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May 14 2015, 12 PM

    We want anyone with a Windows Phone or Windows tablet to be able to access their Logos library using the Logos Bible app—but we need your help. If you love Logos Bible Software and would like to see the Logos Bible app available for anyone... [Apps & Web Tools] [Misc.]

April 30, 12 PM

This post gives tips on how to get the most out of our mobile apps. If you aren’t using Logos on your mobile device, you’re missing out! Download it for iOS or Android now! You study the Bible every day. Maybe it’s to prepare for your next sermon, o... [Apps & Web Tools] [Apps] [devotions] [Inspiration] [logos bible app] [mobile apps] [verse of the day] [Verse of the Day art]

April 20, 2PM

This post highlights one of the newest features in the Logos Bible App. If you aren’t using this free app on your mobile device, you’re missing out! Download it for iOS or Android now! Faithlife Today episodes showcase powerful insights, biblical insp... [Apps & Web Tools] [Announcements] [dr. mark futato] [Evangelical Theology] [faithlife today] [logos bible app] [logos mobile apps] [mark futato] [mobile apps]

April 16, 11AM

This post gives hints on how to get the most out of our mobile apps. If you aren’t using Logos on your mobile device, you’re missing out! Download it for iOS or Android now! One of the most helpful capabilities of the Logos Bible app is the ability to... [Apps & Web Tools] [App] [Logos App] [logos bible app] [mobile apps] [tips] [Training] [tricks]

April 1, 12 PM

Take your entire Logos library with you wherever you go! When you are studying a passage with Logos 6, your books, highlights, notes, and documents will sync from your desktop to your mobile platforms in a matter of seconds. Get Logos Bible app today! Syn... [Apps & Web Tools] [attachment points] [logos 6] [Logos App] [mobile apps] [mobile devices] [notes]

March 12, 12 PM

You asked, and we listened. We get a lot of requests to make the Logos app available on Windows phones and tablets, and we want to make it happen. If you want the Logos app for download on your windows device, you can help fund its development! Simply go ... [Apps & Web Tools] [Community Pricing] [Logos App] [mobile apps] [windows app] [windows phone]

February 18, 12 PM

Get the best price on Logos 6 training manuals! The Logos 6 Training Manuals were recently added to Pre-Pub. Take advantage of the best price by pre-ordering them now! Here’s a breakdown of what you’ll get with each training manual: Logos Tra... [Products] [Training] [logos 6] [logos 6 training manual] [Logos Bible Software] [Morris Proctor] [mp seminars] [Pre-Pub] [pre-publication] [tutorial]

February 12, 1PM

In November 2009, we released the Logos iPhone app, and by 2011, it was joined by the Android version. Over the last five and a half years, our developers have made huge strides in creating apps that allow you to take your Bible study to the next level. ... [Apps & Web Tools] [android] [app reviews] [Bible study] [iOS] [Logos App] [logos bible app] [Logos Bible Software] [mobile apps]

February 5, 5AM

We told you about Morris Proctor’s Logos 6: What’s New? digital training manual on Pre-Pub, but don’t miss the Logos 6: What’s New? Video Training. This is your last chance to get great content for the best price. Regularly $149.95, you can pre-or... [Products] [logos 6] [Logos Bible Software] [Morris Proctor] [Pre-Pub] [pre-publication] [Training] [tutorial] [video training]

January 27, 5AM

Now’s the time to pre-order the digital version of the Logos 6: What’s New? training manual. Get it for just $14.95—it’s a deal you won’t want to pass up! Pre-Pub lets you take advantage of a product’s best price by pre-ordering it... [Products] [Training] [logos 6] [logos 6: what's new] [Logos Bible Software] [logos manual] [Morris Proctor] [mp seminars] [Pre-Pub] [training manual] [tutorial]

January 9, 5AM

For a limited time, subscribe to Bible Study Magazine and get a free devotional! Bible Study Magazine brings you insights that help you dig into the Word. And for a limited time, when you subscribe to BSM, you can get the newly released devotional Moment... [Products] [Bible study] [Bible Study Magazine] [bsm] [Devotional] [moment with god]

December 12 2014, 1PM

During December, treat yourself and your loved ones with a subscription to Bible Study Magazine for nearly half the cover price: subscribe today! The January–February 2015 issue draws you into a fascinating study of 1 and 2 Corinthians and includes insp... [Products] [1 Corinthians] [2 Corinthians] [Bible study] [Bible Study Magazine] [bsm] [christmas sale] [philip yancey]

December 10, 5AM

Bible Screen features a growing amount of original Bible artwork, and more artwork is being added all the time. Bible Screen’s stream includes over 900 different illustrations designed to inspire and encourage. Bible Screen brings the Bible to life and... [Apps & Web Tools] [android] [Apps] [bible art] [bible screen] [Bible Screen DVD] [iOS] [lock screen] [mobile devices] [Roku] [screensaver] [Scripture art] [verse of the day] [Wallpaper]

November 26, 5AM

Bible Study Magazine’s website just got a makeover! The new is dedicated to bringing you the best in Bible study—a fresh go-to resource for tips, methods, and insights. Gain insights from BSM articles now ... [Products] [Bible study] [Bible Study Magazine] [bible study magazine blog] [] [bsm] [eric mason]

October 2, 4AM

Noet is committed to providing classical, ancient, and modern works for a wide range of scholarly application. And now, you can experience the new Noet’s updated site is now here—visit and see what’s new! Navigate with ... [Products] [classics] [Noet] [noet blog] [noet introductions series] [noet scholarly tools]

September 25, 4AM

Through September 30, use coupon code LIC2014 to take more than 50% off the 24-volume Stanley E. Porter Language and Interpretation Collection! The Stanley E. Porter Language and Interpretation Collection is written by one of the world’s foremost expert... [Products] [bible research] [Bible study] [New Testament] [Stanley E. Porter] [top product]

September 16, 4AM

Get the most out of your Logos 5 base package with the Logos 5 Training Manual Set—the perfect supplement to your software. Get it now for only $34.95! Morris Proctor, certified trainer for Logos Bible Software, helps you unleash the power of Logos in t... [Products] [Bible study] [Logos 5] [logos 5 training manual set] [Morris Proctor] [mp seminars] [Training] [tutorials]

August 28, 12 PM

You only have three days left to get 30% off The Bible Speaks Today: New Testament with code BIBLE2014 at checkout. Get in-depth analysis and practical application The Bible Speaks Today: New Testament is one of the most relevant resources for Bible stu... [Products] [Bible study] [collections] [New Testament] [the bible speaks today] [top product]


Noet resources provide classical, ancient, and modern works for a wide range of scholarly application. Much like Logos resources, these resources work with smart study tools that help you gain a unique perspective on Greek and Latin classics, philosophy, ... [Products] [crime and punishment] [dostoyevsky] [free] [free book] [fyodor dostoyevsky] [harvard classics] [Noet]

August 21, 4AM

Get R.C. Sproul’s Surprised by Suffering: The Role of Pain and Death in the Christian Life for free through August 29! In Surprised by Suffering, Sproul fearlessly dives in and answers one of life’s toughest questions: why does God let us suffer? ... [Products]

August 7, 4AM

Sharing the beauty of the Word has never been easier—our new Proverbs 31 video brings Scripture to life through color, sound, and animation. At Logos, not only do we write code that matters, but we also create original artwork to encourage and inspire. ... [Misc]

July 24, 4AM

Starting this week, we’ll introduce a new weekly deal every Thursday! This week, you can get The Tyndale Bible Dictionary for 20% off with coupon code WEEKLYTBD at checkout. Study 1,000+ topics with top scholars The Tyndale Bible Dictionary is packed w... [Products] [bible dictionary] [tyndale bible dictionary] [weekly sale]