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December 6 2017, 5PM

Today is a day of remembrance. [Content note: This post discusses a violent incident against women involving guns] I want to begin by remembering these names: Geneviève Bergeron Hélène Colgan Nathalie Croteau Barbara Daigneault Anne-Marie Edward Maud ... [WIT Posts] [Advent] [bystanders] [Gun violence] [hope] [remembrance] [sexual violence] [theology] [violence] [women]

July 15, 4PM

How could it be possible for a group of Christians to think twice about collectively condemning white supremacy? Many were asking this question last month as we watched the drama of the annual meeting of the Southern Baptist Convention unfold in Phoenix, ... [WIT Posts] [history] [Individualism] [politics] [Race] [racism] [sin] [structural sin] [theology] [white privilege] [white supremacy] [whiteness]

June 26, 1PM

Today is the 20th anniversary of Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone’s publication. Like many millions of others around the world, I love this book series. It is delightful. As are so many pieces of spin-off media, like the “Hogwarts Seminary... [WIT Posts]

September 29 2016, 5AM

History is story telling. It’s also much more than that. The way we tell stories communicates much about our values and perspectives. Storytelling a powerful act; those who generate the shared stories of a group’s past can exert an enormous amount of ... [WIT Posts]

August 7, 9AM

Ursula Franklin, prominent physicist, holocaust survivor, university professor, public intellectual, pacifist, and one of the giants of Canadian feminism, passed away on July 22nd at the age of 94. As the many tributes and obituaries in the wake of her de... [WIT Posts]

July 18, 6PM

Some of what I have been reading recently has helped me reflect on the complex ways religious communities portray godliness and immorality when it comes to economic activity and gender. These reflections have come from a somewhat surprising source: the ... [WIT Posts] [beer] [brewing] [Church History] [early modern women] [Economics] [Gender]

May 12, 4PM

  In the first year of my PhD studies in the History of Christianity, I found myself researching early twentieth-century feminist activists. A coursework research paper drew me to focus on the Ontario chapter of the Women’s Christian Temperance Uni... [WIT Posts]