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February 28 2018, 1PM

Billy Graham, a titan of evangelism and possibly the most well-known evangelical pastor of the 20th century, passed from this life to his reward last week. While many will rightly mention his crusades, his relationships with many U.S. presidents, or his ... [tributes]

February 24, 1PM

Charles Spurgeon, the famous Baptist preacher of the 19th century, filled over 60 volumes with sermons—making him one of the most prolific preachers in Christian history. What would he have written in the margins of his own Bible? Now B&H has brough... [Products]

January 8, 5AM

Study Bibles are the true workhorses in any Bible reader’s arsenal of study tools. While commentaries, dictionaries, encyclopedias, and atlases exist to help us dive deep into the text of scripture, one of the quickest ways to get situated with the bibl... [Products]

December 14 2017, 11AM

R.C. Sproul, beloved theologian, writer, and pastor, went to be with the Lord in the afternoon of December 14th. He founded Ligonier Ministries in the 1970s to provide theologically rich Christian teaching to people with little or no access to it. Using r... [articles] [tributes]

December 13, 1PM

Morris Proctor has been providing helpful training for Logos for more than 20 years, and now he brings his famous Logos teaching method from the stage to your screen. In this brand new essentials course, Morris provides easy-to-follow tips and tricks to h... [Products]

October 25, 2PM

Image courtesy of the Southern Baptist Historical Library & Archive Pastor. Preacher. President. Considered one of the most influential ministers of the 20th century, Adrian Rogers held these titles with distinction. He led Bellevue Baptist Church in... [Products]

October 16, 12 PM

  Jonathan Edwards may be the greatest and most important theologian America has produced. His depth and breadth of knowledge across multiple disciplines, including the natural sciences and philosophy, would be impressive for a pastor working today. ... [articles]

June 22, 2PM

Morris Proctor has spent over 20 years teaching people how to study the Bible better with Logos. He has trained thousands of users including pastors, Christian educators, military chaplains, professors, students, and more. Whether through blog posts, trai... [Products] [Training]

June 13, 12 PM

In this post, we interview Dr. Matthew Barrett, Lecturer of systematic theology and church history at Oak Hill Theological College in London, and the general editor of Reformation Theology: A Systematic Summary.  For a limited time, you can get Dr. Barre... [Misc.]

May 26, 4AM

While encyclopedias and dictionaries on the Bible are plenty, encyclopedias on early Christianity are either outdated or have not been translated into English. Over the course of the past few decades, scholars and teachers have discovered the richness of ... [Products] [early church] [encyclopedia of ancient christianity] [Patristics]

April 28, 4AM

Bible commentaries often focus on one type of learner or the other. Pastoral commentaries provide just a brief overview of the background of the biblical text, focusing instead on practical application. Scholarly commentaries, on the other hand, dive d... [Misc.]

March 8, 1PM

A soldier’s backpack contains everything needed for survival on the battlefield. In cold climates, it may contain a blanket, extra socks, and a fire kit with a fire starter. In hot weather, the backpack might have sunglasses and sunscreen. The things a ... [Products]

January 23, 3PM

The Holman Christian Standard Bible (HCSB) is a beloved translation used by hundreds of thousands of Christians throughout the English-speaking world. Recently, Broadman & Holman have brought together some of the top biblical scholars to produce a rev... [articles] [Products]


It’s near the end of the eighteenth century, and a German theology student is in distress. He had recently graduated from the University of Halle and moved to Berlin to become a chaplain at a local hospital. His readings at the university in rationalis... [Products] [christian faith] [Pre-Pub] [Schleiermacher]

December 17, 5AM

The D.A. Carson Sermon Archive is shipping soon! One of the most popular New Testament scholars of the twenty-first century, D.A. Carson is a widely sought after preacher and teacher. Now, for the first time ever, his sermons are available in Logos. This... [Products]

December 1, 5AM

Logos 7 is a powerhouse of biblical research. Our standard and denominational Logos 7 libraries were carefully curated by biblical resource experts to cover a broad range of categories, topics, and areas of interest for serious Bible study. However, there... [Products]

September 23, 4AM

When I was a seminary student, one of the hardest things I had to overcome was preaching class. Now, most people struggle with that particular course because of their fear of public speaking. Not me. I loved to give speeches in public—even as an introve... [Products]

May 30, 4AM

In 1962, Carl Henry, founder and editor of Christianity Today, attended a luncheon that was given in honor of Karl Barth, the famous Swiss Reformed theologian. Given the opportunity to ask questions to Barth, Carl Henry stood up and identified himself as ... [Misc.]

May 19, 12 PM

The world is changing. Recent events have caused many people to stop and wonder why things are happening the way that they are. Science, politics, sexuality—all are moving in different directions at a rapid pace, leaving the church to wonder how to rega... [Misc.]

April 1, 12 PM

For the very first time, Tim Keller’s bestselling works are available to pre-order! Containing all of his New York Times bestsellers (The Reason for God, The Prodigal God, and Prayer) plus other popular titles such as Walking with God through Pain and S... [Products] [Prayer] [Tim Keller] [reason for god] [prodigal god]

March 18, 4AM

Learn John Piper’s Bible study methods right in the world’s most powerful Bible software. Featuring 100 videos, Look at the Book focuses directly on the text of Scripture with nothing coming between you and the text. Watch as John Piper underlines, ci... [Training] [Products] [Preaching] [Bible study] [free book of the month] [John Piper] [look at the book] [logos tutorial] [finish the mission]

February 26, 1PM

Some of Crossway’s greatest works are now available for pre-order on! Committed to historical, Christian truths, these collections contain some of the most beloved writings in theology, biblical studies, ministry, and Christian living. Leadi... [Misc.] [Products]

February 2, 5AM

Reformed theology has always had a vibrant community of theologians. John Calvin arguably wrote the first systematic theology with his Institutes of the Christian Religion. Since Calvin’s day, luminaries like John Owen, Charles Hodge, and Louis ... [Products]

November 25, 5AM

Christmas was easily my favorite holiday when I was kid. My family kept so many traditions that made the holidays special. However, it wasn’t until I became a youth pastor in my native Kentucky that I understood just how stressful Christmas could be. ... [Products] [commentaries] [Sermons]

August 7, 4AM

For C.S. Lewis, the acclaimed Christian apologist and author, a permanent sense of longing characterized his deepest held beliefs about Christianity. He identified this feeling with the idea of sehnsucht, a German word meaning “longing” or “desire... [Misc.] [Apologetics] [C. S. Lewis] [Chronicles of Narnia] [sehnsucht] [the pilgrim's regress]

July 27, 12 PM

Whenever someone asks me, “What’s the best way to get great books at the lowest price?”, I tell them to invest in another base package. “But I already own a base package, why would I need another one?” The answer is simple: with Dynamic Pricing,... [Misc.] [Products] [baptist base backages] [cross track] [crossgrade] [logos 6]

July 22, 4AM

Baptists have written many works that appeal to Christians from all theological traditions. Whether commentaries, church histories, or sermons, these works are perfect for both students, pastors, and researchers. If you haven’t placed your bid or ... [Misc.] [Products] [Apologetics] [Baptist] [Church History] [Community Pricing] [Logos Bible Software] [Pre-Pub] [Sermons]

July 17, 4AM

How should Christians relate to the Old Testament Law? Ever since Paul addressed this issue in his epistles, theologians have agreed that our relationship to the Law has changed on account of the death of Christ. But grasping the exact nature of that chan... [Misc.] [Products] [free book of the month] [Law and Gospel] [Martin Luther] [old testament] [Tom Schreiner]

July 15, 2PM

“If Christianity is true, why are there so many denominations? Shouldn’t there just be one church?” It’s common to hear skeptics both inside and outside of the church ask questions like these. If we’re honest, in our own moments of doubt we’v... [Misc.] [Products] [Baptist] [base packages] [Charles Spurgeon] [denominations] [Division]

June 19, 12 PM

Conviction—it’s a word that most associate with Charles Spurgeon. The “Prince of Preachers” wasn’t known for backing down from necessary controversy. Between pamphlet writing, lectures, and preaching, Spurgeon clearly and passionately argued for... [Misc.] [Products] [Charles Spurgeon] [charles spurgeon death] [charles spurgeon's birthday] [downgrade controversy] [metropolitan tabernacle] [theological controversy]

June 5, 12 PM

God is passionate about missions. As an influential textbook on missiology boldly declares, “The clear affirmation of Scripture is that our God is a missionary God.” Not only has God sent his Son Jesus to be the savior of the world’s sins, he has a... [Misc.] [Products] [American Dream] [Bible study] [church at brook hills sermons] [david platt] [david platt sermon archives] [david platt sermons] [logos 6] [Logos Bible Software] [logos pro] [Pre-Pub] [radical] [sermon finder] [Sermons]

May 12, 2PM

We’re proud to announce that Founders Press titles are now available for pre-order in Logos Bible Software! Devoted to teaching Baptist churches about ministry and theology, Founders Ministries has published numerous titles to help congregations in thei... [Misc.] [Products] [Announcement] [Baptist] [baptist commentaries] [baptist theology] [commentaries] [founders press] [historical theology] [logos] [Logos Bible Software] [New Testament studies]

January 16, 1PM

Jonathan Edwards was an American theologian who left his mark on Reformed theology through his fiery preaching and extensive writings and is widely read by pastors, in seminaries, and the academy. The critical edition of his writings—produced by Yale U... [Products] [Jonathan Edwards] [logos 6] [Logos Bible Software] [Pre-Pub] [pre-publication] [shipping soon] [the works of jonathan edwards]

January 6, 3PM

For the first time ever, some of C.S. Lewis’ best works are coming to Logos. Covering a lifetime of writing, this 30-volume collection contains Lewis’ signature classics (Mere Christianity, The Screwtape Letters, The Problem of Pain, Miracles,... [Products] [a grief observed] [C. S. Lewis] [J.R.R. Tolkien] [Mere Christianity] [Miracles] [Pre-Pub] [pre-publication] [the abolition of man] [the c.s. lewis collection] [the great divorce] [the problem of pain] [the screwtape letters] [the weight of glory] [tolkein]

December 30 2014, 5AM

Journals are an essential resource when it comes to identifying the intimate details of any given subject. Whether you’re doing a word study or exploring the history of a theological concept, journals can help you better understand the various subtl... [Products] [journals section] [logos 6] [master journal bundle] [Pre-Pub] [pre-publication]

December 19, 5AM

John MacArthur is one of the most influential pastors of the twentieth and twenty-first centuries. Known for his adherence to Scripture as the inerrant Word of God, MacArthur used his preaching ministry to touch the lives of millions throughout the globe.... [Products] [John MacArthur] [john macarthur sermon archive] [logos 6] [passage guide] [sermon starter guide] [shipping soon]

October 9, 4AM

Happy Thanksgiving to all of our Canadian friends! In honor of Canadian Thanksgiving, we’re discounting some of our best biblical-studies resources for a limited time. From classic commentaries to studies of New Testament Greek, we’re sure you... [Products] [Biblical Studies] [canadian thanksgiving] [Greek Studies] [New Testament] [pillar commentary]

July 4, 4AM

Many of you have been eagerly awaiting an exciting feature for OT study: Hebrew Audio Pronunciations. Well, we’re delighted to announce that we’re shipping Hebrew Audio Pronunciations on July 14! An invaluable resource for Hebrew study For yea... [Products]

July 3, 12 PM

We always aim to offer you the best, most important content at the best price. That’s why we’ve decided to keep Ben Witherington III’s Mobile Ed course on the Johannine literature on Community Pricing for a little while longer! This is your chan... [Misc]