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October 17 2017, 6AM

Yesterday, at approximately 12:47 pm, I decided to abandon my workday, go home, turn off the internet, eat six slices of the pumpkin pie I baked the night before, cuddle up with my pups on the couch, and call it. Seeing every woman, trans, and nonbinary p... [WIT Posts] [#metoo] [Abuse] [accountability] [assault] [Child Abuse] [Hilary J. Scarsella] [Into Account] [Listening] [rape] [ritual] [sexual violence] [social media] [theology] [witness]

February 1, 2PM

I’m going to go ahead and assume that everyone reading this knows that white women have a historical tendency to live and act in racist ways. It was true when the suffragettes intentionally excluded black women in order to appear more respectable to the... [WIT Posts] [Donald Trump] [politics] [Race] [racism] [resistance] [white supremacy] [white women] [whiteness]

August 30 2016, 3AM

Oh, August. For academics it is the month of scurrying to polish up syllabi, waving goodbye to summer writing projects, and getting to meet the heaps of new and returning students whose presence and curiosity will grace our classrooms in the coming year. ... [WIT Posts] [classroom] [College] [entitlement] [feminist] [pedagogy] [students] [Theological Education] [university] [university of chicago]

July 14, 12 PM

I spend a good bit of time listening to adult survivors of childhood sexual abuse reflect on ways that the worship and theology of their faith communities impacted their experience of abuse, its traumatic consequences, and their subsequent ability to stru... [WIT Posts] [Abuse] [communion] [Eucharist] [liturgy] [Lord's Supper] [sexuality] [theology] [violence]