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March 2 2018, 11AM

The latest releases from Lexham Press cover a wide range of topics, but they’re all united by a common theme—helping you connect God’s Word to real life. Commentaries, bible studies, or theological works—these are powerful books that challenge you... [Products]

February 16, 5AM

Earlier this week, Mark Ward examined some criticisms of the King James Version via the preface to the Revised Standard Version. He mentioned dead words and “false friends” as examples of how the English language has changed over 600 years. In this ex... [articles]

February 9, 3PM

There’s so much to look forward to in 2018. Lexham Press has some exciting new books scheduled to release this year, including a brand new book by Dr. Michael Heiser. We just finalized our Spring 2018 Catalog where you’ll find all of our exciting fort... [Products]

February 2, 5AM

We all have a particular Bible translation we always turn to. It might be the Bible we grew up reading or it might be a translation we chose after hours of diligent research and thoughtful consideration. But what about all the other translations available... [Products]

January 19, 3PM

In his two massive theological commentaries, Common Grace and Pro Rege, Abraham Kuyper develops a robust public theology, fully addressing the intersection of faith and culture. Too often, theology simply resides in the lofty chambers of academia, without... [Products]

January 12, 11AM

As the country celebrates Martin Luther King Jr. Day on Monday, we are also reminded of other African-Americans who have contributed to the black community and the world through education, ministry, and writing. One such individual is Charles Octavius Boo... [Products]

December 15 2017, 1PM

Books make wonderful presents. That’s why we think the Christmas season is the perfect time to share the treasures of God’s Word with your friends and family. Through December, you’ll find great deals on some of our best print books, with discounts ... [Products]

December 8, 3PM

Over the course of his noteworthy career as a theologian, John Frame corresponded prolifically with theologians, pastors, and students, answering their questions on matters of the faith, the church, and the practice of theology. The Theological Correspond... [Products]

November 24, 1PM

We’re offering some of our Lexham Press titles for as low as $0.99 and select titles are up to 60% off this Black Friday weekend. Take advantage of these deals while you can! $0.99 Deals There are four titles on sale for under a dollar: When the Bible... [Misc.]

November 17, 5AM

In his introduction to Romans Verse by Verse, Grant Osborne makes a grandiose claim: “In AD 57 in the city of Corinth, the Apostle Paul wrote the greatest book ever penned in human history: his letter to the Roman church.” While we can’t prove that ... [Products]

November 10, 5AM

Scholars often portray Luther as a heroic revolutionary, totally unlike his peers and forebears. But is this accurate? At times this revolutionary model of Luther has come to some shocking conclusions, particularly concerning the doctrine of the Trinity. ... [articles] [Products]

November 3, 12 PM

Since the first volume was released five years ago, the Lexham Bible Guides have become some of our most popular resources. The series has grown to cover the entire Pauline corpus and two volumes on Genesis. Now, two new volumes are on the horizon: Jonah ... [Products]

October 27, 2PM

We are all tempted to believe lies about our identities that shape our daily lives. As Dayton Hartman puts it, “Our hearts, apart from God’s regenerating grace, are literally lie-producing and lie-believing machines.” But Hartman is convinced there ... [articles] [Products]

October 20, 4AM

Sound Christian doctrine and good Christian living are intimately tied together. You cannot have one without the other. This is especially true for church leaders. In his letter to Titus, the Apostle Paul implores the reader to take truth seriously and to... [articles] [Products]

October 13, 2PM

The Bible is mysterious, surprising—and often deeply misunderstood. There are many passages in Scripture that communicate important ideas and events clearly and simply, transcending differences in language and context. But there are also many passages t... [articles]

September 22, 12 PM

Walter Strickland speaking at Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary. On Wednesday, Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary held an event to celebrate the release of Plain Theology for Plain People. Speaking at the event, Walter Strickland III said, ... [articles] [Products]

September 8, 4AM

In the Book of Proverbs, you’ll find a blueprint for how to build a life according to God’s wisdom. Allan Moseley categorized every verse in this biblical book according to its subject and the result is his new book Living Well. He walks through speci... [Misc.]

September 1, 12 PM

Learning and understanding the basic tenets of Christianity can be challenging for new believers. There’s just so much to take in. Where do you begin? Shilo Taylor had to navigate this tension while serving as a youth minister. She wrote Brand New to p... [Misc.]

August 18, 12 PM

Whether you’re just starting your studies or you’re headed back for your final year in school, making the most of your time in seminary should be a priority for every student. But not every student can foresee the realities, responsibilities, and chal... [Misc.]

August 11, 12 PM

Do you remember when you first became a Christian? The joy of being introduced to Jesus is probably one of your most treasured memories. But do you also remember feeling overwhelmed by this completely new life? You probably had so many questions: WhatR... [Misc.]

July 28, 4AM

Richard Averbeck of Trinity Evangelical Divinity School calls Grant Osborne “one of the premier New Testament commentators of our day.” This exegetical expertise is on display in the Osborne New Testament Commentaries. The next volume in this acclaime... [articles] [Products]

June 9, 4AM

The newest volume in the Evangelical Exegetical Commentary series is Philippians by Mark J. Keown. In his epistle to the Philippians, the Apostle Paul addresses internal struggles and external pressures that the church faced. In this volume, Keown shows h... [articles]

June 2, 12 PM

In his letter to the Galatians, the Apostle Paul sought to correct a church that had lost the heart of the gospel. Dr. Grant Osborne calls this letter “the first great theological battle in the history of the church.” At the core of the disagreement w... [Misc.]

May 19, 4AM

There are only so many hours in the day, and every one counts. For pastors, this tension is particularly difficult. According to research conducted by Thom Rainer of Lifeway, pastors spend around 13 hours per week on sermon preparation. With all the other... [Misc.]

May 5, 4AM

Throughout May, we’re featuring Faithlife’s very own publishing imprint, Lexham Press. Our roots are in creating innovative resources designed for and integrated into the Logos Bible Software platform. You can get great deals on many of these digital-... [Products]

April 28, 2PM

Danny Zacharias and Ben Forrest believe there are certain skills and habits that apply to anyone in a seminary context. Their new book, Surviving and Thriving in Seminary, equips students with the skills to succeed—spiritually, relationally, and academi... [Misc.]

April 21, 4AM

Attending seminary can be a wonderfully challenging experience. But so many students enter their studies unprepared for the stress and hardships they might encounter. That’s why Danny Zacharias and Ben Forrest wrote Surviving and Thriving in Seminary. T... [Misc.]

April 14, 4AM

The Christian faith is full of profound truths that defy human understanding. These grand mysteries point us to God’s greatness and goodness and, when contemplated, evoke awe and worship. At the center of our celebration of Easter are two of these myste... [Misc.]

April 7, 12 PM

Even if you’re unfamiliar with the works of Abraham Kuyper, you might recognize his most famous quote: “There is not a square inch in the whole domain of our human existence over which Christ, who is Sovereign over all, does not cry: ‘Mine!’” Fo... [Misc.]

March 24, 4AM

For modern readers of the Bible, studying the ancient context of the text can be extremely difficult. There are so many unfamiliar details that get lost in translation. Cultural concepts that would have been woven into the fabric of these ancient societie... [Misc.]

March 17, 4AM

The NIV Faithlife Study Bible invites you to explore the Bible and inform your faith. There is limitless depth to God’s Word—whether it’s studying the original biblical languages or the details of the ancient world, there’s always something new to... [Products]

March 10, 5AM

The NIV Faithlife Study Bible invites you to understand the Bible more fully—to feed your curiosity about God and His work in the world. Adapted for print from the digital edition of the Faithlife Study Bible, this visually stunning study Bible deliver... [Misc.]

March 3, 5AM

In today’s culture, it’s hard to feel productive unless we’re moving fast. We try to squeeze the most out of every moment. We listen to an informational podcast during our morning workout; we speed read through a chapter from that business book duri... [Products]

February 24, 1PM

Ephesians presents modern readers with a difficult interpretive challenge. The themes found within the letter are deeply theological and the Apostle Paul writes with a complex writing style that is hard to decipher. Working through this biblical book is h... [Misc.]

February 17, 5AM

Last week, we announced a new series, Lexham Classics, that brings the best of our Christian heritage to modern readers. This common heritage spans eras and traditions, reflecting the richness of our shared faith. By studying these works from throughout h... [Products]

February 10, 1PM

Reading a Daniel Bush book is always a delight! —Steve Brown Discover the beautiful truth that Steve Brown and so many others have found at the core of Daniel Bush’s writing. His new book, Undefended, is born from Bush’s personal experiences as a pa... [Misc.]

February 9, 1PM

We are greatly blessed to live in a time when so many riches from the past are made available to us. Books that cross the centuries and the continents are becoming available to the average reader for the first time. We here at Lexham Press are hoping to ... [Misc.]

January 24, 3PM

There are some exciting things in store for the Evangelical Exegetical Commentary (EEC) series this year. Here’s a rundown of what you can expect in 2017. New print volumes Two more EEC volumes have been released in print—Esther and Exodus. In Esther,... [Products]

January 17, 5AM

Imagine you’re sitting in a coffee shop with your Bible in front of you. You’ve been reading and re-reading a particularly challenging passage and have a number of unanswered questions bouncing around in your mind. Then imagine a friend sits across fr... [Misc.]

January 13, 1PM

The book of Judges is filled with memorable stories. While there are examples of faithful believers scattered throughout its pages, many of these stories are filled with political intrigue and bloodshed. Perhaps the most difficult issue is to discern how ... [Misc.]

January 6, 5AM

The Lexham Methods Series ships on January 18—this is your last chance to pre-order and save 30%! The Lexham Methods Series is designed to help you learn, refresh, or master the tools of biblical scholarship. Deepen your understanding of the Bible thro... [Misc.]

December 30, 5AM

Throughout this Christmas season, we’ve been encouraging Christians to commit to look closer at God’s Word. We believe Scripture has the power to open our eyes to the wonder and power of the Christmas story. That commitment to looking closer doesn’t... [Products]

December 23, 1PM

With Christmas just a few days away, all the preparations should be complete. The tree has been decorated, the stockings hung, the presents wrapped, and all the dinners planned. Amidst all these arrangements, take a moment to pause and reflect on the Chr... [articles] [Products]

December 9, 1PM

This Christmas, Logos Bible Software is encouraging Christians around the world to look closer at the Bible. The transformative power of Scripture is central to the mission of Lexham Press, too. We’ve been deeply transformed by the Bible, and publishing... [Products]

November 28, 5AM

For the past 25 years, debate regarding the nature of tense and aspect in the Koine Greek verb has held New Testament studies at an impasse. Originally presented during a conference on the Greek verb supported by and held at Tyndale House and sponsored by... [Products]

November 18, 5AM

“How can God be three and one? How can God take on a human nature? If God planned everything, how can I be responsible? Do my prayers make any difference in God’s plan? Will we finally know everything when we get to heaven? “These are questions tha... [Products]

October 21, 4AM

Imagine if you could peer inside the mind of a young theologian, before he penned his most influential works. What would we find? Would his later works be illuminated further by an understanding of his foundational thoughts? What connections could you dra... [Products]

October 14, 4AM

The fifth and final volume of Geerhardus Vos’ Reformed Dogmatics is now available! For over five years, Richard B. Gaffin Jr. has been diligently working to bring this classic work into English for the first time ever. The first four volumes were extrem... [Products]

October 7, 4AM

God’s Word is transformative. It is this conviction which gives the Transformative Word series its name and its unique character. Series Editor Craig G. Bartholomew has worked alongside authors from around the world to identify a key theme in each book ... [Products]

September 9, 4AM

We recently had the chance to talk with two authors from the Transformative Word series to get their take on what makes this series valuable. Matthew Emerson wrote the volume on Revelation and Heath Thomas wrote the volume on Habakkuk. What makes the Tran... [Products]

September 2, 4AM

Commentaries are a beloved and vital resource for modern students of the Bible. They give us expert insight into each verse of each chapter of each book of the Bible, and are often a great starting point for deeper research. But one thing the standard com... [Products]

August 26, 12 PM

“Location, location, location.” Anyone familiar with real estate has certainly overheard this mantra at some point. The geographic features of a particular location influence so much of our human experience. Even beyond the aspects of climate, landsca... [Products]

August 12, 4AM

Last month, we announced the Osborne New Testament Commentaries written by respected biblical scholar Grant R. Osborne. As a culmination of his life’s ministry, he’s bringing his academic acumen to an accessible, application-focused commentary. Os... [Products]

August 5, 4AM

The Lexham Methods Series is finally in production and will ship by the end of the year. Way back in 2012, we announced an incredible new resource to help you understand the Bible better than ever before—the Lexham Methods Series. These four volumes ena... [Products]

July 29, 4AM

Abraham Kuyper was one of the most extraordinary individuals of his time. A prolific intellectual, theologian, and politician, he devoted much of his writing towards developing a public theology. His passion was to faithfully understand and engage cultur... [articles] [tributes]

July 22, 12 PM

All Christians agree that Christ is God—the doctrine of the Trinity is at the core of what we believe, and the church affirmed Jesus’ divinity in its early councils. Though we know the Bible affirms this, it even more clearly presents Jesus as our Kin... [articles]

July 8, 12 PM

Last week, we announced a new verse-by-verse commentary series from respected biblical scholar Grant Osborne. As a culmination of his life’s ministry, Osborne is bringing his theological acumen to an accessible, application-focused commentary. The O... [Products]

July 1, 4AM

The landscape for modern biblical commentaries is heavily skewed towards a scholarly approach to Scripture. These academic treatments of the text certainly advance biblical scholarship but often overlook the practical implications of the text for the mode... [Products]

June 17, 12 PM

Deciphering handwritten passages in Greek and Hebrew is no one’s idea of a walk in the park. When the surrounding text is printed in Old Dutch, that task borders on impossible. But for Richard B. Gaffin Jr., translating Geerhardus Vos’ Dogmatiek was a... [Misc.]

June 10, 12 PM

Last week, we featured two new titles in the Transformative Word series, Between the Cross and the Throne: The Book of Revelation and God Behind the Scenes: The Book of Esther. In this post, Wayne Barkhuizen, author of the Esther volume, explains th... [Misc.]

June 3, 12 PM

The work of God’s Kingdom is never easy. For many ministries, crisis and chaos may seem like faithful companions. Facing the tension of this work is always challenging and it can be difficult to recognize God’s presence when the going gets tough. Stor... [Misc.]

May 20, 4AM

The tendency to emphasize the good of the spiritual realm to the neglect of the physical world has led many Christians to an unbiblical view of the world and a false dichotomy between the ‘sacred’ and ‘secular.’ —Kenneth T. Magnuson, professor o... [Misc.]

May 5, 12 PM

How many of us learned a litany of easy-to-remember prayers growing up? Recite with me: “Now I lay me down to sleep . . . Jesus, tender shepherd, hear me, bless thy little lamb tonight . . . Come, Lord Jesus, be our guest …” And that’s to say noth... [Products]

April 29, 4AM

Late last year, we released a few new volumes in the Evangelical Exegetical Commentary series: S.M. Baugh’s excellent treatment of Ephesians and the longest commentary on Jude ever written. It’s the former volume that has received some high praise rec... [Products]

April 22, 4AM

We spend the vast majority of our waking hours on the job, yet glorifying God in our work is rarely a topic of conversation in the church. Faithful Christians who desire to honor God with their vocational lives often do so by working ethically, starting l... [articles]

April 15, 12 PM

Lexham Press is giving away the five-volume, complete Unseen Realm bundle—including The Unseen Realm, Supernatural, I Dare You Not to Bore Me with the Bible, and two companion books, The Unseen Realm: A Q&A Companion and Supernatural: A Study Guide.... [Misc.]

April 8, 12 PM

Christians often fall prey to the notion that the “secular” and “sacred” should be separated. While it’s true that Jesus has called us into his Kingdom, he has also called us back into the world from which we were rescued. Our faith must be grou... [Misc.]

April 1, 2PM

In a recent blog post, Logos Pro Mark Ward took a both-and approach to the print vs. digital argument, holding that some resources are designed for a digital medium and others work better as a physical book you can hold in your hands. We agree, but we’... [Products] [Lexham] [ebooks] [reformed dogmatics] [print versus digital]

March 18, 2PM

The amount of writing and speaking Charles Spurgeon amassed during his lifetime is truly staggering. Though he only wrote two formal commentaries, his thoughts and comments touch on every book of the Bible. In fact, his sermons were filled with biblical c... [Misc.]

March 5, 7AM

Postmodern culture often celebrates diversity, but the multitude of viewpoints can make sensible dialogue challenging. As American Christians endure yet another fiery political season, the temptation to throw up our hands in defeat and frustration may be ... [Misc.]

February 19, 5AM

“What has been is what will be, and what has been done is what will be done, and there is nothing new under the sun.” (Eccl 1:9) This refrain from the beginning of Ecclesiastes is music to a historian’s ears. The cliché “those who fail to learn f... [Products]

February 12, 5AM

The Epistle of James is one of the most practical books in the Bible. The exhortations within the letter encourage believers to put what they have learned in Christ into action. For James, knowledge and wisdom are not the end goal, but rather a means to a... [Misc.]

February 5, 5AM

Pastors face a difficult challenge every week—crafting sermons that are both faithful to the biblical text and relevant to their contemporary audience. It may be easy to focus on one aspect over the other but preaching God’s Word with both in mind i... [Products]

January 29, 1PM

The praise for Dr. Michael Heiser’s The Unseen Realm has been unending since its release last year. Readers have given it 4.8 out of 5 stars on Amazon and one reviewer called it “the most thought provoking, thrilling, insightful book I have read all ... [Products] [angels] [mike heiser] [the unseen realm] [Supernatural] [Demons] [the flood] [Nephilim]

January 14, 1PM

We have a number of exciting things in store for the Evangelical Exegetical Commentary (EEC) series this year. Here’s a rundown of what you can expect in 2016. The newest volume Right before the calendar turned over to 2016, we released 1 & 2 Samuel... [Misc.]

January 8, 5AM

Calvinists believe in total depravity: no one is untouched by the effects of sin and we all have mixed motives in what we do. How then would one account for the goodness, the beauty, the mercies, and the glories we see in this depraved world? Common Grace... [Products] [kuyper] [lexham press] [common grace] [public theology]

January 1, 5AM

The New Year is a time for new beginnings. This year, challenge yourself to make Bible study a daily habit. Not only will you be meditating on the Word of God every single day, but hopefully new insights and reflections will become apparent as you engross... [Products] [Bible study] [diy bible study] [connect the testaments] [daily devotions] [new years resolution]

December 18 2015, 3PM

Good contextualization is hard work. Like an onion, there are so many layers to consider when communicating the message of the Bible. If you miss just one of these layers, your message could end up falling flat. And contextualization isn’t just a modern... [Products]

December 11, 3PM

Abraham Kuyper’s influence has been felt throughout the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries in the Netherlands and the Dutch Reformed church. But his legacy had been largely washed away by the churning of history. As modern Christians think th... [Products]

December 10, 1PM

Good contextualization is critical to communicating the message of the Bible. But good contextualization is hard work. It requires intimate knowledge of both Scripture and the audience that you’re trying to reach. In his new book, Excellent Preaching, C... [Products] [Craig Bartholomew] [lexham press] [Preaching]

November 27, 1PM

For years, Lexham Press has been creating innovative, high-quality resources for Logos Bible Software. These resources are designed from the ground up to take advantage of the most powerful Bible software in the world. Thousands have already enjoyed the i... [Products] [black friday] [Lexham]

November 20, 1PM

The first three volumes of Geerhardus Vos’ Reformed Dogmatics establish Vos’ thought regarding the character of God, the nature of man, and the person of Christ. The fourth volume in this five-volume set begins an examination of the work of Chri... [Products] [Geerhard Vos] [reformed dogmatics]

November 19, 1PM

Dr. Michael Heiser’s newest book, Supernatural, was released last week and the reviews are flowing in. People are raving about the astounding insights and the accessibility of the writing. Supernatural is a book that will challenge the way you think ab... [Products] [Michael Heiser] [Supernatural] [the unseen realm]

November 5, 5AM

Last week, we announced a new series of translations of Abraham Kuyper’s writings in public theology. This monumental series is comprised of eight key works across 12 volumes. While most of the translation has already been completed, producing these vol... [Misc.]

October 29, 4AM

Lexham Press is pleased to announce the publication of a major series of new translations of Abraham Kuyper’s writings in public theology. Created in partnership with the Acton Institute and the Kuyper Translation Society, Abraham Kuyper Collected W... [Misc.] [Products] [Abraham Kuyper] [Apologetics] [common grace] [Culture] [theology]

October 22, 2PM

Thousands of readers have already recovered the supernatural worldview of the Bible by reading The Unseen Realm by Dr. Michael Heiser. New connections across Scripture have been revealed as our understanding of the supernatural realm grows. Scholars and r... [Misc.] [lexham press] [Michael Heiser]

October 8, 12 PM

Language is a funny thing. A single word can have many meanings, and many words can describe a single concept. In our native tongue, we usually have a pretty good grasp on which words we can use to express certain thoughts and ideas. But when we encounter... [Misc.] [Products] [Greek] [Hebrew] [Lexham] [word studies]

October 1, 12 PM

The newest volumes in the Evangelical Exegetical Commentary (EEC) series are here: Ephesians and Jude! Jude The EEC was created for a digital world. Other commentaries may have a page limit to consider or a back cover to limit the coverage—not so with ... [Misc.] [Products] [commentaries] [Ephesians] [Evangelical Exegetical Commentary] [Jude] [lexham press]

September 24, 2PM

When Lexham Press first announced the Transformative Word series, we were excited to bring you a series that told the story of the Bible from diverse perspectives. Unique cultural viewpoints can help draw out scriptural truth that might otherwise have bee... [Misc.] [Products]

September 16, 4AM

The first reviews of The Unseen Realm have been posted and the consensus is overwhelmingly positive. People are raving about the astounding insights found in the book and the accessibility of the writing. Laymen and academics alike have shared their thou... [Misc.] [Products] [cultural context] [hermeneutics] [Historical Context] [Interpretation] [lexham press] [mike heiser] [the unseen realm]

September 4, 2PM

The Bible is composed of disparate pieces, each with their own author, audience, and purpose. It can be hard to come to full understanding of Scripture when we focus on each piece separately. Only when we step back to see the wider context can we begin to... [Misc.] [Products] [Biblical Studies] [cultural context] [mike heiser] [the unseen realm]

September 1, 12 PM

The threads of the unseen realm are woven throughout Scripture. They begin before creation, can be seen throughout the Old Testament, and have major implications for Jesus’ mission in the New Testament. However, because of our modern perspective, these ... [Misc.] [Products]

August 26, 2PM

There are numerous passages in the Bible that are odd, confusing, or downright weird. Often, these passages occur at the intersection of our world and the supernatural. Our modern viewpoint has taught us to ignore or gloss over these difficult or troubles... [Misc.] [Products] [angels] [Demons] [god's] [mike heiser] [old testament] [Supernatural] [the unseen realm]

August 12, 4AM

The fall semester is quickly approaching. If you’re studying the Hebrew Old Testament or the Greek New Testament you need to have the Lexham Discourse resources in your tool box. And during the back-to-school sale you can get big savings on the Lexham ... [Misc.] [Products] [back to school sale] [Greek] [Hebrew] [lexham discourse bundle] [original languages]

July 30, 2PM

With July winding down, you’re running out of time to equip yourself with great resources during the Lexham Press Summer Sale. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to get incredible deals on all the right resources for whatever you’re studying. Whethe... [Misc.] [discourse analysis] [lexham press] [sale]

July 22, 2PM

Pastors have an incredible number of job duties to perform. It’s amazing they find the time to juggle ministering to their congregation, meetings with staff and administrative work, and sermon prep every single week. Thom Rainer of LifeWay recently comp... [Misc.]

July 15, 4AM

During the summer, church life slows down. Many small groups go on hiatus, and schedules fill up with travel plans and other adventures. During this downturn, pastors and ministers look forward to fall and winter when things start to pick up again. Summer... [Misc.] [Beth Moore] [Charles Spurgeon] [homiletics] [lexham press] [Ministry] [Planning] [Preaching] [sermon starter guide] [Tim Keller]

June 24, 11AM

Friday, June 19 was Charles Spurgeon’s 181st birthday. In celebration, there are three exciting ways we’re helping you benefit from the vast wisdom of “The Prince of Preachers.” You could even win paperback copies of two volumes in the Spurgeon Co... [Misc.] [Products] [C.H. Spurgeon] [Charles Spurgeon] [commentaries] [homiletics] [lexham press] [Preaching] [Sermons] [spurgeon] [spurgeon commentary]

June 10, 4AM

There is great significance to words—not only what is said but how it’s said. We often choose to say something a certain way for emphasis, to direct the conversation, or to better communicate our point. We don’t overtly think about these devices, bu... [Misc.] [Products] [apostle james] [commentaries] [discourse analysis] [epistle of james] [General Epistles] [High Definition Commentary] [james] [lexham press] [logos] [Logos Bible Software] [Pre-Pub] [Steve Runge]

June 3, 4AM

Through June, download Evangelical Exegetical Commentary: Esther for free! With intriguing plot twists and suspenseful action, the book of Esther cleverly exposes the folly of wealth and selfish ambition. These are contrasted with the wisdom and courage o... [Misc.] [Products]

May 27, 4AM

When we read something, that information is filtered through our own experiences and culture. This is no less true when we read the Bible. Our worldviews are important, but we rarely get a chance to see the Bible from another perspective. Because of langu... [Misc.] [Products] [2 Corinthians] [apartheid] [Biblical Studies] [Culture] [hemermenutics] [Interpretation] [Job] [lexham press] [suffering] [Theodicy] [theology] [worldview]

May 20, 2PM

In Embracing God as Father, Dan Bush and Noel Due show us the loving heart of the Father towards his children. This love is revealed in the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ, and it is through him that we are adopted into God’s family. B... [Misc.] [Products] [Adoption] [daniel bush] [embracing God as Father] [fatherhood of God] [Galatians] [Live in Liberty] [noel due] [sonship] [video]

May 6, 4AM

It can be easy to reduce Jonah’s story to the version we might have learned in Sunday school when we were young. Being swallowed by a “big fish” is a story that engages our imaginations and teaches a valuable lesson about obedience. But by focusing ... [Misc.] [Products] [Bible study] [Book of Jonah] [forgiveness] [grace] [Jonah] [jonah and the big fish] [jonah and the fish] [Jonah and the Whale] [lexham press] [mercy] [Minor Prophets] [not your average bible study]

April 23, 12 PM

At the end of 2014, we shipped a massive update to the Lexham Bible Dictionary (LBD) that pushed the article count to over 5,000 articles and its word count to over 2.7 million words. In a few weeks, we’ll ship another update that includes over 1.3 mill... [Products]

April 15, 4AM

With Logos’ Pre-Pub program, you can get great deals on books before they’re produced—an early adopter advantage! Lexham Press has a number of awesome projects currently on Pre-Pub and some of them are shipping soon. Lock in your Pre-Pub price today... [Products] [animated high definition commentary] [discourse analysis] [dr. steve runge] [High Definition] [High Definition Commentary] [Lexham] [lexham press] [Pre-Pub] [pre-publication] [Steve Runge]

April 1, 4AM

Learn how to study the Bible and immerse yourself in its wonder with DIY Bible Study. This highly visual curriculum leverages the power of Logos Bible Software to help you take your Bible study to the next level. With application-focused content, beautif... [Products] [Acts] [diy bible study] [lexham press]

March 25, 4AM

We love creating unique resources to help you study the Bible. In the latest issue of Bible Study Magazine, we featured the book of James. And to help you maximize your study of this letter, we’ve put together the Lexham Press James Bundle. You can get... [Products] [Evangelical Exegetical Commentary] [High Definition Commentary] [james] [lexham press] [lexham press james bundle] [not your average bible study] [Steve Runge] [William Varner]

March 17, 4AM

Many of you have already discovered the High Definition Commentary series and have found it to be a highly approachable, illustrative commentary. These one-of-a-kind resources use principles of linguistics and biblical exegesis to illuminate key principle... [Products] [animated high definition commentary] [High Definition Commentary] [lexham press] [Logos March Madness] [Philippians] [Pre-Pub] [pre-publication] [Steve Runge]

March 11, 4AM

March 14 marks Geerhardus Vos’ 153rd birthday. To celebrate, you can take 20% off his Reformed Dogmatics. Now you can benefit from this profoundly influential work, newly translated into English. The father of Reformed biblical theology Geerhardus Vos w... [Products] [Biblical Theology] [geerhardus vos] [lexham press] [reformed dogmatics]

March 6, 5AM

A few weeks ago, Lexham Press announced an exciting partnership with Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary. Over the next few months, Lexham Press will be publishing three new books in collaboration with SEBTS. The first of these books is written by D... [Products] [bruce riley ashford] [cultural engagement] [every square inch] [lexham press] [Modern Culture] [Pre-Pub] [pre-publication]

February 10, 1PM

Over a year ago, we moved Jacob: Discerning God’s Presence to Community Pricing to see if we could offer digital curricula at a low price and gather enough interest to cover our production costs. Now, we’re finally moving this resource off Community ... [Products] [Bible study] [Community Pricing] [congregation] [digital curricula] [Jacob] [jacob: discerning god's presence] [lessons] [lexham press] [sermon] [small group]

January 21, 5AM

Only a profoundly influential work could warrant such high praise. Some view Geerhardus Vos’ Reformed Dogmatics as the foundation for modern Reformed biblical theology. For the first time ever, Reformed Dogmatics is available in English—and the first ... [Products] [geerhardus vos] [lexham press] [reformed dogmatics] [theology] [vos] [vos' reformed dogmatics]

January 14, 1PM

Lexham Press built a number of original resources specifically for Logos 6. We’ve made the Lexham Bible Dictionary bigger and better than ever, and DIY Bible Study helps you step into the story of the Bible. But one of the most exciting new resources w... [Products] [Greek] [Hebrew] [lexham press] [lexham theological wordbook] [logos 6] [Logos Bible Software] [original languages]

January 7, 1PM

Due to an unfortunate production delay, the Spurgeon Commentary Collection: New Testament Letters is scheduled to ship January 15. But our production delay is to your benefit: you have just a few more days left to enjoy Pre-Pub pricing on this amazing col... [Products] [Charles Spurgeon] [last chance] [lexham press] [Pre-Pub] [pre-publication] [shipping soon] [spurgeon commentary collection]

December 31 2014, 5AM

As the calendar turns over to 2015, many of you are making New Year’s resolutions. If you’ve decided to take your Bible study to the next level this year, Lexham Press has designed a resource that makes it easier than ever. DIY Bible Study helps you s... [Products] [diy bible study] [lexham bible study essentials bundle] [lexham press] [logos 6] [Logos Bible Software] [New Year's] [New Year's resolutions]

December 23, 5AM

Lexham Press has 16 new books shipping before the calendar turns over to 2015! All of these books are on currently on Pre-Pub—by ordering now, you could get up to 40% off the regular price. Hurry—all of these books will ship before the end of the yea... [Products] [Charles Spurgeon] [geerhardus vos] [lexham press] [Pre-Pub] [pre-publication] [reformed dogmatics] [shipping soon] [spurgeon commentary collection] [transformative word series]

December 18, 3PM

Since 2008, Bible Study Magazine has been shipping issues every two months, and we just shipped our 38th issue. And now, Lexham Press is proud to announce a nine-volume collection of Bible Study Magazine books, available today! There are over 200 article... [Products] [Bible Study Magazine] [bible study magazine book bundle] [lexham press]

December 10, 1PM

Reading the Bible can be intimidating if you haven’t spent years studying the Scriptures. There’s so much contextual knowledge that could take years of study to uncover. And without the proper methods, studying the Bible might be seen as a chore. That... [Products] [Bible study] [christmas sale] [diy bible study] [Genesis] [lexham bible study essentials bundle] [lexham press]

December 4, 1PM

The Christmas season is here, and many of you are trying to find the perfect gift for everyone on your “nice list.” Lexham Press is pleased to announce a special gift edition of Connect the Testaments, bundled with Letters to a Christian—both in pri... [Products] [connect the testaments] [gift bundle] [letters to a christian] [lexham press]

November 26, 1PM

Charles Spurgeon was one of the most influential and prolific preachers of the modern era. Last year, Lexham Press released the first volume of the Spurgeon Commentary Collection, Galatians. Since then, we’ve been working hard to complete the remaining ... [Products] [Charles Spurgeon] [commentaries] [lexham press] [New Testament] [spurgeon] [spurgeon commentary collection]

November 19, 5AM

The most advanced Bible dictionary in existence just got bigger and better. We’ve worked tirelessly to expand the Lexham Bible Dictionary to its current size—over 5,000 total articles and over 2.7 million words—and we’re still not finished. One of... [Products] [Bible study] [Lexham Bible Dictionary] [lexham press] [logos 6] [Logos Bible Software]

November 14, 5AM

Logos 6 is packed with awesome new tools and resources to make your Bible study smarter, easier, and faster. Lexham Press built a number of these amazing resources from the ground up, specifically for Logos 6. Explore the biblical world with stunning medi... [Products] [diy bible study] [lexham bible background slides] [Lexham Bible Dictionary] [lexham press] [lexham theological wordbook] [logos 6] [Logos Bible Software]

October 15, 4AM

Romans is Paul’s longest and most important epistle. The letter is filled with significant passages, as Paul unpacks the transformative nature of the gospel. But digging into the text can be pretty daunting if you’re not a Greek-language expert. All s... [Products] [High Definition Commentary] [lexham press] [Philippians] [Romans] [Steve Runge]
Romans is Paul’s longest and most important epistle. The letter is filled with significant passages, as Paul unpacks the transformative nature of the gospel. But digging into the text can be pretty daunting if you’re not a Greek-language expert. All s... [Products] [High Definition Commentary] [lexham press] [Philippians] [Romans] [Steve Runge]

October 2, 11AM

Lexham Press has shipped the three newest volumes in the Not Your Average Bible Study Series. If you’ve ordered the collection already, you should already have Sermon on the Mount: Living for God’s Kingdom, 1 Peter: We Are Refugees, and 1­–3 John: ... [Products] [Bible study] [bulk orders] [lexham press] [not your average bible study]

September 24, 4AM

The Apostle Paul found the gospel message so compelling that he became a rootless wanderer and endured hardships and deprivation to spread this good news throughout the Roman Empire. What was the “gift of righteousness” that Paul was so eager to share... [Products] [David deSilva] [lexham press] [Pauline Studies] [theology] [transformation]

September 17, 4AM

I love quotations because it is a joy to find thoughts one might have, beautifully expressed with much authority by someone recognized wiser than oneself. —Marlene Dietrich A powerful and insightful quote can be the perfect punctuation to an idea. And p... [Products] [lexham press] [quotations for preachers] [Quote of the day]

September 3, 4AM

Recently, Lexham Press collected its best content into two massive bundles: the Lexham Press Pastor’s Bundle and the Lexham Press Scholar’s Bundle. Both bundles include 50 volumes and qualify for Dynamic Pricing, so if you’ve invested in Lexham Pres... [Products] [Bible study] [lexham press] [not your average bible study] [pastor's bundle] [scholar's bundle] [small group]

August 27, 4AM

For the last six years, Lexham Press has been developing Bible study resources with scholars and pastors in mind. We’ve designed digital resources by leveraging the power of Logos Bible Software. This means that by creating books for use in a digital li... [Products] [Bible study] [book bundles] [lexham press] [pastors] [scholars]

August 2, 12 PM

Our introductory sale on the complete Lexham Bible Guides: Paul’s Letters Collection is coming to a close. Now is the perfect time to jump-start your research: you have just a few days left to get the whole collection for $100.00 off! A quick recap Lexh... [Misc]

July 23, 12 PM

Last week, Lexham Bible Guide: Romans shipped to customers, completing the Paul’s Letters Collection. To celebrate, we’ve placed the entire collection on sale. For a limited time, you can get it for $100.00 off! If you’ve been waiting to dive into t... [Products]

July 16, 12 PM

Lexham Bible Guide: Romans—the longest and most anticipated volume in the Lexham Bible Guides: Paul’s Letters Collection—is finally here! We’ve been working on this final volume for almost a year now and, to celebrate its release, the whole collec... [Misc]

July 11, 12 PM

The Lexham Methods Series has been on quite the roller-coaster ride: First, we moved it from Pre-Pub onto Community Pricing so that you could have a say in its final price. Then we cut the price by over 75% so that even more of you could benefit from thi... [Products]

July 2, 12 PM

Lexham Press recently announced a new nine-volume series: Not Your Average Bible Study. Right now, you can get it on Pre-Pub for 50% off! Since its inception, Bible Study Magazine has included these studies in each issue. Over time, we’ve developed... [Misc]

June 25, 12 PM

In the book of Lamentations, Israel comes to grips with the destruction of Jerusalem and the beginning of exile. Despite wrenching pain and disorientation, there is ultimate hope in God’s faithfulness. In the Evangelical Exegetical Commentary: Lamentati... [Misc]

June 17, 4PM

For the last few years, Lexham Press has been creating resources with one goal in mind: to provide biblical content that advances scholarship and equips the church. By helping lead the move to digital-first content, we’re offering products that are mor... [Products]

June 11, 12 PM

Jacob’s story is a roller-coaster ride filled with twists and turns. Through times of blessing and hardship alike, Jacob struggled to recognize God’s presence—and we can relate. We, too, go through seasons when we feel like God is so far away. But e... [Products] [church curriculum] [Jacob] [studies in faithful living]

May 27, 8AM

Lexham Press is proud to announce our newest series, Not Your Average Bible Study. Right now, when you pre-order the first nine volumes, you’ll get the ninth (Jude: Contending for the Faith) for free! What’s more, you’ll get 50% off the ... [Misc]

May 21, 11AM

Time is running out on the Lexham Press sale—you have less than a week to take advantage of big discounts on all our resources! One of the very best deals is on the Evangelical Exegetical Commentary (EEC): right now, you can save $200 on the full 44-vol... [Products] [EEC] [Evangelical Exegetical Commentary] [lexham press]

May 7, 12 PM

On Monday, we announced an exciting sale on resources from Lexham Press: for the next three weeks, you can get big savings on all of Lexham’s amazing resources. But did you know you can save even more with Dynamic Pricing? You’ll get extra saving... [Misc]

April 22, 12 PM

Darren Aronofsky’s film Noah has created quite the stir. Regardless of whether we agree with his portrayal of Noah, we must admit he does raise some interesting questions about this important biblical account. After seeing the movie, I left the theater ... [Misc]

April 17, 4AM

A few weeks ago, we dropped the price of the Lexham Methods Series to $60: that’s over 75% off, an incredible discount on such a valuable resource. Have you placed your Community Pricing bid? If not, you should bid right now—a price this low won... [Products]

March 12, 12 PM

When a product goes up on Community Pricing, you and other customers have control of the price before the resource goes into production. Usually we don’t start developing a product until it meets costs. But we’re so confident in the value of the Lexha... [Misc]

March 6, 5AM

When I was in college, I dreaded embarking on any kind of heavy-duty research project. What should have been the most exciting part of the learning process became a nightmare—I would comb through countless books to find even a scrap of relevant data. I ... [Products]

February 12, 5AM

In The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring, Peter Jackson devotes the first seven minutes to the story of the creation of the One Ring and the war against Sauron. Without this historical perspective, the audience would have no background for an... [Misc] [Products] [biblical context] [Context] [Herod] [jesus' birth] [the bible in seven acts]