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September 16 2016, 6AM

At times certain theological concerns and interests erupt into my life and refine the trajectory of my thinking, such as an undergraduate course in Catholic Social Teaching, having so captivated my religious imagination that I dropped my biology / pre-phy... [WIT Posts] [ageism] [children] [flourishing] [Lectionary]

August 11, 7AM

Like many households of young children, my home buzzes with Olympic enthusiasm these days. With vast imaginations, my daughters soak up – and recreate in our small living room – every Olympic sport they observe. Gymnastics, swimming, soccer, cycling, ... [WIT Posts]

July 7, 8AM

I experience great joy in listening to the spirituality of the child, in experiencing with them the discovery of life and of God. This summer some children and youth at my parish are growing a small garden, and we are supplementing our planting, watering ... [WIT Posts]

April 3, 2PM

Sojourners Magazine reported last month that L’Osservatore Romano is publishing a series of essays advocating for women to preach in the context of the Roman Catholic Mass. With these authors, and with many others, I agree that women should be invited t... [WIT Posts] [liturgy] [Mary Magdalene] [Preaching]