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July 29 2016, 12 PM

When I was in my final year in seminary, another student suggested to me that the church needed to focus more on “biblical” theology instead of “systematic” theology. The latter, he argued, promoted the “doctrines” of man rather than the Bible... [Products]

October 31 2015, 6AM

To celebrate the 498th anniversary of the Reformation we’re offering hand crafted Lutheran and Reformed bundles packed with core primary theological texts, confessional documents, and contemporary scholarship for $498.00 each—more than 50% off the reg... [Misc.]

October 23, 4AM

What’s the best way to get the latest Logos resources at the best possible price? By participating in a program called Logos Pre-Publication (Pre-Pub). Here are five reasons to get started. 1. Pre-Pub gives you the best deal Using Pre-Pub means you get ... [Misc.] [Products] [new perspective on Paul] [Pre-Pub]

August 10, 12 PM

Featuring more than 100 years of classic scholarship, the Princeton Theological Review is a huge archive of classic Reformed theology. It provides 82,000 pages, 443 issues, and includes articles from B.B. Warfield, Charles Hodge, Geerhardus Vos, J. Gresh... [Misc.] [Products] [B. B. Warfield] [Community Pricing] [hodge] [Journals] [old princeton] [Princeton] [princeton theological review] [Princeton Theology]