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March 15 2018, 10AM

The school walk out has of course grabbed headlines, and with those headlines opinions about it. There are however some opinions that are based upon information or impressions that are not factual. I want to take  few brief moments to address the ones th... [Other Posts]

March 14, 9AM

In mythology, the crossroads has some interesting meanings and imagery, but my favorite imagery of the crossroads comes from 20th century blue songs. See, in these songs, the crossroads are where you go to make a deal with the devil. If you are unfamiliar... [Other Posts]

March 2, 6AM

As the recommendations from the Commission on a Way Forward headed to the Council of Bishops, many in the United Methodist church waited, cautiously optimistic, about the results. The questions of which of the three plans would be presented were raised, a... [United Methodist Church]

March 1, 7AM

I was reading an article this morning and it struck a chord with me. I am a parent, and as such of course want my child to be safe. I think every parent wants that, but at the same time, that desire for safety is balanced with the reality that I want my... [Other Posts]

February 21, 6AM

I am going to try and do two things today. The first thing is actually identifying the problems that we have when we look at gun violence. The second is to offer some ideas of things that could possibly help. The first problem that we have with gun violen... [Religion and Politics] [Guns] [politics]

February 15, 6AM

In the wake of tragedy, it is inevitable that many of us will be talking about guns and contemplating what can be done to prevent this in the future. I’ve tried to do things like this before, to no avail really, but I will try again none the less. W... [Other Posts] [Guns]

February 14, 9AM

I am not really a grandiose type of guy. Some do the big things, and that is perfectly fine, but I do not. I am a quiet type by and large. I keep to myself, and my small displays of affection are generally private. I don’t make public displays, unle... [Other Posts]

February 12, 6AM

We began looking at Wesley’s views on primitive Christianity a few days ago, and there is more to look into, even using only one primary source for this particular exploration in sermon 132. Again, while Wesley’s link to and love of primiti... [Primitive Christianity]

February 9, 8AM

It is well known that Wesley gave a privileged place to what he called primitive Christianity, and most who have studied him accept this as fact, but little seems to have been done on the reasons and motivations as to why. To address this deficiency, I hu... [Other Posts]

January 12, 12 PM

A colossus is usually defined as “a statue that is much bigger than life size”. There is another definition however which defines it as “a person or thing of enormous size, importance, or ability.” The Statue of Liberty is one such... [Other Posts] [politics]

January 6, 7AM

 Fr. Richard Rohr has become a rather popular go to for devotionals and theology as of late. In truth, I like much of what he has to say, especially on some social issues that we all face, but once you scratch the surface of what he is saying, some rath... [Other Posts]

December 22 2017, 11AM

Several years ago when I firs came into the life of the boy, Christmas was stressful. With the boy’s birthday being only three days before, it was difficult at best as we had to go out of our way to celebrate the day of his birth and then scramble t... [Other Posts]

December 15, 7AM

Before I get started into my rant, you should take a look at David Watson’s piece on the topic. It is well measured and even tempered, likely more so than I am going to be here. Now on to my rant… Let’s be honest, evangelical hate is no... [Other Posts]

December 9, 4PM

Not to long ago, I, and others, wrote about hopes for the next methodism. There are several links in this that are well worth your time. Since then however, I can not help but consider what will end up being the last Methodism. Wesley, seeing this possib... [Other Posts]

November 30, 8AM

We last spoke about the literal sense so today we will go forward with the senses of scripture, next dealing with the moral sense. There are some passages of scripture that lend themselves easily to this really. Think of the book of proverbs or the parab... [Other Posts]

November 15, 10AM

The group known as Uniting Methodists recently held a gathering of sorts. I was not there, and have asked several questions of those involved in the group as individuals as well of the group itself via it’s website. I still have no answers. At thi... [Other Posts]

October 27, 7AM

 We began talking about the quadriga last week and this week will continue into an examination of the senses of scripture, starting with the first sense, the literal. Now before we continue, we need to be clear about our definitions and understandings ... [Other Posts]

October 20, 10AM

The quadriga is a Roman cart or chariot drawn by four horses abreast. This was commonly used as a racing chariot and each horse was thought to share an equal part of the burden. It is little wonder then why medieval theologians called their approach to sc... [Other Posts]

October 19, 8AM

The quadriga is a Roman cart or chariot drawn by four horses abreast. This was commonly used as a racing chariot and each horse was thought to share an equal part of the burden. It is little wonder then why medieval theologians called their approach to sc... [Other Posts]

October 11, 8AM

Fundamental to communication is the ability to speak the same language. This entails more than just using the same words of course, it means that there must be agreed upon meaning for the words that we are using. All to often in the current climate, we ha... [Other Posts]

September 28, 7AM

Hugh Hefner has died at the age of 91. He leaves behind a business empire valued at tens of millions of dollars, and at it’s height was worth over 200 million dollars. He turned hedonism into a business and profited from it a great deal. He will be ... [Other Posts]

September 25, 10AM

      It has been asked by several people I know, how the National Anthem came to be played at sporting events. This is a good question, and I think it matters, because history matters. So, a little history about the song. In 1839, the song was authori... [Other Posts]

September 20, 3PM

It seems rather impossible to have a conversation about human sexuality within the UMC (I could stop this sentence here in reality) without slavery coming up. There is an apparent need to equate the two which is really silly. “Further, let us not co... [Other Posts]

September 18, 4PM

The Uniting Methodists group has released their vision statement. When I saw it, I had hoped that some of the questions I asked and perhaps some of the concerns that Joel raised might be addressed, but they were largely not. I have also not received... [Other Posts]

September 13, 7AM

Kevin Watson wrote a good piece about his struggles with centrism, and, remarkably to me, he actually got a response to some of what was brought up by Adam Hamilton no less. I am hoping for the same frankly as I have some pointed questions that I have ... [Other Posts]

September 6, 9AM

To begin, there is a lot to like about DACA in general. It’s goals are noble and I believe that it’s intent is good. I sincerely hope that congress does something with the time that they have to bring about a similar program as they should. Th... [Other Posts]

September 4, 11AM

Enough time has passed now that I hope we can look at the Nashville statement with some sort of integrity and honesty instead of with some of the vitriol that has been spewed about it thus far. IF you are unaware of it, the statement can be found here. ... [Other Posts]

August 23, 12 PM

Three popular groups seeking political and societal change have found themselves in the news lately. I am referring to three groups that are, as a general rule, being seen in a positive light. For the record, and it saddens me that it must be said, I am n... [Other Posts]

August 17, 11AM

We Christians have developed a racism problem. Several people have written about this, so it may not seem new, yet I think that this current problem is indeed a new one. There are racists in the world. There are racists in the church. Racism is in no way,... [Other Posts]

July 26, 9AM

“And He is the Head of the body, the church, who is the Beginning, the First-born from the dead, that He may be pre-eminent in all things. ” Colossians 1:18  The next Methodism must be holy, because Christ is the head of the church, and He is... [Other Posts]

July 24, 9AM

“There is one body and one Spirit, even as you are called in one hope of your calling,  one Lord, one faith, one baptism,  one God and Father of all, who is above all and through all and in you all.” (Ephesians 4:4-6)  In commenting on th... [Other Posts]

July 22, 2PM

Unless you live under a rock, it is likely that you have heard that O J Simpson has been granted parole. As is to be expected, reactions to this have varied. Two key figures from his former murder trial have made comment about this, and I think their co... [Other Posts]

July 7, 8AM

I had been inspired by David Watson and his posting to share my own thoughts on the next Methodism and figured that I was done. Then came posts from Evan, Stephen, Cliff, Drew, Joel, and then the Watson Twin powers activated for more good thou... [Other Posts]

June 30, 5AM

This should be the end of what has started here, and continued here and here. I know that it is not the most exciting reading, but as it has been challenged that the United Methodist Standards of faith do not address the current debate about LGBTQ is... [Other Posts]

June 27, 12 PM

I am going to continue what began here and continued here. In the first to installments we focused on the Articles of Religion, specifically Article VI, in the context of the claims of moral law. The United Methodist church has other standards of fait... [Other Posts]

June 21, 4AM

In the last installment, I laid some ground work and began looking at how the Articles of Religion do address the language and theology of the United Methodist Church surrounding questions surrounding homosexuality. This is a continuation of what began ... [Other Posts]

June 20, 3PM

The Denmark Annual Conference of the United Methodist Church has requested a ruling of law about the initial language in the United Methodist Book of Discipline regarding the original language added in 1972 which states that the practice of homosexualit... [Other Posts]

June 14, 8AM

David Watson, as usual, has provided an excellent piece about the “Next Methodism” that I strongly encourage you to read. His is likely to be much better than this, and is also the inspiration for this. Go read. This will be here when you ge... [Other Posts]

June 11, 5PM

You first need to understand what this book is. It is humor. It pokes fun at Christians, and in many cases Jews. I found it to be in good fun, rather than an attempt at being hurtful. It also has a few alarmingly good ideas just in case. I mean seriously,... [Other Posts]

June 1, 7AM

“Then one of the twelve, called Judas Iscariot, went to the chief priests. And he said to them, What will you give me, and I will betray Him to you? And they appointed to him thirty pieces of silver.   And from that time he sought opportunity to ... [Other Posts]

May 28, 3PM

Memorial Day, originally known a Decoration Day, was established following the Civil War, but was not an official federal holiday until  1971. It was called decoration day because in towns across America, graves were decorated with flower and prayers we... [Other Posts]

May 23, 7AM

“The Holy Scripture containeth all things necessary to salvation; so that whatsoever is not read therein, nor may be proved thereby, is not to be required of any man that it should be believed as an article of faith, or be thought requisite or neces... [Other Posts]

May 18, 5AM

The Annual Conference season is upon the United Methodist Church, or as I like to call it, fight church. This is not to say it isn’t important, in fact it is with great affection that I use this label in humor. What follows are a few thoughts that w... [Other Posts]

May 2, 8AM

We looked at four issues with arguments from silence previously. In this we will build upon those and discuss a few more issues with them, and delve more into why formulating belief on them is a risky proposition. When we make an argument from the silen... [Other Posts]

May 1, 9AM

An argument from silence is a rhetorical device designed to be a convincing argument in a simple and straight forward way. It often, on the surface, is. There are numerous inherent flaws in an argument form silence however. This becomes important in theol... [Other Posts]

April 30, 1PM

Today I am going to talk a bit about Matt Berryman. Mr. Berryman is the executive director of Reconciling Ministries Network as well as a member of the Commission on a way forward. As the executive director of RMN, I assume that when he publishes a piece... [Other Posts]

April 13, 2PM

Unless you have been under a rock, you have heard or read something about United Airlines. You, like I, probably have some thoughts and opinions about it as well. Here are some thoughts about it to try and help navigate the rhetoric and perhaps help under... [Other Posts]

March 22, 9AM

It has taken me to long to write this, and for that I am sorry, When last I wrote, I spoke of the jealousy of God and there will be some of the same themes here as well. Just as with the jealousy of God, the wrath of God is often misunderstood and becau... [Other Posts]

February 20, 12 PM

As often happens, I have taken a subject and found my thoughts on it to be more extensive than I initially had realized. Because of this, what was to be one posting will turn into several. For those of you who read my writing with any consistency, this wi... [Other Posts]

February 8, 2PM

If you have attended church for any length of time, you have likely heard a sermon about salt and it’s various implications for the Christian. I am going to try an approach two of the references to salt in the Bible that I think are often, to our de... [Other Posts]

January 30, 3PM

From the start, let me say that I do not agree with rule by executive order by and large, no matter the order. This is been going on for some time, and has only been getting worse. To be perfectly blunt, if you supported the former presidents pen, then yo... [Other Posts]

January 24, 9AM

The Mexico City Act is a partisan (that is to say it is favored and used by Republicans and repealed by Democrats) policy and rule that was first enacted by Ronald Regan in 1984 and has been supported by each republican president since and repealed by eac... [abortion]

January 23, 10AM

If you have made it this far, congratulations and thank you for sticking it out. If you did not realize this was the final part of a long essay, the other parts made be found here, here, and here. So finally, so what? What is the big deal? Who really ... [Other Posts]


The first part of this exploration can be found here, and the second here. Please check them out. The ideas of classic liberalism go back to such figures as John Locke, and later figures such as Thomas Jefferson, Adam Smith, Jean-Baptiste Say, and Tho... [Other Posts]


This ended up being more in-depth than I had originally intended. If you have not already, start here for the beginning of this exploration. I tried to give a basic overview of the paradox of tolerance in the first section of this, mentioning that the i... [Other Posts]


The paradox of tolerance had become embedded in our national identity and politics, and I have become of the opinion that it is one of the things that is tearing us apart and creating a chasm in our political system that has filtered down finally into ev... [Other Posts]

January 21, 9AM

It is being said in rumor and reported by some news outlets (both those who lean right and those who lean left) that the Trump administration removed pages from the White House website. Depending on the outlet and it’s readership, it may have been a... [Other Posts]

January 19, 4PM

I have a small amount of experience with not having my guy, or girl, win the election. I am almost always for the other one…no not the one people recognize, but for the one most people have never heard of or dismiss as crazy. Such is life. I want to... [Other Posts]

December 28 2016, 10AM

The nephilim have always been fascinating to me. I think it is one of the more interesting and fun parts of scripture to explore, though certainly not a foundation of faith by any means. I revisit thinking on them often as I find them to be one of the poi... [Other Posts]

December 26, 11AM

Unity of the church is, and has been for as long as there has been a church, a hot topic. Christ Himself prayed that we all might be one after all. Ephesians speaks about it, the Old Testament prophets speak of it, as do the psalms, and more. Unity began ... [Other Posts]

December 22, 11AM

The year was 1899. The Pope was Leo XIII. The subject matter was a particular manifestation of the heresy of modernism, which Leo referred to as Americanism. The message may be more valid today than it was then. You can research this particular heresy fur... [Other Posts]

December 12, 7PM

A few had expressed some interest in where it was that my family and I would settle into church after leaving the United Methodist Church. After some time of prayer and research, the winner is the Anglican Church in North America. We had looked at Free Me... [Other Posts]

November 23, 11AM

Over the past little bit, there have been several things I have been reflecting on, for better or for worse. I figured it was time to share them as I am coming out of a time of self reflection and introspection. So let’s get started… Everythin... [Other Posts]

November 8, 5PM

The results of this election are actually in, though who is named the president is yet to be revealed. The results are that we, as a nation,  lost in so many more ways than we won. Let me talk about just a few of the ways that has happened. First, people... [Other Posts]

October 13, 2PM

I want to be clear about a few things right off the bat. First, I am no longer a member of the United Methodist church. Second, I did not attend the WCA meeting, not because I would not have been welcome, but because I chose not to attend. Third, this is ... [Other Posts]

October 7, 5AM

There is a fairly consistent theme in scripture about being clothed, specifically about being clothed in righteousness. Job puts on righteousness and it clothes him (Job 29:14), Isiah speaks of garments of salvation and a robe of righteousness(Isiah 61:10... [Other Posts]

September 14, 3PM

In my personal life, one of the very few things that politically active Christians can seem to agree on is how one can be a Christian and a Libertarian. Most amusing is that I have gotten this question even from those who accept that one can be a faithful... [Religion and Politics] [libertarianism]

September 6, 1PM

I have noticed a trend, especially here in America, that has been bothering me for quite some time. I am not sure where it began, or why, but it seems to be here in full force. That trend is facilitation. A lot of what is to follow is based on observation... [Other Posts]

September 3, 2PM

I am writing this with a mild concussion, so it it is rambling and contains numerous grammatical errors, please excuse it. I did want to get these thoughts down though. I really love football. I like watching pretty much any game I can find and loved play... [Other Posts]

August 31, 5AM

After a little over a year of discernment, Mary and I have decided that it is best for our family if we leave the UMC. I mention the time frame because I want anyone who is bothering to read this to understand that is was not a snap decision, nor a decisi... [United Methodist Church]

August 27, 10AM

Joseph Tognetti wrote a piece attempting to start a conversation. In it he asked some pertinent questions that I myself have pondered over time. I encourage you to read his piece and answer those questions in the interest of an actual conversation inste... [Other Posts]

August 18, 11AM

Two news stories caught my eye today that are indeed related. The first is the announcement that the federal government is moving away from privately run facilities for reasons of prisoner and guard safety and programming. That is to say that more program... [Other Posts]

August 10, 6AM

In the first part of this exploration, we discussed how it is that we got to this point of life not being fair. Here I want to explore some reasons why it is that is a good thing for us. It is not good that we are not in the garden mind you, but as alwa... [Other Posts]

August 5, 8AM

In recent discussions about the church and theology, a trend has been emerging that I find rather disturbing. This trend actually crosses the left/right, progressive/traditionalist, (pick your labels and sides here) divide and seems to be infecting us all... [theology]

July 22, 7AM

It is, and well has been, election time again. It really seems like it never ends these days if I am being honest. Well meaning Christians across the wide spectrum of beliefs in the United States are trying to figure out who is the Godly candidate, or if ... [Religion and Politics]

July 20, 9AM

In all of the bluster in the UMC, I got a little sidetracked. For that I am sorry. If you missed it, the introduction to this series of postings can be found here. I had stated that we have a serious definition problem. That is a simple truth that can be... [Society and Religion]

July 16, 9AM

Pardon the title, I like the poem Hollow Men, and this seemed a fitting time to use it. The church isn’t ending of course, the church will always prevail. The UMC has though, at least in any form that we would recognize. What has been done can not b... [United Methodist Church]

July 12, 9AM

We are of course at it again, and rightly so. What is “it” you ask? Race in America of course. I believe that the vast majority of people are not only willing to work toward solutions and conversations, but in truth we can not have them effect... [Other Posts]

July 6, 7AM

I want to start with a disclaimer. I will say thank you to the precious few Bishops in the United Methodist Church who have remained faithful to the vows they took first as pastors and then as Bishops. You are a treasure to me, and to us all. I am not ref... [United Methodist Church]

July 5, 6AM

A lot of fuss has been made about some sort of third way plan. Those who call themselves “centrists” often refer to it as being the model to go forward. Third way plans don’t really work for the church as a whole though. In this piece we... [United Methodist Church] [Third Way]

July 1, 11AM

If you missed it, the first part of this group of posts can be found here. I have started talking about why it is indeed time for the United Methodist Church to break up. In this post, I want to examine the actions of the Annual Conferences who have cho... [Other Posts] [United Methodist Church]

June 30, 8AM

Neil Sedaka was right. Breaking up is hard to do. It is messy, especially when there is money, property, children, and all the rest involved. We are talking a lot about that in the United Methodist Church. We are talking about it in the language of marria... [United Methodist Church]

June 27, 7AM

A question was asked in a public forum recently that I am going to take on briefly here. The question was two fold. What is discipleship, and what is the originating point of discipleship. Discipleship originates in the call of God to us. In the United M... [United Methodist Church] [Cost of Discipleship] [discipleship]

June 21, 7AM

After any type of shooting, it has become inevitable that the topic of guns and the law comes up. I have purposefully waiting to try and say anything in the hopes that the standard accusations died down a little bit before saying anything else. I have wri... [Other Posts]

June 17, 2PM

There is a Licensed Local Pastor in the New England Annual Conference by the name of Reverend  Skip Smith. He served at Berwick UMC in Berwick, Main. I do not know him, and I doubt that I will ever have the privilege of meeting him, much to my detriment.... [Other Posts]

June 6, 7AM

There has been a good deal of talk lately about personal revelations from God. I am encouraged by such talk in general. God does indeed still speak. I want to deal with some claims specifically though. This is the latest in a trend of those who support fu... [theology] [United Methodist Church]

May 31, 7AM

One of my pet peeves is the assertion that the church was wrong on slavery, specifically the Methodist church. There are examples from the early church that proves there was not an endorsement of slavery, but I shall leave that for another time to focus o... [Other Posts]

May 28, 7PM

We, as a body, appealed to our bishops to lead in finding a way forward for The United Methodist Church. Despite my concerns and misgivings, I will trust this is going to be done well and serve the God we all love. The Bishops asked that none of us do any... [United Methodist Church]

May 27, 2PM

In The United Methodist Church we are using the phrase “agree to disagree” an awful lot these days. I am not so sure that we understand what it implies though. I am going to try and unpack how we can agree to disagree and how we can not in go... [theology]

May 22, 2PM

I can not imagine the turmoil that the delegates to this General Conference faced. Watching and listening from home, I felt some small part of it and could only be thankful to be close to my support systems. I can not imagine being for far from them. What... [United Methodist Church]

May 20, 10AM

The other person in this conversation asked to not be named and I will honor that. There are good points made here. It was an honest conversation that was even polite. Notice that there is not much of a change however. This shows that we can talk about th... [Other Posts]
Dear Brothers and sisters, I greet you in the name of the most high creator God, and in the name above all others, Jesus the Christ, and in the power of the Holy Spirit which dwells in all believers. I bring you a message today of great joy and hope amids... [Other Posts]

May 17, 5PM

For any of you who had a momentary spark of excitement thinking this would be my last blog…sorry. This is about several things that have the potential to happen at General Conference for the last time though. A significant thing happened from the fl... [United Methodist Chruch]


After the uproar died down a bit and the truth of things came out, at least enough to move forward, we all took a collective deep breath and sigh of momentary relief. The Bishops said they would not be putting forward a proposal and that they supported un... [Other Posts] [United Methodist Chruch]

May 16, 10PM

The United Methodist Centrist Movement, Love Prevails, and otehrs have reported the following information: “The “Love Your Neighbor Coalition” announced tonight that the Bishops are in an executive session reviewing a plan for schism tha... [Other Posts]

May 12, 3PM

Everyone at, or following the General Conference felt like the image at some point, and perhaps all points, during the debate around rule 44. There will of course be accusations that the traditionalists were trying to kill it by parliamentary procedure an... [United Methodist Church]

May 10, 4PM

The opening worship of the General Conference was inspiring and well done. I was especially thankful for the Apostle’s creed as it is one of the confessions that has historically united the Christian church in belief. It was inspiring to see the chu... [United Methodist Church] [United Methodist]

May 9, 7AM

Bishop Palmer is who will have to ultimately deal with the matter that is going to be presented here. No matter what your personal opinion may be, I encourage you not to pray that the Bishop does what you want, but to simply pray for the Bishop that he mi... [United Methodist Church] [United Methodist]

May 2, 8AM

United Methodist Reporter was kind enough to allow me to pen a response to the latest highly publicized same-sex marriage in North Carolina. Before writing the piece, I did reach out to Bishop Talbert and offer him an opportunity to comment or to make a s... [Other Posts]

April 26, 6AM

As a general rule of thumb, I prefer my movies to be entertainment as their primary function. That being said, I do enjoy entertainment that makes me reflect and think. This movie accomplished that. It was entertaining by and large and also caused one to ... [media] [Religion and Politics]

April 18, 9AM

There is an apparent misconception in United Methodism that we are a people of grace and grace alone. This could perhaps be true if we ignore our founders and their teachings as well as our doctrinal standards, but as I am not wont to do this, we should e... [United Methodist Church] [grace] [moral law] [UMC]

April 7, 3PM

The introduction to my reflections on the conference can be found here. I want to make very clear that I was not an organizer of this conference nor do I speak for the UMOrthodoxy group. Much of what is said here are my reflections and extrapolations on... [United Methodist Church]

April 2, 3AM

There was some concern that this conference, put on by the United Methodist Scholars for Christian Orthodoxy, was something that it was indeed not. For a brief moment, let me talk about that. This was not a secret strategy session of the vast right wing c... [Other Posts]

March 24, 7AM

While this story is unconfirmed, would it really be a surprise? One of the great problems with Christianity in the west is that we have forgotten that there are still those who in picking up their cross and following, end up nailed to it. Why it is so sh... [Devotional] [Christ] [faith] [holy week] [martyr]

March 14, 7AM

I started this particular series of blogs here, and continue in the same basic vein. As always, I can not represent anyone but myself, but I do think that these opinions are shared by many and might serve as an answer to some of the questions that I hav... [Other Posts]

March 7, 1PM

It was asked of me why many conservatives are unwilling to compromise on numerous issues in the UMC as we all try to go forward. While I can not speak for anyone but myself, I will give some thoughts on the matter from my perspective for whatever they are... [United Methodist Church]

February 23, 8AM

Fair warning, this will mix the Bible and politics to an extent. If that sort of thing bothers you, you have been warned. In the long story of the Bible, Judges is an exceptionally interesting book. In it we find some of those often held up to be heroes, ... [Other Posts]

February 18, 2PM

The first three parts of this may be found here, here, and, here. Having read the synopsis of the proposal (I confess, I did not go through all of the official changes required to the BoD and the language used) I feel as thought there are a good many ... [Other Posts]


The first part of the reflection on this plan may be found here, and the second can be found here. If you have not read them, this may not make much sense. I am beginning here on page 4 of the item labeled “A – Legislation and Concept Prop... [Other Posts]

February 17, 1PM

This is a continuation of the commentary that starts here. If you are reading this before reading the first and the plan it is based on, it may not not a lot of sense. It may not make sense anyway, but there is a better chance if you start at the beginn... [Other Posts]

12 PM

Someone whom I think highly of asked me my thoughts on this proposal. Initially I had planned to write a short summation of thoughts after reading it, but the proposal itself is rather detailed and, as my opinion was asked, I felt as if it should be equal... [United Methodist Church]

February 16, 4PM

As pretty much anyone with the ability to read this knows, a Supreme Court Justice has passed away. Some will extol his virtues, some will call his brand of law and constitutional understanding as faulty, and some, who even while diametrically opposed to ... [Other Posts]

February 11, 6AM

The point was recently made that there are to many complaint type posts about the church and not enough posts about diversifying the culture of the church, or encouraging people to get into the mission field. The point is good, and because of that, I will... [United Methodist Church]

January 29, 7AM

For the past month, I have done something different to conduct a nonscientific and informal study…I have actually paid attention to the common insults doled out to me during conversations about a variety of topics. The insults I will address here ha... [Other Posts]

January 13, 10AM

In all of the discussion of the various proposals for the UMC at the upcoming General Conference, I find myself drawn back to one in particular. No doubt there are some who will write this off as me just being my normal conservative self, but that is not ... [Other Posts]

January 4, 8AM

The Wesleyan covenant prayer has been making the rounds again. It is a beautiful prayer that I myself find moving and effective. This year I have seen a new contemporary version of the covenant prayer that claims to be in the Wesleyan tradition. At first ... [United Methodist Church] [Wesleyan Covenant Prayer]

December 30 2015, 4PM

Bishop Spong recently put up his 12 points of reformation for the church. I felt compelled to post my own idea of what the reformation of the church should use for its statements of belief. I believe in God, the Father almighty, Creator of heaven and eart... [Other Posts]

December 29, 5PM

I recently read a well thought out and honest blog about guns, violence and the reality that we, as Christians, are not doing well in having any sort of conversation about it by and large. Some excellent points were made and some very good questions asked... [Other Posts]

December 18, 2PM

Wheaton College has undergone a bit of controversy in the past few days, so of course, the world (or really bored Americans) is in an uproar. As in most cases like this, facts are in short supply and opinions are everywhere. If you have not read anything ... [Other Posts]

December 14, 3PM

Thaddeus participated in the Christmas program at his grandmother’s church that was written by a member of that church and had been performed before. It involved adults in the more difficult parts and children for some cute and a few lines here and ... [doctrine]

December 8, 11AM

I have avoided doing anything on the issue of guns purposefully. No matter how hard you try, it seems to always be incendiary and cause problems, but as I continually engage in conversations about the matter, it is easier to post a link rather than to typ... [Other Posts]

November 19, 4PM

Eric Rahn is my new hero. His perspective on a difficult issue changed and, just I was ready to give up and give in because people’s fears were proving to take precedent over their faith, he posted something. He’s my new hero because even thou... [Other Posts]

November 16, 5PM

During the festival of Hanukkah, it is common and customary to make and eat doughnuts (sufganiyot) which are fried and filled with jelly or custard, as well as other fried foods, to commemorate and remember the miracle of the Temple oil. The details and... [Devotional]

12 PM

In looking for answers and trying to discern how it is that we should respond to the recent events, I came across this from UNHCR that was prepared by the Jesuit Refugee Service. Try as I might, I don’t think that I could say it any better.  I thin... [Religion and Politics]

November 12, 6PM

In a comment section of another post I have written, the question was posed “Is there any middle ground left in our increasingly polarized “holy conferencing?” Can the General Conference do at least two things to bring us together?” with ... [United Methodist Church]

November 10, 6AM

As is to be expected these days, the Reconcilling Ministries Network has issued a response to the statement of the central conference Bishops. You can find the Bishops statement here: and... [Other Posts]

November 5, 10AM

Yesterday I wrote a bit about the statement by the central conference Bishops and have read numerous comments on my piece as well as other pieces across a variety of sources. I am not going to quote people nor am I going to identify anyone, but I am going... [United Methodist Church]

November 3, 4PM

The statement in question can be found here. This won’t be the most polished piece I have written as it is admittedly a knee jerk reaction to the statement that I read today. The words on global terrorism and the results of it were welcomed by me. T... [United Methodist Church]

October 9, 11AM

Bill Trench had some remarks on two blogs that I wrote on September 24 of this year. There seemed to be some disagreement of what I had written and his […] The post Crowd funding disobedience addendum appeared first on Unsettled Christianity. My boo... [Other Posts]

September 24, 7AM

You can find my first remarks here: Should anyone reading this happen to be a Bishop or DS that has remained faithful to the UMC, it’s policies and teachings, thank […] The post Crow... [Other Posts]


TRIGGER WARNING: THIS IS NOT GOING TO BE TERRIBLY FEEL GOOD. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED. I am a big fan of civil disobedience as a form of bringing light to […] The post Crowdfunding disobedience (part the first) appeared first on Unsettled Christianity. ... [Other Posts]

September 21, 6AM

Since this will be about conversation, I find it helpful to define the term so that we are all on the same page. Here we go then (from Merriam-Webster) “an […] The post An open response to UMInsight appeared first on Unsettled Christianity. My... [United Methodist Church] [UM INsight]

September 15, 10AM

Let me begin with what this is not. This is not political. It has nothing at all to do with the right vs. left politics of the US. This is […] The post What about Syrians? appeared first on Unsettled Christianity. My books are now available on Amazo... [Other Posts]

September 7, 10AM

Of course all of the uproar over the last few days has been about Ginny Mikita, and her removal as a candidate for ordination and her being removed from membership in […] The post Truth or Consequences UM appeared first on Unsettled Christianity. M... [Other Posts]

September 1, 11AM

David Watson, among others, has made the proposal that the upcoming GC in 2016 be a closed session. He, and others, have tried to give us a direction out of […] The post Methodists in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass appeared first on Unsett... [United Methodist Church]

August 28, 7AM

The other day, a phrase was used that was new to me and it got me to thinking again. The phrase was “passive evangelism.” The basic idea being that so […] The post The commission appeared first on Unsettled Christianity. My books are now... [theology]

August 26, 7AM

In several of the Methodist pages in the wonderful world of social media, Judge not is often a hot topic. In an effort to give us all something to think […] The post Be Careful How You Judge appeared first on Unsettled Christianity. My books are now... [Other Posts]

August 25, 9AM

The first part of this commentary may be found here and the story from Gather at the River it is about may be found here. “In our baptismal vows, the second […] The post Not at this River, part the fourth appeared first on Unsettled Christian... [United Methodist Church]


This is a continuation of the stories I read from Gather at the River. The first two parts can be found here: and here: To... [Other Posts]

August 21, 7AM

Martyr. noun. 1.a person who willingly suffers death rather than renounce his or her religion. This is what we as Christians have long understood the definition of martyr to be. […] The post Martyrs appeared first on Unsettled Christianity. My books... [Other Posts]

August 20, 9AM

This is a continuation on my reflections of the stories (in blog form) that came out of the Gather at the River event publicized by Reconciling Ministries. It continues my […] The post Not at this river, part the second appeared first on Unsettled C... [United Methodist Church]


I am sure this will come as no surprise, but I did not attend the Gather at the River event publicized by Reconciling Ministries. Because of this, I will not […] The post Not at this river, part the first appeared first on Unsettled Christianity. My... [United Methodist Church]

August 14, 11AM

Fortunately for us, a new prophet has arisen and said the following about Donald Trump: I was in a time of prayer several weeks ago when God began to speak […] The post A prophetic word appeared first on Unsettled Christianity. My books are now avai... [Religion and Politics] [Donald Trump]

July 26, 11AM

If you have spent any time speaking with a United Methodist about theology, this has come up. Often it is used as a defense of having ideas outside the stated […] The post The Character of a Methodist appeared first on Unsettled Christianity. My boo... [Church History] [doctrine] [Other Posts] [United Methodist Church]

July 22, 7AM

This is a continuation of sorts of what I started here, in so far as it is an attempt to address some popular parts of scripture that we either have […] The post The doctrine of Jesus appeared first on Unsettled Christianity. My books are now availa... [United Methodist Church] [John Wesley]

July 20, 10AM

DISCLAIMER: In this post, as is often my habit, I will use “men, etc.” as a generic term for humanity rather than a term specifically related to the chromosomal make-up […] The post The first and greatest. appeared first on Unsettled Chr... [United Methodist Church]

June 25, 6AM

I get it. We all are concerned with that monolithic and often misunderstood thing called “social justice.” I get it, we all want what is best for not only ourselves, but for each other and indeed for our world in general. I even get that we ar... [Religion and Politics]

June 19, 6AM

As you read this, a couple of things to keep in mind. I have worked in both personal security (bodyguard) and also in site security (facilities, I.E. buildings, warehouses, etc). I would not call myself an expert in the field, but I would claim experience... [Society and Religion]

June 16, 11AM

Joel started this a bit ago and I am finally getting around to contributing my 5 cents (I am too wordy for only 2 cents) to it. His introduction can be found here. The membership vows of the UMC are deeply rooted in the baptismal covenant made by you if y... [United Methodist Church]

May 25, 9AM

In the town of Fountain Hills, Arizona, 8 local churches have come together to preach a series of sermons about the differences between progressive “Christianity” and traditional Christianity. The above is from a newspaper ad taken out by the ... [Controversial] [United Methodist Church] [Fountain Hills]

May 19, 6AM

  There seems to be some confusion as to my identity as of late, so I’d like to take a few minutes and clear that up. I am a real boy. Joel Watts is not Mister Geppetto. My name is of course Scott Fritzsche. I am not a pseudonym, pen name, nom ... [Other Posts]


Convert! There is not going to be much original here because well, there doesn’t need to be. It has occurred to me that there are some who think that the big tent of United Methodism means that anything goes so far as belief and that is simply not ... [United Methodist Church] [Progressive Christianity]

May 15, 3PM

  Convert! Adoptionism is the belief that Christ was born human, not of a virgin (to most historic adoptionists, but not all), was not pre-existent,  lived an exemplary and sinless life in accordance with Jewish law and because of this was, at some ... [Other Posts]

May 14, 2PM

Convert! Roger Wolsey, in his continuing effort to provide me with more material to blog about, has proposed this: First let me start by simply saying “no”. Reall... [Other Posts]


Convert! First of all, please excuse my tongue in cheek title as I am having some fun with the outpouring of criticism I have received. Since being accused of heresy hunting and inquisitorial ideas, I figured may as well roll with it and have some fun. Af... [Other Posts]

May 8, 4PM

I am not generally a fearful person. I have seen a good bit of violence and believe myself capable of handling most things and have no issue trusting God with the things I can not. (Note: none of this applies to large bodies of water which I have a comple... [United Methodist Church]

May 5, 9AM

When you walk into a room that already has the lights on, it is not really customary to turn more on. Why? Well, it is fairly simple, a light is not needed because it is already there. When we can see, we do not customarily break out the flashlights and t... [Other Posts]

April 23, 8AM

I had the opportunity to travel to Afghanistan before the US involvement there. It was an incredibly rewarding trip in many ways, but I wanted to focus on one of the ways specifically. There has been a lot of talk about the creeds and why they matter or d... [creeds] [Afghanistan]

March 24, 9AM

Again, the same disclaimer as before. This is not a value statement on the beliefs of any group, but it is a statement on how groups choose to represent those values, and how it impacts the UMC. How we do things are just as important as why we do them. Th... [Other Posts]


I suspect that what I am about to say won’t make a difference as I suspect that we will all allow our entrenched ideas to take over and we will spin this to something it is not. I hope that I am wrong. This is not a value statement about ideas or th... [Other Posts]

March 18, 3PM

Let me begin by admitting fully that I have no idea what Progressive Methodists actually believe. I don’t say this to be mean, I say it as an honest admission and also as a statement of part of the problem. An awful lot of people claim to be progres... [Other Posts]


Progressive Pickin’ (Photo credit: Wikipedia) The eight points I am referencing can be found here. It was apparently not made clear enough by me that I am dealing with these 8 points and those in the UMC that ascribe to them. I accept that all of th... [United Methodist Church]

March 17, 5AM

GodWeenSatan: The Oneness (Photo credit: Wikipedia) What this is… This is my experience with those who self identify as progressive Christians, churches who identify as progressive and the UMCM which I have come to believe is little more than progre... [United Methodist Church]

March 11, 8AM

This is the press release that I will be referencing throughout this rant. I have often defended you, even though I disagree with you on the theology of the issue you originate from. I progressed to lumping you with other UMC special interest groups and s... [United Methodist Church]

February 23, 7AM

Her name is Baronelle Stutzman who was 70 at the time that these events took place. She is a florist in Washington State who refused to do the floral arrangements for a same sex couple who was about to marry. For just a moment try and put whatever reac... [Other Posts]

February 17, 7AM

This is the question posed today by several news outlets on television and in print. I suppose the question is inevitable and fair given the current events in the Middle East and North Africa and the graphic nature of them. The question is most likely the... [Other Posts]

January 7, 11AM

Joel has put up an excellent piece on this that I encourage you to read. It can be found here. The press release about the “just resolution” (it is neither just nor a resolution) can be found here. I have chosen to use the RMN version of the ... [United Methodist Church]

September 17 2014, 3PM

I am, most days, fairly reasonable. I enjoy a good conversation, a good and lively debate, differing opinions and view points. None of that means that I do not have view points of my own, but I do enjoy others. I like diversity. I enjoy most when the R... [Other Posts]

September 15, 10AM

I am having an issue with forgiveness lately. Not with those I know and love but with those I do not know and struggle to love. Mostly media figures, sports figures and today, again, a company known as Urban Outfitters. So many people and groups have been... [Other Posts]

September 11, 9AM

This is a day when we remember a tragedy and it is good and right that we do so. It is a day to respect the dead and to remember those who were misguided enough to cause those deaths. It is a day that we pray for the peace that only Christ can bring so th... [Other Posts]

September 8, 10AM

The above is a link to a Huffington Post piece about racist phrases. Some of what is said here is valid, some is not. The problem is that it is sloppy, and makes things which have no racial connotation, or do not have an origin in or about racism, racist.... [Society and Religion] [racism]

August 27, 8AM

  William of Ockham – Logica 1341 (Photo credit: Wikipedia) Above is a link to the Connectional Table of the UMC in case anyone who might read this is unfamiliar with it and it’s stated goals and mission. They have a new proposal that the... [United Methodist Church]

August 25, 9AM

The question was asked of me recently when it was that I actually realized I had faith…I decided to answer in this way. My faith was born in blood. Not the blood of Christ as you probably would expect, but the blood of a young lady when I was a youn... [Other Posts]

August 22, 11AM

This will be short, not overly sweet and blunt. While so many of us are busy debating who will go to hell and who will not, a decision that is far above our pay grade incidentally, we all to often ignore the fact that across the world and in our own nati... [Other Posts]

August 21, 2PM

This link is to a statement from Bishop Minerva G. Carcaño who is a Los Angeles Area Resident Bishop, is Board President of the General Commission on Religion and Race of The United Methodist Church. It is a shining example of how we, no matter how u... [United Methodist Church]


Let me begin by saying what this is not…this is not me taking a side in the issue nor is it me trying to give an opinion of blame toward anyone involved. This is not me trying to comment on race in America and whether or not it is a true issue or no... [Other Posts]

July 6, 4PM

Jude 1:1 “Jude, a servant of Jesus Christ, and brother of James, to the ones called in God the Father, having been set apart, and having been kept by Jesus Christ:” I will admit that I have a special affinity for Jude. I think there is a lot p... [Other Posts]


My books are now available on Amazon. Praying in God's Theater, Meditations On the Book of Revelation, Mimetic Criticism and the Gospel of Mark: Introduction and Commentary, and From Fear to Faith: Stories of Hitting Spiritual Walls is in paperback or ... [Other Posts]

June 30, 8AM

There seems to be an ongoing trend with this sort of article lately. Can you be a Christian and be a homosexual? Can you be a Christian and have a beer? Can you be a Christian and go to fortune tellers? Can you be a Christian and…the list is seeming... [Other Posts]

June 25, 11AM

To make my point, I want to insure that the original decision, and it’s intentions, are known. The original decision was a suspension of 30 days where Frank Schaefer’s credentials were suspended. The church court asked that in those 30 days he... [Other Posts]

June 19, 8AM

DISPARAGE transitive verb 1 :  to lower in rank or reputation :  degrade 2 :  to depreciate by indirect means (as invidious comparison) :  speak slightingly about This is the definition of disparage according to Merriam-Webster. This is the def... [Other Posts]

June 16, 9AM

My readings today were from the book of James, which I have a particular fondness for. One part of it struck me again and would not leave the forefront of my mind. It is a familiar passage, but one that bears mentioning.  James 1:13-17. I want to begin w... [Other Posts]

June 13, 11AM

The news today is all abuzz with stories of the violence in Iraq. Of course depending on who you are listening to it is the fault of A. The current administration for the way that soldiers were removed from Iraq, B. The Muslim extremists who are trying to... [Other Posts]

June 10, 8AM

(Photo credit: NeilsPhotography) There are a numerous amount of prosperity, believe it and achieve it type pastors out there, and I want to begin by laughing at them and their flawed concept of scripture. They would have you believe that if you are “... [Devotional]

June 6, 9AM

A Stripped image of John Wesley (Photo credit: Wikipedia) couple of disclaimers. One, I am not overly well versed in the politics of the UMC. I may propose things that are not currently possible due to the government of the church. If that is the case, it... [United Methodist Church]

June 2, 9AM

Christ is Born (Photo credit: Eustaquio Santimano) It is my sincere hope that somehow, someway this finds you as I do not know the means in which to respond to you directly. This forum suits well for my purposes though as I believe that anyone who saw you... [United Methodist Church] [Institute on Religion and Democracy] [John Lomperis]
The UMC is broken. There is talk of schism everywhere. People are busying themselves preparing their arguments and justifying their positions. The discussion is intense, the debate fierce. The name calling escalates and the people continue to fracture. A... [United Methodist Church]

May 30, 10AM

Schism is the topic of the day of course, so far be it from me to try and deviate. I have come to a few more conclusions about it however…oddly enough from Michael Jackson. (I am also beginning to think that the only spiritual gift I may have is the... [Other Posts]

May 25, 12 PM

I had said that I was finished with blogging here, but something has struck me and it seems only proper to share.  Like most of the moments of understanding that I have, it came accidentally…most likely because when I am not paying attention, I get... [Other Posts]

May 20, 4PM

For anyone reading who is not aware, this is how the United Methodist Church is organized and also why United Methodists often refer to “the connection”. That is all well and good for church struc... [Other Posts]

May 16, 9AM

PC NOTE: I will use laymen in a generic sense. It did not occur to me that it might offend until I was finished and this was faster than going back and changing everything. So to be clear, “laymen” means anyone who attends a church actively. &... [United Methodist Church]

May 13, 10AM

A triangular graphic representing a “hierarchy of disagreement” from clear refutation to mere vituperation, based on the essay “How to Disagree” by Paul Graham. (Photo credit: Wikipedia) As is often written about in matters pertain... [United Methodist Church]

May 9, 10AM

These things fairly regularly pop up on my FB page. I am fairly certain that all of you have seen a few of them as well. Like if you love Jesus followed by if you deny Me before men I will deny you before God…Share and God will bless you, etc. I kno... [media]

May 6, 10AM

It is primary day in Ohio. People will be out to vote on issues, candidates and the like across Ohio. As always, there are people who are not accurately represented and issues that are painted in differing lights. So, what does this have to do with anythi... [Other Posts]

May 5, 7AM

Be sure to check out Zombie Church on Kregel’s website. Zombie Church, at first glance seems to be nothing more than the same tired observations presented in a way that might appeal to those who enjoy horror (a bonus!) or an old complaint presented ... [Books] [Kregel Publications] [Tyler Edwards] [Zombie Church]

May 3, 10AM

I suspect that there have been many blog posts similar to this, so figured that I would take my crack at it. The idea is interesting really. We move to new towns or neighborhoods and search for a church. We become dissatisfied and look for a new church. W... [Other Posts]

April 29, 7AM

Kareem Abdul Jabbar (Photo credit: Wikipedia) In the news this week is the owner of the Clippers professional basketball team making disturbing, inappropriate and distasteful racial remarks. There is no excuse for what he said and no defending his though... [Religion and Politics] [Donald Sterling] [Kareem Abdul-Jabbar] [Los Angeles Clippers]

April 28, 9AM

Re-branding is all the craze lately. Anytime your product or organization gets a black eye, you re-brand it so that you can put a different face and message on it. The church is no different really. We have often engaged in this from time to time. The pro... [Other Posts]

April 25, 3PM

Sexta/Viernes/Friday-POSER-Deus – Dios – God (Photo credit: Caio Basilio) Over the course of my life I have of course had many changes. As a young and inexperienced Christian I was convinced that the devil was everywhere and tempting every one... [Devotional]

April 21, 11AM

“I am the church you are the church we are the church together. All who follow Jesus all around the world Yes, we’re the church together” Yeah…that about sums it up…but I’ll write more anyway. I, like many young childre... [Other Posts]

April 18, 12 PM

“It is finished”. Found in the gospel of John (John 19:30), these three simple words changed everything. It is fair though to ask the question what exactly is finished? We can look around our cities and towns and see violence and addiction, po... [Other Posts]

April 16, 12 PM

In 2012 there were about 11,000 Starbucks in the United States. If you add in other chains as well as mom and pop shops, the number climbs to about 20,000 total coffee shops. In that same year there were about 300,000 protestant churches. If we add in our... [Other Posts]

April 14, 8AM

At my church, as in many churches I suspect, there is an Easter egg hunt. It occurred last Saturday. I’m rather happy to say that before the hunt, the story of Easter is told so that the children and their parent s get to hear it. It’s always ... [Other Posts]

April 11, 3PM As I was trying to sort my thoughts out to write something similar to this, it was emailed to me. After reading it, I have decided that I really couldn’t say i... [Other Posts]

April 10, 11AM

This Sunday is Palm Sunday and also the Sunday that I will join my local UMC. It is technically a transfer as I have moved, but that does not make it any less momentous for me. It is really the perfect day to join the church I think. Palm Sunday is, of co... [Devotional]

April 8, 9AM

The news has broken that several conservative church leaders met, via conference call, to discuss many matters. I don’t suspect that any of them will actually read this, but this is my letter to them…will it do any good? Probably not, but it w... [United Methodist Church] [Maxie Dunham]

April 7, 7AM

So, Sunday I went to the theater to see the newest Captain America movie. I highly recommend it. It has some humor, it is genuinely fun to watch and is even a pretty good piece of social commentary on the dangers of mass data collection and to much power ... [media] [Captain America]

April 4, 9AM

So the Mozilla CEO lasted 11 days. Let’s be clear about this, he did nothing wrong on the job. He did nothing to indicate that his personal feelings on marriage being one man and one woman would affect his work. He released a statement explaining th... [Religion and Politics] [brendan eich] [firefox] [mozilla]

April 3, 3PM

“From my perspective, folk who are trying to position themselves in the middle seem to be sometimes doing so in an effort to keep themselves “clean” and removed from the struggle. When you’re actually trying to do something about t... [Other Posts] [United Methodist Church]


The first rule of fight church is you don’t talk about fight church. You argue, debate, threaten to and in some cases leave, but you do not talk. The second rule of fight church is you don’t talk about fight church. You levy insults, condemn p... [Other Posts]

April 2, 6AM

As technology, ideas and the world itself moves ever forward, the christian church has been grappling with the difficult questions. It has always been like this and I suspect it will continue to be like this. The more learned write papers and books, the l... [Other Posts]

March 31, 8AM

One of the good things about the fundamentalist movement in its origins was that it set five basic tenants of faith that Christians should operate under. How those have been lived out and what they have morphed into is pretty sad and often scary, but the ... [Other Posts]

March 29, 11AM

Rather than respond directly to the well thought out and intelligent post by Kevin M. Carnahan, I have chosen rather to attempt a humble presentation of a differing view. It is my hope that what it lacks in scholarship, it will make for in your understand... [Other Posts]

March 28, 4PM

It’s been a rough day, so just a short example of how the ways we choose to view things affect how we see the world an circumstances around us. “God is nowhere” and “God is now here”. See, it’s all in how you look at it... [Other Posts]

March 27, 8AM

There is a massive misunderstanding in the church about what the “sin of Sodom” actually was, but I will get to that later. (spoiler alert, it was more than one). I do want to talk about how it applies today though and how we should be accepti... [Other Posts]

March 26, 6PM

On average about 25,000 people died of starvation today. On average about 287 Christians were martyred today. On average about 9,315 people died today due to lack of basic sanitation and clean water. On average 500 people died today due to war. On average... [Controversial] [God's Word]


A good portion of my life has been violent. From working as a teenager as a bouncer, to working as a body guard and bounty hunter as I grew older. Many of my attempts to share the gospel have been in areas where Christianity is not welcome and violently o... [Other Posts]

March 25, 7AM

LITERAL (noun) “Conforming or limited to the simplest, nonfigurative, or most obvious meaning of a word or words.” I will be referring to the term literal several times and want to ensure that we are on the same page as to definition as I writ... [Other Posts]

March 24, 6AM

DISCLAIMER! The Catholic Church was the dominant faith tradition of the time when the inquisition began. I believe that any other Christian faith, were it dominant in that time, would have done the same thing. This is not intended to be a condemnation of ... [Other Posts]

March 22, 8AM I really wish that I could claim writing this particular blog. It is insanely insightful and relevant to the practice of a lot of Christians in this day and age. Oddly enough, my e... [Other Posts]

March 21, 7AM

My latest book is out! Praying in God's Theater, Meditations On the Book of RevelationIt saddens me, but it seems that we, as a society, have fallen into the most devious of traps that has been laid…the ‘ism’ trap. It has become the pr... [Other Posts]

March 20, 2PM

My latest book is out! Praying in God's Theater, Meditations On the Book of RevelationThis took place a few days ago (the 17th I think) and had a profound effect on me. I have probably missed several lessons in this experience, but perhaps it will affec... [Devotional]


My latest book is out! Praying in God's Theater, Meditations On the Book of RevelationThere is something that is always both flattering and frightening when someone invites you to a thing. Both of those things are playing out as I type this. I am flatte... [Other Posts]