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September 12 2016, 12 PM

Pastoral ministry is as tough as it is rewarding. Between church services, Bible studies, visitations, community involvement, board meetings, and any number of emergencies, it’s hard to find focused time for quality sermon prep. Logos 7 offers a lifelin... [Featured] [Products]

August 10, 4AM

We’ve revamped Logos Now, transforming it into a brand new membership program with more to offer than ever before! With members-only offers on Lexham Press, Kirkdale Press, Mobile Ed, and more, a Logos Now membership pays for itself. Right now you can s... [Products]

December 15 2015, 11AM

During 12 Days of Logos, you can save on some amazing resources. That includes some of the most important theological and biblical works out there—like International Critical Commentary Series, volumes by Warren Wiersbe, and new classics like the N.T Wr... [Products]

November 30, 5AM

Your time is almost up! All Black Friday Deals end today at 11:59 p.m. (PT). Don’t miss your chance to save on top resources like the B.B. Warfield Collection, Bible Biography Series, and Calvin’s Commentaries. Find the perfect deal now! Here’... [Misc.] [black friday] [Lexham] [Products]

November 28, 8AM

Don’t miss your opportunity to save big on some of the most sought-after resources! With big names like Gordon Fee, Peter O’Brien, and Craig Koester and resources such as Commentary on the New Testament Use of The Old Testament, the Old Testament for ... [Products] [black friday] [John MacArthur]

November 27, 5AM

One of your best chances to save (and snag some incredible resources) is here. For the next four days, take advantage of huge Black Friday savings. Save big on over 40 resources from authors like D.A. Carson, John MacArthur, and B.B. Warfield.   Chec... [Products] [black friday] [logos]

October 14, 12 PM

For 3 years, I was a college campus pastor. That trying and rewarding experience gave me a deep appreciation for the commitments, passions, and challenges of pastoral ministry. As a campus pastor, I wanted those under my care to mature, grow in their know... [Misc.] [Ministry] [pastors]

September 18, 4AM

You have three days to get 50% off Interpretation: A Bible Commentary for Teaching and Preaching, as well as the Classic Commentaries and Studies collections! These commentaries will improve the power of your Passage Guide by giving you access to multiple... [Misc.] [Products] [classic commentaries] [interpretation commentary] [Revelation] [Romans] [three day sale]

September 3, 4AM

Creation. Baptism. The end times. Sometimes it feels like there are as many perspectives on these controversial issues as there are Christians. Sorting through them all—and coming to your own conclusions—can be overwhelming.  How do you separate the ... [Misc.] [Products] [baptism] [controversial topics] [counterpoints] [Creation] [end times] [rapture] [sale] [theology] [thomas nelson] [Zondervan]

August 14, 10AM

For the first time in our history, we will be offering Dynamic Pricing and discounts on all Zondervan and Thomas Nelson collections! Complete your collections like Word Biblical Commentary, NIVAC, and ZECNT and get a discount for resources you already own... [Misc.]

July 21, 12 PM

It‘s all too easy to read Scripture as if it was written yesterday. But when we read the Bible through a modern lens, we open ourselves up to major misinterpretation. If we want to understand the Bible, we need to see it through the eyes of someone from... [Misc.] [Products] [ancient Near East] [cultural concepts] [cultural context] [hermeneutics] [Historical Context] [Interpretation]

July 1, 12 PM

Canada Day is here, but you don’t have to be from the Great White North to celebrate. We’ve got 30+ resources on sale through July 13! Here are some highlights: Analytical Bible Expositor (27 Vols.) Regularly $479.99—get it for $249.99 (that’s... [Misc.] [Products] [Canada Day] [commentaries] [expository commentaries] [j.c. ryle] [Logos Bible Software] [Products] [sale]


One of the most important parts of finding treasure is knowing where to dig. What if you came across a map with 298 x’s? You would have no clue where to even start digging, and even if you did it would take hours before you were able to find what you we... [Misc.] [Products] [Bible Sense Lexicon] [Bible study] [lexicon] [logos 6] [Sermon Preparation] [word meaning]

June 26, 10AM

  Digging is usually a part of any good treasure-hunting story. Some intrepid explorer hunts down a hidden “X,” then plows up the earth with a shovel. The problem is, some treasure is buried deep—really deep—and to dig it out with a s... [Misc.]

June 22, 4AM

In our fast-paced world, it’s important to set aside time with God. But even if you take the time to meditate and reflect on God’s Word, some passages are so embedded in the context of the ancient world that they’re challenging—and frustrating... [Misc.] [factbook] [giveaway] [logos 6] [Logos Bible Software] [treasure hunt] [treasure trove]

June 18, 12 PM

Legend has it that in 1816, an American man named Thomas J. Beale, and 30 men he was traveling with, came upon an untapped gold and silver mine while hunting buffalo somewhere in the Rocky Mountains. It took more than a year and a half, but eventually the... [Misc.] [Products] [base packages] [Giveaways] [logos 6] [Logos Bible Software] [Logos Now] [treasure hunt]

June 12, 2PM

Hurry—before all the treasure is gone! Logos’ first ever treasure hunt is coming to an end, but there’s still time to join the hunt. Enter for your chance to win a Platinum or Gold base package chock-full of tools and features to help you dig de... [Misc.]

May 19, 11AM

Oak Island in Nova Scotia, Canada, is the home of the “Money Pit.” Some say it is an ingeniously booby-trapped treasure trove; others, a natural sink hole. It all depends on how skeptical you are. When the “Money Pit” was first exp... [Misc.] [Products] [base package] [giveaway] [Logos Bible Software] [Promotion] [treasure hunt]

April 14, 4AM

Time is almost up—Logos March Madness ends today! Don’t miss one of the best sales of the year. Save up to 75% on works by Logos March Madness authors! With names like D.A. Carson, N.T. Wright, Douglas Moo, and J.I. Packer, you can fill your library w... [Products]

March 30, 12 PM

Voting has ended, which means all Logos March Madness deals are live! Sixty-four authors faced off for your votes, but only one could win it all. You have chosen D.A. Carson as the 2015 Logos March Madness champion! Get up to 75% off select works by D.A. ... [Products] [champion] [championship round] [D. A. Carson] [j. i. packer] [Logos March Madness] [march madness]

March 2, 12 PM

Logos March Madness kicks off today! We have 64 authors pitted against one another for your votes. Pick your favorite author in each matchup and rally your friends to help vote them through. With names like N.T. Wright, D.A. Carson, and Douglas Moo, you h... [Products] [D. A. Carson] [douglas moo] [logos 6] [Logos Bible Software] [Logos March Madness] [logos march madness 2015] [N. T. Wright]

January 13, 5AM

You only have a few days left to save on commentary collections, devotionals, and more in the New Year’s sale! The Genesis and John Collections will stick around after the sale is over, but not at their current prices. Now’s your last chance to save 4... [Products] [bible and doctrine foundations bundle] [commentaries] [genesis collection] [introductory offers] [john collection] [logos 6] [Logos Bible Software] [logos mobile ed] [logos mobile education] [mobile ed] [New Year's resolutions] [new year's sale]

January 1, 5AM

Happy New Year! Start 2015 off right with devotionals, commentaries, and more. Go back to the beginning with two brand-new commentary collections on Genesis and John. These collections include more than 100 volumes of commentaries on these well-loved book... [Products] [commentaries] [Genesis] [John] [logos 6] [Logos Bible Software] [logos mobile ed] [logos mobile education] [mobile ed] [New Year's] [new year's sale]

December 27 2014, 11AM

You’re running out of time to take advantage of Christmas savings! For just a few more days, you can get great discounts on limited-time Christmas collections, topical bundles, some of our most-requested products, and more. Save big on Christmas collec... [Products] [12 days of logos] [Christmas] [christmas collections] [last chance] [topical bundles]

December 5, 5AM

This Christmas, we’ve hand selected 12 different Christmas collections full of great commentaries just for you. If you’re planning to preach on one of these books of the Bible, lead a Bible study during the Christmas season, or even just furth... [Products] [Bible study] [christmas collections] [christmas sale] [commentaries] [gospels] [Preaching]

December 2, 5AM

The Christmas season is upon us! This Christmas, invest in a gift that keeps giving back all year long. With Logos 6, you can get a gift that truly gives back for years to come. Logos 6′s Bible study tools and resources will not only boost the power... [Products] [12 days of logos] [bundles] [christmas collections] [christmas sale] [logos 6]

October 13, 12 PM

Late on Sunday, October 26, we will be pushing out a massive update to many of our major resources. This update, due to its large size, will take quite a bit of time to download, depending on the size of your library. Due to the change in these resources... [Products] [Logos 5] [smart selection] [software update] [update]

October 1, 12 PM

The Cross is one of the most important events in Christian history, only surpassed by the Resurrection. And this October, you can get The Crucified God by Jürgen Moltmann for free! Taking the time to thoroughly examine the theology of the cross, Moltmann... [Products] [+One] [Cross] [Crucifixion] [free book] [free book of the month] [giveaway] [Jurgen Moltmann] [plus one] [resurrection]

September 15, 12 PM

Logos 5’s new Pentecostal & Charismatic base packages bundle the resources you need at a big discount. We know that trying to find the right books to equip you for study can be a difficult task, but with these libraries, you’ll have the resour... [Products] [base packages] [Bible study] [Logos 5] [pentecostal & charismatic]

September 11, 2PM

Logos 5’s new Baptist base packages are loaded with handpicked resources at a fraction of the price. We’ve done the heavy lifting for you by collecting resources that will take you deeper and further in your Bible study! Get 15% off a Baptist base... [Products] [Baptist] [baptist base package] [base package] [Bible study] [Logos 5] [Resources]

September 6, 10AM

What Bible study personality are you? Take the Logos Bible Study Personality Quiz and find out! Share your results with your friends online, then start saving on over 30 books catered to your personality type. Take the quiz now! The personality types: Th... [Misc] [Bible study] [bible study personality quiz]

September 4, 4AM

Miles McPherson is one of today’s most charismatic and relatable pastors, and for a limited time, you can pre-order his new sermon archive for 38% off! Regularly $129.95, this collection is on Pre-Pub for just $79.95. And for the first time ever, you ca... [Products] [miles mcpherson] [Pre-Pub] [pre-publication] [sermon archive] [sermon finder]

August 20, 12 PM

For the first time, you can choose from a line of brand-new Pentecostal & Charismatic base packages that bring Logos’ powerful tools and hundreds of hours of research right to your fingertips. Plus, for a limited time, you can save 15%! Carefully se... [Products]

August 19, 1PM

Baptist base packages have arrived, and for a limited time, you can get them for 15% off! These new base packages combine our powerful Bible study tools with a hand-selected library of Baptist resources, offering you an unparalleled research experience fo... [Products]

November 6 2013, 10AM

A. T. Robertson was born on this day in 1863. Through November 13, you can use coupon code ROBERTSON1 to get up to $100 off the A. T. Robertson Collection, and coupon code ROBERTSON2 to get up to $15 off Grammar of the Greek New Testament in the Light o... [Products] [a.t. robertson] [grammar of the greek new testament] [greek new testament]