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March 19 2018, 5PM

Congrats to Miguel M. who won our latest ETC blog giveaway. His copy of A New Approach to Textual Criticism is in the mail. For those that didn’t win, Amazon now has the paperback for just $13.28 which is 33% off. With free shipping, that’s cheap... [A New Approach to Textual Criticism] [givewaway]

12 AM

John Meade, who is currently gallivanting around North Carolina, alerted me to an article over at aeon which is relevant to this blog. It is about the different conception of “original” and “copy” in China. I’m not sure what I think honestly, bu... [original text]

March 17, 12 AM

Over at the Gospel Coalition, Mike Kruger has a review of Bart Ehrman’s latest book. It’s another popular volume, this one on why Christianity spread so quickly, a topic Kruger and his Doktorvater have recently published on as well. The surprising thi... [Bart Ehrman] [Book Reviews] [Gospel Coalition] [Michael Kruger]

March 12, 12 AM

It’s time for another ETC blog giveaway! This time we’re giving away mine and Tommy’s recent book on the CBGM. Enter to win below.a Rafflecopter giveawayAbout the bookAn essential introduction for scholars and students of New Testament GreekWith the... [givewaway]

March 10, 1AM

Faithlife, producers of Logos Bible Software, have a new film (what don’t these people do??) coming out about New Testament manuscripts. It looks apologetic-y and is hosted by Craig Evans. Below is the description and the promo video. You may see s... [Craig Evans] [Documentary] [faithlife] [film] [Fragments of Truth] [video clip]

March 8, 12 AM

Over at the Deutsche Bibelgesellschaft website, there is a German press release about a recent meeting of the new NA/UBS committee. Below is a translation into English. The most important news here is the expected date (2021/22) and the expected changes c... [Editorial Committee] [German Bible Society] [NA29] [Nestle-Aland editions] [UBS committee] [UBS6]

March 5, 9AM

Our latest blog giveaway has now ended and Christopher Atkins at Houston Baptist University has won himself a free copy of John Meade and Ed Gallagher’s Biblical Canon Lists. Congrats, Chris!Thanks to all who entered. For those who didn... [givewaway]

February 28, 3PM

More translation news today. On their Facebook page, the Lockman Foundation announces a revision of the New American Standard Bible which is underway. I’m guessing they are feeling the heat from updates to the ESV, NIV, and CSB.Update on the NASB r... [Bible Translation] [NASB] [translation]

February 26, 1AM

It’s time for another ETC blog giveaway! In this edition, we’re giving away a brand new copy of John Meade and Edmon Gallagher’s The Biblical Canon Lists from Early Christianity: Texts and Analysis (Oxford). To enter, do any or all of the thing... [Biblical Canon Lists] [givewaway]

February 24, 1PM

Yes, it seems that about every three months or so First-Century Mark reappears. I hate to keep adding fuel to the fire, but there is some value to keeping a record of these things.This latest mention of the fragment came to me in my Twitter feed via Sean ... [First-century Mark] [Gary Habermas]

February 22, 12 AM

NOT the Silver-haired AssassinMatt 18.11 It is one of a dozen or so verses that are completely missing (relative to the KJV) from modern English Bibles. It follows Matthew’s version of the parable of the lost sheep and fits quite well in that role.... [Byzantine priority] [harmonizations] [Matthew 18.11] [Maurice Robinson] [Parable of the Lost Sheep]

February 15, 1AM

It’s probably fair to say that Junia has never been more popular. At least four books have been written about her in the last 20 years and she remains—I can’t help it—well known among those debating the role of women in the church.The Junia Projec... [Eldon J. Epp] [Junia] [Rom 16:7] [Scot McKnight]

February 1, 12 AM

Over at my seminary’s blog, I have written a three-part series on what a pastor should know about developments in textual criticism. (Generally, I had in mind someone who’s been out of seminary for a decade or more.) I covered new editions, metho... [developments in textual criticism] [pastors]

January 29, 1AM

Nestle 13th edition (1927)Reading through a recently acquired Nestle 13th ed. I was surprised to find that the NA28 is not the first in this venerable edition’s line to use the diamond symbol. The current edition uses them, of course, to mark places whe... [Amsterdam Database of New Testament Conjectural Emendation] [conjectural emendations] [Nestle-Aland editions]

January 27, 3AM

Over at the Jesus Blog, Chris Keith has posted comments from Maurice Robinson on 284 and the PA. More importantly, Chris Keith has christened him the the “Silver-Haired Assassin,” a perfectly fitting title in my view. Henceforth, I require a... [Maurice Robinson] [Pericope adulterae]

January 25, 1AM

Interesting news from the SBL annual report this week is that SBL is planning to oversee a review and revision of the NRSV translation. What really surprised me about this was how prominently textual criticism is in the explanation. From the report:SBL to... [Bible Translation] [NRSV] [SBL]

January 16, 12 PM

Let’s take a poll on this statement from Carl E. Armerding: “Moreover, the development of an authoritative text is a natural corollary to an authoritative list of books.”*Is the development of an authoritative text a natural corollary to an aut... [canon] [Poll] [theology]

January 8, 3PM

The Swiss Protestant divine, Louis Gaussen (1790–1863) Sometimes its useful to remember that most of objections to the Bible have been raised before. It provides some perspective, especially to those just made aware of some sensational objection an... [Apologetics] [Bart Ehrman] [Louis Gaussen]

12 AM

Not long ago, we discussed on the blog whether or not the story of the woman caught in adultery (John 7.53–8.11) should be read and taught as Scripture. I remain somewhat torn myself though I lean toward a negative answer. Regardless of that larger ques... [Greek New Testament editions] [Hort letters] [Pericope adulterae] [Westcott and Hort]

January 6, 2PM

A few years ago I blogged about the work of W. Brent Seales, a computer scientist at the University of Kentucky, who has found a way to read manuscript texts using CT scans. Back in 2015 he used it to read the 6th century Ein Gedi scroll of Leviticus... [Acts] [Coptic] [CT scans] [Morgan Library] [MS M.910] [Technology] [W. Brent Seales]

January 5, 1AM

I’m not one for new year’s resolutions, but I do like to set concrete goals from time to time. One that I started several years ago was to read through my Greek New Testament at least once a year. I had tried before but failed. One reason is that othe... [bible reading]

December 26 2017, 11PM

The arrival of the THGNT has provoked us to think afresh about matters we normally take for granted like orthography, paragraphing, and even punctuation. With that provocation in mind, I was interested to see this description in my newly-acquired NA26, th... [Bruce Metzger] [Formatting] [Nestle-Aland editions] [paragraphing]


On Christmas Eve, the American news magazine, 60 Minutes, aired a good segment on the work of Father Columba and Father Najeeb Michaeel to save manuscripts in Northern Iraq. Father Columba runs the excellent Hill Museum & Manuscript Library.... [Digitised Manuscripts] [Hill Museum & Manuscript Library]

December 25, 12 AM

Thankfully, you don’t have to have gold, Frankenstein, or myrrh to celebrate the birth of Jesus. To all our blog readers, merry Christmas and a happy 2018! [Christmas]

December 21, 12 AM

There is much rejoicing about the benefits of computer technology for the humanities in general and for New Testament textual criticism in particular. I too rejoice as I suspect you do. Who among us is not thrilled, for example,  by the ease of ... [Codex Sinaiticus] [Codex Sinaiticus website] [ECM digital edition] [Technology]

December 19, 10AM

Some of my students brought this video to my attention yesterday. It is James White, a well-known apologist and debater in the States, discussing the CBGM on his show The Dividing Line. Starting at about the 19:19 mark (video below), he mentions the Text ... [CBGM] [James White] [video clip]

December 13, 1AM

Back when I had time for such things, I did a bit of digging into how early Protestant theologians viewed the role of the autographs in their doctrine of Scripture. For Evangelicals, the qualification that the Biblical text is inerrant in the autographs&n... [autographs] [Theodore Letis] [theology]

December 11, 2AM

If the story of the woman caught in adultery in John 7.53–8.11 is not original to the fourth Gospel, as I think, does it follow that it should not be used as Scripture? The same question confronts us with the Longer Ending of Mark, a text which, as I ha... [John 7.53-8.11] [Pericope adulterae] [theology]

December 1, 5PM

What do folks think about the long variant in Matt 16.2–3? NA28 along with Tischendorf and WH have it in brackets. SBLGNT, THGNT (and Tregelles), and RP include it. UBS4 gives it a “C” rating.Here is the text:Καὶ προσελθόντες οἱ ... [gospels] [Matt 16.2-3] [omissions]

November 27, 1AM

Credit to Matt Solomon for the action shotThe audio from my and Elijah Hixson’s special session at ETS a week or so ago is now online. The session was titled “Growing Up in the Ehrman Era: Retrospect and Prospect on Our Text-Critical Apologetic.” Th... [Apologetics] [Audio] [ETS 2017]

November 23, 11AM

At SBL this week, Elijah Hixson presented his discovery of lost text in Codex Bezae. The full research is forthcoming in New Testament Studies, but you can read about how Elijah found the missing text at the Cambridge special collections blog.Here’s a s... [Codex Bezae] [ink] [water damage]

November 22, 1AM

Crossway has produced a nice video with Pete and Dirk introducing and explaining the new Tyndale House edition of the Greek New Testament. [Tyndale House Greek New Testament] [video clip]

November 21, 5AM

Last night in Boston many of us experienced an eschatological moment, as Holger Strutwolf called it, when he officially launched the digital ECM for Acts. (Perhaps one of my co-bloggers can add a photo.) This is the culmination of much work and means that... [digital humanities] [ECM] [ECM digital edition] [SBL Boston 2017]

November 13, 11AM

Dan Wallace, Larry Hurtado, James Snapp, and Todd Scacewater have all given us their first impressions on the Tyndale House Greek New Testament (THGNT) and since I have now had some time to look over my gratis copy, I thought I would share some of mi... [Tyndale House Greek New Testament]

November 6, 2AM

The opening line of Mark’s Gospel is of interest for several reasons. One is, of course, the famous variant at the end of 1.1 involving “son of God.” But another is its use of εὐαγγελιον to refer to the narrative of Jesus that follows. Ma... [gospels] [Gospels titles] [Mark 1:1] [paratextual features]

November 3, 5PM

Last year we started a new tradition with an ETC lunch at ETS (Evangelical Theological Society). It was good fun so I thought we should do it again. This is especially for those who can’t attend SBL and our famed annual dinner. It’s a good time to eat... [ETC blog lunch] [ETS 2017]

November 1, 1AM

Today I’m happy to introduce a guest post from Brian J. Wright who is currently an adjunct professor at Palm Beach Atlantic University and New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary. He has a forthcoming book on communal reading published by For... [ancient publication] [book notes] [Brian J. Wright] [Communal reading]

October 20, 12 AM

Over on his blog, Richard Fellows has written up the results of his measurements of the paragraphoi in Vaticanus and plotted them against the measurements of Philip Payne from his recent NTS article. Fellows has linked to his blog in the comments of my la... [Codex Vaticanus] [Distigmai] [Phil Payne] [Richard Fellows]

October 13, 11AM

Georgi Parpulov has announced the 7th Lincoln College Summer School of Greek Palaeography.The school is intended for students of Classics, Patristics, Theology, Biblical or Byzantine Studies. Potential applicants are advised that it only offers intro... [Lincoln College] [Summer School] [Summer school of Greek Palaeography]

October 4, 12 AM

The Times of Israel has a lengthy article out yesterday on forged Dead Sea Scrolls in the Museum of the Bible collection, the Schøyen collection, and elsewhere. Here are a few snippets, but the whole article is worth reading. One scholar working on ... [Dead Sea Scrolls] [forgery] [Kip Davis] [Museum of the Bible]

September 26, 12 AM

The following post is from Paolo Trovato who has been a welcome contributor to the comments the last few months. It can be good to have an outside perspective sometimes and that is what Paolo gives us. For those who need an introduction to his work, see m... [conjectural emendations] [Paolo Trovato]

September 22, 10AM

Supposed distigmai-obeli in 03In the latest NTS, Philip Payne has published an expanded form of his 2015 ETS paper on Vaticanus and its supposed use of “distigme-obelos” symbols to mark additions in the text. Payne has also summarized his “groundbre... [Codex Vaticanus] [Distigmai] [NTS] [Phil Payne]

September 18, 12 AM

In his published dissertation, Eldon Epp was interested in theological tendencies in Acts. In particular, he was interested in theological tendencies in the “Western” text. (From here on, I’ll forgo the quotation marks because they get tedious.) His... [Acts] [ECM] [Eldon J. Epp] [method] [Text Types] [Western Text]

September 14, 10AM

Eb. Nestle’s library (photo credit)Occasionally, one buys a book on Amazon or at a used book store and discovers with delight that it was owned by a famous scholar from times past. When I was at Tyndale I managed to get a copy formerly owned by F. F. Br... [history of textual criticism] [Libraries] [past text-critics]

September 12, 11AM

Back in May a Festschrift was published in honor of James Voelz who has worked across many topics in his career including Mark’s Gospel, Greek grammar, and occasionally matters of text-critical interest. Sometimes the three came together as in his NovT ... [book notes] [Festschrift] [James Voelz]

September 6, 12 AM

While doing some reading tonight on Roman Catholic theology, I rediscovered my copy of Pope Pius XII’s 1943 encyclical Divino afflante Spiritu on the promotion of Biblical studies. There is much of interest in this document, especially in its robus... [Inerrancy] [Pope Pius XII] [theology]

September 1, 12 AM

At the risk of flaunting my ignorance, I thought it might be worth discussing an interesting textual problem from the OT that I came across tonight. I actually stumbled on this while working on Matthew’s genealogy where Jechoniah is mentioned at the end... [2 Chronicles] [Genealogy] [Matthew 1.11] [Old Testament Textual Criticism]

August 29, 12 PM

Earlier today, Peter Montoro alerted me to a new cache of manuscripts just published by the Library of Congress. Since Peter is more familiar with the contents than me, I asked if he would introduce them for us.In 1949–1950, Kenneth Clark led an expedit... [Digitised Manuscripts] [Kenneth Clark] [Library of Congress] [Mt Athos]

August 27, 11PM

Back in May, Pete Head noted that the ECM Acts would be out soon. It has now been released. This marks another major milestone for the team in Münster. Along with the ECM, of course, there is the CBGM and I am happy to say that the new Genealogical Queri... [Acts] [CBGM] [INTF]

August 23, 11PM

Exciting news out of Birmingham (UK) today. De Gruyter has just published the long-lost fourth century commentary on the Gospels by Fortunatianus of Aquileia. Hugh Houghton explains:The earliest Latin commentary on the Gospels, lost for more than 1,5... [Fortunatianus] [gospels] [Hugh Houghton] [Latin] [Vulgate]

August 21, 12 AM

Last week, I wrote about the charge made against reasoned eclectics that they are guilty of praising the large number of NT manuscripts in their apologetic but then not actually using them in their text-critical work. For the details, see here.I had hoped... [Apologetics] [Byzantine Text] [Dan Wallace]

August 16, 12 AM

My post on the topic of the comparative argument for trusting our modern texts of the New Testament produced some good discussion. But one issue that got passed over in the ensuing comments deserves more attention and that is what I want to give it h... [Apologetics] [Dan Wallace] [Maurice Robinson]

August 11, 12 AM

Here is Part 2 of my interview with Paolo Trovato. Read Part 1 here.For someone who isn’t an editor or working on an edition of a text, what do think is the main value of your book for them?Being able to easily detect the typos in a newspaper or a brand... [Interviews] [Italian] [Paolo Trovato] [stemmatics]

August 9, 2PM

Tommy and I are finishing up our introduction to the CBGM right now. It will be jointly published by SBL and the German Bible Society who are hoping to have it out at the SBL annual meeting in November. There are some details for the book over on Amazon. ... [Books] [CBGM] [Poll]

August 7, 11PM

This October, Charles Lee Irons will be speaking at Phoenix Seminary on what Paul meant by the “righteousness of God” (δικαιοσύνη θεοῦ). This was the topic of his book The Righteousness of God: A Lexical Examination of the Covenant... [Charles Lee Irons] [conference presentations] [Lecture] [theology]

August 4, 10PM

Writing in 1947, the Catholic scholar Charles DeVine seems to have foreseen the value of the NT.VMR. The only piece missing from his vision is the internet. No one can anticipate everything, I guess.True, we have critical editions which cite the main codi... [Digitization] [NT.VMR 2.0] [Technology]

August 1, 11PM

It’s a pleasure for me to introduce our next interviewee in our ETC interviews series. Today I am speaking with Paolo Trovato who is a professor at the Università degli Studi di Ferrara in Italy. Prof. Trovato is best known for his work on Italian... [Interviews] [Italian] [Lachmann] [method] [Paolo Trovato]

July 31, 11AM

Typically, Biblical textual critics have not paid much attention to stemmatics—the study of relational trees—for the simple reason that these methods have never worked for the Old or New Testament on any sizable scale. But that is beginning to change ... [stemmatics]

July 26, 10AM

Sometimes we need to know the history of our discipline better. In his brief bio of Kirsopp Lake in the Dictionary of Major Biblical Interpreters, J. K. Elliott writes,The link between textual criticism and interpretation was one already made by Lake as e... [Bart Ehrman] [Goal of Textual Criticism] [J. K. Elliott] [Kirsopp Lake]

July 20, 10AM

Here is a quote I came across today in Kirsopp Lake’s inaugural lecture at the University of Leiden. Note very carefully how Lake argues for the need for conjecture. In the context, he is explaining why he thinks Westcott and Hort failed “spectacularl... [conjectural emendations] [Kirsopp Lake]

July 18, 9AM

NYU’s Ancient World Digital Library has the Corpus of Christian Palestinian Aramaic now online for free. This includes both volumes of the Christian Palestinian Aramaic New Testament Version from the Early Period by Christa Müller-Kessler as well as th... [Christian Palestinian Aramaic] [syriac] [versions]

July 17, 8PM

In the Bulletin of the American Society of Papyrologists, Dan Batovici has a new article arguing against splitting the “B” scribe into two.Abstract: The history of scribal hand identification in Codex Sinaiticus is a fairly complicated one. The m... [Codex Sinaiticus] [Dan Batovici] [scribes]

July 14, 1AM

Elijah Hixson has sent me a YouTube video that has Josh McDowell interviewing Scott Carroll about “First Century Mark.” The video is posted below to which I have added a partial transcript for reference. The video was uploaded on November 15, 2015, bu... [First-century Mark] [Josh McDowell] [Scott Carroll]

July 12, 5PM

Sometime in the spring while my head was still in boxes, BBR published my review of Yii-Jan Lin’s provocatively titled book The Erotic Life of Manuscripts: New Testament Textual Criticism and the Biological Sciences (Oxford, 2016). I must say ... [Book Reviews] [method] [Yii-Jan Lin]

July 10, 11AM

Before the recent news about Hobby Lobby broke, Facebook alerted me to the book by Candida Moss and Joel Baden titled Bible Nation: The United States of Hobby Lobby (Princeton). Amazon lists it as coming in October and Tommy’s post says there will be an... [Book Note] [Green Collection] [Museum of the Bible]

July 5, 12 AM

University of Michigan Press has a book coming out this year that looks interesting. Discarded, Discovered, Collected: The University of Michigan Papyrus Collection by Arthur Verhoogt is “the first-ever history of Michigan’s celebrated collection of p... [Michigan collection] [University of Michigan]

July 3, 12 AM

In his little book on miracles, C. S. Lewis has a chapter explaining why miracles should not be thought of as breaking the laws of nature. Instead, he says, they should be thought of as God introducing something new to nature which nature then acts on in ... [Bart Ehrman] [C. S. Lewis] [Inspiration] [KJV only] [Preservation] [theology]

June 28, 2PM

In the latest issue of JBL, Armin Baum has a response to Bart Ehrman on pseudepigraphy. In his big book on forgery in early Christian polemics, Ehrman argues not only that pseudepigraphical texts were intended to deceive (and were regarded as such by read... [ancient publication] [Armin Baum] [Authorship] [Bart Ehrman] [pseudepigraphy]

June 26, 12 AM

It’s just over ten years since Bart Ehrman published his bestselling Misquoting Jesus (reviewed here) and almost ten years since Christanity Today called textual criticism one of “the hottest issues in evangelical theology.” In that time, textu... [Apologetics] [Bart Ehrman] [conference presentations] [ETS 2017]

June 21, 12 AM

Some time ago, I posted Hort’s review of Dean Burgon’s defense of Mark 16.9-20. Along with that, and more interesting than the review, was a letter that Hort sent to Westcott about his review and the importance of its timing. Hort tells Westcott that ... [Dean Burgon] [Ending of Mark] [Revised Version]

June 19, 12 AM

I can’t remember where I came across Bruno Chiesa’s work, but I think readers here will at least be interested to know of its existence. The two pertinent volumes I have in mind are titled Filologia storica della Bibbia ebraica or Historical Phil... [Bruno Chiesa] [Hebrew Bible] [Italian] [Textual History of the Bible]

June 15, 2AM

Darius Müller announced the latest (and last) volume of the Text und Textwert a few months back. As users of the ECM know, the TuT volumes are used to determine the most important witnesses cited in the ECM and these are then further reduced for citation... [book notes] [ECM] [Revelation] [Text und Textwert]

June 11, 2PM

Here’s a little anecdote on how John Bunyan once responded to a Cambridge critic about his use of the English Bible:To these years before the Restoration belongs also the story of Bunyan’s encounter on the road near Cambridge with the university man, ... [John Bunyan]

June 9, 1PM

Manuscripts love the heat—and so will youThe Gurry family has just landed in the blazing sun of Phoenix, Arizona where I will be teaching New Testament in the fall. By my count, this means that the number of Biblical text-critics in the city has just do... [news]

May 31, 11AM

After about 3½ years of studying the CBGM, I continue to learn new things about it. Sometimes I discover answers to question I was not even asking. This happened this week while reproducing the textual flow diagrams in my thesis. Because these diagrams c... [CBGM] [textual flow diagrams]

May 8, 12 AM

There is a common apologetic argument that says we should be far less skeptical about the text of the NT than we are for the text of other classical works since we have far more and far earlier manuscript evidence for the NT. You can find the basic compar... [Apologetics] [Bart Ehrman]

May 1, 11AM

P.Oxy. 5258 and 5259 are now P132 and P133. They contain text from Eph 3.21; 4.2, 14-16 and 1 Tim 3.13-4.8 and date to III/IV and III centuries, respectively. The editio princeps for each has been published by Geoffrey Smith and J. Shao and is online here... [1 Timothy] [Ephesians] [Geoff Smith] [Jessica Shao] [New Manuscripts] [Oxyrhynchus Papyri] [P132] [P133]

April 29, 1AM

As part of its new exhibition on the Cairo Genizah, the Cambridge University Library has put together a nice video on the process of conserving this extensive collection of Medieval Hebraica. More info here. [Cairo Genizah] [Cambridge Library Collection]

April 27, 12 AM

Thanks to Juan Hernandez, news has reached the interwebs that Mike Holmes is retiring from his position at Bethel University. Mike’s work hardly needs an introduction at this blog so I will instead say how much I have appreciated the time Mike has given... [Michael Holmes]

April 25, 12 AM

I’m happy to present another installment of our ETC interview series. Today’s interview is with Thomas W. Hudgins who is Assistant Professor of Biblical and Theological Studies at Capital Seminary and Graduate School. I first spoke with Thomas a ... [Complutensian Polyglot] [Interviews] [Thomas W. Hudgins]

April 19, 6PM

Christianity Today reports of an attempted attack on the monastery of St. Catherine on Tuesday. ISIS has reportedly claimed responsibility. St. Catherine’s is, of course, the original home of the main part of Codex Sinaiticus and still houses a number o... [St Catherine's Monastery]

April 18, 1AM

(photo credit)Paolo Trovato sends word about his 3rd summer school in textual criticism. I attended part of last year’s school and can say it was a great experience. One of my favorite aspects is that it attracts students who are working on a range of t... [Ferrara] [Paolo Trovato] [Summer School]

April 13, 11PM

The following is another guest post from Elijah Hixson. He is currently writing a PhD thesis at the University of Edinburgh on the NT purple codices about which Jerome famously said, “parchmens are dyed purple, gold is melted into lettering, manuscripts... [Codex Sinopensis] [Digitised Manuscripts] [Elijah Hixson] [O 023] [Purple codices]

April 12, 7AM

Its [textual criticism] reputation for arbitrariness can probably be ascribed to the fact that having grown up in a late stage of the age of printing, we are used to carefully edited texts, and textual corruption strikes us not only as unfamiliar, but als... [method] [quote]

April 6, 1AM

In lieu of our own Peter Head’s failed attempt to review Christian Oxyrhynchus: Texts, Documents, and Sources, I offer this snippet from Zach Cole’s new and helpful review in JETS (60.1):Foremost among this project’s shining virt... [Oxyrhynchus] [Oxyrhynchus Papyri] [Zachary Cole]

April 3, 7AM

One of the 15 fragments. (Photo credit)Owen Jarus, who reported extensively on the Gospel of Jesus’ Wife fragment for Live Science, has an article today about 15 new Dead Sea Scroll fragments recently sold to an undisclosed institution in the U.S. ... [Dead Sea Scrolls] [Hebrew Bible] [New Manuscripts]

March 31, 2AM

This volume offers an overview of Byzantine manuscript illustration, a central branch of Byzantine art and culture. Just like written texts, illustrations bear witness to Byzantine material culture, imperial ideology and religious beliefs, as well as to t... [book notes] [byzantine icons] [illuminations]

March 24, 2AM

More on Herman Hoskier courtesy of an email from Maurice Robinson. The mustache is quite impressive I must say. Here’s Maurice:I don’t think I can attach photos or the like in reply segments, but you perhaps might want to post these in the main sectio... [Hoskier]

March 23, 6AM

I meant to post about this when it was announced but forgot in the mix of other responsibilities. This looks like an outstanding lineup of speakers and I understand that a conference volume is expected. Paper proposals are open until 15 April. More i... [Conferences] [Garrick V. Allen] [Hoskier]

March 21, 7AM

Hope everyone’s having fun at the Birmingham Colloquium this week. From Hugh Houghton’s tweets, it looks like a great turnout this year. Wish I could be there. Also, can somebody help Elijah Hixson find his pen?Delegates assemble for day 2 of the... [Birmingham colloquium]

March 13, 7AM

Here is an interesting detail about the origin of John 7.53-8.11 in the Syriac tradition. Apparently, in the excellent Mingana collection at the University of Birmingham, there is a “handsome and sumptuous” manuscript containing the New Testament and ... [Harklean Syriac] [Mingana collection] [Pericope adulterae] [syriac] [syro-hexpla]

March 9, 10AM

From the latest issue of New Testament Studies, three articles on topics of interest to ETC readers.P45 and the Problem of the ‘Seventy(-two)’:A Case for the Longer Reading in Luke 10.1 and 17Zachary J. Cole  At Luke 10.17, most modern critical e... [Andrew Bernhard] [Gospel of Jesus' Wife] [Luke 10.1] [Mark 1.41] [Nathan Johnson] [NTS] [P45] [Zachary Cole]

March 6, 8AM

Over at his blog, Alex Poulos has posted an interesting translation from Origen’s sermon on Psalm 78 (LXX 77). The issue at hand for Origen involves the first verse: “I shall open my mouth in parables, I shall speak riddles as from the beginning.... [Alex Poulos] [origen] [theology]

March 3, 8AM

In RBL, Jerome Lund reviews Gillian Greenberg and Donald M. Walter, trans. Ezekiel according to the Syriac Peshitta Version with English Translation (Piscataway, NJ: Gorgias, 2015).After two pages of suggested improvements and corrections, he concludes:Ev... [Antioch Bible] [Ezekiel] [Peshitta] [syriac]

February 28, 1AM

This has been floating around my Facebook feed the last few days and I thought it was worth sharing here. It's from 1955. Watch it here. [Dead Sea Scrolls] [Qumran] [video clip]

February 16, 2AM

Historical Jesus studies and textual criticism are two subjects that one does not regularly think of together. But recently I was looking over my copy of Anthony Le Donne’s little book Historical Jesus: What Can We Know and How Can We Know It? (201... [Anthony Le Donne] [autographs] [historical Jesus] [Orality]

February 8, 1AM

From Will Ross and Steve Runge, a conference modeled after the well-done Greek verb conference from a few years back:Students and scholars of Greek have long wrestled with understanding the meaning of prepositions. This challenge is partly the result of t... [Conferences] [Lexicography] [Linguistics] [prepositions] [Tyndale House]

February 6, 5PM

This year’s Houston Baptist University Theology Conference is March 2–4 on the topic “How the Bible Came into Being.”From the website:The Department of Theology at HBU, in conjunction with Lanier Theological Library, is please to host the conferen... [Conferences] [Houston] [Lee Martin McDonald]

February 3, 1AM

The familiar text of Rom 11.6 as read in NA/UBS is found in P46 01* A C D F G P 1739 1881 lat co as follows:εἰ δὲ χάριτι, οὐκέτι ἐξ ἔργων, ἐπεὶ ἡ χάρις οὐκέτι γίνεται χάριςand if by grace, then i... [Byzantine Text] [Codex Vaticanus] [Romans] [Westcott and Hort]

January 31, 1AM

One of the positives of reading a Greek New Testament that lists variants but not the manuscripts that attest them is that it makes you pay more attention to internal evidence. I’ve been reading Scrivener’s edition of Stephanus (1550) which lists diff... [Byzantine Text] [forgiveness] [harmonizations] [parablepsis] [Scrivener] [Synoptic Gospels]

January 25, 1AM

Attendees to last year’s ETS meeting were given nicely bound copies of the new Christian Standard Bible (CSB) translation which releases in March of this year. The CSB is basically a revision of the Holman Christian Standard Bible (HCSB), now without th... [2 Peter 3.10] [Bible Translation] [CSB] [HCSB] [John 1.18]

January 23, 2AM

From Richard Tarrant’s new book Texts, Editors, and Readers: Methods and Problems in Latin Textual Criticism (reviewed in BMCR here):To classify textual criticism as a form of rhetoric is a way of highlighting the fact that its arguments depend on persu... [method] [proof] [quote] [Richard Tarrant]

January 19, 8AM

For the past 50 years, INTF, the institute that produces the NA and now UBS editions, has published “reports” (Berichte) on their text-critical work. I came across these by accident one day at Tyndale House and discovered that they are a treasure trov... [berichte] [INTF]

January 13, 7AM

Word has just reached the Americas of a new form of transit for getting around Britain’s oldest and second greatest university.Media outlets have reported that this new way of traveling is environmentally friendly, inexpensive, and a even a good form of... [Peter Head]
Pete Williams sends word of the following:Call for Papers: HORIZONS IN TEXTUAL CRITICISMConveners: Jan Joosten and John ScrenockOn 10-11 May, 2017, the University of Oxford will host a colloquium devoted to methodologically new and unique work in textual ... [Conferences] [Old Testament Textual Criticism]

January 11, 8AM

The discussion from the post last week on Greg Lanier’s thoughts on the CBGM was helpful I thought. In particular, it made me think again about how best to present the CBGM to those who find themselves mystified and or even frustrated by its c... [CBGM] [Coherence-Based Genealogical Method] [robots]

January 9, 2AM

Here’s a question for our American history buffs. I’ve looked in the usual places online and can’t find anything on this, but maybe some of our readers know. I’m curious as to what Greek NT Thomas Jefferson used to create is famous “Jefferson Bi... [Bible in America] [Editing the Bible] [Thomas Jefferson]

January 3, 6AM

Greg Lanier, a former compatriot at Cambridge, has two recent essays in the journal Reformed Faith & Practice (part 1 and part 2)  doing one of the things he does best: explaining what’s happening in NT scholarship to students and pastors. Here... [CBGM] [Greg Lanier] [theology]

December 30 2016, 2AM

These are the top ten most read posts for the blog in 2016 according to Google Analytics. Not all of these were written in 2016 of course. For last year’s list, see here.BREAKING NEWS: Archaeologists find QTop Ten Essential Works in New Testament Textua... [blog traffic] [ETC blog] [year in review]

December 28, 6PM

I’ve been busy lately with a cross-Atlantic move. So here are some things I’ve come across the last month or so but haven’t been able to blog about. Let me know if I missed anything.ManuscriptsEthiopian Manuscripts donated to Catholic University of ... [news] [TC publications]

December 12, 2PM

One of the things I did while at SBL was sit down with Michael Heiser for an interview on his “Naked Bible podcast.” We talked about what makes the ETC blog Evangelical, some my work with CSNTM, the CBGM, and whether the KJV is the best Bible ever.It ... [Michael Heiser] [podcasts] [SBL]

December 8, 3AM

Over at the Books as a Glance website, our one-time ETC blogger, John Meade, has a detailed review of the new updated edition of Ellis Brotzman’s Old Testament Textual Criticism: A Practical Introduction. John concludes:As an introduction to textua... [John Meade] [Old Testament Textual Criticism] [Septuagint]

December 6, 10AM

Dan Wallace was apparently at Sotheby’s for yesterday’s auction of Charles Ryrie’s amazing Bible collection. Dan reports:Ryrie did not own junk. His printed books were in excellent condition. The selling price reflected this. The very first publishe... [book auction] [charles ryrie] [Sotheby's Auction]

December 1, 3AM

Dead Sea Scrolls in AccordanceOver at the Lying Pen of Scribes blog, Årstein Justnes has posted a list of forged Dead Sea Scrolls that have made their way into modules for Accordance, BibleWorks, and Logos. Among other problems, Årstein p... [accordance] [Bibleworks] [Dead Sea Scrolls] [logos]

November 29, 12 PM

Westcott House in the summerThis morning I spent some time going through a cabinet of material from B. F. Westcott kept at Westcott House in Cambridge (see here for details). Westcott founded the school in 1881 as Cambridge Clergy Training School and it t... [Eberhard Nestle] [Revised Version] [Westcott] [Westcott House]

November 25, 3AM

This is from the last page of GA 720, a 12th century Gospels manuscript digitized by CSNTM. It’s a particularly good example of the difference ultraviolet light can make. [CSNTM] [ultraviolet]

November 22, 4PM

A friend sends this short video from Business Insider and asks, “Is it rubbish?” Since I’m traveling, I thought I would let our astute readers answer for me. Note that it features ETC blog contributor, Bill Warren.How the Bible has changed over the ... [Business Week] [media]

November 19, 1AM

Thanks to all who came out to our first annual ETC at ETS lunch. It was a great success. Alas, there were no speeches, but the food was excellent. Truly a highlight for me so far.Even better though was the session on Wednesday that featured no less than t... [ETS 2016]

November 18, 11AM

Obviously this is too late for anyone wanting to attend, but the Society for the Study of Syriac organizes a “round table” every year and today they are meeting on the topic of the Syriac New Testament. The papers should be published in the accompanyi... [Conferences] [syriac]

November 10, 9AM

Next week is the annual ETS and SBL conferences in San Antonio. If you have never been to the annual ETC blog dinner at SBL, this is your year to come. I think you’ll find that folks are welcoming and friendly. It’s a great time.GloryBut I also k... [ETC blog lunch] [ETS 2016]

November 9, 3AM

In 1858, Hort reviewed the latest editions of both Tischendorf and Tregelles. He was much more positive about the latter than the former. In closing, he says this about Tischendorf:Both editors in fact deserve the praise of conscientiousness in their actu... [Book Reviews] [Hort] [Tischendorf] [Tregelles]

November 4, 3AM

This is now a few days late for Reformation Day, but Ronald Hendel, editor-in-chief of the Hebrew Bible: Critical Edition (HBCE), has just put an article online that should be of particular interest to ETC readers. The essay looks at the relationship betw... [Inerrancy] [Reformation] [Ronald S. Hendel] [theology]

October 31, 7AM

The 5th–7th century correction (“Ca”) in SinaiticusLast night while reading Ephesians, I came across a variant I don’t remember seeing before. I was surprised that it wasn’t adopted as the main text since it seemed like the obvious choice. I sho... [Ephesians 5:30] [parablepsis]

October 27, 3AM

In 1871, F. J. A. Hort wrote a short review of Dean Burgon’s well-known defense of the longer ending of Mark in The Last Twelve Verses of St. Mark. The review itself isn’t especially noteworthy. Hort found himself unconvinced and unimpressed by B... [Book Reviews] [Dean Burgon] [Ending of Mark] [Hort]

October 24, 2AM

Two of the most significant English translations as far as the text of the New Testament is concerned are the Authorized or King James Version of 1611 and its revision, the Revised Version, published in 1881 (NT; OT in 1885).The KJV is obviously significa... [King James Bible] [Revised Version] [Scrivener]

October 20, 4AM

Westcott’s words to to clergy-in-training from his Lessons from Work (1901):2. The study [of the Bible] must be systematic, and again it must be thorough. Even the external history of the Sacred books illustrates the action of the Spirit in the Christia... [Westcott]

October 14, 2AM

The first volume of a new series on Digital Biblical Studies has just appeared from Brill. It’s edited by Claire Clivaz, Paul Dilley and David Hamidović. Table of contents is here.I’ve only looked at the chapters that piqued my interest.The... [Digital Biblical Studies] [digital humanities]
The first volume of a new series on Digital Biblical Studies has just appeared from Brill. It’s edited by Claire Clivaz, Paul Dilley and David Hamidović. Table of contents is here.I’ve only looked at the chapters that piqued my interest.The... [Digital Biblical Studies] [digital humanities]

October 10, 1AM

Many New Testament scholars consider Mark 16.8 to be the original ending of the gospel. Others regard the original ending as now lost. For those who think it’s lost, the most frequent explanation is that it was lost at some point given that the beginnin... [Dan Wallace] [Ending of Mark] [F. G. Kenyon] [F. W. Hall] [Mark 16:8] [scroll]

October 7, 9AM

I spent the morning today looking through some of the minutes and papers from the revisers of the English Bible (i.e., the Revised Version). Unfortunately, I didn’t get to the minutes on the New Testament. But I did come across some interesting collater... [King James Bible] [Revised Version]

September 30, 2AM

After announcing last month that they were not going to make any more changes to the ESV ever, Crossway publishers has reversed their decision. The original post has been removed, but it contained some very odd language about the new text being a “perma... [Bible Translation] [ESV]

September 29, 7AM

Mike Holmes sends this note for readers of the blog:In the preface to the NRSV, the Committee states that the NRSV is based on UBS3, and that “Only in very rare instances have we replaced the text ... by an alternative.” I know of two, at Luke 11:33 a... [NRSV] [UBS GNT]

September 26, 5AM

We all know that the revisions to the Catholic Epistles were printed in the NA28 and that the revisions for Acts, John, and Revelation are underway as I write. But how long will it take to have a completely revised edition of Nestle? Writing in 2000, here... [ECM] [INTF] [Nestle-Aland 28] [University of Birmingham] [Wuppertal]

September 23, 4AM

Over on τον βιβλιον του προσοπου, Jan Krans announces the public arrival of the Amsterdam Database of New Testament Conjectural Emendation. It has now been added to the NT.VMR. This is a fantastic resource many years in the makin... [Amsterdam Database of New Testament Conjectural Emendation] [conjectural emendations] [Jan Krans]

September 21, 5AM

Roughly the number of books J. K. Elliott reviews in a year.Here is a list of what is reviewed in the latest issue of Novum Testamentum with some snippets that caught my eye. All but one of these are reviewed by J. K. Elliott with his characteristic flare... [Book Reviews] [Eldon J. Epp] [Novum Testamentum]

September 12, 1AM

The Reformed tradition has long held that one of the means by which Christians are convinced of Scripture’s divine origin is through the internal testimony of the Holy Spirit. This work of the Holy Spirit is essentially one in which he removes the blind... [canon] [john owen] [Mike Kruger] [Scripture's Self-authentication] [theology]

September 8, 1AM

Last week Troy Griffitts was in town and he showed me how to make a custom VMR. In the meantime he’s helped me do some extra editing as well and the result is that I’ve put together my own public version of the VMR. You can use it at ntvmr.uni-mu... [NT.VMR 2.0] [Troy Griffitts] [VMR]

September 7, 2AM

It’s not uncommon today to read criticisms of past textual scholars for their overconfidence. First among the guilty in this regard is often Westcott and Hort who titled their edition The New Testament in the Original Greek. So, for example, Eldon Epp r... [Edward A. Hutton] [Eldon J. Epp] [Textual Optimism] [Westcott and Hort]

September 6, 2PM

Happy first day to Pete Head who starts his new post today! When I left his new office yesterday it was... still a bit of a mess. But I have every confidence that at some point this week it will be neat and tidy. (How long that lasts I will not predi... [Peter Head]

August 29, 2AM

The latest issue of Digital Scholarship in the Humanities (31.3) has a special section of stemmatics. I would particularly recommend the essays by Barbara Bordalejo and Peter Robinson which were mentioned on the blog here. All of these appear to be f... [Barbara Bordalejo] [Digital Scholarship in the Humanities] [Peter Robinson] [stemmatics]

August 25, 6AM

Jim West notes a new series on the texts and versions of the Old Testament edited by Jim Aitken:Announcing a new sub-series of LHBOTS: Texts and Versions of the Hebrew BibleTexts and Versions of the Hebrew Bible will publish high level studies on the... [Jim Aitken] [LHBOTS] [Old Testament Textual Criticism]

August 15, 3AM

E. C. Colwell (source)Westcott and Hort and E. C. Colwell are often connected in discussions of singular readings as they should be. But it’s not often appreciated how Colwell inverted WH’s primary purpose for studying singular readings. For... [E.C. Colwell] [Singular Readings] [Westcott and Hort]

August 10, 1AM

A week or so ago my carrel-mate here at Tyndale was stumped for who knows how long by a Gothic letter “C” that looked a whole lot like Gothic letter “T” for “targum.”What finally gave it away was the superscript “Sa” which I thought had to... [apparatus] [Gothic] [Sigla]

August 9, 2AM

Pete Williams sent word yesterday that the first volume of the Publications of Museum of the Bible was published this week. Dead Sea Scrolls Fragments in the Museum Collection is edited by Emanuel Tov, Kipp Davis, and Robert Duke and features 13... [Dead Sea Scrolls] [Green Scholars Initiative] [Museum of the Bible] [Publications of the Museum of the Bible]

August 5, 5AM

While doing some sermon prep last week I came across some interesting variants in Rev. 2.13. The NA28 reads:οἶδα ποῦ κατοικεῖς, ὅπου ὁ θρόνος τοῦ σατανᾶ, καὶ κρατεῖς τὸ ὄνομά μου καὶ ... [Harklean Syriac] [Rev 2.13] [Revelation] [syriac]

August 4, 5AM

This is from Aland’s 1970 article “Novi Testamenti Graeci Editio Maior Critica: Der gegenwärtige Stand der Arbeit an einer neuen grossen kritischen Ausgabe des Neuen Testamentes,” NTS 16 (1970): 163–77 which layed out the rationale for ... [ECM] [Editorial Committee] [Kurt Aland]

August 1, 1AM

International SBL finished a few weeks ago in Seoul, South Korea. I did not go, but Jacob Peterson did and he has kindly agreed to summarize the text critical papers he attended for us. Thanks, Jacob.Yonsei UniversityThe International Society of Biblical ... [ISBL Seoul 2016]

July 21, 2AM

Good news! Jean-Baptiste Piggin has discovered that, without any fanfare, the Vatican has just posted color images of both P72 and P75 on its website. Until now the only images I knew of were black and white images on CSNTM and the NT.VMR. At th... [manuscript images] [P75] [Vatican Library]

July 14, 1AM

The Editio Critica Maior defines a “variant” as a reading that is both “grammatically correct and logically possible.” If it doesn’t meet these two criteria it is marked with an f for Fehler (= error). Neither criteria i... [ECM] [GA 1563] [james] [Klaus Wachtel]

July 11, 4AM

I’ve just returned from a week in Ferrara, Italy presenting on the CBGM. It was a great time despite the heat. While there I had the chance to look at Ferrara’s complete collection of Greek New Testament manuscripts. Okay, it’s only two, but one of ... [GA 582] [Mark 1:1] [Peter Head] [Tommy Wasserman]

July 8, 10AM

Here is a good word from Bengel for your weekend.Human selections of sayings and examples, taken from Scripture, have their use; the study, however, of the Sacred Volume, should not end here; for it should, both as a whole, and in its several parts, be th... [J A Bengel] [quote]

July 6, 2AM

The following is a guest post from Elijah Hixson. Elijah is currently writing his doctoral thesis on Codex Rossanensis and two other purple codices at the University of Edinburgh under the supervision of Paul Foster. When I saw last week that Rossenansis ... [Codex Rossanensis] [Elijah Hixson] [GA 022] [Purple codices]

July 1, 5AM

A reader of the blog reminds me that the International SBL meeting starts next week in Seoul, South Korea. There are two text critical sections in the line up.Greek New Testament Manuscripts Pasi Hyytiäinen, University of Helsinki Textual Evolution ... [ISBL Seoul 2016]

June 27, 1AM

Acts 1 in Bezae. (Photo)It’s frequently reported that the text of Acts is longer in the Western text than in the Alexandrian. But just how much longer is it? The most commonly cited number is 8.5%. You’ll find this in Metzger’s Textual Commentary (p... [Acts] [Alexandrian text] [Codex Bezae] [logos] [Western Text]

June 25, 4AM

A couple links for your weekend reading.Timothy Mitchell whose blog I mentioned earlier has a fresh article in JETS on just what we mean by “autograph” in debates about inerrancy. He concludes that “in reference to the NT, the ‘autograph,’ as of... [autographs] [Ending of Mark] [Inerrancy] [James Snapp] [Jets] [Pericope adulterae] [theology]

June 22, 3AM

(photo credit)The latest issue of Vetus Testamentum has an article by Klaas A. Worp on a new 4th century copy of Psalm 9.22–26. The abstract:First edition of a Psalm fragment on a Greek papyrus coming from a settlement in the Western desert of... [Old Testament Textual Criticism] [OT Papyrus] [Papyrus] [Psalm 9]

June 16, 1AM

Walter Fritz, owner of the GJW (photo credit).Wow. The most recent issue of The Atlantic has an incredible story uncovering the formerly anonymous owner of the Gospel of Jesus’ Wife papyrus. His name is Walter Fritz, a German-born man who... [forgery] [Gospel of Jesus' Wife] [Karen L. King] [Walter Fritz]

June 9, 2AM

Besides the world-famous ETC blog, there are a number of other blogs that cover textual criticism. I’ve added these to the list of Biblioblogs in the sidebar so they should come up there whenever there’s a new post. They’re worth a read.1. The ... [biblioblog]

June 6, 4AM

12th c. binding material in a 16th c. manuscript (photo credit).The Guardian reported this weekend on a relatively new technique for reading metallic inks in book bindings macro x-ray fluorescence spectrometry (MA-XRF). Here’s a clip from the artic... [book binding] [Head's Rule] [Technology] [X-ray]

June 2, 5AM

Here’s something that two otherwise competing methods of New Testament textual criticism agree on, at least according to their two main proponents. Both reasoned eclecticism and the Byzantine priority position have in common that external evidence shoul... [Byzantine priority] [Maurice Robinson] [method] [Michael Holmes] [reasoned eclecticism]

May 27, 12 AM

Tregelles’s 1549 Stephanus GNTDallas Theological Seminary’s Turpin Library owns a copy of Robert Stephanus’s 1549 Greek New Testament that was once own by Samuel P. Tregelles and was then given, by his wife, to B. F. Westcott. Stephanus, of course, ... [Dallas Seminary] [Dwight Pentecost] [Tregelles] [Turpin Library] [Westcott]

May 23, 3AM

From John Lee’s translation (emphasis added):John 1.1-14. Note the dot under the superscript ‘c’ before εγεννηθησαν in the second line from the bottom.So that you may not be surprised, diligent scholar, or be displeased with us that in th... [accents] [Complutensian Polyglot] [Greek New Testament editions] [polyglots] [theology]

May 19, 7AM

Of interest to those readers forced to live in Oxford.The Oxford University Society of Bibliophiles is pleased to welcome Marc Polonsky, trustee of the Polonsky Foundation, who will deliver a talk on the ‘Digitisation of Cultural Heritage’.Tuesday 24t... [Lecture] [Oxford] [Polansky]

May 18, 1AM

Robert Stephens’s 1551 edition was the first to add verses to the NT.A few days ago I stumbled across a case of differing versification. If you check your NA or SBLGNT, you’ll find that the phrase Γράφω ὑμῖν, παιδία, ὅτι ἐγνώ... [1 John 2.13-14] [Abbott] [Beza] [Stephanus] [Verse numbering]

May 12, 1AM

Today marks the 135th anniversary of the publication of Westcott and Hort’s momentous edition The New Testament in the Original Greek. The date was May 12, 1881 (see FB discussion here). Later in the same year they would publish their introduc... [Westcott and Hort]

May 10, 3AM

Greek students sometimes get the wrong impression that their Nestle-Aland apparatus records all the variants for the New Testament. I certainly thought this at one point. And it’s not just students. I once heard a story about one of Kurt Aland’s colle... [ECM] [John 18] [Jude] [NA28 Apparatus] [number of variants] [Philemon] [statistics] [UBS GNT]

May 6, 2AM

So far as I know, no one has written more trying to tease out what exactly the term Ausgangstext (translated as “initial text”) than Eldon Epp has in his essay for J.K. Elliott’s Festschrift.There (p. 54) he suggests that the earliest official ... [ECM] [Eldon J. Epp] [Gerd Mink] [initial text]

May 5, 4AM

Princeton Seminary has put their old journals online. These go back to 1825 with the Biblical Repertory. There are plenty of essays from the bright lights of Old Princeton. Among the articles is Warfield’s 32-page (!) review of Westcott and Hort’s GNT... [B. B. Warfield] [Book Reviews] [Westcott and Hort]

May 2, 3AM

For some, the question of whether Mark 16.9–20 belongs to the original text of Mark’s Gospel settles the matter of whether it should be read, preached, and taught as Scripture. For others it’s not so simple. These 12 verses may have been added, but ... [Ending of Mark] [Inspiration] [Mark 16:8] [Poll] [Tregelles]

April 27, 9AM

The question is sometimes asked as to why the Gospel tradition was ever written down in the first place. Writing may have obvious advantages to those of us who live in Gutenberg’s world, but some contend that those living in largely illiterate cultures ... [Chris Keith] [gospels]

April 22, 2AM

The BL has just put up a new website for their digitized Hebrew manuscripts (mentioned here). You can now filter by Hebrew Bible manuscripts. There are 13 in all, seven of which are scrolls. There are some short articles on the new site as well that are w... [British Library] [Hebrew Manuscripts] [Micrography]

April 13, 1AM

Ostraca from Arad dating ca. 600 B.C. (source)There’s currently a story making the rounds on the major news sites (NY Times, Guardian, etc.). The headlines are, as headlines often are, “exciting”:“New Evidence on When Bible Was Written: Ancient Sh... [Arad] [Dating] [Handwriting] [news] [ostraca]

April 12, 1AM

It is a good time to be a student of American religious history and especially American Evangelicalism. Historians like George Marsden, Mark Noll, Nathan Hatch and others continue to write incisively on the subject even as a younger generation follows in ... [American Bible Society] [Bible] [Bible in America] [Douglas Sweeney] [John Fea] [Jonathan Edwards] [Mark Noll]

April 11, 1AM

Ferrera Castello (photo credit)This summer the Department of Humanities at the University of Ferrara (Italy) will again be offering an eight day summer school on textual criticism. Attendance is capped at 14 which means there should be plenty of personal ... [Ferrara] [Paolo Trovato] [Summer School]

April 5, 2AM

Workers restore the scene “original sin”in the Sistine Chapel (photo credit)What makes it wrong to alter a great painting but not a great manuscript? I think many of us instinctively know there’s a difference but would not be able to articulate what... [G. Thomas Tanselle] [Goal of Textual Criticism] [method]

March 29, 1AM

Over at the Volos Acadamy for Theological Studies website there is a report on a recent conference in Athens on NTTC.On February, 22 2016, an International Conference was successfully held at the central building of Athens University (“Al. Argyriad... [Conferences] [David Trobisch] [Editorial Committee] [Florian Voss] [Holger Strutwolf] [International Conference for the New Testament Textual Criticism] [Klaus Wachtel] [Simon Crisp]

March 28, 2AM

In response to the notion that the use of internal evidence is more subjective than external and therefore less reliable, Mike Holmes says this:The claim that some methods are more “objective” than others—in particular, the view that decisions based... [Michael Holmes] [quote]

March 23, 3AM

This is part 2 of our interview with Chuck Hill. Part 1 is here.In The Early Text of the NT, you suggest that David Parker “gives the impression that concern for the original text is simply a religious phenomenon, driven by pressure from churches w... [canon] [Charles Hill] [Inerrancy] [Interviews] [original text] [The Early Text of the NT]

March 16, 10AM

I just read an interesting article by Bonifatius Fischer on the use of computers in New Testament studies. What makes it interesting is that it was written in 1970. Here are a couple of points that stood out to me. I especially liked this quote near the b... [computers] [journal of theological studies] [Stephen Carlson]

March 11, 2AM

Just a note to those in or near Cambridge that Codex Bezae is said to go on display today at the University Library.Probably not the page they’ll put on display.I was there a few days ago and saw them setting up, but the displays themselves were off lim... [Cambridge Library Collection] [Codex Bezae] [Gutenberg Bible] [Nash Papyrus]

March 10, 2AM

I am pleased to introduce our next interviewee in our ETC interviews series. Dr. Charles E. Hill completed his PhD on eschatology in the early Church at the University of Cambridge under Lord Rowan Williams of Oystermouth (yes, they still use such fantast... [canon] [Charles Hill] [Interviews] [The Early Text of the NT]

March 9, 2AM

Add. MS 9401 f. 3r. Genesis. Dated 1588.Yesterday the British Library announced that more Hebrew manuscripts have now been digitized.Our followers and readers will be delighted to learn that over 760 Hebrew manuscripts have now been uploaded to the B... [British Library] [Digitised Manuscripts] [Hebrew Bible] [Hebrew Manuscripts]

March 2, 2AM

An email from the librarian at Corpus Christi, Oxford informs me of a new catalogue which includes seven Biblical Hebrew manuscripts:Corpus Library and Archives are delighted to announce the publication of A descriptive catalogue of the Hebrew Manuscripts... [Corpus Christi (Oxford)] [Hebrew Manuscripts] [manuscript catalogue] [Oxford]

February 18, 2AM

To celebrate the release of his book next week, Oxford University Press has kindly agreed to give away a copy of Hugh Houghton’s The Latin New Testament: A Guide to its Early History, Texts, and Manuscripts.You can enter to win in any of the ways l... [givewaway] [Hugh Houghton] [Latin]
It is a real pleasure to continue our ETC Blog interview series with someone who is no stranger to our regular readers. Dr. Hugh Houghton is Reader in New Testament Textual Scholarship at the University of Birmingham (UK) and Deputy Director of the Instit... [Hugh Houghton] [Interviews] [Latin] [University of Birmingham] [Vetus Latina Iohannes]

February 17, 1AM

This is the second part of my interview with Hugh Houghton. Part 1 is here.You work at the Institute for Textual Scholarship and Electronic Editing (ITSEE) where “computer methods are now fundamental to every stage of the editorial process.” The emerg... [COMPAUL] [Frozen] [Hugh Houghton] [Interviews] [ITSEE] [University of Birmingham]

February 15, 12 PM

Mentioned earlier on the blog, HBU’s annual theology conference is happening next weekend. There are lots of text critical papers given this year’s theme of “Erasmus’ Bible and the Impact of Scripture.” If you’re in the area, don’t miss it. ... [Conferences] [Erasmus] [Houston]

February 12, 8AM

I’m not sure if they still count as blog contributors, but later today Mike Bird and Simon Gathercole will be participating in the annual Greer-Heard Point-Counterpoint Forum. The topic this year is “How Did Jesus Become God?” with other participant... [Bart Ehrman] [Greer-Heard Point-Counterpoint Forum 2016] [Larry Hurtado] [Michael Bird]

February 10, 3AM

Following up on my follow up on the Byzantine text, it’s instructive to see just how close the text found in the majority of our manuscripts is to the initial text in the Catholic Epistles. From the ECM supplement, here are the number of readings where ... [Byzantine Text] [Byzantine text type] [ECM]

February 7, 8AM

The DevilCodex Gigas, otherwise known as the “Devil’s Bible” is considered the largest Medieval Latin codex. Its pages are 35 inches tall and 19 inches wide and contains the complete Bible along with several other works from Josephus and others mean... [codex gigas] [devil's bible] [digital images]

February 4, 4AM

As a follow-up to my post about text-types from last week, here is an example of how our definitions of texts can influence our thinking about textual criticism. It matters particularly when it comes to comparing one “text” to another.In their new boo... [Andrew Pitts] [Byzantine Text] [Byzantine text type] [ECM] [Stanley Porter] [Text Types]

January 29, 4AM

Manuscripts: great placesto look for new manuscripts.Dan Wallace teases us on his blog with a note that he has recently found more uncatalogued NT manuscripts in Athens.I recently returned from two weeks in Athens, working at the National Library of Greec... [CSNTM] [Dan Wallace] [New Manuscripts]

January 26, 4AM

Martin L. WestIn his book Textual Criticism and Editorial Technique (1973), Martin West raises an important issue for the use of text-types in NT textual criticism. Here is West:When the critic has established that no stemma can be constructed, how i... [E.C. Colwell] [Eldon J. Epp] [Martin West] [stemmatics] [Text Types]

January 12, 2AM

I recently finished working through all the singular readings in James according to the Editio Critica Maior (ECM). There are 1,245 of them according to my data. I picked James because it has the most manuscripts of all the books in the ECM of the Catholi... [ECM] [james] [scribal errors] [Singular Readings] [statistics]