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March 13 2018, 5PM

This book on biblical interpretation deals with the issue of biblical authority and surveys the history of biblical interpretation. According to the blurb on the dustjacket the author “…shows the Bible is still the Word of God for mankind, and... [Church History] [hermeneutics]

March 6, 5PM

In this fascinating little book Septimus Buss conducts a forensic analysis of the details of the trial of Jesus against their Jewish and Roman background. It would provide a good starting point for a deeper study of the subject. This title is in the publi... [Trial]

February 26, 5PM

Thomas the apostle has received relatively little interest in western theology. I knew from friends who came from Kerala in India that Thomas plays a much more important role in their thinking. It is a great pleasure to host an interview about a new book ... [Thomas the apostle]

February 25, 5PM

A full set of the Canadian Journal of Theology, courtesy of Canterbury Cathedral library The Canadian Journal of Theology was published by the University of Toronto and ran for 16 volumes between 1955 and 1970. It is valuable resource of learned articles ... [Biblical Studies] [Canadian Jounal of Theology]

February 20, 5PM

Charles J. Ellicott edited a multi-volume commentary on the Bible in the 1870s which is still being reprinted today. This is the three volume New Testament set. I am looking for the Old Testament volumes in poor condition which I can disbind and scan. If ... [commentaries] [New Testament]

February 13, 5PM

1) Please introduce yourself and your role at Asia Pacific Theological Seminary My name is Dave Johnson and I am a member of the faculty at the Asia Pacific Theological Seminary (APTS) in Baguio City, Philippines. My speciality is overseeing the school’... [Bible colleges] [Interviews]
Walter L. Wardle’s The History and Religion of Israel forms the first volume in the Clarendon Bible series. It contains numerous plates which are included in greyscale to preserve their quality. The supplement “The Old Testament Chronologicall... [background] [history] [Judaism] [old testament] [OT Theology]

February 6, 5PM

My wife brought my attention to a post of the Affinity website about the training of ministers. She noted that there was a very helpful comment by Helen Thorne or London City Mission and suggested that I contact Helen to interview her for my blog series. ... [Bible colleges] [Interviews] [Missions]

January 30, 5PM

This commentary on the Book of Joshua was written by the Rev. George Frederick Maclear [1833-1902], Warden of St Augustine’s, Canterbury and headmaster of King’s College School, London. This book is in the public domain and includes a couple o... [commentaries] [Joshua]

January 23, 5PM

According to WikiSource John James Lias [1834-1923] was Chancellor of Llandaff Cathedral and Hulsean Lecturer in Divinity and Lady Margaret Preacher at the University of Cambridge. This is the full text of his commentary on the Book of Judges. This title ... [commentaries] [Judges]

January 16, 5PM

This is an expanded version of a prize-winning essay that summarises the arguments for and against the Mosaic authorship of Deuteronomy. This title entered the public domain on 1st January and still retails for around £10, so I trust that it will prove u... [Deuteronomy] [Moses]

January 9, 5PM

A brief commentary on the book of Ruth by G.A. Cooke, who was successively Oriel Professor of the Interpretation of Holy Scripture and Regius Professor of Hebrew at Oxford University. This title is in the public domain. George Albert Cooke [1865-1939], Th... [commentaries] [Ruth]

January 4, 5PM

One of my aims in 2018 is to make available more biblical commentaries. Here are four on the books of first and second Kings; two short, two long. Colour maps are included, enhanced as much as possible to overcome the fading in the originals. All are in t... [1 Kings] [2 Kings] [commentaries]

December 1 2017, 12 AM

This week I interviewed Dr Tim Davy of Redcliffe College. 1) Please introduce yourself and your role at Redcliffe College Dr Tim Davy I am the ‘Research Fellow’ at Redcliffe College. This means I do teaching and research, mainly in the area of the Bib... [Interviews] [Missions]

November 26, 5PM

Rembrandt van Rijn, Jeremiah Lamenting the Destruction of Jerusalem, c. 1630 [Source: Wikipedia]These are the 1923 Baird Lectures given by George Adam Smith on the book of Jeremiah. They provide an introduction both to the prophet and his book. This title... [Jeremiah]

November 19, 5PM

The digititisation of Evangel began about 10 years ago, but other projects meant that it had to set aside. I returned to it recently and found that I was able to contact most of the authors for their permissions. Over the intervening years my network has ... [Evangel]

November 14, 5PM

Tyndale Greek New Testament After 10 years of scholarly work, Tyndale House is launching a new version of the New Testament in its original Greek language, which aims to be the most accurate ever published. Taking as its authority the very oldest availabl... [Greek] [Textual Criticism] [Tyndale House]

November 9, 5PM

The European Journal of Theology publishes bi-annually material in English, French and German. The majority of the articles from 2012 issues are now available on-line for free download. My thanks to editor Dr Pieter Lalleman and to all the authors for the... [Biblical Studies] [European Journal of Theology]

October 23, 5PM

I uploaded most of this book about 10 years ago in HTML. Technology has moved on since then, so I have re-scanned the material again to PDF and provided an option to download the entire volume as one file. This books appears by kind permission of James Mo... [Apologetics] [Bible] [infallibility]

October 22, 5PM

Dr Tom Holland has asked me to announce the iminent publication of his evaluation of the theology of N.T. Wright: Tom Wright and the Search for Truth: A Theological Evaluation I have long felt that someone ought to write a comprehensive, probing critique ... [Atonement] [Bible] [book review] [Judaism] [Tom Wright]

October 11, 11AM

Please introduce yourself and your role at the International Baptist Theological Study Centre Amsterdam (IBTSC). My name is Toivo Pilli and I am Director of Baptist and Anabaptist Studies at the IBTSC. I have been involved in the work of IBTSC since 2002.... [Biblical Studies] [Interviews]

October 10, 3AM

The St Andrews Symposium for Biblical and Early Christian Studies Atonement: Sin, Sacrifice, and Salvation in Jewish and Christian Antiquity 4-6 June 2018 St Mary’s College, University of St. Andrews Plenary Addresses: Christian Eberhart Martha Himmelf... [Atonement] [Conferences] [Cross] [Jewish background] [sacrifice]

October 2, 9AM

Most of articles from the 2012 edition of the Evangelical Quarterly are now available for free download in PDF. My thanks to the authors for their kind permissions. One 3rd February 2011 Spurgeon’s College hosted a debate on the topic of ‘Is U... [Biblical Studies] [Evangelical Quarterly] [Universalism]

September 24, 5PM

Volume 17 of The Caribbean Journal of Evangelical Theology is now available for free download. This is a free Open Access journal hosted exclusively on Click here to visit the download page and the complete table of contents Caribb... [Caribbean Journal of Evangelical Theology]

September 19, 5PM

The full text of the 2011/12 editions of the Proceedings of the Wesley Historical Society (Vol. 58) are now available for free download in PDF. Follow this link to go to the table of contents. Theology on the Web provides a digitisation and hosting servic... [Journals]

September 18, 5PM

Last week in Zagreb I met Koraljka Rožić, one of the editors of Kairos Evangelical Journal of Theology. Kairos is an open access theological journal published in both Croatian and English editions and print and electronic format. Koraljka was very happy... [Biblical Studies] [Kairos]

September 17, 5PM

Dr Dale Brueggemann contacted me recently to request that I make available key Biblical linguistics resources on my website in PDF. A great number of Greek & Hebrew lexicons and grammars are now out of copyright which still have value to Bible student... [aramaic] [Biblical Studies] [Greek] [Hebrew] [Linguistics]

September 15, 12 AM

The Conference venue – the Pastoral Institute, located next to Zagreb Cathedral I was invited by the Committee of the Association of European Theological libraries (BETH) to speak at their 2017 conference. Located in the beautiful city of Zagreb in ... [Digitisation]

August 27, 5PM

Elisha raising the Shunammites Son. Source: Wikipedia Alexander Stewart’s study of the life of Elisha reminds me very much of A.W. Pink’s book on Elijah which was published 30 years or so later. My thanks to Book Aid’s London Bookshop fo... [1 Kings] [2 Kings] [Elisha]

August 25, 5AM

Alexander Stewart was a renowned Scottish preacher and the served as Moderator of the Free Church of Scotland. This introduction to and exposition of the book of Jeremiah was originally published in 1936. My thanks to Book Aid’s London bookshop for ... [Jeremiah]

August 23, 11AM

Frontispiece, Book of Revelation, Bible of San Paolo fuori le Mura, 9th century – source Wikipedia Today I received permission from Dr Gordon Campbell to upload four of his articles from Irish Biblical Studies. Three of these are on the Book of Reve... [Irish Biblical Studies] [Paul] [Revelation]

July 5, 5AM

TYNDALE HOUSE PRESS RELEASE Tyndale House, Cambridge, England Discovery published in the Tyndale Bulletin 68.1 (2017) 1-29 Tyndale House, Cambridge, announces a new discovery made by young researcher Dr Kim Phillips published in its latest Tyndale Bulleti... [Textual Criticism]

June 22, 11PM

Over 70 issues of Evangelical Quarterly now in Wycliffe Hall Library The Evangelical Quarterly (1929-present) represents a tremendous resource for Bible students. It contains contributions from the best of 20th Century Evangelical scholarship, including G... [Biblical Studies] [Evangelical Quarterly]

June 16, 6AM

Reproduced by permission of Tyndale House Communications Dept.   Langham Partnership Welcomed Back Following the completion of our single rooms renovation we were delighted to welcome Dr Chris Wright, Dr Ian Shaw and some of this year’s Lang... [Tyndale House]

June 5, 5PM

Last December I hosted a guest post by Larry Stone, who is organising the reprinting in electronic formats of the works of F.F. Bruce. Larry has told me that the process is moving forward. He writes: F.F. Bruce Copyright International plans to publish at ... [Biblical Studies] [F.F. Bruce] [news]

May 5, 6AM

The Transfiguration by Raphael (Source: Wikipedia) I am very pleased to me able to make available Professor Allison A. Trites article on the Transfiguration of Jesus. Allison A. Trites, “The Transfiguration of Jesus: The Gospel in Microcosm,”... [Evangelical Quarterly] [jesus] [Transfiguration]

April 27, 4AM

Reproduced by permission of Tyndale House Communications Dept. The Greek New Testament: Produced at Tyndale House We are approaching the end of nearly a decade’s work producing a new edition of the Greek New Testament as the entire finished text has b... [jesus christ] [Textual Criticism] [Tyndale House]

March 12, 5PM

Theology on the Web’s primary function has always been to provide a comprehensive and free online theological library for those without access to physical books around the world. However, an unexpected benefit of digitising over 30,000 theological a... [history] [Journals]

February 27, 1PM

Thanks to the kind permission of the Editor, the 2016 edition of Haddington House Journal is now available for free download in PDF. Click here to visit the download page and browse the other volumes available. Table of Contents Volume 18 (2016) General A... [Haddington House Journal] [jesus christ] [Missions] [theology]

January 31, 12 PM

Volume 32.2 of the Melanesian Journal of Theology is now available for free download in PDF. Please visit the download page for the links. Melanesian Journal of Theology Table of Contents Vol. 32.2 (2016) “Editorial,” Peer Reviewed Articles Ke... [Melanesian Journal of Theology]

January 12, 5PM serves as the on-line home for the Caribbean Journal of Evangelical Theology. CJET is the academic journal of Caribbean Evangelical Theological Association, Jamaica Theological Seminary and Caribbean Graduate School of Theology. I a... [Caribbean Journal of Evangelical Theology] [Romans] [Sermon of the Mount] [slavery] [theology]

December 12, 1PM

Reproduced by permission of Tyndale House Communications Office Newly refurbished single rooms available! We’re taking bookings for the new year for our newly refurbished residential accommodation with the first time offering of ensuite thermostati... [Biblical Studies] [Tyndale House]

December 11, 5PM

Professor F.F. Bruce [12 October 1910 – 11 September 1990]When Robert Hicks, a British book publisher, realized that many of the works of F.F. Bruce were not readily available, he wanted to correct that situation. He believed in the importance of Bruce... [F.F. Bruce]

November 11, 12 AM

Below is a series of videos produced by the Forum of Christian Leaders (FOCL) intended to equip Christians entering the world of Academia. They should prove of great interest to anyone considering or who has already begun an academic course in Theology. W... [Biblical Studies] [online resources] [theology] [Training]

October 19, 12 AM

This Tyndale House Newsletter is reproduced here by permission of the Tyndale House Communications Dept. P. Beatty III (𝔓47): The Codex, Its Scribe, and Its Text Peter Malik, one of our recently appointed Research Associates, is working on a daily bas... [Archaeology] [Deuteronomy] [Textual Criticism] [Tyndale House]

October 16, 9AM

The European Journal of Theology is a tri-lingual theological journal. For those not familiar with it there is a short video introduction below. To subscribe, please visit the publisher’s website. I have just uploaded most of the 2011 articles by pe... [Biblical Studies] [European Journal of Theology]

September 25, 10AM

Thanks to the kind permissions of hundreds of its authors serves as the official archive of the theological journal Evangelical Quarterly.  I am pleased to announce that many of the articles from the four 2011 issues are now availa... [Evangelical Quarterly]

May 31, 5AM

I received this as an email today, so I thought I would pass it along as the resources it mentions would seem to be helpful to those involved in Jewish studies. Sadly the resources are not free. I’m writing on behalf of C.D.I. Systems in concert with B... [Hebrew] [Jewish background] [Talmud]
Dr Pieter Lalleman, Tutor in Biblical Studies at Spurgeons College in London, has written 10 studies on Book of the Revelation. Pieter writes: The Book of Revelation is not as inscrutable as many think.  I have written a series of ten studies on the mo... [Revelation]