extensive teaching experience in biblical studies (PhD, Dallas Seminary) and many years of pastoral experience. To get acquainted with him, listen to this episode of the Naked B... [Biblical Theology & Doctrine] [divine council] [Doctrine of God] [NakedBible] [Satan and demons] [Soteriology] [angels] [believing] [Christology] [elohim] [God] [gods] [idolatry] [loyalty] [Monotheism] [righteousness] [salvation] [Trinity]