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March 30 2017, 4AM

Not all pastors like using church media. That’s okay. Even the designers who make church media are sensitive about when and where to use it. There’s a fine line between adding to and distracting from a sermon or service. Some churches choose t... [Misc.] [church media] [easter media]

January 30, 5AM

My wife and I have been leading teams of Young Life leaders for the last several years. This year, she’s pregnant with twins. It’s becoming increasingly apparent that she can’t have the same expectations for herself as a volunteer team l... [articles] [church volunteer] [ebook] [volunteer program] [volunteers]

November 15 2016, 3PM

Some pastors spend 30 hours or more preparing a single sermon. Even if you treasure every moment of those hours, there are parts of the process of writing a sermon that take longer than they need to—and more importantly, distract you from focusing on th... [articles] [Products] [church presentation] [logos 7] [logos and proclaim] [proclaim church presentation software] [sermon editor] [sermon help] [sermon prep] [Sermon Preparation] [sermon slides]

November 8, 5AM

It’s no secret that being a pastor is hard. Your sermons can take 30 hours or more per week. Some people expect you to be available constantly. You’re often exposed to the worst moments and darkest secrets of people you care about. You don&#... [Misc.] [burnout symptoms] [clergy burnout] [pastor burnout help] [preventing pastor burnout] [recovering from burnout] [stop pastor burnout] [volunteer program]

September 20, 4AM

June 8, 12 PM

A few years ago, a good friend of mine spent months studying the way Jesus used the physical world around him to illuminate Scripture. Salt, light, roads, flowers, birds, and bread are all examples of concrete, vivid illustrations Jesus pulled from ever... [articles] [how to use sermon illustrations] [video sermon illustrations] [church videos] [preaching videos] [sermon illustration videos] [video clips for sermons] [personal sermon illustrations] [story of scripture] [dan stevers true and better] [dan stevers videos]

May 23, 4AM

When you’re trying to make a point, the way you talk changes. Maybe you change your rhythm. You switch from long, rapid sentences to short, slow fragments where every word carries more weight. Or you might drastically change your volume. You drop ... [Misc.] [church presentation software] [text effects for sermons] [fill-in-the-blank sermon slides] [add fade in text to sermon slides] [change font colors in sermon slides] [tips for bilingual churches]

May 6, 12 PM

As you probably (hopefully) know, Mother’s Day is this Sunday. If your master plan to honor your wife, mom, grandma, or women who aren’t moms (but basically are) is already well under way, well done. And if you just realized Mother’s Da... [Products] [bible verse art] [christian mother's day ideas] [Verse of the Day art]

March 4, 1PM

When you study with Logos and present with Proclaim, you don’t have to spend hours preparing your sermon and then hours preparing your slides. You can get ready for the service while you study for your sermon. Add quotes to your sermon while you study T... [Products] [articles] [Logos Bible Software] [church presentation software] [sermon help] [sermon writing tips] [sermon slides] [good sermon quotes] [visual aids for sermons] [logos and proclaim]

February 25, 1PM

Easter is a huge opportunity for your church. There are more people attending church than almost any other time of year. Your Easter sermon is arguably the most important sermon your church will hear all year. And people who almost never go to church and ... [Misc.]

February 8, 5AM

We live in a world that expects results. Nobody wants to waste their life or spend their time on things that don’t matter. That’s part of what makes it so devastating when our ministries feel fruitless—no one gives their life to Christ, the financia... [articles] [Missions] [Ministry] [Take Flight] [hans egede] [fruit] [hope] [missionaries] [missionary]

January 15, 3PM

Have you ever spent time digging into the Song of Solomon? More than that, have you ever applied the verses in Song of Solomon to your love life or the love lives of those you’ve counseled? As a pastor, you’ve probably served as a marital or p... [Misc.] [free] [Marriage] [counseling] [conference] [matt chandler] [marriage conference]

January 13, 5AM

Small groups help us take “community” from the abstract to the concrete. They allow our relationships with fellow believers to flourish into meaningful friendships as we grow and serve and study the Word together. They provide both a context f... [Misc.] [Marriage] [Vyrso] [matt chandler] [Small Groups] [marriage conference] [small group curriculum] [faithlife groups] [the mingling of souls] [lauren chandler]


Some Faithlife Groups are just for you and a handful of other people—like your small group, or you and an accountability partner. But not every group needs or wants complete privacy. You can join Faithlife Groups that use unique document-sharing capabil... [Misc.] [church] [faith community] [faithlife] [faithlife groups] [Small Groups]

December 22 2014, 12 PM

Isaiah’s magnificent prophecy spans not only history, going from creation (e.g., 42:5) to eternity (e.g., 9:7), but also geography, with an interest ranging between God’s own people through all of humanity (e.v., 2:2). Containing both words of... [Misc.] [bible verse art] [Christmas] [christmas sale] [Devotional] [Isaiah] [jesus] [Scripture art] [verse of the day]

June 24, 12 PM

The end of June means graduation, and—whether you’re graduating or not—education is worth celebrating. So, in honor of this year’s graduates, we’re offering huge savings on six top commentaries. When June ends, so do these de... [Misc]

June 5, 12 PM

Order Bible Study Magazine today and get 32% off the cover price! Bible Study Magazine gives you the tools and insight you need to study the Bible and apply it in your life. No matter how you’re currently studying Scripture, BSM helps you get more o... [Products]


June has arrived, and that means a new monthly sale has, too. This month, over 180 products are on sale—check out all the deals! Here are just a few of the discounts available this month: Hudson Taylor Collection On sale for 54% off! Ralph D. Wint... [Misc]

June 3, 4AM

In honor of this year’s graduates, we’re kicking off summer with great deals—for everyone! Whether you’re graduating or you just want to know the Bible better, you can save up to 34% on top commentaries. Here are a few of the bestselle... [Products] [commentaries] [graduation]

June 2, 12 PM

Right now, you can get Walter Brueggemann’s Spirituality of the Psalms for free! Brueggemann, one of the world’s foremost theologians and OT scholars, has led the way to compelling new understandings of ancient Israel’s faith and culture... [Products] [David] [free book] [free book of the month] [Psalms] [Walter Brueggemann]

May 28, 4AM

We’re delighted to introduce an exciting new resource: the D.A. Carson Sermon Library! This remarkable collection gives you over 500 sermons from one of the most influential New Testament scholars of our time. It also introduces innovative new ways ... [Featured] [Products] [D. A. Carson] [Preaching] [sermon archive] [sermon library]

May 21, 3PM

For just a few more days, the Zondervan Textbook Bundle is on Pre-Pub for 24% off. Pre-order it before it ships to get the best price! Whether you’re a professor, a pastor, a student, or a Christian looking to expand your theological toolkit, these text... [Misc]

May 19, 12 PM

Every day, we offer a Twitter #DailyDeal: a limited-time offer for 50% off one of our products. This week, we’re partnering with Fortress Press to offer 50% off six powerful study resources! Today’s #DailyDeal is Paul and Palestinian Judaism. Wayn... [Misc]


Lexham Press offers digital-first study resources that help you interpret, preach, and apply the Bible. Lexham’s publications are specifically designed for Logos—they take full advantage of your software’s unique tagging and Bible-knowledg... [Products]

May 7, 5AM

May is here, and so are more than 150 new monthly deals. See them all! Here are just a few of the resources on sale: History of Jerusalem Collection Get it for 78% off! Jerusalem, a holy city in three major world religions, has long been a flashpoint of r... [Products]

April 30, 12 PM

The New Testament shows us how to follow Christ, grow closer to him, and live in light of the gospel. But if you don’t have all the pieces—proper context, sound exegesis, the right perspective—you might miss the very message you need to hear. Th... [Misc]

April 29, 12 PM

Since 2011, Logos has been bringing you Verses of the Day—beautiful pieces of Bible art that highlight a different verse daily. Over the years, Logos’ professional designers have brought over 700 verses to life. The Verse of the Day app (for Windows 8... [Misc]


Starting today, more than 40 resources on prayer are on sale, most for under $30! May 1 is America’s National Day of Prayer, and to help you get ready, we’ve picked some of our favorite resources on the subject. If you’re ready to kick-... [Misc]

April 23, 4AM

Different commentaries engage Scripture in different ways, and it’s important to find one that meets your needs as a believer. With so many commentaries to choose from, though, picking the right one can be difficult. Enter David Guzik’s brand-new Comm... [Misc]

April 18, 12 PM

Around the world, today is a day to remember God’s sacrifice. Good Friday is also known as Holy Friday, or Great Friday. In Germany, this same day is often called Sorrowful Friday. These drastically different names capture not only important aspects of ... [Misc]

April 11, 4AM

Pre-Pub lets you take advantage of extra-low prices by pre-ordering books before they’re produced: the sooner you pre-order, the more you save. Once the book is produced, though, regular pricing kicks in. Right now, you can get your hands on a ton of Pr... [Misc]

April 9, 12 PM

Spring is a great time to dig into Scripture—and Bible Study Magazine is here to help. Maybe you haven’t kept up with a New Year’s resolution to spend more time in the Word. Maybe you’ve been meaning to study more, but waiting for life to get... [Misc]

April 8, 4AM

Right now, when you pick up a brand-new Reformed base package, you can save in multiple ways. Here’s how you can fit an entire library into your budget and get the best deal on the resources you love: 1. Take 15% off any Reformed base package! Right... [Misc]

April 4, 12 PM

Vyrso has partnered with Shepherd Press to offer you 26 titles for just 99 cents each! For a limited time, you can choose from books by Paul David Tripp, Rick Horne, John Crotts, Tedd Tripp, Dave Harvey, and other top Christian authors. Get all 26 titles ... [Misc]


April’s free book is here, and it’s just waiting to help you understand what Jesus said about Scripture, how he used it in his teaching, and how it affected his ministry. Get Jesus and Scripture for free right now! In this illuminating guide, Steve Mo... [Misc]

April 2, 12 PM

During its first four centuries, Christianity produced some of the world’s most profound historical, theological, and philosophical literature. These writings are the foundation for almost all modern Christian theology—many of the beliefs you hold... [Misc]

April 1, 7AM

Our brand-new Lutheran base packages are here! You can be among the first to own one of these specially designed packages, packed with powerful Bible study tools and a broad selection of Lutheran resources. Choose your Lutheran base package now, and use ... [Products] [Lutheran] [lutheran base package] [lutheran studies]

March 29, 4AM

Through Monday, we have nearly 200 products on sale! You can save big on titles like A Commentary on the New Testament from the Talmud and Hebraica, Dictionary of Theological Terms, and the R. A. Torrey Collection. Here are five of our best-selling deals:... [Misc]

March 28, 7AM

Logos 5’s Bible Facts tool is a powerful, comprehensive database of all of the Bible’s people, places, and things. It’s a great way to learn more about almost anything, but it’s especially useful when you’re studying biblical peo... [Misc]

March 27, 2PM

For the first time ever, you can choose from a line of brand-new Anglican base packages that bring Logos’ powerful tools to the rich Anglican tradition. We’ve carefully selected resources that help you study in accordance with Scripture, tradition... [Products]

March 25, 2PM

Right now, you can get R. C. Sproul’s 17-volume Crucial Questions series for free! Answer the tough questions Throughout these 17  books, Sproul explores the core questions people ask about Christianity. You’ll get titles like Can I Be Sure ... [Products] [crucial questions] [free books] [R. C. Sproul]

March 21, 4AM

This month only, we’re offering special savings on one of our top-selling resources—the International Critical Commentary Series. Through the end of March, you can use coupon code ICC2014 to save over $5001 on more than a century’s worth of top-... [Misc]

March 17, 12 PM

In the information age, it’s not often that we lose track of history’s most influential people. Archives, blogs, databases, and books direct us to those worth learning from. But sometimes powerful voices get lost in the noise. If you don’t already k... [Misc]

March 15, 4AM

One hundred years ago today, a theological powerhouse was born. Leon Lamb Morris poured his life into uncovering the deeper truths of Scripture. David Allan Hubbard (president emeritus, Fuller Theological Seminary) said, “Here was a man humble in his di... [Misc]

March 14, 4AM

If you don’t already have your hands on a Bible dictionary, you’re missing out on a powerful tool that enhances every biblical resource you own. Have questions about people, places, or theological concepts? With a Bible dictionary, you can get answers... [Misc]

March 11, 4AM

The Bible reaches across the centuries to speak truth into our lives. But the less we know about it, and the less we grapple with the passages that perplex and challenge us, the less we appreciate its life-giving power. Sometimes all it takes is a little ... [Misc]

March 7, 5AM

Understanding your spiritual roots plays a vital role in defining your identity as a Christian. Understanding the spiritual roots of the world around you is just as vital to evangelism. The writings and teachings that powerfully affect your daily life may... [Misc]