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November 2 2017, 12 PM

Our Logos Mobile Education crew met up with Kevin Vanhoozer near Chicago to film a new course on doctrine and discipleship: Theological Interpretation of Scripture in the Church. While we were there, we discussed a new project he’s been working on, A R... [Products]

September 14, 4AM

This is a guest post by Christopher Reese, general editor of the Dictionary of Christianity and Science. Pre-order the dictionary before 9/22 to save 18%.  Many influential sectors of our culture today promote the idea that Christianity and science are m... [articles]

July 1, 5AM

This month we’re shining the spotlight on Eerdmans’ Publishing. You can save big on some of their most popular series—including the NIGTC and the Pillar New Testament Commentary. Here are just a few of the resources on sale. Visit the Publisher Spot... [Misc.]

June 28, 12 PM

If you’re looking for a great deal on Logos resources, look no further than the June monthly sale. You can get up to 50% off 50 resources for just three more days. Here are the five most popular resources available in the June monthly sale: Pastorum Se... [Misc.]

June 27, 4AM

June is almost over, and that means this is your last chance to get a great deal on featured resources from P&R Publishing. We’ve pulled together five of this celebrated Reformed publisher’s most popular series, including the Reformed Expo... [Products]

June 19, 12 PM

Make your summer count with savings that keep adding up. During the Logos Summer Sale, you can get up to 50% off your own personal Bible study bundle. Save on Logos 7 base packages, commentaries, and Mobile Ed courses. Build a bundle, save a bundle Stock... [Products]

June 13, 4AM

Throughout June we’re shining the spotlight on Reformed publisher P&R. Not only can you get great deals on resources by John Frame, you can get over $100 off the Reformed Expository Commentary! Check out these highlights from this month’s featured... [Products]

June 12, 4AM

There are dozens of great deals available in the June Monthly Sale. Don’t miss our featured product: Darrel Bock’s Introducing the Gospel and Acts. You can get it for 35% off through the end of the month.  Dr. Bock walks you through the pivo... [Misc.]

June 7, 12 PM

We’ve pulled together dozens of Mobile Ed courses to help you tackle tough theological topics from creation to eschatology. And best of all, they’re all available for 40-70% off. We’ve extended this sale for an extra week, but don’t wait: these de... [Misc.]

June 2, 4AM

Video can be a great tool to help you further your theological knowledge. Whether it’s providing material for Sunday school classes, small groups, or your congregation, biblical video content can start meaningful conversations in your church and dee... [Misc.]

May 22, 4AM

This is it: the last day you can get the Word Biblical Commentary for just $399.99. That’s 66% off! This is the lowest price the WBC has been in years, and a deal like this isn’t likely to come around again anytime soon. Get it while you still can. ... [Misc.]

May 17, 4AM

Throughout May we’re shining the spotlight on Faithlife’s own Lexham Press. You can save 30% on some of our most popular collections—including big bundles of commentaries, theology, and more. Here are three bundles that can save you hundreds off the... [Misc.]

May 11, 4AM

The Word Biblical Commentary delivers the best in biblical scholarship, from the leading scholars of our day—all of whom share a commitment to Scripture as divine revelation. And right now, you can get the entire 62-volume collection for 66% off—the b... [Misc.]

May 17, 4AM

Today’s post is by guest contributor Michael Fuller. Are good leaders made or born? That’s a debatable question with an unclear answer. Yet what is clear is that all effective leaders have one thing in common: they never stop learning and consiste... [Misc.]