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November 7 2017, 7PM

Just four days ago, the University of Notre Dame announced it “would no longer provide birth control coverage to students and employees.” It fought long and hard for this right. Shortly after the Affordable Care Act became law back in 2012, Ca... [WIT Posts] [antiblackness supremacy] [Obamacare] [religious freedom] [slavery] [the university of Notre dame] [white supremacy]

November 3, 9AM

The First Amendment grants the right to speak in public. But what makes such speech “free?” We consider this right an expression of “freedom” because colonists described the Revolutionary War as a battle of liberation from slavery to King George. ... [WIT Posts] [American Revolution] [antiblackness supremacy] [free speech] [freedom] [history] [Saidiya Hartman] [white supremacy]

June 29, 7AM

A little over five years ago, we at WIT began telling the stories of women who had attempted to use Natural Family Planning.  (For more on the inspiration and rationale for this series, click this link).  This remains one of the most important things we... [WIT Posts] [Women Speak About Natural Family Planning]

March 17, 8AM

I am writing to share with you all the news that my first book, Fugitive Saints: Catholicism and the Politics of Slavery, will be released by Fortress Press (who has been amazing) at the beginning of next month. This book asks the following: How should... [WIT Posts]

March 14, 2PM

Debates and discussions about Rod Dreher’s forthcoming book The Benedict Option have been popping up across my various social media streams. It is not my place (nor does it lie within my power) to discern the authenticity of another person’s assessmen... [WIT Posts] [dialogue] [lgbt]

January 31, 10PM

About half of my ancestors immigrated to this country as a result of the aftermath of Irish famine, an event in which people were found dead on the side of the road walking hopelessly in search of food with grass stained mouths. They were that hungry. Th... [WIT Posts]
About half of my ancestors immigrated to this country as a result of the aftermath of Irish famine, an event in which people were found dead on the side of the road walking hopelessly in search of food with grass stained mouths. They were that hungry. Th... [WIT Posts] [history] [Immigration] [Justice] [so is antiblackness] [whiteness is a hell of a drug]

January 25, 3PM

Last year, POTUS and his people were sure that the 2016 election would be rigged. This year, they have sought to discredit his loss in the popular vote: according to them, his three million vote deficit reflects not the will of the people, but the dishone... [WIT Posts]

November 28 2016, 5PM

Today The New York Times ran a story emblazoned with a headline that proclaimed Steve Bannon, the President-elect’s right hand man, a “populist.”  A sub-heading near the end of the article adds detail to this portrait, describing him as... [WIT Posts] [anti-blackness] [bad arguments] [history] [populism] [white supremacy]

November 14, 11AM

In the aftermath of last week’s presidential election, many have attributed the Democrats’ defeat to their inability and/or refusal to respect, speak to, care about, or prioritize the so-called “white working class.”   According ... [WIT Posts] [2016 Election] [bad arguments] [economic injustice] [white supremacy] [white working class]

November 8, 10PM

The election has not been decided yet, although it looks as though Donald Trump will win.  I offer the following thoughts, which I hope will not become reality. Some might say that this is the time for more caution and self-protection.  I believe this m... [WIT Posts]

September 9, 12 PM

Earlier this summer, the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops declared today, the feast day of Peter Claver, as a “Day of Prayer for [Racial] Peace in Our Communities.”  In so doing, they enlist a long Catholic tradition of exalting P... [WIT Posts] [anti-blackness] [Day of Prayer for Peace in Our Communities] [Peter Claver] [saints] [white supremacy]

May 13, 1PM

Here is what I want to say to Christians for whom the fact that “transgender people are clearly happier and healthier and more fully alive when they are allowed to be transgender” is not a good enough reason to accept transgender people into t... [WIT Posts] [lgbt] [Gender] [bad arguments] [transgender] [transgender equality] [intersex] [Virgin Mary]

April 13, 7AM

In the contemporary Catholic church, debates about sexual ethics often underlie debates about the Eucharist and vice versa. No wonder then that the pope’s recent pastoral letter, Amoris Laetitia–a document that focuses explicitly on whether c... [WIT Posts] [Amoris Laetitia] [Eucharist] [lgbt] [Marriage] [Pope Francis] [sexual ethics]

November 10 2015, 10PM

On this Armistice Day, which brought the senseless slaughter of World War One to a long overdue end, I am Lawson Clark thinking especially of my great grandmother’s brother, Lawson, who left high school early in order to fight in that war. After ret... [WIT Posts] [Armistice Day] [Lawson Clark] [Marion Ohio] [Veteran's Day] [violence] [War] [World War One]

October 28, 5AM

Alright, everybody: let’s take all the energy and outrage we have felt about this issue, multiply it by one thousand, and add it to the Black Lives Matter Movement. Let’s rally around those racial prophets as we have rallied around this Syn... [WIT Posts] [black lives matter]

October 27, 2PM

I signed the letter primarily because I wanted to support my colleague who was slurred as a heretic on the very public forum of Twitter. Although I admire Mr. Douthat’s intelligence, piety, and passion for the faith, I signed the letter because I be... [WIT Posts]

October 19, 4PM

In a New York Times blog post today, Ross Douthat takes a break from lobbing accusations of corruption and conspiracy at Pope Francis to explain anew his belief that the church cannot change the way it relates to lesbians and gays, the re-married, and th... [WIT Posts] [Eucharist] [Fr. James Martin] [jesus] [last supper] [Ross Douthat] [table fellowship]

September 26, 5PM

One of the most incredible moments of Pope Francis’s stay here in the United States occurred when he selected Martin Luther King, Jr. as among the “greatest Americans”—but not just for the reason one might think. Yes, his decision to praise a nonv... [WIT Posts] [a church that changes] [ecumenism] [history] [hope] [Martin Luther King Jr] [the pope]

September 9, 4PM

The Archdiocese of Philadelphia recently announced that it would require parents of all children enrolled in its schools to sign a “Memorandum of Understanding.” In addition to explaining that the archdiocese’s schools “will teach the doctrine of ... [WIT Posts] [Catholic schools] [lgbt] [Priesthood]

June 27, 12 PM

The United States Catholic Bishop’s Conference is currently in the midst of celebrating its fourth annual “Fortnight For Freedom.”  Running between June 21 and the holiday that commemorates the United States’ violently-achieved in... [WIT Posts] [anti-blackness] [black lives matter] [fortnight for freedom] [Frederick Douglas] [history] [lgbt] [U.S. bishops] [white supremacy]

June 18, 10AM

I am not really sure how to respond to last night’s massacre of nine people at the historic Emanuel AME church in Charleston, South Carolina except with grief. I can not imagine what an adequate white Catholic response to four hundred years of unend... [WIT Posts] [anti-blackness] [Catholic Church] [Charleston Emanuel AME] [Clementa Pinckney] [history] [slavery] [terrorism] [violence] [white supremacy]

May 12, 8PM

While right wing Christians and atheist liberals may disagree on what makes the United States great, many of them agree that Islamic “extremism” threatens this greatness. Even before the vicious Charlie Hebdo massacre, members of these groups shared ... [WIT Posts] [free speech] [idolatry] [Islamophobia] [religious freedom]

February 13, 10AM

Human beings are storytellers. We are formed by stories, and stories are always constructed but only sometimes true. In storytelling, framing matters: we must decide where to begin the story, from whose perspective to tell it, which details to include and... [WIT Posts] [Bryan Massingale] [Catholic Church] [Ferguson] [james baldwin] [Martin Luther King Jr] [peace] [racial segregation] [Rhetoric] [sundown towns] [violence] [white supremacy] [whiteness]

January 13, 8PM

We at WIT get a lot of trolls. There’s just something about a group of young women with advanced degrees talking about God that really seems to get people all riled up. Come, stroll with me down Troll Lane. There was the person who said, “You ... [WIT Posts] [children] [eating] [Eucharist] [food] [humor] [non-human animals] [the mass]

January 8, 12 PM

U.S. Americans typically have responded to the release of the Senate Committee’s Report on Torture by debating either the morality or the efficacy of torture.  When opponents denounce torture as ineffective they do so because they believe that it d... [WIT Posts] [A Few Good Men] [Soteriology] [terrorism] [torture] [U.S. military] [War on Terror]

October 5 2014, 2PM

The Synod of Bishops on the Family has begun. Pope Francis convened this synod nearly a year ago in order to address “concerns which were unheard of until a few years ago,” including but not limited to phenomena like “the widespread practice of coha... [WIT Posts] [Gustavo Gutierrez] [Immigration] [John Paul II] [Justice] [Marriage] [preferential option for the poor] [sexuality] [synod on the family] [the family] [the war on drugs] [white supremacy]

July 18, 3PM

I most love blogging for the way it places me just a keystroke away from people I would otherwise never even pass by on the street.  I can communicate with and receive feedback from anyone with an internet connection.  In this way, blogging is a form of... [WIT Posts]

July 16, 5AM

Earlier this month, the Jesuit magazine America published an interview with lesbian Catholic blogger Eve Tushnet. More than just an uncommonly gifted writer, Tushnet also tells an unconventional conversion story. She is proudly gay and unafraid to call th... [WIT Posts]

April 10, 7AM

About a year and a half ago, biblical scholar Karen King introduced the world to a piece of Coptic writing in which Jesus made reference to his wife.  Today, we have learned that scientists believe that this papyrus fragment likely belongs to the eighth ... [WIT Posts] [discipleship] [Gender] [Jesus's wife] [Karen King] [Marriage] [New Testament] [Sex]

April 9, 2PM

Some Words of Thanks Yesterday over at the blog called Catholic Moral Theology, Professor David Cloutier posted a thoughtful reply to my take on the debate between Massimo Faggioli and co-authors Michael Baxter and William Cavanaugh in the cyber pages of ... [WIT Posts] [catholic identity] [discipleship] [Gandhi] [jesus] [lgbt] [Michael Baxter] [politics] [white supremacy] [William Cavanaugh]

April 7, 11AM

Last week, Michael Baxter and William Cavanaugh published a response to Massimo Faggioli in the pages of America magazine. Believing themselves misrepresented by Faggioli, they articulate strong arguments for what they consider to be a truly Catholic poli... [WIT Posts] [catholic identity] [history] [Massimo Faggioli] [memory] [Michael Baxter] [politics] [racial segregation] [white supremacy] [William Cavanaugh]

March 23, 2PM

Today at the eleven o’clock mass at St. Mary’s church in Marion, Ohio, the pastor left the altar before giving his homily and approached a family with several small children under the age of four who were sitting near the front of the church.... [WIT Posts] [bullies] [children] [clericalism] [fathers] [Fr. Thomas Buffer] [love] [Luke 18:16-17] [Mass] [parenting] [pastoral care] [reign of God]

March 14, 11AM

The current debate about Obamacare and religious freedom assumes institutions endowed with certain inalienable rights.  Today, the corporate is personal: we count not just corporations but institutions as people. At times, the rights of corporate bodies,... [WIT Posts] [Catholic Social Teaching] [human dignity] [human-rights] [Justice] [living wage] [Obamacare] [religious freedom] [unions] [white supremacy]

February 28, 7PM

The discussion about working motherhood continues. Today Professor Beth Haile added her voice to this conversation. Announcing her decision to leave “her other full-time job” as an assistant professor of theology in order to execute her first ... [WIT Posts]

January 27, 11AM

Kendrick Lamar’s “Good Kid, M.A.A.D City” spent a good six months spinning inside the CD player of my old school Toyota Corolla.  I wasn’t sophisticated enough to learn of it myself: I first heard about it from the blogger Ta-Nehe... [WIT Posts] [augustine] [baptism] [hip-hop] [Kendrick Lamar] [Macklemore] [music] [Rap] [violence] [white supremacy]

December 30 2013, 2PM

Yesterday, December 29th, Catholic parishes all over the world celebrated the Feast of the Holy Family of Jesus, Mary, and Joseph.  To mark this feast, lectors read the following Scriptural passages: Sirach 3:2-6, 12-14; Col 3: 12-21; Matthew 2:13-15, 19... [Uncategorized] [Feast of the Holy Family] [Gender] [jesus] [John Paul II] [Joseph] [lgbt] [Mariology] [Marriage] [mary] [scripture] [sexism] [Sojourner Truth] [texts of terror] [virginity]

November 11, 9AM

Today, November 11, marks Veteran’s Day in the United States and Remembrance Day in Canada.  Originally called Armistice Day and begun to mark the end of the “War to End all Wars,” Veteran’s Day now celebrates the service and sacr... [Uncategorized] [Just War] [Justice] [memory] [peace] [US military] [Veteran's Day] [violence]

October 21, 2PM

A few years ago, I wrote an article entitled, “Privilege as Blindness: Why North American Christians Need Haiti” for the online theology journal, The Other Journal.  In it, I argued that social privilege impairs the privileged person’s ability to s... [Uncategorized] [ableism] [culpable ignorance] [epistemology] [fraternal correction] [James Keenan] [love] [sin] [sororal correction] [the failure to bother to love] [Thomas Aquinas]

September 4, 3PM

The United States stands ready to engage in yet another military action that the U.S. bishops and pope have condemned as unjust.  Despite the bishops’ rather vocal condemnation of what the United States military is about to do in the skies of Syria... [Uncategorized] [body of Christ] [lgbt] [Pope Francis] [religious freedom] [selective conscientious objector] [Syria] [U.S. bishops] [U.S. military]

August 28, 6PM

Some things to keep in mind on this fiftieth anniversary of Martin Luther King, Jr.’s famous “I Have A Dream” speech, a day when everyone is claiming King as their ideological ally. 1) Martin Luther King was against imperialism and belie... [Uncategorized] [history] [Jr.] [Justice] [March On Washington] [Martin Luther King] [pacifism] [politics] [power] [U.S. military]

August 21, 2PM

Last month, on the way back from his spectacularly successful trip to Brazil, Pope Francis offered some off the cuff comments that sent the Catholic blogosphere buzzing. While re-affirming the church’s longstanding prohibition on the ordination of women... [Uncategorized] ["theology of women"] [bad arguments] [feminism] [Feminist theology] [history] [jesus] [Mariology] [mary] [Pope Francis] [pregnancy] [sexism] [the Cross] [the Eucharist] [theology of the body] [Thomas Aquinas]

July 22, 8AM

Everybody agrees that Trayvon Martin was black; but we can’t seem to decide whether George Zimmerman is white.  But, even in our purportedly “post-racial” society, Mr. Zimmerman’s racial identity seems to matter a great deal to many.  For exampl... [Uncategorized] [Gender] [George Zimmerman] [history] [Race] [the body] [Trayvon Martin] [white supremacy] [whiteness]

June 28, 9AM

In 1996, famed Civil Rights leader John Lewis was one of very few Congressional representatives to vote against the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA).  It passed the House by a vote of 432 to 67.  The U.S. Senate affirmed it by a count of 85 to 14.  Bill ... [Uncategorized] [DOMA] [flourishing] [human dignity] [John Lewis] [Justice] [lgbt] [Marriage] [Martin Luther King Jr] [solidarity] [suffering]

May 20, 5AM

I watched the Oscar nominated documentary How To Survive a Plague a few weeks ago.  It’s been haunting me ever since. Mixing archival video with present day recollections, Plague tells the story of the AIDS advocacy group ACTUP (AIDS Coalition To Unlea... [Uncategorized] [ACTUP] [baptism] [HIV/AIDS] [How To Survive A Plague] [jesus] [John Chrysostom] [lgbt] [suffering] [the body of Christ] [the Eucharist]

April 10, 11AM

A few days ago, country music star Brad Paisley teamed up with rapper LL Cool J to release a twangy inter-disciplinary apologia for the wearing of the Stars and Bars. In the oddly entitled “Accidental Racist,” Paisley whines a litany of white supremac... [Uncategorized] ["Accidental Racist"] [Brad Paisley] [hip-hop] [history] [LL Cool J] [memory] [music] [neo-confederate mythology] [Thomas Aquinas] [white supremacy]

April 7, 5AM

Last week Dallas Mavericks owner and billionaire Mark Cuban invited Brittney Griner, the 6’9’’ women’s college basketball sports revolutionary, to try out for a spot on his NBA team this summer.  Cuban’s comments electrified the sports world. ... [Uncategorized] [basketball] [Brittney Griner] [feminism] [history] [Jemele Hill] [sports] [the body] [women who are awesome] [Women's Experience]