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March 15 2018, 4AM

You want to learn New Testament Greek? Presumably, you’re a Christian, so my advice on this topic will be written for those who desire to love God and neighbor in all they do—even and especially in learning New Testament Greek. Thinking carefully at t... [articles]

March 14, 4AM

I was looking for a Mother’s Day gift and I stumbled across a quotation on the website of a local massage therapist: You can’t go back and change the beginning, but you can start where you are and change the ending. —C.S. Lewis I’m a huge Lewis fa... [articles]

March 7, 1PM

As much as Americans love democracy, we want sports to be a simple meritocracy: may the best team win. A lose-and-you’re-out tournament is our idea of a championship. We don’t what sportswriters telling us who they think is best; we want winners to pr... [articles]

February 28, 5AM

February is Black History Month, and I took this opportunity to pick up a new Lexham Press title by the late African-American theologian Charles Octavius Boothe: Plain Theology for Plain People. Our American culture has changed since this book was first p... [articles]

February 14, 11AM

The translators of the Revised Standard Version (1952; 2nd. ed. 1971) didn’t mince words when comparing their work to the King James Version. The KJV “has grave defects,” they said. Its underlying Greek texts were “marred by mistakes, containing t... [articles]

February 8, 5AM

The following piece is a preview of my regular column in Bible Study Magazine. The tips here will come out in the next issue. If you’re not yet a subscriber to BSM, click here. Here’s a new Logos skill you may not yet have, a tool you’ll want to sti... [articles]

February 7, 5AM

The title thou hast lately read art not a clickbait and switch. Verily, I believe it to be one of truth and importance. Let me put you at ease right away by telling you what I mean by it. God did not say, “Thou shalt not steal.” He said “You shall n... [articles]

February 1, 5AM

Over on the Logos Academic Blog (theLAB) there’s been a series of interesting pieces from biblical scholars answering the question, “What makes a good biblical scholar.” I thought I’d weigh in here on the Logos Blog, too. I cannot give a secular a... [articles]

January 31, 5AM

A book series I’ve heard a lot of talk about in recent years is James K. A. Smith’s “Cultural Liturgies” trilogy: Desiring the Kingdom, Imagining the Kingdom, and Awaiting the King (plus the one-volume popularization I really enjoyed, You Are What... [articles]

January 25, 11AM

Some time ago my wife and I visited a church we’d never been to before and heard a message from one paragraph in Joshua 1. Take particular note of the promises (bolded), because the preacher did: This Book of the Law shall not depart from your mouth, bu... [articles]

January 19, 1PM

Some people doubt evangelicalism exists—it’s too fractured to be called an -ism. And in the last year the value of the label has been fought over more vociferously than ever. What is “evangelicalism”? Is it even a useful concept anymore? I believe... [Misc.]

December 31, 1PM

We rarely think about thinking. Many very smart people fail to see the assumptions hidden underneath their reasoning. How often do news articles assume that the only really reliable way of knowing truth is the scientific method? I happen to believe that m... [articles]

December 28, 1PM

Put yourself in the shoes of the original readers of the famous second Psalm: The kings of the earth set themselves, and the rulers take counsel together, against the LORD and against his Anointed, saying, “Let us burst their bonds apart and cast away t... [articles]

December 27, 5AM

What’s the difference between lament and complaint? Or is “lament” just a name we give to complaining when it’s in the Bible? Recently I attended the national meeting of the Evangelical Theological Society, where I heard Tremper Longman deliver a ... [articles]

December 25, 5AM

The rear seating in our 2004 Yukon must have some kind of magnetic field that provokes good questions from kids. This week it was, “Why do we decorate trees at Christmas? What does that have to do with Jesus being born?” I don’t remember asking such... [articles]

December 20, 5AM

What Flannery O’Connor said of the South is true of all America—but it seems truest at Christmas: While the South is hardly Christ-centered, it is most certainly Christ-haunted. The Southerner, who isn’t convinced of it, is very much afraid that he ... [articles]

December 15, 3PM

Pope Francis recently created an international theological incident when he told an Italian TV interviewer that the classic, traditional wording from the Lord’s Prayer, “Lead us not into temptation,” is “not a good translation.” Instead he favo... [Products]

December 14, 1PM

Every Christmas Eve growing up, my father read the Christmas story from Luke 2 in the King James Version. And every Christmas Eve, I thought I understood it. I largely did. But I now see little things I was missing—through no fault of my own, nor of the... [articles]

December 7, 1PM

What do we really know about the “magi,” the three “wise men” who brought gifts to Jesus? I get questions like this from my kids all the time, questions about Bible and theology stuff. I love their curiosity. And I often find myself answering them... [articles]

December 6, 1PM

The Trinity is a hot topic right now—because of its relationship to discussions about gender (see 1 Cor 11:3) and its place in the perennial back-and-forth between more confessionalist and more biblicist strains of evangelical faith. Recently I attended... [articles]

November 29, 11AM

Biblical scholarship is essentially a lot of very careful reading of very old, very familiar stories—with the goal of discovering something new in them. The well has not run dry. After two millennia, the Christmas story, for example, is still delivering... [articles]

November 23, 5AM

One of the most important figures of the Reformation died over a millennium before Luther was even born. B.B. Warfield explains his significance: It is Augustine who gave us the Reformation. For the Reformation, inwardly considered, was just the ultimate ... [articles]

November 22, 3PM

I could tell by the faces of my amazing adult Sunday School class, with whom I have such enriching discussions, that what I had just said did not register. I needed to call an audible. It was time to ditch (temporarily) my planned lesson and start a new, ... [articles]


If you’re going to study, preach, or teach the Bible with any depth, it’s helpful to be able to read and pronounce Greek words—even if you don’t understand them. If you can’t decode Greek letters, excellent reference works and ... [Products]

November 15, 5AM

How would you like to become a bestselling Christian writer, author of a devotional classic that not only still sells well but actually gets read around the world? The only catch is that the book has to come out after you die. That’s the story of Oswald... [articles] [tributes]

November 10, 1PM

I finally bought a Logos base package when I realized how often I was about to leave my beautiful new bride at home while I finished up my dissertation at the library. I still had to spend time in the stacks and study carrels, but Logos let me spend much ... [Products]

November 8, 3PM

What’s the easiest way to get started with Logos—without getting overwhelmed? You can certainly install the desktop or mobile apps as most users do, but there’s an even easier and faster option: the web app. We’ll use it for this tutorial. Here ar... [Apps & Web Tools]


In the opening verse of his most famous letter, Paul tells us the first thing he wants us to know about him. Here’s the Holman Christian Standard Bible: Paul, a slave of Christ Jesus. (Rom 1:1) (HCSB) He is a slave to Jesus, the Jewish Messiah. But ther... [articles]

November 2, 4AM

I spent hours looking over Logos base packages before I bought one (Gold). I did the sourame before I upgraded (Platinum). How can you make an informed purchasing decision? Which base package do you need? The homework necessary to figure it out may be dau... [articles]

November 1, 2PM

There’s a makeover video on YouTube that is now clocking in at 25 million views. And it points, through a sad irony, to a truth recovered 500 years ago at the Reformation. The timelapse video shows Jim Wolf’s stunning transformation from unkempt stree... [articles]

October 31, 12 PM

The first of Luther’s famous 95 Theses—whose 500th anniversary we celebrate today—is a critique of an erroneously translated phrase in Jerome’s translation of Matthew 4:17. In English we know this as, “Repent, for the kingdom of heaven is at han... [articles]

October 26, 2PM

I once gave a presentation at my church on “Why Bible Typography Matters.” It was announced a month or so in advance, and people started making comments to me about it. Someone said, “You’re going to talk about Bible typology—like how Joseph pre... [articles]

October 25, 12 PM

“Should we split infinitives? Can we say ‘to boldly go where no one has gone before’?” A sharp teenage girl in my church recently asked me this. Great question. How do we judge what is “correct” English, anyway? And should Bible teachers even,... [articles]

October 10, 9AM

We’re celebrating the 500th anniversary of the Reformation this month by exploring its hidden history. In this post, Dr. Mark Ward explains why publishing God’s Word was such a source of controversy in the Reformation era. Learn more about the events... [articles]

October 9, 4AM

October is Pastor Appreciation Month. What do you give to a person whose calling is to spend himself for others? The key to good gift-giving is tapping into what the recipient values, even if it’s not what the giver values. Here are four suggestions of ... [articles] [Products]

October 5, 12 PM

Greek New Testament manuscripts often use paragraphs to indicate a shift in thought. But modern editors have not felt bound by these paragraph divisions: each Bible text may have its own. Paragraphing is a necessary task for translation—and a help for i... [articles]

October 4, 12 PM

Using Bible software is now a key ministry skill. And if you are training the next generation of pastors, missionaries, and Bible teachers, your students need you to teach them that skill whether they know it or not. Ask yourself, dear prof, do you want y... [articles] [Products]

September 29, 4AM

On Wednesday I posted a translation of the wise and valuable—and largely forgotten—preface to the most important English Bible ever: the King James Version. Today’s Christians think of the KJV as settled, established, widely accepted, and honored. S... [articles]

September 27, 2PM

When I first read the KJV translators’ preface, I was surprised to see that they fully expected a cold reception to their work. They could have no idea that their Bible would one day be praised even by non-Christians for its literary quality and cultur... [articles]

September 21, 12 PM

I don’t just read the books in my Logos library; I use them. I use them for preaching, for writing, for study, for personal emails, for online discussions with friends. I use my digital books in Logos so often that I get frustrated when the information ... [articles]

September 20, 12 PM

My Christian tradition has heroes like every other. This is good, at least when the heroes are good; it’s biblically sound to have heroes (Heb 12:1). The Bible itself offers its (nonetheless flawed) characters in part as moral examples, as heroes. Part ... [articles]

September 16, 4AM

If you go to seminary, there are a certain tasks you will be asked to do. I don’t have to know which school you’re going to or what classes you’re taking. You’ll be doing these things. Three of them. Promise. I’ve used pretty much all the major ... [articles]

September 14, 12 PM

Truly understanding someone you deeply disagree with is exhausting. It’s a labor of love. A friend with different politics recently brought up a subject about which I know “my side’s” position but not my own. I sensed he was attacking my tribe, bu... [articles]

September 13, 12 PM

Good pastors are busy people. I was reminded of this last week when I filled in for my own pastor and had to fit sermon prep for a Sunday morning message into my own schedule. Amidst entertaining two out-of-town guests and two out-of-continent guests (we ... [articles]

August 23, 12 PM

Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount amazed its original hearers; it subverted their expectations on multiple levels. It’s the meek who win the world. Believers are supposed to be happy when persecuted. And then this: Jesus, this new teacher with author... [articles]

July 27, 2PM

In my work as a Logos Pro, I sometimes hear users say, with a resigned, apologetic tone, “I probably use only 5 percent of the capabilities of Logos.” People with lots of responsibility, lots of training, lots of gifting, and lots of experience in min... [Training]

July 26, 12 PM

John Newton wrote a beautiful letter to a friend which is called in his collected works, “On Controversy”—because that friend was about to engage in public controversy over Christian doctrine; Newton wanted to give him some scriptural counsel. I hav... [articles] [Training]

June 28, 4AM

Why should Bible teachers go through the pain of learning and then using the original languages of Scripture? I gave you five reasons last week, but persuasion doesn’t occur solely because of reasons. Sometimes personal testimony is most effective. So h... [articles] [Training]

June 22, 4AM

Want to see all the free Logos books you don’t already have? Want to see what Logos books are on sale? Want to see what’s cheap? One of our users in the Logos forums recently shared with other users the links he uses to check all these things (and mor... [articles] [Training]

June 21, 12 PM

Should pastors and other Bible teachers bother to learn Greek and Hebrew? You can use Greek and Hebrew without having to memorize a single paradigm, let alone 3,000 vocab words, so why torture yourself? I’ll give you ten reasons studying the original la... [articles] [Training]

June 15, 4AM

Do you ever need to perform searches that connect English with Greek? For example, do you ever need to find out how a specific translation treats a given grammatical construction? This is nearly impossible to do without the specialized tagging in Logos. L... [articles] [Training]

June 14, 4AM

As a pastor or Bible teacher, you probably copy portions of the Bible into sermons, blog posts, academic papers, or Bible study notes all the time. Recently I had a very specific Bible-copying need: I had to have the entire KJV New Testament text, one ch... [articles] [Training]

June 8, 12 PM

If you want to start a fight, meddle with people’s religion and their grammar at the same time. Here goes: I think it’s time to drop the practice of capitalizing deity pronouns in Christian writing and in (most) Bible translations. Shall we take this ... [articles] [Training]

June 7, 4AM

Everyone knows the KJV was translated in 1611, but almost no one has read a 1611 KJV. Not only do the great majority of KJV editions actually come from a 1769 revision (one of a series of revisions), but even the “1611” editions available online are n... [articles] [Products]

May 31, 4AM

The American evangelical church likes to ride pendulum swings. I’m not talking about the revolving door of theologically vapid church marketing gimmicks. I mean things that you and I do. You know, us: the kind of people who read Bible software blogs, wh... [articles] [Training]

May 24, 2PM

Even professors who teach biblical languages typically teach just one of those languages. They must put forth some effort to maintain their skills in the language they don’t teach. Pastors, too, must take practical steps to retain their knowledge of and... [articles] [Training]

May 18, 12 PM

Most of the time you look up a Hebrew word you probably don’t want the extreme depth and complication afforded by the top lexicons. Neither do you want to wade through a tight paragraph of tiny print full of abbreviations you don’t use often enough to... [articles] [Training]

May 11, 12 PM

Good Bible readers have lots of questions. I wonder what other OT verses the author of Hebrews cites? Where was that other question Peter asked Jesus, the one I just read the other day? I wonder how often the NT authors refer to the fall of Adam? And thes... [articles] [Training]

May 10, 4AM

It’s the question that can derail the Sunday School class, make the pastor look poorly educated (i.e., “dumb”), and possibly even damage someone’s faith: Pastor, how come this footnote says that some manuscripts do not include the story of the wom... [articles] [Training]

May 9, 4AM

Now that Bible software is a standard tool for ministry and for academic biblical studies, Bible software training has become a necessary part of the seminary curriculum. Major seminaries across the country and the world, such as Dallas, Moody, and Ridley... [Misc.]

May 4, 3PM

You’re reading along in Philippians and your eyes traverse Paul’s famous phrase, “our citizenship is in heaven.” Your job, Bible student or teacher, is to understand this metaphor well enough to explain it to others. But at first, it may not feel ... [articles]

May 3, 4AM

Have you ever been listening to a preacher who is using a Bible translation different from the one in your lap? Generally, the wording is similar enough to avoid confusion; in fact those differences often provide little insights. But occasionally the diff... [articles] [Training]

April 27, 12 PM

Your brain has already learned one of the most basic Bible study skills: finding connections. When you’re reading an ending to one of Paul’ letters, maybe you hear a faint echo. You think, “Didn’t Paul say something like this at the end of Colossi... [articles] [Training]

April 26, 4AM

Love of God and neighbor are the two great commandments upon which everything else in the Bible hangs—and, interestingly, the Bible happens to be the only book in the world written by both God and neighbor. So, for Christians, love drives hermeneutics. ... [articles] [Training]

April 12, 4AM

You can search for just about anything inside—or near or not near or intersecting or before or within four words of—just about anything else in Logos. You can even search particular highlighting styles. I’m becoming a broken broken record record rec... [articles] [Training]

April 5, 12 PM

Your library is an information filter that is itself the product of information filtering. You filtered out all the other books in the world to buy these books, and now, hopefully, they filter out all the information available in the world to tell you wha... [articles]

March 30, 12 PM

You can preach excellent messages using the technology of a yellow legal pad. You can then shift those notes to Word. You can then create a PowerPoint. You can then email that PowerPoint, or put it on a thumb drive, and get it to your church sound guy. Or... [articles] [Training]

March 29, 4AM

We may hate to admit it, but if we’re honest with ourselves, even our favorite English Bible translations can at times be clunky. Here’s an example I was just teaching about in adult Sunday School. Check out the three phrases I bolded: “your work of... [articles] [Training]

March 22, 12 PM

Neutrality is a myth. Put in biblical terms, either you love the Lord or you don’t. Every thought you think, every choice you make, every word you say, flows from that heart and is determined by its fundamental direction, whether toward God or away from... [articles] [Training]

March 9, 5AM

Postmodern literary theorists are favorite whipping boys in evangelical hermeneutics textbooks, and Stanley Fish is no exception (although Fish prefers the title “antifoundationalist”). This makes Winning Arguments, the latest book from the former New... [articles]

March 8, 5AM

Christianity cannot be boiled down to a list of words—say, positive character qualities to be cultivated and opposite, negative qualities to be avoided. Virtue and vice lists by themselves can’t handle the complexities of life. Some loves in Scriptur... [articles] [Training]

March 2, 3PM

I’m working on a project, and I need your help. I’m looking for insights Bible readers have gained into Scripture by comparing English Bible translations. The lone rule is that you can’t know Greek or Hebrew. (You can reach me at mark.ward@faithlife... [articles]

February 28, 5AM

The Bible speaks in some way to anything you can think of, but it doesn’t speak explicitly to everything you can think of. In other words, the Bible never uses the term “work ethic,” but it does say to do all to the glory of God.” (1 Cor 10:31) It... [Misc.]

February 24, 5AM

I recently had the chance to sit down with Shaun Tabatt and discuss Logos Bible Software. We talked about some of my favorite features in Logos, as well as the all-important issue of how to pronounce “Logos.” Mark L. Ward, Jr. received his P... [Misc.]

February 22, 5AM

I’m not opposed to using the scenic route down the coast from work to home; I’ve taken it multiple times. But never on a workday, always on a Saturday. I’m not opposed to using the scenic route in Bible study, either. I’ve taken it multiple times.... [articles] [Training]

February 16, 3PM

Image: Christians and non-Christians argue about the truth of the Bible all the time. (Because Internet . . .) Christians even argue with other Christians about how to argue about the truth of the Bible: what’s the wisest strategy? While... [Misc.]

January 25, 5AM

I’ve come to realize that in order to know the Bible there is no replacement for reading the entire thing. I’m going to give three reasons why you need to aim to read even the portions of the Bible you somehow rarely get around to—and why I myself c... [articles] [Training]

January 18, 5AM

The screen printer standing in my living room was trying to sell me on a new four-color process for the kids Bible club shirts my church needed. One problem: he came to the door asking for “Mike,” not “Mark” because I kind of forgot to tell him th... [articles] [Training]

December 30 2016, 1PM

We all know the most respectable New Year’s resolution a Christian can make is “Read the Bible every day.” What if this year we didn’t just resolve to do it, but we actually did it? Logos Bible Software is here to help you turn your resolution int... [articles] [Training]

December 21, 5AM

“Let It Go” from Disney’s animated movie Frozen (2014) was and is a megahit. The melody is both powerful and catchy, and Idina Menzel can sing icicles off reindeers. The piece won the Oscar for best original song, reached the top five in the Billboa... [articles] [Training]

December 7, 5AM

If I thought I was a pretty scintillating Bible teacher, the kind that makes people sit on the edge of their seats, the kind that is also able to put the cookies on the lower shelf and interest even kids, that thought was shattered when my own kids got ol... [articles] [Training]

November 30, 1PM

Does widespread human disagreement over Bible interpretation reveal some flaw or weakness in God or his word—or some flaw or weakness in us? Or neither, or both? This is the third of three articles on the clarity of Scripture. I’ve clarified the doctr... [articles] [Training]

November 16, 5AM

Jen Hatmaker recently launched a kerfuffle in the evangelical blogosphere (meteorologists have started to assign these kerfuffles their own names, like hurricanes) by reconsidering her stance on a hotly contested biblical doctrine. I won’t get into ... [articles] [Training]

November 9, 5AM

Leaders of the Protestant Reformation, particularly Luther but also Calvin, affirmed the doctrine of the clarity of Scripture. Basically, the doctrine (as it has developed) teaches that all Christians can and should read the Bible with spiritual profit, n... [articles] [Training]

November 2, 12 PM

Bible study isn’t supposed to be fast. It takes time to mine biblical riches. But it’s the digging that should take time, not the shovel selection process. That’s why I use keyboard shortcuts, so I can call up tools fast and put them to ... [articles] [Training]

October 26, 4AM

I frequently have lots of books and Bible and articles and dictionaries and commentaries and guides and search tabs open in Logos. How do I organize and manage them? Like a pro, a Logos Pro. If you let me give you some basic tips on how to organize your s... [Training]

October 19, 4AM

I constantly compare Bible translations during Bible study and exegesis. But not everyone sees the value in this practice, and some are outright skeptical: they think I’m inviting confusion, a he-said, she-said method of exegesis. Or they think it’s t... [Training]

October 13, 4AM

How would you find all the rhetorical questions in the Bible—like “What sort of man is this, that even winds and sea obey him?” Finding such questions—questions which aren’t seeking answers but are instead making statements—is a tougher task t... [Training]

October 5, 4AM

My wife regularly works domestic miracles. Case in point: she actually reads her Bible first thing in the morning. She’s a mother with young children and a lot of responsibility. We never know how much sleep Mommy will get on any given night, and she oc... [articles] [Training]

September 29, 12 PM

Crossway recently released the English Standard Version in a 2016 “Permanent Text” edition (the updated text will be free for Logos users who own the ESV). The ESV, it was announced, would remain “unchanged forever, in perpetuity.” As Christianity... [articles]

September 21, 4AM

I have written seminary-level exegesis papers, and I have graded them—dozens of them. And I’m going to tell you a few secrets I don’t think your teachers will mind me telling their students. They’ve already told you what you really need to know, n... [articles]

September 15, 4AM

Pastors are sometimes forced to squeeze their sermon prep into odd time slots, but that’s what lay leaders must always do. Lay leaders work full-time jobs and have families. I’ve been on both sides of the altar; I know the pressures. I have stayed up ... [articles]

September 14, 4AM

After more than a year as a Logos Pro, I’m still occasionally surprised to discover things I never knew Logos could do. I already knew about the Copy Bible Verses tool in Logos. I use it so regularly that I made a shortcut to it in my menu bar: But I j... [Training]

September 8, 4AM

Wrenching a Bible verse out of context isn’t the only bad Bible-quoting habit out there. There is a more subtle set of unfortunate customs we use in evangelical churches when we quote the Bible. Here’s an example: a relative of mine was reading to me ... [articles]

September 7, 4AM

I want to know the Bible. Do you? There are many methods for Bible study out there, and every one I’ve ever seen has something of value to contribute. Let me add one, however, that I’ve never seen anyone else explain: borrow an open secret from teache... [articles]

September 6, 12 PM

Logos 7 is my preferred tool for sermon preparation, but history proves you don’t have to use Logos in order to teach the Bible carefully and effectively. Somehow Paul managed pretty well without it. Augustine and Chrysostom reportedly didn’t use... [articles] [Products]

September 1, 4AM

Insightful culture watcher David Foster Wallace says something in his famous essay on television that preachers need to hear—even though preachers probably already know it. The staccato editing, sound bites, and summary treatment of knotty issues is net... [articles] [Training]

August 31, 4AM

The viewpoints of Christians of the past are not authoritative over us in the same way the Bible is—or even the same way our pastors are (Heb. 13:17). Past generations of believers made theological errors just like us, because they were fallen and limit... [articles] [Training]

August 18, 4AM

I was recently writing something about biblical archaeology, and it happened again, that thing that’s always happening to me in Bible study—does it happen to you? I was trying to find the location of a verse whose exact wording I was pretty sure I alr... [articles] [Training]

August 17, 4AM

What’s the key to effectively teaching the Bible to others, whether in a Bible study, a sermon, or a Facebook conversation? Love your audience as yourself. Loving God is most important, of course, but it’s possible to love God supremely and yet fail i... [articles] [Training]

August 11, 4AM

One of the most frequent things I do in Logos—and I’m betting you do the same thing—is search for a specific verse or group of verses. My searches can seem pretty random, like the time I looked for every time the Bible talks about “war.” Searchi... [articles] [Training]

August 10, 12 PM

Recently I got to play my favorite sport—ultimate Frisbee—twice in one week. The first game was just about the best I’ve had in my 14 years as an ultimate player. Pretty much every time I threw the disc toward the end zone, it snuck just past the de... [articles]

July 28, 4AM

I can hardly believe I did it, because I loved my nine-year succession of four MacBooks and two iMacs, but I just moved back to the PC world for some of my daily work. Out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks: I love running Logos on a light, to... [articles] [Training]

July 27, 4AM

After the ink dried on the last page of the last book of the New Testament, there was a period of fourteen centuries in which book-making technologies changed relatively little. The codex—the standard paper book—replaced the scroll fairly early on in ... [articles]

July 21, 2PM

Dig and dig and dig, and you’ll never reach the full depths of the Bible. Your lifetime will be a journey to the center of its worth. That doesn’t mean the Bible-gold you’ve discovered so far is iron pyrite; it simply means you should never stop dig... [articles] [Training]

July 20, 2PM

If you can’t use the Bible, you don’t really understand it. It may sound backwards to speak of “using” the Bible: we don’t stand over the Bible, twisting it to our ends; the Bible stands over us and is one major means by which God uses us. That... [articles] [Training]

July 14, 4AM

When Jesus is asked to sum up the law, he responds with two commands involving love: In both commands, the English translation “love” translates the Greek verb agapao. Partly because agape is one of those Greek words that many theologically literate ... [articles] [Training]

July 13, 4AM

You and I live in a modern city, but imagine that across the river is another town very different from ours: an ancient one. We drive cars, they ride animals. We chat over coffee at a cafe; they chat over water at the community well. We suffer from a divi... [articles] [Training]

July 7, 12 PM

Read your Bible, pray every day, and you’ll grow, grow, grow. It’s practically the first catechism every evangelical child learns. It’s a simple spiritual discipline, but it’s a difficult one to maintain in our busy, always-connected world. There ... [articles]

July 6, 2PM

Many Christians are faithful Bible readers, but they feel stuck when it comes to Bible study. After you’ve read a Bible passage once, and then read it again, what do you do to study it? Um, read it again? And then what? Looking at a commentary or study ... [articles] [Training]

June 29, 12 PM

My most influential mentor always told his charges that Bible teachers come to the text with one of two questions: either 1) “What can I say about this?” Or 2) “What does this say?” He saw these questions as a continental divide, and he urged us t... [articles]

June 23, 4AM

In honor of National Read a Book Minute—which, sadly, is dwarfed in popularity by the annual celebration of International Watch TV Year—I want to teach you how to highlight a book. I went through more years of formal education than is really proper, a... [articles] [Training]

June 22, 12 PM

I love the Jesus Storybook Bible, because it thrills me to think that my kids might grasp the central storyline of Scripture long before the age at which I did. And the colors and textures are cool. And I like a little whimsy in text and illustration. As ... [Training] [articles]

June 16, 12 PM

I’m bad at reading the Bible quickly or in big chunks. I’m always getting stopped by interesting little questions (and interesting big ones). Here’s a representative example: Do not be idolaters as some of them were; as it is written, “The people ... [articles]

June 14, 4AM

I was trying to turn Psalm 1 into a singable song for the Bible club boys (6th grade on up) from the neighborhoods around my church. These were not young men with extensive church backgrounds and full-ride scholarships to elite Sunday schools. Their maste... [articles]

June 2, 4PM

I was absolutely shocked. At the top of my NT Introduction paper on Jewish Institutions of New Testament Times was a “B+”—but that wasn’t the shocker. I was only just starting seminary, and I didn’t have the hang of things yet. What shocked me w... [Misc.]

June 1, 4AM

For several weeks I’ve been trying to End Bible Translation Tribalism. I’m urging Christians not to make our good Bible translations into rallying points or battle flags for internecine warfare. Instead, we members of Christ’s body should recognize ... [Misc.]

May 26, 4AM

The difference between this . . . . . . and this . . . . . . consists largely in the skill with which the latter photographer used the complicated tools on his SLR (Single Lens Reflex) camera—and the complicated software tools used for post-production... [Misc.]

May 25, 4AM

An experienced pastor I greatly respect, a truly world-class Bible expositor whose series through Ephesians changed my life, sat in a room with a bunch of skinny, exegetically deficient young preacher wannabes. I was the skinniest. He was trying to mentor... [Misc.]

May 24, 12 PM

The New Testament’s use of the Old Testament has been described as the “master problem” of Christian theology. Jesus’ and Paul’s words on the subject are direct and, in a way, simple: Jesus didn’t come to destroy the law but to “fulfill” i... [Misc.]

May 12, 4AM

Perhaps you’ve seen it: that little pyramid of circles next to the page number in a Logos resource. Click on the icon, but don’t be overwhelmed by the list of options that appears. You’ve just found “visual filters,” powerful too... [Training] [articles]

May 11, 4AM

I want people who study the Bible to stop asking, “What’s the best Bible translation?” and feel free to use all the good translations we have. It’s what I called, last week, Ending Bible Translation Tribalism. In my vision of the ideal world, Chri... [Misc.]

May 5, 4AM

I have redesigned quite a number of church websites, and there is one thing I never carry over from the previous design: written directions to the church. I never give directions or ask for them. I can’t remember the last time I said to someone, “Firs... [Misc.]

May 4, 4AM

I am on a mission to end Bible Translation Tribalism. If you don’t know what I mean by “Translation Tribalism,” see if any of these tribal stereotypes (some borrowed from another blogger) ring true for you: The NIV 2011 is the Bible of the broad s... [Misc.]

April 28, 4AM

The Logos Pro team exists to provide free training to users of Logos Bible Software. Our 30-Day Bible Study Challenge has helped thousands of people learn Logos and study their Bibles. Of course, it’s going to take more than 30 days for you to learn the... [articles]

April 27, 4AM

For many years I taught a weekly Bible class to impoverished adults. These people were highly skilled in areas of life I did not understand, but most of them had deep difficulty reading with any proficiency. I had to find a way to help them read the Bible... [Training] [articles]

April 20, 4AM

Most of the skills involved in good Bible reading are things people do intuitively anyway. So why bother reading a Bible study magazine or purchasing Bible software—plus all the resources (commentaries, books, hermeneutics manuals) that make that softwa... [Misc.]

April 14, 4AM

Stop and be astonished, if you can, at a statement from Jesus in Mark 10 that certainly astonished his disciples: “It is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for a rich person to enter the kingdom of heaven” (Mark 10:25). It’s h... [articles]

April 7, 12 PM

I first encountered Logos Bible Software in the Libronix days—in what historians of technology now call “the 1990s.” I somehow came into possession of some random CDs with Logos books on them. I confess I didn’t use them so much as I “amassed”... [articles]

April 6, 4AM

Out of the inscrutable neuron maelstroms we know as “the brains of small children,” there often come what speech pathologists call “the darnedest things.” My kindergartener said yesterday—and I promise I have no idea where this came from—“Wh... [Training] [articles]

March 31, 4AM

The better you learn how to use Logos Bible Software, the more you’ll get out of your Bible study. Logos is designed to provide insight into the Bible. Every tool has that ultimate goal. If you want to learn how to use Logos—because you want to st... [Training] [Bible study] [logos pro] [how to use logos]

March 23, 4AM

Exodus 20:15 is pretty practical: “Thou shalt not steal.” There are complexities, there are always complexities whenever fallible and finite people like us try to apply God’s norms to our situations. But for the most part, we Bible readers feel we k... [Training] [articles]

March 16, 4AM

If you’re the kind of Christian who is now wondering, “Here’s another Easter; what part of the Bible do I study/teach this year?”—then let me admit that I’m in the same boat. I’ve got to write a blog post about Easter; where do I go? Let’s... [Training] [articles]

March 11, 1PM

Why is the most important Christian holiday nowhere mentioned by name in the Bible? Actually, the word “Easter” does appear in the Bible, but only once—and only in one translation. Among all major English translations of the Scripture, only the King... [Training] [articles] [Bible] [Easter] [Pascha] [King James Version] [is easter in the bible] [acts 12:4] [translation easter] [what does easter mean] [easter meaning] [easter passover] [easter in greek]

March 9, 1PM

One fine South Carolina day my little family was driving down the road listening to the radio, and on came “Rudy Mancke’s Nature Notes,” a delightful little minute-long feature by a local naturalist who talks about flora and fauna in the Palmetto St... [Misc.] [Training] [articles] [New Testament] [exegesis] [Bible study] [Word Study] [love] [bible word study] [Agape]

February 25, 5AM

Sometimes you have this question about the Bible, this burning desire to know. And you want to know what the whole thing has to say about that question. Ideally, you’d have a year to read through the whole of Scripture, marking it up and taking notes on... [Misc.]

February 18, 1PM

I have a long-standing, friendly argument going with an old professor of mine. It started when, as a budding young Greek student in seminary, I asked, “Should I get the paper version of BDAG or the digital version?” “Paper,” he said, “because yo... [Training] [articles] [Greek] [Hebrew] [Bible study] [bdag] [original languages] [word studies] [tutorial] [logos pro] [Lexicons] [How to]

February 17, 3PM

Last week I asked a question that struck a chord in readers. I promised that your answer to that question would “reveal everything you believe about the Old Testament.” Who knew so many people cared so deeply—and had done so much thinking—about wh... [articles] [Training] [Biblical Theology] [Gideon] [hermeneutics] [interpreatation] [jepthah] [Judges] [moralism] [old testament] [Redemptive History]

February 11, 1PM

True confession: I turned off the Logos home page within the Logos desktop software when it came out in Logos 4. I lazily assumed there was nothing there I wanted to see. I was, to use a word favored by theologians and exegetes everywhere, wrong. I now ch... [Training] [articles]

February 10, 5AM

Answer me one question about an obscure story in Judges chapter 11, and I’ll tell you what your view of the whole Old Testament is. I’ve argued before that your view of the trees is determined by your view of the forest, and I think the story of Jepht... [Training] [articles] [Bible study] [old testament] [Biblical Theology] [logos pro] [Judges] [Redemptive History]

February 4, 3PM

A clever and provocative author wrote something clever and provocative recently about Bible translation: We are accustomed to say things like “something got lost in the translation,” which it frequently does. But can anything ever be gained? Let me po... [articles] [Greek] [Hebrew] [Bible study] [logos pro] [bible translations]

February 3, 12 PM

Word studies are a treasure trove . . . and a mine field. Somehow you have to weave through the dangers to get the treasures. Think for a moment: if you were about to enter such a field, what would you want to know about first? The gold or the bombs? I’... [Misc.]

January 28, 3PM

The mission of Faithlife is to “use technology to equip the church to grow in the light of the Bible.” And we really mean it. I didn’t take the job until I asked the VP who interviewed me, “What is your company mission?,” and he said, “to serv... [Training] [articles]

January 22, 11AM

An open letter to Tim Challies, in response to a recent blog post. Dear Tim, The people in my office at Faithlife, makers of Logos Bible Software, read your post “Going All-in With Ebooks” with excitement—and not just because we sell ebooks (includ... [Misc.] [articles] [Books] [Bible study] [ebooks] [Tim Challies] [logos pro] [Bryan Chappell]

January 21, 1PM

Calling all nerd wannabes. I, on behalf of the Logos Pros, am about to share with you one of the most useful computer tips you will ever get. I mean that. I’m going to apply the tip to a narrow question: “What’s the quickest and easiest way to searc... [articles] [Books] [] [Bible study] [Training] [search] [D. A. Carson] [tutorial] [logos pro] [keyword]

January 20, 5AM

Even if you’ll never preach a single sermon in your entire life, you should still know what good preaching is. And not just so you can spot (and avoid) bad preaching; not even so you can seek out good preaching. You need to understand what makes a g... [Training] [articles] [Preaching] [Bible study] [application] [homiletics] [How to] [Law and Gospel] [christ-centered preaching] [bryan chappel] [be-like messages]

January 15, 5AM

Imagine what would happen if thousands of Christians actually did what we all sort of feel like we’re supposed to do, especially at the New Year: imagine that we all read the Bible. If you’ve been part of our 30-day Bible study challenge since it bega... [Training] [Bible study] [Bible] [tutorial] [logos pro] [How to] [Matthew 4] [bible study course]

January 7, 5AM

At the local library “Hi, I’m looking for all references in this library to William Tyndale.” “Sure, I’m a reference librarian, so I’d be happy to help you with that. Hmm . . . . Looks like we’ve got two books in the religion section with ... [Training]

January 6, 1PM

Internet meanderings recently landed me on the Amazon product page for the bookmark below. It’s the kind of bookmark you’re supposed to give to a friend or loved one, and it bears two Bible verses. Notice the citation from Genesis 31 in particular. D... [Training] [articles]

December 31 2015, 10AM

A pastor friend told me not long ago, “I have Logos, but I probably use only 5% of its capacity.” This comment came from someone under 40, meaning that he knows how to turn a computer on without fear or antagonism. It hardly counts as “technology”... [Training] [video] [Bible study] [logos] [tutorial] [logos pro] [Mark Ward] [how to study the bible]

December 30, 1PM

As a kid, maybe 10 or 12, I was leafing through my red-letter edition of the Bible and I noticed that there was one section of unbroken red text that was longer than any other. It was Matthew 5–7. I thought that was kind of cool, and if my memory serves... [articles] [Bible study] [Training] [Logos Bible Software] [tutorial] [logos pro] [sermon on the mount] [articles]

December 22, 1PM

We’re celebrating Advent by giving away dozens of free books and beautiful Advent Art and featuring great articles on the meaning of this season of anticipation. In this post, Logos Pro Mark Ward explores what may be the most “Christmasy” ... [articles]

December 17, 3PM

G. K. Chesterton: Tradition means giving votes to the most obscure of all classes, our ancestors. It is the democracy of the dead. Tradition refuses to submit to the small and arrogant oligarchy of those who merely happen to be walking about. (85) I can s... [Training] [articles] [comparing bible translations]

December 16, 3PM

I was born in a Bible study forest, but I didn’t know it. Trees every few feet, tree upon tree. I got to know them pretty well; I could hardly help it: sycamore, acacia, olive, cedar, fig, palm, terebinth. An occasional glade on a rise in that forest of... [Misc.]

December 9, 1PM

I was sitting at a lunch table with some acquaintances. Acquaintances, not friends. I admit we sat there for a while staring at our food and waiting for the awkwardness to subside. Kind of like me and my Bible sometimes, I’m sad to say. But then, at tha... [articles] [Training] [Bible study] [Christian Living]


The Logos Pros are here to help the church. And one of the things the church is processing right now, along with much of the rest of the world, is the role digital tools will play in their reading. D.G. writes: I seek out many of the volumes mentioned on ... [articles] [Training] [Bible study] [ebooks] [logos pro] [Mark Ward] [reading]

December 3, 1PM

“Transliteration” is not the same as “translation.” Tranliteration brings just letters across the divide between languages (if indeed the languages don’t already use the same alphabet). Спасибо becomes spasibo; 國語 becomes Guóyǔ. Sch... [articles] [Training] [how to use logos] [logos pro] [tutorial]

December 2, 3PM

I caved. Somebody sent me one of those time-wasting links you know you’re not supposed to click on if you want to get any work done. But I couldn’t help it. “Find out what your most used words on Facebook are,” the link said. I was like Digory at ... [articles] [Training] [Bible study] [Concordance] [logos pro]

November 26, 1PM

Almost four years to the day before I came to serve the church as a Logos Pro at Faithlife, I wrote a post on my personal blog, “How to Pronounce ‘Logos’ in ‘Logos Bible Software.’” And since a big part of our mission is to turn you into a Log... [articles] [Training] [Bible study] [How to] [Logos Bible Software]

November 25, 1PM

I once had a grandmotherly friend, a secretary in my office, who had great interest in the Bible but no training in the biblical languages. Her strength as a Bible student came from one obvious and one hidden source. The obvious source was her daily pract... [Training] [Bible study] [bible translations] [logos pro]

November 19, 3PM

What do you do if you get a sudden, unexpected opportunity to teach or preach God’s Word? I often turn to what is for me one of the most precious of Jesus’ parables, the Parable of the Unforgiving Servant—a passage one of my favorite writers on the ... [articles] [Training]

November 4, 2PM

“Love” is the third most commonly looked up word at Do you want to know what “love” means? You ought to. “Love God” and “love others” are the two most important commands of the Bible, on... [Misc.]

October 29, 12 PM

The 10 Commandments were written in stone, and they still are on monuments around the world. And in this case, the medium is a message: commandments chiseled in stone are supposed to be permanent, unchanging. So it may come as a surprise that Jewish tradi... [Misc.]

October 27, 4AM

I enjoyed my Hebrew courses. I like languages. And one of the first big rewards of learning Hebrew is translating a small book like Jonah or Ruth. I say it’s a reward, because it is fun; you get a sense of satisfaction that you’ve actually learned som... [Misc.] [Training] [Logos Now]

October 22, 12 PM

From age four to age 18 I read the KJV pretty much exclusively. All my Scripture memory in kids ministries was taken from the KJV, and I even begged my second-grade teacher at my Christian school to let the class speak in King James English for a day. Sh... [Misc.] [Training] [logos 6] [logos pro] [tutorials]

October 15, 12 PM

There is way too much information out there for you to ever read, let alone process and assimilate. I dare you to click the “Random Article” link on Wikipedia and see how many clicks it takes you to get to a topic you really know something about. It... [Misc.] [Training]

October 14, 4AM

In college I had this amazing friend. He was stupendous at Bible study because he had this really cool system. He had taken two copies of Strong’s Concordance and sliced up the pages so that every entry was its own slip of paper (he needed two copies o... [Misc.] [Training] [concordance tool] [logos pro]

October 8, 2PM

One of the most illuminating things that can happen in your Bible reading is when a few of your neurons fire as they pick up a subtle allusion a New Testament author makes to the writings of an Old Testament one. There’s great value in making a connecti... [Misc.]

October 7, 4AM

I’m new to the Logos Pro team, and I admit to bringing with me from the East Coast some level of confusion about Logos Now. I’m pretty techie, I like new software— especially Bible software—and yet I was just too busy to make myself figure out thi... [Misc.] [Bible study] [Logos Now] [logos pro]

September 24, 12 PM

Not everyone who wants to dig into Greek enjoys the privilege of having a teacher. And even if you have one, you may find yourself struggling to retrieve certain Greek skills from your brain’s cluttered archives during a three-semester gap between c... [Misc.] [Training]

September 18, 12 PM

You get up early, you carve out time for Bible study, and you have an insight as you read. But reader beware: if you don’t write that insight down, you didn’t really have it. It had you. And it dropped you, perhaps never to pick you up again. Unless y... [Misc.] [logos 6] [logos pro] [notes] [Training] [tutorial] [video]

September 11, 4AM

The style and arrangement of words in your Bible is like wallpaper for most people: you only notice it if it changes, and maybe not even then. But in fact, the typography in our Bibles matters a great deal—and it matters because it means. For instance, ... [Misc.] [Training] [bible typography] [How to] [logos pros] [readers bibles] [tutorial]

September 3, 12 PM

You do and you don’t need Hebrew to understand the Old Testament. You don’t, because the Bible has already been translated into English. You do, because there are different levels of understanding: There’s your certified mechanic and your weekend wa... [Products] [Training] [Bible] [exegesis] [Hebrew] [lemma] [logos 6] [Logos Bible Software] [logos pro] [search] [software tutorial] [tutorial] [tutorials] [video training] [videos]