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November 29 2016, 1PM

Since its inception, Proclaim Church Presentation Software was designed to help your team collaborate on beautiful church presentations quickly. The second generation of Proclaim takes that to a whole new level. New features and an updated interface make ... [Products] [church presentations] [Proclaim] [Proclaim app] [proclaim church presentation software] [Proclaim free trial]

December 29, 5AM

This is it. The end is near. The final countdown. It’s your very last chance. In just two days, on December 31 at midnight, the 500 Book Mega Pack, 2015 Edition will be gone for good. So if you want to get 500 books, worth over $8,000, for just a dollar... [Products] [Books] [collection] [logos] [sale] [Christmas] [Logos Bible Software] [mega pack] [Promotion] [Digital books]

December 22, 1PM

We don’t just learn from theology, but also from those who have gone before us—both from their writings and their lives. John Piper described with powerful imagery his experience with reading the Puritans: No one comes close to the skill they have in ... [Products] [Books] [logos] [deal] [sale] [Christmas] [Logos Bible Software] [mega pack] [logos 6] [Promotion]

December 18, 1PM

One of the best ways to prepare yourself for any theological question is by having a well-rounded library. When you have a large library that includes a diverse array of books, topics, and authors, you’re queries will return more results and you’ll ... [Misc.]

December 14, 1PM

This Christmas, experience the joy of building your library with the 500 Book Mega Pack, 2015 Edition. This bundle includes 500 titles that would cost you $8,000.69 if bought separately. But by getting the titles in this bundle, you can save $7,500.70! Th... [Featured] [Products] [500 book mega pack] [book bundle] [bundle] [Christmas] [collection] [discount] [logos] [Logos Collection] [mega pack] [Promotion] [sale]

December 11, 5AM

This Christmas, we’ve cooked up some awesome deals to help you expand your library. For a limited time, you can enjoy 15% off a Logos 6 base package, save 94% with a 500-book bundle, get up to 50% off any Mobile Ed course, and more! Don’t miss out o... [Products] [Advent] [base packages] [Christmas] [deals] [logos library] [mega pack] [Offers] [sales]

December 8, 5AM

Imagine being one of the first people to use Facebook. Without many others to connect with, would the social media company hold any value to you? Probably not. But add a couple dozen of your close friends to the site, and suddenly you’d probably start t... [Misc.] [Products] [book bundle] [Christmas] [deal] [exclusive] [logos library] [mega pack] [offer]

December 4, 5AM

Put down the eggnog, drop the tinsel, and worry about untangling the Christmas lights later. Logos just launched a Christmas-exclusive deal that’s so good it won’t be around long, and you don’t want to miss it! Introducing the limited-time 500 ... [Products]