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December 25 2017, 7PM Christmas Day — December 25th, 2017 — the Rev. Maria McDowell from St. Michael and All Angels, Portland, Oregon on Vimeo. Image: Nativity Contemporary Icon by Lyuba Yatskiv (Ukraine)Filed under: WIT Pos... [WIT Posts]

October 15, 2PM

  Then the king said to the attendants, ‘Bind him hand and foot, and throw him into the outer darkness, where there will be weeping and gnashing of teeth. Your phone pings, you open Facebook, and there it is, the invitation to that dread reunion yo... [WIT Posts] [judgement] [sermon]

May 3, 9AM

Plagued by imprecision, Giacamo Sanfilippo’s “Conjugal Friendship” underscores much of what is missing in Christian conversations about same-sex relationships. Arguing that “Holy Tradition possesses in germinal form everything necessa... [WIT Posts] [gay marriage] [Sex] [sexuality] [theosis]

April 23, 2PM

When I was in college, my Christian friends and I spent a lot of time examining our family or relationship issues. We were trying to fix them on the assumption that somehow divorce or abuse or loneliness broke you. We spent a lot of time examining real pa... [WIT Posts] [sermon]

February 13, 12 PM

We are arrows in the quiver of God, shot forth to arc towards justice, mercy, peace, and love. The arc of the universe does not bend itself towards justice. We bend it. We are the universe into which God in Christ enters, and it is our lives, our choice t... [WIT Posts] [sermon]

October 17 2016, 9AM

Recently, I have been told that as a now former Orthodox Christian, I should no longer address Orthodox issues. Sometimes this is through a relatively polite comment, and sometimes via nasty personal messages in which I am accused of being “at best ... [WIT Posts]

October 1, 9AM

This last week I have been ensconced in comparative Anglican Eucharistic prayers, those prayers said in relation to the sharing of bread and wine that is common to all Christians. Colin Buchanan argues that Thomas Cranmer, the ‘teflon bishop’ ... [WIT Posts]

September 4, 8PM

Sermon delivered at St. Paul’s Episcopal Church, Oregon City, Oregon, 04 September, 2016 Luke 14:25-33 Philemon Deuteronomy 30:15-20 Periodically, I am reminded that God has a sense of humor. For example, this weekend my parents are visiting, and ... [WIT Posts]

May 14, 6PM

In the last few days, two friends and colleagues have asked what I think of the many reports that Pope Francis called for ‘the creation of a commission‘ to study ‘reinstating’ female deacons. Thanks to the Crusty Old Dean I do not need to ... [WIT Posts]

May 9, 9AM

Sermon delivered on Easter 7c Scripture: Acts 16:16-34; Revelation 22:12-14, 16-17, 20-21; John 17:20-26; Today, we stand in between two major feasts of the church, Ascension three days ago, and Pentecost next Sunday. We stand between the final leave-ta... [WIT Posts] [sermon]

January 6, 6PM

Today, Eastern and Western Christians celebrate the presence of God in Christ. Whether Epiphany or Theophany, today’s feast is about the revelation of God to us, the presence of God with us in the person of Jesus Christ. Imagine then, how Cliven Bun... [WIT Posts] [exclusion] [white privilege] [white supremacy]

September 26, 6PM

I have a weakness: I write best when I am disagreeing, refining, or challenging. But when Jacqui Lewis says that we need a grown up theology and grown up God, I can’t do anything but agree. I look forward to her upcoming book, Go Deep, Get Naked, an... [WIT Posts] [jacqui lewis] [Unending Conversation]

September 25, 2PM

Imagine for a moment, hearing Diana Butler Bass argue that the 19th century American Transcendental movement, abiding in that disconcerting space between Orthodox Calvinism with its emphasis on Creeds & Piety, and Rational Unitarianism with its emphas... [WIT Posts] [Diana Butler Bass] [Gregory of Nyssa] [Unending Conversation]


This weekend Trinity Episcopal Cathedral is hosting “The Unending Conversation: Progressive Christian Apologetics for the Twenty-First Century.” The intent is to “celebrate the legacy of Trinity’s Canon Theologian, Dr. Marcus J. Borg, ... [WIT Posts] [Progressive Apologetics] [The Unending Conversation]

June 29, 6PM

Rachel weeping for her children (Jeremiah 31:15) The Orthodox Church in America (OCA) has issued a statement regarding the recent Supreme Court decision regarding same-sex marriage. I appreciate the following from His Beatitude Metropolitan Tikhon: The ru... [WIT Posts]

June 1, 8AM

A sermon delivered at All Saints Episcopal Church, Portland, Oregon. ‘Holy Trinity’ (‘The Hospitality of Abraham’) written by a Nun of New Skete. This icon is traditionally entitled “The Hospitality of Abraham.” It depicts the ... [WIT Posts]

April 3, 4PM

The Lamentation of Christ, Trinity Iconographers Institute Recently my life seems full of grief.  This is to be expected during Lent, a season characterized by “sorrowful joy.”  My grief though, has its roots in a profound sense of loss: the ec... [WIT Posts] [ecumenism] [grief] [resurrection]

March 22, 9PM

Marcus Borg (1942-2015) Today I attended the memorial service for the New Testament scholar Marcus Borg.  It was one of the most beautiful and moving celebrations of the life and death of a person I have ever been privileged to witness.  I have never e... [WIT Posts] [Marcus Borg]

November 6 2014, 11PM

Fr. Johannes Jacobse recently asked his fellow priest, “Fr. Robert Arida: Why Don’t You Become Episcopalian?.  He objects to Arida and theologians of his ilk on a number of points: Unlike the Episcopalians, Orthodox liberals prefer appearances of gra... [WIT Posts] [ethics] [Orthodoxy]

August 25, 9PM

I will begin by saying that it is fair for Sarah and Lindsey at A Queer Calling to point out the many places in which they address issues relevant to non-celibate members of the LGBTQ community. I made no reference to these, for which I apologize. I was a... [WIT Posts] [LGBTQ]

August 5, 8PM

Sarah and Lindsey at A Queer Calling finally laid out their celibate gay agenda: A Queer Calling came to be at a time when we felt a need for more meaningful interaction with other people on topics such as celibacy, vocation, spirituality, and LGBT Chr... [WIT Posts] [LGBTQ]

May 2, 6PM

Dear Matt Parrot, Let me start by saying clearly that I am saddened by the denial of the eucharist to Matthew Heimbach. I understand why it was done, at least according to the (rightly) limited information made public. But I remain saddened, for my own ... [WIT Posts] [Orthodoxy] [racism] [white privilege] [white supremacy] [whiteness]

April 30, 1PM

Only a few days ago, via the ubiquitous internet, a number of Orthodox Christians discovered that a new brother, Matthew Heimbach was welcomed into our midst, a member of an openly pro-White organization, the Traditionalist Youth Network. At least four ... [WIT Posts] [Matthew Heimbach] [Orthodoxy] [racism]

April 16, 3PM

Tonight, many Orthodox will gather as a community to receive the Sacrament of Unction. A late addition to Holy Week services, unction “is offered to all who are sick in body, mind, or spirit.” The seven Gospel readings reflect the open invitation of ... [WIT Posts] [inclusion] [liturgy] [Orthodox]

March 21, 3PM

In “Cake and Compassion in Arizona,” Fr. Lawrence Farley creates a rhetorical association and then immediately denies its impact: he likens the refusal of baking a cake for a lesbian couple to the same refusal of a Jew or an African-American to provid... [WIT Posts] [LGBTQ] [Orthodoxy] [politics]

March 9, 12 AM

As the first week of Great Lent draws to a close, encouragements to persist in the fast increase, and recipes (some of them very tasty) are shared. Fasting for Orthodox is a rigorous practice of virtual veganism for the duration of Lent and Holy Week. S... [WIT Posts] [icons] [Image of God] [Lent] [Mother Maria Skobstova] [Orthodoxy] [theosis]

February 20, 10AM

We prefer division. We prefer it because it’s so much easier to create and sustain communities of (presumably) like-minded people, so that we do not have to be with “them.” – Dn. Nicholas Denysenko Division is always easier than unity. Denyse... [WIT Posts] [difference] [Orthodoxy] [Unity]

January 13, 11PM

When an Orthodox Christian in North America begins to ask questions regarding female ordination to the priesthood, she or he is almost inevitably pointed to the work of Frederica Matthews-Greene (hereafter ‘FMG’) to help settle her or his conc... [WIT Posts] [complementarity] [FMG] [Frederica Matthews-Greene] [John Chrysostom] [Orthodoxy] [Women's Ordination]

November 19 2013, 7PM

Every Orthodox person who loves someone of the same sex risks hearing the following: “I can no longer offer you the Eucharist.  While I cannot tell you to leave this parish, I would prefer you no longer attend.” Few words are more painful to hear. We... [Uncategorized] [Eucharist] [homosexuality] [inclusion] [Orthodoxy]