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March 1 2018, 1PM

Jacob J. Prahlow hosts this month’s Biblical Studies Carnival at his Pursuing Veritas blog. Enjoy! [+Fellowship] [Bible]

December 12 2017, 5AM

Here’s an honest question to which I’d love to receive dozens of honest answers: (1) If you are a college professor: Do you require your students to use a particular note-taking method, and if so, which one? What is your rationale for this dec... [Uncategorized]

December 6, 4AM

Try not to slug any heretics (if you can avoid it)! [Uncategorized]

December 1, 6AM

Posted for your reading pleasure by Jim West at his Zwinglius Redivivus blog. [+Fellowship] [Bible]

November 9, 5AM

Evangelicalism has been a problematic term for a long time. It seems to evade all attempts to define it, at least over the last few decades. Part of the problem is that there are, in fact, several different “evangelicalisms.” Scot McKnight hig... [theology] [evangelical] [evangelicalism]

November 2, 1PM

Doug Chaplin has the hosting honors this month. Go visit his blog and see what’s worth reading about in biblical studies! [+Fellowship] [Bible]

September 1, 11AM

August 3, 5AM

Scot McKnight is working through Stephen Chester’s Reading Paul with the Reformers at his JesusCreed blog. (Here’s part 1; here’s part 2.) In today’s blog post, he interacts in some detail with a passage from Chester that takes i... [New Testament] [theology] [new perspective] [Paul]

July 20, 12 PM

Alan Brill reviews Yuval Harari’s recent book Jewish Magic before the Rise of Kabbalah and interacts with the author in a brief online interview. He argues that the practice of magic was very much a part of early Judaism (and Christianity), even tho... [Wealth of Egypt] [Judaica] [magic]

July 12, 4AM

Over at JesusCreed, Mitch East is arguing that “Doubt Is Overrated.” He has a point, if you hear him out: A student in seminary once told me, “In this department, it’s not if you have a faith crisis, but when you have a faith crisis.... [theology]

July 4, 9AM

Leader: This is not a litany. People: This is a responsive reading. Leader: A litany is an ancient prayer form in which the leader voices a petition and the people repeat a set response such as “Lord, have mercy.” People: Or “Hear our pr... [Tomfoolery]

June 6, 4AM

Pete Enns has delineated “5 Modern Insights about the Old Testament that Aren’t Going Anywhere.” They are as follows: The Old Testament is an ancient Near Eastern phenomenon “Myth” is an inescapable category for describing p... [old testament] [theology]

June 2, 4AM

Thatjeffcarter has the honor of hosting this month’s Carnival. Enjoy! [+Fellowship] [Bible]

April 1, 5AM

An epic-length five-part blog carnival is now posted for your enlightenment at Jonathan Robinson’s ξἐνος blog. So be sure to read Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, and Part 5. [+Fellowship] [Bible]

March 3, 5AM

Hosted for your reading pleasure by Pursuing Veritas. [+Fellowship] [Bible]

February 12, 6AM

Brent Eric Davis has written a brief summary of all that can be surely known of the original language of the Philistines before they adopted a Semitic tongue during the Iron Age. Spoiler: This is a rather brief article. [Wealth of Egypt] [Philistines]

February 2, 5AM

Cassandra Farrin has the honor this month of collecting the best of biblioblogging for your reading pleasure. Go see her post at the Westar Institute blog! [+Fellowship] [Bible]

January 21, 6AM

Next week, I’ll once again explain to my New Testament students that all of first-century Judaism was thoroughly Hellenized, even among those who despised Greco-Roman culture. This article by Burton L. Visotzky at The Bible and Interpretation outlin... [Wealth of Egypt] [Hellenization] [Judaism]

January 20, 4AM

I like the way John Frye explains how a lot of Christians reduce the gospel to much less than it actually is: What if I said to you that the story of the movie The Sound of Music was about guitars? Would you disagree? What if I said the story of the movie... [theology] [gospel]

January 4, 11AM

…hosted by Jennifer Guo at her eponymous blog. (Sorry I’ve been late in posting this. Real life and all.) [+Fellowship] [Bible]

December 13 2016, 6AM

Weekend Fisher’s post from last night was a refreshing palate cleanser for my soul: Finally, brothers, whatsoever things are true, whatsoever things are honorable, whatsoever things are just, whatsoever things are pure, whatsoever things are lovely... [Life as Prayer] [New Testament]

November 27, 12 PM

I was late coming to Advent. The church of my childhood and youth never observed a season of preparation leading to Christmas day. We were left, then, to “get ready for Christmas” the same way secular people did: by overfilling our schedules, spending... [New Testament] [John the Baptist] [Matthew]

November 1, 12 PM

Posted today at Bob McDonald’s Dust blog. [+Fellowship] [Bible]

October 21, 7AM

Both are in evidence over at the Jesus Blog, where Rafael Rodríguez has shared some correspondence he’s recently had with one of his students. The student writes, I have a question that has been on my mind. It might be somewhat obvious, but nonet... [New Testament] [theology] [Judaism] [Paul]

October 5, 7AM

The most recent carnival was posted on time at Bible Study with Randy. I regret it has taken me this long to get around to linking it. Enjoy! [+Fellowship] [Bible]

September 16, 5AM

Not the British actor, by the way, but the British historian. I have no idea what Marvel Studios’ Spider-Man thinks about ethics and/or religion. But writer Tom Holland describes his epiphany in a recent article in The New Statesman: The longer I s... [ethics]

September 2, 10AM

The Monday Morning Theologian has the honors this month. So go over to J. K. Turner’s blog for all the best of biblioblogging for the month of August. [+Fellowship] [Bible]

August 31, 1PM

Over at JesusCreed, Jonathan Storment has written an intriguing review of Reviving Old Scratch by Richard Beck. This is a book about spiritual warfare—but Storment urges us not to roll our eyes just yet. I want you to know this isn’t like the other s... [Ministry] [theology] [Satan] [spiritual warfare]

August 25, 8AM

Pete Enns’s musings about the ark museum in Kentucky have led him to propose three important road signs for navigating the story successfully. Since my REL 130 students will be grappling with this story next week, I thought I’d link to what ... [old testament] [flood] [Genesis] [Noah]

August 1, 10AM

This month’s Carnival is now posted at Philip Long’s Reading Acts blog. Enjoy! [+Fellowship] [Bible]

July 1, 8AM

Kris Lyle of Old School Script hosts this month’s Carnival. He has opted to go with a TV theme for all us biblical couch potatoes. Well done! [+Fellowship] [Bible]


According to the Times of Israel, a Hebrew-language version of the Epic of Gilgamesh is underway: In writer Shirley Graetz’s mind, the Akkadian figure who stars in the ancient poem “Epic of Gilgamesh” sounded a lot like her eldest son. Big, strong, ... [Wealth of Egypt] [Gilgamesh]

June 8, 3AM

No purportedly biblical position on any issue is served by sloppy exegesis. Especially when the exegete implies, or downright states, that the possible interpretation he or she proposes is, in fact, the only possible interpretation. Thus, I commend to you... [Bible] [theology]

June 3, 3AM

John Pavlovitz, “5 Things I Wish Christians Would Admit about the Bible” Michael Byrd, “7 Things I Wish Christians Knew about the Bible“ [Bible] [theology]

June 2, 4AM

The next Biblical Studies Carnival is now posted at Brian Renshaw’s eponymous blog. If you are interested in top-notch biblical scholarship and/or are an Alice Cooper fan, you owe it to yourself to go see. [+Fellowship] [Bible]

May 19, 5AM

Good words from Scot McKnight: The Bible you carry is a political act. By “Bible” I mean the Translation of the Bible you carry is a political act. Because the Bible you carry is a political act the rhetoric about other translations is more politics t... [Bible] [Bible Translation]

May 1, 12 PM

That Jeff Carter is hosting the festivities this month. Enjoy! [+Fellowship] [Bible]

April 21, 5AM

Scot McKnight summarizes James D. G. Dunn’s concise, albeit heartbreaking, explanation of why the term “Jewish Christianity” is redundant—and why many Christians have forgotten that fact: There is something of an oddity about the title... [New Testament] [Church History] [Judaica]

April 6, 12 PM

Here is a “TED-style talk” by Michael Bird on recognizing the true gospel. [+Apostles' Teaching] [theology] [gospel] [Michael Bird]

February 18, 6AM

Ben Witherington is beginning a multi-part review of Gary Hoag’s Wealth in Ancient Ephesus and the First Letter to Timothy: Fresh Insights from Ephesiaca by Xenophon of Ephesus. Along the way, he makes an impassioned case for Neutestamentlers to di... [New Testament] [1 Timothy]

February 4, 9AM

I truly appreciated this post by Eve Levavi Feinstein that leads the reader through the many possible interpretations of the commandment in Exodus 22 for Israelites to offer their firstborn sons to God. As Dr. Feinstein notes, it is not at all obvious wh... [old testament] [Exodus] [Judaica]

February 2, 12 PM

New book sighting courtesy of Scot McKnight: I endorsed Rabbi Evan Moffic’s book as a good example of civil discourse and dialogue. I hope that we can engage in public discussions about Jesus. Today Rabbi Evan Moffic releases a new book about the Jewish... [New Testament] [jesus] [Judaica]

February 1, 5AM

Posted by Tim Bulkeley at Sansblog. (Who, based on his picture, has an adorable grandchild. Always a plus in my book!) Furthermore, Brian Small has provided a roundup of Hebrews Highlights for the same month. [+Fellowship] [Bible]

January 21, 12 PM

Bosco Peters discusses a recently discussed (and probably not going anywhere) proposal to get Christians of various communions to celebrate Easter on a fixed date on the Gregorian calendar. Working toward this common date are Anglican Archbishop Justin W... [Mere Catholicity] [Easter] [ecumenism]

December 27 2015, 6AM

Scot McKnight brings glad tidings to all who are interested in the so-called “new perspective on Paul”: In 1977 E.P. Sanders wrote Paul and Palestinian Judaism and unleashed what, in the expression originally of N.T. Wright and then more forc... [New Testament] [E. P. Sanders] [Paul]

December 22, 8AM

This is a very nice post from Pete Enns, who is consistently insightful and entertaining. You would do well to read it. But I swear, the first thing that sprung to mind when I read it was, “Good Lord, they actually made a He-Man and She-Ra Christmas... [Christmas] [old testament] [Israelite Religion]

December 15, 6AM

Well, this looks interesting: This January, we are proud to announce a new addition to the Formations line of curriculum resources. Available as a digital download, Formations for Youth is an engaging, low-prep curriculum resource for Middle and High Scho... [Uncategorized]

December 14, 12 PM

Ian Paul offers an interesting line of defense of Luke’s general historicity with regard to the census in Luke’s birth narrative. Commenting on the historiographical tendencies of both Luke and Josephus, he suggests an alternative translation ... [Christmas] [New Testament] [census] [Luke] [Quirinius]

December 11, 4AM

An effective pastor needs to be something like a beer snob. Or maybe a ninja. [Ministry]

December 6, 4AM

You’d better watch out… [Uncategorized]

November 30, 10AM

I somehow missed this article when it came out in New Testament Studies a few years back, but Brice C. Jones has the scoop on Stephen Carlson’s interpretation of the κατάλυμα (katalyma) in Luke 2:7, traditionally—yet erroneously—rendere... [New Testament] [Infancy Narratives] [Luke]

November 26, 6AM

I’m thankful for… The constant, overwhelming, amazing grace of God. Family who love me. Friends who care about me. A warm home to live in. The turkey in the oven. The theory of general relativity. Panda Express. Sale prices at academic confer... [Who? Me?] [Thanksgiving]

November 9, 5AM

Not Bernie, but Ed. Here’s a great summary of what E. P. Sanders considered the gist of his monumental Paul and Palestinian Judaism. Astute Bible readers—and students from my CHR 150 classes—will know that this book was a watershed in the histor... [New Testament] [theology] [E. P. Sanders] [Paul]

November 1, 12 PM

Posted for your reading pleasure at Reading Acts. Enjoy! [+Fellowship] [Bible]

October 16, 4AM

Wisdom from Damaris Zehner regarding Matthew 20:1-16: Why is it that we identify ourselves with the hard workers and not with the latecomers?  Do we really think we have achieved enough through our efforts to dictate to God how he should reward everyone?... [New Testament] [Matthew] [parables]

October 8, 4AM

Another gem from Larry Hurtado on early Christian diversity: From our earliest Christian texts (e.g., Paul’s letters and other writings) we have candid references to diversity in the young Jesus-movement, even sharp conflicts and mutual condemnation.  ... [+Apostles' Teaching] [Mere Catholicity]

October 7, 4AM

Food for thought from Larry Hurtado: In the Roman era, “religion” (our term, not theirs) was typically a set of cultic performances, mainly sacrifice/gifts to gods.  People liked the gods to do things for them, and the gods liked gifts.  So, it was ... [+Apostles' Teaching] [Archeology] [Patristics]

October 1, 12 PM

This month’s roundup of the best of biblical studies blogging is hosted by William Brown at his blog, The Biblical Review. [+Fellowship] [Bible]

September 25, 5AM

I don’t know what Oprah said, and I don’t especially care. But I do appreciate Scot McKnight’s defense of the propriety (theologically, biblically, and pastorally) of conceiving of Jesus as “Brother.” But I would like to def... [theology]

September 10, 5AM

Fascinating article from Meghan Walsh at So what does God have to do with all this? In his quest for answers, [physicist Jeremy] England, of course, finds himself at the center of the classic struggle between science and spirituality. While Chris... [Bible] [theology] [Wealth of Egypt]

September 9, 5PM

Wednesday night Bible study tonight delved into Matthew’s version of the genealogy of Jesus. This got me thinking about a series of posts I wrote a few years back about this topic, which I thought I’d link to again for those who either missed ... [New Testament] [Genealogy] [Luke] [Matthew]

September 2, 1PM

I love it when liturgists talk smack! Someone sent me a blog post, Why I Left the Revised Common Lectionary Behind, in which Rev. Chris Duckwortht argues against RCL and in favour of a new lectionary, recently constructed, “the Narrative Lectionary, a p... [Bible] [Ministry] [Narrative Lectionary] [Revised Common Lectionary]

September 1, 11AM

The honor of hosting this months’ Biblical Studies Carnival goes to Bob McDonald, who has now posted the best of August’s biblioblogging for your edification. [+Fellowship] [Bible]


The future of ecumenism. (H/T: Michael F. Bird) [+Fellowship] [Tomfoolery]

August 11, 5AM

Over at Internet Monk, Father Ernesto has written a brief introduction to oikonomia, a prominent feature of pastoral care in the Orthodox tradition. It basically boils down to dealing with people as if the goal were not to “fix” them but to... [Ministry] [Oikonomia] [Orthodox]

August 4, 7AM

…Which is good news for the orthodox. Larry Hurtado explains: I continue to see some scholars stating as unquestioned fact that “orthodoxy” and “heresy” really only emerged after Constantine, that only with the power of imperial coercion could t... [Bible] [Mere Catholicity] [Christian Origins]

August 2, 2PM

The latest Biblical Studies Carnival is now posted at My Digital Seminary. Enjoy! [+Fellowship] [Bible]

July 30, 4AM

Miguel Ruiz at Internet Monk sheds new light on some old biblical texts. The history of Christianity is a twisted tale of conflict over sexuality and the suppression of those who dissent the party line on bedroom ethics.  These days, it is commonly argue... [Bible] [Tomfoolery]

July 20, 11AM

Twenty years ago, Cardinal Avery Dulles proposed a ten-point plan of “intermediate goals and strategies” for the Evangelicals and Catholics Together (ECT) project. My former Church History professor, Timothy George, has seen fit to remind us o... [+Fellowship] [Mere Catholicity] [Avery Dulles] [Evangelicals and Catholics Together]

July 17, 4AM

So says Peter Enns, with an assist from German Alttestamentler Konrad Schmid. There’s much to digest here, but let me whet your appetite with Enns’s conclusion: The bottom line for me is and has always been: the truly historical study of scrip... [Bible] [theology]

July 1, 8AM

The best of the best of last month’s biblical studies blogging is now posted for your enjoyment at William Ross’s blog. [+Fellowship] [Bible]

June 30, 5AM

June 25, 6AM

I’m pleased to announce that commentary on Galatians in which I had a part has now been published. Marty Soards did a fantastic job on the biblical exegesis, and I provided supplemental materials to connect the message of Galatians to contemporary... [New Testament] [Who? Me?] [Galatians]

June 11, 5AM

Michael F. Bird has a post up (with another promised) on “The Radical Perspective on Paul.” To get everybody up to speed, here is his introduction: At the moment the state of Pauline scholarship could be divided into four basic camps: (1) Trad... [New Testament] [Paul]

June 9, 5AM

Michael Bird and I have similar tastes in stories from the Talmud, as this has long been one of my favorites as well: It has been taught: On that day R. Eliezer brought forward every imaginable argument for his teaching about the cleanness of ovens made ... [Uncategorized] [Rabbinics] [Talmud]


Scot McKnight reviews Wesley Hill’s book Spiritual Friendship (Brazos, 2015). Vowed, formalized, celibate, same-sex friendship was a real thing in the Middle Ages. Hill sees it as something that needs to be recaptured. The Amazon summary reads, Frie... [+Fellowship] [Life as Prayer]

June 1, 5AM

The latest Biblical Studies Carnival is now posted for your viewing pleasure at Claude Mariottini’s eponymous blog. Enjoy! [+Fellowship] [Bible]

May 27, 1PM

New at The Bible and Interpretation: Isaac W. Oliver, “Do Christians Have to Keep the Torah? The Cases of Matthew and Luke-Acts.” For a long time it was not uncommon to posit that Jesus was responsible for the dispensation of such practices [a... [New Testament] [Acts] [Luke] [Matthew] [Paul] [Torah]

May 2, 5AM

Good luck to Mercerians and others facing final exams next week! [Tomfoolery]
Jeff Carter has the honor of providing this month’s carnival. Well done! [+Fellowship] [Bible]

April 13, 5AM

Might some of the confusion over the role of women in 1 Corinthians stem from a failure to identify when Paul is actually quoting someone else’s opinion? My CHR 150 class addressed some of this last week when we discussed Paul’s teachings abou... [Ministry] [New Testament] [1 Corinthians] [Paul] [women]

April 4, 11AM

Here’s your Rube Goldberg retelling of the Exodus: (H/T: [old testament] [Exodus] [Passover]

April 2, 4AM

Jacob J. Prahlow has the honor of hosting this month’s Biblical Studies Carnival. It is now posted at his blog, Pursuing Veritas. [+Fellowship] [Bible]

March 20, 4AM

Rabbi Lawrence Hoffman offers a very helpful reflection on Leviticus and its place in contemporary Judaism: Moses’ opening instruction provides a broader picture: “When you offer a sacrifice from yourselves to God….” The peculiar placement of mike... [old testament] [Leviticus]

March 4, 5AM

…is now posted at Jennifer Guo’s blog, Two Ways to Live. Go see! Go see! [+Fellowship] [Bible]

February 9, 6AM

Patrick Mitchell lays out a case for why we need a “weird” Christianity to protect it from any form of cultural captivity. It’s no coincidence that both Barth and Schweitzer spent much time considering Jesus. The Jesus of the Gospels just is... [Bible] [theology]

February 6, 6AM

Wisdom from Chaplain Mike at InternetMonk: [David] Manner is the Associate Executive Director for the Kansas-Nebraska Convention of Southern Baptists with responsibilities in the areas of Worship, Leadership and Administration. Before that he served in m... [+The Breaking of Bread] [Ministry] [Praying Together] [liturgy] [Worship]

February 1, 6AM

First-time Carnival host Vincent Artale has posted the latest collection of biblical-scholarly goodness for your reading pleasure. Well done, sir! [+Fellowship] [Bible]

January 23, 1PM

Here’s a brief summary not so much of the substance of the disagreements between these two great religious scholars, but how those disagreements were depicted in the Mishnah. The point of the video is to find some wisdom about how people can disag... [+Fellowship] [hillel] [Rabbinics] [Shammai]

January 6, 7AM

Courtesy of Patton Dodd. Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg is known for making aggressive New Year’s Resolutions, and apparently keeping them. For 2015, he plans to become a bookworm, reading a book every other week. His plan may include the Bible: M... [Bible]

January 1, 5AM

Posted for your reading pleasure at Jim West’s blog. It’s super duper. [+Fellowship] [Bible]

December 25, 5AM

Christ is born! Glorify him! [Christmas]

December 12, 9AM

December 6, 2PM

Here’s a little Greek exercise I did a couple years ago: Μάμμη ἐπατήθην ὑπ᾽ ἐλάφου. περὶ προτὰς χείμονος ἔβαινεν. περὶ Ἁγίου Νικολάου ένδιαζεις; πάππος γε κ... [Christmas] [Tomfoolery]

December 2, 6AM

Posted for your reading pleasure at Jim West’s blog. [+Fellowship] [Bible]

December 1, 7AM

Peter Enns took part in a panel discussion on the topic of “Reading the Bible in the 21st Century” at the Society of Biblical Literature meeting last week in San Diego. His ten-minute opening remarks are well worth your time. Here is his conc... [Bible] [Ministry] [theology] [Peter Enns]

November 27, 6AM

I’m thankful for Twenty years of marriage to the smartest, kindest, most wonderful woman in the world A healthy, happy, and mostly well-adjusted teenager The privilege of taking care of parents who have always taken care of me Able and dedicated co... [+Fellowship] [Thanksgiving]

November 18, 12 PM

Tim Henderson has posted his summary of “Luke the Historian” from Martin Hengel’s Between Jesus and Paul. [New Testament] [Martin Hengel]

November 5, 2PM

Tim Henderson has now posted his summary of Martin Hengel’s essay, “Hymns and Christology.” [church music] [New Testament] [Christology] [hymns] [Martin Hengel]

November 2, 6AM

I met Jack Birdwhistell maybe once, when my wife and I went to Georgetown College for her homecoming several years ago. But I have heard so many “Doc” stories, I feel like he was my campus minister, too! I commend you this brief memoir of Doc ... [+Fellowship] [All Souls]

November 1, 10AM

…is now posted at Brian Renshaw’s eponymous blog. [+Fellowship] [Bible]


Here are some quotations on which to reflect as you consider the All Saints Day, courtesy of Joshua Hearne: “It can be said, as a general rule, that the greatest saints are seldom the ones whose piety is most evident in their expression when they a... [Mere Catholicity] [All Saints] [saints]

October 31, 12 PM

Tim Henderson has posted his summary of the next essay in Martin Hengel’s Between Jesus and Paul: “‘Christos’ in Paul.” [New Testament] [theology] [Christology] [Martin Hengel] [Paul]

October 29, 4AM

I found this story quite fascinating, as is almost always the case when ancient rabbinic disputes are about to get real: Clearly, what concerns the rabbis when it comes to factionalism is the possibility of Jews disagreeing about the Law in public. No wo... [+Apostles' Teaching] [hillel] [Rabbinics] [Shammai]

October 22, 1PM

Tim Henderson has posted his summary of Martin Hengel’s “Origins of the Christian Mission” from his volume, Between Jesus and Paul: The third essay in Martin Hengel’s Between Jesus and Paul addresses the origins of the Christian missio... [New Testament] [Martin Hengel]

October 21, 5AM

Ben Myers calls them “grammatical rules.” They sound more like theses to me. Whatever they are, they succinctly describe the limits (i.e., the boundaries) of how Christians can speak properly about the mystery of the Incarnation. I commend th... [theology] [Christology] [incarnation]

October 15, 4AM

Mike Ruffin is making me hungry. Occasionally I am brought up short by the realization that some people have never had real banana pudding. If you are wondering what I’m talking about, you are one of those people. My heart breaks for you. [Life as Prayer]

October 14, 11AM

Tim Henderson has posted his summary of the next essay from Martin Hengel’s Between Jesus and Paul: “Christology and New Testament Chronology.” [New Testament] [Martin Hengel]

October 8, 1PM

Do go read Pete Enns’s latest at Huffington Post: “3 Reasons Why Apostle Paul Is the Crazy Uncle No One Wants to Talk About (and 2 Reasons Why We Need to Get Over That).” If you’re in my CHR 150 class, read it twice. It will save y... [New Testament] [Paul]

October 7, 1PM

Tim Henderson has begun a review of the six essays included in Martin Hengel’s, Between Jesus and Paul. Hurray! The first is “Between Jesus and Paul: The ‘Hellenists’, the ‘Seven’ and Stephen (Acts 6.1-15; 7.54-8.3),” from which the vol... [New Testament] [Martin Hengel]

October 1, 10AM

September 30, 4PM

How did I not know about this? The Platties honor ideas that are interdisciplinary: a bit duck, a bit beaver, a bit otter. These are the new ideas and innovations that made us do a double take. At first, we wondered whether they could be real. And when th... [Wealth of Egypt]


Michael Bird may not know it, but he’s hit a bit too close to the truth for a lot of us former Southern Baptists: Instead of thinking of “conservative” evangelicalism as defined objectively by holding to the historical faith of the church define... [theology]
Learn a foreign language! From The Guardian: The Swedish MRI study showed that learning a foreign language has a visible effect on the brain. Young adult military recruits with a flair for languages learned Arabic, Russian or Dari intensively, while a con... [Wealth of Egypt]

September 24, 10AM

Here’s wishing a happy Rosh Hashanah to all who are celebrating. [Uncategorized]

September 16, 4AM

Somebody needs to build this. I would pay to see it. Welcome to the Whirlwind Creation Museum. Other so-called creation museums place their emphasis on a narrow, literalistic, modernist reading of the early chapters of Genesis. They imagine that these cha... [old testament] [theology] [Creation] [Job]

September 1, 9AM

…is now posted for your reading pleasure at Rob Bradshaw’s Biblical Studies Blog. [+Fellowship] [Bible]

August 23, 4PM

Care for One Hundred is a response to the Ebola virus outbreak in West Africa, especially Liberia. On August 13, 2014, the World Health Organization identified Liberia as the new epicenter of the crisis. That means that Liberia is the nation where the mos... [ethics] [Ministry] [Ebola] [Liberia]

August 20, 7AM

Scot McKnight: Inerrancy is a disruptive child in the theological classroom. He or she gets all the attention of teacher and students. A biblical view of inerrancy demotes it under the word true, all as part of God’s choice to communicate efficiently an... [Bible] [theology] [Inerrancy]

August 14, 8AM

He may or may not be an evil genius (I’ve never met him). He is a genius at helping you see things from a different point of view: In a recent statement from his Creation Museum office, Ken Ham blasted God for “not taking the Bible seriously and u... [Bible] [theology] [Peter Enns]

August 9, 11AM

…and what it used to be is better than what often goes by that name today, according to Dennis Hayes. In fact, his latest column at The Conversation is titled “Let’s Stop Trying to Teach Students Critical Thinking.” As a teacher, you h... [Wealth of Egypt] [critical thinking] [Criticism]

August 6, 5AM

Christian Piatt is refreshingly honest about this: He helps us define who we are. He distracts us from working on ourselves. He gives us causes to rally around. He serves as a common enemy. His shortcomings are obvious. See also a few words of evangelic... [Christendumb] [Mere Catholicity] [Ministry] [Mark Driscoll] [progressive]

August 2, 4AM

The latest Biblical Studies Carnival is now posted at Linguae Antiquitatum. Vivant linguae mortuae! [+Fellowship] [Bible]

July 31, 7AM

Scientists have created an effect comparable to a subatomic Cheshire cat. Rather than a grin that has been separated from its cat, they have created a property of magnetic moment (I’ll not pretend I understand what that is) separated from its neutro... [theology] [physics]
There is no longer Jew or Greek, there is no longer slave or free, there is no longer male and female; for all of you are one in Christ Jesus. (Gal 3:28) When one has once put on Christ and, having been sent into the flame, glows with the ardor of the Hol... [New Testament] [Galatians] [jerome]


I’m going to have to ponder this when I get out of my current Galatians tunnel. At first blush, it would seem to provide some relevant insights into how the early Christian communities remembered and passed on the stories of Jesus during the period ... [+Apostles' Teaching] [Wealth of Egypt] [gospels] [memory] [oral tradition]


This post from Language Log’s Mark Liberman has me vigorously shaking my head. Quoting Paul Rolly of the Salt Lake Tribune: Homophones, as any English grammarian can tell you, are words that sound the same but have different meanings and often diff... [Tomfoolery]

July 30, 4PM

Phil at hyperekperissou has a nice article about Protestants reading the early church fathers. The article grows out of an attitude that I also sometimes encounter: Roman Catholic or Orthodox Christians of a certain bent seem offended that a Protestant wo... [+Apostles' Teaching] [fathers] [Patristics]


…and it is no longer I who live, but it is Christ who lives in me. And the life I now live in the flesh I live by faith in the Son of God, who loved me and gave himself for me. (Gal 2:20) What are you doing, Paul, making common things your own, and clai... [New Testament] [Galatians] [John Chrysostom]

July 29, 4PM

From Gregory of Nyssa’s Life of Moses: The loftier meaning [of the Israelite's plundering the wealth of Egypt] is therefore more fitting than the obvious one. It commands those participating through virtue in the free life also to equip themselves with ... [+Apostles' Teaching] [Wealth of Egypt] [Exodus] [Gregory of Nyssa] [Justin martyr] [tertullian]


Another reason I’ve been out of the biblioblogging loop in recent months is that I’ve sort of become a novelist. This happened almost entirely by accident at the insistence of a former coworker who shall remain nameless. Even so, if you’... [Who? Me?]

July 28, 5PM

So, one of the reasons I haven’t been blogging as much lately is that I’ve been working working on the Galatians volume of the Smyth & Helwys Bible Commentary. Marion Soards has ably handled the exposition; I’m responsible for supple... [New Testament] [Galatians] [Genesis] [hagar] [Paul]

July 27, 10AM

I’ll shortly be switching over to a new web host, so you may have trouble finding me for a while. I’ll be back soon at this address, and hopefully with a more active blogging schedule now that some key deadlines … Continue reading →... [Uncategorized]

July 1, 8AM

My wife actually has a distant ancestor named Balaam (although he spelled it “Balum”). This ancient Gentile prophet is something of a paradox in the Hebrew Bible and even moreso in later Jewish tradition. Sometimes he is depicted as a paragon... [old testament] [Balaam]


David Gushee has written a profoundly encouraging piece today about his observations of the recently concluded General Assembly of the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship. After summarizing some of the amazing things that happened and were celebrated last week... [+Fellowship] [Ministry] [Cooperative Baptist Fellowship]


There’s plenty for your reading pleasure now posted at Reading Acts. [+Fellowship] [Bible]

June 23, 4PM

“Did you ever think, child,” she said, presently, “how much piecin’ a quilt’s like livin’ a life? And as for sermons, why, they ain’t no better sermon to me than a patchwork quilt, and the doctrines is right ther... [Uncategorized]

June 3, 4AM

Posted at thatjeffcarter was here. [+Fellowship] [Bible]

May 20, 4AM

Scot McKnight has a very handy guide to when to use—or refrain from using—the “H” word. Let me suggest that the term “heretic” is used in three ways, only one of which (I believe) is justifiable — though I have … Continue readi... [Mere Catholicity] [theology] [heresy]

May 14, 4AM

Andy Gill has a list. Some people I could name need to take it to heart. By the standards of these gatekeepers, the definition of “evangelical” is becoming so narrow that it really doesn’t describe anyone but themselves. As I’ve … Continue r... [+Fellowship] [Mere Catholicity] [theology] [evangelicalism]

May 13, 4AM

Larry Hurtado is wondering why the Deists’ theological assumption about what constitutes a valid starting point for Christology should continue to carry the day, even among traditional believers? Now the interesting bit is that this (originally Dei... [New Testament] [theology] [Christology]

April 24, 4AM

Read this: “Memo to Tim Challies: The War Is Over” Tim Challies represents the mindset of far too many Protestant Christians who have little understanding of the Roman Catholic church and who continue to recycle old, tired, and often incorrect... [Mere Catholicity] [theology]

April 17, 5AM

Get this: Through centuries and across countries, it has remained a staple of traditional Easter celebrations.  But that rich history, it seems, has been rather lost on one council bureaucrat – who forced a church to cancel its Passion play … Con... [Christendumb] [holy week]

April 10, 11AM

For those of you who aren’t sick to death of the music from Frozen—and its various covers and parodies—here’s one for Passover: [old testament] [Tomfoolery] [Passover]

April 6, 5AM

Courtesy of Ben Myers. In 1948 the World Council of Churches proposed to establish a Commission on Late Arrivals. However, plans were abandoned when it became apparent that the representative churches were unable to agree on a definition of the … Co... [Tomfoolery]

March 26, 4AM

Jonathan Storment, guest-blogging at Jesus Creed, raises an important question about the Noah movie that is opening this weekend: It turns out that Evangelicals have a bad habit of reviewing stuff that we haven’t seen or read. Some people are … Co... [Bible] [old testament] [Genesis] [Noah]

March 25, 6AM

Due to Mercer’s exciting NCAA tournament run (in which our team showed themselves to be the epitome of class in both victory and defeat), last week’s discussion of Jeremiah was (1) somewhat truncated and (2) rather poorly attended. So I’... [old testament] [Jeremiah]

March 5, 7AM

Peter Enns’s new book (coming out in August) looks like a winner, not least because of this riveting excerpt: The book is just over 65,000 words long, and I am proud of each and every one of them. All that … Continue reading → [Bible] [theology] [Peter Enns]

March 3, 9AM

I’m back from my church’s family retreat just in time to alert readers to the most recent Biblical Studies Carnival, hosted this month at Mosissimus Mose. You might also want to check out the seventh installment of Abram K-J’s Septuagint... [+Fellowship] [Bible]

February 7, 1PM

I wonder if they went around posting notices like this in the days of Noah… [old testament] [Tomfoolery] [flood] [Genesis] [Noah]

February 2, 3PM

Abram K-J has posted the next SSS at his fine blog. Go see! [+Fellowship] [old testament] [Septuagint]


The first Biblical Studies Carnival of the new year is now posted at NT Exegesis. Enjoy! [+Fellowship] [Bible]

January 24, 6AM

What does your choice of Bible translation say about who you are and where you locate yourself within the Christian tradition? Scot McKnight has some thoughts on the idea, although he mostly seeks to demolish the question by pointing to … Continue r... [Bible]

January 22, 5AM

Chaplain Mike takes aim at this article: So, Thom Schultz suggests that the church learn from Kodak’s failures. This is our “Kodak moment,” he warns. Unless we (1) accept the reality that things are changing and churches are declining, (2) … C... [Ministry]

January 21, 5AM

Greg Monette nails it, I think. Even though my own faith had to confront the sorts of issues Ehrman raises before Ehrman really came on the scene, I can identify with a lot of what Greg says. He concludes his … Continue reading → [New Testament] [theology] [Bart Ehrman]

January 20, 5AM

This is right clever: G = Gnostic (obviously a question as well of definition, history, provenance & theology) O = Origen (knows of a Gospel according to Thomas, Hom. Luke 1) S = Sayings (GT 1: ‘these are the secret sayings which the living ... [Bible] [Gospel of Thomas]

January 15, 5AM

A former slave, fearing his ex-master’s anger, seeks out a powerful ally who might plead on his behalf. The story of Philemon? Actually, it is also the story of Sabinianus, whose freed slave came for help to the Roman senator … Continue readin... [New Testament] [Paul] [Philemon]

January 14, 5AM

This web resource looks like it’s going to be quite good. Bookmark it now. I think you’ll be glad you did. [Bible]
You may or may not be eager to delve into the ritual details of the Jewish Day of Atonement, but Adam Kirsh’s latest blog at the Tablet offers an important insight into what the Talmud is all about generally. In … Continue reading → [+Apostles' Teaching] [Wealth of Egypt] [Talmud]

January 9, 5AM

Take the Pew Research Center’s ten-question quiz on the word’s Christian population. [+Fellowship]
Larry Hurtado offers “A Plea for Affordable Book-pricing.” [Uncategorized]

January 7, 6AM

Wisdom from Pete Enns about how to address the decline of Bible-reading in churches. He doesn’t go into specifics, but he does set out the three main reasons behind this decline (as described by the folks at Biblica) and condenses … Continue r... [+Apostles' Teaching] [Bible]

January 1, 12 PM

It’s posted at Cataclysmic. Go see! Go see! Also, the fifth Septuagint Studies Soirée has also arrived at Words on the Word. [+Fellowship] [Bible]

December 25 2013, 5AM

Christ is born! Glorify him! [youtube=] I wonder as I wander out under the sky How Jesus the Saviour did come for to die For poor on’ry people like you and like I; I wonder as I wander ou... [Christmas]

December 18, 5AM

Top 10 ways to fail a Bible paper, provided for your edification by Phillip J. Long. Here’s the list. Read the whole thing for the explanations: #10 – “My youth pastor told me that. . .” #9 – Pauline Lit … Continue reading → [Bible] [Tomfoolery]
Peter Enns shares a reminiscence of something John Dominic Crossan once said: Anyway, Crossan said that if you took someone who knew nothing of Jesus, but did understand that religious-political powder keg of 1st century Palestine–tensions between vario... [Uncategorized]

December 5, 6AM

Words to ponder from Jim Somerville: Have we given up on Jesus?  Do we no longer believe that one of these days he will come back, and the Kingdom of this world will become the Kingdom of our Lord and of his … Continue reading → [+Apostles' Teaching] [Advent]

December 4, 7AM

Nice reflection by Rabbi Lawrence A. Hoffman: There really are miracles. Ask children, too young to look cynically at birthday candles, bubble baths and cushiony piles of autumn leaves; ask adults old enough to appreciate the gift of each unfailing …... [Life as Prayer] [Chanukkah]

December 1, 5PM

The main event is hosted at Mitch Chase’s Soli Deo Gloria blog. Jim West’s roundup of biblical and theological links is posted. Brian Small has once again posted his monthly Hebrews highlights. Phillip Long of Reading Acts has posted some R... [+Fellowship] [Bible]

November 28, 5AM

I’m thankful for… Faith, hope, and love. The Mercer University Children’s Choir. The most awesomely awesome wife in the universe. A daughter who still likes me to read her bedtime stories. Diyclomine. Bills that are paid. The innocence o... [Uncategorized]

November 27, 5AM

Dorothy King explains it all, and admirably! Just in case anyone asks you what the difference is between Christmas and Chanukah, you will know what and how to answer. 1. Christmas is one day, same day every year, December 25th. … Continue reading &#... [Tomfoolery]

November 24, 6AM

Here is the PPT for the third and final installment of my recent Wednesday-night Bible study series, “Monsters: A Biblical Bestiary.” I think people have appreciated the series, even though it has been a bit challenging for some. We looked ... [Bible] [theology]

November 22, 5AM

May your time as the interim president of the Liberian Baptist Theological Seminary be fruitful in every way. [Uncategorized]

November 21, 5AM

I really should link to Jim Somerville more often. His post today, “Which Jesus Will We Give Them?” is a refreshing back-to-basics sermon for all of us: I was reminded of that when I was at the BGAV meeting in … Continue reading → [Ministry]

November 19, 5AM

Ken Schenk, who is always worth reading, has begun a two-part review of Zondervan’s Five Views of Biblical Inerrancy. I have appreciated many of Zondervan’s Counterpoints  books, but have not yet had the opportunity to look at this one. In &#... [Bible] [theology]

November 14, 1PM

For the second installment of my Wednesday-night Bible study series “Monsters: A Biblical Bestiary,” I discussed the story of David and Goliath. Actually, what I discussed was textual criticism and how we are sometimes guilty of wrestling to u... [Bible] [old testament] [1 Samuel]

November 8, 10AM

This past Wednesday I began a three-week series of lessons at my church titled “Monsters: A Biblical Bestiary.” A couple of Facebook friends asked about getting a copy of my PowerPoint presentation, so here is the first-week installment: ̶... [Bible]

November 5, 5AM

Over at JesusCreed, contributor RJS lays out the arguments for both common interpretations of the book of Jonah. I’ve long thought the greatest stumbling block to interpreting Jonah as literal history is not the great fish but rather the repentance ... [old testament] [Jonah]

November 4, 11AM

Timothy George is a non-charismatic steeped in Reformed theology. He is an astute scholar and a winsome teacher who taught me long ago the importance of “catholicizing my heresies” as he phrased it. In a new essay posted at First … Conti... [Mere Catholicity] [theology]

November 2, 7AM

You won’t miss out on the jokes in Monty Python! According to the BBC’s Aaqil Ahmed: “If you tried to make The Life of Brian today it would fall flat on its face because the vast majority of the audience would not … Continue reading ... [+Apostles' Teaching] [Tomfoolery]

November 1, 4AM

Scot McKnight provides a brief summary of what sound like an intriguing book on Dietrich Bonhoeffer, Bonhoeffer the Assassin? Challenging the Myth, Recovering His Call to Peacemaking (BakerAcademic, 2013), by Mark Thiessen Nation, Anthony G. Siegrist, and... [ethics]
THE Biblioblog Carnival is hosted this month at Brian Davidson’s LXXI blog. Abram K-J has posted his third Septuagint Studies Soirée. Brian Small continues to offer a monthly Hebrews Carnival. Jim West has offered a minimalist edition of his biblic... [+Fellowship] [Bible]

October 27, 5AM

Once again, courtesy of Ben Witherington. [New Testament] [historical Jesus]

October 26, 5AM

Ben Witherington has posted another video in which Martin Hengel discusses Jesus, history, and the Gospels. [New Testament] [historical Jesus]

October 25, 4AM

More from Hengel on history and the four Gospels, courtesy of Ben Witherington. [New Testament] [historical Jesus]

October 24, 4AM

Martin Hengel was always (and remains) one of my favorites. Thanks to Ben Witherington for sharing this video where he discusses the historicity of the Gospels. [New Testament] [historical Jesus]

October 23, 5PM

Terrific first draft, but the female characters need some work. [Tomfoolery]

October 17, 11AM

Just sighted: interactive timelines for classical philosophy and early Christianity. Check out ClassicalTimeline. Although still in beta, it looks like it could be very cool. [+Apostles' Teaching] [Wealth of Egypt]


Research by a leading British geneticist on some unidentified hair samples from the Himalayas suggests a possible answer to the mystery of the Yeti or “Abominable Snowman.” Bryan Sykes, a professor of genetics at Oxford University, found a 100... [Tomfoolery]

October 15, 11AM

Tim Henderson relates (confesses?) that he is now only 51% convinced of the two-source hypothesis. Namely, that Matthew and Luke both used Mark and Q as sources for their Gospels. In a post at Earliest Christianity, he summarizes a portion … Continu... [New Testament] [Luke] [Mark] [Matthew]

October 3, 4AM

Why does a “plain reading” work for some texts but not for others? David at the CBE Scroll explains why (most) complementarians should be pacifists. [Bible] [theology]

October 1, 4PM

At Cataclysmic. At Zwinglius Redivivus. Hebrews Carnival at Polumeros kai Polutropos. [+Fellowship] [Bible]

September 30, 4AM

Adam K-J has supplied a second Septuagint Studies Soirée, a substantial survey of scintillating Septuagintal scholarship. Splendid! [+Fellowship] [old testament]

September 26, 4AM

Scot McKnight provides a brief review of Preston Sprinkle’s  Paul and Judaism Revisited: A Study of Divine and Human Agency in Salvation. Based on Scot’s questions, it sounds like an interesting book, at least one that is apt to generate R... [New Testament] [theology] [Paul]

September 20, 7AM

Context determines which, as Joel Hoffmann explains: Suzanne McCarthy brings up the issue, again, of whether the Greek word anthropos is exclusively masculine (“man”) or gender neutral (“person”). The short answer is that it is both. We’ve been ... [New Testament] [Greek]

September 19, 11AM

James Hannam explores the nature of the often reported but seldom documented age-old conflict between science and religion: A couple of years ago, I had the privilege of giving a talk at the Royal Society in London on medieval natural … Continue rea... [theology] [Wealth of Egypt]

September 17, 5AM

According to the collection of essays edited by Rodney Kennedy and Derek C. Hatch in Gathering Togther: Baptists at Work in Worship, a growing number of Baptists seem to be gravitating toward a more liturgical style of worship. As Associated Baptist R... [Mere Catholicity]

September 11, 5AM

Mark Goodacre provides a brief critique of a recent BBC2 documentary, and particular of claims Simon Schama makes about the apostle Paul’s relationship to Second Temple Judaism. Apparently, Schama is a bit in the dark about where Pauline studies hav... [New Testament] [Paul]

September 1, 5AM

Jim West has one. Brian LePort has one, too. [+Fellowship] [Bible]

August 31, 11AM

There’s a new blog carnival in town! Abram K-J has put together the first-ever carnival dedicated exclusively to the Septuagint. Go over and have a look at his Words on the Word blog. [+Fellowship] [old testament]

August 20, 6AM

Peter Enns discusses this question a bit in order to link to a chart (PDF) put together by Trent C. Butler in his review of Konrad Schmid’s  The Old Testament: A Literary History. As Enns points out, the details are … Continue reading →... [old testament]

August 1, 4AM

July 25, 1PM

I’ll just link to them both and let you ponder what the “urban legend” of Pastor Jeremiah Steepek might mean for people of faith. From Bill Heroman: Does it matter (to you) whether Pastor Jeremiah Steepek actually exists? From Bosco R... [+Apostles' Teaching]


Thoughtful piece by Chaplain Mike on why so many young evangelicals are turning toward more historically grounded expressions of Christian faith. The final paragraphs speak for me as well: I don’t have statistical evidence to prove that, as Rebecca Van... [Mere Catholicity] [Ministry]

July 24, 4AM

Tyndale House has rolled out Scripture Tools for Every Person (S.T.E.P.) for beta-testing. You can find the project at It looks like something many students of the Bible will appreciate. According to the official announcement, STEP soft... [Bible]

July 5, 4AM

Steve Harrell reminds us that being biblical and being right aren’t always the same thing (H/T: Scot McKnight). … I like to call this exercise a “Bible Verse Arms Race.” The key to winning is to pile up as many … Continue reading ... [Bible]

July 3, 11AM

Joel Hoffman is blogging today about unicorns and other mythological creatures in the Bible—or at least in the King James Version. As he usually does, Dr. Hoffman raises an intriguing question about how the original Hebrew words the KJV rendered …... [old testament] [Wealth of Egypt] [Deuteronomy] [Isaiah] [Psalms] [Talmud]

July 1, 5AM

Peter Enns has posted an interview with Timothy Michael Law, author of When God Spoke Greek: The Septuagint and the Making of the Christian Bible. Let it serve as a brief introduction to why the Septuagint, the “Bible of the … Continue reading... [old testament]


First, the “official” June 2013 Biblical Studies Carnivals is posted at The Blog of the Twelve. Jim West has provided a distaff Carnival made up exclusively of posts from female bibliobloggers. Finally, Brian Small continues to post a monthly ... [+Fellowship] [Bible]

June 21, 4AM

William E. Yoder has an article in Christianity Today about my favorite Baptist bishop, +Malkhaz Songulashvili of the Evangelical Baptist Church of Georgia (not the state, the former Soviet Republic). Here’s a sample: Many Orthodox view Baptists as ... [Mere Catholicity] [Ministry]

June 20, 4AM

Jim McGrath is teaching students about information literacy through song parodies. Cool! [Tomfoolery] [Wealth of Egypt]

June 1, 9AM

Two for the price of one this month! I’m pretty sure the official one is posted at thatjeffcarter was here. There’s also what I take to be a supplemental version over at Jim West’s place. [+Fellowship] [Bible]

April 1, 12 PM

Now posted at Philip J. Long’s Reading Acts blog. No gay Catholic basketball players, however. Which is probably for the best. [+Fellowship] [Bible]

March 12, 4AM

Ken Schenck lists ten “fairly clear insights [of current New Testament scholarship] that have not fully trickled down to the popular level. Most of them deal with the so-called New Perspective on Paul. I appreciate the succinct presentation, which m... [New Testament] [theology]

March 4, 5AM

Rogueclassicism tipped me off to the existence of The Flow of History, a cool site with brief summaries of various world history topics. The site also has many, many graphic representations of key points in the form of flow charts. … Continue readin... [Wealth of Egypt]

March 1, 4PM

The latest biblical studies carnival has been posted at Delving into the Scriptures. Enjoy! [+Fellowship] [Bible]

February 19, 5AM

He is a Christian apologist who has incurred the wrath of Al Mohler by suggesting that we actually read the Bible as it is and not try to shoehorn it into a modernistic philosophical straitjacket. Interviewed by Baptist Press, Licona … Continue read... [Bible] [Christendumb] [theology]

February 1, 5AM

Jim West has the honor of hosting the premier Biblical Studies Carnival of 2013. You can check it out at Zwinglius Redivivus. [+Fellowship] [Bible]

January 16, 6AM

I’m quite sure I fit into some peoples’ definition of an “evangelical.” I’m equally certain that, to others, I don’t even come close. To be honest, I really don’t care. “Evangelical” is not a label I i... [+Fellowship] [theology]

January 8, 12 PM

Bosco Peters links to a story about a fascinating character, the Wizard of New Zealand. Since New Zealand is the stunt double for Middle Earth, it really shouldn’t surprise me that they have their very own “non-fictional, non-commercial, wizar... [Mere Catholicity] [Ministry] [theology]

January 5, 7AM

My daughter is going to be a reader at church tomorrow, which prompted a brief discussion about the camels in Isaiah 60:1-6. On the fly, we came up with the following cultural conversion factors for ground transportation in the biblical … Continue r... [Uncategorized]

January 1, 10AM

Abram K-J has posted the best of last month’s biblioblogging at Words on the Word. [+Fellowship] [Bible]