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February 21 2018, 7PM

To rage or not to rage: that is the question you always have to ask yourself when Satan strikes in the form of evangelical sexism, unimaginative biblicism, and the fresh propaganda of The Council on Biblical Manhood and Womanhood, which never fails to co... [WIT Posts]

December 31 2017, 9PM

Everything that happened and continues to happen on a daily basis originates with a government that calls itself “Christian.” For weeks not only Jews but also thousands of faithful Catholics in Germany, and, I believe, all over the world, have... [WIT Posts]

September 13, 9PM

A few days ago, I decided I would read the biblical story about how Saul was chosen to become king of Israel. It seemed fitting to revisit this text because of the way that it dramatizes the tension between the political and the theological, something whi... [WIT Posts] [American Presidential Election] [Bible] [Political Theology] [politics] [secularity]

June 11, 9PM

I’ve been meaning to write a post or two related to class and/or classism. It seems that class does not receive the same sustained attention in our “social justice” conversations as other identity categories like sexual orientation, gender, or race,... [WIT Posts]

November 21 2016, 7PM

Since the U.S. presidential election, various news outlets have reported that evangelical Christians—in particular white evangelical Christians—voted for Donald Trump. During the course of the campaign, it became standard wisdom that the evangelical v... [WIT Posts] [Donald Trump] [evangelicalism] [politics] [Race] [US election]

September 24, 2PM

Crossway publishers recently sparked controversy with their announcement that they have released a Permanent Text (PT) version of their English Standard Bible. There are two main reasons why this is a controversial decision. First, there is the issue o... [WIT Posts] [bad arguments] [Gender] [Justice] [politics] [sexism] [sexual ethics]

July 21, 11PM

During a recent rereading of Philippians, I became (somewhat surprisingly) preoccupied with the theme of joy that runs throughout the letter. I say surprisingly because I find Philippian joy is a clichéd, well-worn theological trope forever associated wi... [WIT Posts]

May 20, 10PM

  I have been thinking for a while now that for my second post here at WIT, I would write about sexual assault and gender-based violence on university campuses. As everyone is well aware, the subject has received much media attention in recent years;... [WIT Posts] [flourishing] [Justice] [sexism] [sexual ethics] [solidarity] [violence]

April 2, 7PM

“They may be misplaced, forgotten, or misdirected, but in the heart of every man is a desperate desire for a battle to fight, an adventure to live, and a beauty to rescue.”  – John Eldredge, Wild at Heart: Discovering the Secret of a ... [WIT Posts] [bad arguments] [evangelicalism] [Gender] [history] [sexism]