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September 25 2015, 4AM

  When Faithlife set out 23 years ago, it’s mission was to serve the church by making the best Bible study resources accessible around the world. That mission hasn’t changed. Faithlife is now one step closer to fulfilling that mission. With the... [Misc.] [Products] [base packages] [logos 6] [logos cloud]

September 7, 4AM

What’s your favorite Logos 6 feature? Ancient Literature tool? The Factbook? Textual Variants? There is a smart way to make your favorite features even more powerful, and 1,063+ Logos users have already started enhancing their libraries with these exci... [Misc.] [Products] [faithlife today] [feature expansion collections] [logos 6] [systematic theology]

August 31, 4AM

The Master Expansion Collection encompasses all the Logos Feature Expansions, bringing you the ultimate Bible study experience using the features you love. When you use the Factbook, the Timeline, the Passage Guide, or the Exegetical Guide, you’ll have ... [Misc.] [Products] [feature expansion collections] [Features] [logos 6] [master expansion collection]

August 10, 4AM

We understand how difficult it is to build a great biblical library. So we made it easy by hand-selecting the best resources for you in the brand new Systematic Theologies Expansion Collection. Enjoy 183 incredible volumes of systematized theological cont... [Misc.] [Products] [feature expansion collections] [logos] [systematic theology] [systematic theology expansion]

July 9, 12 PM

Out of a deep desire to help you study smarter, find exactly what you need faster, and simply understand the Word better, we created a brand new product that will make your Biblical research even more powerful—a hand-curated anthology from 38 authors,... [Misc.] [Products] [bible dictionaries] [Bible study] [dictionaries] [factbook] [feature expansion collections] [International Standard Bible Encyclopedia] [isbe] [logos 6] [research]

May 25, 11AM

Today we remember America’s heroes, reflect on our faith, and relate to the freedom we experience, all because of those who died while serving in the armed forces. If you haven’t been keeping up with our three-part miniseries with Jeff Struecker, the ... [Misc.] [Products] [base packages] [Bible study] [black hawk down] [chaplain ministry] [chaplain's library] [Chaplaincy] [commentaries] [counseling] [jeff struecker] [logos 6] [Logos Bible Software] [memorial day] [patriotic] [sale] [us army]

May 22, 12 PM

Ministry can be some of the most time-consuming and exhausting work. There’s always another couple to counsel, another crisis to be involved with, another study to lead, and another meeting to attend. We’ve put together some great deals on books,... [Misc.] [Products] [black hawk down] [Book of Revelation] [commentaries] [Holy Spirit] [jeff struecker] [kenneth gentry] [memorial day] [memorial day sale] [ministry resources] [Revelation] [sales]

May 20, 11AM

This article is part of the Logos Memorial Day Sale. It is written by special guest James Fowler. James is a National Presenter at Faithlife and currently serves as an Army Reserve Hospital Chaplain at Madigan Army Hospital in Washington state. He also he... [Misc.] [Products] [base packages] [Chaplain] [chaplain ministry] [chaplain's library] [Chaplaincy] [logos 6] [Logos Bible Software] [memorial daty sale] [memorial day]

May 18, 2PM

This article is by special guest Jeff Struecker, a  long-time Logos user, Army chaplain, and hero featured in the book and film Black Hawk Down. Read more about his story in part one of our three-part miniseries on Memorial Day, “Remember America’s H... [Misc.] [Products] [base packages] [black hawk down] [chaplain ministry] [chaplain's library] [chaplain's ministry] [Chaplaincy] [jeff struecker] [logos] [Logos Bible Software] [memorial day] [memorial day sale] [u.s. army]

May 15, 4AM

This article is the last post in a three-part miniseries on Memorial Day. It is written by special guest Jeff Struecker. Read more about his story in part one, “Remember America’s Heroes” and part two, “Reflections on Faith, Freedom, and Our Futur... [Misc.] [Products] [black hawk down] [chaplain ministry] [chaplain's library] [Chaplaincy] [counseling] [God's providence] [jeff struecker] [logos] [Logos Bible Software] [memorial day] [memorial day sale] [Preaching] [u.s. army]

May 13, 2PM

This article is part two of a three-part miniseries on Memorial Day. It is written by special guest Jeff Struecker. Read more about his story in part one, “Remember America’s Heroes.” I spent almost 23 years in the US Army. For nearly all of those y... [Misc.] [Products] [Bible study] [black hawk down] [black hawk down movie] [Chaplain] [chaplain ministry] [chaplain's library] [Chaplaincy] [counseling] [jeff struecker] [Logos Bible Software] [memorial day] [sale] [u.s. army]

May 11, 2PM

This article is part one of a three-part miniseries on Memorial Day from special guest, Jeff Struecker, lead pastor of Calvary Baptist Church in Columbus, Georgia. Have you ever been to Arlington National Cemetery? Have you ever had a chance to see the pr... [Misc.] [Products] [black hawk down] [Chaplain] [chaplain ministry] [chaplain's library] [Chaplaincy] [counseling] [jeff struecker] [memorial day] [Military] [patriotic] [u.s. army]

April 24, 2PM

Are you regularly researching and preparing sermons? Does it ever feel like you’re working alone? Preaching God’s truth is a skill that needs to be developed with practice and guidance from other teachers just like you. That’s why you’re invited ... [Misc.] [Products] [Training]

April 7, 11AM

Did you know that right now you can get 75% off select titles? That’s a slam dunk! From the highly accessible New Bible Commentary from IVP, to the Pillar New Testament Commentary: The Gospel according to John by Carson, there are dozens of extraordinar... [Misc.] [Products] [a quest for godliness] [biblical wisdom] [John MacArthur] [keep in step with the spirit] [Logos March Madness] [Ministry] [new bible commentary] [NT Wright] [packer] [Paul] [Paul and the faithfulness of God] [pillar new testament commentary] [sermon archive] [spirit-led] [spiritual insight] [Western Christianity]

April 3, 4AM

Purchase the NICNT Gospels and Acts and The Cross of Christ, and you’ll get Resurrection by Porter, Hayes, and Tomb—a $39.95 value, absolutely free. Get this Easter deal today! Understand the gospel with Logos Mobile Ed Dr. Darrell Bock, an internatio... [Products] [Acts] [Easter] [Easter Sale] [Good Friday] [gospels] [mobile ed] [NICNT] [resurrection] [The Cross of Christ]

March 31, 2PM

Understand Scripture in new, powerful ways with the expanded Tim Keller Sermon Archive! Recently updated, this sermon library contains transcripts of over 1,300 sermons taught by Tim Keller—author, speaker, and senior pastor of Redeemer Presbyterian Ch... [Products] [logos 6] [Tim Keller] [tim keller sermon archive] [video]

March 13, 4AM

After a week of fierce face-offs, round 2 has come to a close and round 3 has begun. The number of competitors has been cut in half—now you can save 35% on hundreds of select titles from: John Piper Gordon Fee Michael Horton Craig Evans John MacArthur... [Products] [Logos March Madness] [logos march madness 2015] [march madness] [round 2] [round 3]

March 2, 3PM

You’re running out of time to freshen up your Bible study with the Logos spring roundup! Don’t miss out on this opportunity to save on resources to encourage your knowledge of the Word. Choose from inspiring biographies, exciting commentaries, and com... [Products] [B. B. Warfield] [church curriculum] [EEC] [James: Evangelical Exegetical Commentary] [Kim Riddlebarger] [lexham press] [Mary: Devoted to God's Plan] [spring roundup] [The Lion of Princeton] [William Varner]

February 25, 12 PM

Freshen up your Bible study with the spring roundup! Save on exciting resources to encourage your knowledge of the Word. Choose from inspiring biographies, exciting commentaries, and comprehensive Bible study resources. Use coupon code SPRING15 at checkou... [Products] [john chrys] [knowing the bible series] [new covenant commentary series] [saint augustine] [spring roundup]

December 22 2014, 3PM

Stocking stuffers are just as important as any other gift you give at Christmas. That’s why we’ve taken 24 of your most wished-for resources and put them on sale. Get some of the best deals on the resources you’ve been eyeing all year. Here are just... [Products] [Bible Study Magazine] [Christmas] [christmas sale] [commentaries] [johnathan edwards] [New Testament] [old testament] [stocking stuffers]