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October 7 2015, 12 PM

For many people around the world, going to seminary is a wonderful privilege and great way to study the Scriptures. But what if you can’t go to seminary because of family and work commitments? Or it’s too far away? Or it’s simply too expensive? If y... [Misc.] [mobile ed] [seminary]

September 17, 4AM

This is your chance to save 15% on every individual course and collection in our Mobile Ed catalogue—and 50% off the Mobile Ed: Essentials Bundle. If you’ve ever wanted to take a seminary-level course on Apologetics, Biblical Interpretation, Church Hi... [Misc.] [Products] [Ben Witherington] [Darrel Bock] [douglas moo] [mobile ed] [sale] [seminary]

April 15, 10AM

In the late 80’s, American Express ran the slogan “Membership has its privileges.” The campaign was so ubiquitous, I can’t help but think of it when I hear about membership programs. Well, Logos Now is our exclusive membership program for Logos 6 ... [Products] [Announcement] [Announcements] [Logos Bible Software] [Logos Now]

January 5, 1PM

Logos 6: delivering insight When we were deciding how to talk about Logos 6, we landed on the tagline “delivering insight.” We were very intentional with this message, which came out of conversations we were having about how one gains understandi... [Products] [delivering insight] [hierarchy of understanding] [logos 6] [Logos Bible Software]