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December 2 2016, 1PM

Whether you’re a pastor, a lay leader, an academic, or someone who just really loves studying the Bible, chances are your first consideration when building a Logos library is budget. Similarly, the question that always follows is, “How do I construct ... [Misc.]

October 24, 12 PM

During October you can get incredible deals on a few dozen commentaries, ministry resources, and more. Nestled among them is a new collection assembled just for Pastor Appreciation Month: The Eerdmans Pastoral Resources Collection. Save 43% off this col... [Products]

April 11, 7AM

The final votes have been tallied for Logos March Madness and N.T. Wright has been crowned the Champion—which means you can now save 70% off his select works. Even if you were one of the thousands that cast votes for J.I. Packer, no worries—you can sa... [Products]

March 22, 4AM

In preparation for Easter, we’ve partnered with  David DeSilva, Peter Leithart, Tremper Longman III and other top scholars to create a free 10-day video journey through the life of Christ. It begins with the expectation of the Christ’s coming and end... [Misc.]

January 6, 5AM

During the Epiphany One-Day Sale, save up 60% on the Life Application Bible Commentary series (LABC). You’ll get 17 volumes of intensely practical commentary on the New Testament for under $90. Act now to lock in your savings because this sale ends ... [Products] [sale] [Epiphany] [life application]

December 28, 5AM

At midnight on December 31, the 15% discount on the all-new Logos 6 Pentecostal & Charismatic Gold base package will disappear—and we mean forever. In fact, you’ll never see this discount on any Logos 6 base package again! Save hundreds of dollars... [Products] [sale] [base packages] [last chance] [Charismatic] [Pentecostal]

December 24, 5AM

During the 12 Days of Logos, you can save nearly $180 on The Works of N.T. Wright. Plus, if you got a resource in this collection as part of our Advent giveaway, you’ll get a Dynamic Price, saving you an additional $25! The Works of N.T. Wright New Te... [Products]

November 3, 1PM

The Reformation began 498 years ago, but its ramifications continue to be felt even today. This Reformation Day, we at Faithlife are pleased to offer a variety of ways for you to explore the Reformation and the movements that sprang from it. Two massive ... [Misc.] [Products]

August 8, 4AM

You’ve got a library full of fantastic resources. You’re impressed by the powerful tools in Logos 6, but you’re budget is tight. Is there a way to keep your current library and get all the features of Logos 6? There is. It’s called the Feature Cro... [Misc.]

July 30, 4AM

The Overseas Highway stretches 113 miles between Miami and the Florida keys, providing access to breathtaking wildlife and the largest coral reef off the U.S. mainland. But it only exists thanks to the category-five hurricane that destroyed the iconic Ove... [Misc.]

July 10, 12 PM

The history of Christianity is a long, winding river. At the source of the river stands Jesus Christ, along with the witness of the apostles through their preaching and writing ministries. As the river flows from the first century through the present day,... [Misc.] [Products] [base packages] [denominations] [doctrine] [Ecumenical] [theology]

July 7, 2PM

On June 26, 2007, the People’s Republic of China celebrated the opening of a monumental achievement. After meticulous planning and four years of construction, an unprecedented trans-sea bridge that stretched a world-record length of 22 miles was opened.... [Misc.] [feature crossgrade] [libronix] [logos] [logos 6] [Logos Bible Software]

June 8, 4AM

How did you start building your theological library? If you’re like a lot of pastors, scholars, or seminary students, you put it together one piece at a time—book by book. You began a study on a book of the Bible, bought the most respected commentarie... [Misc.] [Products] [john calvin] [john owen] [new international greek testament commentary] [pillar new testament commentary] [reformed commentary bundle]

May 11, 11AM

Building a library that suits your needs as a Reformed pastor, layman, scholar, or academic can be cumbersome and expensive. Even if you can afford the best commentaries available, there are so many great resources you may not know where to start. Enter ... [Misc.] [Products] [commentaries] [exegesis] [john calvin] [john owen] [logos] [Logos Bible Software] [Matthew Henry] [matthew henry commentary] [matthew poole] [matthew poole's commentary] [new international greek testament commentary] [Presbyterian] [Promotion] [reformed] [reformed commentary bundle] [sale]

March 28, 10AM

The Easter sale contains over 50 products at incredible discounts, and within this massive lineup are some best-selling gems of biblical scholarship. Through April 4, save up to 40% and get a free book when you take advantage of our Easter special. Answer... [Products] [augsburg commentary] [Darrell Bock] [Easter Sale] [free book of the month] [gospels] [mobile ed] [mobile ed studies in the gospels bundle] [New Testament]

March 23, 11AM

This Easter, build your Logos library and save over 40% on top resources! Choose from acclaimed volumes of the New International Commentary on the New Testament (NICNT); John Stott’s iconic best seller, The Cross of Christ; and more. See everything on s... [Products] [Easter] [Easter Sale] [free book] [John Stott] [NICNT] [resurrection] [The Cross of Christ]

February 27, 1PM

Through March 2, you can save up to 33% on popular Lenten titles from authors like Dietrich Bonhoeffer, N.T. Wright, John Chrysostom, and others. Get resources for navigating and growing this Lenten season with 24 products ideal for prayer, meditation, an... [Products] [Dietrich Bonhoeffer] [Easter] [feasting on the word] [for everyone series] [last chance] [lent sale] [lenten resources] [N. T. Wright] [the lectionary commentary]

February 18, 5AM

Ash Wednesday marks the first of 40 days that many in the church spend praying, reflecting, and fasting, culminating in the celebration of the risen Christ on Easter. This year, you can save on some of our staff’s favorite titles that will help you ... [Products] [Ash Wednesday] [Dietrich Bonhoeffer] [Lent] [N. T. Wright] [resurrection] [staff picks]

September 4 2014, 12 PM

Answer the questions everyone’s asking Why does God send a series of plagues on Egypt? How do we understand the hardening of Pharaoh’s heart? What do the answers to these questions say about God’s character? Find answers to these important q... [Products] [+One] [free book] [free book of the month] [Joseph]

September 2, 4AM

Time’s running out to save on 20 resources that will help jump-start your Bible study this fall! Prepare for the new season with commentaries and Bible study guides that will take you deeper in your understanding of Scripture. Save on titles like: H... [Products] [Bible study] [labor day sale]

August 29, 4AM

This Labor Day, jump-start your Bible study with big savings! For five days only, you can get 30% off 20 Bible commentaries and topical or expositional study guides. Don’t miss this opportunity to start off fall with better and deeper Bible study—save... [Products] [bible dictionary] [Bible study] [commentaries] [labor day sale]

August 19, 4AM

After years of waiting, your dream of hearing Hebrew pronunciations during your original-language studies has finally come to fruition. Now you can hear the language, study the text, and uncover a new layer of linguistic study with Hebrew Audio Pronunciat... [Misc]

August 4, 12 PM

Dietrich Bonhoeffer was a man of academic excellence, theological insight, and spiritual fortitude. During the month of August, you can get his inspiring insight free—download the Dietrich Bonhoeffer Works Volume 3: Creation and Fall today! The li... [Products] [dietrich] [Dietrich Bonhoeffer] [free book] [free book of the month]

February 14, 5AM

Here’s the deal: you have three days to get 30% off our most popular commentaries on Romans! This sale is exclusive to Romans commentaries, so it’s likely you’ll find your favorites among the nearly 60 products. Don’t wait—you have until Mon... [Misc]

February 5, 1PM

February has begun, and it’s time for another free book. We’ve teamed up with 9Marks to give you a free copy of Biblical Theology in the Life of the Church: A Guide for Ministry! Get yours now. “I thoroughly appreciated Lawrence’s fresh ... [Products] [9marks] [Biblical Theology] [fbotm] [free book]

February 3, 3PM

Until February 6, you can save $25 on the Camp Logos 2 DVD. After that, though, the price goes up—pre-order today and save 10%! Thousands of pastors, students, scholars, and other learners have used Camp Logos to get the most from their Bible study. Ca... [Misc] [Products] [Camp Logos] [Logos 5 training] [logos training] [Pre-Pub]

January 30, 5AM

All January long, we’ve offered over 300 resources at huge discounts, but these deals end tomorrow. You don’t want to miss the best prices on your favorite books, and to make it easy, we’ve gathered all of January’s deals into one place. Chec... [Products] [Dead Sea Scrolls] [IVP] [ivp evangelical theology] [january deals] [monthly sale] [the expositor's bible] [the synoptic gospels]

January 4, 9AM

Christmas is over, and the new year has begun. For many, this marks the end of the holiday season—but the celebration isn’t over yet. You still have time to get huge savings on all the 12 Days of Logos deals! You have to act now, though—all deals en... [Products] [12 days of logos] [a.w. tozer] [Charles Spurgeon] [Dwight L Moody]

January 3, 12 PM

All month long, you can get F. W. Farrar’s Cambridge Greek Testament for Schools and Colleges: Hebrews for free! An in-depth analysis of Hebrews The Cambridge Greek Testament for Schools and Colleges: Hebrews focuses on the Greek text of Hebrews i... [Misc]

January 2, 3PM

Right now, you can get 11% off the 20-volume Cornerstone Biblical Commentaries. Use coupon code CBC2014 to lock in your sale price! The CBC series is famous for its evangelical scholarship. It equips you with important exegetical and theological knowledge... [Misc]