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June 25 2015, 2PM

This post will help you get the most out of your Logos Bible app. If you aren’t using the free Logos app on your mobile device, you’re missing a premier Bible study experience. Get it now for iOS or Android. The Logos Bible app is more than your si... [Apps & Web Tools] [Misc.] [Bible study] [Exegetical Guide] [mobile apps] [passage guide] [topic guide]

June 11, 12 PM

Multitasking—it’s something we do every single day. At work, you might type an email while talking on the phone. At home, you might throw the tennis ball to the dog while barbecuing dinner for your family. At the gym, you might listen to music while r... [Misc.] [audio Bible] [audio books] [Lexham English Bible] [Logos Bible Software] [mobile apps]

May 28, 12 PM

If you’re a pastor, you lead a busy life. It’s hard to prepare for the next sermon, stay connected to your congregation, and maintain a balanced family life—all while trying to find time alone with God, to draw close to the one who’s calle... [Apps & Web Tools] [Misc.] [Bible study] [ebooks] [faithlife] [faithlife app] [greek and hebrew flashcards] [logos bible app] [Ministry] [mobile apps] [pastors] [Productivity] [reading plan] [tips] [tips and tricks] [Vyrso]

May 21, 12 PM

There’s a new way to message your friends and family on your iPhone—it’s easy, it’s free, and it’s a great way to express your faith. It’s called Faithlife Keyboard. The inspirational Verse of the Day art that you’ve come to love is now easi... [Apps & Web Tools] [Misc.] [Apps] [bible verses] [faithlife keyboard] [logos bible app] [texting] [Verse of the Day art]

March 19, 4AM

The Logos Bible app is your own personal library—it can house thousands of books. That’s why it was designed to read like a book. Instead of scrolling vertically like an online article, you simply swipe the screen horizontally like you’re turning th... [Apps & Web Tools] [android] [iOS] [Logos App] [mobile apps] [scrolling] [tutorial]

February 26, 5AM

The new Tablet Bundle is designed with your mobile device in mind. With this bundle, you’ll get top resources that you can read from cover to cover on your tablet, phone, or desktop. The Tablet Bundle is the easiest way to load your mobile device w... [Products] [android] [d.l. moody] [George MacDonald] [iOS] [John Piper] [Logos App] [mobile devices] [N. T. Wright] [p.t. forsyth] [R. C. Sproul] [r.a. torrey] [tablet bundle] [thomas a kempis]

October 6 2014, 12 PM

We have special deals running all October long, and you don’t have to miss a single one! Check out October’s monthly sale right now to see this month’s discounts. Here are a few you won’t want to miss: Basic Theology Regularly $27.95—get it for... [Products] [Bible study] [monthly sale] [october sale] [Sermons] [theology]

October 3, 12 PM

This month only, you can save $100.00 on one of our best-selling theological resources—Interpretation: A Bible Commentary for Teaching and Preaching (INT).1 Through October 31, you can add this 43-volume collection to your Logos library at a special... [Products] [ancient text] [Bible study] [Interpretation] [New Testament] [old testament] [top product]

September 9, 4AM

Bible Screen includes over 700 professionally designed Bible-art slides to encourage, challenge, and inspire believers all over the world. And now you can get the free Bible Screen app to view, save, and share all of your favorite biblical artwork on your... [Apps] [android] [bible art] [bible screen] [bible screen app] [bible text animations] [iOS] [verse of the day]