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July 7 2015, 4AM

Most Christians would agree that a biblical sermon is a good thing, but how many would actually be able to define what makes a biblical sermon biblical? “The fact is, most people think biblical communication is a style,” says Dr. J. Kent Edwards, tenu... [Misc.] [Products] [expositional preaching] [homiletics] [kent edwards] [logos 6] [Logos Bible Software] [mobile ed] [mobile ed summer session] [Preaching]

July 3, 10AM

“For freedom Christ has set us free,” the Apostle Paul wrote in his letter to the Galatians. “Stand firm therefore, and do not submit again to a yoke of slavery” (Gal 5:1). But what does the Apostle Paul mean when he writes of our freedom in Chris... [Misc.] [Products] [amy carmichael] [celebrate freedom] [Dietrich Bonhoeffer] [douglas moo] [Fourth of July] [freedom] [Galatians] [Independence Day] [liberty] [Martin Luther King Jr.] [Romans]

June 30, 2PM

“This is not the world of 100 years ago,” notes Dr. Tim Sisk, pastor, professor, and missionary to Japan and Bolivia. “It’s a very different world, and there are a number of different issues that impact how we take the gospel there.” The changin... [Misc.] [Products] [church planting] [Contextualization] [Cross-Cultural Ministry] [Globalization] [gospel] [Logos Bible Software] [Missions] [mobile ed] [Preaching] [world missions] [World Religions]

June 17, 11AM

    As much as at any other point in history, the world’s major religions are engaging with each other in powerful—sometimes violent—ways. This raises a few questions. How are Christians to relate to other world religions? Can they coexis... [Misc.] [Products] [Christianity] [Missions] [mobile ed] [summer session] [World Religions]

June 12, 8AM

  How did the earliest Christians understand their relationship with the Old Testament? How did Christ’s first followers function as a body, even as opposing factions arose? And how did the early church first spread the good news of Jesus Christ to... [Misc.] [Products] [craig keener] [Darrell Bock] [early church] [mobile ed] [Pauline Epistles] [Pre-Pub] [studies in acts bundle]

June 9, 11AM

For most of us, September to May is the busiest time of the year. Even if you wanted to further invest in your studies, there’s little time. But with the summer season, things begin to slow down and suddenly there’s time for all those books you’ve b... [Misc.] [Products] [approach to world religions] [bible college] [Biblical Studies] [comparative religions] [homiletics] [introduction to biblical preaching] [Missions] [mobile ed] [mobile ed summer session] [Preaching] [seminary] [the world of Jesus and the Gospels] [theology]

June 2, 12 PM

Christian worship is big business. From Christian radio stations to massive international tours to the entire Christian recording industry, worship is no longer confined within church walls; it has global reach. But what does Scripture teach us about prop... [Products] [Ben Witherington] [biblical worship] [contemporary worship] [johanine literature] [mobile ed] [worship services] [worship wars]

May 19, 2PM

A mother buries the child she loves. A hardworking husband loses his job. A family goes hungry. All of these scenarios beg the same question: If God is good, why do we suffer? For some—including many Christians today—suffering is a sign of God’s abs... [Products] [Paul] [Romans] [Spiritual Formation] [suffering]

May 5, 12 PM

  John Calvin called the Psalms “an anatomy of all the parts of the soul,” meaning there is not a single emotion in all of life that is not articulated in the book of Psalms. When Dr. Mark Futato realized the Psalms’ broad relevance to all of ... [Misc.] [Products] [Bible study] [Hebrew] [homiletics] [mark futato] [Ministry] [mobile ed] [Preaching] [preaching the psalms] [Psalms] [teaching] [teaching the psalms] [the Psalter] [Training]

April 28, 4AM

The history of the Christian church is riddled with teachers whose work looked and sounded like orthodox Christianity—but wasn’t. Sometimes their teaching was so close to Christianity it was hard to tell the difference. The same is true today. Can you... [Misc.] [Products] [Beth F. Jones] [Christian history] [christian thought] [Church History] [discerning heresy] [discernment] [heresy] [heterodoxy] [history of christian thought] [logos mobile education] [mobile ed] [mobile education] [Orthodoxy] [Training] [wheaton college]