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January 25 2018, 2PM

I was very interested to see a Commonweal article, titled “Obsessed with Continuity: What an Essay on the Mortara Kidnapping Confirms,” by Massimo Faggioli appear in my Facebook news feed this week, especially since I previously had a conversation wit... [WIT Posts] [historical theology] [history] [theology]

December 9 2017, 7PM

Spring of 2017 was the 20th anniversary of the first season of the TV show Buffy the Vampire Slayer.1 The show ran for a total of seven seasons and has attracted the attention of academics from all disciplines. Since this spring, I’ve been toying with t... [WIT Posts] [pop culture] [Buffy the Vampire Slayer] [Christ-figures] [self-sacrifice] [apocalypse]

April 20, 4PM

Since 2004 I’ve been thinking about the issue of French laïcité and Muslim headscarves.1 The historical development of secularity in France is something that interests me greatly in part because there was so much religious and theological greatness th... [WIT Posts] [feminism] [France] [Hijab] [Islam] [laicite] [Marine Le Pen] [secularity]

March 30, 8PM

Last weekend, both my toddler son and I were sick so we spent some time watching episodes of the British television series Thomas & Friends on Netflix.1 The more I watched the series, the more it bothered me. In particular, the goal of all the engines... [WIT Posts]

February 10, 11AM

Almost a year ago, I wrote this post critiquing a claim that Paul Knitter made in Introducing Theologies of Religions (Orbis Books, 2002) about there being no Church Mothers, or at least no evidence of them. Recently, Elizabeth drew my (and many of our f... [WIT Posts] [Church History] [church mothers] [Feminist theology] [hans urs van balthasar] [macrina] [sexism] [women]

October 11 2016, 3PM

“I hate to get terribly theological about it, but have you ever read the confession of Saint Augustine? I mean, the reality is that men can change, people can change. Sometimes, going through things like this makes you into a much better person.” R... [WIT Posts] [augustine] [confessions] [Donald Trump] [Rudy Giuliani] [sexism] [sexual assault]

April 22, 12 PM

This semester I am teaching Paul Knitter’s Introducing Theologies of Religions (Orbis Books, 2002) as part of a section on the relationship between Christianity and non-Christian religions. My friends from my undergraduate theology days will certainly r... [WIT Posts] [Church History] [church mothers] [macrina] [Perpetua]

February 16, 5PM

“One of the false gods of theologians, philosophers, and other academics is called Method.” -Mary Daly, Beyond God the Father As I work through the revisions on my dissertation, I’ve been thinking a lot about the power of naming and the role of lan... [WIT Posts] [Mary Daly] [nuns] [Port-Royal] [role models] [theologians] [theology] [women]

October 29 2015, 5AM

I was going to write a very different post this month. Then, HeresyLetterGate occurred and I’ve been following along via the various posts on social media. I’m not going to recap all the arguments and social media events that occurred in this because ... [WIT Posts]

September 24, 5AM

At the end of the summer, I had the chance to read John Paul II’s Mulieris Dignitatem (On the Dignity and Vocation of Women) as part of a women’s study group at my parish. In my reading, one passage about motherhood particularly caught my attention: ... [WIT Posts]

July 7, 11AM

I’ve been thinking a lot recently about what it means to be a woman in theology, especially since I recently heard about the death of one of my favorite undergraduate theology professors, Fr. James Walsh, S.J. It occurred to me that many of the major i... [WIT Posts] [Bible] [Blaise Pascal] [Jansenism] [Jesuits] [pensées] [tribute] [why I study theology]

June 15, 12 PM

As readers of the blog may already know, I’ve had a love affair with the musical Les Misérables since I first saw it when I was in the first grade. After seeing the 2012 movie, I wrote about the Jansenism of Javert and the curious connection between Vi... [WIT Posts] [atheism] [Les Misérables] [Money]

December 29 2014, 8PM

The Archbishop’s column in the most recent Catholic St. Louis magazine made me start to think about New Year’s resolutions. All sorts of research shows that most people fail at the resolutions that they make for the New Year and a poll back in 2013 ... [WIT Posts] [New Year's] [Pelagianism] [resolutions]

October 1, 8AM

Back before I joined the Women in Theology blog, a theologian-blogger friend asked me if I wanted to write something about modern-day Jansenism in the Catholic Church. I told him that I wasn’t yet comfortable making such claims. Part of my discomfor... [WIT Posts]

July 29, 10AM

For the past two summers (2012 and 2013), I’ve been fortunate enough to spend July in Paris, doing research for my dissertation.1 I had been to Paris before, visiting for a week when I studied abroad in France, but now that I’ve gotten deep into Frenc... [WIT Posts] [Angélique Arnauld] [France] [Gender] [history] [Jansenism] [Paris] [Port-Royal] [Travel]

April 22, 9AM

Since the weather turned brutal this winter, I have been thinking about debates over global warming and the idea of care for creation as a principle of Catholic social teaching. This post is obviously a bit outside my main area of research, but in honor o... [WIT Posts] [Catholic Social Teaching] [Creation] [Earth Day] [environment] [global warming] [stewardship]

March 12, 3PM

A few days after I wrote my last post on work-life balance in academia, a dialogue broke out between the Catholic Moral Theology blog and Women in Theology about work-life balance in the context of motherhood in academia. My post wasn’t specifically f... [WIT Posts]

February 24, 12 PM

You haven’t the faintest conception of what I went through with your dear Robert. The ingratitude! It was I who made a man of him! Sacrificed my whole life to him! And what was my reward? Absolute, utter selfishness. C.S. Lewis, The Great Divorce Rachel... [WIT Posts] [Academia] [family] [Women's Experience] [work-life balance]

January 24, 3PM

When I first contacted the WIT bloggers about joining the blog, I noted that one of the things that I could bring to the blog was the perspective of an historical theologian. They had ethicists, biblical scholars, and systematic theologians, but nobody wh... [WIT Posts] [historical theology] [history] [systematic theology] [Theological Method] [theology]

December 27 2013, 9AM

One year ago on Christmas a miraculous event took place. On 25 December 2012, the movie adaptation of the English-language version of the musical Les Misérables was released. For someone who is as much a Francophile as I am, this was a momentous occasion... [Uncategorized] [Angélique Arnauld] [Jansenism] [Les Misérables]