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June 19 2017, 4AM

When you pre-order a Mobile Ed course, you can save up to 40% on new courses from today’s top scholars. With over 30 courses currently on pre-pub, there are many great courses to choose from! Here are five Mobile Ed courses you should pre-order while yo... [Misc.]

April 22, 6AM

Have you ever found yourself caring for a Christian in need? Do you often comfort others through difficult times, but struggle to find the right words? Do you have a passion for serving others but long for an opportunity to sharpen your skills? Logos Mobi... [Misc.]

April 17, 2PM

Are you interested in engaging in daily discussions with top scholars? Are you interested in learning more and advancing your theological studies? Mobile Ed has lots of different ways to connect you with biblical and theological scholars. Here are just t... [Misc.]

March 29, 12 PM

Dig into the Dead Sea Scrolls with Dr. Craig Evans, discover the Apocrypha with Dr. David deSilva, and explore Acts with Dr. Darrell Bock. With the Mobile Ed Subscription, you can access a diverse collection of courses from today’s top scholars. For $49... [Misc.]

March 14, 4AM

There are many important but challenging biblical and theological subjects to explore and understand. Thanks to Logos Mobile Education, you don’t have to tackle these subjects alone. We bring top seminary professors and scholars into your living ro... [Misc.]

March 7, 5AM

Has your Facebook feed been full of engagement announcements over the past few months? It’s no surprise: almost 40% of engagements occur between November and February. With summer just months away, wedding season is almost here. And as a wedding pla... [Products]

February 28, 1PM

Pastors and church leaders have important roles that keep them very busy. How do you continue to grow and strengthen your ministry while keeping up with daily tasks? You can’t always fly across the country for a conference or afford to invite top schola... [Products]

January 31, 1PM

Have you ever wanted sit in on a seminary class? Are your days already busy with work and family commitments? How would you like to experience a seminary classroom from home, at your own pace, with one of today’s top scholars? You’re in luck beca... [Misc.]

January 3, 3PM

Learn from top Christian scholars anytime, anywhere with the new Mobile Ed subscription! Now you can get full access to select Mobile Ed courses for a low monthly price—or start an annual subscription to save even more.  Every quarter, we’ll rel... [Misc.]

December 20, 3PM

From the launch of our free Mobile Ed Activities resource to debuting a new subscription that lets you share the entire Mobile Ed video catalog with your entire church, and producing The Gospel Message in the Early Church (an exclusive Mobile Ed course fo... [Misc.]

December 6, 1PM

“Christianity in America is, in its inception, is a European story. If you look at a family tree of Christianity in America, it would reflect very closely Christianity in Europe. With the on-going expansion of non-European, non-Protestant immigrant comm... [Misc.]

September 27, 4AM

Follow the story of Jesus from infancy to resurrection to discover the ancient context of Matthew’s Gospel, the authorship of Mark, and the implications of Luke for the church today. Matthew In The Gospel of Matthew in Its Jewish Context (NT314), Dr. Cr... [Products]

September 13, 4AM

To be a Christian is to live in tension; the tension between the now and the not yet, the is and the is to come, between what has been promised and what has yet to be fulfilled. And we experience this tension daily as we are called to live as citizens of ... [Products]

September 6, 2PM

How does globalization and urbanization affect the Christian mission? How do you engage a new community with a posture of self-sacrifice, humility, and brokenness? How do you help your church become relevant in the community? Dr. Fuder tackles all these t... [Products]

June 17, 8AM

Study in community with Mobile Education’s Summer Session courses taught by Dr. Michael Heiser, Dr. Darrell Bock, and Dr. Craig Evans and earn your New Testament Cornerstone Certificate in 6 weeks. Summer Session is a fantastic way to complete all of t... [Misc.]

May 3, 12 PM

Many Christians treat biblical archaeology merely as a way to prove the accuracy of the biblical record, but this field of study has far more to offer than that. Archaeologists investigate the remains of human culture from antiquity, determining what i... [Products]

April 19, 12 PM

To some, the concepts of love and law contradict one another. While love conjures images of warmth and family, law conjures images of coldness and isolation. In our contemporary culture, loving others and believing in objective moral standards are often... [articles]

January 27, 1PM

Employing several decades of research, Daniel Block  brings the book of Judges to life in OT317 Book Study: Judges, an 18-hour book study from Mobile Ed. And right now you can tell us what you’d pay for it on Community Pricing. Community Pricing... [Products] [Community Pricing] [seminary] [bible college] [mobile ed] [online learning] [Judges] [Daniel Block] [online seminary] [theology degree]

January 12, 5AM

For decades, Elyse Fitzpatrick has helped Christians root their identities in Christ through a prolific counseling and writing ministry. In these exclusive clips—together over 20 minutes long—she guides you through the meaning of Christocentric ident... [Products] [counseling] [mobile ed] [elyse fitzpatrick]

December 29 2015, 1PM

Mobile Ed has had a very exciting year! We have shipped 46 courses and over 323 hours of content. In 2015, we introduced new partnerships, programs, and courses. Here are a few highlights from 2015 . . . and what lies ahead in the new year. Summer Sessi... [Products] [seminary] [education] [mobile ed] [Courses]

December 22, 3PM

Every month, Logos Now subscribers get several month-long, full-access previews to great Bible-study resources. During the month of December, subscribers have access to Dr. Heiser’s NT281: How We Got the New Testament. If you sign up for a Logos Now sub... [Products] [mobile ed] [Logos Now] [mike heiser]

December 8, 1PM

Chaplains come from all walks of life and serve as Christian leaders with spiritual influence. Whether working in hospitals, in the military, or elsewhere, chaplains apply leadership skills to influence people through the gospel and provide those they ser... [Products] [Chaplaincy] [chaplains] [Ministry] [mobile ed]

November 24, 5AM

Have you always wanted to to learn the original languages the Scriptures were written in? Unlock the keys to the past and allow Mobile Ed and Logos Bible Software to guide you through your personal, professional, or academic original-language studies. Mob... [Products] [Greek] [Hebrew] [mobile ed]

November 17, 1PM

It’s easy to get lost in Bible translations and lose sight of the goal. Let Mobile Ed’s Learn to Use Biblical Greek and Hebrew with Logos 6 be your compass and guide through the original languages to help you understand Greek and Hebrew so you can a... [Products] [Greek] [Hebrew] [logos 6] [mobile ed]

November 2, 1PM

The New Testament contains history, prophecy fulfillment, and essential keys to understanding the metanarrative that God is still writing today. Mobile Ed has three new ways to help you in this process, including courses on interpretation, Paul’s letter... [Misc.] [Mobiel Ed] [New Testament]

October 27, 2PM

Pastors invest in our lives throughout the entire year. During the month of October we get to focus on celebrating pastors and the blessing they are to our churches, homes, and communities. From handwritten letters to a cup of coffee, there are countless ... [Misc.] [homiletics] [mobile ed] [Preaching]

October 20, 4AM

The Bible is a rich text containing a complex mix of literary genres, and the story it tells spans multiple centuries. Understanding how to properly read and interpret it is challenging! In the Biblical Interpretation Bundle (7 courses), some of the brig... [Misc.] [hermeneutics] [mobile ed]

September 8, 2PM

Mobile Ed and Ashland Theological Seminary have partnered together to offer a graduate diploma in New Testament. This unique distance learning program consists of five masters-level courses incorporating presentations by Ashland faculty, group discussions... [Misc.] [Announcement] [ashland theological seminary] [degree] [graduate diploma] [mobile ed] [seminary]

August 19, 12 PM

There’s a slew of evangelistic methods out there, but one element is key to their effectiveness: prayer. If prayer is absent from our methodology, we’re missing one of the most essential elements of effective evangelism. But how can we incorpora... [Misc.] [Products] [Apologetics] [bobby conway] [evangelism] [gospel] [one minute apologist] [Prayer] [sharing the gospel] [witness]

August 11, 12 PM

In OT291 The Jewish Trinity: How the Old Testament Reveals the Christian Godhead, Dr. Michael Heiser explores the identity and role of the Godhead in the Old Testament. He discusses the notion that “Two Powers in heaven”—Yahweh and the “second Yah... [Misc.] [Products] [mike heiser] [mobile ed] [old testament] [theology] [Trinity] [Yahweh]

August 4, 12 PM

Do you want to stay connected with Mobile Ed? Here are some great ways to jump in. #1 Mobile Ed Conversations Get free podcasts featuring today’s top Christian scholars—Darrell Bock, Tremper Longman, Craig Keener, William Varner, John Walton, and man... [Misc.] [education] [mobile ed] [podcasts] [social media]

July 29, 12 PM

Ministry leaders have a high calling. They must serve their churches and communities with grace and integrity, evaluate the spiritual progress of their congregations, and unite the church to work as a body. They live lives of service and humility while in... [Misc.] [Products]

July 21, 4AM

In a world afflicted with suffering, anger, addiction, and depression, how can Christians find joy? In Mobile Ed’s Biblical Soul Care, Dr. Tim Clinton explores the intersection of psychology, faith, and happiness. Dr. Clinton draws from the Bible and ps... [Misc.] [Products] [biblical soul care] [Christian Living] [counseling] [Happiness] [Joy] [Ministry] [mobile ed]

July 14, 4AM

Martin Luther described the Apocrypha as “books which are not considered equal to the Holy Scriptures, while at the same time . . . are profitable and good to read.” Luther translated these books and included them between the Old and New Testaments in... [Misc.] [Products] [apocrypha] [canon] [david de silva] [Deuterocanon] [Inspiration] [Luther] [luther's canon] [Martin Luther] [mobile ed] [videos]