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June 16 2016, 9AM

As a temporary resident in the European Union, for the past nine months I have visited a large number of Christian churches: medieval churches, modern churches, round churches, churches-turned-Soviet-museum… lots of churches. Like with anything in large... [WIT Posts]

May 17, 11AM

I recently met Catherine of Siena at her basilica—Basilica Cateriniana— also known as the Basilica of San Domenico in Siena, Italy. It feels as if I actually met her, because her head is enshrined on the right side of the nave, along with her thumb. I... [WIT Posts]

April 15, 6AM

I teach girls. I teach them religious studies and philosophy; primarily, though, I teach them. I help them think, I encourage their questioning, I support them through their adolescent years. The subject is a bonus. But teaching to all girls in the Roman ... [WIT Posts]