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October 30 2017, 12 PM

October is almost over, and that means time’s almost up to save 50–75% on top popular reference resources from Yale University Press. Among the eight great resources on sale, you can get the 33-volume Anchor Yale Bible Reference Library for 50% off. ... [Products]

February 3, 1PM

If you’ve been thinking about getting Logos 7, but you’re still on the fence, don’t wait any longer: now is the best time to get it, and on February 7 you might find yourself regretting missing your chance. Introductory discounts end in just 3 days... [Products]

January 28, 5AM

Through January 31, you can get the first volume of a highly-esteemed theological resource for free—plus add an in-depth study of Acts for just $1.99! Get both books today. Free Book: Bulletin for Biblical Research, vol. 1 Examine biblical studies’ mo... [Products]

January 27, 5AM

The year is still new, and many of us have made resolutions for 2017. If one of yours is to make Bible study a top priority, we’re here to help! To make it easier for you to stick to your resolution, we’ve pulled together five ways you can dig into th... [Products]

January 25, 1PM

At Faithlife, our team works hard to create and distribute the best Bible study resources available—but we put out so many each year it’s hard to pick our favorites. The great news is, we don’t have to. We’ve pulled together a list of the best res... [Products]

January 16, 5AM

Have you ever wanted to sit in on a class with Douglas Moo or Darrell Bock? Ever been curious about what it’s like to go on a dig with biblical archaeologists? Ever wished you could tune in to your favorite video streaming service and just find cont... [Products]

December 7 2016, 1PM

Every month, Logos Now members enjoy exclusive deals on a wide range of products. The categories are always the same, but the actual resources and titles you can save on are always changing. Here are this month’s limited-time deals, exclusive for Logos ... [Products]

November 24, 5AM

Right now, over 30 of our newest Mobile Ed courses are on sale for 35% off—which means you can deepen your understanding of the Bible and your faith and save hundreds of dollars while you’re at it. But you won’t be learning from just anyone; when we... [Products]

November 22, 5AM

As you may have heard, we partnered with Kay Arthur and Precept Ministries International to offer the immensely popular Precept Upon Precept® : Philippians absolutely free during the month of November! Here are 5 reasons you should take advantage of thi... [articles] [Training]

November 11, 1PM

Logos 7 is here, and with Dynamic Pricing you could save hundreds or even thousands of dollars. If you read that statement and you’re thinking “Okay, but what is Dynamic Pricing?” then this post is for you. But even if you’re thinking “Yeah I al... [Apps & Web Tools] [Products]

November 2, 4AM

For a limited time, you can save 35% on any of the 33 newest courses and bundles from Mobile Ed. Whether you want to learn more about the writing of the Psalms, the history of biblical interpretation, how to be a more effective ministry leader, or more th... [Products]

October 19, 12 PM

Right now, you can get an incredible deal on a Mobile Ed & Faithlife TV Plus subscription bundle. For the price of just a few Mobile Ed courses, you’ll unlock streaming of the entire Mobile Ed video catalog (over 7,000 lecture segments from all 130+... [Products]

October 18, 12 PM

Logos 7 is fine-tuned to take you all the way from that initial spark of insight to sharing biblical truth with clarity. When you study the Bible using Logos 7, you get a suite of the most-powerful study and research tools ever designed. Jump right into y... [Products]

October 11, 4AM

Throughout October, we’re celebrating the high calling and hard work of pastors! If you’re a pastor, we’d like to pause a moment to say “Thanks!” Thanks for the long hours you put in every week, studying, researching, and preparing to give Sund... [Products]

October 7, 12 PM

Its words convinced a fourth-century literature teacher named Aurelius Augustinus—later known as St. Augustine of Hippo—to abandon his sinful life and serve the Church. And it’s the biblical book that Martin Luther called “truly the most important... [Products]

September 26, 12 PM

This month’s free book is all about being healthy—and no, we don’t mean kale smoothies and hot yoga. Thabiti Anyabwile’s What Is a Healthy Church Member? is a practical, helpful handbook on what it means to be a “healthy” church member, and ho... [Products]

September 19, 4AM

You study the Bible because you love it, not just because you’re “supposed” to; you genuinely enjoy your time diving deep in the Word. Experiencing those “aha!” moments, discovering obscure inter-testamental connections, unearthing layers of mea... [articles] [Products]

August 17, 12 PM

Whoever you are and however you study the Bible, our new Logos Now membership program is for you. With so many benefits, a Logos Now membership pays for itself. Not only do you get exclusive offers on scholarly resources, popular Christian titles, and sem... [Products]

August 4, 1PM

Time’s almost up to get volumes from the critically acclaimed NSBT series for just $9.99 each. This deal disappears Friday August 5 at 11:59 p.m. PT—if you wait until Saturday, you’ll miss it! There are 35 volumes to choose from, each one addressing... [Products]

August 2, 4AM

For a limited time, the Basics of the Faith series is on sale. This comprehensive collection of concise resources address 39 of the most important doctrines and practices comprising Reformed theology. Newcomers and teachers alike will benefit from the cle... [Products]

July 26, 12 PM

Archaeologists study ancient cultures through the careful exhumation and examination of artifacts; their work sheds light on important biblical questions. For example, nearly all of pottery unearthed in Galilee came from a single Jewish village and not fr... [Products]

July 25, 4AM

Biblical theology asks questions of the Bible—what does it teach or say about a topic, what is the significance of a repeated theme or event—and then carefully studies the text in context to find answers from the Bible itself. Here are 10 questions yo... [Products]

July 23, 4AM

Time’s almost up to save 50% on more than 50 acclaimed works from Fortress Press, including groundbreaking titles from Walter Brueggemann and Jürgen Moltmann. This sale ends on July 25 at 11:59 p.m.—don’t miss your chance to save on resources by th... [Products]

July 20, 4AM

Through July 25, save 50% on a wide variety of titles from Fortress Press. With more than 50 volumes to choose from, we asked our product experts to recommend their 10 favorites. We shared five of them with you last week; here are the other five volumes y... [Products]

July 8, 4AM

Time’s almost up to save 10% on any Logos 6 base package. This deal disappears July 11 at 11:59 p.m. (PT), and you won’t see lower prices on Logos 6 this summer! With only three days left to save, if you’ve been thinking about getting a Logos 6 base... [Products]

June 29, 4AM

There are many moments in the New Testament—heated exchanges, curious turns of phrase, and extreme reactions—that might leave the casual reader scratching his or her head. Maybe you or someone you know has asked questions like why were there so many p... [Products]

June 27, 4AM

Logos is a Bible student’s dream come true. Whether you study God’s Word because it’s your calling, your job, or your passion, you already know Scripture holds a wealth of insight. We want to help you discover that insight—that’s why we created ... [Products]

June 24, 12 PM

Right now, select volumes from the New International Commentary Series on the Old and New Testaments are on sale—and you can get up to 20 of any of those volumes for just $20 each with the coupon code NICSALE. That’s guaranteed savings of 35–72%! Yo... [Products]

June 21, 4AM

For the first time ever, 44 select volumes from the New International Commentary Series on the Old and New Testament are only $19.99 apiece. Individual volumes from the critically acclaimed NICOT/NICNT series typically go for $31 to $73 a pop. But during ... [Products]

June 16, 4AM

For the last month, we’ve featured 25 stellar resources in the spring sale—resources specially chosen to fuel your spiritual growth. This sale ends June 17, so here are three (and a half) reasons to build your own bundle of resources in this sale. 1... [Products]

June 8, 4AM

It’s nice to have options. When products come in a variety of shapes, sizes, styles, and flavors, weare free to mix and match, and find that perfect fit. Right now we’ve got 25 resources on sale, and you have the power to build a personalized bundle... [Products]

May 24, 4AM

Biblical theology is notoriously difficult to define. As one clever theologian has quipped, “. . . everyone does that which is right in his or her own eyes and calls it biblical theology.” One reason for the confusion: a slim monograph on the the the... [Misc.]

May 18, 12 PM

Biblical illiteracy, particularly in the US, is increasing at a staggering rate. Now more than ever it’s critical that the people of God not only read the Bible more frequently, but study the Bible. There are many ways to study Scripture, and numerous t... [Misc.]

May 7, 6AM

With his compelling, challenging, and poignant preaching and writing, Tim Keller has been likened to none other than C.S. Lewis—though the New York pastor is quick to deflect comparisons to his hero. Keller’s words have inspired millions of believ... [Misc.] [articles]

April 8, 4AM

To study the Bible in depth, you need to navigate its mysteries and complexities with precision and clarity. The reward of serious study is life-changing insight. And the pursuit of biblical insight is lifelong. It’s a journey that will transform you, ... [Products]

April 4, 3PM

The Tim Keller Collection contains some of Keller’s most popular works, including The Reason for God, The Prodigal God, and Generous Justice. To celebrate this addition to our Logos Library, you can pre-order the Keller collection for just $99.99 and sa... [Misc.]

March 30, 4AM

Logos March Madness been a no-holds-barred brawl—there have been upsets, knockouts, and close calls. The madness has raged for 30 days, and tomorrow, it all comes to a head. The last men standing, N.T. Wright and J.I. Packer, are still battling for the ... [Products] [Logos March Madness] [N. T. Wright] [j. i. packer]

March 24, 12 PM

John Piper’s groundbreaking resource Look at the Book is free through the month of March, and guess what? It’s going to stay that way. That’s right—the Logos edition of Piper’s hit Look at the Book will be a free download for the foreseeable fu... [articles] [Missions] [missional] [free book of the month] [John Piper] [evangelism] [look at the book] [finish the mission]

March 21, 12 PM

Sixteen authors went head to head in round three; eight emerged victorious, and eight were sent packing. This was a round of upsets, as three of the eliminated contenders were juggernauts G.K Chesterton, Charles Spurgeon, and D.L. Moody. But don’t l... [Misc.]

March 16, 4AM

Easter is just 10 days away, and your plans are probably in full swing. Whether it’s putting on a big Easter meal or an entire Easter service, there’s no question that this season can get bogged down with plans and preparations. The death and resurrec... [Products]

March 14, 4AM

As Easter Sunday approaches, promising a more-than-usually packed house, now’s a great time to ask how to make sure your sermon connects with your audience. Here are three ways to do just that. Preach with power through vivid illustrations and p... [Products] [Preaching] [sermon] [Easter] [homiletics] [resurrection sermon] [Easter Sunday] [easter sermons] [easter sermon ideas] [preaching training] [sermon training] [how to preach]

March 8, 5AM

Be the first to get the newest tools, features, interactives, and media with Logos Now! Logos is already the world’s most powerful digital Bible study platform—and we keep making it better! If you want the latest Logos innovations but don’t want to ... [Misc.]

March 3, 5AM

Logos March Madness is back, and round one is underway! If you haven’t yet, rally your friends and vote for your favorite authors—those eliminated from this round will get a 30% discount, but the winners will advance to round two, and maybe further! T... [Misc.]

March 2, 5AM

The clash of the titans starts today! For the next 30 days, 64 theological all-stars will face off in an epic contest for your votes. For each author matchup, pick your favorite and rally your friends to vote your champions through. From scrappy challenge... [Misc.] [logos] [theology] [theologians] [march madness]

February 27, 7AM

There’s still time to take advantage of the Wipf and Stock sale. While we celebrate this great partnership, you reap the benefits! Through Monday, 126 of the best titles from Wipf and Stock are on sale—each volume, collection, commentary, and journal ... [Products] [N. T. Wright] [reformed] [Karl Barth] [new perspective on Paul] [justification] [Wipf and Stock] [NPP] [federal vision] [meredith kilne] [Covenant Theology] [don garlington]

February 24, 5AM

Imagine a colossal library. These words conjure different images for everyone. Whether the library in your mind features gothic architecture or fluorescent lights, slim ladders or elevators, there’s one constant: shelves and shelves of books. Heavy, dus... [Products] [commentaries] [logos] [theology] [library] [base packages] [bible study books] [theological resources]

February 23, 5AM

We have a great thing going with Wipf and Stock Publishers. To celebrate this partnership, 126 of the best titles from Wipf and Stock are on sale now—each volume, collection, commentary, and journal is 35% off. Start shopping now! The sale ends February... [Products] [C. S. Lewis] [Greek] [Linguistics] [Robert Mounce] [Wipf and Stock]

February 22, 5AM

In a poignant scene from a mid-90’s movie, a character is asked to select a favorite book from among a vast library. She responds rapturously, “I could no sooner choose a favorite star in the heavens!” We know the feeling. It would be near impossibl... [Products] [2015] [best bible study resources 2015] [best books 2015] [best resource] [bible study resource] [favorite books 2015] [logos] [user rated]

February 17, 1PM

Each year, we equip the church with hundreds of resources that deliver insight—so many, it’s hard to single out the best! Rather than pick our favorites, we’ve let our faithful users highlight the best products of 2015. And here they are: the best-s... [Products]

February 15, 5AM

Stay the course. Hold fast. Press on. Go the distance. Cowboy up. Persevere. Persist. Endure. There’s no shortage of ways to offer encouragement—even a Facebook like or a hang-in-there cat might do. But cute phrases and cheesy posters fall flat in... [articles]

February 11, 5AM

At Faithlife, our team works tirelessly to create and distribute the best Bible study resources on the planet—but we put out so many each year it’s hard to pick our favorites. The great news is, we don’t have to. We’ve pulled together a list of ... [Products]

February 4, 1PM

God has a way of interrupting our plans. We set out upon one path and he sweeps us off on a different and more incredible journey than we ever anticipated. Some of the most influential Christians in history began their stories on the unlikeliest of paths.... [articles]

February 3, 5AM

Joel B. Green’s Journal of Theological Interpretation, vol. 1 is free during the month of February! Get yours now. Joel B. Green has been a respected professor of Theology for over 18 years, serving at Asbury Theological Seminary and Fuller Theological ... [Misc.]

February 1, 5AM

Friendship can overcome even the most intense disagreements. Shaw and Chesterton flanking their mutual friend Hilaire Belloc. Case in point: the Catholic apologist and satirist G.K. Chesterton found an unlikely friend in George Bernard Shaw, the modernis... [articles]

January 29, 5AM

There are only two days left to build up your biblical studies collection and take advantage of exclusive savings. Through February 1, we’ve got excellent deals on over 200 volumes from some of our most popular Biblical studies collections. Select ... [Products] [commentaries] [logos] [sale] [Anchor Yale Bible] [Biblical Studies] [new american commentary] [monographs] [Library of New Testament Studies]

January 28, 7AM

There’s still time left to save 25–50% on a selection of 98 handpicked resources to empower your ministry, personal devotion, academic study, and even your Logos features. There are so many ways to save—more than half the resources selected are avai... [Products]

January 22, 11AM

Now through February 1, save on over 200 select volumes from three of our most popular collections: The New American Commentary Series, The Library of New Testament Studies, and for the first time, individual volumes from the Anchor Yale Bible. Included i... [Misc.] [Bible study] [logos] [sale] [Biblical Studies] [new american commentary] [anchor yale bible sale]